Why Wouldn’t The Obama Intelligence Apparatus Wiretap The White House?…

Forget the unmentioned brutally obvious political motives and intents behind the operation against Donald Trump for a moment; and focus on the collective Obama activity as if they actually believed the claims they have since presented…

The counterintelligence investigation into candidate, president-elect, and president Donald Trump was predicated on the Obama’s intelligence community believing that campaign officials were colluding, conspiring and otherwise coordinating to take over the office of the presidency, with help from a foreign government.  So why wouldn’t the intelligence services of the United States government conduct wiretaps and full blown surveillance upon that incoming administration?

The John Brennan CIA presented a classified electronic communication, “ec”, origination memo (we are not allowed to see) to ODNI (Clapper) and FBI (Comey); who then opened a full-blown counterintelligence operation against officials within the Trump campaign.

We know this operation was political, but again, ignore that aspect and just look at the issues, details and activity while accepting -at face value- their demonstrably dubious claims.

Carter Page, George Papadopoulos, Paul Manafort and Michael Flynn provided the opening for operational surveillance of the Trump team. We can argue about how they were framed in that regard; however, it is factual that FISA-Title-One surveillance is all encompassing.

The target is validated and defined by the FBI as “an agent of a foreign government”. This legal distinction permits full surveillance: electronic, physical, the works.  Everything is on the table, no limits or boundaries.

FBI Director James Comey told congress (March 20th, 2017) the reason the intelligence community did not disclose their counterintelligence operation against candidate, president-elect and President Trump was “because of the sensitivity of the matter.”  As such the required congressional oversight notifications were bypassed.

Outgoing National Security Advisor Susan Rice documented on inauguration day that a meeting was held on January 5th, 2017, to discuss the Russia concerns with Rice, James Clapper, James Comey and President Obama.  According to Rice President Obama said they were to make sure “everything was by-the-book“.

In the weeks and months that followed, we learn in hindsight the Trump Transition team was under electronic surveillance.  This surveillance also included the capture of all of their transition email accounts, the content was later given -without prior approval- to Robert Mueller by the GAO.  This is not disputed.

Remember, as an outcome of the concern and in combination with the counterintelligence operation, the incoming National Security Advisor, General Michael Flynn, was designated as a national security risk by the intelligence apparatus that he would be part of.  Flynn was under electronic surveillance as part of the Obama authorized operation.

Pause / Repeat:

Why wouldn’t the Obama intelligence apparatus be wiretapping the White House if they believed a foreign adversary was in control of the Trump administration?

I digress, moving on…

On January 27th, 2017, FBI Director James Comey attended a Green Room dinner with President Trump just about a week after the inauguration. This is the meeting where, according to Comey, President Trump asked for “loyalty”.  [This is also the date when Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates confronted White House counsel Don McGahn about Flynn’s interview with the FBI a few days earlier on Jan 24th.]

It would only be a few weeks later [Follow Link] when President Trump remodeled the “Green Room” (presidential dining room) adding a flat screen TV and a chandelier he paid for personally. During the remodel the dining room was “taken down to the studs”, and according to a quote later delivered by Time Magazine:

TIME – […] But few rooms have changed so much so fast as his dining room, where he often eats his lunch amid stacks of newspapers and briefing sheets. A few weeks back, the President ordered a gutting of the room. “We found gold behind the walls, which I always knew. Renovations are grand,” he says, boasting that contractors from the General Services Administration resurfaced the walls and redid the moldings in two days. “Remember how hard they worked? They wanted to make me happy.”

On February 14th, 2017 President Trump and James Comey were again alone was in the Oval Office. February 14th was also the day when the head of the Secret Service, Joseph Clancy, announced his resignation.  Clancy’s resignation was effective March 4th, 2017.

After he was fired James Comey testified to congress on June 8th, 2017, saying he delivered his memos of the meetings with President Trump to his friend at Columbia University, Professor Daniel Richman, on/after May 15th. He said the intent was to initiate a “special prosecutor”:

“I woke up in the middle of the night on Monday night, ‘cause it didn’t dawn on me originally that there might be corroboration for our conversation; there might be a tape.” [Referring to Monday May 15] “And my judgment was I needed to get that out in the public square so I asked a friend of mine to share the content of the memo with a reporter. I Didn’t do it myself for a variety of reasons but I asked him to because I thought that might prompt the appointment of a special counsel. So I asked a close friend of mine to do it.”

However, the content of the memo was leaked to the New York Times on or before Thursday May 11th for an article that was originally posted at 5:26pm:

Quite simply James Comey lied to congress about when and why he initiated leaking the memos to his friends in the media.  Comey claimed a tweet from President Trump spurred him to share his memo.

The tweet from President Trump (May 12th) was in response to the New York Times article (May 11th) which was quoting from the Comey memo.  So Comey was lying when he said he gave the memo to the New York Times (Via Daniel Richman) on Monday May 15th.

This false motive, claimed by Comey, was highlighted by President Trump’s attorney at the time:

I bring up this example because of the Trump tweet that surrounds it.

President Trump tweeted about a “recording” after reading the New York Times article that was written from the memo account of James Comey; however, the tweet was also made after the Green Room was “taken down to the studs” and remodeled.

Everyone assumed President Trump was talking about a recording that he might have made of the Comey conversation; however, in hindsight given the nature of what is described above – wouldn’t it be more likely the recording was external to the White House; as a part of the surveillance.

“By the book”.

If they truly believed a foreign adversary was in control of the Trump administration; a claim they already made to the FISA court; why wouldn’t the Obama intelligence apparatus be wiretapping the White House?

In hindsight we already know the Trump campaign, Trump transition team and Trump administration were under surveillance.

Now, absorbing all of that…  Watch this again:

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372 Responses to Why Wouldn’t The Obama Intelligence Apparatus Wiretap The White House?…

  1. smurfette says:

    So it’s true then! 7 months ago, Corsi said this

    I can’t find the link now but Kavanaugh confirmed to Lindsay Graham during confirmations hearings that military tribunals can be the go-to for treason against a country. His response was very interesting.

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  2. Comrade Mope says:

    I think I get it, thanks SD.
    In the immortal words of Julius Caesar- Et tu, Nunes?

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    • RJones says:

      Are you suggesting Nunes, in declaring all the spying “legal”, knew everything going on from the beginning?

      If so, does that mean the Congressional investigative process intended to get a result that exonerated all the deep state folks?

      In the end, is that what he did?

      I get your comment and see the connectin you made, but I’m a bit confused about the color of Nunes hat…he also struck me as a person of integrity. Was I just duped?

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      • Blondie says:

        No, Nunes is a good guy! The spying was legal because they had a FISA warrant against Page which, via the 2 hop rule, also ensnared Trump. After this press conference, Nunes started asking questions about the FISA warrant! He has been exposing the dirty tactics they used to get the warrant because that’s how they justified the spying!

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        • Right Blondie, but more than Page FISA. Nunes in March 2017 said a lot of the spying had nothing to do with Russia. NSA 702 (16) and (17) queries, then unmasking, Then circulating to over 30 people on Presidential Daily Briefing (uncompartmented) distribution list. For political not nat sec content.

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        • Will Hunt says:

          the spying was not legal if the underlying warrant was falsified. it’s like a corrupt cop planting evidence and then saying the arrest was legal because this guy had drugs.

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      • Y’all Know What Time It Is says:

        Likely they were surveilling others of the 15 ? Republican primary candidates. Are there records of prior unmaskings . The FISA warrants excuse all the misbehavior even before they were obtained.

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    • Blondie says:

      Nunes is a good guy! Nunes said it was legal because it technically was legal! They had the FISA warrant against Carter Page that we know of for sure. It sounds to me like they probably also had FISA warrants against Flynn, Manafort and Pdop as well. These warrants gave them the 2 hop rule to also spy on Trump. That’s why, after this press conference, Nunes started digging into how they got the warrants in the first place!

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      • RJones says:

        It sounds to me like all the spying started much earlier than the C Page FISA, which became necessary only after Adm Rogers shut off contractor access to FISA.

        At some point, publicly, Clapper pointed a finger at Obama and implied Obama has initiated or authorized all of it, possibly based on findings of the IC (I.e., Brennan). I recall reading somewhere that Obama did have authority to request such surveillance under the FISA act.

        There is speculation it was all started by email from Wasserman-Shultz, intercepted by the Russians, suggesting that Lynch told the Clinton campaign that Clinton’s email issue would “go away.” Apparently this information showed up in a Russian intelligence document that we intercepted. Information from the same Russian intelligence product may also have shown up in an early Trump dossier memo.

        The IC apparently responded that the Lynch information was fake, created by the Russians to interfere in the campaign, and at some point suggested Trump had a deal with the Russians that the information would be released. (This is very hard to believe since Trump had no chance to win at the time.) When the damaging info did not get released, some are now suspecting the IC may have used it’s Vault7 hacking tools to fake a Russian attack on democrat (DNC and other) networks.

        This explains why the hacking response was handled by a commercial friend-of-democrats cyber investigation firm instead of the FBI, and the server itself was never handed over. (Actually showing there’s some hero out there who knew what was going on and communicated evidence to Julian Assange. It may be that kid/CIA contractor they threw in jail who was charged with child porn and releasing classified info.)

        It is possible that, on the basis of Russian interference “proven” to have occurred at the DNC, Obama ordered the intrusive surveillance, relieving everyone of meeting the formal requirements for an Electronic Communication and other normal policy niceties. It also explains why the bar was so low (use of a known fake dossier) to get multiple FISA warrants. AND why listening devices were implanted in a White House walls (as pointed out by SD.)

        When Trump won, the imperative became to remove him ASAP before everything got exposed, hence some some of the more outrageous leaks, including details of his phone calls with Russia and Australia.

        There are a lot of holes in this theory, in my view, so if it’s all baloney, I wish someone would give us a better high level narrative. Keeping up with the twists and turns of this thing has been extremely difficult.

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    • Comrade Mope says:

      What was the point of running to the White House with the information? What could the Administration do with the info? Thinking in terms of the information was about to get out and this was a way to reveal to the conspirators they need to CYA. Even if the administration could do something about the information—> obstruction.


  3. Texian says:

    It’s pretty much a safe bet the deep state agencies have bugged every room in the White House.. Even the toilet.. Since at least the advent of the electret microphone and the deep state takeover in the early 1960’s..

    “Land lines”.. Back in the “way back when” days, as a young teenager curiously investigating ‘how things work’.. “Hmm.. This looks out of place”.. I found what turned out to be a “bodill” type device in our telephone.. (A UHF transmitting device). (I didn’t think it was gubmint. I had other suspicions that were more likely..). I found another years later in a house we had purchased; It was cleverly hidden in the outside ‘bell telephone’ gray plastic service box on the side of the house.

    Actually, you’re really not paranoid.. Nowadays everybody with a cell phone is “bugged”..

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    • Dutchman says:

      Yeah, I was about 10 years old, when I figured out I could hook a speaker up to the connections inside that gray bell telephone box, and listen in on my sisters phone conversations.

      It was,SO easy, back in the ‘old days’!

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  4. nimrodman says:

    Question: Who has the recorded contents and transcriptions from those bugs and wiretaps?

    — Barky and ValJar over in their Fortress of Doom (TM)?
    — Brennan and his boys?
    — NSA holdouts and throwbacks from the Obama admin?

    Would Trump’s team have been able to scan for those, detect them, and then set up receivers tuned to the proper frequencies?

    Thereby capturing the recorded streams themselves?

    Who here has enough expertise to comment or speculate?

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  5. Carrie2 says:

    Have noticed a change in our President,what he says and is doing so I, too, think the end of this whole tribe of traitors are preferably walked to the gallows rather than in prison which is expensive and they could still work and/or control the continuation of their plans. Yes, we would like to have it happen NOW but you do the dirty when you have all your cards ready.

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    • guest4ever says:

      I agree with your comment about you do the dirty when you have all your cards ready, but
      what type of change have you noticed in POTUS?


      • Wade Coody says:

        Why has POTUS not released the documents requested by Nunes, etc ? I expected that to happen after the election. It appears to me that Rosenstein has the hammer, not Trump!

        And I believe the raid on Cain was to get “Something” on him. His tax returns, other classified info he hasn’t disclosed, info on his kids ? It seems that the FBI has info on everyone that is keeping them quiet. Dirt on Trump’s kids ?

        And Where is Whitaker? Why the hurry to name a permanent AG ?


  6. sundance says:

    Devin Nunes talks to media on March 22nd.

    White House submits this letter on March 30th.

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  7. Ray Runge says:

    IMO the time is well past the concepts of leverage and 64 D chess as useful components for a positive and utcome.

    A functioning AG that has the ability to label the current situation as gangsters trashing our constitution is step one. Second is an unrelenting demand to release any and all non redacted documents. Period. Snip.

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    • That’s the $64K question: Will William Barr (who, frankly, should be confirmed as AG without hearing; he’s already been AG once before) be the kind of warrior who will stand up to the media and political backlash when he takes charge of DOJ and begins purging the Obamaite cancer riddling that organization, starting with shutting down the Mueller SC Office?

      Or will he be another battered conservative like Jeff Sessions, and instinctively cringe when falsely accused, apologize, and then either recuse (because he’s a Trump appointee, only Obama holdovers have the integrity to run DOJ) or try and outdo the Obamaites in getting Trump?

      One would hope Barr, a retread from an earlier age, is as incensed and outraged by the gross politicization of DOJ and FBI as he should be, and is only too happy to be called names by bad men and their hallelujah chorus in the press.

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    • clairebee says:

      Let’s get on with it.


  8. RJones says:

    Well, now we know why they want to stand up Beto the Billionaire as the next Dem candidate. All the existing folks are now tainted.

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  9. BSR says:

    They must be devastated by the lack of mafioso element they are looking for. They can find something without a wire and justify it. We’ve seen that over and over. All a wiretap does is confirm to those on the inside it’s every bit as legit as it seems. DJT is a red blooded American who loves and cares about his country and it’s future. A WH wiretap in this era would be very boring. DJT is old school. Currier’s and memos instead of private servers. Faith in others instead of micromanagement. They would do silly things in the absence of criminal activity like create a fake moon landing story. Or produce a loose change doc to push the narrative that 9/11 was an inside job. You have to laugh or cry. And they aren’t worth your tears or mine. Just sayin.

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    • Donald Trump’s own personal integrity aside: You know any large business with deep pockets takes great pains to avoid legal exposure. The risk is far too great, and the downside far too costly, to risk it by skirting the law for a small gain.

      Besides, you know Fred Trump taught his son to avoid entanglements with dirty politicians and organized crime. Although it might be more difficult to do it right nothing ever ends well going down the slippery slope of corruption.

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  10. bluebongo says:


    T-1 “by the book” is just chaff, there is no book, Flynn knew that and had to be sidelined….quickly. Adm Rogers was the first to go….he was easier.

    See the pattern?


  11. OmegaManBlue says:

    If only republicans get tried for crimes why not spy on the Trump administration?

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  12. Dutchman says:

    On one level, it seems like they have been trotting out various defences, to kind of ‘try them out’.
    This ‘we had information the russians had infiltrated the campaign, we HAD to follow it up!” is one defence, that of coarse falls,apart with the info that they CREATED and ginned up the “information”.

    Dershowitz floated a ‘trial balloon’; “No real CRIME here,..its just POLITICS.
    Problem is, there ARE Crimes ‘here’, very serious ones. And, if its ‘just politics’, why allen, shouldn’t DJT day “OH, well than I guess I’ll abuse the FISA courts, and weaponise the IC and DOJ, to defeat my opponent in 2020, O.K.?

    Actually, its similar to how they keep jumping from thing to thing, that might ‘spell the beginning of the end, of the Trump Presidency’, trying to find something that will stick.

    And, they won’t find ANYTHING, that can explain, justify or excuse what they did, just as they won’t find anything to ‘take down’ POTUS.

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    • nimrodman says:

      Dershowitz floated a ‘trial balloon’; “No real CRIME here,..its just POLITICS.
      Problem is, there ARE Crimes ‘here’, very serious ones.

      Yeah, I saw Dersh try that one live on Fox.
      Nice try, Dersh

      But no


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  13. truthbomb says:

    Great thread by @DawsonSField on how WH surveillance may have played a role in the Comey termination and the meaning behind Trump’s statement to Comey that there may have been “tapes”. https://threadreaderapp.com/thread/1033084596756393991.html

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    • RJones says:

      This guy is one of several that seem to be in the network of Jeff@atthemarketswork…I call them research monkeys and they are ALL very, very good. The only problem is that they drill so deep it’s sometimes hard to rise up above the detail to understand what’s going on at a high level. But watching them work is amazing.

      SD usually does a much better job of combining the high level view with enough supporting detail that understanding in context is possible, but the more this story goes on the harder it is for everyone to clearly understand. I think your ordinary guy on the street is completely baffled at this point. A high level narrative that is for the most part true/accurate is desperately needed. I tend to think Trump’s characterization that, “it’s all about the spying” is probably the best…the rest of it *seems* to be cover up.

      Unlike SD, Jeff@ and DawsonSField, et al seem to think Rosenstein and Mueller are good guys. They make a good case, but there are several things – such as the treatment of Gen Flynn – that leave me unconvinced of their theory. Things like the CF and especially the Clinton email thing leave me convinced by SD deep state corruption theory. I also suspect Sessions never wanted to go after crimes of a prior admin, because of the precedent that would set, so perhaps they are limiting themselves to the spying stuff. I totally disagree with that thinking, but I do understand it.


      • truthbomb says:

        If I have to bet, I bet that Mueller and Rosenstein are part of the cabal. Outwardly, and based on Trump’s attacks, Mueller SC is a witch hunt. But there are interesting contradictions and coincidences which are what Jeff and Dawson are pointing out and trying to reconcile with the Occam’s Razor narrative.

        Also, my link is meant to add DSF’s take to CTH’s article re: possible surveillance inside the WH after Trump arrived (and the extensive leaking early on), something hardly addressed by the media so far.


        • Political Capital! Understand the concept of political capital! All you have to know to understand that Mueller and Rosenstein are not “white hats” is they cost President Trump lots of political capital. In fact, Rosenstein and Mueller were so cheeky in their attacks on President Trump they were in the habit of announcing special counsel developments to distract from President Trump’s accomplishments! Anyone peddling the idea that Mueller and Rosenstein are white hats at this late date are disinformation agents!

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          • vladdy says:

            Even if you took out all the dirty stuff they’ve done since the 2016 election, as well as the smirking attitude of RR at the hearings AND the fact that M hired all die-hard Clinton-ites…..you would have to believe they were dirty cops in other cases stretching back decades and suddenly became White Hates overnight when DT was elected. Riiiiight.


  14. It always bugs me how PDJT asking Comey for “loyalty” is seen as anything other than him asking the FBI Director to acknowledge the chain of command, that he is an inferior executive branch official and the President of the United States is his ultimate boss.

    Trump knew from Admiral Rogers that several Obama political appointees had been involved in illegal unmasking and leaking. He was asking Comey point blank, “are you loyal to the President, or are you loyal to the Obama gang?

    We all know the answer to that one.

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  15. Charlotte Powell Brooks says:

    I wonder if there was an increase or decrease in a certain Ham radio operator’s transmissions at the time?

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  16. Convert says:

    I am glad to see this subject revisited, and specifically, the President’s comments about “gold in the walls.” I remember just being floored by the story and googling the quote to see what else I could find out about it. It was just a truly bizarre and puzzling comment and I thought the media would be all over it.

    Think what a blockbuster book is going to be written about all this, if the country survives it, that is. I fear we are well on our way to Mad Max land…

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  17. To directly respond to SD’s crowd sourced question, belief of collusion by Obama admin is not enough to justify a warrant to spy on Team Trump. All efforts to secure evidence came up empty. They had everything, but they had nothing. Nothing in 702’s, informants rebuffed, dossier didn’t pass vetting process, no financial activity, nothing in FISA surveillance, nothing in Transition Team emails, no Trump policy leniency to Russia. No predicate crimes, no testimony from others even under duress. Can’t disprove the null hypothesis. As Bongino says, no Paragraph One.

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    • Richard Bilyew says:

      Just look at the false pretext obama’s people used to spy on Trump, by extension via the spying on his campaign people. There was nothing there but smoke and mirrors. A look at an org chart of the government’s “intelligence” apparatus reveals the typical bureaucratic leviathan. Comey abused, compartmentalized, and weaponized a small section within the FBI, in cahoots with a small section in the CIA under Brennan to conduct this spying. The intel apparatus writ large was not read in to this. They knew it was dirty and they also didn’t want it being exposed.

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  18. Bogeyfree says:

    So if the WH spying is considered “legal” on the Trump team due to the FISA BS to give them cover, what is PT play here.

    1) Expose this spying and paint these guys as dirty but no indictments because it was legal?


    2) Will PT start with this WH spying first to show they are dirty AND then move to an audit of our government databases and FISA submissions over the past 10 years to show just who and how much spying occurred on Americans including possibly judges (both FISA and Supreme), congressmen, CEO etc?

    It feels like Sundance is dropping the bread crumbs which I hope is leading up to number 2 above???

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    • THE SPYING WAS NEVER LEGAL. The FISA applications were faulty! If you can’t follow the story, stop giving other treepers the wrong impression and keep your mouth shut. The President deserves better than those who buy the deep state narrative hook, line and sinker – “we we’re only following orders!” Hell no. Most of the people involved are shyster-level lawyers and they knew exactly how to try to cover up their machinations, like, for instance, getting a special counsel appointed so that President Trump lost effective control over the DOJ!


  19. Greg1 says:

    I’m still struck by President Trump saying he had “found gold” in the walls.

    The White House was gutted and rebuilt internally during Truman’s administration.

    Fascinating read here:


    Those walls that were “taken down to the studs” were not battered. Either someone told Trump something or documentation that would indicate the IC recording him had been found. There would have been no reason to take walls down to the studs otherwise.

    The “gold” that was found in the walls wouldn’t have been something old and of historical significance because the White House had been gutted and rebuilt.

    That can only leave one reason for going down to the studs as best I can tell. To remove surveillance devices.

    The surveillance devices, if there indeed were any, became useless upon their discovery. Can you imagine being the guy listening in when the walls started getting torn down to the studs? Imagine frantic calls to “important” people that the surveillance devices, if any, were about to be found out………

    Trump would have had to been informed. Trump being Trump, you gotta wonder if he chose to say anything into the surveillance devices…….

    Irregardless, if there were surveillance devices, they became useless upon discovery. Trump announcing the discovery of “gold” in the walls was merely rubbing salt in the wound.

    If all of this is true there really is a high level of “spy vs spy” going on and Trump has to know about all of it.

    And if he knows about it……..he has to have a plan to countermeasure it.

    Thanks for posting this, Sundance. Interesting how dots can become connected, whether I am accurate or not. Time will tell.

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  20. Thinker says:

    What I wish we knew was who got Carter Page and G Papadopolous on the Trump team? They were both publicly announced in March 2017. Trump probably didn’t know them personally, so who recommended them? It seems very sketchy that both got hired at the same time, they didn’t seem to have very much experience in State Dept affairs, and both ended up being targets (or plants). Carter Page, in his TV interviews, is very guarded and rambling in his comments. So who hired them?


  21. jahealy says:

    My guess is in hindsight, PDJT wishes he’d given dozens of people the boot immediately following his inauguration speech … and also wishes he’d given Sessions the boot immediately following his recusal.

    PDJT, with no recognizable allies in the swamp, and many more enemies than he realized, gave way too many people the benefit of the doubt initially. He had swamp monsters of every species “advising” him before he (and we) achieved full recognition of the breadth and depth of the filth. He probably assumed there HAD TO BE some patriots-in-hiding there who would revert back to form with the right leadership. I think he and most of us have long since given up the search for white hats.

    I’m disgusted and discouraged beyond words with what the “leadership” of our country became while I assumed, for decades, without verifying, that my “representatives” in D.C. and those assigned to protect and defend me wanted the best for my country and its people.

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  22. Bill Henslee says:

    You have to believe that Trump understood from the midnight ride of Adm. Rodgers that his whole campaign had been under illegal (dare I say, “Trumped Up”) surveillance. The plotters were never in possession of any information that would improve the “Russia Narrrative”,( ie, the insurance policy), but they had to get Flynn to commit some indiscretion to get him out of that job as head of the NSC. An intelligence professional of 30 years experience, Flynn would have sussed out the illegal activities of the Hillary lovers in short order.

    If Trump is smart enough to hold all this information close to the vest, and to wait until the next election to reveal it, he is entirely too smart to ever contest him at high stakes politics.

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    • Phil Free says:

      “..he is entirely too smart to ever contest him at high stakes politics.”

      Roger that! A picture is worth a thousand words. Look at this man’s expression, and what it’s telling!

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  23. brenrod says:

    remember that page was an fbi uce in 2012 and testified for fbi against russians in 2016, a few months before fisa warrant and election. HOw could page have suddenly become a foreign agent for the russians? Either the page knew and was an accomplice, and the fisa judge knew and agreed or the court was conned.

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  24. Jake says:

    As TruePundit, Mike Moore, told us in early 2017, Andrew McCabe gathered his henchmen together in a meeting and told them “first we F Flynn and then we F Trump.” All but a few in the meeting cheered. I truly believe this happened.


  25. jeans2nd says:

    Accepting Team Obama believed Team Trump was compromised, etc with help from a foreign government. Accepting Team Obama wiretapped the White House.

    If the loyal, dedicated public servants whose only mission in life is to protect the American people, truly believed a foreign adversary was in control of the Trump administration, why would Team Trump be allowed to take office?

    Why would DNI Coates not enlist the aid of his governor and fellow Congressional member, Mike Pence, to catch and eliminate the source of the problem, Donald J Trump?

    Why, after more than 8 years experience working in The Swamp, would Team Obama believe they could actually get away with this with no one ever finding something out? Did they really believe that the IC was so powerful that no one would ever challenge them?
    Were they really that stupid? smh

    all that said, we both know how this thing turns out
    Rep Nunes is another who by necessity must remain mute


  26. farrier105 says:

    Here is your litmus test for what is going on: “Does Hillary Clinton still have a security clearance?”


  27. Linda K. says:

    Sundance, you are saying they wired the White House after Trump was elected to continue to spy on him? The Green Romm contained spying apparatus and didn’t thry also change the wallpaper in the Oval Office and change out the heating and air conditioning ? If they found spying apparatus, who has been listening. The top guys are out at FBI? Does Obama’s new Washington home have a spy central room?


  28. Linda K. says:

    So, Obama knows Trump discovered the wiretaps, hopefully all of them. Obama is waiting for the shoe to drop. Was Trump talking to the Brennans and Clappers and Obamas when he yesterday called the White House “a happy place” and said how much they enjoy living there?


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