The club sure is testing this one hard:

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232 Responses to Biden-Abrams…

  1. CNY3 says:

    Dumb and Dumber.

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  2. IrishEyesSouth says:

    😂😂😂 Perfect ingredients to secure a Trump Win! KAG 🇺🇸

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  3. Bluto says:

    Why isn’t it Abrams-Biden? Guess that pesky white privilege gets in the way.

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  4. wightmanfarm says:

    Has she ever conceded the GA governor race to Kemp ?

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    • Timeout says:

      No. She claims she won, but she’s gonna leave it be. Total wack job.

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    • snellvillebob says:

      No. But do not underestimate her. She almost won and 80% of her funds came from out of state like those of Beto O’roark. She is articulate, black, fat and female so is a quadruple threat. I was reading the Lisa Page transcript last week where she said she really did not like Hillary, but it would be great to break the “glass ceiling” of the presidency for a woman to win. This means just being female will get votes. It does not matter if it is Typhoid Mary, Ma Barker, or Lorena Bobbitt because it is female. Same with being fat.

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      • Shark24 says:

        Except if you are Sarah Palin.

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      • I live in Georgia; I have heard Abrams speak.
        I don’t believe she’s all that articulate.
        Quite Frankly: I’d be willing to bet that her college education was brought about with the help of identity politics in the admissions process; “quotas”.
        There was lotsa lying and fraud going on in and around Atlanta during her Governor’s race.
        And it did help that her sister is a sitting Federal Judge in GA……where Stacy filed her lawsuits……but didn’t stay there for long….
        Just sayin’….
        If she’s on the Dem’s ticket, more stuff will come out; don’t underestimate the Trump Team.

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        • 1stgoblyn says:

          No, she isn’t. She reads and or memorizes what her handlers tells her. One of these days I expect her to read from one of her fantasy stories.

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          • glissmeister says:

            Seems she may be part of the new crop of foreign interest DSA useful idiots populating the DNC’s Trojan Horse problem. Seems rather mean spirited and chronically distempered. Seems to have a problem with distortion perhaps consistent with a psychopathy. Know anything about Borderline Personality diagnoses?

            Better look it up; that and the four types of narcissism. The new crop of DSA Dems brings a plague of distemper, distortion, pathological deceit and other clinical psychopathies — all the necessary attributes that make useful idiots useful.

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        • dginga says:

          She has some pretty serious personal financial troubles as well, so they better not issue her a campaign credit card.

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      • maga2004 says:

        Maybe for crazy Liberal women, S.B., but not this woman, and not many that I know of!

        I knew the dems had something up their sleeve with her when they went nuts when she lost. Same for Gillum here in Florida.


      • Julian says:


        People won’t vote for a fat person.

        Fat people are lazy.

        No one wants a lazy person leading the country.

        Please name all the Fat Presidents & Vice-Presidents.

        I can’t think of any. Because Fat people are lazy.


        • Micheal Jones says:

          I believe Grover Cleveland was a big eater.


        • TonyC says:

          Only one I can think of……..William Howard Taft…27th president was fat


          • GB Bari says:

            Wm Howard Taft was one of if not the physically largest U.S. President. Reports of what his “normal” breakfast consisted are legendary.

            Unfortunately while he continued the previous administrations’ anti-trust campaign against big business (like Standard Oil), all of that lard obstructed his foresight and he signed the 16th amendment into law (income taxes).


        • glissmeister says:

          Lazy? Not the mean ones. They are pathologically busy doing evil to assuage their self loathing.


        • Tess from Philly says:

          But she’ll keep Black women from defecting to Trump. The Black men will be going for Trump in numbers signficant enough to make a difference. The Dems need every Black vote they can scrounge up. If not this lady, then someone else. I’m not clear on why Kamala isn’t receiving the establishment Dem love, but she apparently isn’t. At least not yet.


          • GB Bari says:

            Abrams doesn’t stand a chance against Diamond & Silk. They’ll pull more black women over to PDJT than Porkpie Abrams will ever recruit away from PDJT.

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        • Mist'ears Mom says:

          Abrams is the epitome of gluttony, sloth, greed, pride and envy – that’s why people with morals wouldn’t vote for her.
          The exact opposite of our VSGPOTUS.

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      • Jeff says:

        As Shark24 wisely provided for below, Abrams would be a quintuple threat, as, in addition to the for qualities (?) you listed, she is also a leftist.


    • mopar2016 says:

      I heard that she’s still counting votes.


  5. Doug Amos says:

    Rocky and Sister Slug.


  6. PInky1920 says:

    I knew this would be the ticket; Biden to appeal to old white leftists as their last hurrah and the Mugabe in waiting to assuage the rising tsunami of rabid anti American home grown communists and illegal “voters”.

    Laugh all you want. They’ll get every Obama voter and cheat their way in, if at all humanly possible.

    They’re ready, this time.

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    • pocaMAGAjunta says:

      We may also anticipate the dems behind the scene sponsoring of a “conservative candidate” a la Ross Perot.

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    • Rock Knutne says:

      PInky1920 ~

      You’re exactly right.

      The mid-terms were a solid test and it passed with FLYING colors!

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      • 1stgoblyn says:

        Yes. Ballot harvesting, illegals voting, more voters in a county than persons of voting age, dead voters, early voting so voters can vote in one state and have time to go to their second home and vote again, waiting days/weeks to count absentee votes; these tactics will all be in play, especially the ballot harvesting the dims found so successful in 2018.

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    • Kiddno1 says:

      Also, I wouldn’t be surprised to hear Biden announced in advance that he would be a one-term president only, making clear his intention to then hand the baton to the young, up-and-coming radical leftists.

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  7. gingergal says:

    How long will it take for Biden to call her articulate and clean?

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  8. Ed says:

    Groper/Hippo 2020

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  9. decisiontime16 says:

    All the Democrat candidates are an embarrassment. Shameful America has come to the place that the scrapings from the bottom could possibly be running for a president. I hope our founders and forefathers and mothers can’t see this after all the sacrifices they made.

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  10. trumppatriot says:

    No way. This is not going to happen. Biden is not going to happen. Diversion. Keep waiting.

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    • Perot Conservative says:

      Who then?

      Gavin Newsome?

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      • glissmeister says:

        Depends who the european and chinese elite want to see elected. That is who the DSA will run against Trump.

        The DNC is a total shill. It’s all DSA now. It’s EU/China and offshore money running things and the media is complicit, bought off with big political advertising paydays.

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    • I can’t help but think this is exactly what Hillary supporters were thinking about Obama early in 2008.

      People just don’t want to believe me, a hard scientist, when I call them the Insane Left since then.


      • I was one of those))), I was for her because I didn’t like Obama, because of his connections to people who hated this country…I thought that if she would win, then Bill will be in charge again…At the time I actually didn’t know much about evil Clintons…


  11. Bruce_Dern's_Finger says:

    Uncle Joe needs to recruit two more sisters, then Joe can really ‘get down’ and do the hand-jive grope.
    “Mama, Mama, Look at Uncle Joe”:

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  12. aleksjag says:

    Biden couldn’t get elected dog catcher on his own. He needs someone who knows how to steal the votes, so Stacy Abrams was the obvious choice.

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    • MfM says:

      Biden was elected from Delaware, a really small State with an small Democratic population to sway. He had very little name recognition outside the State until he became VP. I live in southern PA and I didn’t have a clue who their elected officials were Now until I looked them up.


  13. Dogsrule says:

    This is just a lot of noise. So many people who have really not done very much with their lives, have no notable legislation with their names on it, think they can be president. ‘Well if an idiot like Trump can be president so can I’. Please. Stack up Trump’s achievements sometime and compare to the others. The news cycle wants to keep us occupied 24/7 with stories they feel are important. Don’t fall for it. Heard anything on the main street media about ISIS being completely routed or Toyota investing billions into plants in the US? I didn’t think so.

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    • GB Bari says:

      What did Ozero accomplish in life before he was anointed corronated as POTUS? What legislation did he author or work on while oin Congress?

      Tne DemonRAT Party has increasingly ignored the professional “resume” of their candidates and turned towards those who the puppet master believe will be effective “salespeople” (smooth talkers with some sort of “charisma” or ablity to suck in the gullible low-information voters).

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  14. c says:

    Trump Change vs Chump Change…I rest my case


  15. Guyski says:

    A while ago a bunch of dimms (that have the real power in the party) realized if they go left and liberal they can make a lot of money for themselves. Now they look out at the dimms in dimm party and think ‘they actually believe this sh!t, now what do we do?


  16. 1stgoblyn says:

    Do it, dims. Just do it!

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  17. Ernest Marsalis says:

    Laugh and joke all you want, but Biden will promise only one term, and Adams will be a lock for 2024.
    Dems are perfecting the art of voter fraud and vote harvesting. This is going to be a very interesting election, will not be surprised at all if Dems steal it. Mark my words they will try.


  18. Perot Conservative says:

    I’ve had black friends my whole life, never heard of hot sauce in a purse. Ever.

    Did you read the recent study that stated that Liberals reduce their vocabulary / simplify their speech when talking with African Americans?


    • glissmeister says:

      Yes. They liberally talk down to everyone.

      Modern “liberalism” is a supremacy movement — as Alan Watts would point out — “Playing endless games of I am better than you because.”


    • GB Bari says:

      Well…Hillary….”Ah don’t feel no ways tarred….” March 4, 2007 — Selma, Alabama. Racist Elitist Femminazi Progressive Hillary Clinton – light-skinned and using a faked African-American dialect trying to emulate Rev. James Cleveland.


  19. David Epstein says:

    Please, democrat’s, Biden and Abrams would be the ticket of choice–for a massive victory by President Trump!


    • Scott says:

      I think they know as of right now, Trump will easily win re-election so they are looking for a sacrificial lamb to take the beating. Biden fits that perfectly. When they lose, they will claim he lost the election because he is old and white and brought the ticket down despite Abrams “massive appeal.”

      Why send your ace when the odds are stacked against you? Hold that person for a full run at 2024 and concentrate on the Senate.

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  20. MfM says:

    Biden was born in November of 1942, that makes him 76 now. Trump is 3 1/2 years younger.

    I know nothing about longevity in Biden’s family, but Trump’s father died at 93 and his mother at 88. Trump doesn’t smoke or drink, and his medical reports as Prez have been pretty good. Most presidents age significantly in office, Trump seems to thrive on it.

    To me it looks like they are pushing Biden because he’s a name everyone recognizes… but the Democratic Swamp are really looking at the VP to take over.


  21. Greg1 says:

    The desperation of the club will be even more revealed if they propose that Biden resigns after three years to give Abrams the presidency and a running start at being elected as an incumbent in 2024. As silly as this sounds, I can actually envision seeing democrats drooling at the thought.


    • Linda K says:

      She doesn’t look good to me. She is no Barack Obama as far as speaking ability or charisma.


      • vegas guy says:

        She resembles Mike Tyson in drag with the tattoos covered with makeup……IMO…LOL

        But I did pick her for being somewhere in this race a while ago in a prior thread. I believed that giving her the national spotlight rebuking the SOTU address was her audition to National Politics…..

        But….Nonetheless…She really do look like Tyson in drag & dat be scary to the chil’en….


  22. askandgettruth says:

    Biden i wish you would consider keeping your pedo hands off our children. as for this idiot as a running mate we already tried that social experiment with an illegal pres. odummer obama

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  23. mopar2016 says:

    Biden and the dems are desperate, they’ll say anything to get elected.
    I hope he picks her as a running mate.

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  24. They really don’t want him to win, do they?


  25. JJ says:

    This woman didn’t even win in her native state –hello, dems…wake up!!!


  26. MaineCoon says:

    FYI: VP Pence was in Atlanta this week fundraising for Sen Perdue.

    So she didn’t concede her failed governor raise dto Kemp because she was “standing up for those who voted for her?”


    I see that as a conflict candidate. Since I didn’t vote for her, she’s not going to stand up for me if she ever wins? Loser and a troublemaker. Just another failed dem who can’t win for losing…just like Clinton.

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    • MaineCoon says:

      More FYI: GA Legislature passed a bill, waiting on Gov Kemp ti sign, for new voting booths which will be touch screen, which prints out a ballot one can review, before it’s scanned.

      Dem’s won’t be able to commit much more voter fraud in GA (I hope). If that is the case, she will lose GA again, imo.


  27. L. E. Joiner says:

    I said before that after watching Miz Abrams’s speech following the State of the Union, she had the personality (and appearance) of a mushroom. Judging from the samples of her ‘romance’ novels published in The Federalist (link earlier in this thread), she also has an active fantasy life.

    I think Biden will be the Dem nominee, and he will select Kamala Harris as his running made. She’s both better-looking and more of a pit-bull than Abrams. And she’s from California. /LEJ


  28. Rick_Masters says:

    Biden/Tyson 2021… 🤣


  29. TAS says:

    I live in Georgia. This woman is a far left lunatic…PERIOD!!! Look up her half/ass concession speech where she was practically screaming at her own people. She is bad news to the bone!


  30. WDS says:

    Joe doesn’t realize that this ticket relegates him to being the PINO


  31. Bonitabaycane says:

    A Biden-Abrams ticket??

    Landslide for POTUS of epic proportion.

    I loooove that Democrat ticket! 🙂


  32. Sammy Hains says:

    Biden is definitely the DNC’s “Chosen One.”
    The other day he let it slip that he was running then told the audience to pretend he didn’t. Because he has a brain injury and can’t stick to the scrip that’s been written for him.

    There is an article today in The Week entitled “Why are 2020 Democrats so weird?”

    The answer is: Because Biden.

    They’re throwing all these freaks out there now to soften the ground for Biden so he can appear acceptable by comparison. Literally, that is what they are doing.

    How do you make a guy who gropes prepubescent girls on a regular basis IN FRONT of the national media appear acceptable? Well, it starts by creating a false choice between him and a guy who says he took his mom on a date to a porno because she was lonely.


    • mashall says:

      Joe Biden has the Crotch Bumping Hug technique down to a artform. He sort of “sticks and moves” before the victim takes note she’s been humped.
      It takes quite a bit of practice to get the accuracy with speed, butt it can be rewarding.


  33. gymcy81 says:

    Joe must be feeling insecure.

    It’s more poll testing…and keeping dem candidates, in the news. (propaganda)
    Polls change, over time.

    VP’s are not locked in until after the Primaries.

    It could be an (untold) attempt to get DT to early announce a VP for 2020.
    (and then the Dems could counter / change their VP choice … (get DT to alter his choice, again?…and then the dems would play the indecision / weak leadership card…)
    … remember, the formality occurs at the Convention over a year from now, not during the Caucus / Primaries that are 9 -12 months away. )

    I do not know.
    More importantly, there are flooding repairs to accomplish.

    Thessalonians 5:21


  34. JustaVerb says:

    I noticed that Fox decided to skip over the whole ex-tax attorney turned personal and non-profit tax evader aspect. Imagine that.


  35. andyocoregon says:

    Wait until October 1st 2020 as Joe Biden replaces Stacey Abrams with Oprah.
    It’ll be his Grand October Surprise.
    Surprise everybody!


  36. gymcy81 says:

    Joe must be feeling insecure.

    It’s more poll testing…and keeping dem candidates, in the news. (propaganda)
    Polls change, over time.

    VP’s are not locked in until after the Primaries.

    It could be an (untold) attempt to tempt DT to early announce a VP for 2020.
    (and then, later, the Dems could counter / change their surprise VP choice … (get DT to alter his choice, again?…and then the dems would play the indecision / weak leadership card…)
    … remember, the formality occurs at the Convention over a year from now, not during the Caucus / Primaries that are 9 -12 months away. )

    The top of the ticket usually matters more.
    (unless a messed up VP is selected…and drags the top, downward.)

    I do not know.

    More importantly, there are flooding repairs to accomplish.

    p.s. It is great that intolerance of free speech is being thwarted at Colleges etc.
    and that the First Amendment can be touted as a person’s right to (responsible) speech.
    [ instead of college profs etc. being selective, double standard oppressors of free speech. ]

    Thessalonians 5:21

    Faith and good works…
    James 2:22


  37. lettruthspeak says:

    Don’t you love how we’ve been preached at for decades on how we need the best and brightest to run for office, which is why the lying, thieves kept giving themselves raises. Now we just get the bottom of the gapped tooth bowl.


  38. namberak says:

    Not a chance. Pelosi/Waters 2020 is an unstoppable juggernaut!


  39. richard mcdonald says:

    Wasn’t this ;lovely lady backed by the Justice Democrats? I think she was. Nasty folks those JD.


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