Countermeasures and Questions…

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Adverse Action:  On March 15th, 2017 ODNI Dan Coats was confirmed.  On March 16th, 2017 the ODNI instructed the FISA court clerk to provide him with the Carter Page FISA application (not the DOJ file version); which was delivered March 17th, 2017 to the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence (SSCI). [It was immediately leaked]

Question: Who would likely be in a position to request, demand or influence the ODNI to produce the FISA application?  Most sensible, valid and likely answer would be: Gang-of-Eight oversight SSCI Chair Richard Burr/Vice-Chair Mark Warner.

Countermeasure: On April 26th, 2017, ODNI Dan Coats publicly releases a 99-page FISC opinion on systemic DOJ and FBI FISA-702(16)(17) abuse.

Question: Why?  Why make the Rosemary Collyer report public?  No-one was looking for it, and the statutory oversight of the report is the House Judiciary/House Intelligence.

Adverse Action:  On November 30th, 2017, Michael Flynn accepted a plea deal with Robert Mueller; under very sketchy circumstances.

Countermeasure: Immediately thereafter, December 1st, then 2nd, then 3rd, and more on the 4th, a public release of Lisa Page and Peter Strzok text messages; information about their removal(s); along with information about Bruce Ohr (demotion 1) and wife Nellie Ohr connection to Fusion-GPS.

Question: Where did that initial mass push of information come from?  Who released it? Why did they release it?

Adverse Action: Early February, 2018, media and democrats attack HPSCI Chairman Devin Nunes over process for releasing “Nunes Memo”.

Countermeasure: February 9th, 2018, text messages between Senator Mark Warner and Lobbyist/Lawyer Adam Waldman, revealing conversations and intentions for secret contact with Christopher Steele are released to the public.

Question:  Who released them?  Who made them public? How do we find out about it? Why were they made public?

Adverse Action: June, 2018, DOJ outlines evidence of extensive document leaking from Senate Security Official James Wolfe.  However, indictment downplays charges against James Wolfe, despite severity of cited and evidenced unlawful activity.

Countermeasure: July, 2018, Public FISA application release.  Including a singularly unredacted FISC clerk date stamp (March 17th) within the release.  That stamp connects the details of the Wolfe indictment evidence to the FISA court submission to the SSCI.

Question(s):  #1. Why release the Carter Page FISA application at all?  No-one was looking for it. The FISC isn’t foia-able; it was the easiest document to keep hidden under national security grounds; yet, it just appeared and was released.  Why?  Who released it?

#2. With all other dates redacted, why not redact the one date that connects the FISA to the Wolfe leak?  Who made the decision to leave that key date visible?

Adverse Action:  June 14, 2018, FBI downplays IG report on bias within institution. FBI Director Christopher Wray announces “no evidence of bias” in Clinton investigation.

Countermeasure: Release of the FISA application (July 21, 2018).

Question: Again, who released the FISA application?  Why?



In short, what has always been puzzling; and in the bigger picture visible; is that the institutions are protecting themselves with “Adverse Action”. However, immediately following each adverse action, we see a mysterious countermeasure of sunlight from an unknown origin. And we never stop to ask: where does the sunlight come from?

  • How do we find out about the Mark Warner text messages?
  • Who publicly released the Carter Page FISA application?
  • Where did the four day flood of information (Dec 1st – 4th, 2017) about Lisa Page and Peter Strzok come from?
  • Who released that Page/Strzok information to the media?  Why?
  • Who made the decision not to indict James Wolfe for leaking classified information?
  • Who made the decision NOT TO redact the key FISC clerk stamp?
  • Where is all of this “unofficial” evidence coming from?

We gleefully chew over all the details, but in the bigger picture – where is/was all of this public information, the countermeasures, the evidence that exposes the corruption, coming from?

….And oddly, there’s never been a visible sign any effort was made to stop the public countermeasure outflow.

More later.

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  1. Akindole says:

    “How do we find out about the Mark Warner text messages?”

    I think I mentioned a few months ago (I can’t remember) that this had totally baffled me.
    Glad to see I’m not the only one, SD.

    This stuff is indeed weird.

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  2. Troublemaker10 says:

    The dni fisa abuse release may have been at the request of the White House?

    The Carter Page fisa leak may have been a blue dye or canary trap by DOJ (Huber?) To catch a leaker.

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  3. CanYouHearMeNow? says:

    There’s a plausible argument that Sen Warner is counter-intel, which might explain where some document releases of the countermeasures. H/T DSF


  4. Beau Geste says:

    And Nunes and Jordan


  5. woohoowee says:

    The “why” questions bring to mind the same questions that occur re: mass shooters – when the social media is left up at least long enough for people to get screenshots on some of the psychos, but social media is wiped clean on other psychos and we learn of what the perp supposedly posted thru CNN, etc. Why?

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  6. fleporeblog says:

    Thankfully we are able to hang onto Scott’s Seat in Florida! The counting of ballots is over as of 12:00 PM today! All that is left throughout the state is the counting of military ballots that come in. Those ballots have a 10 day window from Tuesday, November 6th. That window ends on Friday, November 16th. Scott and DeSantis’ leads will only increase.

    In the meantime they will do a machine only recount for DeSantis since his victory is within 0.5% and a hand recount for Scott since his victory is within 0.25%.

    That will put us at 53 Republican Senators! Arizona is still outstanding, however, I don’t see us winning. Tonight’s dump from Maricopa will be really important for McSally.

    53 Republican Senators overcomes Murkowski, Collins and Romney (non judicial nominations because he will vote for judicial nominations). Sasse is a POS but he has voted 98% of the time with our President.

    He has a Liberty Score of 94%.

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  7. Grassleysgirl/Breitbartista says:

    I’m with you on ^^^this.
    Thus my handle.


  8. Beau Geste says:

    Sundance has a picture of ali watkins. Whatever happened to her? is she still plying her trade to get scoops?


  9. Searkreb says:

    Why does it always have to be a countermeasure?
    Why can’t white hat info be put out preemptively?

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    • Summer says:

      The skeptic in me suspects that the action/countermeasure reasoning = post hoc fallacy.

      The optimist in me suggests that some relatively low level agents are trying to get the info out as much as they can without breaking the law.

      Overall, the Swamp is winning the propaganda war so far. 2 years were wasted because of Sessions’ recusal. Some skirmishes were won and some truth came out but that’s about it. Mueller is not going to be fired. The best outcome we can hope for is he releases his report and goes home.

      The best time for fireworks was in 2016-2017, for those of you who embraced the “timing is everything” mantra. The best winning strategy is Shock and Awe. The result of inaction is a lost opportunity to deliver a crushing blow. The reason it did not happen is not “timing is everything!!!” but the wrong people controlling the switch. In my opinion, of course.

      Sessions as AG is the biggest, most consequential mistake Trump made. It might cost him Presidency.

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      • Avi says:

        Müller can be limited to just Russia, and not searching for a crime decades before to use as leverage to get people to compose.


        • mikeyboo says:

          Yes, he should have been limited but its too late now.

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        • Summer says:

          True but the damage is already done. And it all will be in the final report, assuming Mueller can be ordered to close up shop without triggering the obstruction of justice charges. The house democrats will milk it forever. Oh, and we shall see if the DOJ will be stonewalling their requests as stubbornly. The media will demand transparency, don’t ya know.

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      • oldschool says:

        agree summer and Trump’s fear of getting rid of sessiond sooner. I cut POTUS some slack the first two years. Bad advisors, unfamiliar with DC, politics and politicians, but Trump chose to go full bore on economy, his comfort zone , and delegated way too much and ignored agencies in his branch. Was hoping for a major pivot , shake up post election. He fired Sessions and was off to Paris.

        We have a real Constitutional crisis with this election circus and he tweets that he’s “watching”. No Mr. President, don’t want you watching. I want you over at the DOJ along with your legal team and launching an army of Federal Lawyers to these states to stop this nonsense, accompanied by Federal Marshalls slapping cuffs on anyone breaking any election laws or defying court orders. We want our Republic back and voted for YOU to do it.

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        • Sharon says:

          OLdschool your bitching that you think you know better than our President is getting really sick!

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          • steph_gray says:

            Sharon I have a new rule – certain commenter names, I now just scroll past without reading.

            Just a suggestion how to save your stomach. Everyone can say anything they wish, fine with me, but I don’t need to read it.


      • RJones says:

        sessions is a stinking traitor to his country!


  10. SwampRatTerrier says:

    RE: ” Why make the Rosemary Collyer report public? No-one was looking for it, and the statutory oversight of the report is the House Judiciary/House Intelligence.”

    Just static introduced on purpose to produce confusion.


  11. Citizen 817 says:

    Only a 54 second clip. Listen carefully at :40 mark…Me thinks something heavy will drop soon.

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    • Bigdog35 says:

      Oh Yeah- “and some other things which I’ll talk to you about in the future”.

      I suppose that where I’m at currently with this mess, I can live with the possibility that prosecutions may be on the slim side. I’m very excited with what has already been exposed to the masses and look forward to hearing about ALL of the rest of the crimes that have been and still are being committed, and the names of the seditionists.

      Stars &Stripes Forever!!!

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    • Affirmative action leach, it’s so revealing
      You think before you we should all be bowing and kneeling
      Spending our taxes to you is so appealing
      Over there where you think they love you

      Enjoy it while you can
      You and your sorry excuse for a man
      As someday you’ll both get your due
      When the American Lady of Justice catches up to your King Louie husband and you

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      • KittyKat says:

        If your reference to King Louie means the king of France who was beheaded for bankrupting the French treasury, please remember that he was one of the main investors in the American Revolution. It was his spending on the war that bankrupted his treasury. After the royal family was arrested, the American patriots wanted to give the king and his family sanctuary in the USA but it was impossible to get them out of France.

        “France’s help is considered a vital and decisive contribution to the United States’ victory against the British. As a cost of participation in the war, France accumulated over 1 billion livres in debt.” Wikipedia: France in the American Revolutionary War

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      • De Oppresso Liber says:

        More like an HIV(+) Lucky Pierre……

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    • nonniemae says:

      I love Donald J Trump!

      “. . .I hadda come in and fix it . . .”

      Talking about the military after 8 years with Obama.

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    • nonniemae says:

      I love Donald J Trump!

      “. . .I hadda come in and fix it . . .”

      Talking about the military after 8 years with Obama.

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    • MGBSE says:

      …the whole Birther thing was started by Hillary Clinton…which of course means she knows something….President Trump just re-ignited the issue with perfect timing forcing the puppet to address it while in office – that was great…now maybe Trump will ask about the Connecticut social security number…or why she and “barack” surrendered their law licenses…and ruin her book tour.

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      • Yes, she knows “something” as does a certain nasty piglosi… who committed criminal fraud in an election of epic proportions despite that knowledge.

        Imagine that…

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      • dreg1 says:

        I have never believed that he was born in the U.S. – he released his birth certificate
        just days before authorizing capture/killing of Osama Bin Laden – I believe he knew that after a couple of days of scrutiny, the capture/killing of Osama would remove it from the news, while thus giving him credit for releasing it with no further investigation. He controlled the timing of both of these events. Osama was cover for birth certificate.

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        • MGBSE says:

          …and the Hawaiian Official (female – can’t recall her name) was the ONLY fatality in a plane crash…on her way to testify about the authenticity of his birth certificate.

          I happen to believe the birth certificate issue is not where he was born…but who his biological father really is. I believe it is Frank Marshall Davis…and the Kenyan was paid off to sign off on the marriage license and protect the married, vaunted, communist, author Davis. The Kenyan was listed as the birth father per the marriage license.


    • TY Dan. I heard this clip earlier this week and applauded his forceful rejoinder to MO’s total nonsense. Her kids and husband are safe with taxpayer funded Secret Service. Our brave military relies on its own wits, guts and camaraderie to stay safe–and they were vastly hampered not just by insufficient funding but by micro-managing rules of engagement during BHO’s administration.
      Righteous anger from POTUS is good to hear, and yes, that is an interesting hint in his comments.


    • anthonydog says:

      🚩🚩🚩Obama’s Handywork….🚩CLUB-K, 🚩Gulftainer 🚩Port Canaveral 🚩Port Wilmington 🚩WMD 🚩EMP 🚩Dr. Jafar Dhia Jafar 🚩Beach Ball 🚩Black List
      🚩Oil For Superweapons
      Russia’s Pearl Harbor 2.0 Asymmetrical War Plans, Gulftainer, Club-K, and EMP – Center for Security Policy


  12. jbowen82 says:

    When is the Horowitz report on FISA abuse going to drop?

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  13. Zippy says:

    Here’s the great secret which I believe everyone is missing – NOTHING will ever be OFFICIALLY revealed and pursued to the extent justified by the revelations in Dan Bongino’s book Spygate. Why? Because lifting the facade of legal behavior by high level federal agencies and Five Eyes partners would justifiably destroy their credibility and THAT simply CANNOT be allowed.

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  14. Mose wandered , what was it, 40 years in the desert? How long will we wander in the weeds? We don’t have nearly 40 years left.

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  15. Treehugger says:

    Thanks for reminding me how pissed off I am that nothing was done to wolfe

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  16. Treehugger says:

    If CP was in contact with js – is could have been / could mean that Jeff sessions was spied on –


    • Cat Lady says:

      I read so much stuff it’s hard to keep it straight what I read where, BUT I THINK it was tracybeanz is theorizing that a separate FISA on George Papadopoulos was targeting Sessions, like the FISA on Carter Page targeted Trump.

      In fact, wasn’t there some discussion about Sessions being a target at the time he recused himself? That would be a good reason!!

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  17. Bill Henslee says:

    What agency has the ability to eavesdrop on every single conversation in the world? What agency has the technology to record every keystroke on every computer that they choose to hack into? What head of this powerful agency went running to Trump in a mysterious midnight meeting and was promptly fired by the Deep State and Obummer? Could this man be working secretly with the President to identify and trap the Deep State participants in a attempted coup?

    I know this sounds like a spy novel–but what doesn’t these days?

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  18. The more things change, the more they stay the same.


  19. A good plan executed now is better than a perfect plan executed next month.
    – George Patton

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    • Monticello says:

      Amen. What I see at this point is a house of cards that will succumb to a push. My only fear is the nay sayers, (bureaucrats and politicians) whom I’m sure are saying to our President that it’s too big the public cannot handle the reveal of the bought and corrupt DC mess.

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      • Honey Badger don’t give a sh!t…

        Think about it.

        I’m done with all the “nothing will ever happen”.

        It has to happen, one way or another.

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        • jello333 says:

          I have a dream… Trump appears on live TV with a surprise address to the nation:

          Yesterday, I was asked to attend a hastily-convened emergency briefing. But when I arrived, it quickly became obvious this was not a briefing, but something else altogether. Only one other person was in the room, who asked me to take a seat, and my attention was directed to the large monitor on the wall. There has long been a rumor circulating in this country, a conspiracy theory as it’s been called, that every president is, early on during their time in office, told or shown something that is so frightening that it will guarantee they ‘stay in line’, and don’t ask the wrong questions. In short, that the president is threatened. I can now confirm to you that it’s not just a conspiracy theory… it’s real. I was shown a short film of the JFK assassination, from the viewpoint of one of the shooters. I won’t go into more details yet, except to say that the other person in the room with me then asked if I had any questions. I said I did not, and I was then told the ‘briefing’ was over.

          It’s clear that this has happened to each president since the time of Kennedy, and no doubt I was expected to keep my mouth shut like the others. Well, these people have finally made a FATAL mistake. Earlier today, all my family members and several others were taken to safe holding areas where they’ll remain for the next few days. And beginning just moments ago, hundreds of Federal Marshals, as well as law enforcement in various other allied nations, are in the process of arresting dozens of individuals. And I’m sorry to say, you’ll recognize the names of many of them.

          There will be much, much more information coming in the next few hours and days. But for now, I’d just ask everyone to try to remain calm, remember what it means to be an American, and regardless of your spiritual background… please pray for our country.

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          • navysquid says:

            I like your write up…


          • antiqueiron says:

            You’re on the right track jello. I have been laying out in my mind over the last ten years or so what would have to happen to really fix this country. I mean REALLY fix it. I came to the conclusion that in the end, there is only one way that would accomplish this end. And one man who can do it, DJT.

            Many of us have been side tracked by the latest series of events that have monopolized the public discussion for at least half of the country. That being Spygate, FISAgate, DoJ, FBI, etc. These issues are indeed major, or rather would be major scandals in normal times. Each on it’s own is way bigger than Watergate. However, they all are mere traffic tickets compared to the really big issues. Sideshows to distract us from our real target(s).

            The real crimes, much bigger and far more consequential would be the treasonous crimes that would in decades past rock the entire world. Briefly, number one is the installation of a completely fake President who is in no way eligible to serve for many reasons of disqualification, and was discovered, trained, groomed, coached, and funded by the Deep State. Second, the Clinton crime organization. We all know about the big stuff like Benghazi & her illegal server. BTW, does anyone here really believe she doesn’t have more than one illegal server? Does anyone here believe that the Clintons haven’t been SELLING access to classified data…for years?! Added to this in the mix are little items like Extortion 17, arming terrorists, F&F to name a few. The third major scandal (and scandal isn’t the right word for this stuff) would be the very existence of the Deep State & how they have been increasing their control of the country for decades.

            So, you see, the DoJ\FBI thing is small potatoes compared to the really big crimes. So, how do we fix this? We now have the man, the only man on earth that can get it done. We have ONE chance at this. Only one…and it’s the last one. How can he do it? He’s only one man standing alone. No he isn’t, he has us. That’s a big freakin’ deal. Probably around a hundred million or so of us. Maybe more.

            First, examine what would happen if President Trump did not crush the DS. Do you really believe that Trump will serve out his term(s) then quietly retire back to his business? Not gonna happen. Trump’s company would be seized & looted to pay for the next Soviet style DS Red October party. Don Jr, Eric & Ivanka would be hounded forever. The DS would never allow Trump & family to go back to business as usual, they would destroy the entire Trump family. Trump knows all this of course, and ran & won anyway. He’s all in, there’s no options left, he must crush the DS. How?

            Major TV event worldwide. No asking for tv time, it would be taken at gun point if necessary. Trump is on stage with the SCOTUS seated behind him, again mandatory attendance. Two justices would be missing, Kagan & Sotomeyor. Along with POTUS would be someone else maybe Miller. After opening remarks, Miller would take over & lay it all out. All of it. How Obama got to be installed, all the crimes he committed and who was behind it all. Ditto the Clintons and EVERYTHING else. Two to three, four hours or whatever it takes using necessary visual aides, in plain language that even low info types can understand.

            Simultaneously, all the top level DS criminals would be rounded up by US military & US Marshalls. Including Obama, the Clintons, Brennan, Clapper, Val Jar, congressional leaders(Pelosi, Schumer & many others) Soros etc. All the top level. The head of the snake if you will. They would be taken aboard an aircraft & flown to a black location off shore & held incommunicado until trials could be held. On world wide TV. In prime time. The small fry will be rounded up over time. This is all legal by the way. Using the NDAA, it is legal to “disappear” American citizens without judicial oversight, warrant, probable cause or notifying anyone. Perfectly legal. I have been against the NDAA (which started out as military funding) which must be signed by the President every year, since they inserted all the DS stuff into it. It’s ironic that it would be used against the DS, the very people who envisioned it used against, us. Hoist on their own petard.

            Then, the Governors can send two people to represent their states until we can hold new elections & rebuild the government as it was intended by our founders. Or something close to that, adhering to our Constitution. Simple.

            So you guys have to think bigger. Fixing the country cannot happen incrementally, using investigations, hearings, courts, the DoJ etc. it would take way too much time. We have maybe eighteen months. As we are seeing played out before us right now, there will be no reelection so long as the Deep State remains. It’s the biggest most important event in American history. It’s too big a job. Too big, too deep, & too fluid to fix the normal way. Fix one thing, and the DS Blob will just ooze around the roadblock & continue on as before. Happens every day. JMHO

            OK, now you all can tell me how crazy I am. BTW, I’m not new here. Been here for several years under a different handle. I’ve returned from a break I took right after the Trump election. Missed you guys, I had to come back to where the truth comes…to stay alive.

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            • antiqueiron says:

              By the way, anyone including leftist judges who would interfere with all this could be arrested and charged with…Obstruction of Justice. Again, a Trumpian type of justice I think.


            • jello333 says:

              Wow, and I thought my idea for a surprise Trump broadcast was big (and scary). Wow… I’d give anything to see what you describe come to pass, even if the immediate aftermath would potentially be pretty scary. And I think you’re right… we’ve got ONE chance to get this right. If it ain’t fixed by the time Trump leaves office, things will go right back to the way they were, probably much worse. Anyway, thank for your comment… VERY interesting.

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              • antiqueiron says:

                Thanks. It absolutely will be scary. Riots will be the least of our worries. I wanted folks to realize what level of trouble we are really in. The scope of the situation is orders of magnitude above that “little”FBI thing.

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                • jello333 says:

                  Yep. And by the way, I’m sure you know that a lot of people here, including Sundance of course, also know full well that the FBI/DOJ stuff is merely a symptom of the much bigger disease.

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    • Linus in W.PA. says:



    • ImHopeful says:

      Excellent quote! Like, like, like this!!!
      If we strive for perfection before taking action, action will never be taken.


  20. jeans2nd says:

    Had a listen to our Insurance Salesman this a.m. You remember, Benjamin Wittes, the FBI Insurance Policy guy, together with his Lawfare Group.
    They had an Emergency Podcast – I kid you not – on Wed, 7 Nov 2018, the day AG Jeff resigned, titled “Special Edition – Sessions Is Out!”.
    (RSS feed Ep._847_The_2020_Presidential_Election_Has_Already_Begun.mp3)

    These people are nuts. Stone cold nuts. Could barely finish the 57 min 23 sec from laughing so hard.
    Who thinks this way??? Other than psychotics, anyway.

    The hour-long podcast is nothing but a safe space for people who are obsessed with psychos (themselves) analysing the thoughts and intentions of other people, and trying to discern what other people’s future moves might be based on their own assumptions in their psychos-analytic assessment. Scientific Method it is not. Their main targets for psychos-analysis are Pres Trump, AAG Whitaker, and Mueller.
    Have not had such a good laugh in a very long time.

    The Q people sound very much like the Insurance Policy Salesmen, come to think of it. No offense intended.

    Key points – Rosenstein is indeed part of their plan, as is Rosenstein’s Deputy Ed O’Callahan, and Christopher Wray. The Insurance Policy Salesmen plainly state that should Rosenstein leave, O’Callahan and/or Wray will take Rosenstein’s place as leaker/obstructor and part of the Lawfare Group’s crew. The Insurance Policy Salesmen also have no doubt that Mueller will be releasing key documents upon request to House Cmtes once Democrats take over House Cmtes. Yes, that was actually said.

    Folks, we are working in Keystone Kops Kapers territory here. These Insurance Policy Salesmen have absotively posilutely NO CLUE how Deep Flyover State people think. They assume we spend our time planning and analysing strategery, or something. If this is The Best of The Swamp Deep Thinkers, we’ve no worries, other than hurting ourselves from laughing so hard.

    Whoever is our Sunlight Benefactor, it seems logical that he/she/they also are simple people like us, someone who does not need much time to counter The Swamp Manuevers.
    Deep State meets Deep Flyover State. My money is on the simple guys, with our thanks.

    You all stick with Occum’s Razor, I’ll stick with Hanlon’s Razor – Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity. Although here both malice and stupidity seem to be in play.
    Meet ya at Ye Olde Mill at midnight, and Godspeed.

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  21. Shadrach says:

    I think this is the most relevant thread to post this in. I’m still chewing on it, and the ramifications if the implications are correct. It is on Papadopolous.


    • Shadrach says:

      Geez, sorry for the large format. I’m a newbie at posting tweets 😦

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    • Sneaky Pete says:

      Man that is fascinating stuff. I try. I try. But I have no idea what to make of it, other than I can’t take Papa at face value. Whomever’s thread that was is making a point that has gone right over my head. What does it imply?


      • Shadrach says:

        That Papadopolous and Misfud knew each other before the meeting that started this whole mess. Some other stuff as well, but that’s the main implication. I don’t know if it’s right or not, but if it is….I’ve got my head spinning.


        • Shadrach says:

          Probably didn’t explain well. Misfud is theorized by the media to be a Russian agent, but has (documented) ties to British and US intelligence. Details on him and Papadopoulos about half way down this article:

          So basically what this series of tweets is saying is that Papadop-etc. might have been a willing pawn in getting a FISA warrant on the Trump campaign. Basically what we all speculated Carter Page might be. A plant.

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          • covfefe999 says:

            Papadopolous was arrested and later charged with a federal crime. That’s not a good indication that he was part of the scheme to spy on Trump. Same goes for Carter Page.


        • covfefe999 says:

          Just because Papadopolous worked in London doesn’t necessarily mean he met Mifsud. You have to provide stronger evidence, an account of them being together, a photo, etc.


          • Shadrach says:

            They apparently worked in the same building. See the top photo, yet never met each other. Doesn’t seem very likely. And this isn’t new news, it’s just further confirmation of previously uncovered information/speculation (see the markets work article linked above).

            FWIW, it’s not my tweet or research, I just read it and posted the information. Make of it what you will. If it’s accurate. If it is, it’s kind of a pity. G.P. came across as intelligent on the Bongino interview.


          • seekingthetruth2 says:

            Papa was interviewed by Dan Bongino in the 72 hours or so. In this interview, he discusses his meeting with Mifsud.

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      • Zorro says:

        Try watching this.

        What I got out of it is that PapaD’s body language is indicative of someone who has had some shady dealings in the past or some things he is hiding but he is also revealing more r
        truthful elements of events.

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      • anthonydog says:

        Not necessarily…..TOO MANY RED FLAGS …. . 🚩 🚩 🚩 🚩 🚩 🚩 🚩 🚩

        I believe Papadopoulos is an operation..

        Papadopoulos was an unpaid inten at the Hudson Institute, a conservative entity, for 7 years…No one is an unpaid inten for 7 years–where better to place him but in a conservative bastion?
        🚩First Red Flag

        Papadopoulos early on traveled for the State Department to Cyprus (Russian connected dirty banking center) where he shares connections with Aussie Ambassador Alexander Downer who donated millions to the Clinton Global Initiative/Clinton Foundation. Downer is connected to Mueller’s Kabuki Theatre/ Russian Collusion /Get Trump/Cover Our Criminal Ass Club 🚩Second Red Flag

        Papadopoulos accessed the Trump campaign as he made his way through the Carson campaign as it collapsed ..then easily inserted himself into the Trump campaign where he gave legal cover for the Obama administration’s illegal surveillance of Trump providing what appears to be a legal reason for those illegal FISA warrants 🚩Third Red Flag

        Papadopoulos worked with Professor Joseph Mifsud at LCILP. LCILP,is a western Intelligence Operation. Mifsud is not the Russian agent the MSM sold him to be but rather a British-US Intel connected agent. Mifsud then disappears thus a dead end conveniently appears 🚩 Fourth Red Flag

        Papadopoulos attends the same Chicago Greek church as Obama’s veryclose buddy Alexi Giannoulias who Obama supported for Giannoulias’ losing senate bid. Also Giannoulias’ bank paid bueucoup bucks to Obama’s Chicago/Iraqi patron NadhminAuchi. Auchi is Le Cercl (Intel’s inner circle club for certain operations and paydays) member Nadhmi Auchi (Saddam’s genocidal cousin) is also well connected to MI5 British Intel) 🚩Fifth Red Flag

        Anyone believe Papadopoulos’ marriage to the Russian is anything but an Intel beard…he belongs to the Giannoulis’ Chicago Greek church St. Andrew’s so –why run to City Hall with his Russian (supposedly Italian) Intel bride for a quickie marriage 🚩Sixth Red Flag

        Mueller’s total BS Papadopoulos investigation, after ‘They” inserted Papadopoulos into the Trump campaign, was backtracking to create “Legal” cover for “Their” illegal surveillance of Trump via “BRENNAN’s and CLAPPER’s THE HAMMER that illegally garnered intelligence… Papadopoulos received a mere two week sentence after this two year Mueller sh^t show –which will be challenged and cleared 🚩Seventh Red Flag

        Popadopolous, a DePaul Univ Poly/Sci grad, (where Bill Ayers now works) was involved with the massive oil find in Gaza. Popadoupolos told on Fox and Friends that he was protecting Israel..That Gaza massive oil find is even more massive then Syria’s Nabucco …The Gaza oil find is where many in Intel including Cheney and others are going to be awarded as massive Lottery Winners –And that operation is but a look into how Five Eyes and Intel are operating outside sovereign states where they reward themselves and taking their paydays thoughout the world in corporate bearded operations –be it oil, arms, drugs or wars. ….And Popodouplos is right in the center of that Gaza oil find with Five Eyes and Company 🚩Eighth Red Flag

        Popodoupolos is an operation

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  22. Augie says:

    “Folks, we are working in Keystone Kops Kapers territory here. ”

    Those Keystone Kops have been pretty influential for quite a while, don’t you think?


  23. mb says:

    IG Michael E. Horowitz probably has access to all of that information.

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  24. jus wundrin says:

    Good article SD, but I hate the cliff hanger!


  25. john edward lorenz says:

    Look the documents, that have been requested by the House are nearly useless to investigations that are going to be shut down. They have their impact in either being released or be combined in a 2nd SC with the results of the IG report on the FBI and DOJ. Add to the the total history and use of the dossier and we finally might get some justice. If not, the elites win again,.


  26. Blind no longer says:

    Throwing this out there. When we first got the info on Warner’s text messages I almost jumped out of skin screaming with joy. Those text messages are gold! I remember asking how in the world did they get those texts. Someone here can’t remember the poster, said that Deripaska’s attorney gave the texts to Jon Solomon at the Hill. Is Sundance now thinking the texts were given to Solomon by someone other than Deripaska’s attorney?


  27. kea says:

    So is there just one ray of sunshine or more then one?


  28. covfefe999 says:

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  29. Bassplayer says:


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  30. Bassplayer says:



  31. mtk says:

    Sundance has asked the questions…
    through the mechanism of Adverse Action and Countermeasure inquiry.

    Yet 500+ plus posts and nothing sensible probing the inquiry as to what he is getting at.
    And yes, he is on to something in my estimate.

    Yet, early today he does an anti-Q drop and all hell breaks loose.

    I get it passions run high.

    Yet the essence is on something we can all agree on and read the following carefully, don’t read into it, just let it sink in.

    We can all agree lies exist, but do we really think rational through them.

    Case in point a lie can exist by being presented as an accepted factual truth, think about that thought process for a moment., it is what I would call a false positive(FT) but socially the way it plays out is what I would call an invested emotionally falsehood that is made a Truth in that many will rationalize way counter arguments that seek to expose the falsehood and are rejected because we’re invested into something they won’t give up.

    Earlier, I posted something about not having the time nor the inclination to explain(ANOVA). The reason being is to understand it, requires understanding of a known hypothesis testing matrix involving statistical deviations.

    STOP IT FOLKS, the people involved in pulling the wool over our eyes, are hundreds of times smarter than US collectively. Because, they are employing a psychology model, that has been rigiously tested. It is the FLIPING PROVEN FACT!!! And it is the foundational skill set to counterintelligence practitioners. I GOD dam guarantee you that people formulating analysis for the policy executives in any Govt insituition are PhD level psychologists. The executives only know how to ask and direct the inquiries, they only understand it terms of a laymen, but the people that they set to work are all well versed in ANOVA satistical modeling and human psychology. Yes, I can hear the hoopla, “Well what about the lawyers?”. Yes, they are there, blessing and sanctioning the results. But, technically, they just as dependant as the Executives.

    Draw a cross, in the upper left hand corner, write TT, in the upper right hand corner write TF.
    Next in the lower left hand corner write FT and lastly write FF in the lower right hand corner.

    With this diagram in hand I will explain what TT, TF, FT and FF have to do with inference and statistical analysis.
    First, understand what is meant by these four terms. Think of them as place holders, take TT for example. the first T means what we ascribed as a Truth(assigned), while the second term is a marker for IF we could know with an absolute certainty that it is a Truth(something which should be readily obvious) Thus TF, is something we as ascribe as a being truthful but in actuality is a falsehood(built on a lie)(it could also just as equally meaning a truth that was arrived at falsely), while FT is a something believe to false but that is actually in absolute terms of true or false is a truth, and FF is a Falsehood that is absolutely know to be False.
    Two things note here…
    First notice the contextual language changes I have used in describing these terms. They are important in that linguistically they are not consistant, these changes are meant to identify the unknown parameter that enters into all ANOVA hypothesis analysis. EMOTION as in Human emotion whether based on biases or errors in sampling.
    Second, understand one thing and only one thing. The difference between a sample population and total population. Satistically, it is important to understand this. Forget, associating population with people. Yes, it can mean people, but often it is easily to think of populations as a measure of the totality of measurable parameters.

    The distinctions are important, sample population and total population have specific statistical meanings. Any one who has sat in a Stat101 class, will understand the ball bearing example.
    I got a bag of a hundred million ball bearings, an i want to ascribe a static to a randomly drawn ball bearing. I want to know something about the diameter. The old 10mm +/- .001 mm statistic.
    With me.
    Well i could measure each and every one of them. But there are a hundred million of them, a momental task, but if I did, that would be the population statistic, an absolute in knowledge.

    Obviously with a hundred million ball bearings, what we want to do is sample the population.
    We draw out a hundred of them, hence the term sample population. Mathematically by analysizing this sets variance from the ideal(desired) diameter and just as importantly the measure of variance within the set from each other. We can tabulate quantifying and qualifying stats. Then using normalized distributions of variances. Distributions… uhm… student-t, f-distributions, chi squared distributions.

    Yes, there is a mathematical beauty that has been rigorously tested, and more importantly mathematically PROVEN. Meaning, you can’t argue the foundational basis.

    SO, with these derived stats from measuring a sample of the population there several important statments that can be asserted. There is the plus or minus variance many are farmilar with. However, that says nothing about 765,342’nd ball bearing in the bag WITHOUT basing and understanding what was sampled and what was implied by the measuring of the sample to the UNMEASURED total population.
    That is where ANOVA COMES into play. People who analize these things, whether Quality Control, or experimental physicists they are asking very specific questions. Was the population large enough, how can it be deterimed how large the sample must be, what assurances can be attributed to the sample as a measure of the total population. Then there are the questions: does this sample represent the total population and with what error factors, can these error factors be quantized, how can we use this sample population to make inference on another diiferent bag of ball bearings, on and on.

    Ok, maybe some have followed me, and can readily project a rudimentary understanding with the ball bearing example. That is the FLIPPING DANGER. A little knowledge of this context applied to say HUMAN BEHAVIORAL SCIENCE. I think not, nor am I claiming anything than the observation that modeling and analizing human behavior exists as a science with something more than a believe it and take my word for it.

    That is not the point of my efforts here, the walk understanding is there are people in this world THAT DO IT FOR LIVING, and do it at the PhD level.

    So when Sundance says what he did about Q decoders, he is not basis that observation as a behavioral scientist, he is basing that on life of experience and the intangible inference that maybe just maybe, all the things Q decoders assert as having been drawn from some set of factual basis, could be meant to insert a BIG LIE at some point, a FT or a FT. What happens when that rug is tanked out from underneath.

    Just look at the thread that was shut down, passionate people on a quest for the truth.

    I will say this much for Q’er as a sample population. Again, this is just my inference.
    As a sample population, they likely have a foundation of ethical integrity and conduct their social actions as such, they have an expectation that others around them do the same. They know when they are being lied to in that things just don’t add up. All of these observations saying nothing about HOW they handle being lied to. But, i will assert this, I bet they exerice their CONSITUITIONAL RIGHT to whom they associated with.

    Something as dynamic as human behavior, has fortunately and some cases unfortunately predictable behavior. And, one of the most important predictable behaviors is in the absence of measurable or observable input to the CPU we call our brains is that we seek out and in many cases fill in the voids to rationalize or access meaning of our environment, often driven by the emotion of fear.

    Again it is hard wired into our biology. We have come a long way, a very way from most people of our species having to worry about being dinner for wolves, or have we. That is the open question driving people to Q decoders.
    It is not that (you) are wrong, your just seeking out the truth behind the lies.

    Boy, did I get off track with what started out as…
    Sundance has asked the questions…
    through the mechanism of Adverse Action and Countermeasure inquiry.

    did he write that with an expectation of some insightful analysis by us, or was he measuring our ability to fathom how we are thinking about what he is build towards. He did prime the pump earlier with a tantalising blog post just prior to the Q blog post, was the Q post a outburst frustration over the direction of how we where responding over something he spent well over year working on and we are not getting. He did say he was unsure what to do and openly, saying he was thinking of passing it onto a more influential main stream personality.
    Yet, he did follow up by once again presenting his Adverse Action and Countermeasure inquiry. One can only assume he was trying reassert and return the narrative back and way from the Q hoopla.

    Yes, I am trying to carry on a thoughtful conversation with Sundance, and the point of what I have written tonight.

    So yes, I have many focused questions I could direct towards and about his Adverse Action and Countermeasure inquiry and the focus of the hidden hand behind the countermeasure disclosures he linking to the adverse actions disclosures.

    The first, is how does?, yes there has to be a person behind the countermeasure disclosures. But how does that change that validity of the reasons for the countermeasure disclosures, in a way that breaks through the nonsense that swamp uses to hide behind.
    Would not that just be another person to character assault.
    Second, and likely more important how does it change the dynamic from which the corruption is able to stone wall an accounting of the politicalization of the DoJ/FBI/IC and patisans within Oversight, specifically when it is abundantly clear his audience is more easily interested in the chasing of a rabbit down its hole and say nothing of the great number of citizens glued to pop culture distractions let alone those actively engaged in the resistance to the adminstration from an ideological point of view.
    To recap, how does the Adverse Action and Countermeasure inquiry change with a more forthrightly assertion and grabs peoples attention to the point they see through the BS.

    I have to admit, it seems like very granual details that if they were to be fully disclosed would not change a thing.
    Obviously there is some shock factor that would come into play, and that to me should interest all of us treepers to hear you out.
    You have earned it.

    If Adverse Action and Countermeasure as seen from within Government agencies are part of a tit for tat game, where is the break out where the countermeasures asserts authority over the narrative.

    Yes, I get it, it will have to shove the lies down the adverse action elements throats to shut them up. But, what can be so daming in the leads you cited as examples. Frankly, I do see the counter point that the grand big picture to root out the corruption has to overcome the lies being told, but if the rhetorical exposure is to unravel one lie and the rest of the will follow suit and fall in place. I see, simply another wiping cloth moment of oppurtunity to bury it, and millions of people won’t give dam even if the truth was slapping them right in the face.

    The only people that matter to actually doing something, are the ones that should have done something long ago about it.
    So, the question is what is it going to take.

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    • jello333 says:

      Hey, a few minutes ago I was reading something else and tried to “like” the comment, but accidentally clicked on your comment instead. “Oh well”, I thought, “I’ll just read mtk’s comment to see what it’s about, and decide whether or not to keep the ‘like’ marked.” But then I noticed your comment was like novella-size ( 🙂 ) and seeing as I don’t have the time to read it right now, I’ve undone my “like” for the comment. I just wanted to let you know, in case you get email notices (as I do) when someone likes a comment)… I just wanted to let know so you wouldn’t take it personally that I removed the “like”. I’ll try to read the whole comment later, and if I do I may actually put the “like” back on. 😀


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