President Trump Delivers Press Remarks Upon Exit from Decepticon Lair…

Surrounded by key Decepticon leadership, Barrasso, Graham, Thune and McConnell, together with Vice-President Mike Pence –  President Donald Trump tells reporters at the U.S. Capitol that Senate Republicans are “unified” as he seeks border security funding before ending the government shutdown.


Vice-President Mike Pence is the President of the U.S. Senate. Senator Lindsey Graham (SC) is President Pro Tempore. Senator Mitch McConnell (KY) is Senate Majority Leader. Senator John Thune (SD) is Senate Majority Whip. Senator John Barrasso (WY) is Chairman of the Republican Conference.

Note: Watch Barrasso’s eyes.

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263 Responses to President Trump Delivers Press Remarks Upon Exit from Decepticon Lair…

  1. thegoosefish says:

    At some point in time the palms will be greased in such a manner as to allow a wall of some sort. We know that, Trump knows that, the dems know that. Its just a matter of reaching that point.

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  2. Texian says:

    Like a Boss..

    High Five Treepers..

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  3. Bigbadmike says:

    Checked out the horror stories told by people affected by the shutdown. Some guy selling hot dogs in DC across from the Treasury Department is complaining that his business is down 60%. Weddings at National Parks are being cancelled. Some National Parks are being closed a day for Maintenance. Thousands of IRS employees are being furloughed. Too bad. Nobody cared about the private sector laying off millions back in 2009 when the Chosen One was doing his best to destroy American Business. My business was down 67%. USA Today never interviewed me. DC and federal employees were living large paying $400 a night for a $150 hotel room at the W in Chicago buying $35 cocktails , (Remy Martin and Red Bull). The Capital Grill was packed with Government Employees attending Obama Seminars on how to rip off the taxpayers. If you weren’t a politico you couldn’t get a drink at the bar. Shut it all down. We don’t need millions of people sucking the federal teet.

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    • MGBSE says:

      The bean-counters and the public don’t blink when 50% of a private sector company are eliminated…but I’m supposed to care when bloated public sector employees don’t get paid… nope…ELIMINATE 50% OF THE TOTAL FEDERAL WORKFORCE…then review the remainder to eliminate the rest of the unnecessary worthless federal employees…next… do the same to the bloated and worthless State, City and County employees living off of the taxpayers dime.

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      • MTeresa says:

        After President Trump gets his $5 Billion funding for the wall, the next item on the list is eliminating 50% of the total Federal workforce and welcoming those folks to the real world.

        Hey, a girl can dream can’t she?

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      • COlibertybelle says:



      • lftpm says:

        Trump is massively expanding private-sector job openings all across America. The furloughed DC DS’ers can leave town and get a lot of these great jobs.

        They can support their families. We save money in reducing bureaucratic bloat. A Win- Win!


    • Michael Todaro says:

      Don’t forget the $5,000.00 per **** whores.


    • mugzey302 says:

      Absolutely right! That bloated bureaucracy needs a SIGNIFICANT down-sizing cutback. I think it was a Project Veritas video that exposed a govt employee talking about contractors being hired to do the actual job while the employee does nothing or just watches.


  4. MTeresa says:

    I overheard a woman crying today about her husband being furloughed and worrying about their next paycheck. Cry me a river. Finding it really hard to feel sympathy for these folks. They live in a protected bubble and lord it over anyone else in the private sector because, you know, they can.

    They can make your life miserable if they want to. They will purposely slow walk stuff because they have absolutely no incentive to move quicker. None. They get a paycheck no matter what. I don’t have an option of dealing with another agency. There is no competition.

    They never have to make a payroll.They never have to worry about how business will be in the next quarter. They never have to worry about competition or someone undercutting them.

    They have a guaranteed job, guaranteed wages, guaranteed paid holidays, guaranteed paid health care, guaranteed guaranteed guaranties (yes I meant to say that three times).

    I don’t have that luxury because I don’t work for the government.

    Frankly, President Trump has nothing to lose as far as I’m concerned.

    Shut it down till they #FundTheWall.

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    • Mac says:

      Exactly. I don’t give a damn if they ever open it again. I’d lay every one of them off and only allow the government to hire back as many as they laid off from the rest of the still-funded government. We waste a lot of taxpayer money in this country, but that spent on our Federal government is generally the most useless expenditure of all.

      It is interesting to note that Americans didn’t really start to loathe their government until it became affirmative action’s hirer of last resort. If they would go back to requiring serious competence for government positions, and thus doing a better job for less cost, we might start to at least think about having some respect for them again.

      Under NO circumstances should Trump give them one damned millimeter, much less an inch, until the wall is COMPLETELY funded. In fact, keep the shutdown going until it is both COMPLETELY FUNDED AND COMPLETELY BUILT!

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      • MTeresa says:

        I’m speaking in generalities.

        I’m sure there are some very hard working dedicated government workers, but it is a pervasive culture of not giving a sh*t and I would totally agree with you. Once someone gets in, they never have to leave, even if they do a very subpar crappy job day in and day out. It’s hard to have respect when the private sector is held to such a different standard and actually has to work to compete. The difference between socialism and capitalism.

        Who would you rather deal with?

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        • deeperinfo says:

          When government servents were motivated by altruism they got paid less than market in exchange for more job security. Now they get that at higher pay than private sector (motivated by greed and power)…


    • Sedanka says:

      I completely agree.

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    • mugzey302 says:

      I know Congress doesn’t have to accept Obamacare, but what about the bureaucrats? And what about that pension plan? (Like the slush funds from lobbyists isn’t enough to fill a 401k??)


    • Orygun says:

      Most of the government jobs don’t exist in real life. They usually all revolve around regulating every part of our existence. Liberty is a dream when you are regulated in your own home and on your own land.
      Pull up the budget of any local government and look at the departments and their percentage of overall funding from 50 years ago. We spend more money on IT departments and feel good departments than actual work. The County Road a great example.

      In local government shutdowns the workers get laid off and the “feel good” departments continue along as business as usual. The managers know the only people the public sees are the ones doing the work and it is senseless to send people home that have no impact on the taxpayers daily life. It is disgusting to watch this from the inside and if you say anything you are the first one on the chopping block.

      This is why we elected President Trump. We know we have lost control of our government at all levels and he was watching it happen right along with us.

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      • MTeresa says:

        Read on Twitter:
        When all the pundits start talking about federal workers missing their paycheck today, I hope they don’t forget Officer Singh who is never going to get another paycheck.


  5. sundance,

    Saw the funniest thing today. Bair was interviewing Donahue and Donahue slipped up and said ‘We must re-open the border’. Bair corrected him ‘You mean the government’.

    Freudian slip? That was a full Lace Halter Corset Bustier. With Straps.

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