Sunday Talks: Devin Nunes Discusses Rosenstein “Dirty Cop” Success Outlasting FBI and DOJ Investigation…

Interesting interview covering multiple aspects to the change in House power. Soon to be in the minority, HPSCI Chairman Devin Nunes discusses the likely diminished investigation into DOJ/FBI corruption as a result of Rod Rosenstein and “Dirty Cops” running out the clock.

One of the interesting points noted by Nunes is how Speaker Paul Ryan requested the DOJ and FBI declassify internal emails for House committee use. However, DAG Rod Rosenstein refused to provide the emails which highlighted how officials within the institution abused their authority.

It will be interesting to watch how the “trust the plan” group, those proclaiming Rod Rosenstein is the harbinger of DOJ virtue, reconcile today’s interview with Devin Nunes.

January 3rd, 2018.  Obviously, notsomuch….

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461 Responses to Sunday Talks: Devin Nunes Discusses Rosenstein “Dirty Cop” Success Outlasting FBI and DOJ Investigation…

  1. Bogeyfree says:

    Whitaker works and reports to PT right?

    And I get due to the SC, PT must be cautious in any direction he gives Whitaker that could interfere or be considered obstruction in the SC investigation.

    But why can’t PT ask Whitaker and his Nat’l Intelligence Director to conduct a deep audit of the NSA database to see just how much spying by the prior administration occurred and what groups/contractors had access and who authorized the access?

    2nd why can’t PT ask Whitaker to take control of the the Wiener laptop and investigate those contents?

    3rd why can’t PT ask Whitaker to look into Uranium One and see if there were any wrong doings?

    None of these things IMO would be a conflict with the SC investigation but it shows the American people there is still hope that justice can be served by our DOJ and this President.


  2. jmuniz1 says:

    One American News is so much better than FOX people in France England’s and Germany are revolting. They want out of the European union and our President said
    He is going to replace 5 cabinate members who wont remove section 38 of that 1 world trade deal. Its not done yet and h solution wants those responsible in the FBI and doj who he fired for Fast and Furious he’s also replacing more members of the FBI and DOJ..He also has the border under control and Mueller is in trouble


  3. jmuniz1 says:

    One American News is so much better than FOX people in France England’s and Germany are revolting. They want out of the European union and our President said
    He is going to replace 5 cabinate members who wont remove section 38 of that 1 world trade deal. Its not done yet and h solution wants those responsible in the FBI and doj who he fired for Fast and Furious he’s also replacing more members of the FBI and DOJ..He also has the border under control and Mueller is in trouble


  4. Bummer_Man says:

    Not sure I can ever again vote guilty if serving on a jury, not if these sleazy FBI cons walk free after all this.

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    • Joemama says:

      I hear you. If I ever am considered for a jury again, I might just state something like “no reasonable prosecutor would prosecute that case against someone in the government. Since we can’t have dual standards under the law, I don’t think I can find anyone guilty of breaking any law that they have obviously transgressed, because no politician would ever be prosecuted for the same crime.

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    • foolishpride says:

      I am so pro Trump . But can we ever win? .
      Jeff sessions Was compromised


      • Joemama says:

        I do not believe that you are pro President Donald John Trump. Thank you for revealing details on the opposition. I pray for your soul. May you please see the error of your ways.

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      • I read the drivel on the linked site. Seriously, it doesn’t look very professional and the personal attacks on other bloggers than writing about the Deep State is ridiculous. It comes across as immature and vengeful.

        Were your feelings hurt? Poor baby. 🤷‍♀️

        But vipers like Sundunce and Q-Anon are the dangerous “friendly fire” traitors that Trump supporters must be on guard against. As President Trump has warned, beware of snakes.”


        • tanfords says:

          SD analyzes and calls it as he sees. Like all of us he makes mistakes, he occasionally gets clouded, but he is still by far the best, he is HONEST, and he is all in for America.

          Q is a team of scam artists who have been doxed.

          The important thing to recognize right now is that All of President Trumps accomplishments can and likely will be undone (except the Paul Ryan tax cut) once he leaves office.

          Everything MAGA is ephemeral, temporary unless the Swamp is drained and unfortunately President Trump has done little other than tweet.

          Firings, demotions, etc are meaningless. Prison time needs to occur for Dems, Rinos, IC, Obama admin. One arrest on a real charge and the whole swamp comes tumbling down.

          This is war and MAGA is losing the battle that is key to it all: drain the Swamp.

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        • cali says:

          @independentalien: First – I am doxing myself here and state that I am a ‘Trust The Plan’ member of the anons on 8chan.

          You owe @Sundance an apology for your disrespectful behavior and bomb throwing!

          Having said that none of us have ever taken into consideration that RR is a white hat. On the contrary we have known for 1 whole year that he is a dirty swamp rat together with Mueller. The ever efficient Market-Watch guys believe RR to be mistakenly taken for a bad guy. I’m not sure if they still believe that.

          Here is the thing: RR and Mueller are the last remaining firewall of the Insurance policy and their task is to keep the ‘blockade’ against the president up while signaling to their old masters in the UK, AU and deep state swamp that “The Old Guard” remains in control.

          No – I judged RR based on all the info I dug up about him stretching throughout his whole career. Add into that his wife Lisa B – a CIA plant like Nellie Ohr and her activities throughout her career and the conclusion is that this couple is pretty deep in the food chain of the swamp.

          Based on the EO on the white house website dated 21 December 2017 I continue to trust the plan for one simple reason: It goes into full effect on 1 January 2019 and together for the additional EO passed subsequently as addendum a few months later the military tribunals are going mainstream on 1 Jan 2019 while the 2nd EO specifies down to the smallest detail and crimes that is being applied to those who were part of the attempted coup and their counterparts outside the US (FIVEYEZ) plus and tried as enemy combatants.

          I know with all the bombardment of various corners it can get confusing at times. Despite all that my mind remains the same and RR and Mueller will pay for their treasonous activities as much as HRC, Hussein and the rest of these traitors.

          @Sundance: You have always given the best and your work is outstanding. You are the thinker and approach the issue and subject like a prosecutor would.
          Then there is the other spectrum that needs to perfect your case against the subjects as they provide the physical evidence – like our 470-strong military intelligence and NSA.

          This has always been approached by the president and his team as it was suppose to be: A military operation. Without it these traitors would have gotten away delivering all of us to these globalists.

          Only the military via military tribunal, clean DOJ and foul judges replaced across this country as well as the SC are capable to delivering justice. Once’s that begins the propaganda media won’t be able to drown out the truth from the American people and those abroad who are watching and praying. What happens here – happens everywhere.

          @Sundance: Thanks for always being truthful even when we don’t agree but we grow when we use discernment to shake out the truth. I always believe that!

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          • Jackson says:

            Jan. 1 2019, huh.
            Is that an official Q date?

            If nothing happens by Feb. 1 will you entertain that Q is actually a LARP gone out of control?

            It seems like how many major failed predictions the false prophet makes, you guys stick with it

            Sad, so much wasted energy


    • tanfords says:


      The FBI most Wanted is a sham when the biggest criminals in the country dominate leadership positions at the FBI

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    • tanfords says:

      This is the problem when the entire Obama administration was criminals.

      This is the problem when the entire DOJ/FBI management is infested with criminals.

      This is the problem when you don’t arrest Wall Street banksters.

      You normalize criminality.

      Eventually crime by the people becomes a form of revolt.

      The only repair is to arrest the elite criminals and so far Trump shows no signs of having the balls to do it while guys like Nunes have put their freedoms and lives on the line.


  5. agentcommonsense says:

    Yeah well it looks like Mr Whitaker has been sniffing around the corrupt Hillary Clinton for a while now.. According to WikiLeaks anyway .. Maybe I will trust the plan because there is more evidence for the plan than their is everyone and their mother is a corrupt evil dastardly person who is going to have their legacy in the toilet for protecting pedophiles and Anti American crooks with no political power

    Excerpt from link below

    For Clinton, the stakes of the final interview will be high.

    “There’s a lot of jeopardy that is going to happen in this interview. It’s very high-stakes,” said Matthew Whitaker, a former U.S. attorney who now leads a watchdog group called the Foundation for Accountability and Civic Trust.

    The trick for Clinton, he said, will be to make sure that her story lines up with the testimony provided by her aides.

    “They’re only going to ask her questions that they know the answers to already,” he said.

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  6. Elle says:

    So many downer comments. Prior to Trump, Black Panthers were patrolling the polls with baseball bats with zero consequence. DeSantis, Scott, Kemp all were elected., Snipes retired. Look at the DOJ/FBI and see how many career corruptocrats who have been fired or resigned or who are under investigation. These people operated with impunity until last year! Iran sanctions, American economy booming, Shall I go on and on?

    What a bunch of crybabies. Much has been accomplished. Stop eating your own.

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    • motreehouse says:

      A Sunday troll-athon courtesy of the trust the plan crew

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      • Sauce says:

        I don’t think the “trust the plan” crew are the Debbie Dower trolls you speak of….

        The downer trolls have infested this site for the last few weeks sine the election

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        • 4sure says:

          Last I checked, GOPe lost the house. Also thousands of illegals on border ready to cross. Also, last I checked, not a single DOJ/FBI/CIA treasonous bast@#$% has been prosecuted.

          Not exactly great news.

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        • mdaush says:

          I find it ironic that Sundance and many of the Treepers are so willing to criticize and demean fellow Treepers who just happen to read Q also.
          this site and Sundance offers Great truths, critical analysis and hope for the future. All long time readers are better educated and grateful for this information and hard work. Why fellow Treepers who read other sources of info are harangued daily seems at best…unseemly, and at worst… a little over the top.

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          • icehole3 says:

            They want us divided.

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            • Greg says:

              Ding Ding Ding, We have a Winner!!!, the correct answer is “Divided we Fall”. We all want the same thing, Justice, equal Justice applied under the Law, evil eradicated from our Government, our Country, our World and all Communists flaming at the end of a Rope.
              All Treepers. Q’ers and Both’ers agree, only the Communists disagree.


          • tanfords says:

            the youtube scammers who created and post as Q have done great harm to our country.

            while followers are told to wait and Trust the Plan absolutely nothing of long term importance is being done to drain the swamp and the swamp is getting even more brazen with the stealing of elections.

            there should be rallys outside of DOJ. rallys at the WH demanding action to end the corruption and arrest the guilty.

            the Q team are not MAGA, they are slime ball opportunists. praying medic alone was reported to be making tens of thousands of dollars a month on this scam. I have not seen figures of Beanz or kingpin Pamphlett Patriot Soapbox.

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    • Johnny AA says:

      None of the comments I’ve read have suggested that Trump hasn’t accomplished much. I think a fair reading of them would be that it was critical for Trump to attack the radical left prior to the mid-terms–and/or in the lame duck session–in order to avoid potentially giving back many of the gains. Who do you think will be blamed if the economy and markets crater? The Dems now have the means to wreck havoc and the media will do their part. Half the country just voted for the radical left. Would they have done so if Trump had exposed the FISA/DoJ/FBI corruption over the last two months? Wake up.

      Keeping the base energized is not baby-sitting impatient children–it is a critical facet of winning. The Dems just kicked the GOP’s butt and took the House with 20 fewer seats than the “shellacking” that Obama suffered in 2010. They held 47 Senate seats despite the very unfavorable electoral map. After Kavanaugh they shouldn’t have been close enough to cheat. They picked up 300 seats in state level elections–that’s almost 1/3 of the GOP gains made during the eight years of Obama. Crybabies? That’s a pretty foolish misreading of legitimate concerns.

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      • Elle says:

        I have no problem with discussing legitimate concerns, but that is not the same as trying to sway people that all is lost with selective data (as you have just done).

        There is such a thing as realistic expectations. Many of these comments have the feel of young newlywed bit##ing about their spouse failing to obtain beachfront property after 2 years of marriage.


      • tomf says:

        Johnny, the “shellacking” you refer to was the result of cheating.
        The cheating was exposed and is still being exposed.
        The cheating is also being investigated.
        I have faith that indictments will follow.
        The blatant cheating first had to be exposed for all to see.
        Chin up.

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        • tanfords says:

          I pray that you are correct with regards to the indictments. Unfortunately we are still waiting for indictments on Bengazi, U1, Awan, etc.

          Exposing and investigating isn’t enough when, as Nunes says, the cops are dirty and there is no one to make the arrest.

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      • Apollo says:



    • Julia says:

      Stop eating your own is excellent advice for Republican leadership. I grew up with a Communist organizer sibling in California. When I was a kid I thought he’s was the greatest person in the world. When he community organized for political candidates – from the first term of Jerry Moonbeam Brown to the most current term of Moonbeam, he always won. Then I realized why – he always cheated. When I think of all of the people the Democrat party with the help of the Greens, the Democrat Socialists, Socialist Working Party and Communist Party have destroyed, it makes me ill. These people are a scourge on the earth and they’re winning because no amount of fraud is too much.

      The New Party of Chicago was formed to create a fusion within the Democrat Party of Socialists and Communists. They had a huge win when one of their own, Barack Obama, won first the senate and then the presidency. He brought with him the New Party plan to start with the destruction of major cities. Bill DeBlasio was slotted into the New York City mayor’s position and Rhom Emmanuel (aka the creepy ballerina) was slotted into Chicago’s mayor position. The New Party of Chicago was little different from the New Party of Great Britain, which fused into the British Party of Fascists. Their ideology was composed of authoritarianism, protectionism and anti-federalism, as it is here. The party’s gained traction in state elections by enabling its members to be dually listed on voting ballots as New Party, Democrat Party, Green Party, Socialist Party, Working Party, Communist Party. So, take it from me. We’re dealing with the Socialist and Communist Parties now with the so-called Democrat Party. The Republican Party had better sit up and take notice. Our future with these people in the drivers seat can only be violence, civil war and destitution while they grab power and enrich themselves on our backs. Cocaine Mitch had better stop taking those quaaludes and filling up on martinis and steaks. Time to unleash the lawyers and the oversight.


  7. RM says:

    I wont bother to read all of the responses… Just know that the evil ones will be dealt with….

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  8. Bryan Alexander says:

    Some of you people kill me. “Why didn’t Trump……”, “Why didn’t Trump…..”

    1. Trump read the hand writing on the wall very early. With all of the incumbent house members quitting, it was obvious they were throwing the house to the democrats. Trump did not have the time to go to every one of those house districts and and try to stave off losing the house. He concentrated on the Senate, which was MUCH more doable and kept it secured.

    Did you catch what I said? The GOPe House members DELIBERATELY retired en masse to throw the House to the Democrats.Think about that before you ask “Why didn’t Trump…” again.

    2. Trump cannot get anyone approved to take Session’s place. There are not enough votes in the Senate to approve anyone if Trump fires Rosenstein. Trump is stuck with Mueller until the end of His presidency.

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    • icehole3 says:



    • Julia says:

      This is true. Sad to say, current Republican leadership loves to be in a submissive role. They despise the fact that an outsider – a rich, independent outsider who put the kibash on the great and powerful Iran deal – won the Republican presidency. Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan can’t seem to stop loving on Socialism, jailbreak, open borders and Obama’s Muslim Brotherhood and Iranian mullah buddies.

      Kevin McCarthy will be a train wreck in his new position. He gets an F- a 36% score on adherence to Republican issues. The current RINOs favorite game is to pretend they’re great constitutionalists and freedom fighters as long as they’re overpowered by Democrat votes. In January I’m sure they’ll suddenly be chanting “build the wall” and “protect our troops” but they’re not going to do any such thing. They make so much money doing the bidding of lobbyists that I’m not sure there’s any swaying them but it there is a chance, I think it’s through personal humiliation. They’re such self-serving narcissists that embarrassment in public does a good deal to tamp them down. So, whenever you get a chance, call them up, write them, tweet them, boo them in public, yell out questions you have or accuse them of misdeeds whenever you see them. Not nice, not polite maybe, but how else do you get a ruling elitist to do the things they’re paid for? They need to fear us. Just like the Democrats fear their base. And make no mistake, they really do.


    • Julia says:

      Hmmm…as for Mueller, I don’t think that’s true. It’s just that Trump would have to risk impeachment by his own party to attempt to ditch him. If I were Trump, I would open an investigation on Mueller. He wa the FBI Director when Obama was president and he did quite a lot of illegal things. For example, he covered up evidence of Russian mob extrortion, bribery and kickbacks within the American uranium industry. He slapped a gag order on his own FBI informant and threatened him, lest he tell the SIFIUS board of his findings, The SIFIUS board then approved the sale of an American uranium company to a Candadian company, which was promptly bought up by the Russians. Obama then gave special permission for the uranium to leave the United States and the intelligence agencies had to way to track where the uranium went. Likely, it went to Iran.

      Second, Robert Mueller covered up the fact that millions of dollars were routed by Russian nuclear officials to the bank accounts of the Clinton foundation. At the time, Hillary Clinton sat on the government body that provided a favorable decision to Moscow. There are eyewitness accounts backed up by official documents to prove this. Robert Mueller himself was sent to Russia on September 21, 2009 with a stolen 10 gram sample of enriched uranium. It’s pretty clear that since they began in office, both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton were working primarily for the Russians and Iranians, not the American government. If Robert Mueller was charged with half of the felonies he has committed as both FBI and CIA director, he would be in jail for the rest of his life.


  9. HickTick says:

    I think its obvious the losses in these elections were taken by fraud , democrats had no platform and I didn’t see any heavy campaigning . We got Took and these RINO’S were in on it . As far as these Trolls go , they are everywhere doing the Devils bidding . We have a strong Army and The Trump train is still moving , We will never quit , Justice is coming .

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  10. Dutchman says:

    I don’t think I’m a debbie downer, and I know I’m not a troll.

    I like to THINK i’m a realist,….I never thought ‘releasing the kraken’, i.e. the documents, BEFORE the midterms, was a good idea, in terms of ‘helping’ Republicans win votes.
    Low info voters wouldn’t understand it, and it would painted AS a politically motivated release to them.
    Many ‘hardcore Dems, deep in TDS, would or do think that its PERFECTLY FINE to break the law, violate the Constitution, in order to “save our Democracy from Trump”, so they would have NO problem with the ‘soft coup’, except that it didn’t work, or as they would say,…”yet”.

    So, I have felt it wouldn’t help, and MAY hurt.

    Now that the midterms are over, the accusation that the release is to INFLUENCE the midterms is no longer valid, but the accusation that the release is POLITICALLY MOTIVATED, would remain.
    As would the reality that without a lot of context, not sure how many low info voters “get it”, and be outraged, as we are.
    President Trump has, I believe greatly increased his support, over his first two years in office, amongst almost all demographics, and without most voters knowing or following the story.
    My read is HE just got into a p*ssing contest with current and former Govenors of Cal., as to whether the forest fires are caused by “Climate change:, or mismanagement, and HE won.
    As HE pointed out; candidates who embraced, won. Those who ran away from him, lost.
    Thats called POLITICAL CAPITOL, and now, everybody knows it.

    It seems to me some fun may be had, with Dem house. Add some amendment to border wall appropriations bill, for a pre-existing conditions coverage ‘guarantee’.
    If Dems vote against, and Rep. For, run on that next election. Republicans voted FOR a p.c.g., and YOU voted against it!

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    • Ray Runge says:

      I have followed this current Nunes involvement since an incredulous Devin Nunes stood outside the White House and declared, “there is no there, there”. The current reused document release speaks to the same point.

      What underlies the FISA process is not and never has been a reason to begin the Mueller investigation. Out of faith and trust in Nunes’s dogged persuit of the entire affair, the non redacted release of the documents will better expose the DoJ / FBI corrupt involvement.

      Why not a vigorous support for the release of the documents?

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    • Rgt says:

      I only have to go back less than 3 years to see how far my understanding of the problem this country faces. I acknowledge I was awoken and I have Trump to thank. Whether he accomplishes another thing, he has opened my eyes and fundamentally changed the way I view things.
      He totally exposed the media as a propaganda machine populated with useful idiots.
      He has demonstrated that our trade agreements were not about “free” trade an multinational corporations led by MBA’s with soft hands do not care about the US worker.
      (I have a lot of Union friends I owe apologies to since the 90’s)
      He has exposed the Globalists who want to dilute national pride and culture with rampant unregulated migration.
      He has revealed the Progressives for what they are, sociopathic racists still willing to kill millions in their manic pursuit of utopia.
      The election of Trump caused many institutions to expose their true colors and ignorance. The blight of our education system especially our colleges and universities. Indoctrination over for education. The lure of student loans to enslave a generation.
      I could go on an on. The FBI and our intelligence “community” does not have my confidence.
      Trump has accomplished lot with little if any help by those in government. Most importantly it is what he prevented…the installment of HRC in the presidency. Personally he has changed my life. I no longer defer to the powers that be or those in”authority”. Trump has exposed that the emperor has no clothes and I appreciate knowing.

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  11. ForGodandCountry says:

    Anyone thirsting for righteousness this side of the Lord’s return is certain….CERTAIN….to be disappointed. And angry. And bitter.

    Moreover, anyone thinking that PDJT was or is going to be able to drain the swamp in less than a single term….even two….has been setting the wrong expectations for themselves.

    The Lord was very clear and unequivocal in his Word to us. The world will fall, and the USA right along with it. The very BEST we can hope for to simply BUY TIME before the fall that is certainly and inexorably coming.

    MAGA should come with an astrick: *for a while. I believe God intends PDJT to be seen as a Christlike figure…the whole world is against him….yet even so look at the wonders he is performing. PDJT is a sign to give us hope in the King and Kingdom to come….not necessarily in the here and now.

    Embracing these truths removes the sting of the fall and replaces it with the eternal hope and promise of what is to come. Thus, “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be filled.”

    We risk much when we deify PDJT as the left did with Obama. Let us not make that mistake. Let us instead look upon PDJT as a marker…a promise of the King and time to come. Then we shall not grow weary nor faint, and instead steel our resolve and dedication to facing the degenerative times and forces to come with grace, courage, and faith.

    “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”
    Ephesians 6:12

    “After this I looked, and, behold, a door was opened in heaven: and the first voice which I heard was as it were of a trumpet talking with me; which said, Come up hither, and I will shew thee things which must be hereafter.”
    Revelation 4:1


  12. ForGodandCountry says:



  13. NJF says:

    What I want to know is who will be interviewing Whitaker re: “ethics committee?”

    If it’s the same corrupt cast of characters?


  14. The failure of the GOP, including more “aggressive” Congressmen like Nunes, to offensively investigate and uncover this YUGE corruption case is juxtaposed to the incoming Democrat leadership which has a full game plan to launch 24 hour 7 day a week full court press investigations of EVERYTHING going on in the Trump Administration. This failure is equally held by Trump who failed to force GOP Congressmen to expose this corruption. The GOP has blown an opportunity and proven themselves to incompetent at best and active collaborators with the Democrats. Now the House GOP is in the minority. This loss is squarely on the GOP Congress and partially on Trump. What happens next to get out of this mess is anyone’s guess. But at least the GOP got tax cuts. For a year.


  15. The failure of the GOP, including more “aggressive” Congressmen like Nunes, to offensively investigate and uncover this YUGE corruption case is juxtaposed to the incoming Democrat leadership which has a full game plan to launch 24 hour 7 day a week full court press investigations of EVERYTHING going on in the Trump Administration. This failure is equally held by Trump who failed to force GOP Congressmen to expose this corruption. The GOP has blown an opportunity and proven themselves to incompetent at best and active collaborators with the Democrats. Now the House GOP is in the minority. This loss is squarely on the GOP Congress and partially on Trump. What happens next to get out of this mess is anyone’s guess. But at least the GOP got tax cuts. For a year.


  16. DonL says:

    Ryan” You’ll release the docs, right Rod…wink, wink?
    Rosenstein: Sure Paul, it’s the right thing to do for the nation and justice…wink, wink.


  17. Rick says:

    I don’t have a firm position on Q other than that his predictions are no more reliable than a random sample would be from any informed person. That said, if SD plans on continuing to attack Q believers, it’s cowardly to ban them from the comments section. Also, there is no consensus among Q believers that Rod Ro is a white hat. In fact, that appears to be a very minority view. So, not only are Q believers being banned from the comments section, but they are being misrepresented.

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    • Warrior says:

      I don’t think SD attacked the q people. He merely pointed out that their beliefs are unsupported by any factual evidence, that the numerous Q predictions never come to pass and that most of their cult like structure is nonsense. Hardly a radical position. Anyone with any critical thinking skills would come to the same logical conclusions as Sundance did. Wishful thinking is not a substitute for facts.


  18. Kid Jupiter says:

    The American people will pay for their stupidity in giving the House to the Dems.


    • Zorro says:

      The American people will pay but there is a large group who will willingly and cheerfully accept tyranny like losing freedom of speech. They desire to pay more taxes, which is helped by the fact that many of them really don’t pay, just receive the benefits.


  19. merrly says:

    Nunes looks tired. He looks drained, like we all feel. Like we have been in a war, which we have for the past several years.

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  20. George1 says:

    Nunes would be a great Attorney General IMHO.


  21. Zorro says:

    We feel like the teams that play the New Orleans Saints.


  22. Zippy says:

    “as a result of Rod Rosenstein and “Dirty Cops” running out the clock.”

    As a result of Rod Rosenstein and “Dirty Cops” BEING ALLOWED TO run out the clock by both Sessions and PDJT with Sessions leaving immediately after that job is done because the Dems, as expected, take over the House committees and end investigations. STINKS to high heaven.


    • Zippy says:

      BTW, watch what happens with respect to significant immigration changes during the last two months of Rep control of the House. My prediction – NOTHING.

      Give us Congress and we can really accomplish things.
      Give us the Presidency and we can really accomplish things.
      Accomplished in TWO years – tax cut and end of ACA individual mandate.
      House lost.
      Give us the House and we can really accomplish things.

      Don’t tell me about obstructionist RINOs. They are apparently a MAJORITY of the “mostly phony opposition, but we’re still better than the 100% socialist Dem party” party. But PDJT has something called a VETO to get what THOSE WHO ELECTED HIM want. He never used it.


  23. Zorro says:

    Yes, making a soft transition to totalitarian Demosocialism over the next 2 years STINKS.


  24. JonB3 says:

    Love Trump, but disgusted with the GOP ~

    * Give us the House
    * We need the Senate
    * If we only had the Presidency!

    * Ut-Oh, The jig is up, what do we do now? ~ Let’s fight PT and amongst ourselves, lose the House and go back to lying to conservatives, complaining, and getting nothing done … Disgusting Lyin’ Paul Ryan perfect example !

    Aside from PT … Where is our voice in Washington?

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  25. TomA says:

    Sadly, the Spygate coverup has succeeded with the Democrats soon to be in control of the House. Dozens of senior Obama Administration officials will now be excused from prosecution after having committed numerous Class I felonies by persons in a position of trust. Their plan all along has been to wither public interest in this scandal via delay and obfuscation, and then substitute a charade of token gestures for actual justice and followed by a sham closure. There will always be a judicial double standard for the DC elites versus Mainstreet citizens.

    Nunes could change this with just one simple public hearing and allow lower-level federal whistle-blower employees to testify about the conduct of non-governmental personnel (contractors) being allowed to research the NSA database for political purposes and then leaking this classified information to FusionGPS. This is the same crime DOJ intends to use against Julian Assange, but will not prosecute against our own homegrown criminals. What the folks in the DC bubble do not understand is that Mainstreet has not been fooled, and the ensuing cynicism and distrust will be a heavy price for this betrayal.


    • lawton says:

      The DOJ should be arresting these clowns. They know exactly what took place and how it was criminal.


    • George1 says:

      As the hords of Orcs breached the walls of our Republic intent on the extermination of all that is good, a mighty cry from the Congress was heard. ” Tax cuts, Tax Cuts, Tax Cuts!!! And so there were tax cuts for everyone. Especially the Orcs!


  26. MaineCoon says:

    Nunes gave it his best shot. To the end. He worked hard for us and for POTUS. Will always hold Nunes in high esteemed.

    Liked by 2 people

  27. scooby184 says:

    I read and took note of your column a few days ago calling for civility.
    But how are we to reconcile that with your statement “It will be interesting to watch how the “trust the plan” group…”
    I am but a lurker here, commenting infrequently, but your oft thinly veiled condescension towards a very large group of people is not done in good spirit imho.
    People disagree on methods and ideology, but for the most part I believe the ones frequenting your site are true supporters of President Donald J. Trump.
    I sign this ‘Respectfully, A Diehard Trump Supporter’


  28. Jackson says:

    “Trust the plan” is the motto of the Q-tatds.

    Nothing that their false god had predicted for over a year has come to pass, and yet they still believe. It’s a political cult, hopefully it doesn’t end with a Jonestown event.


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