Republican Kevin McCarthy Voted to Lead Minority…

The GOPe big club know how to control political outcomes.  During internal party elections today current republican Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, who failed to keep a republican majority, was approved by a vote of 159-43 to become the new 2019 minority leader.  It is likely McCarthy will be successful in retaining the GOPe minority.

California Republican Kevin McCarthy was challenged by Ohio Republican Jim Jordan, but overwhelmingly McCarthy was seen by House republicans as the more moderate, less controversial, representative.  The House is now positioned to play the preferred role of loyal opposition when the flags change color amid the spire of the UniParty House.

There’s an irony in McCarthy elevating to the Minority Leadership role within the same election cycle that sees Dave Brat defeated in Virginia and Paul Ryan retiring from congress.  Brat defeated Eric Cantor, the former GOPe Majority Leader; stunning the GOPe leadership (Boehner, Ryan, Cantor and McCarthy) and derailing Wall Street’s 2014 open-border GOPe immigration agenda. [Cantor-primaried ’14; Boehner-retired ’16; Ryan-retired ’18; and now the lone McCarthy takes control.]

Biggest Winners:  Tom Donohue, Rupert Murdoch and the Koch Brothers.


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573 Responses to Republican Kevin McCarthy Voted to Lead Minority…

  1. robohobo2014 says:

    See that picture? He is wiping his chin after Ryan.

    The eGoP RINO’s are back!

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    • Sandy Lueder, PhD says:

      I wanted Jim Jordan to win. He would have kicked butt. I don’t trust McCarthy.

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      • anthony earl says:



      • Patsy says:

        POTUS will not put up with his crap. He’s got his #.


      • swal106 says:

        You probably shouldn’t trust ANY of our Republican Congressmen, Sandy. They went into a closed door session and held a secret ballot election, that came out with a vote of 159-43 for McCarthy. Now tell me, who is being scammed in a secret election? You and I, of course. I called my Congressman, Gibbs and railed on him to his call screener demanding to know how Gibbs voted and he wouldn’t tell me. Therefore I take it that he voted for the RINO. Gibbs was on the very stage with the President and Jordan last week in the Cleveland rally saying how we must vote for conservative Republicans. What does he obviously do one week later? Votes against the true conservative, fellow Ohio Congressman for a RINO. I am beyond that word you use when you’re really ticked off, to say the least.


    • Steve says:

      The problem with the whole scenario of voting for the RINO McCarthy was it was all preplanned. That’s why it was done beyond closed doors in a secret ballot election and it turned out 159-43 for the RINO. I called my congressman demanding to know how he voted and his screener would not tell me. Now you think about that. I live in Ohio, my congressman, Gibbs stood on the platform just last week with Jordan and the President at the rally in Cleveland spouting how we need conservatism and he most likely turned around and voted for this RINO from California. Didn’t even vote for his fellow Ohio colleague. We need to clean house the next primary season.


  2. emeraldcoaster says:

    For weeks leading up to Election Day, here in Mark Meadows’ district (NC-11), I endured scads of radio ads pronouncing Kevin McCarthy’s “Build the Wall, Enforce the Law Act.” Made it sound like the California congressman was single-handedly doing the heavy political lift. Guess those ads will dry up now and GOPe leadership will get back to shoveling bovine scatology.

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    • LukeC says:

      I heard the same ad in Virginia while listening to Rush. The ad was sponsored by a group with “Tea Party” in its name. That group (whomever they are) must think those hearing to it are a bunch of dupes.

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    • lemmonee says:

      Here in Texas too adds ran all day long.

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    • Republicanvet91 says:

      I heard the ad, or one of them anyway, here in western Colorado.

      It made it sound as if McCarthy would be spending every waking moment laying bricks on the wall.

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    • Heard that same stupid ad in Florida since August, probably more than any ads for actual Florida GOP candidates.


    • Sandy Lueder says:

      I think it was only an election strategy. It didn’t work. Republicans seem to prefer being the minority party. They are sure good at it.


      • louche9 says:

        The Republicans want the same thing the Democrats want – a continuation of Obamacare, endless, unvetted immigration, a hollowing-out of the American middle class – to serve the globalists paying off both them and the Dems. The Republicans have a problem, though, in that their constituents overwhelming don’t want anything the Reps are bribed to support.

        Their clever solution – remain the minority, opposition party. The Democrats are constantly in charge, and the Republicans can put up a token resistance to the selling out of the country, then say they tried. Possibly no group was more shocked and terrified when PT won, catapulting the Republicans into the driver’s seat, than the RINOs.


  3. jeans2nd says:

    McCarthy is from Super-Majority California, which offically renders zero support for Republicans, and never will..
    Jordan is from MAGA Ohio, a bellweather state, a state which can swing elections, and is (or was) quickly becoming straight MAGA.
    The GOPe elects McCarthy as Majority Leader.

    Tell me again, oh please, exactly how it is the GOPe is the party of reason and logic?

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  4. datagooroo says:

    McCarthy was on fox just now talking about the provisional ballot fraud in California and theatlawyers are looking into it.


  5. Linda K. says:

    What good id it to see all of this corruption going on and to be able to do nothing to stop it or make people care?

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  6. Linda K. says:

    What good is it to see all of this corruption going on and to be able to do nothing to stop it or make people care?

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  7. jmuniz1 says:

    George Carlin is taking about the Kochs not Trump. They dont like him because he is repersents main street but we voted for an outsider who has no donors. We gought through this one Desantis and Rick Scott will win Florida. Mcsally was supposed to stay until January but she did not. Do not fret friens its a Big club they dont want an outsider President but he won. None of those canidates would have beaten Clinton.


  8. “Republican Kevin McCarthy Voted to Lead Minority…”

    And the corruption and war against the American citizen and our constitution by the corrupt uniparty continues.

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  9. zephyrbreeze says:

    Kevin McCarthy Filthy Whore, spreading the disease of corruption.


  10. As an outsider looking in I just cant believe how lacklustre and ineffective the GOP, and especially the leadership, has been since the inauguration and up to, and including, the recent mid-terms. As a result, I predict that the GOP are going to get smoked in 2020 and then I fear the Dems will stay in power for many decades and will probably succeed in their efforts to destroy the US as we know it.


  11. SteveC says:

    We need to help Ocasio-Cortez become speaker.


  12. notunderwhelmed says:

    I have experienced a deluge of email and phone calls from republicans to send $ to fight the vote theft from every state where elections were stolen. I contributed repeatedly over the last 3 years. I am done. Republicans allowing “the steal” are complicit. It is a game to dupe responsible constitutionalists into a false hope that both sides are playing this game of keeping the illusion of a split balance of power. Thus both parties are given the “out” of never moving forward except to facilitate the global plan. We are truly screwed. I had hope — now as I watch votes being blatantly stolen while the RNC complies– I realize we will never win. I will not give anyone another dime except folks like Judicial Watch. The RNC are worse than democrats. They offer illusion . Thus they are even more diabolical and dishonest– kind of like Fox. There truly is no free press.

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    • swal106 says:

      They’re complicit alright. There is no one to blame for the debacle in Broward County Florida but Governor Scott himself. He should have removed Snipes the very day her conviction of election fraud came down earlier in the year. He has the authority as the Governor if that state to put a stop to her criminal activities and failed to act on it. OR, was he being politically correct?


  13. Pelosi’s new lapdog?


  14. rbette1299 says:

    So with these 500,000 “found” votes in AZ the Republican lost.. Then they will find more votes in other states until Trump loses the senate also.
    This is what happens when you tolerate vote fraud. Fakers just synthesize whatever they need. There’s no way 500, 000 votes “went missing” in Arizona, but if it is what is needed to flip an American election TOTALLY over to the New World Order, 500, 000 it will be. If this is allowed to proceed, they’ll just do it in more states. If we permit this, We’re SCREWED. If we don’t see prosecution for vote fraud, our time as a nation is up.

    So what is being urged by the moderate “pussy” Republicans? Just stay “strong and positive and pray” and maybe next time . . . . . . well, SCREW THAT! We have been “strong and positive” for FAR TOO LONG, tolerating steal after steal after steal and it is time to take action. Anything else is accepting a pitch fork through the brain.
    I am not staying positive after a steal of this magnitude. They just proved the system is not workable and needs a solid purge.

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  15. Gary Lacey says:

    Republican Flunkies Party, yes, they’re back to where they want to be, Democrats flunkies.
    While I’m not a prophet, seer, tarot card reader, I can see the end of The United States of America, the Democrat Party is hell-bent on destroying the greatest country the earth has ever had!

    Sadly, I won’t be here to see the carnage and destruction they have wrought, it will be the making of their own demise.


  16. elmo says:


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  17. swal106 says:

    Every Republican voter should be outraged at the party leaders right now. They went into a closed door session yesterday and came out with a secret ballot vote of 159-43 for McCarthy over Jordan as the new Republican Leader. Let’s see here–Secret–1) Kept from knowledge or view. 2) Working with hidden aims or methods. 3) Designed to elude observation or detection. So now you tell me folks, just WHO was our Republican Leadership representing here? We need to absolutely clean house in the 2020 primary, I for one am sick of the deceit perpetrated by these RINO’S. Vote NO for those incumbents, unless they come out and tell us they voted for Jordan. Enough is enough. I will NOT tolerate this deception any linger myself.


  18. JimmyJack says:

    I hate the Republican party more as a Republican than I ever did as a Democrat.

    FFS, destroy the GOPe already.


  19. dallasdan says:

    My congressional friend who won re-election advised me verbally that the GOPe re-emphasized its private threats to reduce/withhold 2020 support for Repubs not voting for McCarthy. Jordan was told to “pound sand” and “stay out of the way.”

    He/she assured me that House business will be chaotic for the next two years, and the MAGA legislative agenda is largely dead. For many House Repubs, it’s now all about enjoying the cocktail party circuit and accommodating lobbyists to secure campaign money.

    The consequences of the election were clearly of little consequence to the GOPe..


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