Representative Doug Collins Releases Congressional Transcript of Peter Strzok…

Representative Doug Collins has released the transcript of Peter Strzok [SEE HERE] from his testimony before the House Judiciary Committee in June 2018. Working with a small group within the DOJ and FBI, agent Peter Strzok was at the center of a 2016 election effort to assist Hillary Clinton and remove Donald Trump.  Here’s the transcript:

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226 Responses to Representative Doug Collins Releases Congressional Transcript of Peter Strzok…

  1. bob says:

    every one of these people should be in jail. no one in the country could get away with what these criminals have done. this proves that America has two sets of laws. one for the political class and one for the rest of us. Washington should be burned to the ground.


  2. Sue Fowler says:

    Wonderful. Thank you Judicial Watch. What will this accomplish? Are any of these felons ever punished?
    Has barry hung?
    Is hildog swinging?
    Will Kerry dangle?
    Will the slickster, lynch, holder, pelosi, reid and boehner (who is selling mj investments) go to prison?
    Just sit there folks and keep allowing DC to steamroller us.


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