President Trump Announces U.S. Trade Delegation to China…

The White House announces the primary trade negotiators who will be heading to China next week for another round of trade discussions.  In the background, yesterday President Trump announced there was no planned meeting between himself and Chinese Chairman Xi, which would indicate there is still a considerable distance between the trade delegations.

USTR Robert Lighthizer is the tip-of-the-spear, and has been very direct about his approach.  Lighthizer stated that without very specific, actionable and measurable deliverables included in the terms of agreement, the March 1st tariff increase will proceed without impairment.

[White House] Today, President Donald J. Trump announced the members of an official United States delegation to China to discuss the trade relationship between the two countries. United States Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer and Secretary of the Treasury Steven Mnuchin travel to Beijing for principal-level meetings that will take place from February 14 through February 15, 2019. These meetings will be preceded by deputy-level negotiations that will begin on February 11, 2019, led by Deputy United States Trade Representative Jeffrey Gerrish.

Official delegation members also include United States Trade Representative Chief Agricultural Negotiator Gregg Doud, Department of the Treasury Under Secretary for International Affairs David Malpass, Department of Agriculture Under Secretary for Trade and Foreign Agricultural Affairs Ted McKinney, Department of Commerce Under Secretary of Commerce for International Trade Gilbert Kaplan, Deputy Director of the National Economic Council and Deputy Assistant to the President for International Economic Affairs Clete Willems, and Department of Energy Assistant Secretary for Fossil Energy Steven Winberg.

The delegation will be accompanied by additional senior officials from the White House, the Office of the United States Trade Representative, and the Departments of State, the Treasury, Agriculture, Commerce, and Energy.  (read more)

Notably the biggest Chinese trade critic from the administration, White House trade policy adviser Peter Navarro, is not included in the delegation.

Additionally, it is suspected that President Trump may sign an executive order banning the American use of Chinese 5G telecom equipment sometime between next week and an upcoming telecommunications conference, MWC Barcelona, formerly known as Mobile World Congress, which takes place February 25-28.  [Story Here]

However, with the U.S. delegation trip to Beijing Feb 14 and 15, there is a question of whether President Trump will delay any executive order until after the trade team conducts their scheduled negotiations.   The distance between the negotiations and the executive order could likely be an indicator of how trade discussions are proceeding.


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40 Responses to President Trump Announces U.S. Trade Delegation to China…

  1. sundance says:

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  2. Spectre says:

    “Notably the biggest Chinese trade critic from the administration, White House trade policy adviser Peter Navarro, is not included in the delegation.

    Thanks for this, Sundance. Looks like a deal is going to happen.

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  3. Perot Conservative says:

    Will they call our bluff on the 25% tariff?


  4. highdezertgator says:

    Qualcomm – The Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 is the world’s first “real” 5G chipset “The 855 is the world’s first 5G-ready chipset in any practical sense, as it will be the first to appear in 5G phones you can actually buy for use on 5G networks that actually exist. Huawei and Intel may dispute this characterization, but no products on the market use their 5G tech. The first 5G phones in the world will launch in America – because it’s currently the only country on earth with any meaningful 5G deployment – and those 5G phones will use Qualcomm processors with Qualcomm 5G modems. And that’s really the only 5G “first” that matters.” (Dec 4, 2018)

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  5. trapper says:

    “President Trump announced there was no planned meeting between himself and Chinese Chairman Xi”

    Panda still pouting

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  6. Publius2016 says:

    so SAD 45 has to battle Congress while engaging China Russia Venezuela Iran etc… its like the Turtle works for them and not US!

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  7. Another for show only meeting. Total waste of time. Nothing will happen until the 25% tariffs go in. If they do not go in March 1, Trump loses, we lose. China will do nothing until his bluff is called.

    All the while the China leadership have been telling China business that Trump will cave and give in and even remove the 10% tariffs with China giving very little if anything. For the last 6 months China leadership has been saying they can get Trump to remove the 10% tariffs and he will never go to 25%.

    So the only deal China will accept at this time is a full US give in to China and keep status quote and then remove the 10% tariffs to a complete US loss.

    China is not serious in any of these discussions and they are a waste of time. China is just stalling and hoping Dems and others put enough pressure on Trump to cave. Trump holds the upper hand with China but he does not hold the upper hand with US politicals. So China is playing the US pols and lobbying groups against Trump and doing nothing to give us anything.

    China is waiting to see if Trump means business and adds the 25% tariffs. Nothing will happen till March 1 and Trump knows that. Everything before then is just for show.

    Trump has delayed once for 3 months and China has bet the whole farm he will delay again and again or cave totally.

    ==> The next month IMO is the defining moment of is Trump still Trump?
    (1) Gov shutdown for months and months to get wall – Trump vs Pelosi
    (2) no cave to China and 25% tariffs. – Trump vs China, Dems, and Lobbying groups.

    Trump cannot think about the election or the stock market now. He needs to do what is right in the next 6 months and then calm things for the election. Will he? 80/20 prob he will has gone to 50/50. My odds.. And China is betting 5/95.


    • You must have got it backward, with 50/50 going to 90/10 instead.

      President Trump’s statements have all but assured it.

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    • Dennis Leonard says:

      Did you get this out your own little head or did you copy this from someplace else,or maybe you have a 1-800 number for your crystal ball reading.

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    • MrG says:

      I don’t know squat about trade with China-only thing I know for sure is I can’t buy auto parts that I need that aren’t made in China. And I know Bill Clinton committed treason by selling tech stuff to China and Hillary, don’t get me started on her.

      Trump has a gift for knowing when to move on to the next thing. I mean, he tweeted NON-STOP for a month on how bad it is at the border, yet no wall, no national emergency, nothing of any REAL action has taken place (that I know of anyway). So will he tough tweet his way around the China trade deal while actually caving? I am sure SD will keep us informed.

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  8. Carson Napier says:

    In going from Obama/Bush/Clinton to Trump, the Chinese must feel like someone who went from Pee Wee Herman to Mohammad Ali in the ring.

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  9. LBB says:

    Feeling good about this round. Hope there are valentines for all.

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  10. 335blues says:

    It should be clear that many tech products from communist china have “backdoors” either wired
    in, or that use built-in code to allow chinese hackers to enter this equipment to steal information, passwords, military secrets, etc.
    The communist chinese government isn’t kidding. They really do have a long term plan to
    take over the world. Few call out the conspiracy that is ongoing. But it is real, and it
    threatens the whole world.
    Anybody who willingly uses communist chinese tech equipment is putting any and all information passing through at risk.
    Communist china is the scourge of the world, and they must be defeated.

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  11. cripto says:

    The chattering classes should just chill out. Nothing will be decided on the next steps until Sec Mnuchin and Trade Rep Lighthizer return to make their report to the President. The advance team will hammer out the structural issues and Mnuchin and Lighthizer will be the ‘eyes and ears’ of the President.

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  12. Zaza says:

    Billy traitor Clinton sold our Mil Tech(missile guidance system) to China for cash, they Dumbya Bush and Obie followed up by handing them everything else.

    The PoTUS was left a huge mess to clean up by 3+ decades of traitors in the WH.


  13. montanamel says:

    Not long now….been building up to this month and next since last summer.
    Our popcorn stock is fixing to do a moon-shot…. GMO, Organic, and even Iowa corn…
    Remember, stock only makes you money…it’s real popcorn that helps when the show gets good!
    AND…don’t forget laying in some “real” butter – the only way to fly.. Check-6


  14. cripto says:

    In what I deem related news, the President has nominated a new head of the NRO.

    “President Donald Trump has nominated a longtime NASA administrator to become the next director of the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO), according to a Feb. 7 release from the White House.

    Christopher Scolese, currently the director of NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, would replace Betty Sapp, who has been at the helm of NRO since 2012.

    The NRO is one of the intelligence community’s most secretive agencies, and runs and operates several classified overhead reconnaissance systems such as satellites”

    “The NRO, among other tasks, monitors the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, tracks terrorist and develops military targeting data. It also administers the massive EnhancedView contract, previously overseen by the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency.”

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  15. cripto says:

    We often read about China evading tariffs, or the sanctions regime on NK, this article shows how ‘enterprising’ interested parties collude to evade government policies. Except this time it is about US producers of ethanol getting their PRC tariffed goods into China. 😀


  16. railer says:

    It’s looking good. The Chinese are desperately trying to save face, making moves and buying more US exports, on their own initiative and “absent” US coercion. Fair enough, as long as they keep moving. We can let them save face. Trump won’t gloat over them, or Pelosi either when that wall gets funded shortly. That’s not his way. He’ll speak of all the good things that have happened for the USA of course, but gloating and endzone mockery of vanquished political opponents? No. That’s for the Swamp creatures. MAGA means MAGA for even vanquished political opponents.

    I’d defer the 25% tariffs for another period of time, if China make sufficient movement and agrees to keep pushing for more. But for now, keep the threat alive and see what they come up with. See about North Korea and the trade talks, then decide.


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