President Trump Posts Border Wall Meme on Instagram That Will Make Democrats Go Bananas….

Oh dear.  U.S. President Donald J Trump just posted a graphic on his Instagram account that will likely make his political opposition go bananas.  Epic:


From all appearances President Trump is not backing down from his demand for border security that includes a border wall physical barrier.  And while Democrats thought they had him painted into a zero-sum corner, well, there’s every indication the White House is prepared to let the partial government shutdown go on for months if needed.

This position now puts all the pressure on Nancy Pelosi.

It looks like President Trump tasked Chairman Kevin Hassett, of the White House Council of Economic Advisors (CEA), to run the numbers on how the prolonged government shut-down might have an impact on the economy.

Hassett’s rough estimate, calculated from the withdrawal of income from the furloughed federal employees, is around 1/10th of one percent per pay cycle (every two weeks) in GDP impact.  Little to no actual economic effect.


Simultaneously, all of the economic adversaries, like China, are watching this and realizing that President Trump doesn’t bluff.  As they are engaged with representatives from the U.S. delegations they carry the concern that President Trump’s team is not afraid to embrace any political confrontation in their determination to achieve victory.

Methinks this won’t work out the way the Democrats originally had planned…

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524 Responses to President Trump Posts Border Wall Meme on Instagram That Will Make Democrats Go Bananas….

  1. red6242 says:

    Even if we get the wall it sadly won’t matter if there isn’t real swam draining done. They will simply destroy almost everything Trump has done when his time as President is done and make sure no one like him ever wins again. The truth is nothing Trump does will end up helping if high level people in the swamp don’t have to face justice and I know it isn’t right or fair but it is what it is sadly.


    • Hereward the Woke says:

      The Wall will be a massive filip, though. I fear that the battle we are in is now an existential fight to the finish anyway. Whatever DJT does will be attacked and if possible, repealed. The question is, what comes next? What is our response going to be?

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      • Maybe it’s time we organize.

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      • nuthinmuffin says:

        shots fired

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      • lanahi says:

        What I foresee is this: After a while of the Democrats fighting windmills and trying to figure out how to end the impasse, Trump will continue the wall with the help of the military. The Democrats will sit there with egg on their faces not being able to do anything about it, and still with a shut-down over the measly $5 billion, which isn’t even needed by then. Trump doesn’t have to fight them, just let them hang there. There is nothing he needs from the House.

        The House will be a continual circus and a showcase of all the hate speech Twitter could ever dream of, and the voters will watch it with widening disgust and disbelief. The Democrats will not be able to help themselves…they will have to show themselves for what they are. That Cortez idiot will help.

        When they start impeachment hearings, he will then do the declassification which will end the Mueller investigation because it will be seen to have been illegitimate to begin with. All eyes will be on the real perps that the declas and other documents reveal, and the wind will be taken out of the sails of the House impeachment activities. Arrests of those in the House who were part of the corruption will begin, which will include a lot of those who were most desirous of impeaching him before he could go after them. This will lead to special elections which might throw the House back to the Republicans.

        While all that is being played out, the real work will continue in the Senate. They will approve the rest of President Trump’s nominations, including the judges at all levels and will continue their hearings into Hillary, et al. Huber and the rest will finally testify because their investigations will be done, and people will start being tried for their crimes.

        Don’t worry. All will be well.


  2. TruthSavesUs says:

    LOVE it, Troll KING does it again!

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  3. I don’t see this situation resolving in ‘months’, it will more than likely not get resolved until after 2020. Neither side has much to gain by ‘compromise’ as both can take the shutdown into 2020 as a ‘talking point’. At one point, I thought POTUS was just going to have to pull out the veto pen, but now I see that the Republican leadership in the Senate is taking the tack that they won’t consider a bill that POTUS won’t sign. It’s really an astonishing act of solidarity with POTUS and allows him to avoid vetoing bills.

    Once the funding starts to run out for some of the Democrats ‘pet’ projects — like Planned Parenthood — the Democrats are going to start feeling the heat from their various ‘constituencies’.

    The Democrats are used to ‘compromising’ their way out of such situations, but if the Senate and POTUS hang tough, the factions within the Democrat Party that don’t really care very much about immigration control are going to start snorting if the trough isn’t filled.

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  4. American Dreamer says:

    Next, Pelousy will create the Meme of the Ice Dragon destroying the wall? But then, that will just
    reveal that she is a “White Walker” and not good for the Living. Lol!


  5. franuche says:

    Stick to your guns, Mr. President, and crush those “motherf*ckers.”

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