CNN Tries to Thread the Needle as Racist Past of Democrat Governor Ralph Northam Surfaces….

He’s toast.  There’s no way, no way, Democrat Governor Ralph Northam can survive the public scrutiny of his behavior in 1984 as a 25-year-old medical school graduate.  This is 1984, not 1964,… 1984.  C’mon. Most of us were adults in 1984, and I doubt any of us can even fathom this level of overt racism in 1984. [I sure as hell can’t]

All current indications are that Northam was actually the one dressed in a KKK outfit while posing for pictures that he eventually selected to go into the school yearbook.


The entire episode is a reminder how authentic Democrats are the party of the KKK; and how their racist roots remain inside the party.  To make matters worse Northam’s 2017 campaign used accusations of racism against Ed Gillespie; and now Virginians in Charlottesville will have to accept that Northam, not Gillespie was the racist in the race; or deny reality.  There’s so many layers to this, it’s impossible to encapsulate.

Additionally, the NAACP has now called for him to resign; and the 2020 democrat candidates (Kamala Harris and Julian Castro) are starting to come forward calling for the same.

This political tsunami is only going to get bigger.  He’s done…. there’s no way this politician can stay in office because it would implode the entire story Democrats want to inject into the 2020 race.  Forget it.

He’s done.


This is the AD that democrats ran in 2017 to attack Ed Gillespie:


And this is the Democrat they supported…

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552 Responses to CNN Tries to Thread the Needle as Racist Past of Democrat Governor Ralph Northam Surfaces….

  1. Kleen says:

    We should demand to know who the other person is.
    They went after Kavanaugh’s friends and look what they are doing to Trump
    They destroy the target and everyone around him

    Come on now…

    Who is the other racist?

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    • InAz says:

      @ Kleen
      You are absolutely correct!
      Candace Owens needs to Tweet like mad about this! And go after the Northam friend, demanding the name. The Black people who are Commie Dems need to know about this Racist Communist Demoncrap Northam.

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      • TPW says:

        Can we go after the corrupt FBI and collusion against PT instead of this BS which is what makes the Democrat party Stink to high heaven. I for one will not crawl on board their sh!t show. Yes he is a hypocrite for calling his opponent racist with no proof he should do the right thing and resign. But I refuse to cast the stone at him because I despise the lefts tactics. Let them eat their own.

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      • Fools Gold says:

        Don’t worry, she’s on it and what I call real patriot.


    • WSB says:

      We would have to go by witnesses, the size of the plaid and the height of the draperies, but how tall is the governor? The KKK person in the costume is pretty short compared to the other.


    • Pied Piper says:

      The medical school and all of its janitors need to be destroyed as well. Perhaps even the dead professors who taught him and their grandchildren. Then there’s the malt shop he went to after classes and his favorite movie theater.

      After all, this is what the dims would do to a Pubbie in the same situation.

      ONCE IN A GREAT WHILE, but rare, what goes around comes around for democrats. Savor the moment like a fine filet mignon.

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    • FretNot says:

      Let me see if I can make an analogy here…


      Northam advocates for partial-birth, if not post-birth abortion, because it is the mother’s right if her mental or physical health is in danger. At least, those are the caveats the Left must use, because those are the guidelines laid out by the Supreme Court over the years. The mental or physical health of the mother is in danger. Pictures from his 1984 medical school yearbook suddenly “come to light”.

      brief analysis:

      Northam is elected governor, after claiming his opponent is a racist. Northam advocates post-birth abortion. Every decent-minded person in America is appalled, if not sickened by the thought. And because his admission was on video, and he is a doctor, and he “laid out the circumstances” of how that could happen, he created a visual inside everyone’s head that they cannot ignore. In so doing he caused at least “mental”, if not “physical harm” to the Democrat party, it’s messaging, and quite possibly the future of this insane issue considering the makeup of the Supreme Court.


      The Democrat party, the “mother”, then chooses to abort Northam, post-election, to “save” the party from suffering through trying to explain and justify infanticide. The “abortion” is carried out by releasing a 30-year old photo, thereby ensuring that the troubled Northam (read: fetus) is eliminated as a problem moving forward into the 2020 election cycle.

      Sound about right?


    • clairebee says:

      The person in KKK hood is short, so likely a female. Looks like the person has brown skin )hands)


  2. zombietimeshare says:

    “He’s done…. there’s no way this politician can stay in office because it would implode the entire story Democrats want to inject into the 2020 race.”

    Nothing will happen. But for double standards, the left would have no standards at all. As the governor is a Democrat all will be forgiven and this matter will be swept under his pointy white hat.

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    • 1stgoblyn says:

      Absolutely agree. The other dims running for president in 2020 calling for his resignation, just want to decrease the number of opponents they will have to campaign against. He is not Kavanaugh, so all will be forgotten by this time next week.


  3. Kleen says:

    Old Ralph might have eugenic motivations for his fervent abortion advocacy.

    In Northam’s defense he may have just been racist back in medical school when he was learning medical ethics and forming opinions on which children should die.

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    • ILOT says:

      That was my first thought. How much did the governor idolize Margaret Sanger? Also, let’s not for get what the GOP did to Cuccinelli in order to get Gillespie on the ticket…


  4. Kleen says:

    His classmates must be interviewed.
    Specially the other racist in that picture
    Most likely another prominant demokkkrat

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  5. BSR says:

    “ This is 1984, not 1964,… 1984.  C’mon. Most of us were adults in 1984,”

    Want to kindly point out that CTHer known as BSR was only 3 in 1984. But would also like to point out that this type of activity shown in the pics is not now, nor has it ever been a conservative past time as you know. If some wise folks who read this care to do so, please please keep looking for more Democrat politicians with these types of optics. It was not this one random guy. This was what the liberals did then. Liberalism created a safe space from who imposed on their will to for only themselves. Within that safe space under the umbrella of liberalism was a very typical Jew and Black hating type as you see above. He thought that was really funny. Bet he told N Jokes all night too but that was every night. It’s what small minded people do. The primary offenders for this behavior were the habitual womanizer types with no spiritual center and few redeeming qualities. Not all liberals did these things but if conservatives were guilty of this type of thing they would have been caught before getting caught up in a viral issue. My advice is to keep looking for more pols of the left who did this.

    Sundance was right. A Democrat can’t survive this. Hint hint.

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    • RLTW says:

      I am so tired of people saying the “N word.” Just say nigger for god’s sake.

      All of you have lost your minds. It doesn’t matter if he told nigger jokes or wore a KKK outfit for Halloween. This is America. Everyone is subject to ridicule. It’s called free speech. But what we don’t do in America is murder children. THAT is the point.

      You have obviously never heard of Eddie Murphy BSR. He was on SNL when SNL was still funny. “Buh-Wheat Is OTAY!!”

      “Velvet Jones School of Technology. Learn to be a HO!!”

      “Big dog on the corner. Do he bite? Kill my landlord, kill my landlord!!”

      Never mind, you won’t get it snowflake. That era of SNL was gone before you were even born.

      Google Chris Rock “The Niggers Bible…Black People VS Niggers.” One of the funniest stand up comedy routines ever. Unbelievably, its still on the internet. Chris Rock is black by the way, snowflake.

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      • Fools Gold says:

        Well I want ever say dat nigger this and dat nigger Ff’d and I despise a racist comedians especially Chris Rock and his types. Ever listen to red Skelton or Carol brunette types from the 60’s? Not one single profanity or racial slur…but legends in the comedy world. We could use more of them these days.

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      • Daniel says:

        It would be nice if words were not banned but at the same time, I don’t think I would enjoy hearing the world lace their speech with the F word between every F’n other F’n word. It’s degradation of the language which I constantly mourn.

        I think it’s also important to recognize that word for what it actually and truly is. A parallel word would be “Injun.” Some people had really thick accents and turned Indian into Injun. The same people also turned Negro into Nigger. And I would bet that at the time, it didn’t matter which form was used as the impression of the individual would be the same either way — positive, negative, indifferent. The words didn’t carry the same meaning as today.

        But as the calls for end the hate and prejudice against black people continued, a distinction between the forms came about as one is more proper than the other. But as you (RLTW) point out black people were not and still are not wholly on board with this. Many continue to use it as if it were their exclusive right to use words others are not allowed to use. It’s factually racial segregation in the truest sense of the word and continues to drive racism as a means of judging the worthiness of people.

        For better or worse, there are words in the US American languages which are bad sounding. We can say “bloody” all day long, but it’s just best to avoid the N word and the F word in daily common usage unless you would prefer some people to think less of you for it.

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      • BSR says:

        Answer- The itty bitty penis committee? The one who worries themselves sick over whom white women get romantically involved with and for very questionable reasons? Why isn’t that funny to me? I was just blessed I guess…😎

        2-“But what we don’t do in America is murder children”
        Answer- Planned Parenthood is only killing black babies in the inner city. The fetuses are sold out the back door. PP’s don’t place offices in the suburbs for a reason. Only white Democrats who use n words think that’s funny enough to make jokes about and ironically they do. You look really really dumb right now but it would appear you’ve grown accustomed to it.

        RLTW, You are old enough to know who Pryor is don’t you? Never mind you’ll never get it if you actually think Chris Rock is funny.


      • BSR says:

        RLTW, I’m a white conservative who believes black people are JUST as good as me and deserve my respect as a courtesy. You are a liberal who thinks they are nothing more than N words for your amusement. You’ll wear a hood to Halloween because it’s funny to you. There’s lots of liberals just like you in office and we will continue to shed sunlight to what white liberals really are. No need to thank us. Just stay in the truck we got this sis. 😉


    • WSB says:

      BSR, you just made me feel really old. God bless you, I will continue to live vicariously off of your young age!

      Suffice it to say that there is no such thing as ‘Liberalism’ any longer. That word was abused and has died.

      If you follow Dinesh D’Souza, his films speak the truth that the leftwing authoritarians want to tip toe over. They always have. You may not have been taught that.

      This nation is on the verge of toppling over or righting her ship. I stiil have faith. None for the likes of the people who have brainwashed your generation. Good on you for seeking the light.

      As a note, my taller half is Jewish and remembers the civil rights marches back in the late sixties. The Jews wanted to help the blacks, knowing their own persecution, however the blacks completely shunned the Jews.

      It was stunning. Blacks did not want help from Jewish people who knew of the same persecution.

      Blacks have never admitted to the reason, and most Jews are completely oblivious as to their own naïveté. Therefore, today, most all vote against capitalism and their own safety.

      As my taller half always says, ” It is like chickens voting for Colonel Sanders.”

      I am so hoping that this farsical reasoning can be turned around by the likes of Candace Owens and our President, and the rest of us!

      And I hope my message to you means something for your own future of just understanding what a blessing this nation is. Please do not lose this for your generation.

      Best wishes!

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    • SDK says:

      Same – 3 years old in 1984. Didn’t start paying attention to politics until GWB got into office. Though I barely remember Reagan, and was aware of Clinton, everything prior to the 2000 election is basically an unknown to me…unless I go back and study it. I didn’t grow up with racism, and all this racial tension of late is foreign to me. It’s quite depressing.

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  6. Kleen says:

    Ohhhhh boy!

    The satanists are in full blown damage control

    Planned Parenthood Demands Gov. Ralph Northam Resign Over Racist Yearbook Photo

    Anything to keep their Eugenic motives hidden

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  7. Kleen says:

    You know you screwed up when Satan doesn’t want to be associated with you…

    PP is asking him to step down….

    Northam received nearly $2 million in donations from Planned Parenthood during his run for governor in 2017, as he advocated for pro-abortion policies.

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  8. CountryClassVulgarian says:

    To be perfectly honest I really don’t care. I am already convinced that evilcrats are racists. Seeing the actual evidence is just par for the course. Always remember – DEMONRATS LIE. Demonrats are the real racist. That is why the first thing they always do is accuse republicans of racism.

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  9. Kleen says:

    In my view, he will always be PP’s image.


  10. I don’t see anything shocking here. All the facts in this story are entirely consistent and logical.

    Further, Ralphie should remain as governor for the balance of his term to serve as an example of a true Demonrat and as a whipping boy for all those who run for public office against leftists. Perhaps he could even make himself available at different locations around the state each Friday afternoon for public fruit throwing and general shaming.

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  11. Judiciary says:

    Ironicallly, if Northam resigns he will be replaced by the black Lieutenant,like Governor, Democrat Justin E. Fairfax, who took his oath of office while he held in his pocket the papers freeing his Virginia slave ancestor.


  12. JX says:

    No word from Pelosi or Schumer?

    I’m shocked. /s

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  13. Fools Gold says:

    “He’s toast. There’s no way, no way, Democrat Governor Ralph Northam can survive the public scrutiny of his behavior in 1984 as a 25-year-old medical school graduate. This is 1984, not 1964,… 1984. C’mon. Most of us were adults in 1984, and I doubt any of us can even fathom this level of overt racism in 1984. [I sure as hell can’t]”

    Hell I’m was born in the deep south and never seen a white robe pointy head in my life. I even watched MLK/JFK being shot on TV. I was born in 57…MLK was right. I personally have only seen those robes in pictures. Others i grew up with I can’t speak for.

    But,,I did once go to a cock fight close to Memphis back in 1965 with my dad and one bro. The south ain’t what most Yankees liberals think. Good folks here for the most part. In fact there lawbiding folks but don’t take no Adam Schiff off of nobody.

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  14. gerkmonster says:

    Now they have to start asking themselves…. Why are the racists still in the DemonKKKrat Party? Soft and not so soft bigotry of low expectations and worse… That’s why.


  15. Boots says:

    How is someone wearing blackface being a racist. Serious question. Al Jolson did it and he was by no means a racist. The Wayan brothers made a picture called White Girls. No one called it racist. Dave Chapelle cracks jokes about whites using white enunciation, some are pretty funny. Is he racist?

    I just don’t see how wearing a costume (e.g. blackface) equates to racism. The KKK outfit on the other hand, now….

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    • Terri says:

      You might want to check with Meghan Kelly on that one?


    • BOOTS: EXACTLY!! I am stunned by how readily our side jumps onto the latest Libtard sanctimony wagon. I’m thinking of Hannity at the moment bloviating about the evils of “black face”. Bull$h*t!!

      The fact is that dressing up like another race, even non-pervert cross sex costumes (a woman dressing up as a lumber jack or a guy dressing up as a redneck girl at Holloween for example) for a costume party is FUNNY! Who among us here didn’t dress up like a cowboy or an Indian as a kid? Who here hasn’t ever gone to a Halloween party dressed up as a caricature of someone else- or something else?

      Why exactly is it not funny to dress up like Buckwheat or George Clinton? Have we become so cowered that one cannot see humor in the obvious any longer?

      Contrariwise, one could argue that real hatred hidden under that placid pious face is so deep, so intense that one dare not tip their hand even by a smirk or a chuckle.

      I warmly recall some awesome parties in my younger days where one guy came as a Arab sheikh- complete with tanner, a fake beard and a huge sword yelling “Hassan CHOP!”, a girl was dressed us as Pussy Galore (another word we can’t say, right?) a British girl I had a thing for dressed up like George Clinton and her date like Bootsy Collins, we had a gay John Travolta Saturday Night Fever guy, and the Jackson 5- yes all with altered color. heck there were all kinds of “politically incorrect” get-ups there. NOBODY came out of some evil seething hate- we were just having fun! And it WAS fun! Well, there goes my political career right? All the qualifications in the world are shot to hell becasue I dressed up for a Holloween Party when I was 22 years old (1984). Oh, and one of “those” parties was in 1994- yep black faces there, too. Oh the HORRORS!!

      Get over yourselves people. Laugh, love and have fun. Ignore the killjoys – they are just jealous that their miserable asses cannot enjoy lighthearted fun.

      Oh and PS: I read Little Black Sambo as a kid, too. I loved the tigers turning into butter and Black Mombo using it to make pancakes. Lock me up now!!

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      • dogsrule says:

        This is right up there with halloween costumes you can’t wear anymore, phrases you can’t utter, pronouns you can’t use, jokes comedians can’t tell, etc. Thank you, Lefties! You have taken the fun out of life as we used to know it. If a black person puts on whiteface is he racist? No. Now having said that, I don’t know why an educated man would want for all posterity a photo of him in either blackface or a clan outfit. That’s messed up right there. He needs to go.


        • Kleen says:

          You know it has nothing to do with offending people right?

          The left has zero concern about people and our feelings.

          Its all about thought control. If they can control your thoughts they can reshape your mind. They can make you belive in anything they want you to belive.
          A baby is not a baby. Think how many people really have their mind controled to believe that.

          This is Soviet Union stuff.

          PC is straight out of the Soviet Union. Look it up!

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      • ByrdDeplorable says:

        And, I still think Brer Rabbit saying: “Born and bred in a briar patch” is funny and clever. Outfoxed that old fox!


    • Noah says:

      I agree this is yet another session of “Let’s adopt the latest one-sided phobia of communists and globalists”. I love your response Boots. Don’t swallow their ideas, just ask the plain question, why has it been deemed racist, and why do we accept it? It seems to be a process of cultural terrorism, year by year wearing down anything in a society that might “resist” a cultural revolution. This year we’re banning [something with many meanings/aspects], because of the [event which makes you ashamed of your culture]. They repeat this process every year. US Education has been controlled by cryptosocialists for most of the LAST century. Most educational institutions are lousy with parasitical eugenicists and social engineers. Owen Benjamin puts out a good message — don’t bow down to leftists (or others) that want to change your speech and thinking!! That is the definition of mind control.


    • covfefe_USA says:

      Don’t forget the pic of Ted Danson when he was with Whoopie….Someone needs to post that.


  16. AKM says:

    While his views on post birth “abortion” are abhorrent, this kind of coverage is saying we too are in the gutter doing a “Kavanaugh” on a Democrat. So he went to a fancy dress in a dodgy costume 35 years ago! The message here is: if you want to smear someone like Kavanaugh, its ok, go ahead, because we are doing the exact same to Northam.

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    • Frank says:

      I would argue that the message is “if you want to measure us by our deeds 30+ years ago, then we will hold you to the same standard.”

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    • SteveT says:

      There is a SLIGHT difference.
      The picture does exist, nobody is claiming it is fabricated or not a fact. The Kavanaugh situation is entirely different in that all the “evidence” against him was made up and fabricated by activists trying to avoid his confirmation. At the very worst, it was “they said, he said”.

      Northam cannot point to any apology for this picture and obviously didn’t have a problem at the time it was included in the year book. Only now it is causing him a problem is he repudiating everything it has stood for, for the past thirty four years. He should have apologised when he changed his viewpoint, not when it became “inconvenient”. Maybe they are one and the same instant?


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      • balthazar9 says:

        I did not believe the charges against Kavanaugh, but he was a 17-year old high school student, while Northam was a 25-year old graduate student–there’s a huge difference when it comes to responsibility.


      • CountryclassVulgarian says:

        Exactly. The two situations are not the same. The left fabricated the Kavanaugh “story”. The only truth in the whole affair was that Brett Kavanaugh was once 17 years old AND he drank beer. This pic actually exists. It’s not made up. It’s not photoshopped and worse of all he CHOSE to include it in his yearbook page. Besides it appears the pic was made public by his own party. “We” are no where near their gutter.


  17. Frank says:

    To those who wrote that it’s just an old picture from a stupid college kid in the 80’s: consider another angle here. Northam, a democrat, is being held to the same Alinskyite rules that his party applies to everyone else. That is, they dredge-up some irrelevant old photo or comment from decades past, then use it to slander the target today and invalidate them. The leftist garbage tries that stunt constantly, so we’re just holding them to the same standard. If Northam refuses to step down, then he reveals the leftists’ hypocrisy. If he does resign, well, score one for us. We can deal with his idiot Lieutenant after the swearing-in.


    • Noah says:

      I understand that it is fair game to throw the same back. But at the same time, you can’t point out the invalidity of the tactic if you are engaging it just as much. You can’t attack that which you are engaged in. Does the Left win whether we do or don’t attack Northam on this ground? They’re experts at virtue signaling from a point of moral evil, so I don’t know if it’s possible to out-do them there.


      • Tall Texan says:

        Actually, folks like you are engaging in the moral equivalency of the left. There is a photo selected by a then 25-year old medical student vs. an uncorroborated allegation against a then 17-year old. No comparison, but thanks for playing the leftist moral equivalency game.

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  18. Beverly says:

    Saw that picture and could NOT stop laughing.

    BUT don’t let the Demoncrats distract you: they want you to forget all about his endorsement of BABY KILLING.

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    • pocketnuke61 says:

      Exactly! The Dems HAVE to respond to this or give up on the 2020 election. Northam is going to be sacrificed for the good of the party. They will use racism as the cover story and hope the whole infanticide issue disappears.


  19. Everett Miller says:

    Just a thought. . .
    Did he learn of the pending release of the old yearbook photos and then decide to play the despicable baby killing card, hoping his “virtue signaling” (as in I’m a better abortion supporter than you are) would save him in the Democrats race to the bottom.


    • MMA says:

      I’d bet that the yearbook was actually leaked by Dems to immediately pivot away from his radioactive and incendiary infanticide comments, and force him off the public stage very quickly.
      We all know that if he were a Republican, these pictures would have surfaced long ago.

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  20. bertdilbert says:

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  21. Daniel says:

    I think it’s kind of fun to watch the left stumble all over itself over this (while giving Hillary Clinton a complete pass on her racism). It’s good entertainment. But I also cannot get beyond the actual destruction this causes as well as this lunacy serves to legitimize certain things which I don’t think need to continue — specifically among them: identity politics.

    Sundance points to “1984” as if it were yesterday. I remember 1984 but I remember a different 1984. I remember, as others have pointed out, mainstream entertainment such as Richard Pryor and Eddie Murphy who had the entire nation laughing at racism and stereotypes for the same, best reasons — they are funny and they are stupid. There may be elements of truth in terms of fact or of feeling, but in weird ways, it brought us all together.

    One of my favorite movie scenes of the era was Richard Pryor, I think it was, wearing a KKK outfit pretending to wash the black from his hands. And only more recently was Dave Chappelle and his relentless parodies of race portrayals. (Again, black man in a KKK outfit)

    The first thing I thought when I saw the image of the black-faced person and the KKK outfit person was of the parodies and comedy of the era and of today.

    It’s sad, disgraceful and even immature to judge people of the past today based entirely on the weak standards of today. There should be some appreciation (and sanity) added to balance perceptions more properly. It was considered ironic to have a black man depicted with a klansman like that — two things which don’t go together and yet there they are.

    While people are uncovering some ugly realities — that Northam may actually be the type of racist which isn’t funny/stupid — we shouldn’t lose perspective on just what we thought was funny back then and even now. I prefer to think of identity politics as something which is funny because it’s stupid and watching those who wield that toxic weapon often toxify themselves in the process. But it is always in the backs of our minds of what a dangerous weapon it is if people take it seriously.

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  22. Colorado Conservative says:

    What I find most interesting in all of this are the far leftists calling for Northam to resign. Normally the Democrats circle the wagons and stay quiet. But this time they are actually calling for one of their own to step down and resign.


    • MMA says:

      He stepped in a pile of steaming manure with the radio interview and lightning-rod focused the nation’s attention on the baby killing bill that was proposed. He had to go. FAST. Leftists outed him, not conservatives.

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      • Monticello says:

        Absolutely! It was a Silver bullet. First big name to call for him to step down was Clintonista Terry McAuliffe. Wish I had tapes of the phone calls between Hillary, Obama, Schumer and Pelosi from this week. Tell was no high ranking Demonrat would comment on or plead ignorance to the Northam video.


      • Daniel says:

        That’s interesting and it actually makes sense. It’s also interesting they didn’t attack the baby killing part which is the obvious reason which brought on the ire of the people. The left would obviously have to defend that which would make things worse, so they had to find other reasons to attack him.

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    • 94corvette says:

      This is actually a setup by the dems to get a more progressive, more anti-gun, more pro planned parenthood governor without having to go through an election.


  23. AND Another thing: This evil Satanic murdering scoundrel wasn’t demanded to step down because he thinks a precious little baby freshly born should be murdered next to his mother- no that was just fine. He has to go because of a costume worn at a party! Yes that’s it! He’s BAD because of a silly costume, This makes me PUKE!

    Don’t fall for this trap. A Halloween costume is NOT the same as murdering a baby. NOT AT ALL!!!

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    • Blind no longer says:

      The Dems/FakeNews had to get the story off the killing of babies out of the womb and back on RACE where it belongs for the 2020 election. They played their race card once again. Considering all the oppo research the Dems do, as evidenced by the Steele dossier, I think it’s more than safe to say they’ve had this photo for a very long time.

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    • Michaela says:

      Well said massivedeplorable…obviously killing a fresh born baby is beyond horrific. I was crying when I heard him say the things he was saying. Wearing a Halloween custom is a nothingburger. I really wish common sense would come back. Ridiculous.


  24. The Boss says:

    Pretty sure Northam is wearing the KKK garb. I saw an enlargement of the photo last night and there is a hell of an eyebrow visible behind the left hood hole (right eye). Northam has an unusually heavy set of eyebrows, especially the one on the right. (Look at the apology video).


  25. bitterlyclinging says:

    Where was the Virginia Republican Party during the campaign? Where was their opposition research? Could no one even open a yearbook?
    Or was the decision in to throw the race, leaving the “Macaca moments” entirely to the WaPo and the Democrats.
    This lends a whole new depth of meaning to the phrase “The Stupid Party”

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  26. KP Deplorable says:

    How weak and terrible is the GOP ground game if they couldn’t find this??? Gillespie should have run this in his ads. If it was found in one day?

    Also, VA. Governor promotes killing born babies. Democrats, “he’s honorable. A great man”.
    Blackface picture of him in yearbook surfaces. Some Democrats, “he must resign”. Tim Kaine and Mark Warner say they stand by him.
    CNN says, “He’s a Republican”

    Robert Byrd is unavailable for comment.


  27. ladypenquin says:

    SD is absolutely right about this. I was stationed as a Navy Nurse in the Tidewater area at the same time. EVMS is in Norfolk, part of the 4 cities considered Tidewater. It shocks me that the “good ‘old boys would have been acting like this at that time. It’s a black eye for the medical school as well that they would have allowed such pictures.

    Ralph Northam and the Democrats did what they always to – obfuscate, project, and flat out lie (like CNN and their “R” instead of “D” next to Northam’s name) in order to defeat their opponents. Why the GOP of Virginia didn’t do something… they had to have known. Ed Gillespie was smeared, similar to George Allen who they defeated by smearing him as a racist for a poor choice of words.

    Northam wouldn’t even shake E.W. Jackson’s hand during one of their public debates, and left out the Lt. Gov. pic (Black) on their Dem flyer for election day. Don’t feel sorry for the Lt. Gov though, he’ll be worse than Northam. He’s 100% on the race punch card, and a rabid abortionist, having worked for Planned Parenthood.


  28. cali says:

    Let’s not kid ourselves because the democrats have always been the racist party. Nothing in their recent history changed one bit from the time their president Lyndon B. Johnson said this:

    “We have the niggers voting for the democrats for the next 200 years”. How prophetic because to this day black Americans continue to give the democrats their vote. There is no more racist gang than the black caucus voting with the left to this day.

    Then there is Planned Parenthood: Why did Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood began her eugenics against babies in and out of the womb? What was her mission statement and why did she emphasize to ensure that her mission statement never get out?

    She idolized the Nazis but her personal idol was Dr. Mengele aka Dr. of Death. She gave numerous speeches as well as giving numerous speeches to the KKK. I remember seeing her standing on a chair while giving her speech to the KKK all dressed up in their white hoods like Northam here. She obviously was short ergo needed a chair to elevate her height.

    Here is why she found PP and what her mission was: “To exterminate the undesirables – the negroes – rip them out like weeds and assure that they don’t grow in numbers”. Ruth Bader Ginsburg who never came across an abortion she didn’t like also emphasized that abortion is meant to exterminate the blacks – the negroes and prevent them from re-production”.

    Yet the democrats and their black caucus agree and vote in lockstep. Back Americans give them their vote usually by 90+%. You tell me they don’t know or is it laziness to research their parties history and presence while they targeting overwhelmingly minorities with abortion? Ask them how it is that the black population has not grown beyond their 10-13% of total population? Out of the 350,000+ abortion performed each year involve black babies being murdered?

    Now we have Northam who basically let the cat out of the bag what they really wanted all along: infanticide and murder of little person aka babies. There is nothing more inhumane than that! Why do they hate children to such an extent that they murder them? PP has murdered millions of babies over the years – its genocide or infanticide which ever term you prefer.

    Do you really try to get me to belief that they didn’t know Northam’s racist history when they elected him? Isn’t a fact that because he laid bare the abortion agenda of his party for the world to see? Look how they are back peddling!
    Planned Parenthood even donated 2 million dollars to Northam before he endorsed this infanticide agenda.
    The truth is each of every American taxpayers funds Planned Parenthood and their abortion agenda. Every year the feds dole out millions or billions of taxpayers monies to PP providing the funds to murder children and their recent entry into the gender dysphoria of young children and endorsing mutilating their little bodies after parents feel their little boy wants tobe a little girl and vice versa. You – the taxpayer fund also providing testosterone meds among others to little girls who want to be boys.

    All of us are guilty of supporting these monsters either by tax dollars or remaining silent about the left and their party’s agenda. We are not doing all we can to stop this! Look at the treatment of the Catholic pro-life students were smeared after being attacked by the fake Vietnam war dude and the black racist and fake Hebrews Israelites. They got pounded, threatened, their school closed, the media doxing some of them on twitter and some in their school threaten to expel the smiling student before giving them the benefit of doubt.
    Why do you think that they attacking us Jedeo Christians and pro life citizens every day!

    Northam went a step too far brought about by his own ignorance and dark agenda believing that infanticide is a-okay across America. Is just murdering a few babies here and there in case the mothers refuse these babies, have deformities or some other shit excuse they are making for their evil behavior.
    Northam exposed them and told too much. They are not complaining about his racist past because they all have their own racist skeleton in their closet. No – it was because of his exposure of their agenda. Heck – they overlooked his past duringthe election by projecting racism on Gillespie as seen in this evil ad. Its what they do!

    God always works in mysterious ways – here he let Satan and his little helpers overreach and for good reason because now we know what they planned on all along.

    God always wins!!! “A haughty spirit comes before the fall” = Northam just got a hard lesson!

    You see God doesn’t like ugly and He sure doesn’t like anyone murdering His Spirit of Life creation aka babies. It’s inhumane and not even an animal would stoop so low and murder their offspring!

    Liked by 3 people

  29. Rob1 says:

    Come on. I abhor the guy’s stance on abortion. But a Halloween costume (I presume) of a blackface guy and a kkk guy isn’t the end of the world. If they were smarter, they’d have been hugging in the picture. That would have made it hilarious.

    Personally, I’d love to see him get hit by a bus. But not because of his yearbook photo.


    • ladypenquin says:

      I’m sorry, you don’t understand Virginia politics. Let me give you what I consider the tweet of the day:

      Liked by 1 person

  30. tufro says:

    I’m guessing this yearbook ploy is just a calculated distraction from the abortion mis-step. This “revelation” allows them to excise him for being a political liability without having to justify their own horrific policy agendas. In fact it allows them to ignore it completely, when people were just starting to seriously question what their own party was really advocating for: murdering children.

    They always use race as a last resort guard rail to keep the sheep fenced in. It’s the modern democrat origin myth (‘the party switch’) which they must defend desperately for the party to survive.

    Liked by 1 person

  31. RoddREpub says:

    Well well well…I remember that ad. I just tried to tweet racist Castro, but I am a black conservative so I am blocked! The Dems are and always have been the racist party. PERIOD


  32. TwoLaine says:

    “This is the AD that democrats ran in 2017 to attack Ed Gillespie:”


    This is the AD that democrats ran in 2017 to attack President TRUMP and Ed Gillespie:

    Liked by 1 person

  33. c says:

    now northam says it wasn’t him and he is calling all of his old school mates and trying to (blackmail and threaten) jog their memories before he resigns


  34. In January the Florida Secretary of State resigned within 3 hours of photos Mocking Katrina Victims surfaced from local newspaper. blackface was used.

    I hear that at 2:30 Northam will give a press conference stating he will not resign. If he’s asked about who is in the photos he will do a Comey. I don’t remember.


  35. pochas94 says:

    I think the proper response of a black person to a white wearing blackface is amusement, not outrage.


  36. Pegon Zellschmidt says:

    Speaking of Kamala Harris, Trump Jr. knocks her out of the park:



  37. philjourdan says:

    Northam is over 6 feet tall. He is the one in black face. He is not trying to claim he is not in the picture after admitting he was. I said in 2013 he was a racist scumbag when he refused to shake the hand of the Republican candidate for Lt Gov (how happened to be black). Then in 2017, he purposefully omitted campaign photos of the democrat candidate for Lt Gov who is also black.

    Most of us know that the democrats are the party of racism. This just is more evidence of that very fact, even if CNN wants to mislabel him as a Republican. But then they are the source of fake news.


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