Rudy Giuliani Discusses Background and Downstream Consequences of Weissmann/Mueller Report….

Responding to criticisms made by Hillary Clinton, President Trump’s attorney Rudy Giuliani discusses the political landscape after the Weissmann/Mueller report; including the sketchy Ukrainian connections to the origin of the fiasco.

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147 Responses to Rudy Giuliani Discusses Background and Downstream Consequences of Weissmann/Mueller Report….

  1. mikebrezzze says:

    He’s setting up a RICO prosecution

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    • grlangworth says:

      Could it be any clearer? It’s Rudi.

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      • Marygrace Powers says:

        “Ms Clinton better get herself a lawyer”/
        Guiliani spelling it out for Hillary/everyone –
        not mincing his words one bit. Lawyer up crooks!

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        • CHenie says:

          Ms. Clinton doesn’t rely on lawyers. Cankles sees to it that witnesses never make it to trial where she’ll need a lawyer.

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          • Marygrace Powers says:

            PDJT is a GAME-CHANGER/
            there’s a new sheriff in town
            and Hill’s gonna need a lawyer.

            No doubt she is going down/
            my money is on PTrump.


    • FrankieZee says:

      Trump and Rudy have been very vocal the last week about how the Demo Craps are the ones that will be prosecuted for trying to overthrow a duly elected President. They are doing this to get the public aware of the BIG UGLY coming.

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      • Sunsettommy says:

        The fact that Special Counsel Mueller, NEVER posted any Prosecution charge against the President in his FINAL report to the AG Barr.

        28 CFR § 600.8 – Notification and reports by the Special Counsel.

        “(c)Closing documentation. At the conclusion of the Special Counsel’s work, he or she shall provide the Attorney General with a confidential report explaining the prosecution or declination decisions reached by the Special Counsel.”

        Since by law, Mueller was supposed to provide either a Prosecution of Declination, he did neither on Obstruction, thus no charge can be levied against Trump anywhere else.

        AG Barr and his small team determined there was no Obstruction, therefore ruled NO to obstruction charge.

        Investigation is over, case is closed and Trump is innocent.


  2. Ziiggii says:

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  3. Sherri Young says:

    The Dimms surely must be caught off guard. Republicans have spent their careers waiting for the Dimms to take the lead so that the Repubs can ignore, grouse, or maybe respond.

    Finally, we have someone who comes out swinging.

    Loving it. Feels so different to have real leadership. Feels so good.

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  4. Bigly says:

    Really enjoyed this, Rudy at his best. Sounds like they actually might indict a Clinton.

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  5. JonS says:

    Rudy is the happiest man right now. Gleeful. He gets full rights to “I told you so” for as long as he wants them

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    • 🍺Gunny66 says:

      Ah oh…….Rudy is unleashed…..and you can see, just by his enthusiasm he is going after these people……..

      Joe Biden should hang it up and just go fishing….Rudy is hot on that trail….

      And you know…..Rudy and the President are best friends. He has kept Rudy under wraps this entire time…….

      Now I can just imagine the President saying to Rudy..
      ”I want Hillary”….. especially since she can’t keep her mouth shut..

      This is gonna be fun..

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      • Dutchman says:

        Rudy is PDJT’s Consiglierre, and he is going after it. Making the case, aiming at Hillary and Biden.
        Last admins Vice President, and SoS.

        Gonna work his way up to former POTUS?

        If they do, I am gonna hit them, harder than anyones been hit!

        Cummins is chair of House Committee on DNC. Disqualified to sit as chairman due to obvious bias.

        Should fight EVERY subpoena in Court;
        Sounds like “Tell them to pound sand”, to me!

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        • Tom! says:

          This sounds great but Rudy can’t go after anyone unless it’s a civil case. Barr needs to be on board or it goes nowhere. If Barr decides against bringing charges it will be time for a friendly meeting of a couple hundred thousand patriots and the AG to discuss options.

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          • Judith says:

            Will Rudy make the AG an offer he can’t refuse? Why does that Weiner laptop instantly come to mind?


          • All Too Much says:

            There will be plenty of civil rights violation lawsuits under USC Title 28 Section 1983.
            Anyone having anything to do with it will be sued.
            The proceedings will be public.


          • rayvandune says:

            The MSM can hide a couple hundred thousand people without breaking a sweat, see Right to Life March. Make it a couple million, and a couple hundred thousand in their buildings, in their faces, and you will have their attention. By the way, no guns, just numbers. It will work.


          • rayvandune says:

            The MSM can hide a couple hundred thousand people without breaking a sweat, see Right to Life March. Make it a couple million, and a couple hundred thousand in their buildings, in their faces, and you will have their attention. By the way, no guns, just numbers. It will work.


        • PDJT’s “wartime” Consiglierre

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      • boomerbeth says:

        Burn is nit well. He will never make campaigning. He IS GAUNT

        STRIKE 3. What a fool.
        Potus will swallow him whole.


  6. SPELL9 says:

    It’s Giuliani Time.

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    • Judith says:

      Rudy is a treasure. He rescued NYers when the Big Apple devolved into a dirty, crime-infested drug den. He led us through 9-11, while Dumbya Bush was preoccupied with cheesy photo-ops and oil wars like Poppy.

      Rudy ain’t afraid to drain swamps, I will give him that! So proud he can now share his expertise with the country at large.

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  7. myrightpenguin says:

    It’s good when he is allowed to speak, in contrast to know-nothing interrupting Chris Wallace.

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  8. Oh Mickey. Where are you?


  9. Kent says:

    ….wanna know about Ukraine during the bammy admin?….look to the state department…give u a hint…she’s blonde and sitting to bammy right….susan is there too…

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  10. Max De says:

    Ukraine may mark the beginning of crossfire after getting foreign dirt from other governments, but the cia, doj, state department were illegally gathering this dirt/spying on Americans by tapping nsa database before 4/118/16 702 curtailment by Rogers and well before britain, ukraine, italy and australia got involved. Do not allow this important info regarding foreign involvement allow folks to take their eye off the prize, the prize being revealing how and prosecuting US government officials for starting this thing as early as 2015. Foreigner plays only became involved to turn the spying spigot back on and to wash ill gotten info.


  11. letty bromenschenkel says:

    the MUELLER report is NOT an opinion …..
    it is a documented fact:

    Written by 18 demonic criminal TRUMP hating democrat Prosecutors.
    Zero crime
    Zero conspiracy
    Zero collusion
    Zero indictments
    Zero guilty charges by JURY
    Mueller 2 ½ years 35 million wasted taxpayer funds, 40 democrat investigators , more than 2,800 subpoenas, nearly 500 search warrants and roughly 500 witnesses.

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    • madeline says:

      When did the Biden Ukraine story begin? Was Mueller FBI Director?


      • Dutchman says:

        Wasn’t Bidens son ALSO involved in a deal with Mitches son? Isn’t that what Peter Schweitzer wrote about?



        • GB Bari says:

          The three that were involved together were Hunter Biden, Christopher Heinz, and Devon Archer.

          Taken from: Peter Schweizer. “Secret Empires”

          I have the e-book. Very revealing. Should be incriminating. But no one in Ozero’s DOJ apparently cared.

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        • Rhoda R says:

          I believe that Mitch’s son is involved with a Chinese bank in some capacity or another – along with Kerry’s step son.


  12. BarneyRubble says:

    Trump/Giuliani 2020

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  13. iconoclast says:

    Love to see SD referring to this as the Weissman/Mueller report, as Andrew Weissman surely played the lead role in doing his best to incriminate PDJT. Weissman is an unscrupulous prosecutor bent on using his authority to ruin the lives of those he does not like, regardless of their guilt or innocence. He and Mueller go way back and there is no doubt Mueller brought Weissman in to do the dirty work.

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  14. CarolynH says:

    In the meantime Hillary is practically daring them to go after her – first yesterday at the Time 100 event calling for impeachment and today a WaPo op-ed on the same topic.

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    • iconoclast says:

      She’s starting to sound like Brennan did as it became increasingly obvious the jig was up. Cornered rats. Hillary knows they’re coming for her, and there’s plenty to come for: the Steele Dossier, obstruction of justice by destroying emails and cell phones, Uranium One, and more.

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    • FPCHmom says:

      That or she is planning on running again!

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  15. namberak says:

    “Responding to criticisms made by Hillary Clinton…” Geez, why does anyone care what Hillary von Pantsuit, aka, the Dowager Empress, has to say?

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  16. Right to reply says:

    OAN Network have revived this guy from 2016 who claims the Clinton emails came from a Washington Insider with LEGAL access to Clinton’s emails. Murray claims they were released due to the corruption surrounding the treatment of Sanders. That means only one person to me. Seth Rich….

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    • SAM-TruthFreedomLiberty says:

      And Murray is basically an old school liberal.
      He totally debunked the idea that russia was in it. Seth Rich? Possible but at that point it does not matter. Someone with knowledge has to name him unambigiously.


      “The original “Russian hacking” allegation was that it was the Russians who nefariously obtained these damning emails and passed them to Wikileaks. The “evidence” for this was twofold. A report from private cyber security firm Crowdstrike claimed that metadata showed that the hackers had left behind clues, including the name of the founder of the Soviet security services. The second piece of evidence was that a blogger named Guccifer2 and a websitecalled DNC Leaks appeared to have access to some of the material around the same time that Wikileaks did, and that Guccifer2 could be Russian.

      That is it. To this day, that is the sum total of actual “evidence” of Russian hacking. I won’t say hang on to it as a fact, because it contains no relevant fact. But at least it is some form of definable allegation of something happening, rather than “Russian hacking” being a simple article of faith like the Holy Trinity.

      But there are a number of problems that prevent this being fact at all. Nobody has ever been able to refute the evidence of Bill Binney, former Technical Director of the NSA who designed its current surveillance systems. Bill has stated that the capability of the NSA is such, that if the DNC computers had been hacked, the NSA would be able to trace the actual packets of that information as those emails travelled over the internet, and give a precise time, to the second, for the hack. The NSA simply do not have the event – because there wasn’t one. I know Bill personally and am quite certain of his integrity.

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    • SAM-TruthFreedomLiberty says:

      NSA Officials and Computer Expert: Forensic Evidence Proves DNC Emails Were LEAKED, Not Hacked
      MEMORANDUM FOR: The President
      FROM: Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS)
      SUBJECT: Was the “Russian Hack” an Inside Job?


    • SAM-TruthFreedomLiberty says:


  17. fanbeav says:

    I wonder why Herr Mueller and Weissman didn’t interrogate Rudy since he was part of the campaign in 2016? They interrogated everyone else!

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  18. LKAinLA says:

    After watching this video I am hopeful Manafort gets a pardon. All of the raids were no doubt an effort to have President Trump explode with anger so they could yell obstruction. These are dangerous men who should never be in charge of other people in any way. I would not even let these men sit my dogs.

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    • L4grasshopper says:


      Maybe commute his sentence to a year or so.

      Yes…Manafort was abused by Mueller.

      But…Yes….Manafort committed crimes.

      So…no pardon. Lighten his sentence as reparation for the terrible treatment Mueller’s goons subjected him to.


  19. StanH says:

    Rudy is on fire. The cautious lawyer speak is out the window, and he’s being specific. Love it.

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  20. Bob Parker says:

    HItlary Clinton having the BALLS to state that PT should be indicted is a classic case of a pot (belly) calling the kettle black.

    And whenever our former Marxist-in-Chief (Obama) tries to chime in, that is a case of the black calling a kettle, pot.

    Ah yes, to think that PT sunk $$$ last year into the refurbishing of GITMO!!

    Perhaps PT had the imprisonment of these clowns on his agenda long before we ever thought so.

    I hear that the HRC & BHO wings of GITMO are all prepped & ready for their namesakes + some other swamp denizens.

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    • Kent says:

      …she’s pushing the narrative…it’s all they have left…and the media is complicit….

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      • tav144 says:

        If you listen closely, she’s trying to direct the specific narrative they are upset didn’t get rolled out well…i.e., “Mueller didn’t recommend to indict on obstruction NOT because there was no evidence, but because of the DOJ rule that a sitting president can’t be indicted; so Mueller therefore decided to allow Congress to decide the matter.”
        Problem obviously for them was that this was a DOJ decision to make, thus AG Barr making the final determination that HAD to be made; and the fact that Barr undercut their other narrative by point blank asking Mueller three times if he would have indicted Trump had there not been a DOJ rule prohibiting indicting POTUS,and Mueller unequivocally said NO.
        So their best laid narrative plans were squashed.


    • mr.piddles says:

      That’s just HRC trotting out the ol’ Jedi Projection Trick… “this is not the traitor you’re looking for”… Also: talking it out helps to relax the sphincter a bit… you know, need to get through the day. Got a little puckering goin’ on in PTB Land.

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    • no-nonsense-nancy says:

      Why waste valuable space. Put them both in the same cell. They’ll love it. HaHa.


  21. j'accuse says:

    This was the brainchild of British intelligence who orchestrated the spying on Papadopoulos and provided the services of Christopher Steele. The paranoid establishment and Cold War old timers in Britain saw Trump as such a dangerous threat to NATO and the post WWII order that they determined he needed to be stopped by any means possible. To them Trump was an upstart nationalist, populist and neo-isolationist like the Brexiteers and ascendant populist movements in Europe and he had the temerity to question NATO. This is a false view of Trump because though he has questioned our future military policies and has said NATO countries should pay their fair share he never advocated any major withdrawal or retraction of our military presence around the world.

    How Brennan, the Obama Administration the FBI and Clinton campaign fit into the scheme I certainly can’t be sure. For all I know they and others in the defense establishment were targets that became fellow travelers. It was clearly launched and sustained by a well planned and executed disinformation campaign which continues and is ongoing.

    Russia spies and engages in disinformation continuously and may have well done the email hack, but Russia is also the all-purpose villain for British intel. Among the classes of self-appointed ‘security experts’ in the media there are many charlatans who regularly make spurious claims about Russia’s motives and activities and some say they can identify Russia disinformation which is just not possible. Dozens of countries are engaged in disinformation and separating and identifying isn’t an exact science and requires the many expert analysts. Russia is a very complicated place and our foreign policy and diplomacy has many layers as do our intel activities. The media charlatans may be ex-intel or ex-law enforcement or members of think tanks but that’s no evidence they know more than they read in the newspapers. These supposedly patriotic types seem to be sources for the reporting at many outlets such as NYT or WaPo, no doubt claiming expertise and inside knowledge. They also seem to be controlling the narrative and exerting influence on media at the ownership level which suggests coordination. I strongly doubt any high level govt or military sources are fueling the current reporting. Lots of fear mongering and shutting down of dissent is going on and I recognize the methodologies from my cold war studies.

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  22. Grassleysgirl/Breitbartista says:

    Rudy Rules🇺🇸😘🔨


    • mr.piddles says:

      He’s on with Huckabee right now. Looks like he might have spent a little time down at Mar-a-Lago recently. Some golf. A little Arnold Palmer on the rocks. Maybe a cocktail with dinner.


  23. mr.piddles says:

    Rudy says: “hits keep comin'”…

    No matter what you think of Cohen… The Mueller Affair was a No Prisoners Buzzsaw. Sad.

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  24. thesavvyinvester says:

    Holy smokes Sundance.

    Joe Digenova on Laura’s show just noted Adm Roger’s as hero, but that he worked with a FISA Judge for months and there are referrals in this regards to Atty Gen Barr. Am I behind the curve for not knowing this, or is this brand new.If it is, holy Schmit Batman, this will release the kaken!

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  25. MAGADJT says:

    Great segment on Ingraham Angle with Mike Huckabee hosing. Rudy, DeGenova, and another guy on the panel. DeGenova with a big tick tock warning and said there absolutely will be indictments and grand juries. Called out Mike Rogers as the hero in the whole mess.

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  26. beachbum31 says:

    Either Joe DiGenova is Sundance, or he reads this blog ’cause he just unleashed everything SD has said here this week… and that the wheels of prosecution have begun to turn…..on Ingram tonight. I got goose bumps

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  27. beachum31 says:

    “FISA curt has already ruled there was criminal behavior at DOJ/FBI”

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  28. beachbum31 says:

    “IG has separate Comey report due out in 2 weeks” joe d

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  29. Jim Raclawski says:

    Joe ” snuggles ” Biden && John “swift boat” Kerry and their kiddos and their phony “LLC” have much bigger problems with their “dealings” with the CHICOM ‘s that make the little extortion/strongarm jujitsu Joe pulled off in kiev look like playground recess…… well … he may get to entertain his cell mates with that noshiter ….

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  30. askandgettruth says:

    i for one do not trust rudy the cover-up guy on 9/11.


  31. Rudy is still on fire! Rudy handled it well. F&F is still one of the only Fake News Networks shows I still watch.

    BTW, was that “pray to God” answer about how the Yankees are doing a zinger at Yankee stadium no longer playing “God Bless America?” I am sure Rudy knows about that.


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