The al-Qaeda Rep. Questions Venezuela Special Envoy Elliot Abrams…

al-Qaeda is at the functional military end of the Muslim Brotherhood spectrum.  The Muslim Brotherhood is the umbrella political face for multiple factions of radical Islam.

al-Qaeda’s representative to congress, Ilhan Omar (AQ-MN), was given a seat on the House Foreign Affairs Committee by Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Earlier today al-Qaeda’s rep had a heated exchange with Elliot Abrams, the U.S. special envoy to Venezuela.

The visual of al-Qaeda seated under the capitol dome of the U.S. congress is quite stunning. Watching al-Qaeda directly question U.S. officials from the dais of a congressional committee is something I never thought we would see. Quite remarkable:

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628 Responses to The al-Qaeda Rep. Questions Venezuela Special Envoy Elliot Abrams…

  1. Greg Dane says:

    What this ISIS witch was trying to state is it is hers and her belief that what they and theirs do is OK for them but not OK for anyone else to do! In this country those who immigrate legally to this country are supposed to assimilate into our society – NOT try and push their beliefs on us! She is an absolute disgrace to everything American – she needs to be recalled and deported back to her muslim country with her ISIS ideals!


    • mugzey302 says:

      Agreed. She should be watering camels somewhere. And these ignorant, arrogant liberals refuse to see she is lying in order to complete her jihad mission.


  2. KeithBB says:

    It’s sad when Ms. Omar has more courage to speak the TRUTH about zionist neocon Nazis and their genocidal efforts – in central America, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Yemen, and their control of the US military industrial complex in bankrupting the US to the tune of $20 TRILLION in the last 20 year, than anyone else in Congress – who has access to the very same historical information. While I don’t agree with Ms. Omar’s views and politics, (nor those of Tulsi Gabbard either) – at least they have the courage to speak the TRUTH about the cost in dollars and lives of US ‘neo-con/liberal empire’ and our militaristic foreign policy.

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