DOJ Submits Sentencing Memo for SSCI Leaker James Wolfe – Recommends Two Year Prison Term…

The U.S. Department of Justice has filed a 35-page sentencing memo (full pdf below) recommending a two-year prison term for busted Senate Intelligence Committee Director of Security, James Wolfe.   The DOJ is seeking a term of imprisonment above the guidelines for the plea of lying to federal investigators.

The DOJ sentencing recommendation outlines the events surrounding the FBI investigation of Wolfe, and provides a more fulsome picture of the issues faced when a top-tier staff member of the legislative branch is suspected of leaking classified intelligence.

The DOJ notes the challenge presented when the executive branch is investigating a critical internal office of the legislative branch.   While James Wolfe was never actually charged with leaking classified documents, the type of leaks he participated in and the resulting media reports which drew from his information network – certainly implies there was classified documentary evidence leaked; the DOJ claims they cannot prove it.

Given the direct evidence of corrupt and politically motivated conduct by officials within the DOJ and FBI the sentencing memo is an interesting read with multiple facets for consideration.

Here’s the DOJ Sentencing Memo.  It’s worth reading, slowly:


The defense team for James Wolfe also filed their own sentencing memo [SEE HERE] which contains a lot of contradictory information when contrasted with the DOJ outline of events.   The defense position is that Wolfe deserves no jail time and only probation with limited community service.

[pdf link of defense memo]

Additionally, James Wolfe gets support from key SSCI politicians Mark Warner, Dianne Feinstein and Richard Burr.  And there’s a lengthy hand-written letter from former Director of national intelligence, James Clapper, requesting leniency. [SEE HERE]

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227 Responses to DOJ Submits Sentencing Memo for SSCI Leaker James Wolfe – Recommends Two Year Prison Term…

  1. Krashman Von Stinkputin says:

    I’m starting to wonder if the redacted dates on the FISA application were not actually to cover “leak tracers” but really to cover evidence of “a second set of books”

    In other words, 2 versions of the applications were prepared.

    The dates get redacted on “FOIA release” due to Nunes getting his approval to review( a doctored version of) the application earlier in 2018.

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  2. prenanny says:

    As long as he loses his pension I am happy enough.
    Would have liked to see a fine equal to salary of years known corrupted + legal fees incurred by government. That at least would make it taxpayer neutral.

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  3. I see this as the corrupt lawmen covering themselves by insisting the lying to them is as bad as any originating crime. “We’re the law, and will not be made light of by lying.”

    Who investigates the investigators? Who will bell the cat? They are the originating criminals, and have no credibility to those with common sense.

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    • Rachelle says:

      Never forget this if you are ever on a federal jury or grand jury. These people are corrupt and have no regard for truth or honor.

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    • notfaded1 says:

      This is why the ONLY way to solve this is a new special counsel. I wish Whitaker would hold a press conference and say… due to issues that have come to light we are opening a second special counsel investigation. The reason is because the DOJ/FBI can’t be tasked with investigating themselves.


  4. Cheese says:

    He will be in jail less than two months is my guess.

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    • covfefe999 says:

      If you’re saying he’ll actually be sentenced to 2 months, i don’t think so. If he gets the full two years I think he’ll serve 85% of that. I guess he won’t have his whore any more, without his job he’s useless to her. No prison visits from her, I guess.

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    • De Oppresso Liber says:

      If Wolfe isn’t very careful, Mule-Ear could have him “Whitey Bulger – ed” after he gets incarcerated. I am simply floored, even with everything else that has been going on, that he (they) actually got away with that one. An obvious, literally open and shut hit job on a big time crook, who was threatening to spill the beans and shatter the myth of what an “honest, upstanding, loyal, dedicated, patriotic……blah-blah-blah” (he makes me want to vomit) LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICER Mule-Ear is NOT. He reminds me of Captain Sternn in the 80’s cult classic Heavy Metal…….where is HanoverFist when you need him?


      • Conservativeinny says:

        I was thinking along the same lines. I wonder if Wolfe is happy about taking one for the team…a team he was never really on. Going to prison is no day at the park even if going to Federal prison.

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        • De Oppresso Liber says:

          Many have the false impression that all federal prisons are the USAF Base-located “country club” types of facilities. Atlanta and Leavenworth (and others) are anything but….and several are outright horrible. We all know Wolfe is small potatoes, and however deviant he may be (getting bj’s in the stairwell in exchange for hot news tips……and, uh, classified information), he’s not worth anything more than flipping to get to Warner, Burr, and hopefully Feinsteen. He’s no dummy, however, and he knows those bigger potatoes want him to stay silent. Mule-Ear sent a message loud and clear a couple of weeks ago, when he had Whitey Bulger killed with absolutely zero consequences – Whitey proclaimed that he knew who the dirty cops are in the FBI, and supposedly he could prove it and would name names. Suddenly, an unrequested, but seemingly necessary transfer to another prison is made for Whitey, and the very same day Whitey arrives at his new diggs, he gets shanked (or beaten to death, or strangled, I don’t know the manner of death) and is categorized as DRT – RT……Dead Right There – Room Temperature.

          Mule-Ear Message sent, Mule-Ear message received: In prison, “WE” can kill you whenever we wish, keep your damn traps shut.


  5. Zippy says:

    Can’t prove it, huh? It is known that the number of emails he sent matches the number of pages in the FISA application, but the contents aren’t known? Why? Because that information isn’t stored? Sure…

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    • lemmus1 says:

      …of course it is …but that is illegal so it can’t be used in court or the entire NSA spy machine would blow up in their faces …ergo, he walks

      …I’ll bet he even gets his pension after everything quiets down because he was not charged with doing anything regarding his job …just lying to the FBI about the affair …there will be a letter somewhere stipulating that

      …what gets me is that, iirc, they have every one of those msgs on her receiving end …they admitted it to her in an official letter from the DoJ …so they know the contents but don’t want to expose it in court …else he would turn on Warner and Burr and the entire Deep State would begin to burn

      …we talk here about cold anger …this is why

      …where is Whitaker? …playing 3D chess with Sessions while Rome burns?

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  6. Max Tadpol says:



  7. Rose says:

    The stench of corruption wafting off the house intelligence committee should be grounds for a special prosecutor to investigate those three for corrupting public office.

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    • Farmkid says:

      Upvote X 10


    • Jan says:

      It’s not the House Committee on Intelligence involved in this (at least as to Nunes & his fellow committee Republicans), it’s the SENATE Committee on Intelligence that is so corrupt as to both parties and who James Wolfe worked for as head of Security….Note that even Sen. Burr (the Republican Chairman who sides with evil & corrupt Sen. Warner, a Dimm) vouches for Wolfe.


  8. Mike says:

    Page 25

    Wolfe told the FBI he “believed REPORTER #2” was getting classified material from “OTHER SSCI SOURCES.”

    Ya think that might be why Feinstein, Burr, Warner and Clapper want no jail time?

    ” For example, while Wolfe denied that he ever disclosed classified information to REPORTER #2, and the government has no evidence that he did, the government proffers that Wolfe admitted to the FBI on December 15, 2017, that he believed REPORTER #2 had been obtaining classified national security information from other SSCI sources yet, despite his responsibilities as Director of Security, he did not initiate or cause an investigation into such a breach because it would have revealed REPORTER #2’s sources”

    If he had an “intimate” relationship with reporter 2, he probably knows who those sources were/are.

    It will be interesting to see what kind of time this guy gets.

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  9. Ned Zeppelin says:

    If I were Wolfe I’d be singing the high notes for a better deal or immunity. Must be a loyal soldier. Or maybe those who “snitch” find out the hard way it is not a good thing. What was in it for him, more pillow time with his “journalist” love interest? Odd.


  10. Yancey Ward says:

    I could understand Warner, Feinstein, and Burr writing supporting letters- they were colleagues- but Clapper? What is Clapper’s connection to Wolfe? Why would he write such a letter?

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  11. Lost says:

    Want to know something interesting from the doublespeak in that footnote? That’s Wolfe’s lawyer saying he didn’t share any information from a Classified Document. It explicitly *does not* say that he did not share classified information in March or April of 2017. He could have easily shared classified information that he received from another source, that perhaps is the same information from the document in question.

    I suppose if you want to go full nitpick, it doesn’t even say that he didn’t share the document itself. Just that he did not share “information from [the] Classified Document”. But that’s a tenuous reading. Interestingly, if the DOJ is saying that they can’t prove the document was shared, that implies that they are unwilling or unable to access text messages on wholly domestic SMS traffic. Can you say leaker nirvana? Apparently they don’t even need to use encrypted internet dead drops anymore.


  12. LULU says:

    Senate Intelligence Committee leaders ask for leniency for former aide who lied amid leak investigation

    A trio of senators who have been critical of leaks of classified information are asking a federal judge to spare a former aide from prison time after he pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI about his contacts with reporters.

    Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Richard Burr, R-N.C., vice chairman Mark Warner, D-Va., and former chairwoman Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., have asked for leniency for the committee’s former security director, James Wolfe, who in October admitted he had made false statements to investigators “concerning whether he had provided unclassified, but not otherwise publicly available, information to reporters.”

    “Jim has already lost much through these events, to include his career and reputation, and we do not believe there is any public utility in depriving him of his freedom,” the senators wrote in a letter to U.S. District Court Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson.


  13. Chuck Stephens says:

    Wow, two years! That’s a lot to pay for a couple of rolls in the hay with a teenage reporter…


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