Smollett Drama – Cook County State Attorney Now Says Sealing Case Was Done Accidentally…

Whoopsie, Chicago State Attorney corruption is going into ludicrous mode.  According to an interview with ABC7, Cook County State Attorney Kim Foxx is now claiming all the activity to seal evidence in the Jussie Smolett case was done “inadvertently”.

Yeah, yeah…. that’s the ticket.  The keyboards and computers self-activated and typed up the motion to the Judge, and then convinced the clerk of courts to accept the motion filing all just accidental and stuff… or something.  Nothing to see here, Russians! Gottabe…

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Oh yeah, and don’t overlook that pesky admission that Ms. Foxx didn’t actually recuse herself from the case, as previously claimed.  She’s admitting she participated. D’oh!

CHICAGO (WLS) — Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx defended her office’s decision to drop all charges against “Empire” actor Jussie Smollett, who was accused of staging a racist and homophobic attack on himself.

“I believe this is a just outcome based on the circumstances,” Foxx said on Wednesday, a day after the charges were dropped.

In an interview on Wednesday, she said the practice of dropping charges in exchange for community service and restitution is not uncommon for the Class 4 felonies that Smollett was charged with.

“We believe that the facts were sufficient to charge and try Mr. Smollett for the crimes,” Foxx said.

While a court did not find him guilty, she said: “Based on the facts and the evidence that was presented in the charging decision that was made by this office, this office believed that they could prove him guilty.”

Foxx had recused herself from the case a week prior to Smollett being charged when it appeared that the actor had gone from victim to suspect. She recused herself after speaking with a “relative” of Smollett, but not Smollett himself. Foxx said it is not uncommon for her to speak to victims and their families.

“The family had reached out, I think to me, largely because they didn’t have a connection to the police department, asking if there was a way to make sure that the leaks in the case were to a minimum,” Foxx said.

Foxx added: “I don’t want any speculation or concern, I don’t even want the appearance, that my involvement with this case, now having talked to a family member, would in any way impede this investigation.”

She was connected to the family through Tina Tchen, the former chief of staff to Michelle Obama.

In a statement, Tchen said: “I know members of the Smollett family based on prior work together. Shortly after Mr. Smollett reported he was attacked, as a family friend, I contacted Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx, who I also know from prior work together. My sole activity was to put the chief prosecutor in the case in touch with an alleged victim’s family who had concerns about how the investigation was being characterized in public.”  (read more)


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530 Responses to Smollett Drama – Cook County State Attorney Now Says Sealing Case Was Done Accidentally…

  1. iRock says:

    Foxx should have known Obama was no longer President. This will not end well for her.

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  2. mutantbeast says:

    Sure it was, so you cant unseal there, racist black not so Foxy? After all, your own deputy has said Smellslikesheet “isnt innocent”.


  3. Finbar O'Shaunnessey says:

    I know. Who hasn’t inadvertently sealed the records in a high-profile case where you’re hopelessly conflicted?

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  4. This big babe is scared. She was hoarse and could barely speak last night?

    There is a possibility of Arkancide.

    A traditional Chicago wacking has logistical problems; she is too big to put in the back seat or the trunk. Joe Pesci would wear himself out trying to stomp her. Finally, she would eat all the canolli.


  5. smh. foxx reminds me of baltimore’s rocket surgeon marilyn mosby and that genius maximus they had as mayor, stephanie rawlings


  6. brenrod says:

    here is a completely different perspective of the strange developments?
    Top FBI Child Trafficking & Child Prostitution Task Force Chief helped Chicago PD investigate Smollett hoax;

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  7. Finbar O'Shaunnessey says:

    Recused, not recused. Sealed, not sealed. Guilty, not guilty. Why is everyone so persnickety?

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  8. Smollett now thinks his attackers may have been wearing whiteface.
    Northam is incorrectly compared to Smollett here.

    Twain was right. History rhymes in the weirdest ways.


  9. Rynn69 says:

    The DOJ needs to investigate, prosecute, and convict as appropriate in this case and the entire coup that was the biggest political crime in modern times. Period.


  10. Q&A says:

    An interesting reveal into the small mind of Kim Foxx (written Nov 2018 pre-Jussie)…

    View at

    “Sadly, the sum of Foxx’s record as Cook County prosecutor demonstrates her priorities and preferences are arranging a sort-of détente with criminals, retributive justice, and not penalizing criminals as the office demands. By refusing to view the Chicago Police Department through any prism but her own prejudices, Ms. Foxx is fanning anti-police flames, widening the abyss between police and the public, and creating a law-free zone in the very marginalized communities she purports to help.
    A woman of staggering incompetence, Kim Foxx is not so much a public official as much a public embarrassment.”


  11. SwampRatTerrier says:

    Too good not to pass on – from Legal Insurrection:

    This has Obama written all over it: Get Foxx to “make the felonies go away” without even talking with the locals to negotiate a peaceful end. Obama the bully on display. Rahm must defend his power so he will fight back against the bully. Rahm also has a very powerful PD as a tool here. Rahm left the Obama administration so I suspect there is no love to be lost between them.

    This is a turf war between two organized criminals. Rahm will kick Obama’s ass right off the planet. Stupid move by Obama. Stupid move by Foxx. Rahm is showing Obama how they do things “downtown.”

    I love the show.


    • Rynn69 says:

      SwampRat: I agree with you 100% on everything, but IMHO I have a different take on Rahm. Rahm is no law and order saint oozing with morality. He is as corrupt as those you describe. IMHO Rahm is behind the Obamas and the Smollett walk 100%, but is playing it straight for public consumption.


  12. SwampRatTerrier says:

    Well well well…….

    Obamas’ Chicago Fixer Tina Tchen

    “Given Jurnee Smollett-Bell’s hand-holding friendship with Tchen, Tchen’s intimacy with the Obamas, and Michelle Obama’s chumminess with Jussie Smollett (she hosted him at a musical event at the White House in 2016 and danced with him on stage at a College Signing Day Event in 2018), it is not unreasonable to wonder how much direct knowledge the Obamas themselves may have had about Tchen’s role as Smollett’s fixer.

    But those plum jobs and her role in Smollett’s Folly all pale in comparison to her newest gig: playing watchdog over the crumbling Southern Poverty Law Center.

    After decades of manufacturing “hate” against peaceful, law-abiding conservatives, sharia opponents, Christian activists and immigration enforcement hawks, the junk mail order house that grifter Morris Dees built is in chaos amid long-brewing strife over internal gender and racial discrimination — not to mention a slew of outside defamation lawsuits. Fresh off assisting one celebrity hate crime huckster, Tchen will now be doing damage control for the granddaddy of all racial hoax rackets.”


    • SwampRatTerrier says:

      more from there

      I would advise Americans sick and tired of the crony state and its smear merchants to do all they can to prevent Tchen and the Obama machine from getting their grubby hands on the $PLC’s half-billion-dollar endowment.


  13. Der Fliegender Hollander says:

    What we are seeing is an attempt to cover up the chain of command for something that was ordered by the DNC. The Smollett incident was planned. If the camera hadn’t been facing the wrong way, the media would have had unleashed an orgy of Rodney King style coverage designed to completely tank support for Trump and forever tarnish Trump supporters as racist homophobic thugs. Imagine what would have happened if they had managed to get even five seconds of grainy credible footage. A month long outrage cycle. Riots. Politicians and pundits of every stripe intoning their deep concern for ‘hatred and violence in Trump’s America.’ They tried to start a race war folks. Deliberately. And someone was watching over the country, because they failed.


  14. LBB says:

    Smollet story is aging but just wanted to leave a follow up. Foxx had a press conference yesterday ( 04/06) but not to talk about case , but to condemn the police. All the usual players there Jackson, Rush (he was not for new mayor either) , Ja mal Green. Feels like someone’s trying to stir up trouble.
    From Chgo Trib

    “Foxx declined to address “the substance of the case” with reporters gathered at the Rev. Jesse Jackson’s Rainbow/PUSH Coalition headquarters, though she’s faced mounting pressure to specify why Smollett’s prosecution was so quickly abandoned.

    But U.S. Rep. Bobby Rush, activist Ja’Mal Green, Jackson and a group of other Foxx supporters blamed the city’s Fraternal Order of Police for a Monday confrontation over the Smollett case that displayed some of the city’s racial and political divisions.

    “The FOP is the sworn enemy of black people, the sworn enemy of black people,” said Rush, who drew criticism in the city’s mayoral election when he suggested supporters of Mayor-elect Lori Lightfoot would have the blood of African-American youth killed by the police on their hands.”


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