Michael Cohen Pleads Guilty to Lying to SSCI…

Don’t get so caught up debating the granular issues over ‘muh Russia’ that you fail to elevate and see the landscape from the 30,000 ft. level.   The Rosenstein/Mueller move today is all about protecting the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence (SSCI) from President Trump (declassification threats); and it was specifically scheduled, timed, to be launched today as Trump leaves for the G20 to achieve maximum political damage.

Michael Cohen pleads guilty today (full pdf below) to lying in written testimony to the SSCI:

(WaPo) […] Cohen admitted as a part of his plea that he lied in part to “minimize links” between the Moscow project and Trump, and in hopes of limiting ongoing probes into ties between Russia and the Trump campaign. Prosecutors said in court documents that he discussed efforts to obtain Russian government funding for the project as late as June 2016 and discussed the status and progress with Trump more than he had previously told congressional investigators. (more)

This power-move by Mueller and Rosenstein (the small-group teams within the construct and not just the individuals), is another move with a similar motivation to the plea agreement over SSCI security director, James Wolfe.  Whitaker is powerless to stop it. Rosenstein and Mueller are protecting their allies in the most corrupt committee in DC.

Remember, those SSCI Senators (Vice-Chair Mark Warner, Dianne Feinstein and senior staffer Dan Jones etc.) were coordinating with Fusion GPS and the Clinton campaign allies; and were direct participants in “Spygate” and the insurance policy known as the special counsel.

This is one of the reasons why it is likely, damned near certain, that senior SSCI senators instructed James Wolfe to leak information, including the March 17th copy of the Carter Page FISA application, and that is why Rosenstein and Mueller let James Wolfe plea to a much lesser one-count crime of lying.

Remember when SSCI senator Dianne Feinstein released the transcript of Fusion GPS founder Glenn Simpson’s testimony so that all of downstream participants could coordinate their stories?   Oh, how quickly we forget.

It is near certain that Feinstein gave up her Senate Intelligence Vice-Chair position following the 2016 presidential election because there was an inherent political risk for any intelligence-oversight Democrat in relation to the FBI’s Trump operation, “spygate”.  Feinstein’s staffer, Dan Jones, then paid Fusion-GPS $50 million to continue the efforts.

Remember Oleg Deripaska’s lawyer/lobbyist Adam Waldman having secret text messages with new SSCI Vice-Chairman Mark Warner relaying communication from Christopher Steele that Senator Warner wanted to keep quiet?

Adam Waldman texting Senator Warner about Chris Steele and outlining how Feinstein’s former senior staffer Dan Jones was coming to see him.


The Senate Select Committee on Intelligence is as corrupt and complicit within the entire spygate fiasco as the DOJ and FBI.  That’s why Mueller and Rosenstein (small group) are working to protect the Senators and staff just like they protect the corrupt officials in the DOJ and FBI.  Mueller’s entire operation is structured around this type of scheming cover-up.

The Cohen plea is part of creating that DC swamp leverage that benefits all of these creatures….. and it is timed to undermine the President at the beginning of the G20 because the geopolitical perspectives/policies of Donald Trump, that are counter to the indulgent life amid the benefactors inside DC, is what made Trump the original threat to the system.

This is Deep State (via Mueller/Rosenstein) fighting President Trump; and trying to blunt the declassification weapon he holds.  Nothing more:


~By Michael Caputo:  ‘In 2009, my wife and I moved to my hometown of East Aurora, New York to have a family. Making far less money back home, we had a far better quality of life. That is, until the Trump-Russia narrative took off. Today, I can’t possibly pay the attendant legal costs and live near my aging father, raising my kids where I grew up.

‘Your investigation and others into the allegations of Trump campaign collusion with Russia are costing my family a great deal of money – more than $125,000 – and making a visceral impact on my children.

‘Now I must to move back to Washington, New York City, Miami or elsewhere, just so I can make enough money to pay off these legal bills. And I know I have you to thank for that.

‘Here’s how I know: how many of you know Daniel Jones, former Senate Intelligence staffer for Senator Dianne Feinstein? Great guy, right? Most of you worked with him. One of you probably just talked to him this morning.

‘Of course, very few of us in flyover country knew Daniel until recently. Now we know that he quit his job with your Senate committee not long ago to raise $50 million from ten rich Democrats to finance more work on the FusionGPS Russian dossier. The one the FBI used to get a FISA warrant and intimidate President Donald Trump, without anyone admitting — until months after it was deployed — that it was paid for by Hillary Clinton.

‘In fact, good old Dan has been raising and spending millions to confirm the unconfirmable – and, of course, to keep all his old intel colleagues up-to-speed on what FusionGPS and British and Russian spies have found. Got to keep that Russia story in the news.

‘Of course Dan’s in touch with you guys. We know from the news that he’s been briefing Senator Mark Warner, vice chairman of this committee. Which one of you works for Senator Warner? Please give Danny my best.

‘I saw some of his handiwork just last month. Remember this lede paragraph, from McClatchy on April 13?

‘The Justice Department special counsel has evidence that Donald Trump’s personal lawyer and confidant, Michael Cohen, secretly made a late-summer trip to Prague during the 2016 presidential campaign, according to two sources familiar with the matter.

‘That’s your pal Dan, isn’t it? He came up with some kind of hollow proof that Michael Cohen was in Prague meeting with Russians when he wasn’t. He tried to sell that to reporters, and they didn’t buy it because it doesn’t check out. So, to get a reporter to write up his line of bull, he gave the documents to the Office of Special Counsel.

‘We know that’s likely, because he’s told people he’s briefing investigators.

‘So, technically, the special counsel’s office has evidence. Your pal Dan gave them more of the Democrats’ dossier, funded by more Democrats, provided again by Russian and British spies. Information no reporter would write up, but now there’s an angle: the Special Counsel has it. Now it’s a story.

‘It’s a clever but effective ruse. That’s a story, just like when reporter Michael Isikoff of Yahoo News wrote this gem on September 16, 2016:

‘“…U.S. officials have since received intelligence reports that during that same three-day trip, Page met with Igor Sechin, a longtime Putin associate … a well-placed Western intelligence source tells Yahoo News. That meeting, if confirmed, is viewed as especially problematic by U.S. officials…”

‘Dozens of stories were written from the Isikoff piece, doing real damage to the Trump campaign. Of course, now we know Isikoff’s reference to “intelligence reports” was just him renaming a dossier funded by Democrats and dug up by his longtime pal Glenn Simpson and some foreign spies. Once Simpson gave his Clinton campaign opposition research to the feds, it was news.

‘This was especially true after Isikoff intentionally labeled the campaign materials as intelligence – just like McClatchy called Dan’s information “evidence.”

‘But who is McClatchy’s second source? It couldn’t be Dan; he was the first source. It couldn’t be Simpson; he works for Dan. It can’t be the Mueller investigation; they kicked the McClatchy story to the curb with aplomb. So who could it be – perhaps one of his former Senate Intelligence colleagues? I mean, you’re all in this together. You’re the swamp.

‘What America needs is an investigation of the investigators. I want to know who is paying for the spies’ work and coordinating this attack on President Donald Trump? I want to know who Dan Jones is talking to across the investigations – from the FBI, to the Southern District of New York, to the OSC, to the Department of Justice, to Congress.

‘Forget about all the death threats against my family. I want to know who cost us so much money, who crushed our kids, who forced us out of our home, all because you lost an election.

‘I want to know because God Damn you to Hell.

(Source and Source)

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282 Responses to Michael Cohen Pleads Guilty to Lying to SSCI…

  1. Rgt says:

    We need more people to reach the point where they refuse to give up more ground to these insidious swamp dwellers. I hope the American spirit is still alive in enough of our people that we are willing to die on our feet rather than live on our knees.

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  2. The American Patriot says:

    These guys are really that stupid!

    Trump has all the cards on them.


    • rf121 says:

      But in poker, who has a good hand or not is not as important as the betting and posturing. If the cards are never laid out on the table then sometimes the weaker hand wins.


  3. youme says:

    Was this a perjury trap for President Trump?

    Interesting how the Cohen plea followed Trump’s written responses to Mueller’s questions. Cohen has meet with prosecutors 7 times since August. I am sure Mueller made up the questions he asked Trump from the answers Cohen gave during the proffer sessions.

    Click below to open the thread


  4. rf121 says:

    Really? You think the Senate would approve any of those people? He would be lucky to get 10 Senate repub votes.

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    • lemmus1 says:

      …exactly …Senators are at risk of exposure and arrest …they are not going to approve of anyone that threatens them …that is why we have Whittaker instead


  5. Rowdyone says:

    I repeat, a Presidential Commission on Corruption at DOJ/FBI for all of the obvious reasons.

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  6. rf121 says:

    Nice font. Who you talking about?


  7. Avi says:

    other than being a corrupt swamp,
    why after Veissmanns documented prosecutorial abuse does he still have a job?


  8. youme says:

    Can you provide proof that it was the Trump Justice department that indicted Assange?


  9. andy says:

    The bullies are still winning. and its going to get harder to turn it around.


  10. El Torito says:

    I heard a theory today that what this Cohen deal does is create bashing points against DJT 2020. All legal, but “He went light on Putin because he was working a Trump Tower Moscow deal.”


    • Sandra-VA says:

      You mean the theory posited by Andrew McCarthy?

      Cohen was the one working the deal….

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      • El Torito says:

        Yes I think so – I’ve been listening to so much stuff lately it’s not being stored in my brain well enough to be recalled properly…but with the timeline expanding further it creates the 2020 narrative that DJT was going easy on Putin because there was a deal in the works, yes Cohen pushed the deal but the by-product of it is useful to DNC for 2020. It seemed plausible…Dems and Mueller just looking for any bits they can tape together to achieve the lie.


  11. tommylotto says:

    I agree that this is all about leverage.

    Trump has amassed some leverage in the threat to disclose the spygate documents, but Mueller, et al. are working overtime to get leverage on Trump to stop him from doing whatever it is that they want to stop him from doing. I fear they will amass sufficient leverage against him, contrived or not, such that the corruption will never be exposed.

    All this activity comes right after Trump submitted his sworn written statements. That is not a coincidence, I don’t think. Clearly, Trump’s responses must conflict with Cohen’s responses. So, they have Trump on perjury, etc. — if they can find some jurors who will believe the convicted liar Cohen over Trump, but in DC I am pretty sure they could. There are lots of problems with that theory, but still it amounts to leverage.

    It’s like both sides are taking hostages. Eventually, they will start trading, and corruption (possibly on both sides) will be concealed.

    And do not forget collusion. They have invested too much into it. They will refuse to come up empty, even if they have to manufacture evidence. I sense they are building a case of not knowledge beforehand, but rather accessory after the fact. No one in Trump-world knew of the hacking beforehand, but tweeddle dee and tweeddle dumb (Stone and Crosi) very well may have coordinated with Wikileaks the timing of the release to coincide with the All Access tape and/or to maximize the political damage. All they have to do is get one of them to flip, or compose, and the Muh Russia narrative will be vindicated in their eyes.

    I guess I’m feeling negative at the moment. The water is so damn shark infested. They got him surrounded. So, maybe, Trumps got ’em right where he wants ’em. Hope so.


    • Suncc49 says:

      I believe Corsi intentionally made misstatements that he didn’t have to so that he can muck rake and sell more books while catching a BS charge that can drag on and on….


  12. youme says:

    Mueller and the boys are furiously leaking
    The Trump Organization Planned To Give Vladimir Putin The $50 Million Penthouse In Trump Tower Moscow
    During the presidential campaign, Michael Cohen discussed the matter with a representative of Putin’s press secretary, according to two US sources.



    • Sandra-VA says:

      I was just coming to post that ridiculousness…

      If ANYONE thinks that DJT would ever just give away a multi-million $ condo, they are nuts!

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    • Sandra-VA says:

      It was suggested by Felix Sater.

      Enough said.

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      • GB Bari says:

        Felix Satyr is more like it.

        Another in a long line of liars.

        Obviously there is a LOT of money floating around in the AntiTrump Cabal to pay people and/or their lawyers to make false statements and false testimony.

        What is that Sundance has said fromm a few years back? There are trillions at stake.
        Trillion$ can persuade a LOT of ethically-challenged people to lie their a$$e$ off.
        And we don’t seemed to have any shortage of those.


        • singingsoul says:

          POTUS is from German Scottish stock that mean he is cheap and can be kind but not $50 million worth. He would never give his penthouse to Putin or anyone else.


    • beachbum31 says:

      hahahaha buzzfeed. who published the dossier for cnn. maddow about broke the buzzfeed guys wrist shaking his hand tonight…. hilarious, ewww eww she needs her Russian heroin sooo bad!


  13. JX says:

    Cohen lied then, or lies now. It’s all on Cohen. Nothing to do with anyone else.

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  14. CornPicker says:

    This is the American justice system machine and this has been going on like forever, its just that of late the judicial machine has been pointed at these guys ,Kavanaugh, Flynn, Manifort ,popGuy,and this gd damn you to hell guy here ,they all knew the criminal justice system is and was a filthy and dirty business with only the illusion of due process, ,its like cancer it happens to everybody else, but when the just us machine is pointed at us ,o gd damn em to hell.> then We start saying things like “they made us plead guilty” even though i wasnt , “im just another innocent man in jail” “I’m innocent” , sadly the prison system is full of innocent people ,and if you ask em all you’ll find out they all are ,

    The good fair judge had a masturbation machine under his bench making a whooshing sound ,as the hollowed eyed moms looked on , remember that judge ? https://www.pantagraph.com/news/judge-gets-years-for-using-sex-toy-on-bench/article_931dae6f-e2d8-5b4a-855c-78c0ce93a8a9.html , its a dirty and filthy business when the judge points his machine at you ,all you can do is tie a turniqut on it and try not to get any on ya



  15. MakeAmericaGreat says:

    The other day, I made a post about Felix Sater. Just had a feeling he was going to be coming back up soon. Post here:


    Sater has apparently worked as a US intel informant in the past. And now I’m wondering if he worked in a similar capacity (recall, spies are now known as “informants” in bizarro world) as the supposed (or one of them) plant or mole in the Trump campaign. Based upon the emails he was sharing with Cohen, Sater looks like he may have been trying to set up Cohen and or Trump (although I don’t think Cohen was officially part of the campaign, so this may kill my theory).

    Anyways, Andy McCarthy just put up a column on the latest Mueller-Cohen developments. Column can be seen here:


    Summary of the piece is that McCarthy feels that Mueller may be looking to find supposed “collusion” between Trump and Russia (that was not of the “hacking the election” variety) and try to play it off to the public as being the actual hacking the election collusion. A PR shell game, if you will, that the media will be happy to indulge.

    Insightful stuff from Sundance, as always.

    McCarthy also mentions that Mueller may want to look at Trump-Russia business ties. This would be, also, where Sater would come into play, I’m pretty sure. Not that it has any relevancy to the campaign in 2016, but just to yell “Trump Russia!” some more to hurt Trump politically.


  16. apfelcobbler says:

    Did we ever adjudicate all that attorney client privilege stuff?

    I can’t decide who is worse — Jack Dorsey or Robert Mueller.

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  17. Michael Brower says:

    My question is:
    What can we do about all of this? I mean, as average citizens? They are just ignoring us up to this point.

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  18. railer says:

    Mueller’s doubling down on Manafort and Cohen, but that’s just a further sign of his weakness. If he had anything of consequence, he wouldn’t be scuffling with these distractions. Mueller’s got nothin’, and he just reconfirmed that.

    Trump has turned over millions of White House documents and provided hundreds of witnesses to Mueller. Mueller likely has at his disposal every email and piece of correspondence Trump has handled over the last decade, plus wiretaps. These have been sifted, sorted, categorized, filtered and scanned for every bit of damaging information that could be found. British intelligence is likely doing likewise and providing all it can to help. There may be literally thousands of people working on all this.

    They’ve all come up with precisely nothing. You’d have heard of it by now if they had. There are trillions at stake. The Swamp and Deep State(s) must protect themselves, but more importantly their paymasters require those trillions to be protected. If they had anything, they’d have stopped their bleeding by now, by stopping Trump. They haven’t because they can’t. Twaddling with Cohen and Manafort is proof of that. Even a Stone or Corsi indictment would be weak tea, and Mueller knows it.

    Things are proceeding as they must. Mueller has to indict somebody in the WH, or issue his final report. He can’t indict anybody for anything relevant, or he would have by now, therefore his final report must come. Absent fresh indictments, this makes his final report a nothingburger, any fallout from which Trump can handle with his typical dexterity.

    These recent events are annoying, but nothing more than that. I really don’t even see them eroding the SSCI’s exposure here, all due respect to our host. Warner’s day is coming, and so will it come for those who ginned up those FISA warrants.

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  19. While I have not incurred the damage that Caputo and many others have, I am past coldly furious at this travesty. It strikes me like Chinese water torture; and is one of the reasons why, since the elections, I visit CTH less as I’m not sure what I can do to make a difference. I’m in prayer about what I can do to make a difference, and am determined to find a way to supplement the terrific work of the brave folks like SD, Bongino, Mollie Hemingway, Victor Davis Hanson, Less Smith, John Solomon, Rush and Kimberly Strassel (among others) that continue to shine a light on this terrible injustice.
    Retail politics, as practiced by the Republicans, is largely inept in my experience (and I spent a lot of time in this realm this fall). The “leadership” at state and local levels have tin ears to suggestions. So the answer, for me, likely lies elsewhere.

    I never expected a fast solution to these continued outrages, and I realize it will take years to reduce the swampiness of Washington (it will always, imho, have miasmic smog above it because of the money and power nexus there). But it is beyond unbelievable to me that so many people STILL grant credence to the total propaganda of the left, and that these types of injustices continue.

    Sorry for the rant.

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    • notunderwhelmed says:

      Wisdom travel etc…..
      I feel your pain. It has taken over my life. Finally, we get someone who is pro America and the vipers in power in both parties fight every move he makes. I hate it. I donate. I pray. I have rallied. I feel so powerless to help this man. It is painful to watch the corruption and cruelty.

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      • whoseyore says:

        The praying is the most important part, NUW. The Lord is and always has been our only hope. President Trump is a man and only a man, used by God, perhaps. We will see what happens. As long as our hope is in the Lord, we cannot go wrong. Greater is He that is in us, than he that is in the world.
        Eternity is a long, long time and Heaven beats this place every time.

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        • My autistic son was hearing Rush because I had the radio so loud yesterday & instead of getting revved up & anxious was moved to pray for President Trump & our land–a response that blessed, humbled, & challenged me. You are so right that God & prayer are our only hope. Thank you for this reminder of Truth. Blessings!

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          • whoseyore says:

            Valerie, what an amazing testimony! Your response has blessed my heart. God bless you and your family this Christmas season!

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            • Thanks so much! Last night my husband’s new band played their first gig out–it was subtle Christian rock but held in a secular bar. Josiah came with us to assist as a roadie & we were there a couple of hours before the first set started.

              The place was pretty dark with death metal posters, cuss words displayed, & death related decor–not the kind of venue the previous Christian rock bands he’s played in have performed at. So I pulled Josiah aside to remind him that wherever we go we are bringing Light to the Darkness. I encouraged him to be prayerful about who would be there & for God to touch hearts, etc. It seemed to help my son to have a prayer-type focus so he could take his eyes, heart, & mind off the atmosphere.

              I don’t know if there were any direct Christian messages received by unbelievers (& there were a lot of Christians in the crowd supporting the various bands). I was thinking of how Jesus went to where the “sinners” were as it was the sick that needed the doctor…

              When my husband’s band played a rock version cover of a known Christian worship song there was A Lot of singing amongst the crowd. It felt as if, at least momentarily, we were taking back a bit of territory from the Enemy.

              In all the challenges we’ve had over the years in raising Josiah (it’s Super Complicated!) one thing has always stood out about him. He is a True Worshipper & has his heart often inclined toward the Lord & His Kingdom! He blesses me most days with the loud worship music he plays & where he is so easily moved to tears in praise &/or prayer…his heart is consistently softer than mine & his ear much more inclined to the Still Small Voice!

              Perhaps being autistic is a blessing in Kingdom terms–for the rest of us take care of the “things of this world” so that he is free to directly fellowship with the King of Kings for hours every day! He was & is fearfully & wonderfully made!!!

              God Bless You & Yours with a Joyful Christmas season too & thanks so much for your encouragement (I needed that!) 🙂


              • whoseyore says:

                Wow! Sounds like Josiah is also a prayer warrior! What a great witness he is! I can’t wait to meet him and his family one day at the pearly gates!
                Thanks for being light in the darkness, Sis!

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                • Yes! Josiah is a Giant in the Kingdom…but needs lots of assists this side of the veil. He covets personal power in a bizarre way but when re-directed toward where his strengths lie prays with amazing insight & sometimes obvious direct answers–he prayed for me once on a hike in the mountains where I was gasping for breath & after his prayer I never gasped again even though the path got steeper. It was a clear & obvious miracle that we all took note of!

                  Perhaps in a way he is a bit of a “spiritual savant”, hmm (God continues to “use the weak things of this world to confound the wise”–& we’ve been blessed with a front row seat!)…Blessings!

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                • whoseyore says:

                  Yes, Valarie, there are many of those examples in the Word of God using the weak to confound the wise. I wouldn’t doubt it at all. You need to keep journal and write a book some day.

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                • Thank you for those kind thoughts & insights–that’s certainly something to consider. Blessings!


  20. the Mueller investigation is a political hit-job. No more no less. Guilliani spelled it out very clearly today. Talk about interfering in our politics, the Mueller team needs to be put on trial immediately. Got it, Lyndsey, Burr, et al?

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  21. apfelcobbler says:

    Also, Sundance’s “coincidence” is hard to ignore – Meuller’s big announcements/ indictments come just before PT is about to conduct some major foreign policy. Last time, Finland.

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    • benifranlkin says:

      it’s another Mueller dud…Cohen caught in a lie because Trump tells the truth and then flies off to the G20 as the leader of the free world with that world watching his and beautiful Melania’s every move in exotic Buenos Aires

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  22. Right to reply says:

    Question. Was building in Moscow Trump’s idea, or was it suggested. If suggested, by whom was it suggested, and when? It is my fervent belief that Trump Tower was wire tapped since 2013, and possibly before. We know for a fact the FBI wiretapped to spy on a Russian renting office space who was committing fraud, but did they remove the wiretap after? I think not, as Trump would most certainly be discussing a Presidential run around that time, and the FBI would have delighted in the info they were gathering for Obama/Clinton.

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    • WSB says:

      Felix Sater may have been the protagonist, however I cannot seem to find a fair link for you to read. So, I won’t post any.


      • Right to reply says:

        If true (doubtful) this story is interesting. Cohen, is actually going above Trump’s head to make a Russian deal. Since when did Lawyers email anyone to discuss/propose building anything? Cohen is seriously dirty! https://www.marketwatch.com/story/heres-what-michael-cohen-is-now-saying-about-the-russia-investigation-2018-11-29


        • Right to reply says:

          Ah, and now we see the stink in the room! Sater is an FBI man. “In 1998, Sater pleaded guilty to his involvement in a $40 million stock fraud scheme orchestrated by the Russian Mafia,[9][10] and became an informant for the Federal Bureau of Investigation and federal prosecutors, assisting with organized crime investigations. In 2017, Sater agreed to cooperate with investigators into international money laundering schemes.”

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          • Right to reply says:

            Loretta Lynch…”Sater agreed to assist the FBI and federal prosecutors as an informant in organized crime. In 2009, he was sentenced to pay a $25,000 fine and served no prison time. As a result of his assistance, Sater’s court records were sealed for 10 years by Loretta Lynch, then the United States Attorney for the Eastern District of New York. Lynch’s decision to seal his records was discussed at her 2015 Congressional confirmation hearings to become attorney general; she stated that Sater provided “information crucial to national security and the conviction of over 20 individuals, including those responsible for committing massive financial fraud and members of La Cosa Nostra”

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            • Right to reply says:

              “Andrew Weissmann, the prosecutor who negotiated the plea deal with Sater in 1998”

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              • PoCoNoMo says:

                According to Dan Bongino, It was Michael Cohen who introduced Felix to Trump and suggested Trump hire him on. Felix Sater and Michael Cohen were friends since Childhood. Cohen then became a sort of go between, for example, getting Trump to sign a letter of intent to do certain building things in Russia. Trump signed the document, but then cancelled it in 2016. It wasn’t illegal, doing business with Russia at that time. (I’m guessing all that could actually have been going on while Mueller, HRC, and the other 7 Uranium One Russian colluders were cooking up their scheme – now that might have been illegal!) It was a great ‘Bagga Donuts’ podcast, but unfortunately I can’t find it now…. Anybody?


  23. Ron Hyatt says:

    Screw the Senate. Lying Saxoshitz.

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  24. So Sessions resigns/fired. Mueller now reports to Whitaker. Yet SD says Whitaker is powerless to stop this. Just exactly what am I missing here? Because both can’t be true. Either he reports to Whitaker or he doesn’t. If Whitaker is Muellers boss, then he most definitely has the power to stop this.

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    • Cooper45 says:

      Good points. After the focused barrage of attacks against Sessions for his recusal, (including by Trump) we are now told that it made no difference at all on the unlimited powers of the Special Counsel.

      I wonder if Jeff is chuckling?

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    • bliss3609 says:

      Jesus also reminds us to take action… prayer must be transformed in to action as we are I the physical realm …

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    • WSB says:

      Cohen’s case was shrewdly switched from a federal court to the NY Southern District. State issues, from what I have read.


    • Krashman Von Stinkputin says:

      Why would Whitaker waste anything in his arsenal on a slimy shyster like Cohen?
      Let Mueller and the MSM have their taxi cab medallion scammer.and Avenatti wannabe.

      Nah……I’d save my energy for a more powerful, effective and perhaps fatal blow.


  25. mazziflol says:

    Sure seems like they are scoring way more hits then our team. Where is the counter punch?

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  26. Cooper45 says:

    If you continually denigrate and threaten people (ie Mueller, Rosenstein) to the world on your Twitter account with 55 million followers +, you should expect some serious no holds barred push back. All sides are Americans and Americans of all political stripes do not like to lose or be incessantly humiliated with words.

    If their main target also refuses or is unable to go into actual attack mode against these same enemy “Justice Officials” with so called evidence laden bomb shells, the strategy (if it can actually be called a strategy) is likely to fail or backfire.

    Genuine “counter punchers” actually punch back rather than unwisely tweet out endless condemnations and idle threats that only further embolden their enemies. The longer Trump’s side delays going on the attack with more than words, it becomes more likely the belated attempt will fail.

    I think Congressmen Nunes, Jordan etc were right when they strongly requested a release of the classified info but there advice and experience was ignored. This Cohen plot indicates that Rod and Robert are not at all intimidated or afraid of anything Trump has. Why would Trump tweet a cartoon of Rosenstein behind bars when he is still his Assistant A/G. It makes no sense to me.

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    • NC Patriot says:

      If you consider Mueller is reduced to “winning” by getting people on “process crimes”——that doesn’t seem like a big win/

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    • Rynn69 says:

      Cooper45 is a shining example of liberal hypocrisy. It is alright to call 65+ million people deplorable, racists, xenophobes, homophobes, scum on Earth, uneducated (need we go on?) and the President the AMERICAN PEOPLE duly elected to represent them, but those same people are not allowed to fight back? BS.

      I think the American people have news for all the Cooper45s in case they do not know it yet, the GOPe may be milquetoast idiots but Americans are not. For years liberals and Democrats have denigrated their opposition with the abhorrent tactics of slandering, besmirching, finger-pointing, and character assassinating to silence their opposition because the liberals/Democrats policy positions do not align with the majority of Americans. Those days are over.

      If you really want to see the culprits that “continually denigrate and threaten people”, I urge you to tune in to the following:

      CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, The Oscars, The Emmys, ESPN, The View, CSPAN coverage (specifically Democrat Congressional pressers, Democrat members of the House and Senate during hearings, Democrat House or Senate floor speeches), Sunday Talk Shows, NPR, leftist social media sites, and Twitter accounts of triggered, intolerant Hollywood.

      There is no issue whatsoever with healthy debate of opposing views, but liberals/Democrats have demonstrated themselves to be the most hateful, intolerant group of people in the room. That is a fact which no one can dispute.


  27. Tl Howard says:

    I wish what Trump has would leak….a little at a time….can we start with Mark Warner?

    Liked by 1 person

  28. Krashman Von Stinkputin says:

    Perhaps it’s time for Grassley/Graham to resubmit their criminal referral of Christopher Steele to Whitaker.

    Liked by 1 person

  29. 57 Alpha says:

    Wake me when Godot arrives.


  30. Maybe this has been mentioned earlier , but Cohen’s lie ( when supposed Moscow project talks ended- he Said January 2016 etc ) was in letter to Commitee in August 2017 , 2017(?!) -almost a year after election (?} , so why would he “lie “ after the the fact about that date ? , the claim in the charge is “he lied because he wanted project to seem ended before Iowa caucuses “ That makes no sense since he wasn’t in Campaign nor was he running around back then saying project was over . Nobody cared what he said and few knew who he was anyway. This is clearly a case of ,as Dershowitz says, a pressured felon / witness “composing a song “ arranged by prosecutors. No one cared what Cohen was saying before the Iowa causcuses. So for him to now say ( 2 years after election ) that the “reason” for lying in his August 2017 letter was because of the 2016 Iowa caucus is total BS

    Liked by 1 person

    • Right to reply says:

      Because Sater also used his contacts to get to Flynn. Felix Sater being a boyhood buddy of Cohen according to stories, and the one suggesting Trump build in Moscow. Sater, is an FBI and CIA INFORMANT. His documents were sealed by Lorreta Lynch before she became AG, and his case was prosecuted by Weissmann. The whole thing stinks!

      Liked by 3 people

    • spoogels says:

      I agree.
      I think he’s lying about having lied. He was given a plea deal to say he originally lied so as to implicate Trump, Ivanka and Jared.
      Because Mueller has zip. Nada.This is how Mueller works,

      Liked by 1 person

      • Plus Sater is naturalized American citizen who lives Port Washington, NY – actually the very ritzy part called Sands Point – ( a Long Island suburb 20 miles from NYC ) for Pete’s sake,! active in local synagogue and not that far from where Bill O’Reilly lives or used to live before divorce . THIS is so called “Russian” that was the point person for “ Russian cullision (?!) n and caused Hilary too lose? . Come on total BS and a witch hunt in a fairy tale.


        • Also remember back to Iowa and therafter , ( the supposed reason for supposed lie) – the big laugh lines on all the MSM shows was “Donald Trump will be Nominee “ “Donald Trump will beat Hilary” ( hysterical laughter followed) and it was supposedly all turned around by Cohen and Sater , come on , give me a break


  31. Jimmy Jack says:

    Michael Cohen has been a plant on Trump since the beginning in about 2007. He was compromised bc of his activities with taxi medallions and the NYC Russian Mafiya.

    We only have the tip of the iceberg on Cohen so far.


  32. Rynn69 says:

    Michael Cohen = Dirty Rat


  33. Bulldog84 says:

    The really important thing I want to know is this: Did Cohen admit he lied about not going to Prague? (sarcasm intended)

    If I have to see Mark “Bucky” Warner’s corrupt face one more time, I think I will throw my laptop out the window. Why do these corrupt hacks also have to be so ugly?


  34. Doug Amos says:

    The really good thing is that we know. No matter what these rats construct, people like Sun Dance pounce on their machinations, reveal their subterfuge and expose the truth. Deep inside all these rats have the discomfort of knowing that we know; that there are no longer any dark places for them to construct there evil deeds.


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