Mark Levin and Sidney Powell Discuss Robert Mueller….

The widely held view of the process is/was that Rod Rosenstein selected Robert Mueller as special counsel, and following that selection Mueller created his team.  The perspective from CTH research is slightly different.

CTH believes that following the firing of FBI Director James Comey, the FBI Chief Legal Counsel, Jim Baker and FBI Deputy Director, Andrew McCabe; together with the corrupt small group that was involved in the prior year’s counterintelligence investigation; reacted to Comey’s firing by pressuring Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein to appoint their preferred person, Robert Mueller.

Within this internal debate (May 2017); at the time this construct was being argued; is when the famous comment from Rosenstein originates: “what do you want me to do, wear a wire?”  The corrupt FBI investigative crew; having initiated and continued “Crossfire Hurricane”; including people from the DOJ-NSD side (Ohr, Weissmann, etc) were pressuring Rosenstein to appoint a special counsel….. but not just any special counsel.. Baker and McCabe had the person pre-selected.  That person was Robert Mueller.

Obviously we can see the reason for this FBI/DOJ crew to need a special counsel. As career corruptocrats they were operating from a mindset of mitigating risk to themselves and continuing to advance on the objective to attack the executive office through their investigative schemes. The key point here is subtle but very significant. Robert Mueller didn’t select his team, the corrupt team selected him.

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248 Responses to Mark Levin and Sidney Powell Discuss Robert Mueller….

  1. California Joe says:

    I watched the video last night and it confirmed everything we suspected about Rosenstein and Mueller. Both of them should be fired!

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  2. Why aren’t people like Levin and Sidney Powell running the DoJ?

    Trump has to be watching this.

    Something just doesn’t add up that we aren’t being told.

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    • I am pretty sure what is going on is called “save the institutions — especially the Presidency of Barack Obama”. You can tell this is it, because the ongoing narrative, even on President Trump’s part, is “our differences are only political” (again, as opposed to the criminal it really is). The President is definitely telegraphing, “don’t charge me or mine with crimes, and I won’t charge you”.

      The truth is that the Democrats became a criminal mob (and an insane cult) under Obama, as never before (although he built upon the criminality exhibited by the Clintons, and men like Robert Mueller, John Brennan, etc., etc.. It is no longer a legitimate politcal party. No one in the federal government can face that; few even here can.

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      • HJR27 says:

        I think you are onto something , Harry. The genuine motivation of the Mueller fiasco has become so blatantly obvious it screams out for only more investigations, something that appears to hold little interest for the uniparty mentality of today.


    • Sidney Powell says:

      I agree–the corruptocrats had already chosen Mueller and I’d bet $$ he was in the loop.early on also. Mueller IS the insurance policy!


  3. CNN_sucks says:

    Who needs Putin? The gestapo has already arrive lead by Mueller.

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  4. G. Combs says:

    emeraldcoaster says:
    “While Weissmann and his ilk are to be purged, don’t lose sight of the role a complicit judiciary plays. Powell’s book fingered the real problem, judges unwilling to enforce the law. Judge Werlein’s actions were truly bizarre.”

    Which is why several of us have been saying getting honest judges in place is priority #1. You can not go to trial in front of a crooked judge!

    Good news on that front BTW:

    Total Judgeships = 890 including the 9 on the Supreme Court.
    Current Vacancies = 146
    Total confirmed PDJT picks = 104

    Nominations so far in 2019 = 53

    2017: Total Confirmations: 19

    2018 Total Confirmations: 85


  5. screwauger says:

    Like many on this site and everywhere, I’ve been a bit stunned by recent developments. Posting to express every thought would likely have me labeled as a troll hahaha. This video right here caused a bit of an epiphany for me. It’s easy for me to start to feel as if I am alone in my inability to assimilate all of this. Watching this very smart woman with years of insider knowledge and experience just made me feel more connected. That there are many in our Country with much more sway and influence who just as gut punched by the blatant in our face corruption of these systems of Law and Governance. For one I get that it is not new. But I did find solace in the fact that many have difficulty putting these details and eventualities in their proper place. There is no good ending to any of this. Wolverines!!

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    • Searkreb says:

      Well stated
      I want to see justice badly. Part of me wants to stay positive but the other part has a sliver of knowledge of what we’re up against. I believe it will truly take a miracle that no one sees coming to break this mess open. (Which I believe is possible)

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  6. covfefe999 says:

    That was awesome, Sidney Powell. I could listen to you all day.

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  7. behind enema lines says:

    Call up your local US Attorney’s office and try to make an appointment to come in and read their pre-indictment prosecution report on anyone they are about to indict. If you get to ask the question face to face you will see them visibly go pale. Hopefully you know one personally like I do and can ask this “just as a friend.” Say, “Hey maybe it is some disgusting piece of scum who really deserves to go to jail. I hate criminals too and I really want to be on your side if this ever goes to trial.” Tell him/her hey it doesn’t even have to have any of the stuff you are going to say to the grand jury in it, I just want to help proof-read it and get it ready. Your “friend” may need to sit down as all of the blood rushes from their body as you (I recommend quickly thereafter) tell them you are joking but then ask very seriously why exactly it is that Mueller gets to follow a different set of rules with his investigation and his report that have been weaponized to harm someone who happens to be the President. I did this today with one of my coworkers (who happens to be an assistant US Attorney and very liberal), it was delightful.

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    • behind enema lines says:

      We are watching the allegorical (in so many ways that are not allegorical) very slow and public lynching of a political opponent of the ruling class. He may not be twitching on the end of the rope when this is all over but they hope the effect will be the same. The leadership of the DOJ and FBI have actually incited a mob (yelled fire in a theater) and are calling for a rope in every sense of the word as they execute their slow and cruel higher than any of you peons can comprehend “justice.” It doesn’t matter to them at all that he didn’t rape the white girl (aka colluded with Russia). All that matters is that the crowd they have incited believes that he did and are thirsting for blood from their words actions and incitement of this.


  8. Fools Gold says:

    Sidney if you’re reading this I’d just like to say Thanks for telling it like it is (or is suppose to be) in the eyes of justice!


  9. Retired IG says:

    Thanks for this post CTH. Love Sydney Powell. At the time of Enron, it was very traumatic for any auditor with half a brain in their possession to witness what happened to Arthur Anderson.
    And that Weissman is now on the Mueller team soap opera fiasco is very disturbing. Very much so. If this guy was prosecution Against Arthur Anderson (massive fail), and he is now on Mueller’s Team, I wonder who Weissman’s real Master is? Deep Woo Woo.
    Nonetheless, some things around Ken Lay’s “death” are still stuck in my craw. For example, still can’t figure out why Colin Powell had to travel out to Colorado to “view the body (I guess)” Can’t find pictures from the meme “Ken Lay Still Lives” from around that time. Favorite picture was Ken Lay in a pink bunny suit riding a bike as in the movie “ET.”
    Finally I spend time in Colorado. Have had several drive bys of the million acre or so ranch that someone from Enron purchased just because he had all of that money after he unloaded his Enron shares Oh, right before Enron crashed. When I go there I think yes sir you do indeed need all of that land from people who are angry about this big SCAM and FRAUD.


  10. Sidney Powell says:

    I agree–the corruptocrats had already chosen Mueller and I’d bet $$ he was in the loop.early on also.


  11. Sidney Powell says:

    I agree–the corruptocrats had already chosen Mueller and I’d bet $$ he was in the loop.early on also.


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