The Nellie Ohr Dossier…

A John Solomon article today points out the circumstances of Fusion-GPS contractor Nellie Ohr delivering a memory stick to her DOJ husband Bruce Ohr, who then turned around and gave it to the FBI team.  The memory stick contained Nellie’s Trump-Russia research files.

As Solomon writes: “The way Ohr described it, his wife’s research was like an additional dossier assembled from Fusion GPS research to augment what Steele was separately providing the FBI.”  However, Solomon stops short of explaining the full story.

Since 2017 CTH research has outlined that Christopher Steele was never the factual source of all the material inside the Clinton financed dossier.  Instead all indications of the granular details point toward Christopher Steele as the laundry process where Nellie Ohr and Glenn Simpson’s collaborative work was formatted into an intelligence product known as the “Steele Dossier”.

Our research of central dossier claims, suppositions, accuracy and inaccuracy, points toward a process where Nellie Ohr provided Chris Steele with her research material and then Chris Steele was tasked with verifying, finding second sourcing, and formatting the final product into a series of intelligence documents that could be passed back to the FBI.

In essence, Nellie has always been the material dossier author.

Fusion-GPS’s Glenn Simpson hired (contracted) Nellie Ohr in December of 2015.  It is highly likely this arrangement was due to Nellie’s research access to the FBI/NSA database.  Mrs. Ohr was almost certainly doing unauthorized wide-ranging FISA(702) searches using “about queries” (option 17) and “To/From queries (option 16)

At the conclusion of her effort, providing material she knew the FBI was exploiting for the Trump-Russia ‘spygate’ scheme, the memory stick Nellie provided to Bruce was the totality of all her raw research files.  Those files included stuff Chris Steele had already compiled, and research raw stuff that neither was able to verify – and search results that ever made their way into the dossier.

Turning over all of the raw research would allow the FBI to explore and/or re-explore the information to see if they could extract more value.  My suspicion is that memory stick provided the unlawfully extracted seed material for what the Mueller investigation ultimately used against Paul Manafort and Michael Flynn.  [The Papadopoulos and Page stuff was not as valuable]

Within this hand-off, the FBI research and investigative unit, assisting Robert Mueller’s 2017 assembled team of prosecutors etc.,  was essentially the same FBI small group who were doing the 2016 ‘Spygate’ granular research.

Nellie’s files gave Team Mueller a head-start and they didn’t need to file for as many search warrants because Nellie had already explored the database and extracted the material they would later use.   It’s really not a hard pattern of dot connection once you follow the timeline and process.

According to the prior leaked transcript Bruce Ohr gave testimony he accepted a thumb drive from Glenn Simpson (Nellie’s employer – Fusion GPS), and another from his wife Nellie Ohr, and he passed them along to FBI Special Agent Joe Pientka.

The interesting aspect to a Daily Caller report of Nellie Ohr’s testimony is her apparent focus on research into the Trump family travel:

“How about Donald Trump Jr.? Did you do more in-depth research on Donald Trump Jr. than some of the others?” she was asked.

“I’m afraid it was relatively superficial. It was,” adding that, “I looked into some of his travels and you know not sure how much detail I remember, at this point.”

“Ivanka Trump?”

“I looked into some of her travels,” said Ohr.

The goal was “to see whether they were involved in dealings and transactions with people who had had suspicious pasts.”  (read more)

This becomes more of a central issue when we go back to the mistake about Michael Cohen within the Steele Dossier; that was also a mistake about travel.  [Cohen in Prague]   Our suspicion has always been that Nellie Ohr was exploiting her CIA authorized access to the FBI/NSA database doing research (ie. FISA abuse).

Additionally, it has always appeared to be evident that Nellie actually sent her research material to Christopher Steele (another Fusion GPS contractor), who was tasked to verify, find supplemental sourcing, launder the research and present it as a more official looking intelligence product…. The Steele Dossier.

It would just make sense the place where Nellie Ohr would be researching travel would be the FISA database (FBI/NSA).  Where else could she access that information?

Understanding “ FISA-702(16)(17) ” and the elements that help make sense of this story.

  • FISA – Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act
  • 702 – An American caught up in the process of Foreign Surveillance
  • (16) – A search query based on “TO” and/or “FROM”
  • (17) – A search query based on “ABOUT”

Again, to repeat, there are differing FISA rules for use of the NSA or FBI database depending on the originating intelligence compartment.

If a search is conducted from an intelligence compartment within the U.S. government whose objective is to ensure “National Security” there are different FISA rules than a search from an intelligence compartment not engaged in “National Security”.

The DOJ has a “National Security Division”.  Their compartment rules on FISA searches and reviews are different from the DOJ “Civil Rights Division”.  There are 30 DOJ divisions.

The FBI (a department within the DOJ) has a Counterintelligence Division that focuses on terrorism threats etc.  A FISA search from within the Counterintelligence Division has different rules than a FISA search from the Science and Technology Division.

So, We Begin: FISA searches can be conducted on any foreign person without issue.  All non-U.S. citizens on the entire planet can be searched 24/7/365 no issues.  FISA searches on foreign people have no restrictions at all.

However, when the FISA search returns data identifying a U.S. citizen, everything changes. Those changes are under the identifying term “702”.  A “702” is an American person.

All U.S. citizens are protected by the fourth amendment against unlawful search and seizure. All searches of U.S. people must have a valid reason.  Title III says any search for a potential criminal investigation must have a judicial warrant.  Additionally, any criminal search of the FISA database must also have a warrant (technically, ‘approval’).

Any FISA searches of foreign subjects, might need FISA Court approval if the returned data includes a U.S. subject (“702”).

However, When a FISA-702 search is conducted based on the need for “national security” no approval from the FISA court is needed.  Search away.  If the FISA search is because of a “vital national security interest” the resulting search data can be opened, and all ‘upstream’ connections explored, without seeking permission from the FISA court.

♦A “FISA-702(16)” Search Result – would be a search result of the FBI (counter terrorism) database or NSA database that returns an American person as a result of a “To” or “From” (16) type data search.

EXAMPLE: Querying phone data (phone number)  TO: Operator BadGuy or FROM: Operator BadGuy  – might return a list of phone numbers that also contains an American persons’ phone number.  That American person is protected by the fourth amendment.  To look at the “upstream” connections of the American Person to other people, likely more Americans, the search operator would need to ask permission of the FISA Court to review the upstream results.

[NOTE: *Exception* – the search was vital to national security. If so, the upstream phone numbers could be reviewed without asking FISA permission.]

♦A “FISA-702(17)” Search Result – would be a search result of the FBI (counter terrorism) database or NSA database that returns an American person (702) as a result of an “ABOUT” (17) type data search.

EXAMPLE: Querying everything in email ABOUT: Mohammed BadGuy – might return communication of an American who wrote a letter about Mohammed BadGuy or maybe he told a friend in a text to check out a media story about Mohammed BadGuy.  To look at the email or text of the American, the search operator would need to ask permission of the FISA Court to see the email/text content.

[NOTE:  *Exception* – the search was vital to national security?. If So, the email and text could be looked at without asking permission]

November 2015 through April 2016 FISA-702(17) “About Queries”, returns from searches, were identified by NSA Director Admiral Mike Rogers, being conducted by the intelligence community (FBI), by “contractors” and “individuals” for reasons that: •were unauthorized; •were directly related to U.S. persons; •and had nothing to do with National Security; •and were conducted by people who did not request FISA Court Approval.

Director Mike Rogers discovered FBI contractors doing FISA-702 “About Searches” that resulted in returns providing information on Americans.  Those results were passed on to people outside government.

Pg 83. “FBI gave raw Section 702–acquired information to a private entity that was not a federal agency and whose personnel were not sufficiently supervised by a federal agency for compliance minimization procedures.”

(2017 FISA Court Opinion – 99 Page Brief)

Someone inside the FBI was giving FISA-702 search results on U.S. individuals to a private entity that had nothing to do with government.   Those 702 (American Citizen) results were not “minimized” and exposed the private data of the American citizen(s).

In addition, NSA Director Mike Rogers, who is also in charge of Cyber Command, discovered people within the intelligence community were doing “searches” of the NSA and FBI database that were returning information that had nothing to do with “Foreign Individuals”.

Director Rogers requested a full FISA-702 Compliance Review.

As an outcome of that review, the DOJ/FBI compliance officer noted FISA violations. Again, the FISA Court (page 87):

We do not know exactly how many FISA-702 violations took place prior to NSA Mike Rogers initiating the full FISA-702 review in April 2016. Nor do we know who the insider individuals were; or what results were passed on; or what was done with the results.

However, given the nature of what was taking place at the time (December 2015 through March, April, 2016) it appears likely this was part of the DOJ/FBI/Fusion-GPS collision to gather information on political candidates including the candidacy of Donald Trump.

These ‘passed-along’ FISA-702 raw search results appear to be the seeds which were fertilized by Glenn Simpson, Nellie Ohr; and enhanced/laundered by Christopher Steele – to end with a “Steele Dossier”; which was returned to the FBI via Counterintelligence Agent Peter Strzok, DOJ Deputy Bruce Ohr, and generated reports “unmasked” by Obama administration officials.

The DOJ and FBI then took the Ohr/Steele dossier, full circle, back to the FISA Court to gain all encompassing FISA “Title 1” surveillance authority upon the Trump Campaign (October 2016), and President-Elect (after November 8th, 2016).  The process was rushed because the FBI team needed the FISA court search warrant approval to cover for surveillance they had been doing since 2015.   FISA warrant approvals apply retroactively.

In October 2016, immediately after the DOJ lawyers formatted the FBI information (Steele Dossier etc.) for a valid FISC application, the head of the DOJ National Security Division,  Asst. Attorney General John P Carlin, left his job.  Carlin’s exit came as the DOJ-NSD and Admiral Rogers informed the FISC that frequent unauthorized FISA-702 searches had been conducted. Read Here.

All research indicates the intelligence information the DOJ and FBI collected via FISA-702 queries, combined with the intelligence Fusion GPS created in their earlier use of contractor access to FISA-702(17) “about queries”, was the intelligence data manipulated by Nellie Ohr, and laundered by Christopher Steele for use in creating “The Russian Dossier”.

Mrs. Nellie Ohr was not only a Fusion GPS contracted employee, but she was also part of the CIA’s Open Source Works, in Washington DC (link)  Both Mr. and Mrs Ohr worked on a collaborative group project surrounding International Organized Crime. (pdf here) Page #30 Screen Shot Below:

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227 Responses to The Nellie Ohr Dossier…

  1. Zaza says:

    Look the FISA abuse is right there in black and white.

    The outlying evidence that a total conspiratorial scam has been played out is evident in everything form the Seth Rich death to the Nellie as amateur radio enthusiast details.

    Why do we have not only no investigation but NO INTEREST in any of this corruption.

    Hello Bush Limbog Republi-CONS it’s so nice to have you feckless worthless idiot tropes still defending the complete corruption of the DC swamp.

    GO DIE now, you miserable pieces of shIt.

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  2. Nelly Ohr is married to a DOJ employee that absolutely knew that her searches were illegal. She should be brought up on charges and convicted. Start with her. Bring down the entire cabal.

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  3. Arrest Soros says:

    Do I remember correctly that it was Sally Yates (?) who made the Intelligence division of the DoJ exempt from IG oversight?
    A way to hide the ongoing and widespread spying on American Citizens?

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    • sundance says:

      You remember correctly. Sally Yates refused to let the IG have any oversight over the DOJ National Security Division.

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      • thegoosefish says:

        Yes, faithful readers do remember your digging that morsel up, leading us to believe, SOON was a realistic possibility. Alas, the media and the deep state had other ideas. I wonder why John Carlin has not been subpoenaed and interviewed by Congress. I continue to be mystified by his role and the reason for his resignation, and the lack of any discussion about him, except on CTH.


  4. All Too Much says:

    “We do not know exactly how many FISA-702 violations took place prior to NSA Mike Rogers initiating the full FISA-702 review in April 2016. Nor do we know who the insider individuals were; or what results were passed on; or what was done with the results.”

    Why not?
    Is Huber looking at this?


  5. Groot says:

    Admiral Mike Rogers stopped the contractors from querying the database, so the Ringleaders of the Cabal had to run queries themselves. That’s why people like Susan Rice, Samantha Power, and John Brennan were unmasking at an fast rate.

    Power testified she didn’t make all the queries assigned to her profile – she thought some intel officer logged in as herself. I do not doubt it.


  6. Retired IG says:

    I mean my forthcoming statements to be truthful and hopefully will be taken with a laugh and hearty gusto. CTH and Sundance, did you used to work for an IG , the GAO, who? Cannot believe or even go into a half of your research as it is SO extensive. Impeccable work. Kudos to all. Meanwhile, as a former IG, what was stuck in my craw at the beginning of Ohr’s downfall (or becoming an object of questionable integrity) was his failure to disclose, on his required annual financial disclosure form, the income of his dear sweet Nellie. The conflict of interest issue on Bruce’s part – that is what I remember. LYING to his EMPLOYER – which as the FED at least as my career went was cause for IMMEDIATE TERMINATION. Watched many other auditors lose their careers (lose your clearance you are DONE) over MUCH LESS.
    And now, I am watching this pair, Nellie and Bruce – try to finely tap out a “dance” to save their forking low life treason against a sitting President of the United States. Ever hear of the Rosenberg’s? Or Rosenburg’s? Electrocuted. To Death. Pretty scary that the U.S. once performed such an act. But it is what it is.
    My ANGER over all of these treasonous, and I KNOW seriously STUPID people, from Obummer on down has been on a HARD BOIL for a LONG TIME. That they think they are going to “tap dance around it, ” keep changing their “stories” about what they said under OATH; writing BOOKS about their SIDE of the story, and totally rearranging the facts about what they did or did not testify to Is BEYOND MY KEN. What these people have done is UNPRECEDENTED.
    But I have to admit, the squirming, the dancing and prancing and bloviating are giving me something of a perverse satisfaction. Was going to write a question about how goes conjugal relations were going these daze between Nellie and Bruce but thought it was below me. I guess not. Peace All. We are all, each and every one, in this together.

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  7. Retired IG says:

    Sorry for typos. Wrote this after cleaning my stove top from the spillover of my hard boil.

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  8. Curt says:

    FBI Special Agent Joe Pientka? We don’t hear too much about his involvement, although he has a material role in all this corruption. Was he the conduit that took the dossier info for the FBI and passed its along? I Would like to see this guy under oath. I believe he will have to lie to cover up his, and the FBI’s, involvement in the obtaining and securing the use of the false dossier. This guy has been kept under wraps. Why??

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  9. V says:

    Another aspect of what may have been contained in Nellie Ohr’s thumbdrive:

    Fabricated “Trump Organization server” DNS logs to bolster the Dossier allegations.

    The [fabricated] DNS logs which attempted to implicate a “Trump Organization server” with Russian Alfa Bank to corroborate the “Alpha” Bank allegations in the Dossier. (Which fabrication may have been fraudulently submitted to the FISA court in obtaining the FISA warrants on Carter Page, and which may also have been given to FBI lawyer James Baker by Perkins Coie lawyer Sussman on a thumb drive.)

    See set of posts starting at February 20, 2019 7:17 am up to 9:18 pm


  10. Every time I read about the ‘Trump-hating Steele’ I roll my eyes. John Solomon employs that characterization as much as anyone. The attempt here is to equate Steele’s participation to personal animus which downplays the transnational and institutional role of Five Eyes, an admission that would be radioactive. Like Steele was some unhinged mad Ahad out to kill Moby Dick. Yeah right.

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    • Yesterday some commenter asked who was behind this, in the immediate context of a Sundance article on McCabe’s latest admission of a coup against President Trump. I have a troublesome internet connection (dial-up NetZero), and was unable to post my response. Your comment on Steele is in similar vein, to me, so I am just going to try to post my response about McCabe, and others, here:

      After 8 years of “President” Obama, and 2 more post-President, I am shocked (shocked I tell you…seriously) you don’t recognize a man emulating his hero, his fearless leader. Obama was hero to all of these mxyzptlks, the cult leader, who they saw feign incorruptible self-righteousness and moral superiority in his continual, blatant lying throughout his reign(!). Comey’s “higher loyalty”, don’t you get it yet? It’s cult loyalty, and all of them, in their self-righteousness and easy, unsupported pronouncements of Trump’s guilt, are merely the voice of Obama, echoing throughout the cabal (and in the media, and in the insane Democrat base). OBAMA GAVE THEM THEIR MOTIVATION, all of them; this was and is not just so many megalomaniacs, each of them abusing their high office coincidentally at the same time and for a common purpose, it was one, supreme megalomaniac — the “most powerful man in the world”, as President of the USA — who filled their own empty characters with his own greater emptiness, his own greater evil.

      Anyone who thinks anyone other than Obama was and is behind all of this doesn’t understand the cult mind, the subservience of all to the leader and his agenda. And it matters not a whit that Obama is not all that smart; he has mastered — made it his life’s work to master, and succeeded early — the art of easy, blatant, utterly irrational lying, to raise himself above everyone and everything else.

      If you really want to see justice done, you all are going to have to come to understand this, the cult of Obama, that brought this all about and continues to drive it even beyond his time in office. (The members of Scientology are even now awaiting the return of L. Ron Hubbard…and the idea of The Second Coming is millennia older than Jesus of Nazareth, or of King Arthur, the Once and Future King.)

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      • Ozero was only the messenger ,someone pulled his strings and his chain.
        I believe Ozero was a Manchurian Candidate of the CIA and the CIA has been controlled by the Communists since the 60s.

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      • I think you’re dead-on with the Higher Loyalty observation. But imo you miss the bigger (and scarier) picture by pinning our predicament solely on Trump’s predecessor. Obama is an instrumentality himself, at best the current POTUS of the Trumanite Network, a normally shadow government that vets all Presidents and contenders. Obama was retained as shadow (holdover) President of the Trumanites only because this is the first time in the modern era the ‘Madisonian’ POTUS was not one of their own. So our dual sovereignty/double government was flushed more into the open. To use a boxing analogy they’re desperate to reunite the belts. For the time being, they are trying to neutralize Trump via seditionists within his administration.

        Globalists had already graduated beyond the provincial national contours of Madisonian America. So yes, their loyalty is transnational and thus ‘higher’. They are also technically traitors who got beyond the Law of the Land which unfortunately for them, on paper anyway, is still the Constitution as written by Madison et al. So they’re one administration ahead of themselves. Hillary of course would have made everything alright. She would have been the last President under even a semblance of Madisonian formalities.

        The transnational apparatus will survive Obama. He’s their minion, not vice-versa.


          • john says:

            Can anyone comment on this? I read this and a lot of things seem to fit. But I am a Construction Engineer and not as versed in geopolitics and history as most of those here.


            • For my money, this remains the most combustible video snip of the last 3 years. Even though the Youtube URL keeps disappearing. Bill Sammon has since clipped Napolitano’s wings. This is the old Judge.

              Liked by 1 person

              • For what it’s worth, I don’t think Obama ‘went outside the chain of command’ in the sense of him initiating an extra-Constitutional action. Rather, his Five Eyes/GCHQ handlers came calling with a mission for him. Brennan may have been the emissary who delivered the task to Obama.


              • Is the Trumanite/Madisonian division of Constitutional prerogatives a formerly inked document? Susan Rice’s strange memorialization ritual may reflect an non-public protocol. Does Trump lack formal authority to make these folks jump? Because they sure never jump. Somewhere in the Continuation of Government (COG), emergency directives and Five Eyes agreements has the Madisonian side FORMALLY relinquished Constitutional authority to the Security State? You gotta wonder.


                • john says:

                  TY for your response and for reposting Judge Naps comments. The URL was missing yesterday.

                  Everything we are witnessing flows right into this shadow government narrative. I am skeptical still because I dont want to fall into the same trap as the socialist electorate in this country has and believe false narratives that fit my geopolitical views. I will do more research on the subject.

                  Liked by 1 person

    • The Phantom Stranger says:

      It’s called framing the narrative. The Intel Community is trying to pin the blame on a couple of “rogue” agents because exposing the whole extent of the operation, an orchestrated political scheme from the very highest levels of the Executive Branch and dutifully executed by a corrupt DOJ, FBI and CIA, would have massive and even unintended sociopolitical consequences. The powers in charge got caught abusing the system they set up for their own ends. Notice how they pin it on a foreign agent.

      Obama’s intel community exposed the Federal government to the worst Constitutional crisis we’ve seen in decades and decades. They’ve spent years carefully tightening control over our government institutions; full exposure would set their plans back for years. This is the stakes being played for, which is why you’ve seen more changes in public strategy since 2016 than the prior 50 years combined.

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  11. I am surprised that it is only just dawning upon others, that Nellie Ohr was always an outed conspirator, in plain sight, simply because it was known she was working for Fusion-GPS through all of this treason prior to the 2016 election. It is simply unacceptable for the wife of the 4th-highest official in the DOJ, and a “Russian expert” connected with the CIA and the federal bureaucracy — which IS NOT SUPPOSED TO BE PARTISAN, OR ENGAGE IN PARTISAN BEHAVIOR — to be working for a partisan political mercenary organization, and specifically to dig up dirt on a political opponent (the very definition of beng a political hack, and worse as we now see).

    Nellie Ohr, and her DOJ husband, who collaborated with her and with the FBI on this utterly partisan subornation of every professional responsibility, should both be in prison already, with many years of prison ahead of them. That they are not, is an indictment of our no longer properly working political and law enforcement system. (Yes, I know, what else is new.)


  12. Harleeryder says:

    If not for the patriot Admiral Mike Rogers, we would have never known about these crimes of treason and sedition.

    Liked by 1 person

  13. gnadfly says:

    Why isn’t the FBI raiding the Ohr’s residence at 5am with CNN filming?


  14. Eagle says:

    When the USSR fell, its operatives moved into Washington DC and the MSM. They now search the globe to find Islamic trash to put in my town.


  15. Bill Henslee says:

    I disagree somewhat with the ‘cult’ theory. After all, that implies some intense loyalty to the Democratic party and to Hillary. Commit treason and obstruction of justice for free? Or because they like her policy positions?. Please!

    All of these Deep State people had been involved in some way with the buried Clinton investigations, going all the way back to the Uranium deal and the Foundation. I believe there had to be big bucks payable to these key law enforcement actors in positions to influence and kill off any damaging references to Clinton crimes, much less prosecutions..

    They knew they were committing to actions that could lead to dismissal at best and jail at worst. In order to take on that risk, I believe money had to be involved. We know McCabe’s wife got hundreds of thousands for her abortive political career. After the Uranium deal, didn’t Mueller retire to a cushy job with maximum income. Could that lead back to some outside influence on the financial end? Why was Mueller so necessary to the plot and how could they be sure of his loyalty to the plotters? Cui Bono? Follow the money.

    So when these villains were faced with a candidate they couldn’t control whose stated purpose was to end corruption in the Deep State, we see their special op hit man write,”WE can’t let that happen.” Unless Clinton was elected and their crimes smoother over, they were likely to go to jail. All the dossiers and investigations were necessary to a desperate plot to protect themselves.

    There are reports out there that an anonymous source from ABC news witnessed a Hillary meltdown where she said, “If he is elected, we’ll all hang from nooses.”

    That was her best and most insightful comment of her campaign.


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