G20 Bilat – President Trump and Prime Minister Shinzo Abe…

U.S. President Donald Trump and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe hold a bilateral meeting at the G20 summit in Buenos Aires, Argentina. (Video and Transcript) PM Abe represents one important leg of the “indo-pacific” economic/trade realignment, being carried out by President Trump.


[Transcript] Buenos Aires, Argentina – 1:50 P.M. AST – PRESIDENT TRUMP: So it’s a great honor to be with my friend, Shinzo Abe, Prime Minister of Japan, who has just had a very big success in his election. He won by a massive amount. And I’m not surprised at all.

I just want to say that we have many things that we’ll be talking about, in particular protection, military-type. Also trade — we’re doing a lot of business with Japan and trade. The deficit is coming down. It’s a massive deficit between the — between Japan and the United States, and it’s coming down.

Japan is buying large amounts of our fighter jets, our F-35s and others, and we appreciate it very much. But they are really working with me on trying to balance our deficit, because we do have a deficit that is pretty substantial with Japan. We hope that we’re going to be balancing it very quickly.

Just in finishing, we’re two countries that are doing very well in many different ways. Our military working together, having to do with North Korea and other factors, really has been very strong. Our partnership has been quite extraordinary, and we will be together for a long time.

I think probably there’s no time in our history where we’re closer. And I’ll be going to a tremendous event in Japan; I was very honored to be invited. Your Emperor.

PRIME MINISTER ABE: (As interpreted.) So once again, from the outset, I would like congratulate you on your historic victory in the midterm election in the United States.

And, as of now, as you rightly mentioned, the alliance between Japan and the United States has become more robust than ever. And also this mere fact that we are having another round of summit meeting on the margins of this G20 Summit is actually the symbol of the robustness of our alliance.

So every time, when we see each other, we always have a very candid discussion. And today, I look forward to having another candid discussion with you on the regional affairs, including North Korea, as well as Japan and U.S. economic relations, of course including our trade relations and other important topics.

PRESIDENT TRUMP: Thank you very much, Shinzo. Thank you.

Thank you all very much. Appreciate it. Thank you.

Q Mr. President, why cancel the Putin summit?

PRESIDENT TRUMP: Thank you very much.

Ukraine. Purely and simply — Ukraine. We don’t like what happened. We’re not happy about it; nobody is. And hopefully they’ll be able to settle it out soon because we look forward to meeting with President Putin. But on the basis of what took place with respect to the ships and the sailors, that was the sole reason.

Thank you very much everybody.

Q Mr. President, will you be talking about China?

PRESIDENT TRUMP: We’ll be meeting with China, as you know. Yes. We’ll be meeting tomorrow, and we’ve already spoken. And we’re working very hard. If we could make a deal, that would be good. I think they want to, and I think we’d like to. And we’ll see.

But we’ll be meeting with President Xi in a little while, but in — for the most part, tomorrow, I would say, would be our big meeting. But, in the meantime, people are working, our staff is working, and we have a lot of very talented people working. Larry Kudlow’s representatives are dealing with them on a constant basis.

There’s some good signs. We’ll see what happens. Thank you. Thank you. Good question.

Thank you very much everybody. Thank you.

END – 1:56 P.M. AST

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22 Responses to G20 Bilat – President Trump and Prime Minister Shinzo Abe…

  1. LBB says:

    Keeping that relationship strong will be very helpful.

    Thanks PM for the kind words that will be sure to trigger some.

    PRIME MINISTER ABE: (As interpreted.) So once again, from the outset, I would like congratulate you on your historic victory in the midterm election in the United States.

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    • Publius2016 says:

      Truly! 53 Senators and couldve been 56!

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    • fleporeblog says:

      It is an incredible relationship! Other than our President’s relationship with Bibi, it would be a very close 2nd. There is so much mutual respect between the two of them. That also applies to the PM’s wife and our FLOTUS.

      I always love to watch what is said between them. Our President always points out the trade imbalance. PM Abe always tries to deflect by keeping his comments real short.

      We have and continue to do a lot for Japan 🇯🇵 when it comes to North Korea 🇰🇵 but with China 🇨🇳 as well. At some point in time PM Abe has to bite the bullet the same way President Moon did in South Korea 🇰🇷. They both understand it. Cars is the ultimate piece. Japan 🇯🇵 will have to have more manufacturing done in our country. That Toyota plant that produces 40% of their best selling car (RAV4) needs to leave Canada 🇨🇦 and relocate in Michigan. That is one that I want so badly.

      They also need to purchase our meat 🥩 (which the currently don’t), more agricultural products and more fuel.

      I truly believe we will get that and much more in the very near future.

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      • Ghost says:


        They are already seriously working on it. Japan is now the largest market for U.S. beef exports.


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      • calamitymay says:

        I think if use weaned animals off of GMO feeds, antibiotics, growth hormones, and Contained Animal Feeing Operations (CAFO) systems, we’d sell more meat globally. Our majority of meat production and its compromised quality is unattractive to many countries.

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        • You are right. I had a cab driver from Iran recently and the first thing he started talking about was our food. He really thought our chicken was very bad. In Iran, and in many other countries, they do not give their animals hormones and antibiotics; actually their food is close to organic…and that is all of their food so it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to eat healthy.

          I told him where to look for good quality food and he did comment on how expensive it was. He also commented on how fat Americans are. I told him that was because of fast food and high fructose corn syrup and he said they didn’t have fast food like that in Iran.

          When I was in Slovenia a few years ago, I noted the same thing. Their vegetables were organic and their meat was raised the old fashioned way…of course it is a very small country.

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  2. Payday says:

    I just love that second picture. PDT just looking up at them with that look…”whine all you want, I’m enjoying it and there ain’t a damn thing you can do about it.”

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  3. railer says:

    You can sense a small bit of tension between them. I guess the trade talks are heating up. Abe spoke about the “candor” they always have, usually a sign that things are getting pointed. When Abe spoke about economic issues and his guy was translating, Abe looked up and stared a bit. Not surprised though. Abe knows he’s next in the box.

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  4. tgimacb says:

    Holding Aces AND the master bluffer: our LOTUS can make it rain in the Gobi.
    And he expresses America’s benevolence.


  5. GB Bari says:

    Abe knows, it’s complicated business that is only capable of being conducted successfully by mature, well-informed, reasoned adults. Each leader brings his/her country’s best interests to the table. Where there are mutual interests, agreement is easy. But where individual interests conflict, that calls for cool headed but focused negotiation so as to not give away the store.

    This was where the previous administrations exposed their incompetence, laziness, and weakness. Rather than stand up for America, Obozo, Bush, and Clinton simply gave away our wealth.

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    • railer says:

      We should never elect a career politician to the White House ever again. Everything I’ve seen over the last 30 years makes that clear to me. None of them hold a candle to Trump.

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      • litlbit2 says:

        Going forward I agree. However, how is that possible, noting the massive voter corruption. We will once again have only two choices, adding to that the selection committees can very easily rig the system. President Trump proved all of that 2016.

        Furthermore, if the next president is not a iron man, with not fixing the Justice Department, installing a method to remove corrupt Department members, the presidency will be nothing more than a chair for photo ops. Just consider the time and shackles involved to date as well as the results, exposing and prosecuting, FBI, CIA, Intel committees.

        Lot of work to do, only two years left as we are having difficulty putting a simple question on the 2020 Cenus….”Are you a American Citizen”, amazing.


      • Stab, the unstoppable hero says:

        The problem now will be finding a non-politician that has the guts to run for the office.

        If there are any out there, President Trump has done a brave thing by slogging thru the minefield first.

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      • Ron Jaeger says:

        An apex real estate predatory in NYC . LOL I believe I read that here on CTH . It is so glaringly true we need to keep Alpha businessmen in charge . I have been wondering if we could improve Congress vastly with this same philosophy ??? Tort Reform to begin with comes to mind .


  6. joshashland says:

    SW you’re on the wrong thread.
    P.S. You’re wrong.


  7. Ron Jaeger says:

    An apex real estate predatory in NYC . LOL I believe I read that here on CTH . It is so glaringly true we need to keep Alpha businessmen in charge . I have been wondering if we could improve Congress vastly with this same philosophy ??? Tort Reform to begin with comes to mind .


  8. tonyE says:

    Trump: “Hey Abe, I brought this really good tuna we got just yesterday off Florida. Why don’t you come up later and we’ll have your chef fillet it…”

    Shinzo: “Sounds great Donald, thanks! I brought you a case of that Diet Japanese Melon Soda you like”


  9. montanamel says:

    No Bar B Q ?????


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