Barr Reviews Mueller Report – Pelosi Huddles With Team for Strategy…

According to most media reporting AG William Barr is meeting with Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein today and reviewing the completed Mueller report.  At the end of this review, according to statute, AG Barr will commission a “Principle Conclusion” summary report that he will deliver to congress.  As of 4:00pm EST, the White House has not been privately briefed on the Mueller findings.

The summary report from AGBarr will be given to House and Senate judiciary oversight committees before wider dissemination. The Chair of the House Judiciary Committee is Jerry Nadler (ranking member Doug Collins); the Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee is Lindsey Graham (Vice-Chair Dianne Feinstein).  AG William Barr may also brief those committees, or he may assign DAG Rosenstein to the briefing.

Depending on conversations between the DOJ and congressional leadership, there’s also a possibility of a more extensive briefing covering details within the Mueller investigation.  However, that briefing would likely be reserved for the intelligence oversight group known as the “Gang of Eight”: Nancy Pelosi, Kevin McCarthy, Adam Schiff, Devin Nunes, Mitch McConnell, Chuck Schumer, Richard Burr and Mark Warner.

Due to the politics surrounding the Barr report, it is likely the White House will be given the Principle Conclusion Summary around the same time as congress.  The White House (executive branch) may also be able to review the full underlying documentation behind the summary…. that’s likely where the political fight for the ‘narrative’ will take place.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi tipped her hand at the Democrat approach during a strategy meeting today.  According to early reporting Pelosi will refuse to attend any ‘Gang of Eight’ briefing and will demand the full investigative file be declassified:

This Pelosi approach aligns with what we suspected the Democrats would demand.  They want the full Mueller investigative file including: every wiretap, every recording, every intercepted communication; every interview, every transcript, every FBI note (FD-302 report), every conversation, every lead, every tip, everything the Mueller team did to investigate President Trump and every member associated therein.

“It is imperative for Mr Barr to make the full report public and provide its underlying documentation and findings to Congress,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said late Friday in a statement, adding that Barr should not give Trump any “sneak preview.” (link)

With the investigation spanning 22 months, over multiple continents, that full investigative file would be like a massive grand jury library of evidence.  Likely millions of pages of documents, multiple reports, interviews etc.

Keep in mind this file also would include wiretaps, electronic intercepts and physical/electronic surveillance.  Most of that file would be innuendo, supposition, suspicion and investigative lines of inquiry.   That file would hold the seeds for weaponizing unfounded accusations etc; that’s why Pelosi and Schumer would want it.

Also keep in mind Mueller’s team is almost guaranteed to have been telling their allies about all of the juicy accusations they were investigating.

It’s highly likely Pelosi, Schumer and the Lawfare community already know, in summary, what is deep inside the Mueller Team’s investigative file.  The majority of that file is unfounded speculation that was researched; but it would be the holy grail of opposition research for weaponization; including the possibility of wiretaps inside the White House.

Having spent the past two years claiming that any republican declassification request was undermining the institutions and intelligence agencies of our government, the Democrats will now flip positions and demand transparency and declassification to save the institutions of and intelligence agencies from corruption.  Their hypocrisy is boundless.

This will likely be the battle-space for the next several weeks/months that AG William Barr will have to navigate. The Democrats and their allied media will accuse him of covering-up for high crimes and misdemeanors….  We will also likely see the members of the Mueller team providing the feeder material for this effort.

Each of the Mueller team members will be leaking information, and building innuendo narratives about their investigative activity, to the Lawfare community and media.  The ‘small group‘ effort will certainly work in concert with political allies in congress and the DNC.  This is just how they roll.

Keep in mind the larger picture and most likely political sequence:

  1. Mueller report.
  2. Chosen One.
  3. Cummings Impeachment Schedule, known as “oversight plans” (April 15)
  4. Horowitz report

#2 and #3 are not sequence specific; they may reverse.  However, the larger objective of the resistance apparatus will remain consistent.

The narrative around the Mueller investigative material will launch the chosen DNC candidate (possibly Biden).  The professional political class will work to lift this candidate by exploiting the Mueller investigative file as ammunition against President Trump.

As pre-planned within Speaker Pelosi’s rules, House Oversight Chairman has until April 15, 2019, to deliver his schedule for congressional hearings to Speaker Pelosi.  That hearing schedule is based around witnesses they can extract from the Mueller material.

Nothing happens organically.  All of the broad strokes are planned well in advance, and the democrats just fill in the details as they successfully cross pre-determined tripwires.  Once we know where the tripwires are located, their behavior becomes predictable.

(Pelosi Plan)

A good working relationship between Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham and President Trump will now become more important.

As Pelosi and Schumer wage their political battle and attempt to weaponize the Mueller report for maximum damage, Senator Graham will be exploring the DOJ and FBI corruption of the FISA court and spygate.  That angle is a risk to multiple Obama-era administration officials.

President Trump and team have genuine political ammunition that includes FISA abuse, the ‘spygate’ surveillance scandal and an upcoming OIG Horowitz report.

Speaker Pelosi and team have the fabricated political ammunition of the Mueller probe to weaponize.

Both teams will now go to battle on the road to 2020.

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352 Responses to Barr Reviews Mueller Report – Pelosi Huddles With Team for Strategy…

  1. Newt Love says:

    “Truth is stranger than fiction” is bearing out, but which genre of fiction? Mysteries are driven by a question: “who done it?” “how and why?” et cetera. Thrillers are driven by two (or more) groups that compete to be the one that writes the ending.

    We are in the midst of a real-life thriller. One team is the (D)s, who seek to use various methods and information sources to seize control of the US Government. The second team is PDJT and his Deplorables. A third team are the Never Trumper RINOs who want to regain control of the the (R) party for their own money and power gains.

    This thriller is made even more intense because it impacts the whole world. The (D) House shenanigans while PDJT was negotiating with Kim Jong Un caused Kim to see that PDJT may not win election, and be Impeached, so why not wait to get a new milquetoast US President that will capitulate and give NoKo relief while he continues to refine his nuclear strike capability.

    First, I pray for the Republic, that it may survive and thrive. Second, I wish I had invested in popcorn futures.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. askandgettruth says:

    the ship of fools is sinking and all the swamp rats are diving off the plank looking for dry land.pelosi, chuckie the crying towel, shiffty shiff and the rest will try to spin it more. they are too arrogant to admit they were out chasing a ghost that was never there. there will be dozens of books written by all the idiots who still claim it was a cover-up.all these crooks should not be allowed to make a cent on sales of books, speeches talk shows etc.etc.the world is snickering at the USA and that sickens me.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Pale rider says:

      Ahhh but who are they snickering at now?? Not all Americans just democrat Americans. See, trump just pulled more power from their side. All that foreign money to democrates may be scrutinized before sent.
      This pile of steaming excremental grew as big as it could, all the while trump saying ” don’t do it” . Now just like biff off of back to the future, it all lands on them.
      They are filth, always were, always will be, that won’t change a selfish persons greed over power but, now one more layer is revealed to all the world who these putrid monsters are.
      Trumps super power, revealing who these people are. That’s why I keep saying ” we may not see everything done here pronto, but when it’s over it will look like a nuke hit these murderous criminals.”
      Eventually obozo and Hillary are going to run. Brennan, clapper, they will try to hide to no avail. Remember Hussein hiding in a hole, I bet we see one of them doing the same before this is over. This is what we want on a trump silver platter.


  3. Mrs. E says:

    I believe the underlying file is protected by executive priviledge, according to Tom Fitton, who said all presidents fight to keep this under that priviledge, If I were President Trump I would follw that precedent. See what he does.

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  4. drlou007 says:

    Since the President’s ammunition is genuine and the Dems is fabricated, the way to win this battle long term is through the DOJ and the rule of law so long as Barr is going to do his job which will soon become apparent. This way we have a chance of getting some accountability, but I would not count on any of that happening. If it is not going to happen, then my hope and advice to the President would be to release all the documents the Republican Congress wanted last year and do it in a way that makes the material easily absorbable, that is, a small number of relavant and related documents at a time, just as it would happen in a trial.


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