U.S. Trade Delegation Likely to Meet Chairman Xi Jinping Friday….

Secretary of Treasury Steven Mnuchin and U.S. Trade Representative Ambassador Robert Lighthizer are currently leading another round of trade negotiations in China.  Recent reporting indicates the U.S. team will meet with Chairman Xi Jinping at the conclusion of this round of discussions.

At the conclusion of the previous round of discussions in Washington DC, President Trump invited the Chinese delegation to the Oval Office. The surface panda-face diplomacy appears to be based on reciprocity; however, there is no indication President Trump and Chairman Xi are making any efforts for a meeting.

BEIJING – China’s President Xi Jinping “is scheduled to meet” key members of the US trade talks delegation, including US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer and US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, in Beijing on Friday, according to sources close to the matter.

“Xi is scheduled to meet both Lighthizer and Mnuchin on Friday,” one source briefed on the arrangements told the South China Morning Post.

A second source said Xi was expected to meet the US delegation in Beijing this week, although the specific time had not been confirmed.

In addition, a banquet would be hosted for the US delegation in “a Chinese cuisine restaurant” in downtown Beijing later this week, with Chinese Vice-Premier Liu He expected to toast the US delegates, the first source added.

[…] Trump told reporters on Tuesday that he would consider pushing back the March 1 deadline for trade negotiations with China if both sides were close to making a deal.

He said he could see himself “letting that slide for a little while”, referring to the looming deadline, at which point US tariffs on US$200 billion of Chinese imports are scheduled to increase from 10 to 25 per cent.  “But generally speaking, I’m not inclined to do that,” he added.  (read more)


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44 Responses to U.S. Trade Delegation Likely to Meet Chairman Xi Jinping Friday….

  1. notfaded1 says:

    Speek softly and carry a BIG stick VSG!

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  2. tomasianews says:

    Great news!!!

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  3. quintrillion says:

    President Trump’s assembled Trade negotiators have been working non-stop for two year. They’ve been working as hard as the President. What a dedicated, great team.

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  4. Curt says:

    Well, here it is only the 13th and there is ‘possibly’ some good news. At least they are talking and no threats are being made. I believe that China, and Chairman Xi, know Trump means what he says. That much has been established. Teddy says, “Walk softly and carry a big stick”, all over again……
    We have excellent people negotiating for the US. IF a deal can be reached the markets should explode to the up side.

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  5. hoghead says:

    You notice the ads on the side margins of many of these sites that show Xi looking at a speaking bho? Xi has an expression on his face that says, “I’ve got this chump.”

    Today Xi looks at POTUS and thinks, “I wish the chump was back.”

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  6. David says:

    The tariffs shouldn’t be delayed ! China will never voluntarily meet our demands because they can’t. In fact the purpose of the tariffs isn’t to bring balance and legal compliance to our trade but to push the US supply chain completely out of China. There’s long been an imperial reach from China at our expense and we’re just now waking to that reality. There is nothing good coming from China as far as our future is concerned.

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    • Jedi9 says:

      You are correct David! This negotiating process is just a process and nothing more! I seriously doubt, (and I mean if Lighthizer and team are sticking to their guns) then it is not possible for a deal to be reached with Chia. Anything China offers in terms of compromise is nothing more than a ploy to buy time for their lobbyists in DC to influence the shameful 7 to get them to institute their frontal assault on Trump’s trade policies! Watch for it as congress is yet to approve the new USMC deal. This will be beautiful to watch as it unfolds!


      • Dutchman says:

        Its just as possible it could go the other way; as these tariffs continue to bite hard China sees their investments in D.C. are NOT delivering,

        As/if they realise the shameful 7 CAN NOT deliver, or ‘save’ them from “Trump”, and time is NOT on their side, and PDJT is NOT going to be fooled by Panda face, they WILL, after exhausting all other options, agree to terms.

        But, its possible, even likely that CCP simply isn’t there yet, they “aren’t ready”.


    • Mo says:

      We are at a very precarious moment in this engagement with the CCP. The longer we can delay this “deal” the better.

      Here are some reasons why the delay is important.

      1) It gives time for U.S. manufacturers time to shift their supply chains out of China.

      2) It gives our military time to prepare plans to foil the CCP’s dominance in the south china sea and the very real & diminishing timeframe for the CCP to take possession of Taiwan by force.

      3) It gives our European and other allies like Australia etc. time to come to grips with their own economic entanglements with this increasingly authoritarian CCP regime as well.

      Other factors to consider

      The little Kim situation- since Xi controls little Kim Xi will have to permit Kim to at least provide to Us a list of all of the nuclear sites and the current state of his nuclear program.

      Secs Lighthizer & Mnuchin will be probing for verifiable IP protection and forced IP tech reforms.

      I feel that if there is real progress regarding comprehensive IP protection and elimination of forced IP tech transfers for U.S. Co.’s doing business in China & real progress with little Kim concerning his nuke program at the summit in Vietnam we will get a time extension on the tariffs then another summit between the President and Xi and some sort of limited a deal. Those are very BIG Asks!

      Otherwise, we get no progress on little Kim’s nukes, full implementation of the tariffs and an extremely heightened risk of CCP trying to take Taiwan by force which we will be hard pressed to stop them at this very moment in time, and would be a real tarnishing of our role as the leader of the world.

      These authoritarian communists bastards must be shut down and we with the help of our allies economically & militarily if necessary are the only thing standing between worldwide rule by socialism/communism with Chinese characteristics or democratic freedom in our lifetimes.

      I recommend anyone interested in the current state of the Chinese military, their navy, anti-ship missiles, and the current situation of their dominance of the South China Sea in all situations short of war to read.

      China’s Rise and The Challenge to U.S. Maritime Strategy

      Have a good un


      • Mo says:

        China’s Rise and The Challenge to U.S. Maritime Strategy
        Naval Institute Press
        Annapolis, Maryland


      • Dutchman says:

        If those anti-ship missiles and other military equipment is manufactured with the high quality /s that we see in ALL other products manufactured in China, and the military as innefficient as all conmunist regimes in history, I’m not too concerned about China’s “military might”.

        Truth is, they have only ever had,ONE thing going for them, militarily; shear numbers.

        And, there is lack of experience; what military engagements have the,Chinese military fought, in the last 50 plus years?
        Compare that to U.S. military; experience counts in most anything, but especially in armed conflict.

        China is a bully, classic pattern of imposing their will on those unable/unwilling to stand up to them, and readily recognising (and so NOT bullying) those who WILL stand up to them.

        Finally, war with the U.S. doesn’t resolve their problem, it exacerbates it.

        This is the original justification FOR opening trade with China; they are absolutely dependant on our markets, for their economy, and for food supplies.

        They literally can’t afford a war with U.S. So, Chinas military isn’t a concern, IMHO.

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        • Mo says:

          what i am saying is for CCP survival they may very much miscalculate our resolve and it is a fact that they have total dominance of the south china sea maybe out to the second island chain because of their missile tech. Whether those missiles do what they are claimed to be able to do remains to be seen. See this testimony from from 2 days ago

          Transcript Adm. Phil Davidson, during the FY 2020 defense authorization request at the Senate Armed Services Committee



          • Dutchman says:

            As for miscalculating our resolve, recall what DJT did, during his first meeting at Mar a lago, with XI.

            Sent 50 cruise missiles in a very precision attack, and sent a clear unequivocal message across the table.

            I am confident the message,was recieved, loud and clear.


            • Jedi9 says:

              Right and shortly after, the USS McCain is disabled where a collision with a freighter ship happens that is owned by who? Add to that with little to no explanation or follow up on what caused it to happen.

              Lets not mention China’s expansionist ambitions in South America in order to carry out a future US land invasion, where they have heavily invested in resources like Oil in countries in Venezuela and Panama. Hence the fact the US is now recognizing this as a real threat and is using countries like Columbia and Brazil to fortify their influence in South America.

              My point is a war with China or for that matter any military conflict with them can not not be underestimated as it would be costly for both sides, not to mention what the ramifications would be for the world economy.


            • Mo says:


              Three resources provided – The testimony of the Admiral in charge of Our Pacific fleet. The book – by two professors of Naval War college- some of our top experts in the CCP Navy and the South China Sea. The article by Bill Gertz is a short recap of the Admirals senate testimony- from only a couple days ago. All three resources- if read- will increase your knowledge, and demonstrate the urgency and challenge we face with CCP Navy in particular. The article and the testimonies are free to read. There are also a couple of free youtube videos from the book authors available too.

              We are responsible as citizens of this great country to educate ourselves in the actual facts in these matters. Good luck to you and please don’t take this as some sort of personal attack it’s not meant to be personal and you are certainly entitled to your opinions. It is just a warning for all of Us not sleep on this evil regime. A potential War with an increasingly authoritarian Communist Nuclear armed regime (CCP) -that will fight to the death to remain in power is a serious concern.


              • Beigun says:

                Generals MacArthur in Tokyo and General Marshall in China gave the South China Sea to China in 1946 for one simple reason: Japan annexed the South China Sea as part of the Empire of Japan. Japan had military bases in the South China Sea that the US attacked. China claimed the SCS with former US Navy ships in 1946, with full US support.

                History is a hard thing to ignore when you go to war.

                The Gulf of Tonkin Resolution was based on a lack of understanding on Vietnam. So it goes with the South China Sea!


    • Mr G says:

      @David-agreed. China is not going to all of sudden give up it’s global domination plans. Americans think in four-year election cycles. Chinese leaders think in terms of centuries.and Xi is following a 100 year plan. See it here:



      • Dutchman says:

        Despite my above posted lack of concern over China’s military, I do agree China, or more accurately the CCP, is in a pickle, and I don’t see a ‘way out. Either they reform their society, and relinquish their iron grip control, or they are a third world country with nukes.
        Sucks to be Xi.


  7. sjp says:

    Do you really blame anyone for disrespecting zero? Guy was such a joke, nobody took him seriously besides his groupy clowns

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    • SwampRatTerrier says:

      Well…….. Take a little Bacha Boy out of Pakistan in 1960 and……..


    • GB Bari says:

      That “joke” managed to infest a very large and critical part of our government – both the Executive and Judicial branches – with a signficant number of essentially anti-American embeds who have been causing great harm to our nation and a great deal of obstruction to President Trump.

      I took him **very** seriously as he represented an existential threat to our nation and culture as we knew it.

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  8. jmuniz1 says:

    Boy this is great site. All of us who read this site should get turn on Brietbart readers to this site. Brietbart is a repeater site snd Trump voters are scared. My friend in Texas told me the wall is bieng built. 2020 will be another landslide.


    • GB Bari says:

      Ugh. Way too many Breitbart readers appear to be adolescents who get into ridiculous bickering and ad hominem attacks on each other. Far too many trolls. I would suggest including links to topical articles in CTH when the opportunity exists over at BB to make a reasoned response in a thread that hasn’t been hijacked by the 12 year old morons.

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  9. crewdog52 says:



  10. Ghost says:

    Observations from a smaller limb.

    One of China’s largest privately held firms recently defaulted on bond payments. The third quarter showed a 60% drop in net profit. Chinese bond defaults has now risen to 119 cases.

    Their published growth numbers are so far off it reminds me of the Soviet Union. I would project last years Chinese GDP actually at -1.6%. Tariffs would of course have a negative impact on wall street, but not main street.

    I’m thinking the next round of tariffs is a good long term idea. PDJT of course will decide with input from his excellent economic team. He may slay a dragon.


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    • Dutchman says:

      On continueing the tariffs, yet another way that Nork is a proxie for China; PDJT has NOT reduced the sanctions on NORK, even as he says great things about Kim.
      I think he is fully prepared to continue, and even ratchet up the tariffs on China, until/unless they make sustantive, verifiable and enforceable concessions on all major issues.

      He has them by the b*lls, why in the world would he let go, now?

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    • snellvillebob says:

      “Chinese New Year just ended. Normally it lasts at most 2 to 3 weeks tops. Because everybody must return to work. However, this New Year started the last week of January, but it continues as the whole month of February everything has been shut down. There are NO FACTORY ORDERS. Layoffs!!”


  11. Fools Gold says:

    Reports from TV land said the meeting with Xi is Friday. My guess is Xi will take over negotiations, see what he can get Trump to bend on prior to their meeting next week. Trump will try to seal the deal with tariffs looming the week after if he don’t get what he wants. Xi knows what happens if Trump don’t sign on and stick to it. Trump is an excellent deal closer but this his biggest deal and he knows it. I think he lives for it!

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  12. cripto says:

    The South China Post article is the only one saying Xi Mao 2.0 will meet with the delegation. Other news reports just copy this and broadcast it. This is a report based on anonymous sources ‘close to the negotiations’. SCMP has been wrong before. Having said that, Xi may meet with the delegation, perhaps at the banquet put on by Liu He their chief negotiator.

    The issue is the SoEs and State controlled enterprises who across the board determine the buying patterns of the Chinese State. They determine almost exclusively what the centrally planned economy buys. Not a short-term buy like soybeans, or US LNG and energy products, but contracts that are longterm. Not going to happen. The IP challenge, requires structural changes and enforcement that will not be addressed looking at the new laws under consideration on ‘finance reform’ by the PRC.

    Xi’s appearance if it happens, is just a courtesy and PR move. The substance of change is another matter.

    e shall see.


  13. railer says:

    China is waiting for Trump to move on the trade deficit and he doesn’t appear to be doing so. That is going to take some China movement. Main Street will be pleased.

    China isn’t moving on intellectual property and coercive corporate agreements, which I don’t expect them to do, almost ever. Wall Street will not be pleased.

    Classic Trump, he’s waiting to see what they come across with, then he decides. I’m thinking the Chinese will seriously cut that 400-600B trade deficit by taking more US exports, massively more. It’s the best move for them and they and Trump both know it.

    Wall Street is going to have to start making better agreements, and start protecting their intellectual property better. You can’t fix their corporate stupid via stupid government, and they’ve been stupid.

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