Donald Trump Files for Temporary Restraining Order Against Chairman Elijah Cummings…

Donald Trump, not President Trump, representing his affiliated private business interests, has filed for a temporary restraining order (full pdf below) against House Oversight Committee Chairman Elijah Cummings and his committee representatives and officers.

You might remember when Speaker Nancy Pelosi changed the House Rules earlier this year. Part of the rule changes were to modify the responsibilities of the House Government Affairs Oversight Committee.  Speaker Pelosi removed all other oversight responsibility and shifted the committee to a singular oversight role focused only on the White House.

Chairman Cummings is demanding the personal financial records of Donald Trump and all of his business interests around the Trump organization.  The demand includes all personal and private financial records including tax filings from individuals, officers and corporate entities within the Trump organization.  As a private, non-public corporation, this demand for financial records would encompass the entire Trump family.

In essence, Chairman Cummings is weaponizing his government office to target Donald Trump and all members of the Trump family.  This is not dissimilar to what President Obama and Elijah Cummings did when they weaponized the IRS to target their political opponents.  See: national heroine/patriot Catherine Engelbrecht.

When the IRS scheme was made public in 2011, the Obama plan shifted to use the intelligence operations of the U.S. Government to target their political opposition through the use of electronic surveillance and spy operations. Hence, this is one consistent continuum.  Chairman Cummings in 2019 is just a new iteration of the program.

Trump, not President Trump, has filed for a preliminary injunction to stop Chairman Cummings demand.  In the interim, while awaiting court arguments, Donald Trump and his business interests have filed for a restraining order.



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285 Responses to Donald Trump Files for Temporary Restraining Order Against Chairman Elijah Cummings…

  1. Charlino K says:

    Aren’t their laws against abuse of power? Harassment? Stalking? Defamation of character? Malfeasance? It would appear that pseudo elected democrat officials have no intention of obeying laws, as they have exempted themselves from them.

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    • Murray Smith says:

      time for Trump to unseal all of the Obama and Clinton gang`s, secrets, crimes and corruption, the biggest and best FU in history

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      • mike says:

        Time to have the marines drag their stinky carcasses out on the street for Treason facilitating the Invasions, interfering with the most basic functions of elected government, and attempted Constitutional overthrows before and after Nov’16. I’d be happy if the marines cleaned their ears with a 45, for any escape or intimidation attempts too.

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        • jeff montanye says:

          maybe before any of that, remember the election is still a year and a half away and the attention span of the average voter is maybe two days, see what relief the courts may allow. i am totally no lawyer but there may be statute and case law about say how far back in time prior to office such a demand may go, some place for probable cause or preponderance of evidence, who knows. and it’s not like the obama administration didn’t have access to those tax records at the irs is it? eric holder and jack lew were crookeder than a dog’s hind leg with respect to the tax records of potential opponents as sundance has detailed.

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    • CHenie says:

      Um, yeah-welcome the party. They do as they please and they do it with impunity. They know that We the People aren’t going to do squat. I fully believe they intend to impeach so Trump better release the cracken as in NOW, because if he waits until they start this $hit up in few weeks, they’ll say by doing so then, he’s obstructing justice.

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    • Fred Ward says:

      Laws never constrain criminals.

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    • hanna693 says:

      This racist does this because none of the numbnut rethugs will start an investigation on him. He runs with them. They don’t want to be called racist. This man is an angry, filthy ugly hypocrite. Devin Nunes, Meadows, and Jordan are our only hope.

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    • GenEarly says:

      Communists never Obey the Law, they only Impose the Law, and then to draconian degrees upon Any opposition to their Tyranny.
      DemocRats are Communists, and Islamists, Both despicable.

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  2. covfefe999 says:

    We MUST give Trump the win in 2020. Give him back the House too, and keep the Senate. Stop this nonsense. Imagine what his second term can be like!

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  3. fred5678 says:

    Elijah is overstepping his charter — hounding private citizens is what Lois Lerner’s job was — who is her replacement now?.

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    • The Devilbat says:

      Cummings is way too stupid to realize the legal issues involved in what he is doing. He is nothing but a dumb assed useful idiot for the communist left.

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      • De Oppresso Liber says:

        Cummings, Schiff, Nadler, Pelosi and a few others should be tried for TREASON just as much as the actual coup plotters. This impeachment effort is nothing more than a continuation of attempting a coup whereas the initial efforts failed. These impeachment “leaders” are as guilty as the original coup plotters themselves.

        ALL TRAITORS deserve a TRAITOR’s fate – a noose on the gallows.


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    • BestBets says:

      Don’t forget that he has a not-so-secret pinky finger swear with Mad Max and Adam to go after POTUS till the Democrat Party goes down in flames.

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  4. covfefe999 says:

    This is what happens when you don’t vote straight GOP in the general elections.

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    • KnowSERENoFear says:

      ???? What GOP? The uniparty? Slime like Ryan, McSallly, Turtle, Burr, Graham, Romney????

      This is what happens when you vote party over character. I will vote to re-elect President Trump because he is wise, competent, and cares for America…not because he’s Republican.

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      • ctheath says:

        Amen brother…. President Trump has earned my vote like no other Republican has. For so long every elected Republican made promises but failed to follow through… always an excuse was made. We gave them Trump and the elected Republican leadership choked. I trust Trump and very few others.

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      • YvonneMarie says:

        How bout if he was a democrat ?
        Would you vote for him? Trump ?


        • starfcker says:

          Yes. If President Trump’s positions were the same, I would have voted for him if he had run as a Democrat. No question.

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        • formerdem says:

          It wouldn’t happen, is the point. Republicans are dumb but the Democratic Party is corrupt to the last cell of the last rootlet.

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          • 1gr8dane says:

            For decades the American people have been relegated to voting for the lesser of two evils! This is the first time in American history where the choices were a corrupt politician hell bent on destroying the nation or a Patriotic Businessman who wants to return America to the vision our forefathers had. The democRAT party was hijacked in the late 40’s when Norman Thomas (who ran as a communist) sad the following: “Tha American people will never knowingly adopt socialism. but, under the name “liberalism” they will adopt every fragment of the socialist platform, until one day America will be a socialist nation, without knowing how it happened.” He went on to say “I no longer have to run as a Presidential Candidate for the Socialist Party. The democrat party has adopted out platform.”

            In all of this, does anyone ever find it remotely hilarious that you can always find a RINO but has anyone EVER heard of a DINO?

            If our schools, colleges and universities were”t flooded with libturds and they actually taught critical thinking and encouraged open debates – we would not be seeing the problems we have now.

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        • jeff montanye says:

          i am a registered democrat, voted for bernie sanders in the florida primary, and i voted for trump and gave him a $100.

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      • Alrighty Treeper(s)…keep the Super Duper Depends on and think for a second. What is the VERY LAST SENTENCE of the Bernie & Biden pic (“Watch the Launch” topic) …
        “May God Rest Their Souls!”…

        Question time…
        Why would OUR VSG PDJT say something like that? Because he has ALL the information on these nozzle heads and when this President gets done with the IMMEDIATE roadblock(s) he will ramp up the attacks on the dems, rinos and uniparty. The democratic party as we know it ALONG with the uniparty schills we be DESTROYED…

        PDJT ALWAYS plays the LONG GAME…the 2020 Election is EXTREMELY important in OUR country’s history and this cannot be overstated enough.

        The reason for the LONG GAME…BECAUSE when he is through as President…he has to live, work, own property here in these United States of America and watch his children/grand-children grow up. He will NOT be a President but an ordinary American Citizen…He is going to clean-up the MESS that this country has had for the last 4 presidents…

        Have Faith in Him and STOP trying to second guessing him. He did not start this climb without a plan…He is climbing the mountain called Eiger ( AND HIS HAS A SET OF “MUCHO GRANDE EL BRASSOS BOLLOS”!!!

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      • CA M says:

        If you vote Democrat, you can bet that 99% are corrupt. (I allow 1% wiggle room just in case. I do not actually know of any D that is not corrupt or who will vote against their corrupt party—And I live on a Deep Blue state). If you vote Republican, your odds are better that they will have a spine and a conscience, maybe 50%. So even though half of the R’s disappoint us, it’s still better than the UniParty.

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        • jeff montanye says:

          i guess the gw bush administration was in the bad half. also the john mccain nomination. also the mitt romney nomination. what about ghw bush and iran contra?
          how about ryan, flake, burr, mcconnell, hatch, alexander, corker, cornyn, and liz cheney?

          that’s a pretty substantial half

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      • hanna693 says:

        Me too, and I am a registered democrat. I would never register as a republican. Paul Ryan did nothing and let the house slide out of the rethug’s hands. At least you KNOW where the dems are coming from and they stick together. McCain, reptile, caused the loss of the house.


      • sturandot13 says:

        While that is true, do you actually think that a U.S. House of Representatives controlled by Republicans would continue this evil charade?


    • ezpz2 says:

      No. This is what happens when people like Lois Lerner are not held accountable, legally or otherwise – no thanks to Jeff Sessions.

      They become…. what’s The word Elijah Cummings used? 🤔


      They become ‘emboldened’ to continue their criminal behavior.

      That’s what happens, and we’re all witness to it.

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      • Sue Fowler says:

        What a great response.
        DOJ is STILL run by deep state and barry holdovers remain in place. Cabinet members are the lamoid wing.
        Too many unchanged characters in the cast. Mistakes are mistakes. Time to get past OJT.

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      • Dimbulbz says:

        These people are completely lawless. The only rules they believe in is whatever they want the rules to be. They aren’t even trying to follow the law or constitution any more. When they try to invade my home I shut them off. They make me want to vomit.

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      • Dutchman says:

        WHY did the Democrat Obama administration embeds in the IRS target the TEA PARTY GROUPS, that were NO ‘threat’to Democrat candidates? That were in fact a threat to REPUBLICAN incumbents (remember Eric Cantor).

        If you think in terms of Dem vs. Rep, it makes no sense. In fact, Obama should have had their applications for tax exempt status expedited, if anything!

        It only makes sense if you see he was protecting the Republicon/Decepticon leadership of the Congress. And that only makes sense if you see the Uniparty for what it is.

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        • ezpz2 says:

          I was not thinking in terms of R vs D. My response was, in fact, countering the R v D mindset.

          The point I was making is that when criminals are not held accountable, the crimes continue and escalate to more egregious crimes, like sedition, attempted coups, etc.

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        • jeff montanye says:

          excellent comment. very perceptive.


      • That is because the REPUBS play both ends…it doesn’t matter one-iota what the scam is, They want to come out smelling like the Perfumed Princes that they are…But Have No Fear…PDJT is about to strike and it will be into the heart of The Swamp…Schumer/McConnell/Pelosi are going to need the Super Duper Depends!!!!

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    • The Devilbat says:

      this is what happened when Mitch McConnell refused to fund a task force to investigate voter fraud.

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    • Voting does not work when the other side cheats. That is why we have lib dems ruining our country, because they were allowed to cheat AGAIN and install the commies into the majority.
      Words will no longer work.
      Like it or not this will get way ugly before we can stop them.

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      • MeJane says:

        I hate to say this because I detest corruption and cheating but it is getting close to the point when one day the only way to get rid of voter fraud will be to commit it ourselves, fight fire with fire.


      • Dutchman says:

        If you think “lib dems” are the only ones who cheat, you are,…not appreciating the true nature of the cheating.
        The real cheating, done equally by both faces of the ONE party, is done during the primary, when few are watching.
        Romney did the same thing to Ron Paul, that Hillary did to Bernie.

        There are a whole list of strategies that they use, like the,splitter strategy used in Az’s last Senatorial race, ballot stuffing, October surprise scandals, all SORTS of tricks.

        And the goal is to insure that whoever wins is Uniparty candidate, regardless the letter after their name.
        So our choice is no choice at all; a non choice between dumb and dumber, the lesser of two weavils.

        This turns off a lot of people, who don’t vote. Great for the ONE party, cause less overall votes means its easier to rig.
        And, near 50/50 votes, makes it even easier. So issues are framed to lead to a near even split, between two mediocre candidates.
        They,also depend on how a lot of people FOCUS on the Presidential election, and not so much Congress.

        Recent events certainly should make voters aware of how much Power there is in Congress; the MYTH of the “Imperial Presidency” has been promulgated for many years, to distract from reality.

        4 people control Congress. Minority and Majority leaders from both houses.
        Working together they wield enormous power, and have unlimited terms.
        Presidents come and go, but they can serve many years, and designate their chosen successor.

        The Tea Party had/has it right; go after the REPUBLICON party, and in the primaries. The Republicon face is the real strength of the Uniparty, as long as they remain in stealth mode.

        Also the achilles heal, if exposed. I believe the reason DJT is being attacked so vociferously is not simply because he is uncorrupted, although obviously he is (Mueller told us so!).

        Its because by doing what he promised, what past Republicons promised but never delivered, he exposes the phony Decepticon deceptions. He is an intrinsic threat to Republicons, just like the Tea party was/is, and so the Dem face is trying to take him out, just as Obama attacked tea party.

        If you don’t understand HOW the real cheating is, and has for many years, occurred, and who is doing it, you will continue to be cheated.

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        • CHenie says:

          “If you don’t understand HOW the real cheating is, and has for many years, occurred, and who is doing it, you will continue to be cheated.” Understanding HOW it’s done, doesn’t stop it from being done.


  5. Sherri Young says:

    If Elijah Cummings is supposed to be focused exclusively on the White House, he is out of his lane. He tried to inject himself and the feds into Texas elections. His signature was the only one on the demand letter. Rep. Jim Jordan was CC’d, was not a signatory. That alone shows us that his point is not oversight of the White House, it is about getting Trump out of the White House and keeping him out.

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  6. facebkwallflower says:

    They want a legal release of financials to release their made up/doctored financials. The relentence demanding of them, along with their persistance in demanding his tax filings, shoes how important they are to them. They are ready, just like they were ready for Hill’s win.

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  7. KnowSERENoFear says:

    This is all on the hands of the legal profession and their love of winning over justice, their deep affection for Legal Positivism, their ignorance of the Constitution, their attachment to administrative law, and their total acceptance of the incorporation doctrine.

    President Trump can nullify all these orders as they are unconstitutional. No where in the Constitution is authority to given to Congress to seize a president’s financial records. Per 9 & 10 A’s, authority NOT enumerated to the federal government is RESERVED TO THE STATES AND THE PEOPLE. And the Supremacy clause clearly states that the Constitution is the supreme law of the land and that any laws made by Congress must be PURSUANT to the Constitution….if not they are UNLAWFUL.

    Our number one problem in this country is the departure from the Constitution in favor administrative law at the behest of lawyers and judges. Almost all governments have succeeded in tyranny via the willing and able hands of the judicial. You see and hear their pompous BS everyday….precedence and procedure over morality and ethics, rulings and orders instead of opinions, the SCOTUS is nothing more than an oligarchy of nine…..pure BS. Proof?… court will allow citizens to exercise jury nullification….citizens have to pay court costs….not allowing defendants a jury of their peers, or a speedy trial…..FISC and TSA violate 4A….etc/etc.

    The legal profession is the enemy of the people….the press, RINOs, Dems, Deep state are simply accomplices.

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    • Jim S. says:

      I am so happy that the dems are doubling down on stupid and continue to attack President Trump. If they let up, and especially if they didn’t attack his family, Trump might just let everything that happened before go and move on. The continuing attacks on his family *FORCE* Trump to go nuclear on these idiots.

      I’m not usually one to accent the positive (unfortunately) but this is a very positive thing. One doesn’t attack Trump’s family. And, Trump knows that this will not go away once he’s left office. He MUST fight and they continue to remind him of that.

      I have more confidence than ever that the big ugly is going to happen.

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  8. Chip Doctor says:

    This is PDJT on offense. It is just the start. MAGA.

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  9. Paul Hanson says:

    A masterful piece of legal work. I’m no lawyer but read more court docs than the average bear. Their work is based on both precedent and irreparable harm that can’t be undone if the Trumps later prevail, due to the cat already being let out of the bag.

    They also point out that this action is not connected to any ongoing legislative purpose and is based on testimony of a person convicted of perjury (Cohen).

    Also, the Court can’t screw this up, they will have all eyes on them. If they dork around with POTUS, the higher courts will come down on them like a ton of bricks. As PDJT would say, “serious business folks, serious business.”

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    • ZurichMike says:

      Excellent synopsis Paul.


    • thedoc00 says:

      Hopefully the congressional democrats who promised, publicly to LEAK the President financials when obtained, need to be cited as well. Not only is no crime and no legislation for the democrats to cite, there is personal animus and intent to harm the President.


  10. Cathy M. says:

    I hope it won’t cause any headaches but there is a typo on pg. 7 in the application for the TRO.

    “This lawsuit is about one such subpoena. On April 15, 1019, Chairman Cummings subpoenaed”

    The year is incorrect.

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  11. tonye says:

    So, the Dems are trying to use the House of Reps as their own IRS research.

    The problem is that Trump has the real IRS. Perhaps it’s time to open an real investigation into the finances of Pelosi, Cummings, Maxine, etc… I’d say the odds are 200% they all get busted big time.

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  12. Harvard Square Trumpist says:

    Trump’s personal lawyers on the motion, Consovoy and Strawbridge, and their firm (Consovoy et al) are also the plaintiff’s lawyers in the Asian college admission lawsuit against Harvard. Trump DOJ civil rights division opened its own investigation of Harvard in parallel with the lawsuit. Just noting that for future reference if either case heats up.

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  13. Retired Prosecutor says:

    Is there not an accountant-client privilege involved in some of this? Florida has such a privilege.

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    • Sandra-VA says:

      Yes, if you read the court doc you will see that is outlined. However, Congress can demand to pierce that veil – at the end of the court doc the appendix contains the subpoena sent to the accounting firm. It is positively OUTRAGEOUS the amount of material they are requesting, down to actual communications & notes that discuss any part of the listed entities.


  14. trapper says:

    Neither the House of Representatives, nor any of its members, nor any of its committees, has any constitutional oversight authority over the “Executive Office of the President,” as they put it. They know this. Pelosi knows this. Cummins knows this. This is Civics 101. They are deliberately setting up a phony constitutional conflict between the House and the Presidency.

    Not sure what their end game is on this, other than to distract and delay and attempt to run out the 8-year clock on the Trump presidency to prevent the whole disgraceful corruption, politicizaton, and weaponization of the DOJ. FBI, and entire IC against anyone who might oppose the Clinton/Bush./Obama dismantling of the United States and the gift of what’s left to China. And again, the picture comes into focus as I type.

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  15. ConservativeInAZ says:

    I have a dream…each time the Dems bring out a knife…POTUS closes a department. Just pick one of their favorites. EPA.

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  16. taxpayer here says:

    This overstepping is so obvious in getting ANYTHING on our duly elected President, which BTW, it bothers me to no end to have previous WH occupant referred to as President. Going forward, he should be referred to as oblablabla.

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  17. joeknuckles says:

    When you drive your political opponents so crazy you have to get a restraining order against them, you have won.

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  18. CHenie says:

    This is a fight to the death-the Left has been setting this up for decades via “The Long march Through the Institutions”. Now, they are pushing all their chips to the middle of the table-they would have preferred to bluff their way to the takeover of this country, but then, well, Trump came along and they absolutely cannot afford another 4 years of DJT. Because a President’s 2nd term is when maximum damage can be inflicted on the enemy.

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  19. PMadison says:

    Am I the only person who believed this was a violation of the 4th Amendment?

    Why can the Legislative branch demand to see people’s private financial records? The Executive branch would require the cooperation of the Judicial branch to get the same thing. And even then it would have to be in the course of an investigation of suspected criminal activity.


  20. Laurie Churchill says:

    For starters, I wish the settlements paid out for harassment claims by congress. That should keep the MSM and perps busy for awhile.


  21. 6x47 says:

    The Trump Organization need only drag this out as long as possible in the courts, and then if by some incredible twist it loses simply refuse to comply. Cherry pick the records it submits (if any) and delete/destroy all the others. The Clinton Gambit.

    And if called before Congress refuse to appear, or if they do simply claim the 5th and run out the clock.

    No cooperation. No compliance.

    And lets get the FEC and every other federal law enforcement agency crawling up the a** of all these crooked Democrats. You KNOW there’s plenty of sketchy dealings to be found and prosecuted.


  22. zephyrbreeze says:

    Tom Fitton says Trump should sue DOJ-FBI for illicit targeting.


  23. Gail Hope says:

    To President Trump,
    I think all Americans including you, are in titled to privacy. I also thought there first had to be a crime, then suspects, then accusation but INOCENT until a fair trial and then proven one way or the other.

    Not so. . If we are angry with a person, it seems we can search for some crime or make one up, then accuse and slaughter them in public, make investigation and even if no evidence found, continue you to persecute them.

    If this can happen to a President, it could happen to anyone. What happened to the crime of deliberately destroying a person’s character? That used to be a durable offense.

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  24. Marie Shipley says:

    Remember the good ole days when it was an outrage to ask for personal records of a certain sitting president?

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  25. TwoLaine says:

    I heard a clip recently of AOC questioning Wilburine. She sounded like she was asking him questions she already knew the answer to, and the answers came from SDNY.

    Q: Did you have any conversations with John Doe after blank date?

    When he says No, she then says well according to SDNY you did…..

    Now, why would SDNY know this of a cabinet level individual?


  26. TwoLaine says:

    Homey don’t play that.


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