Border Report: Since October 260,000 Illegal Aliens Apprehended Crossing Border, 66,000 in February Alone…

~ Compare and Contrast ~

To adequately absorb the scale being outlined here: it must be remembered in July 2014 President Obama and DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson declared a “border crisis” and requested $3.7 billion in budget appropriations for a total of 60,000 illegal border crossings during the migrant travel season.  That’s 60,000 TOTAL in 2014.

According to NPR, citing current DHS Border Patrol stats, in the period of October 2018 through last week there have been more than 260,000 border apprehensions.

(Via NPR) The U.S. Border Patrol apprehended more than 66,000 migrants at the Southern border in February, the highest total for a single month in almost a decade.

The majority of those arrested were migrant families or children traveling alone or without a parent, according to figures released Tuesday by U.S. Customs and Border Protection. Many of the migrants say they’re fleeing criminal gangs and poverty in Central America to seek asylum in the United States.

“This is clearly both a border security and humanitarian crisis,” said CBP Commissioner Kevin McAleenan at a press briefing.

Between October and last week, Border Patrol agents have picked up more than 260,000 people — a 90 percent jump over the same period a year ago.

“The entire system right now is at full capacity. Actually, it’s overwhelmed,” said Manuel Padilla, a veteran Border Patrol agent who’s now director of Joint Task Force-West in San Antonio, part of the Department of Homeland Security. (read more)

Again, for scale: 2019 (Trump) -vs- 2014 (Obama):

July 10th, 2014 – Facing pushback from congress as well as sticker shock at the $3.7 billion he was requesting, President Obama sends his DHS team to Capitol Hill to ramp up anxiety, and threats of consequences:

Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson said Thursday that as many as 90,000 unaccompanied child migrants could cross the southwest border before the end of this fiscal year in September.

That will place a huge strain on immigration agencies, which will badly need new money to get through the summer, Johnson says.

The 90,000 number — the highest yet given by the administration — is spelled out in written Senate testimony by Johnson as well as Health and Human Services Secretary Sylvia Mathews Burwell, who must also deal with the border crisis.

“We are preparing for a scenario in which the number of unaccompanied children apprehended at the border could reach up to 90,000 by the end of fiscal 2014,” Johnson’s testimony reads, and he bluntly warns that without an infusion of new funds, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) will run out of money in August. (read more)

Now to 2019:

[…] Between October and last week, Border Patrol agents have picked up more than 260,000 people — a 90 percent jump over the same period a year ago. (read more)


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233 Responses to Border Report: Since October 260,000 Illegal Aliens Apprehended Crossing Border, 66,000 in February Alone…

  1. mashall says:

    Still waiting on the Executive Order Suspending Asylum.

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    • Joemama says:

      Yes, that would put a damper on the flow, wouldn’t it. Almost all are fraudulently claiming asylum.


    • mashall says:

      There are excuses, and then there are results.
      Never let what you can’t do prevent you from doing what you can.
      So, the Chief Executive and Commander in Chief will allow Invasion out of fear of a Court Injunction?
      Hell, throw the US Taxpayers who are paying for this catastrophe a bone and fire some people.
      It’s not if we win or lose, it’s how we assign the blame.

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    • trumpmemesandreams says:

      It’s almost like it’s time to kick aside Wormtongue Kushner and the rest of the WH swampvisors, and grab onto presidential power with both hands and *do* something to shift to the offensive. Playing by the straight & narrow rules (that other people set) is what Republicans do… and lose by. Unfortunately there is *no* consolation prize this time around. This is it.

      White Christians elected Trump. White Christians will re-elect Trump. High time that some policies upcoming *directly* benefit the white working class as such — like shutting down illegal immigration, stopping asylum, the EO on birthright citizenship, and limiting H1B visas instead of stumping for them.

      Reagan and Republicans gave amnesty in 1986. They promptly went from a Republican 37% Hispanic vote in 1984 to 30% in 1988 and mere 29% for the 2018 midterms. Blacks are still at 9% for Republicans in 2018.

      Based hispanic votes are a meme. So are Candice Ownens’ fever dreams of Republicans capturing the black vote. Ain’t happening. Demographics are destiny, and there’s only a generation to turn this around, at most.


      • Joemama says:

        You sound like you are a full on *based* David Brock paid shill. This isn’t about race, it is about the rule of law and ending the anarchy of the left.

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        • trumpmemesandreams says:

          Facts are stubborn things.


          • Joemama says:

            There are plenty of conservative Hispanics, Blacks, etc. All it takes is a little common sense and an ability to reason critically.

            The main racists in the equation are the race baiting cultural marxist left. You know, people like David Brock, Spike Lee and Hillary Clinton, to name a very few.

            You are playing into their game, if you start calling for a white against all other skin color fight.

            I hazard to guess that most Christian Hispanics and blacks have a natural propensity towards conservatism. Like a whole lot of white people, many just need guidance to open their eyes to see the real enemy.

            There definitely a problem when you have a cabal incentivizing a mass replacement of the existing population with criminals, people who will never assimilate, people used to living in a socialist country and uneducated people. The later two groups are particularly susceptible to the siren song of the left in endless offers of “free stuff”.

            There would be little illegal immigration, if the government wasn’t financially incentivizing it through offers of free healthcare, free schooling, free housing, free food, etc. Of course the people that the government is attacking are the tax payers, using the tax payers money.

            The left wants a race war, because that is the way communists take over countries. They pit populations against each other, and swoop in to take over the government, when anarchy is achieved.


            • trumpmemesandreams says:

              Joemama, perhaps there are plenty of conservative blacks and hispanics — but they just aren’t voting Republican. They never have. This “hispanics are natural conservatives” has been said time and time and time again since the 1980s and yet it never pans out — even after the 1986 Amnesty. GWB only got 35% in 2000 and at best 44% in 2004 with the TX home state advantage. It’s since slid in the opposite direction with Trump as I noted.

              I’m not disagreeing with you about the origins and incentives to illegal immigration — we do need to address those. It’s a mixture of de-facto amnesty provided by Flores/9th Circuit decisions, and the CoC/Uniparty pushing for cheap labor-wage suppression. We 100% agree there I’m guessing.

              I’m also not keen for a race war, either. Let me be clear: I’m also not calling for expelling anyone who is not already here illegally. That’s crazy.

              However, since when is it racist for Trump to implement policies which clearly are designed to appeal to and benefit his voter base — white Christian America — which oh by the way represents the absolute overall majority in the country? Benefit whites and you benefit the majority of the country — it’s that simple. Whites also overwhelmingly vote Trump versus other races. It’s also far easier to flip a moderate white than it is a black or hispanic to voting Trump, so it makes strategic political sense.

              Just look at the various uppermidwest ‘swing states’ and who actually swung within them to give Trump his victory in 2016. Look at where there is any Republican ‘upset.’ Who changed their vote? Whites do in numbers enough to flip the seat or state — not minorities.

              Finally a larger question to ponder: Why are we so upset that there is a flood of hispanics and African refugees coming into the country? It’s really not about skin tone. It’s different values and the danger to traditional white Christian values that their presence represents on the whole. You know, and I know, that they come from Left/Authoritarian nations, or otherwise have deeply conflicting civic-religious morals — and that’s exactly what they’re bringing here. No thanks.

              Are all of them that way? No, of course not. Are *all* Muslims terrorist or suicide bombers? No, obviously not. But nearly all terrorists *are* Muslims, statically speaking. It’s just fact. When we forget reality, we end up with Little Mogadishu in place of Minneapolis, or with the constant Muslim-based attacks plaguing the UK and Germany. Likewise when we forget reality in policing we end up with NY as it was in the 70s and 80s or LA in the 90s. It takes realism, and problem recognition, racially and otherwise.

              Race is an intensely uncomfortable thing for whites to even discuss these days as we’ve been demonized about our own identity for decades — but I believe we have to be realistic about things.


              • Joemama says:

                I agree with your points above 100%. I guess that I am hypersensitive to the race thing, because I don’t want to make it easy for the left to point fingers at conservatives, with the “see, they are racist!” soundbites.

                What you wrote above explains the race issue quite clearly.

                Of course, logical discourse never will sway a liberal, they will just take it out of context or ignore everything and make a lie up, if the former technique doesn’t work. Being clear about the topic is more for the middle of the road types, that haven’t lost the ability to think critically.


              • Sara Legvokld says:

                “I’m also not keen for a race war, either. Let me be clear: I’m also not calling for expelling anyone who is not already here illegally. That’s crazy.”

                Why is expelling undesirable aliens crazy??? Since when did it become crazy to demand merit based immigration? It used to be the policy & law. It still is under the Seditious Aliens Act. Every bitter clinger of Islam, whether they use a knife or not, IS a terrorist because of the political ideology they follow, called Islam , and the shariah law that governs the whole of it. If they are practitioners, they will NEVER assimilate, ergo, undesirable aliens. Jefferson understood it as did many that came after him.

                The blind ignorance on this issue is staggering considering the daily warnings from across, Europe, China , Russia and every other country that waking up to their imminent demise and/or suppresses this ideology & its followers. I think China’s repatriation camps are about the only solution to the problem, if any exist at all.

                Unfortunately, in this regard we aren’t China and our sensibilities too delicate to be offended by such survivalist actions, but we can demand enforcement of the Seditious Aliens Act. Just think how much better off Minnesota, Michigan and every other state in the nation would be. Why have we embraced this centuries old enemy of the Western world and invited that particular camel into our tent???

                What changed about them?
                Answer: Absolutely nothing in over 1400 years of murder, mayhem and ugliness.

                What changed about us? We got complacent and lazy and overfed and DUMBED DOWN and we still accept the indoctrination & dumbing down of our own children in public schools and elsewhere. What kind of people have we become that we embrace our own destruction and that of our children?

                It has what passes as rational and knowledgeable Americans tiptoeing around a deadly, life-threatening issue and avoiding the real elephant in the room and it is called ISLAM.

                Not radical Islam or whatever other meaningless excuse is tossed out about the reality of Islam. JUST ISLAM and those who follow it and are governed in every aspect of their lives by its Shariah Laws.

                If you aren’t demanding deportations and merit based legal immigration like we had prior to 1965, you may as well. just give up and stay home.


                • trumpmemesandreams says:

                  “Why is expelling undesirable aliens crazy???”
                  It’s not crazy to expel illegal immigrants (no legal right to reside here), and move to expel refugees/those under TPS visas as those people are here purely by our good graces but otherwise have no legal claim to residency.

                  It’s also not crazy to fashion a policy to wind down the visas of those those who have been granted work, education, temporary or “permanent” visa/residency status (eg, those on Green Cards, all agricultural and H1/H2/L1 etc). These peoples may be allowed a reapplication for residency via a new merit-based system (along with a SLEW of other desperately needed reforms).

                  Immigration from Islamic countries concerns me as well, though to be honest the bigger pressing issue for this country are the tens of millions of legal (and illegal) immigrations from Mexico, Central, and South America. The sheer numbers, and societal displacement, are crushing.

                  My point was that expelling full-fledged US citizens who do not fit an ethnic profile is not desirable (ie, a race war). That being said, US citizens who have been NATURALIZED (eg Ilhan Omar) who have been found to commit certain egregious crimes (eg, allegedly marrying her brother and committing immigration fraud) should immediately be stripped of citizenship and deported. Zero tolerance.


                • Sara Legvokld says:

                  It is hard to have a discussion when most of those posting are so deficient in facts.


        • Alligator Gar says:

          Yes, this is about race, Joemama because cultures are created by races of people. That is why our invaders are fleeing corrupt, criminally insane sh!t holes for America. I think they do not have the IQ to understand that they will, once they hit the tipping point, turn America into a corrupt, criminally insane sh!t hole like they left because they are incapable of creating any other culture.

          Look how vicious the Inca, Maya, and Aztecs were! Well, here are their descendants coming from equally bloody cultures to YOUR peaceful hometown.

          Who made those laws whose “rule of law” you want to enforce, Joe? Did they originate in sub-Saharan Africa? China? South America? NO! They are the result of Anglo-American jurisprudence. That is even more specific than race. It is ethnic.

          Cultures are created by races of people. And races of people have different cultures.

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          • Sara Legvokld says:

            Exactly right Alligator Gar. From this point onward I looking out for the white race. The only race of people that has welcomed, embraced and supported other races and cultures and all we ever get are recriminations and guilting about how we need to do more.


  2. Why has there been a 90 per cent jump of southern border apprehensions over a one year period (between October 2018 and last week – February 2019)? Are more illegals trying to cross the border ( after all, our economy is much improved), or is this an organized push ala caravans? Are the number of apprehensions rising as a result? Is the US government doing a better job of enforcing our immigration law? The article states that the majority of “those arrested were families or children traveling alone or without a parent”. Cartels?


  3. Cathy M. says:

    And that 260,000 does not include:
    those who illegally crossed the border that were Not apprehended.

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  4. Luke of the D says:

    Are there any people left in Honduras and Guatemala?


    • annieoakley says:

      Old people and infants just like Mexico. 1/3 of all these countries along with Muslim hangers on are here and I don’t know where we are going to put them.


  5. jan lambard says:

    I do have compassion for these people but…I don’t think we can afford to feed that lady in the red pants


  6. Anny says:

    The census is coming up in 2020. More people means more tax money and more representation.


  7. Scott Volz says:

    There needs to be a national discussion of the costs of illegal immigration and there also should be a new assessment of how many are living here…because the numbers are all over the place…11-30 million. From what I’ve read educating the children of illegals costs over $12,000 per year per child and is in the $50 billion per year range. Illegals consumed $18 billion in Medicaid dollars in 2018. Illegals make up about one third of all federal inmates, etc, etc. and this is just the tip of the iceberg in costs. Seems to me E-Verify along with severe penalties for violators would solve much of the problem and be relatively cheap…yet there is no talk of it.


  8. Luke of the D says:

    Could you image illegally entering a foreign nation,, where you don’t really speak the language or like anything about the nation, and drag along your kids just to find a job or leach off the good will of the citizens of the country you were invading? I cannot even fathom the idea. Even if I was starving to death, I cannot imagine becoming a criminal and making my family members criminals, to illegally enter a country when I could come over LEGALLY and not be a criminal! These people from Guatemala or Honduras or Mexico are not just foreign, they are truly alien. I cannot understand their perspective.


    • annieoakley says:

      They believe that they are entitled to live here because we stole their land.


    • annieoakley says:

      I learned about MS-13 in 1987. In a small town on the western slope of the Rockies we learned MS-13 had arrived from El Salvador via LA. 75% of the children in those schools today are Spanish speakers first.


  9. Slowcobra says:

    I’m late in reading this article and posting, but maybe someone will still be able to help me understand. If the dems really want this raid on our country (because of money it generates for them), then why did jeh johnson request the 3 billion to stop it from happening? Was he going to use the money for other things? I dont get it.


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