Senators Johnson and Grassley Rush Head-First into The Obama/Rice Justification Trap…

CTH suspected this was sketchy when notorious Swamp Defender Chris Wallace was used as the point person to push it. FUBAR suspicions confirmed when looking at the construct.

Senators Chuck Grassley and Ron Johnson send a letter to AG William Barr questioning post election text messages by Lisa Page and Peter Strzok that outline questions about the FBI counterintelligence operation against the Trump transition team. First the letter:


If you’ve followed the DC pattern, you can pick up the purpose of sending a letter that walks directly, and purposefully, into the President Obama and Susan Rice justification trap, CTH warned about a few months ago.

Asking questions about the motives of Lisa Page, Peter Strzok and the FBI counterintelligence unit in the post election period is ridiculous; all it does is open the door for justification. The FBI has admitted on-the-record the operation picked up by Special Counsel Robert Mueller was an extension of an ongoing FBI investigation.

As a consequence the answer to the questions posed by Grassley and Johnson are stunningly easy for the prior administration, and now AG Barr to answer.

To wit: Of course Page, Strzok, Priestap, Baker, McCabe et al (ie. the small group) were engaging with the incoming administration from a perspective of suspicion; the investigation was ongoing – DUH.

Not only does this letter walk directly into the justification trap; it forces AG Bill Barr to respond to the Senators and attach himself to the justification. In short, this letter begins the process for the FBI officials to formally showcase to the world: heck, they were doing their jobs; and now AG Barr is the guy who is forced to support that narrative.

That’s the whole damned reason to avoid walking into this trap.

Talking about how the FBI was engaging with the incoming administration, who was under investigation for potentially conspiring with the Russians, advances the position and shield of the Obama/Rice “by-the-bookletter.

The “By The Book” aspect refers to President Obama and Susan Rice being told by CIA Director John Brennan, FBI Director James Comey, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, and Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates, that President Trump was the subject of an active counterintelligence investigation to determine if he was under the influence of the Russian government.

Even the timing of the memo, written 15 minutes prior to the end of the Obama administration, is ex-post-facto useful as evidence of the author’s intent.

Put aside the nonsense aspect to the origination of the investigation for a moment; that part doesn’t apply here…. Accept their position ‘as if’ it is substantive.

We are talking about Brennan, Comey, Clapper and Yates telling President Obama and NSA Susan Rice that President-elect Trump is under a counterintelligence investigation where the suspicion is that Donald J Trump is an agent of a foreign power.

Under that auspices (fraudulent though it may be) the incoming President is a counterintelligence investigation target. A potentially compromised Russian asset. Under this auspices all of the officials would be permitted to lie and mislead their target, so long as they did so “By The Book.”

That’s their justification for a lengthy series of lies and false statements. (more)

That said, Senator Johnson and Senator Grassley are not stupid.

Both of these senators know that all concern about the content of their letter is easily dismissed by the FBI officials simply asserting the tenuous counterintelligence position they were confronted with…. Thus, the Trump Russia-Collusion Conspiracy is fueled, yet again.  And worse, the narrative of an honorable FBI rank-and-file is advanced.

Again, Johnson and Grassley are not stupid.  They already know this will be the reply from the corrupt officials; and they know this will be the forced response from AG Barr. So why would Grassley and Johnson open the door for this defensive position to be advanced?

What could possibly be their ulterior motive for pre-positioning a defense of the institutions of the deepest and most corrupt part of the DC swamp?  Well….

Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson is owned by Tom Donohue and the U.S. CoC and is 100% opposed to President Trump on any trade reset that confronts the multinational interests of the CoC position.  Similarly, Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley is owned by Big AG.

What do they both have in common?…. Opposition to any America-First trade reset.

There are trillions at stake.

PS. Catherine Herridge doesn’t appear to be a willing participant in this.  You can tell by the manner of her writing, she’s not quite sure why this story is being given to her for advancement.  [Read it, you’ll see]  She’s a good egg.

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228 Responses to Senators Johnson and Grassley Rush Head-First into The Obama/Rice Justification Trap…

  1. mtk says:

    Something tells me, the “memo to self” is being setup as a meme to come.

    It just maybe a matter of, “Does the declassification of the eight bullet points as listed by Sundance want to have the first word or the last word?”

    Does playing the “memo to self” card open up the doors of discovery as a natural counterpoint to asking, “If that is going to be their defense, a defense indicted individuals are going to play no matter what in the end. Does the prosecution want to have that bit of wind behind them or in their sails?”

    At what point does it start to play out as, “Was just following orders.”

    If the “memo self” is an outrage trap by design, certainly addressing it requires not just getting ahead of it but also turning it into a double edge sword.
    Seems to me to be the perfect juncture to declassify Mr Comey’s “musings to self” after the last person has weighed in on the justification narrative.

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    • AH_C, Boofer says:

      His day is coming quick. And like dominoes, the others will fall too


    • Jederman says:

      What am I missing here? We’re talking about investigating an incoming president of the opposing party as a potential RU asset. Ok, I’ll play along.

      As you’re heading out the door you write an email to self memo. No problem. Please provide documented “guidance” from the WH ensuring the CI investigation was “by the book” from the beginning. Something from 2016-17.

      I fail to see why an after the fact, flimsy memo to self would legitimize something of this scale. Who else received a copy? Did any of the people named in the memo receive a copy?

      I understand the argument about the intent of the memo but it DMS in my opinion. It’s useless (and desperate) as a justification.

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      • Patricia McCullough says:

        EXACTLY. What a joke, just more evidence of the complete incompetence and corruption of the Obama White House. Any judge/jury should see right through it. We also have Stozk/Page emails of course saying “POTUS wants to be kept in the loop.” Everything I have heard, this is NOT normal for any POTUS to be this involved in an FBI counterintelligence operation. Proof alone Obama running this corrupt spying on 1000’s of Americans for political reasons, aka IRS we also now have proof he directed, thanks to Judicial Watch. This man (Obama) and HRC NEED TO BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE PERIOD. They are traitors to our country, and the biggest abuse of power in the history of our country, in my humble opinion.

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      • Issy says:

        There is numerous proof susan rice was the designated liar for the administration. Why would anyone accept her memo as proof of anything?


  2. CNY3 says:

    So what you are saying , Sundance, is that there will be no indictments?? No one will be held accountable for lying before Congress? None of Comey’s actions? Or any of Brennan’s actions? Just by them sending this letter??? And Barr will let every crime slide??

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    • David A says:

      Nope, not what he said.


      • CNY3 says:

        Ok, so, what did you glean from his comments?


        • SD says focus the investigation exclusively on the origination of the investigation, which occurred prior to any downstream lying to cover up the investigation. The origination activities are without a defense and leave all the plotters vulnerable. The coverup activities (post 7/31/16) have an arguable defense. They can say they lied to protect the investigation, which is legal.

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          • CNY3 says:

            I know what he has said about it. My point is, these two Senators have chosen the wrong path. They have chosen to walk into a trap. And in doing so, they have created a situation which could lead to a legal justification for the criminall actions of those involved. Will their choice create a shield and completely destroy the opportunity for prosecution of actions prior to the legal investigation?


            • LEET says:


              Did you even read what Sundance wrote about these 2 Senators?
              “These 2 senators chose the wrong path”
              Ah, no.
              Actually, they chose the correct path to achieve THEIR agenda, and their agenda is protecting, obfuscating and furthering the graft, abuse of power and corruption of the swamp against the American people and America’s best interest.

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              • Patricia McCullough says:

                YEP, reminding us that Dems and Repubs work for special interest groups, NOT you and me, the American people. I have zero doubt of that. Hard to wrap my brain around Grassley especially wanting to provide cover for the Obama administration’s corrupt, illegal spying campaign, since 2012, long pre-dating Trump and the 2016 election. Just ask Sharyl Attkisson, suing Obama for same. But like her case, it’s the activist judges who scare me, throwing it out. But surely Barr’s AG’s will have a great case and throw Obama and HRC in jail with their sheep.


              • CNY3 says:

                LEET: No need to be condescending. I read what SD wrote and I the implication is that the path the 2 senators chose gives the criminals a way out. My issue is whether there will be prosecutions based on what is known about the plot before the investigation.

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        • John-Y128 says:

          Your right. How the Deep State Russia Conspirators May Escape Justice
          “Unfortunately, Trump’s second attorney general, who is today’s hero for ending the collusion hoax, has given the conspirators sanctuary on Russian interference by praising their efforts to uncover the plot that wasn’t.”

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          • Rob says:

            I think Barr needs to play that role until the evidence before him is concrete enough to say otherwise.

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            • Donald says:

              You’re absolutely right!
              One of the golden rules of the law is not to prejudge, since to do so would tend to invalidate the results of any indictment or trial.
              Most people here may have noticed that President Trump has been considerably more muted at the conclusion of the investigation than prior to it. There is a reason for that!

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          • Patricia McCullough says:

            Entirely too many FBI agents under Comey left hurriedly, voluntarily OR fired for this to be possible. The Strozk/Page memos very incriminating. The entire Russia collusion FBI team huge HRC supporters, many donors. Corrupt investigation through and through, unless you are deaf, dumb and blind, WHICH AG Barr is not.

            This assessment seems rather silly to me by Sundance, a waste of time on his part, after his great OPERATION CONDOR piece.

            The “by the book” memo by Rice clear cover-up as the nose on my face, since Trump won, CYA… Too little, too late.

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  3. Krashman Von Stinkputin says:

    So Grassley who from the Senate side has done more to expose this whole charade is now going to blow up his last 2 years of work so that the charade is not ultimately exposed?

    The “Justification Trap” is going to be sprung NO MATTER WHAT anyone does.
    It’s all they got.

    McCabe was laying that groundwork weeks ago on 60 minutes.
    Woodward and NYT are trying a complimentary version of it with “the FBI fell for Russian disinfo in the dossier” balloon.

    Barr did not back down on his “SPYING” accusation despite unrelenting derisive pressure to do so.
    If Barr is going to be “forced to defend this now” then he was a FAKE anyway.

    The FISA abuse and Horowitz is the next big step.
    As JoeD pointed out on Ingraham Angle:
    the JUDGES of the FISC have ALREADY “ruled” that abuse of FISA searches and lying to the court occurred.
    Horowitz doesn’t have to prove it happened–just call out the people by name
    and those people fall directly under his jurisdiction.
    If he doesn’t have criminal referrals to back up what the judges already said occurred …
    then we’re screwed anyway.

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    • Yes, the FISA applications are outside the protection of the ‘by the book’ defense because it is a secret court and Woods Procedure expressly prohibits deception in filings. Also, Proving Mifsud is a Western Intel asset, and that Mifsud/PapaD/Downer was the predicate, are the keys to spoiling the ‘Russians fooled the FBI’ defense.

      Barr was expressly focused on discovering the predicate to the spying. Like SD, Barr wants to root out the originating crimes because that will bring clarity to all rotten fruit of the tree of corruption.

      Krash you make a good point about the justification trap being the only tool in their box, and it ain’t gonna be enough.

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    • LEET says:


      Yes! The duplicitous nature of both of these senators is on full display. Grassley wrote letters demanding answers! Oh boy! He is on our side! He is trying to get answers! Now mind you, NONE of the letters demanding answers were ever actually, ANSWERED, but Grassley now gets street credibility as being one of the “good guys”! As Sundance likes to say, “see how that works”!

      No Grassley, and Johnson are not “good guys” they only pretend to be to convince the gullible. They are 100 % swamp rats with a swamp rat agenda that is anti-American.


      • Krashman Von Stinkputin says:

        Then why say anything at all?
        Why did Grassley fight to give IG’s more authority?
        NONE of the letters demanding answers were ever actually, ANSWERED…….
        by ROD ROSENSTEIN.
        WOW big surprise there.

        Guess Grassley’s a bored 86 year old pulling a X-K-Red 27 Double Bluff Technique to fool stupid people like me.

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        • Krashman Von Stinkputin says:

          And wait for Nunes, Jordan, Meadows, and Ratcliffe to pull off their masks and reveal their letters and referrals were all just bluffs for the gullible too.

          At some point you “have to stop chasing the mice inside your skull” (Munich, 2005)

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  4. Elle says:

    I feel this is going down. Those who are still trying to throw tacks in front of the Trump train are just putting themselves in the path to get run over. It’s too late. It’s done. Remember, these people have no choice but to do anything, anything that might stop or slow this down. They are like a bunch of yahoos throwing rocks and shooting guns and are jumping up and down and hooting and hollering….until the trained army shows up with tanks, missiles and jets turning their big guns right towards them. They don’t stand a chance It reminds me a bit of our first civil war. Lincoln endured McClellan, but the truth was that the North always had the numbers to beat the south if they chose to fight to win. On some level, I was thinking they would just remove the bad eggs and move on, but it now feels like it is in motion and it’s going to be big and beautiful.

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    • Mark McQueen says:

      Tacks in front of the Trump train. That’s really a pretty good analogy. Trains have STEEL wheels. 😉

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    • Will Hunt says:

      What exactly does “justification” mean in this context? The “compromised president” fiction was created out of whole cloth by a series of well known illicit/illegal, documented actions. One might conceive that Mr. Obama skates on this by saying he was lied to but not everyone else.


  5. Heika says:

    An interesting view here…
    Special Counsel Mueller–Disingenuous and Dishonest
    “While President Trump is correct to celebrate the Mueller Report’s conclusion that no one on Trump’s side of the ledger attempted to or succeeded in collaborating or colluding with the Russian Government or Russian spies, there remains a dark cloud behind the silver lining. And I am not referring to the claims of alleged obstruction of justice. A careful reading of the report reveals that Mueller has issued findings that are both disingenuous and dishonest. The report is a failed hatchet job. Part of the failure can be attributed to the amount of material that Attorney General Barr allowed to be released. It appears that Bill Barr’s light editing may have been intended to expose the bias and sloppiness of Mueller and his team.”

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    • SD pondered that in his Curious Case of Julian Assange post. He says it’s possible that Assange’s arrest came after Mueller’s report submission because Assange’s testimony could contradict Mueller’s assertion that Russians were behind DNC email dump. If Assange could prove the DNC emails came from another source, Mueller’s report would be gravely discredited.

      So why has Forensikator’s analysis of DNC file transfer speed which proves a leak (internal) not a hack (Russians) never been used to challenge Mueller’s charges?


      • Jederman says:

        There are so many 800 pound gorillas wandering around this scam and the handling of the DNC “hack” is one of them.

        Big shout out to the obedient and corrupt poodles in the “journalism” business! Another story buried to protect the DS.

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  6. wee2low says:

    Starting to notice a pattern folks? Democrats get cornered in obvious thunderbuckets of trouble and right when the opposition is about to yell “Wolverines” the “hapless” Republicans RPG fails to detonate.

    This is a play. A farce. “Entertainment”. What is everyone not focused on? Hordes of illegals invading the country, sweetheart, taxpayer raping deals for Congresses buddies. This might as well be shot in iMAX.


  7. wee2low says:

    Starting to notice a pattern folks? Democrats get cornered in obvious thunderbuckets of trouble and right when the opposition is about to yell “Wolverines” the “hapless” Republicans RPG fails to detonate.

    This is a play. A farce. “Entertainment”. What is everyone not focused on? Hordes of illegals invading the country, sweetheart, taxpayer raping deals for Congresses buddies. This might as well be shot in iMAX.

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  8. NJF says:

    Oh boy.

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  9. JackB says:

    As Sundance has noted to get to the bottom line will require declassification. He’s provided the specific documents that should be released unredacted.

    The question is does President Trump want to get to the bottom line? He’s the ultimate classification authority.

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    • concerned3 says:

      President Trump said tonight on Hannity, that more than what was asked for would be declassified.

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    • Cam Heck says:

      PDJT was on Hannity tonight and said basically that more than we know is going to be declassified, and that he’s glad he waited til now.

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    • Rob says:

      They will definitely be declassified. Trump appears to be waiting for indictments before releasing to the public, so those implicated will not be in a position to try to block their release or otherwise take steam away. But the investigators probably already have access to the declassified/unredacted documents since the mueller witch hunt is over.


  10. Max De says:

    In the end it is not about paths/whose argument gets pushed so the various opinion folks can get their panties in a wad and no one really gives a shit. Congressional committees’ opinions and the content of their letters do not mean crap now. All that matters now is what DOJ dies. All that matters now are results/indictments. No indictments= failure/time for revolution & indictments=win no matter the path

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  11. concerned3 says:

    Could be a distraction but for what?


  12. Gary Lacey says:

    “”Senators Johnson and Grassley Rush Head-First into The Obama/Rice Justification Trap…””

    Or are these Republican pukes seeking an alternative alibi to what is the obvious?!

    Lest we not forget, these are bribed flunkies of Tom Donahue(CofC).

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  13. Tiffthis says:

    What are they hiding/ afraid of?


  14. Dutchman says:

    I think SD is right, that grassley and johnson are snakes. In the current Congress you do not get up to Chairman of the judiciary committee, without playing mitches tune, and he’s a snake.

    D.C. in general and Congress in particular in nothing but influence, power and dealing.

    However, I don’t think any letter by Congress is going to sway Barr or Horowitz from their appointed tasks.

    The Big ugly is here. There are all sorts of defences they have already been floating, and will continue to float, as this unfolds.

    Problem is, NONE of them hold water, or can stand up to serious scrutiny.
    Defendants ALWAYS try to defend their actions, when caught. Its what they do.

    But, it ain’t going to work, this time.
    I also listened to PDJT, tonite on Hannity.

    He is NOT gonna let this go, he is NOT gonna let them excuse this, and he is gonna is this mess right where it belongs; in Hillary and Obamas lap, with their fingerprints all over it.

    And NO excuse.

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  15. chiefworm says:

    You can make them Senators but you can’t make them think. As a former aircraft mechanic, troubleshooter and Safety Geek, the key to fixing things is to get to the root cause. It seems that common sense isn’t as common as it should be in the People’s Houses.

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  16. I DISAGREE Wholeheartedly with Sundance when he says Senators Grassley and Johnson have run into the “Justification Trap” because not only is Grassley and Johnson but also Sen. Graham informing AG Barr that they know what his long time friend Bobby (the WEASEL) Mueller purpose was and not to pull a Horowitz WHITE-WASH again.


  17. Smedley Butler says:

    I don’t anything about Johnson.
    I know first hand that Grasseley is a deep state stooge.


  18. farrier105 says:

    “Predicate” is, to paraphrase Elton John, can be the hardest word. Barr opened the door. Even the SLIGHTEST hint of a predicate to spy justifies at least MOST of what we’ve seen. Some may get burned, but most probably not.


  19. concerned3 says:

    What I am most concerned about. Senators Johnson and Grassley Rush are trying to keep the support of the Trump voters in their districts at home and U.S. CoC and Big AG funding.

    So what are they willing to do to keep the U.S. CoC and Big AG funding? Vote for something the Trump supporters would not support. Say, an impeachment vote!


  20. Bugsdaddy says:

    Anyone here really surprised by this? Duh, Sundance told us ages ago it was the trapdoor for the swamp rats to deflect, obfuscate,and escape.


  21. Rob says:

    In case you have not read the letter, here are the questions within it they want Barr to answer. Please draw your own conclusions as to what they are trying to accomplish. My guess, is that they are trying to understand the Barr’s game plan so the deep state actors can better plan their strategy.

    1. Please describe the nature and extent of your review of FBI surveillance of the Trump Campaign, President-elect Trump s transition staff, Vice Presidentelect Pence s transition staff, President Trump s staff, and Vice President Pence s staff, including your efforts to determine whether that surveillance was adequately predicated.

    2. How many counter-intelligence briefings were provided to the Trump and Pence transition staffs prior to Inauguration Day? Please list the dates, all agencies involved, and each official that represented those agencies at the briefings.

    3. Many of the FBI employees involved in these activities are no longer employed by the federal government. How will your review obtain information needed from these individuals?

    4. Will you commit to providing the results of your review once completed?

    5. What steps have you taken to investigate whether DOJ or FBI officials had unauthorized contacts with the media during the Russia investigation?

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  22. redhotsnowman says:

    Every person in Congress, every journalist, every pundit, everyone…just ask a simple question.
    Are you part of the problem? Or part of the solution?
    senator Johnson – Problem
    Senator Grassley – Problem
    Senator Nunes – Solution
    Jordan – Solution
    Comey – problem
    Wray – looking like problem
    Barr – God help us 🙏


  23. DB says:

    This was a purposefully crafted letter by Grassley. He deliberately opened the doors of justification to protect the coup-plotters.

    Hopefully AG Barr totally ignores it.


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