President Trump Tweets ‘Tempered’ Response to Attack From Decepticon Senator Mitt Romney…

President Trump enters a new phase in legislative road-blocking fraught with challenges inside the Senate chamber.  Almost all U.S. Republican Senators have accepted the indulgences of U.S. Chamber of Commerce President Tom Donohue.

President Trump now relies on the upper chamber to consent on the America-First trade deals he has been renegotiating.  Simultaneously, Donohue and McConnell plot how to best utilize their increased influence over the executive branch…. [Romney was the first shot]

A tempered response does not come as a surprise given the landscape.

How President Trump is able to get Republicans in the Senate to support renegotiated trade deals they have been paid to oppose will be an interesting dynamic to watch.

These trade deals and the fundamental economic policy behind MAGAnomics is the most centrally important aspect to President Trump’s mission in DC.

The fight is about control over U.S. economy.  Mitch McConnell and his Decepticon caucus will be supporting Wall Street; and only President Trump will be fighting for Main Street.

This is the political dynamic to watch.

It’s about the money.

It is always about the money.

Look at the republican senators who are aligned against the removal of NAFTA (that list includes McConnell)…. and we will easily identify those senators who have been paid to protect the interests of U.S. Chamber of Commerce President Tom Donohue.

(Link to 2018 Lobbyist Results)

In Mexico, Central and South America they call it “corruption” and/or “bribery”; in the United States our politicians call it “lobbying”, the process is identical.

Remember, only a few days ago Mitch McConnell still held the Senate in open session to block President Trump from making any recess appointments over the holidays.  That parliamentary scheme requires unanimous support in the upper chamber in order for it to apply.  All 100 senators must agree to hold the session in limbo.

It only takes one senator to break ranks and say no, and that parliamentary trick doesn’t work.   One republican senator could have allowed President Trump to use recess appointments for Ambassador appointments and/or cabinet appointments.

You’ll note not one senator broke ranks.


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228 Responses to President Trump Tweets ‘Tempered’ Response to Attack From Decepticon Senator Mitt Romney…

  1. Your Tour Guide says:

    This might be overly simplistic, but why are we all bitching
    to the middle man? That’s precisely what McConnel, Ryan,
    Schumer, Romney, and 400 others basically are.

    Why hasn’t anybody ever raised the idea of having, say, a
    few tens of thousands of people show up at Tom Donahue’s
    doorstep? He’s the bribe master, the arm twister. The house
    and Senate are just the massively overpaid hired help.

    US Chamber of Commerce. 1615 H Street, Washington DC.
    There’s also a Georgia office of the U.S.Chamber of Commerce
    off of Johnson Ferry Road, if any of my former East Cobb County
    neighbors would like to make their presence known.

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    • tanfords says:

      Great Question!

      I wish someone would organize.

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      • John W says:

        You’ve hit on the problem that has contributed to the government feeling like we are sheep. Everybody wishes someone else would organize some sort of resistance or action but then nobody ever does. But if you or I were paid (bribed like every last senator we would have sufficient motivation, as they do. Of course they are also quite motivated to avoid being exposed as pedophile satanist to the sheeple because that would mobilize just about everyone’s with a souls who cares about children. Maybe that is the perspective to view this from—protecting helpless children from the animals that refer to themselves as elite. I certainly don’t.

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        • Liberty is a cost center, not a profit center. However if we could get paid to ward of totalitarianism the whole complexion is altered. The Us-Them, Me Good – You Bad construct has limited applicability. This country has a pervasive malady, top to bottom. Sorry.


    • Peoria Jones says:

      Our base consists of middle-America, middle-income taxpayers, who either have jobs or are retired. Neither is an optimal demographic for rallies or protests. We aren’t going to beat them at their own game, playing by their rules. It’s the definition of crazy.

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      • steph_gray says:

        Hmm, I seem to remember a time when 1.6 million of us showed up in Washington DC. It was September 2009.

        Or maybe you believed the yellowstream media when they lied and said we had “a few hundred thousand” at that yuuuge Tea Party march.

        The 1.6 million was the estimate that the Park Police gave us in person.

        It was my second experience with first-hand proof of yellowstream lying. The first was when Dan Rather attempted to pass off word-processed text as emanating from an IBM Selectric typewriter. I have not believed a word of yellowstream since then. I tend to rely on my own “lyin eyes” now.

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        • Peoria Jones says:

          Thank you for reminding me of a point I had missed. Even if the right amasses a group like this, the MSM won’t cover it accurately. They lied about the numbers then, just as they have continued to lie about the numbers at Trump rallies.

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        • Nicole says:

          Reply to Steph – I was there in Sept of 2009 with 15 buses from my one County in NJ and it was glorious – ready to go again ! !

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  2. Peoria Jones says:

    We need to act on something. NOW. Some in conservative media have been duped – perhaps willingly, or because they really don’t understand the complexity of the issue. Here’s the line of thinking they’re pushing:

    That Willard Mitt is stupid for doing this, because he’s been used by the media. That he’s allowed himself to be a useful tool. That he just wants to be liked by everyone and enjoy the stage he’s been granted. That he doesn’t understand how awful he is being…because…the Left encouraged him to make an ass of himself.

    WE ALL KNOW that Mitt Willard isn’t stupid. He isn’t naive. He knows the media will never “like” him. He knows the Trump base will never like or trust him. He is a little, despicable man who is so more than an opportunist. He has been complicit in a concocted plan to deceive the public and harm our POTUS. He doesn’t care about his personal fallout – he cares only about the grander scheme.

    Please let Conservative talkers and other prominent Conservative media know that we know EXACTLY what’s going on with this failed creep’s op-ed. Send them an email. Provide SD’s links, if you aren’t comfortable explaining, or you wish to show how many of us are onto the scheme.

    This theory that Mitt is nothing more than a useful tool is quickly becoming the talking point of the fake-right media. We can stop it before it dominates the Sunday shows cycle, by letting them know the jig is up. They’re wrong, and WE KNOW WHAT HE’S DOING, AND HE’S NOT DOING IT ALONE.

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  3. Motzilla says:

    Ditch Cocaine Mitch!

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  4. bofh says:

    “You’ll note not one senator broke ranks.”

    And why would they? They’re members of the most desirable, most exclusive club in the world. Only 100 members. And they only have to dirty their hands by meeting their constituencies for a short time every sixth year.

    They’re not going to risk that for the support of a president that they hope will be gone in two years (and, perhaps, lame duck in only one year). Presidents are transitory, the club is forever. “Patriotism” is apparently a rube’s game..

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  5. todayistheday99 says:

    Why wouldn’t Rand Paul break ranks and allow recess appointments?

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    • Roger duroid says:

      Indeed, why not? Or miss lindsey? Every single one has skeletons in their closet that they know would be exposed if they broke ranks.

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      • Bastiat says:

        I don’t think Rand does. As said below, it is a matter of principle to him, he finds recess appointments unconstitutional. He is such an obvious outsider in the Senate, but he doesn’t care about the club. He does things his own way. Most other Senators hate him because they can’t control him. Remember how much he got under McCain’s skin?

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        • notfaded1 says:

          I actually like Rand. He’s one of the few in the Senate that has stuck to his guns and never wavered. I may not agree with him on 100% of everything but I respect that he has principles and stands by them. People laughed at him when he said the intelligence apparatus was dangerous and could be abused. Look at what Obama did with it… he did just what Rand warned us about and weaponized the tools to spy on politicians in a blatantly illegal fashion.

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    • dd_sc says:

      I can think of two possible reasons:

      1. McConnell has made it clear Senator Paul will lose his committee assignments and be relegated to minor committees or outright marginalized like Ron Paul was.

      2. Senator Paul is against recess appointments in general and sees it as a matter of principal to prevent non-emergency appointments.

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      • steph_gray says:

        I really really like Rand Paul, and I really really hate his blinkered “purist” thinking.

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        • Bastiat says:

          It comes in handy more often than not.

          The high ground that Rand Paul defends is great for launching attacks when necessary.

          But yeah, I wouldn’t look for him to break principle in so obvious a way. Recess appointments are an end around the constitution in his eyes, which is correct. However, I get the frustration that most of these Senators would have had no problem with any other president doing it as long as it progressed their agenda.

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    • Perot Conservative says:

      Exactly. After seeing the new procedures and legal team Pelosi hired (first time ever? Legal?), for the first time I worried President Trump would be successfully Impeached.

      If so, would we have a new Civil War?

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      • steph_gray says:

        The Senate is presumably where the impeachment would go to fail of indictment.

        Romney & his “group” are, in the words of the great departed Mose Alison, “the stuff you gotta watch.”

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  6. kea says:

    Tempered response? Really?
    What was he suppose to do? Yell? Rant like a crazy man?

    This is how Trump works. I see nothing wrong with it.

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  7. Iamcat says:

    Wow. Not even Rand would allow this President his recess appointments. I hate them all. He needed that.

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    • Bastiat says:

      Rand wouldn’t let Jesus have recess appointments if he were president. Wouldn’t take it personally.

      Most here don’t understand Rand Paul, even to this day, even as he has been a staunch ally of the president in most ways, and has kept his mouth closed on things he would normally be against, but feels is within the purview of the office of the presidency and is willing to see if it works.

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  8. spoogels says:

    Trump Presidency is the ‘Bain’ of Romney’s Existence

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  9. Iamcat says:

    Thank you again Sundance. You are by far and away the best journalist out there, and you make it easy for us to understand and follow.
    How I wish we had good Patriotic men like you in our government. This makes me ill, that not one senator gave our President his recess appointments. You can believe I will be talking to both of my Senators in Texas . Thank you.

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  10. GSparrow says:

    “In Mexico, Central and South America they call it “corruption” and/or “bribery”; in the United States our politicians call it “lobbying”, the process is identical.”

    A despicable truth that is mostly ignored even by Fox news channel. The corrupt deck is heavily stacked in favor of the lobbyists. They own Congress and the mass propaganda industry so nothing is likely to change by Trump’s efforts alone especially as the Dem led Uniparty begins its next insidious stage of opposition on Jan 3rd with the assistance of conniving Romneyites.

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  11. Perot Conservative says:

    Rand Paul didn’t break rank?

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  12. Perot Conservative says:

    How to get support from Congress?

    If they don’t, he voids NAFTA, and we go back to pre-NAFTA trade.

    President Trump has already shown this card.

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  13. Walter Thomas says:

    Romney gives a face and personality to the Republican Globalists and that can only help Trump.

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  14. Trump was very complementary, and so is apparently keeping Ronna McDaniel, Romney’s niece, as the GOP Chair. It defies reason he does not have a more proactive, competent and loyal alternative for this critical position. McDaniel appeared to do little to prevent or address midterm election fraud, and has been silent since. I don’t buy that she was unaware prior to Romney’s WaPost anti-Trump piece. It is feeling kind of twilight zone, another version of the Kellyanne husband / anti-Trump family member who won’t shut up. Is this the best Trump can do? Also, AFAIK, we haven’t heard from Homeland Security who was supposed to release a major report on election fraud in late December. All of the Midterm candidates that were announced as winners in the last hours, every single one, in favor of the Dems… they are all taking office without any comment, let alone pushback, from McDaniel, the GOP, Homeland Security? What the hell? The Dems appear to be incredibly emboldened, and as usual acting totally in concert.

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