Proof of Border Crisis: U.S. Border Patrol Highlight Jaw-Dropping Stats During Press Conference (Video)…

As President Trump’s national border emergency declaration continues to be debated, U.S. Customs and Border Patrol Commissioner Kevin McAleenan and Brian Hastings, chief of operations, US Border Patrol, hold a public briefing to release their new jaw-dropping statistics on apprehensions at the U.S. southern border.  WATCH:


[U.S. Border Patrol] […] Family Unit Aliens (FMUA) are crossing our borders in record numbers. This fiscal year to date, CBP has seen a more than 300 percent increase in the number of family units apprehended compared to the same time period in fiscal year 2018.

Today, family units and unaccompanied alien children (UAC) make up 60 percent of apprehension that have occurred along the southwest border and are predominantly from Central America, namely Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador.

[Link to Statistics]

In the first 5 months of Fiscal Year 2019 (October ’18 through March ’19), BorderPatrol agents have apprehended more family units than in all of Fiscal Year 2018.

In FY19 to date (5 months), USBP agents have apprehended over 136,000 individuals classified as a family unit. That compares to 107,212 total in FY18 (12 months).

Additionally, there have been 70 large groups of 100 or more individuals totaling 12,069 apprehensions, compared to what Border Patrol encountered in FY18, which was 13 large groups, and in FY17, which was only two.

“We are currently facing a humanitarian and national security crisis along our southwest border. The vast increases in families and children coming across our border, in larger groups and in more remote areas, presents a unique challenge to our operations and facilities, and those of our partners, including the NGOS who work to assist these individuals and families throughout their immigration proceedings,” said CBP Commissioner Kevin K. McAleenan. “This is why I am working with our government partners and have identified additional funding for humanitarian resources in the field, including expanded medical protocols, and the addition of a more appropriate central processing center to handle the increased volumes of family units and unaccompanied minors.”

In response to the vast increases of Family Units and Unaccompanied Children encountered along the Southwest Border, CBP has implemented a directive to increase medical support for migrants while in CBP custody. The Interim Medical Directive works to address emerging health concerns with an emphasis on treatment for juvenile detainees.

CBP will also expand contracted medical support in major “high-risk” locations at and between ports of entry along the SWB where we have seen or anticipate large numbers of FMUA and UAC. This contracted medical support includes medical assessments by certified medical professionals (usually Registered Nurses and Family Nurse Practitioners) and translation services.

In addition, CBP is standing up a Centralized Processing Center (CPC) in El Paso, Texas, to increase the care of and provision for UAC and FMUA in the temporary custody of CBP while awaiting disposition by ICE and/or placement with HHS. (Link)

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265 Responses to Proof of Border Crisis: U.S. Border Patrol Highlight Jaw-Dropping Stats During Press Conference (Video)…

  1. Chip Doctor says:

    I wish I had not turned Rush on today. His take is that the reason that PDJT won’t shut the border down is because Mitch is holding impeachment conviction removal over his head. If this is true, then Mitch is effectively the king of the United States. This also means that POTUS will never declassify or expose the deep state for the same reason. I am so depressed and quite frankly, I am deeply afraid. My heart palpitates when I lay down to go to sleep. This whole thing has gotten out of control. If Rush is right, we are so screwed.

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    • Don McAro says:

      Mitch has a lot to lose…He’s up for re-election and not doing well with Trump supporters which HE NEEDS…He also need Rand Paul.

      If he screws wit the President… he can say goodbye to winning

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      • GB Bari says:

        IMO… –
        McConnell doesn’t care what we think. He beat Matt Bevin before and he’ll do it again to Bevin or whoever. Mitch has deep Globali$t funding and has developed ($$$$) broad powerful reelection forces both in and external to Kentucky. Those forces smeared Bevin before with lies and it worked. They’ll do it again. Kentucky obviously doesn’t have enough very bright or “woke” voters.

        And McConnell isn’t the only corrupt anti-Trump Senator who is operating with impunity because of “owning” ($$$$) the Republican party in their home state. It’s safe to assume the rest of the Decepticons also feel secure in their re-election prospects. If you’re in one of their states and want them defeated, it’s time to find a strong chalenger and go volunteer for the challenger’s campaign.

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        • Blue Moon says:

          “Kentucky obviously doesn’t have enough very bright or “woke” voters”.
          GB, that is offensive. We have lots and lots of very bright people in this state.

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          • Lindenlee says:

            Then some significant grassroots door-to-door action iw needed. It is the ONLY antidote to the costly heavy advertising that the DS has avqilble to it. I bought an item off of Craigslist yesterday from a Peruvian legal immigrant couple, and we had a great conversation. They have always worked, never tak3n public money, but didn’t know what to think about President Trump.

            I told th3m about his trade efgorts to increase American jobs, his attitude toward LEGAL immigrants, his personal generosity (like flying the Jewish boy from CA to NY on his private plane), and by the end, they were happy and will vote for him next election.

            The personal touch is important. Mitch cant touch that. He has no personal warmth or care, and people know it.


          • GB Bari says:

            That you well may. But I wrote “enough”. Since KY keeps re-sending McConnell back to office, there obviously aren’t “enough” folks like you. That’s all I was saying.

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      • FrankieZee says:

        Turkey Neck doesn’t give a shit if he doesn’t get re-elected. He has enough $ coming in from other sources if he does their bidding for them, which he is. I listened to Rush today and I did not agree with him that Trump isn’t doing anything because he needs the support of the Republicans. Hell, the Republicans are fighting against him much worse than the DEMO CRAPS. Trump has to start going NUCLEAR.

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    • ristvan says:

      What you say Rush said makes no sense for 2 reasons:
      1. ‘Shutting the border down means at the legal crossings. It by definition does not mean all the illegal entry elsewhere. So does nothing to alleviate the crisis, but does cripple the economy.
      2. Mitch cannot even control his own members on the emergency declaration. He by definition would have no impeachment conviction ‘hold’ on them.

      PDJT will declassify FISA when he deems the time and opportunity are ripe. After Mueller report, and then for maximum effect, perhaps closer to the election. It isn’t obstruction of justice, is within his power, and orthogonal to any impeachment pretenses.

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      • mashall says:

        Great post, but could not a 48 hr or 72 hr closure of ports/standdown for National Emergency contingencies be strong enough to compel Mexico to not aid and enable invaders?
        It could actually be done in sectors, as a exhibit of his resolve to Stop the Invasion.

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        • TPW says:

          Shutting the border down is leverage against big COC and still a possibility. If PT lets McConnell control him this way… security no re election……if McConnell is threatening impeachment then lets go ahead and let him do it…..then all the evidence will come out.

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    • Mayo says:

      Let’s circumvent Mitch. Here’s Rand Paul’s email address:
      Tell him its time to secure our border. He MUST change his vote.

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    • mazziflol says:

      Yup… No bombsells… No trust the plans, no 4d chess, no activate sessions or anyone else, no unredacted reports… Just this.


    • Lucille says:

      I don’t much listen to Rush anymore because I like deciding what’s important to be informed on and don’t need him as a guide. But are you sure he said what you say he did? People misinterpret Rush all the time. Go to his website and read that segment and maybe you will determine what you heard was not what he said.

      Chip, even if he did say it, however, cheer up. Life is so very short and stressing over what some entertainer says is definitely not worth it.


    • Sundown says:

      I think it’s because these invited invaders by Trump would turn on us and chop our heads off, if they decided to.

      Why wouldn’t they use the threat of violence against a president who’s up for re-election in six months?

      So it’s a hostage situation. And you’re kidnapped and robbed.


    • MattyIce says:

      Psalm 23:4 King James Version (KJV)
      4 Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.


    • tim says:

      Well, Rush is never right so…


  2. Joe says:

    It’s ALL about the Electoral College. And the shltlibs have completed that takeover.

    Just a matter of time. Even 2020 is not safe anymore. See Orange County, CA, 2018 midterms if you doubt me or want to continue the blue sky outlook.

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    • DGC says:

      I have never been as enraged as I currently am.

      There are absolutely no words that can capture the level of contempt – now seething hatred – I have for almost all of Washington DC, Hollywood, Wall Street and Silicon Valley and their global counterparts elsewhere. Those treasonous bastards had better be careful when the angry mobs that they created come to hunt them to extinction.

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    • Flight93Gal says:

      I tell everyone I engage with that the Republicans are NOT “cowards” on immigration.

      We must understand this truth–Like Sundance said long ago, the “Rs” are not feckless, cowardly people. They want EXACTLY what the “Ds” want but are motivated differently.

      Example: Paul Ryan looked POTUS in the eyes and said “I support your call for the wall and will back legislation and funding that supports this” . Yet weeks and even months before, he was telling anyone who would listen that an America “without Borders” confirms his belief that America is an “idea” not a country and does not need a border.

      And final proof” what did Ryan do before he left? NOTHING. He took no action to work with the R Whip to bring any legislation to the floor and ramrodded in the ridiculous omnibus spending bill, promising POTUS that if he signed this, Ryan would address POTUS immigration issue and wall funding in the next go around. He even appeared on Hannity and said with a straight face “…Our plan and budget is 100% aligned with POTUS plan on every major issue”…

      Yes, the “Ds” want all the illegals that can be allowed in because they want the immediate and long-term vote.

      Yes, the “Rs” want all the illegals that can be allowed in because they want the immediate and long-term cheap labor.

      In addition, the “Rs” believe they will never lose the “core republican” vote and that POTUS is only a short term placeholder.

      So both “R and D” want the identical end result but take a different path to get there. Rush KNOWS this but chooses NOT admit to it!

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      • Zippy says:

        “So both “R and D” want the identical end result but take a different path to get there.”

        Yep, and the RINO party, serving as the mostly phony opposition, doesn’t care so much about the permanent US political demographic shift due to mass immigration and chain migration from 3rd world cultures that vote 70-80% left since they can pretend to morph into something that future majority will vote for anyway just as they now pretend to be conservatives. Meanwhile, they don’t want to offend their actual owners (not their voters) or that future voter block by doing anything to stop the tide right now.


  3. Don McAro says:


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  4. WeThePeople2016 says:

    POTUS is Pissed!

    Senate Republicans are not voting on constitutionality or precedent, they are voting on desperately needed Border Security & the Wall. Our Country is being invaded with Drugs, Human Traffickers, & Criminals of all shapes and sizes. That’s what this vote is all about. STAY UNITED!

    — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) March 6, 2019

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    • recoverydotgod says:

      House Homeland Security Committee today. Sec. Nielsen having a hard time getting the job done in the political waters (i.e. racist, anti-immigrant, lack of compassion, don’t know what’s going on, all that).

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      • recoverydotgod says:

        Democrats were ready for news coverage:

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        • recoverydotgod says:

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        • wj2016 says:

          This unhinged lady is an open borders nut job. Apparently she thinks it our responsibility to take in the refuse from the entire third world and turn it a mirror image of her town , Carson, California. With the help of the MSM, the open borders crowd are winning. Trump and people are being battered by them and appear shell shocked.

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          • Niagara Frontier says:

            I watched that exchange as it happened. How Nielsen was able to refrain from telling this Congresswoman to “GFY” is beyond me. I would have had to be escorted from the room.

            What was even more distressing was the fact that many Republicans didn’t even show up for the hearing, and those that did, allowed Nielsen to be badgered without mercy.

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        • GB Bari says:

          Barrigan needs to meet up with some drugged up MS13 boys in a dark alley.

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    • Child of Morning says:

      I have done nothing but stay tuned. The show I am watching is rather repetitive, the plot seems to go nowhere and its getting a little depressing. /s

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  5. paper doll says:

    After Hillary lost ,these forces were put on their heels and checked. They have regrouped and we now see what it would have been like two years ago if she won

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  6. Victor says:

    1,000,000 invaders in a single year, most of whom get to stay (catch-and-release), is more than the population of six states (Delaware, South Dakota, North Dakota, Alaska, Vermont, Wyoming).

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  7. McGuffin says:

    I was perusing the Texas Top 10 Most Wanted sex offender list and SIX out of 10 are hispanic. 3 Whites and a Black.

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    • starfcker says:

      Look at Phoenix, Tucson, or Albuquerque, or any large California City. I’ve been watching it for years. It’s usually a higher percentage than that

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  8. lansdalechip says:

    Things have gotten so bad at the border that even the Grey Lady, NPR and WaPo have noticed.
    Does this mean the crisis is over since the MSM has “discovered it?

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    • GB Bari says:

      No. They’ve always known exactly what is happening. These recent articles are their thinly disguised attempt to frame PDJT as being the cause of the crisis, incredible as that seems.

      But then the MSM publishes incredible, or rather, incredulous garbage every day.


    • Landslide says:

      Maybe they’re trying to goad him into a war at the border…..No matter their motives, it is a great thing for their readers to have the truth. Even if it’s just for a few days. I know I’M happy that my millenial, NPR-reading son will see these facts!!


  9. paulmafinga says:

    Note also that there are several decades of congressional testimony on record alternately calling for a secure border, funding a secure border, or falsely declaring the border successfully secured…from both sides of the aisle. I expect all of it to be introduced into the emergency declaration support package.

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  10. icestation3 says:

    Trump is visiting one of the many tent cities he promised located somewhere in cuckingland. Then he’s off to inspect the wall he promised located in Liarville.

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  11. Oldretiredguy says:

    Is it too heartless to think PDT should just let the Dept of Homeland Security issue hunting tags for anything crossing the southern border illegally? It would put a stop to this disgrace right quick

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  12. cliffaheadwolvesbehind says:

    So once again if President Trump uses his executive power, then he Republican Senate will allow him to be impeached.
    I don’t see any winning here.
    By the time we revolt, the battle will be long over.
    It’s happening today!!!!

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    • Tom! says:

      Any fight will be one of survival. Too many have looked to Trump to be our savior while ignoring all those telling us to shut up and sit down. We are in the process of giving our country away without even a whimper. I don’t envy my grandchildren.

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  13. Bud says:

    Rand Paul, Susan Collins, Murkowski, and that other nitwit……..REMEMBER these names if they side w Evil.

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  14. Shiggz says:

    Like a tragic Babylon bee article:

    Washington state man insists border is peaceful.

    Meanwhile Arizona rancher did not answer his phone for comment because he was tied up watching wife and daughters be raped after his son was burned alive by third world drug cartels.

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  15. Robster says:

    Trump family was likely threatened with blackmail some time ago…either he does what the swamp wants or Don Jr goes to jail for 30 years. That’s my take…if true, even his re-election won’t change this situation.


  16. Ken says:

    There is only about a dozen true conservatives backing our president in congress. The republican
    party are useless, spineless bastards. You have the Democrats, Republicans, both against the
    president. Then you have the Trump party, that is we the people. We need the Peoples party
    to take the place of the spineless republicans.

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  17. icestation3 says:

    Tent cities and the wall. America’s Merkel did neither. Instead he called for even higher levels of mass immigration into America.

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  18. fred5676 says:

    In 2003, 16 years ago, I wrote a long email to my 3 grown children telling that their lives would be most affected by illegal immigration and radical islam,

    I was optimistic. I should have said “destroyed” instead of “affected”.

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  19. fred5678 says:

    Sanctuary states and cities provide GREAT hiding places for these guys:

    Check them out by POB, nationality, jurisdiction — EVERY section of USA has about 70% most wanted drug fugitives of Mexican or Central American nationality.


  20. Artemis Gordon says:

    I’ve not read all of the comments on this thread but have seen many of them. I support out president and trust him enough to continue to wait. The times I’ve done so in the past things seemed to work or went away (that I know of).

    I am not interested in being called names from anyone here and I’m not a Debbie-Downer. But, my level of frustration is just about out of control. I keep reading that PDJT is waiting to pull the trigger and all heck will break loose, people and rats will scurry and so on. On this immigration front he declared an emergency and while we wait for things to wind through courts we are being invaded. Unless I am wrong, there are things we can do right now to send a message and a deterrent. I’m open to input on any of the below.

    1. There is no way these numbers arrive at out border without Mexico’s direct and overt support. Shut it down. All of it. For a month at a time. The crossings at non-checkpoints go to zero or it stays closed.

    2. Close the embassy and/or shut down application stations. NO applications accepted until the border is open. NO border open until the flow stops.

    3. Task the National Guard to sweep companies and e-verify every one of them in the southern states. Pay $10,000 for validated tips on employers not following the laws. Fine the employers 1 year profit for first offense, 10 years profit for the next offense.

    4. Immediately cut off all aide to sanctuary cities and states. Make them go to court to get it back, force Trump to reverse it. Then rewrite it, and do it again.

    5. Trump go on national TV / radio / address the nation every day for a month until the laws are changed and the border reopens. Tell everyone of the threats and how elected officials are not fixing this problem. Tell every one what is being bartered to fix the border.

    6. Add national voter registration / ID to the cause and continue until it is signed into law. As long as this many illegals are entering the US we must be sure only citizens are voting.

    Sorry for the rant. Open to input and other ideas. Time for negotiating is over.

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    • Barbara Johnson says:

      Stopping all benefits to illegals such as food stamps, free education, free medical care, welfare and housing benefits would help. Also making e-verify mandatory and stopping birthright citizenship would stop the flood and force thousands to go home,

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    • Madi says:

      I like your plan very much. Tell everyone you know that the interest we paid every week on the National debt is : 6.7 billions $$$ how much a wall would cost.
      Our President supported us the people . It is us against the Demorats and republirats. There are 330,000,000 peoples in USA. How many adults care about their children’s futures ?
      More than you think.
      The silent majority support Trump.
      God Bless


    • Alan Peterson says:

      I like your post but the truth is there is just as many northern states who’s company’s are working just as many invaders as the souther do I read a article a couple months ago that in Maryland’s largest school district was 70 percent illegals or new immigrants speaking 1u different languages I also say a photo of a Washington DC 3rd grade school class on the roadside to give thanks too Bush 42 as his motorcade passed they were 39 students in the photo out of 39 there was 1 poor little white girl and 3 black students the other 35 were from God knows where but the majority looked like Pakistan and Muslim with a few Mexicans if anybody cares to look we ate way past the point of ever getting our country back


  21. rustybritches says:

    I hate polls but today there was two out and one had 66% that disapproved of the President EO and there was another one that said, MOST AMERICAN WANT HIM IMPEACHED SO who the heck is Most americans and if so How totally sad, Please Mr President don’t give up We have got to have the border wall and no matter what We cant live with out it anymore please sign an EO that says no more benefits for Illegals and even if they come they are no longer allowed to go to school or take welfare and how much of a shame is it when You are threatened by the Republicans to not do what is right because they have all been paid off by soros and Obama

    One day soon Those two Traitors should be put in GITMO THATS WHERE OBAMA BELONGS FOR TREASON CLINTON TOO.. i..

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  22. Liberty Forge says:

    This is an organized, strategic and well-planned attack. It is nothing short of an attack on our nation.

    Remember the images of Muslim refugees flowing into Europe? Those too were organized, strategic and well-planned attacks.

    Our country would have had the exact same influx of Muslims IF those darn pesky oceans did not get in the way. Well, for this continent — an influx of South American “refugees” will serve the same purpose. Overload.

    Average citizens are left helpless — just watching the invasion.

    A flood of “migrants”? Really? Their homeland is so horrific that they need to escape? Really?

    In addition to securing our borders, those who organized and propelled the invasions across the globe need to be stopped.

    Dig out the roots of this madness.

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    • Do not kid yourself. According to some articles online, prayer rugs have been found in the border


      • Liberty Forge says:

        Yes, I am aware of that. Compared to the European invasion, it is small.

        My point was, unless the impetus of these invasions is destroyed — we are only applying band-aids.

        The source needs to be addressed — and destroyed.

        Otherwise, the flow will just keep coming — in one way or another.


    • icestation3 says:

      ‘..across the globe..’ You actually mean’t to say just the West. Borders have only been coming down in the West. And mass-migration has only been promoted into the West. And yet people believe this is a global phenomenon.

      No. It’s part of a massive ideological attack on the West by neo-Marxists (progressives) who have almost complete control of both main parties in the U.S., the UN, the EU, NGO’s. corporate boardrooms, intelligence agencies on both sides of the Atlantic, academia, the mainstream news & entertainment industry, the Catholic Church and the Church of England.

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  23. titan28 says:

    I’m so furious I could scream. What can Trump do? He’s signed off twice on budget bills, so he’s despite what he says aligning himself with the dark side. This won’t stop until Washington DC is burned to the ground.

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  24. recoverydotgod says:


    • stats guy says:

      It is tough to watch this stuff. The corporatist/socialist axis is impervious to the fate of the country. And the average person gets little information on this situation because the socialist press spikes so many stories. Sure, there’s people like Byron York and the Daily Caller and Brietbart, but that’s narrow-casting.

      Camp of the Saints had it pretty much right…it is remarkable reading the wikipedia entry:

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  25. Texian says:


    President Trump has retaken some economic ground..
    But everything else is just smoke and mirrors..

    The deep state wields the real Power in America..
    The Invasion is their trump card..

    Their Allies played it in Europe..
    And Won..

    It will not be stopped.. At all cost..
    At all cost..

    Only a bloody war will stop them..
    And they are willing..

    Are you..
    How much do you love your Country..

    The End..


  26. bored identity says:

    I’m old enough to remember when the very same guy whose entire political capital was built upon unconditionally ending both illegal, and legal immigration, exclaimed at CPAC:

    “We have to bring people into our country to work these great plants that are opening up all over the place. … ”
    Guess what, his name was not Mitch, or Ryan, or…you get the idea.

    I am not trying to antagonize any decent Americans of good will that visit this site,but there’s been way too much unmerited celebratory flatulence in this echo-chamber for the past two years.
    I visit CTH every day and, with yuge regret, I came to the conclusion that a total lack of criticism of Trump’s performance ( because that’s exactly what he does best) is not healthy for this forum that pretends to be rebelliously Breitbart-esque.

    I always had a fear that Trump could fail, but after his fantastic inaugural speech – which will be in the history books for this or that reason- it seemed that we might have a chance.
    I really believed that Trump had a “100 Day House Renovation” blueprint in his pocket, and that his foremen and lieutenants would start gutting the walls the very next day…

    Then, a year later we found out that Trump was assembling his A Team by letting his brightest man in the boiler room, aka Jared The Brain, google potential candidates…

    Can Sundance at least now admit that Jared & Ivanka should continue to be Javanka , but in some galaxy, far, far away from the White House?

    Lewandowski, Flynn, Gorka, Bannon,Cristie, and even Sessions are all partial victims of this petulant duet of political putzes whose only concern is to keep up high approval ratings with the Hamptons crowd.

    And what did Trump do to defend his inner circle when they were smeared and attacked by the very same Swamp apparatus that POTUS is allegedly all against?


    Imagine if Trump would treat, or was treating McConnell and Ryan, the same way he treats Ann Coulter?

    If those people were disposable to Trump, why should we assume he’ll put up any sort of fight for all the delusional flyover country blue collar voters who still chant his name while raising their idiotically fake “Finish The Wall” banners?

    We were repeatedly told by sycophant experts, and yes that includes Sundance, that we should be patient, as it’s all part of some Quantum Go ( because 3-D Chess is obviously too easy for Trump) strategy whose endgame won’t be revealed until 2078.

    But Trump failed, and we need to stop blaming everyone else besides him for that.

    He is too old.
    He is too narcissistic.
    He is too incompetent.

    There were (are) tens of thousands of smart, educated men and women across the country, both young and old, who could have helped Trump shoulder the MAGA burden, if only they were ever invited to do so.

    Should we also blame The Swamp for that?
    Yes, the President has an entire well-oiled machine with enormous resources against him, and we knew that fighting Swampzilla would come with many sacrifices.
    That’s why you hire-and even more importantly, fire- the right people around you, so the process can seamlessly trickle down from top to bottom: from DC to Nowheresville.
    And during the process, if you really have to, you go and empty out all of DC and move all the good people from Nowhersville to their positions.

    In Trump’s own words: “What can you lose? The Swamp hates you and they will work untill they can get rid of you no matter you do!”

    You can try to appease them with tax reform, and prison reform, and an embassy in Jerusalem, and global woman and gay empowerment helicopter money, and a Venezuela coup, and more Iran sanctions, and even a dozen more Swamp Pet Projects….they will always hate you.

    You can even start to treat Ground Zero First Responders with the respect they are due, after your predecessors have ignored them for twenty years, and the media will still just giveyou lukewarm coverage, only because Jon Stewart had the moxie to give you credit for it.

    Or, you can fight for the 65,000.000 voters who voted for you.

    The very same voters who will pretty soon start chanting ” YOU HAD ONE JOB!”, instead of “BUILD THE WALL”

    Trump will win 2020, if that’s all you care about.

    But he will not Make America Great Again-
    In 2024, Republicans will lose the House, Senate, and Presidency.

    Texas, Florida, and California will give Minority-Majority advantage to the Democratic Conglomerate of Fringes for many, many decades to come.

    Game Over.

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    • Sundown says:

      You’re right. It’s over.

      Daughter said for the THIRD TIME he’s bringing in immigrants for the jobs.

      Her clientele is livid with Trump. He’s toast.

      Trump has conflated illegal aliens and legal immigrants, allowing them all to come in. That’s exactly the opposite of what he promised.

      But Ivanka has $500 million to play with.


  27. Dad's son says:

    I just watched the video of the hysterical female Rep. Barragan from California completely insult and run over DHS Secretary Nielsen, and Nielsen sat there and took it like a rug,
    Any decent executive with cojones would have walked out of that hearing.
    I’ve had enough of Nielsen, She doesn’t have the stones, and we’ve seen it again and again. She needs to go… NOW.
    We need a hard, tough person in that position. We need an SOB in there who doesn’t give a rip for sob stories about 3 migrant kids died.

    Mr. President are you listening?!?!?!?! Where is your fight?

    Get someone in there like Rep. Clay Higgins or Sheriff Clarke and go to WAR.
    We are being invaded, Mr. President. Our tax money is being confiscated to help the invaders.
    Our low-education fellow citizens are losing their jobs to foreign labor.
    The Constitution SPECIFICALLY says that the president shall protect the states against invasion.


    Mr. President, I voted for you. I spread the word for you, tirelessly. I donated to you. I lost friends over you.

    Liked by 2 people

  28. icthematrix says:

    I am finding it easy to sense the defeat that many are expressing. I know the left wants us to be discouraged, so I try to resist. Yet the slipping completeness of the nasty tide is impossible to miss. Our own R’s willing to vote against the emergency order is overwhelming evidence of their collusion via McConnell. Also the logical conclusion some have suggested that Mitch the bit*h is sabatoging PDJT via a threat to support impeachment if he doesn’t back down or accept selective defeats. A bit extreme in theory but it could fit why our President is not taking strong measures against a real invasion and emergency. Take away illegal’s benefits. Close the border. Declare harsh action on Mexico for not stopping the hoard.

    Lastly, I have said previously, several times, that President Trump will have to be willing to lose everything, by exposing everything, and then confront the assault against him by using an overwhelming offense of truth. That includes the scum in both parties.

    Liked by 1 person

  29. wj2016 says:

    Donald Trump used the immigration issue as a vehicle. That’s ok once you realize that he has only a half hearted interest in doing anything about. It still beat the GOP alternatives and HRC and the GOP house and senate would have passed an amnesty by now. People just got unreasonable hopes from his campaign talk in 2015 and then he says the thing he said today about needing a lot more people to come in and essentially drive down the middle classes’ wages..


  30. dawg says:

    Ive come to the realization that the effectiveness of a physical wall in stopping the flow of immigrants into our country has been greatly reduced. These migrants have been coached on what to say, so they seek out border patrol and recite a script. Because of the way our laws currently read, they get in. This requires a legislative fix, but nobody in congress wants to fix it. Its not even a problem to them. The Ds want the votes and the Rs are sold out to their corporate special interests for cheap labor.

    Sidney Powell has offered the solution.

    The only solution is for President Trump to use his explicitly described power to completely shut down the border to all immigration.

    Just shut it down. Its what has to be done. I called the White House today and told the lady that this is what he has to do.

    Rush mentioned the article by Sidney Powell today….

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  31. Pammipoo says:

    Look folks, draining the swamp is not the job of Donald Trump. It is OUR JOB! Only WE can do the firing, only WE can clean up the corruption. The President is just our tool. WE put him in place, bu then just left him standing there. WE re-elected many swamp creatures, despite knowing who and what they are. This is OUR fault!

    WE THE PEOPLE need to get off our collective butts and go out this election and get rid of the rats that our President has identified for us, even if we have to vote in some unknown, inexperienced nobody! They can learn OTJ and grow into their new shoes. Only WE can fire Mitch McConnell and the rest of the traitors.

    Our only alternatives are to surrender our country to the relentless hordes and go quietly into that good night, or spark off Civil War 2.0 and all the horror and bloodshed that will inevitably result. Neither is a good option but one of the above three WILL occur! Either WE start acting like the involved citizens we are or we sit out the hard work and one of the other alternatives will happen whether or not we want it. And complaining and blogging and petitioning will not change one little thing.

    So this election is the one for all the marbles. Either we clean house and send the President a House and Senate that will work with him and not against him or we keep on like we have been for two years. The party will go on until Trump is out of office, one way or another. Then the Uniparty will retake the reins of power, undo all the good Trump has done and we can kiss the USA goodbye. Donald Trump has shown us that an incoming President can undo much of what previous Presidents have done. The Democrats have seen this as well and are hungering for their chance to set about undoing the Trump Presidency and all the good he has done for the US and the world writ large.

    Imagine what could be done if only the Congress worked with the President instead of against him? I sure can! But only we the people can give him this. This swamp draining is our job and we are slacking off big time! We elected the instrument of draining, but then we hit the sofas and are waiting for Donald to do all the work for us. We must do our share and get rid of the swamp creatures that he cannot fire on his own!

    So get out the vote this election, like it is the last vote we will ever get. Because it may well be! The Democrats has given a peek at their plans to irrevocably change voting in this country and rest assured, they WILL do it if given the power even once more. Think the GND is insane? You have no idea what will happen if a leftist President, coupled with an activist Congress and an enabling judiciary ever get elected, by hook or by crook. Goodbye Bill of Rights, goodbye freedom, goodbye prosperity and hello to the usual Communist hardships that we all remember from the Soviet Union and each and every attempt at Socialism/Communism ever made. Only this one will be the end of freedom in the world as no other country has come even close to what we have had here, which is why so many dream of moving here, legally or otherwise.

    So roll up your sleeves and get to work converting the fence-sitters, don’t just assume that because you have seen through the smoke and lies, that they have also. Red pill everyone you can! Get active in voting, not just filling out a ballot but become an election watcher or a ward captain or anything else that might stem the tide of fraud that we WILL see in November of 2020.

    Fight hard, or lose it all! Your choice.


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