Sunday Talks: Bob Goodlatte Discusses Turning Over DOJ/FBI Probe to Senate….

Outgoing and retiring Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, Bob Goodlatte, appears on Fox and Friends weekend to discuss the status of investigations into the DOJ and FBI corruption.

Goodlatte notes the reason for former FBI Director James Comey to refuse to testify to a closed session, and also outlines how the joint House Oversight and Judicary committee will turn over their investigative material to the Senate Oversight (Ron Johnson) and Senate Judiciary (likely Lindsey Graham) committees.

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84 Responses to Sunday Talks: Bob Goodlatte Discusses Turning Over DOJ/FBI Probe to Senate….

  1. WSB says:

    Subpoenas a comin?

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  2. feralcatsblog says:

    It would be so much simpler to just burn DOJ and FBI HQ’s to the ground.

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  3. rumpole2 says:

    More circus.

    I take the point that investigative interviews are typically done in private as an investigation proceeds… but Congress do NOT do proper investigative interviews at all. We have seen the public ones, and the ones behind closed doors are just as farcical I am sure. With Dems running interference etc.

    What is needed is Comey (and others) INTERROGATED by real investigators (FBI) and a Grand Jury… not questioned by posturing Senators.

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  4. Anon says:

    Appoint a special prosecutor.

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    • rumpole2 says:

      THAT did not work out well last time (Mueller)

      Lets try running a proper DoJ/FBI who investigate crimes and prosecute.

      Release the Whitaker.

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      • mr.piddles says:

        Mueller is “Special Prosecutor” in name only. Real title: “Special Obfuscator”.

        Mueller is a sham. A REAL special Counsel could get to the bottom of that which needs to be gotten to the bottom of.

        Remember, Whober was supposed to be better than YASP (Yet Another Special Prosecutor)? Well, what the hell, Whober? Whhhooobbberrrrr where aaarrre yooouuuuu?!?!?

        I think Whitaker has a hair across his ass about all this. I’m cautiously optimistic he will work with Graham et al on making substantive progress on making corrupt individuals accountable for their actions. Hoping. That’s all I can do. At least Whitaker is a “corruption guy”, and is, supposedly, on Team Trump regarding everything that’s happened over the past 24 or so months. HOPING we see an unbiased Special Counsel that actually cares about the importance of integrity within the DOJ sand FBI, and KNOWS that We The People require full transparency in order to restore some semblance of trust in the system. For what it’s worth.

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  5. yadent says:

    The Dims may be intelligently evil but the Republicans, for the most part, are frauds. Who would one rather face, the avowed enemy in front of you or the ‘friend’ behind you???

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    • sentinelle says:

      Neither. I’m experiencing this mental state of confusion. I walked away from the Democrats.

      In this thread, I’m glad to see the Republicans will continue to try to expose what went down during the Obama administration and the cover ups. It’s obvious that Comey wants to avoid answering questions that would be classified or as said here, give a heads up to others yet to be interviewed.

      In an earlier thread I find myself going through the symptoms of cognitive dissonance. I was very opposed to Dick Cheney and worried that his daughter was being groomed to carry forward his eternal war for peace agenda and therefore prepared to be opposed to anything she said. Yet here I agreed with her thoughts on borders and on the attitude regarding conservative women.

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      • churchmouse says:

        Thank you for the #WalkAway, sentinelle.

        Welcome to forging a better way of governance and leadership — not always perfect, but, with MAGA, getting there one win at a time, even in adversity.

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        • sentinelle says:

          Giving thought to the word “forging”. It is that. Not by violence, but by steadfastly moving toward a better government that is working for us, and by we the people.
          Thank you. 🙂

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    • Aeyrie says:

      Neither. Step from between them and crack their effing heads together!


  6. Skippy says:

    Nothing but full respect for Senator Goodlatte and the job he has done trying for two years to get to the bottom of the abysmal current political circumstances in these United States. I am very sorry Senator Goodlatte is retiring and have told him so, yet understand there is a time and a place to move on in life. My best wishes to you and yours Sir. Full respect and best wishes!

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  7. Jake says:

    Goodlatte and the rest of the RINOs did nothing but talk for the last 2 years. The next 5-6 weeks will be more of the same.

    Nobody in jail. Not even POTUS doing the job. If Dems had the situation reversed they would have to build a new, bigger jail by now.

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    • USMC_grunt says:

      Exactly correct. This is a joke I am finished paying attention.

      Thank you Sundance and all who contribute here. I am finished wasting my time waiting for nothing to happen.

      I remain loyal the the president and my conservative values.

      Good luck Treepers.

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      • FuBu says:

        Don’t quit and don’t go away. You have to play the long game. That’s exactly the result they expect. Deny, Deflect, and Delay and eventually they go away.

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        • USMC_grunt says:

          You are probably right, but unfortunately in my opinion the only thing the long game will bring is more Rhino leadership and eventually another Rhino president.

          We the people need to take back OUR country.

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          • Aeyrie says:

            Then, I guess you better not quit then, eh USMC Grunt? Stay with us! Its up to all of US to make the change we want to see. We need to stick together and work for it. Will you help us keep the pressure on until we win?


          • amanda4321 says:

            USMCGrunt- Yes, we need to take our country back, but I don’t think we know how. I think we have the numbers, and Trump has the platform, but they won’t let us elect people to support him–they just steal it with all the vote fraud, which has been going on for decades. Maybe now that it’s so out in the open, we the people can do something to stop it. It just seems like we will never get our country back until we fix election fraud. We’ve been trying to do this lawfully and peacefully, but the criminals keep blocking our efforts.


  8. john edward lorenz says:

    So they pass it to the Senate. With no released information, so what? The Senate can indict who? No indictments and trials, no justice for the American people. This was an attempted coup and the chief perp wants to run in 2020. No second SP or Whittier run investigation then we get screwed again. The elites have no accountability. Unacceptable.

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  9. marko says:

    All of these investigations and no one has been held accountable. Bruce Ohr still working for the DOJ isn’t he? McCabe not prosecuted. Congress investigations which produce nothing but give these politicans the ability to go on Fox News and crow.

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  10. ALEX says:

    I will say this, in the interviews I’ve seen with Senator Graham he understands fully what went on and he has called for a Special Prosecutor. I would much rather he in charge than anyone in the House.. At minimum this will continue.

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  11. HelloGovernorDeSantis says:

    The Senate remains Republican, while the House becomes Democrat.

    Get those docs to safety.

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  12. Boris Dabot says:

    This is all a big nothing burger. Only thing accomplished was getting my hopes up.


  13. Ruckus Tom says:

    And Comey said, “Sorry, I can’t answer that question due to the on-going Mueller investigation”.

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  14. rmramerica says:

    Have a different view than many here, each time I see and hear Goodlatte the more and more I’m unimpressed. He’s all show and cover for both himself and his colleagues. His TV comments are for the ardent followers and driven ideologues. He’s going to do and accomplish nothing. Period. Nothing. Just another political hack and fumbling fool. Be happy that is gone in a few weeks. Everyone should be prepared – nothing will come of any of this. No one will be indicted, no one held accountable. That’s life in the DC swamp. Wish it weren’t so, but that’s the reality.


  15. Kris says:

    It’s obvious Comey wants an open session to avoid answering the questions that can only discussed privately.

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  16. Rowdyone says:

    I’ve proposed this before without much response but I’ll try again. President Trump should appoint a Presidential Commission on DOJ/FBI Corruption that would be inherently independent from direct Democratic obstruction. There is plenty of evidence in the public domain already to establish legitimacy and I’m sure Rep. Nunes would be glad to turn over his findings to the Commission. The cast of characters pictured above could hardly blow off appearing before the Commission as they routinely do now to Congress without appearing to have something to hide. IMHO this is the last, best method to bring these perps and those who shielded them to justice and preserve the legitimacy of these now tarnished institutions.

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  17. thedoc00 says:

    Oh goody, the House Republican investigation being turned over to the corrupt senate committees and very same people who abdicated control to the Democrats on those committees. Didn’t the Senate Intel committee actually oppose House efforts??

    So, is McConnell going to reorganize the chairmanships??

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  18. California Joe says:

    Goodlette and the Republicans are useless. I’ve given up totally on them doing anything except talking. It’s like trying to teach a pig to sing opera. It’s a waste of your time and just annoys the pig!


  19. ImHopeful says:

    I’ve held hope for so long, even in my “pen name” here.

    I cheered Devin Nunes, Jim Jordan, and all the rest as they worked so hard to shed light on what had happened. I waited with as much patience as I could muster for the indictments to come after McCabe was finally fired. As text messages came to light and stories were connected, and SD and contributors here pieced together time lines and FACT-based info, it seemed to be coming together. I believed Hannity, and Sara Carter, and Joe DiG, and Dan Bongino – it was coming – just hold on!

    I felt that cold anger as time slipped away and the media portrayed our President as trying to peddle conspiracies. I seethed as the criminals wrote books and went on tours, with their lying words and condescending tones – and smirks – always the smirks. We all know the ones – the lying liars who lie… and leak, and conspire, and frame innocent people, and pat themselves on the back as they commit treason (or sedition).

    After reading Gregg Jarrett’s book, I felt SO certain it was finally time… and like many here, I watched the calendar, thinking the mid-terms were just a few months, then a few weeks away – and surely the MOAB was finally going to hit. The facts were so clear – surely they could no longer be ignored. The good guys were just waiting for the right moment – that opportunity to strike that was perfectly timed. I just had to be patient.

    Justice has been so elusive; they walk free among us. Some of them still working, or with cushy new jobs, some of them hailed as heroes. Unbelievably, many of our fellow citizens still don’t know what was done. I will continue to hope and pray that things turn around – that’s about all I can do at this point.

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  20. rustybritches says:

    Like You, I too felt that at any second the truth would be revealed and finally some of these people would go to jail, but nothing but more talk, I have prayed and sworn at my TV more than ever before in my life and asked The good lord to please help those who were trying to help the President to prevail but nothing came of that either just learning that in this life, its all in Gods time and not mine, other wise it would have been finished yesterday..

    Its being shown today that Graham has gone back to the back stabbing Tweeb that he always was now that he will be taking over the new committee so don’t rely on him for anything but more Problems I am sorry to that the New AG is not doing anything to stop Mueller on the surface where people can see but maybe he has a plan, I do hope so.

    I have been called a troll on here along with a few other people, so let me make my self clear. I am not a troll, I have been a supporter of the President since day one and will continue to do so
    Yes, at times I get scared and I panic because I am a worrier and come looking for good advice and looking at some of you for answers that maybe you dont have, but because you are more up on this stuff than I am I do look to others for support..
    I am sorry, if you think that what I say is not keeping with what you believe but I continue to say what I think and I have not always done that in my past, I have let others walk all over me but not anymore.. I really like Sundance and want to continue to come here, however, any time you would like to tell me to leave I will do so no questions asked..

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    • churchmouse says:

      It’s difficult, especially now.

      There was a two-year (okay, nearly) window that the GOP leaders could have used to seize the day. Some tried their best, but others did not.

      I sense your pain. We’re all experiencing it, whether in the US or abroad.

      Please pray or channel positive thoughts (if you prefer) to President Trump and his administration who are working so hard on behalf of all Americans.

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  21. railer says:

    Goodlatte is simply another Swamp creature, always has been. He’s there to warm RINO cockles on Hannity, then help the Swamp cover up the crimes.

    Goodlatte runs with a few million dollars of Swamp cash, election after election, and has the likes of George Will cheerleading for him. If he was a threat to the Swamp, they’d go after him like they did Brat. He’s no threat though.


    • Deplorable_Infidel says:

      “If he was a threat to the Swamp, they’d go after him”

      That is so ingrained into the “Alinsky-ites” that Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) was actually able to use that as a gauge to how close he was actually getting to the truth. The closer he got to what “the swamp” did not want exposed, the more severe and personal the attacks on him started coming from the dimms and Main Sewer Media propaganda peddlers of fake news.

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  22. John55 says:

    The Republicans in the Senate have displayed zero (or even less then zero) interest in investigating this scandal over the last two years, so I’m not holding out much hope that they’ll suddenly change their tune now.


  23. Sauce says:

    Hey, I look at this as a net positive, if keeps it from undoubtedly buried by One Adam Shiit, that’s good news


  24. sha44ss says:

    oh Gosh…if Treepers are giving up there IS no hope for us…..

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    • G. Combs says:

      “….if Treepers….”

      The ‘opposition’ really is good at Psy-Ops aren’t they?

      This was a really good article on the US government’s Psy-ops from 2003. Unfortunately it has been ‘disappeared’

      Try the Wayback machine:
      (My browser is too old to pull the copy up.)

      This is an old article from the ‘Farm Wars’ (The WTO won and you food is much, much less safe as a result. I charted the number of food borne illness out breaks three years before and after the WTO takeover of our food supply… They doubled for each of the three years after as a result of ‘corporate inspection’ replacing USDA/FDA inspection .)

      “….Surging Disinformation Analysts Commenting On Your Favorite Websites To Emotionalize and Antagonize

      Ever wonder why those same obnoxious, arrogant and infrequent users just happen to appear on the heels of very controversial posts like clock-work? They monitor, wait and then pounce of the same topics to emotionalize and antagonize legitimate users on social networking and thousands of other websites……

      From facebook to forums, comment boards and even professional websites, many of these disinformation specialists use tactics designed by experts to defame, distract, and destroy the truth.

      How do front groups accomplish this goal? The most valuable currency for any front group is propaganda and disinformation. Specific tactics include:

      Astroturfing (Fake Grassroots)
      Pretending your group represents the little guy, usually farmers, small business owners, or consumers. The idea is to make the public feel like the group is on their side and their interests are under attack by government and the elite.

      Shooting The Messenger
      Discrediting critics often by mocking them, calling them names like “food police” and “extremists” and otherwise marginalizing them.

      Buying Science
      Paying for research, hiring scientific experts as spokespeople, placing science stories in media, all without disclosing the conflict of interest.

      Preying on people’s fears, especially related to the economy; for example, saying a policy will result in higher food prices or job losses.

      Another common tactic employed by front groups is frontline “disinfo artists” to “debunk” claimed common “myths”…..”


  25. Firefly says:

    If Comey can play this game there must not be a real subpoena in the works. Goodlatte is just stringing everyone along until 3 January when he leaves.

    There’s no Fisa legislation in the works either. We know the abuses in the 99 page report, and all Weissman did in response was write a vague and general letter saying the DOJ would work to do better in the future. Now Weissman his Mueller’s pitt bull.


  26. Aeyrie says:

    Oh yes. Those Dems and Rinos are feeling real safe and comfy right now, aren’t they! And we’re giving up and going away, resigned to defeat. They are jubilant. When does an enemy feel safe and comfortable? When he is NOT. (Sun Tsu) A lot of time and patience has gone into carefully, stealthily setting a steel trap. Don’t give up just yet. Watch.


  27. Harleyd says:

    A lot of comments stating the obvious (i.e., either what has or what has not happened).

    Not much speculation on why. That’s the real enigma.

    My guess, formed over time, is that this is some form of the proverbial “Mexican Standoff”.

    PDJT and his team obviously have a wealth of incriminating information on the swamp. But the swamp probably has information (true or not but at least merchandisable) that could make PDJT’s life (or more probably the lives of his kids and loyalists) very uncomfortable. Not as significant as the sedition and treason of certain swampers, but something that could haunt younger members of the Trump team for years. And couple this with what seems to be PJDT’s desire to “save” the institutions of the DOJ and FBI. He wants to fix them without totally destroying them. Changing the fan belt while the engine is running. Slow, step by step, incremental improvement. No Big Ugly.

    If true, it suggests that what little progress that has been made against the swamp has been more of a negotiation than a hammer. The swamp has to sacrifice some people, with some punishment, but each seems carefully calculated to show progress but spare the victim (ie., resignations with pensions, no indictments, or pleas to very lesser charges, etc). And I’ll bet a whole bag of senior swampers (Obama, Clinton, Brennan, Jarrett, etc.) have been placed in the “Embarrass, neuter, undermine reputations, reverse policies, etc. but DO NOT INDICT” bucket.


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  28. MaineCoon says:

    All came to naught. Everything.


  29. Denver says:

    you’re being lied to by Goodlatte. The only option Comey had as to where and when he would testify was up to the House. Period. Bureaucrats don’t tell congress what to do.


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