Horsetrading Tripwire – Schumer Supports Trump’s China Approach….

CTH shared last week the visibility of a cross-party political and economic horse-trade {Go Deep}.  It would appear some evidence toward that likelihood is gathering:

(Schumer link)

Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Minority Leader Chuck Schumer want their infrastructure proposal.  President Trump wants a fundamentally realigned geopolitical trade reset.  No doubt Pelosi/Schumer will attempt to get their political win and simultaneously eliminate any Trump win.  However, until the weeds are reached they are each playing their role.

One of the aspects to President Trump that bears a continual reminder is the importance of actual economic victory over optical political victory.   President Trump is primarily focused on the former, and only concerned about the latter as it relates to his goal:

….to fundamentally restructure the way the American economy interacts with the global community. Economic security is national security.

That’s what President Trump cares about. President Trump’s outlook on economic security is only superseded by one measure: his willingness to use the U.S. military to protect U.S. persons from physical threats of harm.

Withdrawing the tentacles of global exfiltration of American wealth; vis-a-vis the structural reset of the U.S. economy and how it engages with the global trade systems; is the pinnacle focus of President Trump. All other issues are ‘less than’; and the internal politics within Washington DC is far, far, less than in this set of priorities.

It may be uncomfortable for many to see and/or admit, but all other priorities held by supporters of President Trump fall below his primary economic objective.  American economic priority is the stuff Donald Trump has discussed, shared, considered and sought counsel on for over 30 years.

Any ancillary policy or issue that intersects with Trump’s focus on the U.S. economy gets priority [See: Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP); Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP); and Paris Climate Treaty as examples].  However, all issues which fall farther away from the economy are downstream priorities.

Within the small dot, disproportionately emphasized by pundits, lays the internal politics of DC.  President Trump has spooky good political instincts, yet his valuation of politics is proportional to the necessity of politics in achieving the economic transformation.

Everything else is less-than.


Trump may cede ground on specific issues that make his supporters angry; but he will never cede ground on an issue that intersects with his global economic realignment.

It’s worth keeping that in mind.

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83 Responses to Horsetrading Tripwire – Schumer Supports Trump’s China Approach….

  1. Sofa King says:

    I made the infrastructure connection in a comment on a different post.


    Is Schumer sandbagging Biden?

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    • I think chuckie is first demon c rats to really see writing on the wall..he maybe realize it is non sense to ‘RESIST” to VSG PDJT…

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      • CountryDoc says:

        Little wonder, Schumer has had his arse kicked all over the country, every which way but Sunday, and on national television face to face. Unlike Pelosi, he is not always deranged. PDJT will keep him close, however, and Never trust him completely.

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        • Bullseye says:

          Schumer hopes PTrump will crash the market with tariffs and if trade deal fails. It’s political ubett, dems don’t care if America fails as long as they are in the drivers seat

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          • WRB says:

            Yes, that was my thought, but more generally Schumer expects a trade war to slow the U.S. economy (that is the expectation of economic “experts”). With a weakening economy going into an election year, the dems have a chance of winning.

            But as far as I can tell, the goods being tariffed (so far) have alternate suppliers (some even home-grown), and China can not afford to raise prices without losing market share. So far, China has been “eating” most of the price increases. Meanwhile, the US is making money with its arms exports (no, I don’t like that) and energy exports.

            What happens if we put a 25% tax on *everything* ? Then we might expect some negative effects. But the threat of those tariffs may cause industry to bring production back home, or at least move it out of China. Though we lose “cheap” goods, we get more production here (at greater cost.)

            The effects will be much greater on China than on us, if we can hold the line. But with an election and a treasonous dem party, there will be rough water ahead.

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      • nimrodman says:

        I’m just sitting down to this article after getting a sandwich, saw just a part of a banner headline on Fox News, only caught “Schumer” “China” “don’t back down”

        … and presumed Schumer had told China “don’t back down”

        Now I see I misinterpreted … but I’ll contend it could have been a coin flip

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      • Rachel Guess says:

        Agreed…schmuckles has been awfully quiet lately. Maybe it is finally sinking in that POTUS is holding a royal flush and is not going to be beaten by the leftist hordes.

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        • BigTalkers says:

          More Infrastructure spending is CRITICAL to NY. The trick will be his getting it WITHOUT the President having his trade reset approved in the Senate.

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          • Austin Holdout says:

            No better way for Schumer (or any other swamp rat) to join the mega-rich than to get their cut of $2trillion to divvy up to corrupt government contractors.

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          • Agreed, but Chuck U is not the problem. Piglosi is the problem. The house needs Dim votes to pass,

            Chuck U can be for all of PDJT’s policies (at least publicly), while Piglosi blocks everything in the house.

            Sound familiar?


  2. modustollenz says:

    Chuckie is a partisan hack and slimeball but he’s not a zealot. He must see the writing on the wall and looking to set himself a landing spot for when the next phase of the big ugly get’s going. Trump ought to retweet with a message that its time to get on board now with MAGA (which is NOT a partisan movement) or get packing. Chuckie can’t have it both ways…

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    • VSG PDJT- got chuckie by the balls !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    • Linda K. says:

      Speaking of walls, how about some money for the border wall, while it is being discussed?

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      • PoCoNoMo says:

        I thought he already has the money sourced out?

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      • Jederman says:

        That would be a point where I disagree slightly with PT. I’m good with the economic security is national security thing but it can and will change in a heartbeat with the next dem/socialist prezzy.

        The likelihood go fewer and fewer, if any, non-dem presidents in the future grows with each new, additional illegal that burrows into our system and the subsequent “birth right” babies.

        The dems don’t hide it and it will happen unless we stop it. All PT’s efforts can go up in flames if we don’t stop allowing our votes to be neutralized.

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        • Dutchman says:

          I was living in Az. when sb1070, a STATE law, going after EMPLOYERS, who hired illegals, passed.
          You may recall their was a National uproar, in the medua, boycotts, particularly conventions, etc.

          Turned out, it was a tempest in a teapot. Poison pill provision, added word KNOWINGLY at the last minute.
          Had to prove employer KNOWINGLY hired illegals.

          Anyway, whole 300 unit or bigger apartment complexes emptied, en masse, within weeks. Illegals moved to other states, just out of CONCERN that they wouldn’t get jobs.

          With enforced mandatory e-verify, and enforced denial of benefits (food stamps, welfare, medical care) the country could quickly empty out of illegals, maybe 75% or more, thru self deporting.

          Don’t NEED thousands of busses. Just need Political will.

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      • BigTalkers says:

        Even the NY Times editorial board came out in favor of Congressional support for the President’s Border program today.

        (Perhaps their “concession” to an Infrastructure bill..?)


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  4. Firefly says:

    The economic strength is co equal/coupled to military strength. If we don’t have economic and military strong the other concerns can’t be fixed. PTrump is pragmatic- he has consistently put reality above political propaganda. PT wants real results over fake results. PTrump’s instincts and analysis is right on. The most brilliant thing he did was set up his twitter to inform us all directly – and knew we would keep on trusting him because he genuinely tells us the unvarnished truth as he sees it. PTrump has his priorities straight- our economy is still precarious- but doing much much better.

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  5. Bill says:

    Our VSG Donald will outfox them every time. They think they are winning bigtime, and the Donald turns it into a large loss and hangs them with it. They fall for it every time!!!

    MAGA and Winnamins to Winfinity!

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    • Rhoda R says:

      Agreed – the dems may think that they will negotiate a deal to their advantage, but they haven’t come across a negotiator like the President.

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    • woodstuff says:

      To Winfinity and Beyond!

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    • Dutchman says:

      When I saw the latest episode of chuck and nancy show, after their meeting with PDJT on infrastructure, I noticed how happy nancy was; she couldn’t shut up, she was so excited!

      I thought yeah, Nancy; NOW, at last you have Trump RIGHT where he wants you! Waaa,Hey! DRAT you Trump, he DID it to us, again!

      Waiting to see how it plays out, but I think PDJT laid a trap, and Nancy walked right into it.

      Such traps can take a while to spring, but her hoof, er foot is in it, I suspect.

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  6. Perot Conservative says:

    Get the USMCA ratified as a condition of the infrastructure bill. USMCA signed before the bill.

    With the possibility of a deal with Japan being inked before a huge national celebration there soon (PT will be attending), likewise for that impending deal.

    Also consider same for all appointees. And a few Billion more for Wall technology and / or funding.

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  7. snellvillebob says:

    Schumer is up to something, not clear what yet.

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    • VSG PDJT- know better chuckie than his own shoes…and chuckie know that ….

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    • StanH says:

      He wants to seem reasonable. Simple political positioning as the Russia Collusion con runs it’s course. He’s a swamp weasel in good standing be cautious.

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      • Tom H says:

        Plus, Chuckie knows that he’s a mere bystander in the whole Russia mess. Reid was the Dem. Senate leader who was briefed by Brennan; Chuckie seems to have been out of the loop. Probably also explains why he has been pretty quiet on the whole issue (other than his early warning to Trump about the IC). He’s hoping to come out fairly clean on the other side after The Big Ugly.

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        • CountryDoc says:

          I have noticed Chuckie’s silence. His tail or tail is not on the line, and he knows the BIG UGLY is being loaded. He will just be vewy vewy quiet.

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    • For Eyes says:

      Snell: Agreed

      Just as Trump is focused on the real economy, Chuck is focused only on political advantage. So he see advantage here.

      Perhaps he sees Trump as flogging a losing war with China. (I’m not saying I think so, only setting up the hypothetical that Chuck believes that). So Chuck egging Trump on to be tough puts pressure on the markets, which helps Chuck.

      Personally, I think Trump will win a lot. Maybe not everything, but a lot.

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    • Joshua2415 says:

      Schumer wants federal dollars for a MASSIVE new tunnel/bridge project in Manhatten. No way that happens unless he gives Trump something big in return, and he knows it.

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      • snellvillebob says:

        That would be on the infrastructure bill even though it is new construction, not maintenance.

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      • Derek Hagen says:

        Maybe Someone in-the-know should remind Chucky and Fatty that they have less than a snowball’s chance in He!! of either of them getting ANYTHING for New York unless they LAY OFF with any more of their power-mad treasonous bullSchiff.

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  8. delighteddeplorable says:

    Sundance, this is an excellent reminder, thank you. POTUS’ approach makes perfect sense from the all-encompassing MAGA global viewpoint.

    That said, looks like there are some unpalatable events coming that will be proclaimed as wins for the swamp creatures. Not looking forward to that. 🤢

    We’ll gird our loins and focus on the ultimate victory coming 11/3/2020.

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  9. Bill says:

    Our VSG will outfox them every time.

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  10. GW says:

    Has to be careful not to make his base too angry. Especially fair weather supporters who aren’t in the weeds like Treepers are. They may not show up in 2020.


  11. Doppler says:

    Xi must be using all his assets in this negotiation with Trump, which appear to include many in the Democratic establishment (e.g., Biden/Kerry/DiFiChiSpy). It is incongruous that Schumer would help Trump by signaling bi-partisan support for trade, unless he and the Dems are getting something in return. Infrastructure is something both parties want, so doesn’t represent much for Schumer to agree to back Trump on what is likely to drive the stock market higher, and drive economic expansion and prosperity as much or more than any of his other policies. So I speculate that Schumer is either asking Trump to walk out onto the bi-partisan rug, only to yank it from under him at the worst moment, or is getting something far more substantial in return, under cover of DC-style deal-making of the swamp odor variety.

    What could that be?

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    • Robert Smith says:

      Chuck needs infrastructure. Trump’s doesn’t, although he would like it.

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      • Chuckle wants a BIG cut of the USCOC $$$.

        Rooting for POTUS to “hold out on a deal” is designed to get that Pay-for-Play
        … at the expense of RINO Never-Trumpers’ share.

        Same drill in threatening to “Tax the Super-Rich”
        … Community Extortionists are taking their game to a Geopolitical Level.


  12. Kaco says:

    Hmm, maybe folksy creepy Joe isn’t the chosen one after all. “C’mon, man, China is not a threat.”

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  13. thedoc00 says:

    When talking about Infrastructure efforts and dollar amounts, people go weak in the knees at the amounts discussed. Yes, $1.5 T to $2.0 T is allot of money but the projects and money is projected over 10 YEARS. Always ask about or be sure to inject the time element when having these types of discussions, plus the fact the President is working hard to reduce the amount of Federal Money committed.

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    • MfM says:

      I still want people to be questioning where all the money that went to the stimulus went. We were promised infrastructure weren’t we???

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  14. Elric VIII says:

    Instead of sending our wealth overseas, fair trade agreements will keep more wealth here. Why not earmark some of that for infrastructure? Some sort of pay as you go plan that improves infrastructure, creates jobs, and is dependent on how much we save with our new trade agreements. Win – Win!

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  15. Publius2016 says:

    thats the joke…RINOs and Nevertrumpers are Globalists…Dimms too but they need union votes so they hide as much as possible their aversion…

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  16. Mojo says:

    Trillions for infrastructure and zero for the wall?

    Something aint jivin here…..

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    • Elric VIII says:

      Who said that a wall isn’t infrastructure?

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      • If it’s only a wall; then it is a failed wall that will not solve the problem. Without immigration reform – amnesty, visa lottery, chain migration – just buildng a wall is not a solution.

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        • Daniel says:

          The wall is a critical part which inhibits a LOT of materials from coming across and prevents one of the most significant abuses under current law. That “step one foot in the US and you can get anything you want” law has to go but with the wall, the ports of entry (official and unofficial) become fewer and smaller.

          A wall is not even slightly useless. And if you make the moronic argument about “can go under or climb” or any other circumvention, I have to wonder why you lock your doors knowing that a skilled lock picker can gain entry and brute force when you aren’t there to stop it renders a door useless.

          I think I have an idea why your comments were being removed now…

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        • Elric VIII says:

          Agreed. But a wall helps. And it’s something solid that you can touch. Infrastructure.

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    • I agree. P Trump will want more than just a wall if he is going to give the Dems a win on infrastructure…………………….I trust Trump. I don’t trust folks here who are saying, “great, infrastructure for USMCA”………………..

      Trump is no dummy.

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  17. gildie says:

    And there in lies the rub. We’ll never see another transformational Commander-in-Chief like
    Trump in our lifetime. Whatever he gets accomplished, considering all that is arrayed against him, is a true miracle.Yet, we also have never seen such deep rot within our government. The
    corrupt operating in the open, thumbing their nose at our justice system. For YEARS!
    Trump promised to go after the crooks. He’ll leave it to AG Barr to fix while he continues his fight with the globalists. But Barr isn’t going to take down the Washington Crime Syndicate. He’ll take some scalps, like the drug cartels giveup afew small loads to keep the DEA happy while the packed tracker trailers drive by. At least that’s how it looks to me now.
    Of course, after the 2020 elections, everything changes. The traitors should be very afraid of a post
    election Trump.

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  18. Kleen says:

    When China loses the globalists/ America haters they lost the battle.

    It’s over for them.

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  19. Kleen says:

    I don’t trust democrats.

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    • Sanj says:

      Why? Their motives are so transparent that they can be played by President Trump. They will always operate cynically in their best interests, not their constituents

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  20. Bert Darrell says:

    GW: do you really think that millions of Americans who were previously unemployed, underemployed and/or on food stamps will choose next year to go back to the same demoRats that had kept them under leash just because PDJT could “only” deliver 70-80% of what he had promised despite incessant blocking by congress?

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  21. MfM says:

    Nancy and Chuck are politicians. They can never be trusted. Let’s take a trip back to Inauguration Day. This is a video of Trump signing a bunch of things after the ceremony. Some interesting back and forth with leaders on both sides.

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  22. Why are my comments being taken down? I have not violated any rules of the board. This is out right censorship.


    • I’ve had several that just did not post. I contact acted admin and he/she said I was not beingmoderated – just a glitch. Mod. Was very up front and quick to respond. Hope this helps.

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    • sundance says:

      Censorship is when the government interferes with your speech. CTH is not the government; conduct yourself accordingly, and suggest re-reading the guidelines for comments.

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      • My response to Perot Conservative did NOT violate any CTH guidelines. And my other comments in this thread were respectful and on topic. They offered alternative POV to what folks are talking about, and did so in a respectful and intelligent manor.


      • curator55 says:

        “Censorship is when the government interferes with your speech.”

        I understand your point sundance and your Guidelines are reasonable IMO for a private website etc.

        But what about the non-gov’t Big Tech Companies that are getting bigger than gov’t in some ways and banning Conservatives disproportionately? This issue is out of control as technology changes. Big Tech is controlling most of the useful and effective communication mediums in the word without gov’t oversight regarding their censorship methods.

        Rather than being just one website, they control the corridors of this communication for billions of people and they can restrict anyone they disagree with from accessing their networks and systems. There is nowhere else comparable for the banned to go as a few select monopolies control it all (in effect) including the service providers and search engines that lead people to CTH. Congress should be debating this.

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  23. Sanj says:

    So you’re saying Sen Schumer isn’t doing this because it’s the right thing to do? I’m shocked… actually I appreciate them making the effort to horsetrade regardless of how cynical they may be.

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  24. Ausonius says:

    There was a comment earlier about Schumer hoping that President Trump’s tariff strategy would “tank the market.”

    More likely, Soros and Company will deliberately manipulate markets to tank around October 2020 and hope to catalyze an economic crisis, or at the least to create great nervousness about the future and about President Trump’s policies.

    How would or could this happen? One possibility: Soros is famous for currency manipulation, so imagine that he uses his billions to buy Chinese yuan and (perhaps) Saudi Arabian oil futures. China would love to eliminate the “petrodollar” (i.e. using dollars to pay Saudi Arabia for oil, rather than yuan) and send the dollar crashing.

    But who knows? Selling off major stock-holdings and spreading rumors of an “imminent slowdown” is another possibility to create at least a mini-panic a week or so before the election.

    If Soros is still alive in 2020, expect some sort of “crisis” to affect the economy negatively…or at least an attempt to damage it.

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    • snellvillebob says:

      I fully agree. Crashing economies is what he does best.
      On a different aspect, he was set to make $billions on a Hillery victory by selling short. When Donald Trump won, he lost over a billion when the economy sprang upwards.

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      • Rhoda R says:

        Now that couldn’t have happened to a more deserving person. Something else to consider: The Feds could raise the interest rates several times in 2020 – this would impact Joe Sixpack in a way that a tanking stock market wouldn’t.

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  25. curator55 says:

    Or is slippery Chuck duplicitously aligning himself with Trump on the China tariffs to oppose Grassley and the others that threatened to scuttle the USMCA vote if he didn’t remove the tariffs.

    Maybe the expected Dem Yes votes will suddenly disappear when the USMCA vote actually occurs rather than Yes for infrastructure later. The Dem’s words or promises are not to be trusted ever during Trump’s Presidency.

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  26. Daniel says:

    I tend to think the DOJ hammer will drop on Adam “leaks like a” Schiv. This, of course, will have nothing to do with any deals because the DOJ is ‘a separate branch’ or something like that. He’ll squeal like a stuck pig, but I believe the public and the left will accept that he was a criminal leaker of classified information and the press will try to deny it while the evidence of who received the leaks will be released as well. My imagination tells me things like this all of the time. But this sort of fits somehow. Trump knows he can’t trust those two. I suspect he has it so that he doesn’t need to.

    Being close to an election is a problem but when aren’t we close to an election?

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  27. El Torito says:

    From time to time I bring up Pelosi/Gore investments in Green Technology. I noticed right after the Trump/Pelosi /Schumer infrastructure meeting, Pelosi and Schumer ran to the mic, Nancy beside herself with joy. She used the word “climate” numerous times in regards to infrastructure – which to me signals “Green Investments.” I hope DJT didn’t promise that to her…

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  28. ATheoK says:

    “Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Minority Leader Chuck Schumer want their infrastructure proposal.”

    I suspect that Schamer and Peloser are sick of getting slapped sideways by Trump’s winning since January 2017. Especially Trump’s winning on all economic scales.

    For Schamer and Peloser to retain any hope for democrats in 2020, they have to catch Trump’s bandwagon somehow. By supporting Trump’s China plan, Schamer and Peloser get to claim portions of every economic benefit while giving them CYA for other parts of the economy that might stutter, like jobs or unemployment.

    Trump should get everything he wants from Schamer and Peloser for this one bit of cooperation. After all, Schamer and Peloser benefit from trade and gain from all good economic news while saving their collective democrat butts for 2020.


  29. Sunshine says:

    Sundance, I think you are exactly right on this. And that includes giving up payback for IC abuses, I fear.


  30. Rynn69 says:

    PDJT must never forget two gargantuan things: Illegal and rampant immigration and restoring justice. They are just as important. Trade deals can be changed with each President. The effects of illegal immigration and a lawless society is irreparable and destructive.


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