Senator Lindsey Graham Press Conference Following Lunch With President Trump…

South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham holds a press conference following lunch with President Donald Trump.  Beyond the border security shutdown issues, notably Senator Graham shares:

…” We had a great lunch.  We talked about Syria; and he told me some things I didn’t know that make me feel a lot better about where we’re headed in Syria”.. [@03:35]

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296 Responses to Senator Lindsey Graham Press Conference Following Lunch With President Trump…

  1. jello333 says:

    As much as I loved it, sometimes I kinda wish I hadn’t seen what Lindsay did during the Kavanaugh hearings. Because before then, my philosophy toward Graham was… when in doubt, do NOT trust the guy. But now? it’s getting harder and harder to stick to that view. Oh for sure, I realize we may never be able to trust him on all issues, or at least not 100% of the time. But I gotta admit he’s starting to grow on me…. and yes, I most definitely give Trump most of the credit for the change we’ve seen in Graham.

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    • covfefe999 says:

      I just take from Graham what he’s willing to give. He’s been very helpful a few times. I don’t count on him always being that way but definitely appreciate it when he supports Trump. Same with Rand Paul who did a brilliant job last week during his rounds of the propaganda media.

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    • Susan Baumgaertner Fentz says:

      I know what you mean exactly. We still can’t trust Lindsey Graham though. No one was screaming louder than Lindsey over Syria. Trump supporters knew the president wouldn’t announce a withdrawal without having some plan in place.
      I really wish Republicans would just require 51 votes to pass this budgetary bill. The wall is not a luxury. It’s part of the preamble in the constitution – to “provide for the common defense”.
      I don’t like dealing with DACA. Trump already offered Democrats a deal that made his base mad – and Democrats turned it down.

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    • Hebo Sabe says:

      This is why the left seed themselves into our party… so easily.

      We are an easy button.

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    • drdeb says:

      as well as McCain’s assassination?


    • John-Y128 says:

      Wish he hadn’t shot his mouth off last week, he’s lost without his neocon buddy McCain.
      I hope Sen. Graham’s Syrian ‘constituents’ don’t get upset with him flipping on them.


    • abdiesus says:

      I enjoy LGs more positive statements as much as anyone, but the first rule hasn’t changed – which is: *everything* you see in the media is smoke and mirrors. Just because someone shows up on a TV channel saying some things you approve of doesn’t mean they believe those things, it just means they believe that you will approve of those things, and that can be leveraged to their advantage.

      What is difficult for many people, and I still see this every day even here on CTH despite SDs’ constant red-pilling, is accepting the fact that *everyone* in DC is bought except for Trump. *Everyone*. *EVERYONE*. Remind me again how many senators voted (multiple times) to prevent Trump from making any recess appointments? Oh yeah, that’s right: 100%. *EVERYONE*. And yes, that includes not just a LG but even a Paul Rand, because it includes *EVERYONE*.

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    • lanahi says:

      McCain dying is responsible for the change in Graham. To me, that is a sign that McCain had some hold over him that didn’t involve friendship. Maybe he was complicit in one or more of McCain’s schemes, like supplying terrorists with weapons, for instance. Now that No Name is dead, Lindsey is free of some blackmail and has more latitude to act sanely. We are finding that he has a good head on his shoulders and can see common sense.

      This is the way the game is played in DC. Everyone has something on everyone else and can call it in when necessary. During the Kavanaugh hearings, you remember the very obvious threatening stance Feinstein was taking against Lisa Murkowski in the hallway. Feinstein “has something” on Murky, it doesn’t matter what, that turns Murky into a reliable model Democrat, not a free agent. Murky was wavering about Kavanaugh, so a “gentle” reminder was given.

      Which proves the truth again that a democratic Republic depends on a moral people if we are to keep it.

      Since the temptation is so great in every way to depart from moral ways when they get to DC, we will always require a moral people who insist on the same from their representatives. But most are already compromised before getting there, through small ways first, until it gets so easy that any compromise, no matter how big, is just the way you get ahead in politics. This is the culture we have built in DC, and building another party would make no difference. They bring it with them after working their way up the ladder.

      The way to change DC is to have such fine monitoring and investigation of these candidates that not one single compromise will escape notice. We have to have all of them vetted to the point that would make Kavanaugh’s hearings a walk in the park. Once it is made public, it is no longer a subject of blackmail. We may still have to vote for the lesser of two crooks, but at least we will know more of what we are getting. Transparency is something we must insist upon.

      Sure, Lindsey is a crook like all of them. But he appears free of something since McCain died and we will see more of what he really is about.


    • clairebee says:

      No matter what we think of LG going forward, he is forever a hero in my mind for what he did to save due process for the American people during those said Kavanaugh trials.


    • I still don’t trust Graham even after Kavanaugh
      I think Graham was the one who leaked to media about a private comment in regards to calling some countries “sh~th~le”


  2. TexasDude says:

    Why the heck then does he spout off about crud he knows nothing about?

    It’s good Trump can win Graham over time to time, but ultimately he’s a fool.

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    • The biggest question in Washington is who is the quickest to leave a meeting and rush to get in front of television cameras – Graham or Schumer?

      The second question is what leaks the most – Adam Schiff or HRC’s Depends?

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      Appears President Trump shared with Senator Graham the rational he employed in making his decision to withdraw/reduce force structures in Syria, Afghanistan, and Iraq. Not sure if Mr. Trump read the plan (see comment resubmitted below) a group of retired military officers submitted to him in January 2017 in which the errors committed by both Bush and Obama were highlighted.

      I agree Senator Graham is one unpredictable piece of work, but in his defense his military experience is typical of those officers serving primarily since the introduction of the Defense Officer Personnel Management Act (DOPMA) in the mid-eighties. Generals Mattis, McCrystal (1968/69, I served his father in Vietnam), and Kelly are in this group along with most of the senior military leaders active today. Unlike those of us entering the field grades in the late 70’s and early 80’s these guys were exempted from not only lobotomies, but the very useful flapotomy. You see prior to DOPMA officers on the majors’ list got their lobotomy straight away and those on the colonels’ list routinely wasted no time getting their flapotomy. Just in case one is not familiar with the procedure. It is a rectangular flap cut in the abdomen with a surgical hinge on the bottom and surgical Velcro on the top and both sides. Once healed the officer can drop the flap and see where he/she is going with their head up their rectum.

      Comment submitted to Last Refuge after President Trump’s decision to withdraw/reduce force structures in Syria and Afghanistan.

      After the kidnapping of a U.S. Army general in Italy a team of Army officers were ordered to conduct a threat assessment regarding all Department of Defense (DOD) personnel deployed overseas. In November 1982 we delivered to the Joint Chiefs our assessment with a recommendation for a standard operational concept to combat the threat. After spending the better part of six months interviewing military and civilian security officials all over the UK, Far East, Middle East, and Europe we returned with a bit of a surprise for our military seniors and the civilian oligarchy. Our assessment determined that the most significant threat to all DOD personnel deployed overseas was that presented by the Nation of Islam. Before the folks in the briefing room could stifle their phony indignation, we delivered our operational concept. In one line our concept was; “We must kill them in their beds, before they kill us in ours!”

      Needless to say none of us could count on big jobs in the Pentagon or with corporate America after that briefing. Our stated/implied tactics would focus on small units and/or very long range indirect fire/air elements making small surgical strikes on specific targets. In short, get in, negate the target, get out! No need for large bodies of forces with long logistical tails and/or airbases with costly leases and security requirements. When the use of highly trained hunter/killer teams (SEALS, Army Rangers, or Delta) is deemed impractical, aircraft carriers with their support vessels can provide the needed indirect fire and air elements for the long range strikes. In short, though our little plan utilized the principle of Economy of Force it would make one hell of a crack in the American military/industrial complex.

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      • fractionalexponent says:

        LTC Lauderdale, excellent comments.

        In the 1980s in the Coast Guard we had a Captain who had had a type of lobotomy where the two halves of the brain are surgically separated. He was protected from being forced out for medical reasons by his friend, an Admiral that he worked for.

        The operation had two effects:

        1) It limited his ability to express rote recall statements.

        2) It destroyed his sense of tact and political correctness.

        In meetings where he was present, and officers were tiptoeing around some problem, he would instantly, brilliantly cut to the root of the problem with an accurate, hilarious, vulger, disgusting description. Result: The cause of the problem was exposed, solution and responsibility became obvious. Facades dropped. Everyone laughed in relief of the tension. No one was offended by the crude brilliant analysis. Meetings were happily short when he was present.

        Political animals need this surgery.


      • clairebee says:

        Colonel Lauderdale, the General you speak of iI believe is Gen James Dozier. He was holding the position that was previously held by my late father- in law in Verona, that of Deputy Chief of Staff of NATO’s South Europe Land Forces headquartered there. In fact, Gen Dozier was kidnapped from the very apartment that my now husband lived in with his BG dad and his mother.
        It is of interest to me how this kidnapping by the Italian Red Brigade in 1981 led to the discovery of the real threat to DOD leaders, that of the Nation of Islam.



          Clairebee: You nailed it. Jim Dozier and his wife became very good friends after his recovery. He came to my assistance several times over the years while I tried to sell my Counter-Terrorism tactics to all the knuckleheads in the Pentagon. When I was teaching counter-terrorism to the colonels and generals heading off to their various commands I would get Jim and his wife to come and spend about two hours in a seminar for the future commanders and their wives. Both of them were great and mixed humor into what have been a tragic affair. So you, your hubby, and in-laws know the “Brigada Rosa”? Jim told me they could not cook worth a damn, but they shared some pretty good wine.

          Take care,
          C. Lauderdale


  3. concerned3 says:

    Lindsey Graham is neither loyal or principled and unlikely to support the President. He was one of the first four Congressional Leaders calling for a Russia collusion investigation.

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  4. Mncpo(ret) says:

    I find it kind of amazing that our little tree figured out the backup was in place for withdrawal, no vacuum, protection of the Kurds, ISIS wrecked if they raise their head, etc. Lindsey REALLY needs to read CTH. Sundance could have schooled him the same way the President did and we don’t have nearly the info PDJT has! I’m astonished our Reps/Sens are so lacking in knowledge.

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  5. Rynn69 says:

    Blah, blah, blah, oh…and blah. The RINOs and GOPe have no more credibility after their cons over repealing Obamacare and building the WALL (hint – not “border security” – but give some credit for trying to continue their long con). With the new year, We the People need a new party. It is crystal clear that the GOP is beholden to the likes of the CoC, the puppet politicians (Romney, Ryan, McConnell to name a few), and their trench warfare dogs (Steve Law, Karl Rove, etc.).

    Let’s start fresh. We can begin by naming the GOP what they really are:

    Not GOPe
    Not RINOs
    Not Uniparty

    RepubliCONs. They have conned the American people for years with their phony campaign promises. They are not weak. They are not spineless. They are not stupid. The Republicans are doing exactly what they want to do – make no mistake. They are con artists. The Democrats are rats and the Republicans are cons.

    We cannot fix something unless we call it for what it is.

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  6. clairebee says:

    We absolutely need for Congress to make the birthright customs to no longer stand. Border professionals agree that this needs to be part of the package, along with ending chain migration, to have true immigration reform.

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    • Rynn69 says:

      clairbee – Yes, but nothing is going to happen with GOPe run by CoC, McConnell, and Ryan (now McCarthy). Nothing. Is. Going. To. Happen. We have to reform the party or start new and cut out the politicians who no longer represent us, which include most of the Senators and most of the Congressmen (excluding the Freedom Caucus).

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      • AmericaFirst says:

        I agree; Congress will never do this, and if it is not already too late, it will be soon.

        President Trump is going to have to sign an EO concerning birthright citizenship, and then have the AG follow it all the way to the Supreme Court. Some activist judge will stop it, but at least we will have a date which will toll the continued giving away of our nation to the progeny of those who are not legally present.

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      • markm says:

        GOPe has been run out of DC but the Dems still control the House and can filibuster.


      • wj2016 says:

        The Freedom Caucus endorsed Paul Ryan as Speaker in 2015. That’s when I lost my faith in those phonies.


      • clairebee says:

        Steve Bannon said as much, Rynn69, and you can see how that went.


  7. Stickboy says:

    Why are so many people assuming that Graham has been , “schooled, brought to the light” by Trump? There’s nothing to indicate anything of the kind.

    If Graham is in fact, backing POTUS on the Mid East, it’s cause there’s something in it for him…..could be vast sums of money, threat of disclosure of damaging info…..lots of possibilities.

    Graham coming to the light isn’t one of those possibilities.

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  8. What does Sen Graham think of the now departed Islam denying COIN Cultist?


  9. teeheeman says:

    Listen, if Graham can help get serious and effective border security in a reasonable “deal,” I’m with him. I don’t think you have to trust Graham on everything to take that position.

    I also found his comments on Syria very interesting. There is a lot going on re: Saudi Area (armed forces),Turkey (territorial sensitivities), etc. which it sounds like Graham now has a better appreciation for after meeting with PDJT. We’ll see, but no doubt Trump “has a plan” for the Middle East.

    In any case, I’ll take the New Lindsey over the Old Lindsey any day!!

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  10. Heika says:

    Common’ Graham is a blubbery old man with a lust for war. The blood of other peoples children is so easy to drink. He is smack in the process of doing the ‘Rosenstein’… making Trump change his mind with some stupid inside beltway spiel, which is more CYA. FAR TOO MUCH OF THIS. He is talking Trump out of pulling out because he is an old war hawk neocon. Nothing else. Nothing. This is not good. Trump needs to stop this crap, of ‘making a deal’ after he has mad good decisions. Just stop it. Making a deal is fine, but stop letting it be manipulated by morons.


    • lanahi says:

      No one, including Mattis, is able to talk Trump out of something once the decision is made. Trump does seem to enjoy having a wide range of opinions in the people around him instead of “yes” men, but when they refuse to support his final decisions, they need to go.


  11. Texian says:

    He used “democrats” and “reasonable” in the same sentence..
    The democrats were for a border wall before? Well who stopped them?? Hmmm..?
    Give the uniparty something to get the wall? The gall of it all..

    Congress has been rearranging the deck chairs on this for forty years.. The uniparty have gotten what they wanted for the past forty years in order for The People to get the Wall.. We have essentially already paid them for The Wall many times over.. They keep getting their illegals and we keep getting played..

    Would Donald Trump put up with a contractor who did this on one of his properties? Essentially paying the note for forty years and all he’s gotten was ten feet of rickety fence around one of this properties? And now the contractors are asking for more..? I think not..

    No more deals.. Build The Wall without them.. And give them nothing..

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  12. Reality says:

    As they say in Australia; “trust ‘ol Linds, believer in ‘rule by the bureaucratic State’ as far as you can drop kick him soaking wet,” Pres.


  13. wodiej says:

    No one is perfect except God. Last time I heard, Graham was not saying he was God. People grow and change all the time. It is possible that Graham has. In any case, credit is given where it is due.

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  14. Trending... says:

    There is a difference between legislating and campaigning.

    Lindsey Graham is not to be underestimated on the former.

    He knows we need 60 votes cause McConnell isn’t going to change the senate rules.

    As much as we hate compromise, cause we always get the short end of the stick, Lindsey is going to try to get a deal going.

    Stop hating, calling him names et al , let it play out.

    Trust Trump.

    My $02. Just seems every time Lindsey’s name comes up tempers flare – the man is an ally to trump at the moment, we need his support. Trump needs his support. We shouldn’t be so narrow minded. Especially just calling him names. Good grief. We need the wall – graham of all people, is being leveraged, good! Smart move by trump. We need a professional legislator! Hence why term limits have killed Michigan – we have no professional legislators cause emotional electorate think term limits are the answer – they are not, far from it. Much worse.


    • Reality says:

      Leopards and spots…..
      Yeah, a rare change happens rarely…… poor ‘ol Lindsey, data wise, is a UniParty, Administration State, good ol boy.

      The rest is an act.

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  15. WDS says:

    As a South Carolina resident I can unequivocally say it will be my pleasure to NOT vote for this POS Uni-Party hack again in 2020. Graham has been playing this shtick of “I’m Mr. Conservative” every time in his run up to re-election since he went to the Senate 15 years ago. That’s right, 15 years of being Mr. go along to get along as well as Ms. reach across the compromise aisle just like his mentor (McCain) taught him. My absolute favorite Graham moment was when he called his constituents “bigots” at a town hall meeting because we weren’t supporting his amnesty crap while he was a member of the Gang of Eight. He still rates an “F” grade as a Senator based on his voting record.


  16. E.jay Miller says:

    Of course there are issues and facts regarding Syria that aren’t common knowledge; and when Graham finds a camera to park his (ugly) mug in front of to flab his gums, he says nothing except to hint that he and the big dog are “in the know” and you and me aren’t. This was about Graham playing big shot and nothing more.
    The comments about Trump negotiating with the criminals over National Security is more frightening–if true. (“if true”) means I don’t trust one word the weasel LG ever says.) Trump has already compromised by backing off of $25billion to a $5billion down payment, and “owning” shutting down (partially) a tiny part of the gummint. He owns the shut-down; now it’s up to the Dems to own the start-back-up.
    I’d sure like for Trump to stand firm on Building the Wall, Ending Anchor-Baby-Citizenship, Ending Chain Migration, Limiting Visas, Clamping down on Visa overstays, and telling the out of control Judiciary “thank you for your opinion–get back to me after you are elected President–I’m doing what’s required for National Security”


  17. sixtygunnuh says:

    >>” We had a great lunch. We talked about Syria; and he told me some things I didn’t know that make me feel a lot better about where we’re headed in Syria”<<< In damn deed. PDT may have told him if he doesn't stop cucking he'll blow him up on his 2020 re-election bid he launched with that excessively covered diatribe he ran "on behalf" of Kavanaugh – cameras running' splitting lens time with Kumahluh Hungawa Harris, "Spartacus" (Dindu iteration) among others. Graham is a Fraud and has always been especially on immigration as a dues paying member of the "Go8" (ver. = immigration) joining that time with Menendez, A to Z Flake, Juan McCain, Dic’ Durbin, Rubio, and of course Schemer who floated the predicate SB744. Do the names give pause? Graham who in 2017 out of hi$ own pocket traveled to NJ to testify as a "character witness" for Menendez on trial with his cohort Fl. ophthalmologist Salomon Melgen charged by even 0bama Dept. of Just-Us holdovers for using his Mordorian political influence to help his friend Melgen settle business disputes and with obtaining (GULP) visas for Melgen's girlfriends some indicated as This? And if I see one more time Newman P.D.s Corporal Ronil Singh’s brother Reggie’s pain in recalling his Brother’s memory, now widowed sister-in-law Anamika, (5) month son, and that sweet looking dog I’m closer than ever to slitting ALL responsible throats.


  18. Mike in a Truck says:

    If Linnie plays the part of PDJT’s usefull idiot Im good with that.But Ill never trust him as far as I can spit.As far as officers, all the ones I served under in the Army were competent and behaved honorably. Of course I was in the armored calvary where there was no slack and slackers whether, officer or enlisted were dealt with quickly.Our main adversary at the time was Warsaw Pact and it was taken seriously. I think often how we got to this place of being at war for 17 years and can only come to one conclusion: The Draft.Rather the lack of it.I had a Draft card and I was already in the friggen Army!I saw how the Draft tore this country apart.Does anyone really think that if the Draft had been called up after 9/11 that we would still be at war to this day? Yeah right.Imagine little jimmy and yes even jill to be pc, yanked out of prep school or junior college to go fight in Mesopotamia. Parents and their kids would be rioting in the streets “Hell no we wont go.” Instead the spinless Bush and Obama kept rotating the same units burning them out.Next war Im demanding the Draft.Everbody goes-no deferments.Its time the American people suffered pain for “foreign entanglements” and not just the family members of volunteer service members.Lets see how long their taste for war lasts

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  19. Trump has a bad habit of giving untrustworthy ppl chances to redeem themselves. Graham can not be trusted. He will backstab Trump if he see an opportunity that benefit himself


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