MAGAnomics – Consumer Confidence Grows Again – Highest Level in 18 Years – Holiday Season Looking Like a Winner Wonderland…

First the wonky stuff.  The Conference Board Consumer Confidence Index (CBCCI) has jumped again for October and now measures the highest current sentiment among consumers since 2000.   The CCI now stands at 137.9 (1985=100), up from 135.3 in September.   Additionally, the future outlook of consumers, known as the “Expectations Index” (consumers’ short-term outlook for income, business and labor market conditions) increased from 112.5 last month to 114.6 this month.  More DATA winnamins.

What does that mean?  Well, it means middle-America feels GREAT about now, next week, next month, and well into next year.  Additionally, now that the winnamins are starting to catch up to them, the pontificating wonkified actuaries will begin to project a splendidly “strong” holiday season.  Duh!  They’re always playing catch-up. LOL.


The key to understanding MAGAnomics is to focus on the middle-class.  If the middle-class is thriving and doing well, all of the economic indicators will tell the same story.  MAGAnomic benefactors (ordinary working people outside the investment class) are scantly impacted by the Stock Market.

When the middle-class is thriving, everything inside the U.S. economy improves.

This is the key and cannot be repeated enough.

Trump’s MAGAnomic policy focuses on Main Street.  The preceeding 30+ years of economic policy focused on Wall Street.

That’s the essential difference.

The benefactors of MAGAnomics are those working week-to-week, month-to-month, to take care of their family.  The middle-class; not the uni-focused investment class.

When the middle-class is optimistic, confident and positive, you can be certain of an exceptional holiday season.  This is not challenging to understand.

As we shared when the third-quarter GDP results were announced a few days ago; everything is pointing to a great fourth quarter and holiday retail season.

Overall the 3.5% GDP growth is exceptionally strong.  To see the data bolstering a positive future forecast I would draw attention to Table 2 (lines 43 through 49) and the analysis for net impact over Exports/Imports.  The heavy import number delivered a net subtraction of 1.78% from GDP growth; that’s a result of a large increase in imported durable goods [likely anticipatory holiday inventory buildup].

As you can imagine from your own shopping experiences, durable goods inventories generally climb in the third quarter as companies increase inventory in preparation for holiday sales in quarter four.  The growth in the buildup of this inventory is significantly higher than historic trend; this means companies are forecasting strong consumer demand for goods in Q4, the holiday season.

Further support for a booming Q4 purchase prediction can be found in the current 4% growth of consumer spending.  With wages growing (3.8% avg), and with an incredibly strong jobs market, people are making large purchases with confidence.  Additionally, price data in the current GDP report shows inflation at a 1.6 percent annualized pace.

Add it all up and you can see the reason for companies to boost inventory ahead of a very strong holiday season.  The middle class drives the MAGAnomic economy.  Workers are getting paid more and being taxed less; our paychecks are bigger.

Simultaneously inflation is low (prices not increasing), so the net is more disposable income to make purchases, combined with confidence in wages/jobs allowing people to spend more.

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  1. Bigbadmike says:

    Happy Days are here Again! Hope everyone has a Wonderful Christmas Season.

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  2. bluezebraangel says:

    Great unless you had an adjustable mortgage.

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    • amwick says:

      Or you are retired, and depend on your investments.


      • Red Tsunami! says:

        still up >25% since PDJT took office.

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      • GB Bari says:

        If you are retired and dependent upon your investment portfolio for income, the portfolio should have already been restructured to a reduced-risk mix that focuses on preserving your principle. If you still want to gamble with you retirement income, opting for high risk investments, that’s your choice. But it takes very close and experienced management to try and stay on top of this volatile market.


        • amwick says:

          I understand… I have said that I have my funds are with a very good management group. The point is people in my age group, (and maybe stil)l were encouraged to participate in 401K plans. To be responsible and save for your own retirement. Companies backed away from providing pensions, and pushed us all towards this. Average people (me) not equipped to deal with it… We are not investor class, that is just not correct. And we are not happy, not now. I believe that VSGPotus understands this, I am not upset with him,,, that is why he got mad at the fed…I fully expect Main Street and Wall Street to come together. As SD as pointed out, that just may happen after the midterms…


        • amwick says:

          Rebound today? Wall Street may be seeing the midterms early!!! THis is a nail biter for sure.


    • MAGA_Elite says:

      Refi and lock in new rate now…but why were on Adj in first place? I’ve bought a couple of houses in the last 5 years and the adjustable rates were about 1/2pt higher than a 30yr fixed, so didn’t see the attraction to ARMs…regardless, rates appear to be at about 4.25% without buying down points, so historically low still


  3. pgroup says:

    No mention of the impending tariffs on China. If I saw a huge price increase coming in a product I sold, I’d buy as many of that item as I could possibly afford. I might even take out a loan if the coming increase was sufficiently scary (financially). I don’t think this is a prime influencer (sundance covered that well, as usual) but I do think it is not insignificant.

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    • MB224 says:

      High Fed rates strengthen the dollar, so you’ll be able to buy more of those cheap Chinese or any cheap foreign goods. One silver lining along with more impetus to save, of the rate increase. Car sales and homes sales will be flat for a while. I’m curious to see when those increase. Any more studied economists please feel free to shed some light on that cycle.


    • USMCLt says:

      I have already bought everything I need from Harbor Freight. And I will slowly replace it with quality America manufactured gear in the coming years. You tool junkies out there understand what I’m talking about.

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      • snellvillebob says:

        I have had 5 rechargeable drills and saws whose batteries all went bad somewhere between 4 and 8 years and they don’t make new ones for them. My old corded tools bought 4-5 decades ago still work just perfectly. I still do have one newer cordless drill which is great with it’s adjustable torque settings and is convenient, but on any project, I run the cord to the saw horses with a three plug splitter on the end.


      • Mike says:

        Check out GearWrench, some USA or very good quality Taiwan. Lifetime warranty too. Used them to rebuild, or in frame my 2008 600hp Cummins ISX motor. No issues with them, none broke, and we did some wrenching.


  4. Deplorable_Vespucciland says:

    Democrats having a hard time motivating their base as the America’s economic outlook continues to shine. Their two main constituencies, minorities and young people, are not excited about getting out and voting this year.

    “The youth vote may determine the Democrat Party’s destiny, which may not be as majestic as the party hopes. New York Magazine published interviews with 12 young people explaining why they probably won’t vote in these midterms.
    Anna, 21, explained to the magazine that she has tried to register in her hometown of Austin, TX, but hates the tedious process, ‘When I was at the post office to register, this poor girl, clearly also a college student like me, didn’t know what postmarked meant and had no idea how to send an important document by mail. Most people my age have zero need to go to the post office and may have never stepped into one before. Honestly, if someone had the forms printed for me and was willing to deal with the post office, I’d be much more inclined to vote.” ~ Mary Chastain over at LegalInsurrection

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    • Kalbo says:

      Hope all of these dopes stay home. Seems as though they have no clue how to think critically, nor do they cherish the Constitution.

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      • MB224 says:

        The worst part is they don’t have a clue about how the job market works and why it works like it does now. But the good thing about them is that if you explain things in a video, they’ll follow along like puppies sniffing a new pair of shoes. Prager U has figured this out to devastating effect.


    • steph_gray says:

      The end of the Howie Carr show featured this article today. It’s beyond hilarious – and wonderful news for MAGA.

      Millennials are as lazy as their idol the Obammunist.

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      • WSB says:

        Well, they learned from the mediocre-est.

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      • Well, maybe, but I think they’ve been sold a bill of goods by the failing education system and helicopter parents. Declining standards in the schools and the overemphasis of tech and tech platforms has not helped these folks.

        As parents we paid (big $$) for private schools, limited TV time, no video games until he was older and limited video time, no cell phone till older, etc etc but most of his peers, even at private schools were allowed more tech gadgets.

        It would be great if Charlie Kirk and his crew could address some of these issues. JMMV


  5. mr.piddles says:

    “you can be certain of an exceptional holiday season”

    And you’re likely to not mind paying an extra $200 for that new flatscreen.

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    • leftnomore says:

      If that theoretical $200, multiplied by 1000s, creates demand for domestic product and opens factories then it’s for the better. However, the key is lowering domestic costs so our product can compete. Cheap Chinese production is what lured manufacturers to go there and close here.

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    • GB Bari says:

      In 1957 and RCA 21” color television console cost about $600. Not everyone could afford that. So most people bought B&W units. In 1986 a USA-made 27” color tv cost about $1,000. A lot of people found that affordable (thanks to Visa and MasterCard).

      Since the 1980s 99+% of televisions have been made in the Far East using dirt cheap labor.

      I’d pay $500 more to buy a quality US-made television that keeps Americans employed. If you research the phrase “velocity of money” you’ll discover why that’s a smart choice.

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  6. Jan says:

    Not only does Hillary have no comprehension of economics and how the middle class was plummeting, neither does Ocasio-Cortez or any other Dimm. China is betting that either or both houses are lost by the Republicans & are probably interfering in the election. One week from today is the voting and tallying. If you don’t vote, you voted for the Democrat Socialist party. So VOTE, DI!!

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  7. Milo says:

    Obviously half of America is unaffected by this and are on the verge of returning the wealth confiscators to power. Scary. In a recent poll reported on this site or on Breitbart, 52% of millennials prefer socialism to capitalism.

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  8. Judith says:

    Well, I’ve never been happier in my lifetime! And my children’s future has never looked brighter!

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  9. Minnie says:

    Merry Christmas
    Happy Hanukkah
    Blessed New Year

    God Bless Us, Everyone 🙏🏼

    MAGA Onward 🇺🇸🦁🇺🇸🦁🇺🇸❤️

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  10. Publius2016 says:

    The disconnect is between High tax cities and the heartland! Real People making real things are getting wage increases while high tax cities are losing out on Government Sugar! Home sales are stale where yearly taxes are over $10,000 a year!!

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    • Judith says:

      That is exactly right! Sanctuary cities deserve to pay their own freight. Why should the rest of the country fund your wasteful, liberal fantasyland? And I say this as a New Yorker who lost her tax break! But business has never been better, it’s all good..

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    • House value growth has created enormous wealth, but at a cost.

      If something’s value is inflated, is it with more, or is the unit of work measurement (dollar) less valuable?
      If everyone sells their homes at a profit, will everyone eventually become homeless, or will cities expand like shockwaves, with the greatest concentration of ever dissipating energy concentrated at the outer edge’s?


    • Dutchman says:

      As they SHOULD be. And, as some of these people move out of these high tax areas, into more rural areas, like where I live, their perspective will change, on SOME issues.
      Where I live, we hear coyotes, every nite, w/in 1/4 mile of our porch, javelinas come thru, bobcats too.
      Everyone, even ‘little old ladies’ don’t step out without carrying. You just don’t know what you might find, stepping out your door. So, perspective changes, on 2A.
      Thats a start,…

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      • Marc says:

        Too bad they remain lefty on the social issues and will vote against good conservative candidate in their new home state. Eg. all the transplants from CA turning AZ and CO bluer by the year.


  11. The democrats taking the House this November would be like the Grinch that stole Christmas. The democrats must be defeated for the children.

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  12. datagooroo says:

    That interview could be summarized as “the economy is ignoring the media.”

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  13. trumpismine says:

    Main Street knows more than the msm. MAGA is whispering in their ear good stuff coming this joyous season. President Trump and the wolverines are reaping what they sowed and so are we!

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  14. FL_GUY says:

    The consumer confidence is the REAL POLL for the Mid-Terms! Do you really believe people are going to return to power the POSs that took away their jobs and plunged them into poverty? Seriously, do you?

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  15. mikebrezzze says:

    Don’t tell me, MORE WINNING! Three Democrats just jumped off the George Washington bridge!

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  16. Deplorable_Infidel says:

    “Trump’s MAGAnomic policy focuses on Main Street. The preceeding 30+ years of economic policy focused on Wall Street…..
    ……The benefactors of MAGAnomics are those working week-to-week, month-to-month, to take care of their family. The middle-class; not the uni-focused investment class.”

    The days of the “investment class” making a million dollars a day are over. Let them take their 30 years of ill gotten earnings (because they received them by buying off the politicians) and retire to their safe haven sanctuary sheep farms in New Zealand (or where ever).

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  17. woohoowee says:

    Still more visible green shoots have America’s middle class smiling, too 🙂


    Basically, Act 781, sponsored by Representative Jim Dotson, requires agencies to sort through all their rules and to get rid of all unnecessary rules that are outdated and serve no purpose. Under The Housecleaning Bill, December 1 of last year was the deadline for each agency to file a preliminary report; and July 1 of this year was the deadline for the final list. All of my agency directors met that deadline.

    -snip- (bold added)

    When you consider that we have nearly 3,400 rules and regulations in place, some of them dating back a hundred years, you understand that this housecleaning was long overdue.
    Our agency directors recommended repeal of 830 outdated and unnecessary rules and regulations. In other words, 25 percent of all of our rules have been eliminated.

    Standard Lithium Ltd., the Canadian company with big plans to tap south Arkansas’ underground brine stream to extract battery-grade lithium, is ramping up testing at a pilot crystallization plant in British Columbia and gaining provisional approval for a pilot extraction operation west of El Dorado that could be in place as early as late February.


    Mintak has cited Arkansas’ regulatory environment, as well as its vast supply of mineral-dense brine, as factors that led Standard Lithium to Arkansas.

    Cutting regs to MAGA 🙂

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    • woohoowee says:

      Oh, the cusp of Gen Z who are voting for the first time can’t wait to help PT45 out! “He’s cool.” They want to know what it’s like to chant “USA! USA! We’re #1! We’re #1”, as a nation. We can’t go back

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  18. V.I.G. says:

    Look, if the Fed continues to raise rates, confidence wont matter. It might not matter anyway. 2019 Q1/2 have been getting eyeballed for a reset for at least 2 years and probably closer to 3 years.

    The only thing left for the globalist cartels, is to bring the economy down. Trump wont be able to combat it. Follow the money.

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    • Aparition42 says:

      The speed at which rates rise is certainly a factor, but long-term we desperately need the fed to raise rates. Keeping them low is what got us into that mess in the first place. Unreasonably low rates made it actually cheaper to go into debt than to save money. That’s an untenable position for an economy to be in.

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      • swampratterrier says:

        Soon people will be doing self financing and shunning banks.

        Already for the past decade most U.S. corporations could already self finance with profits and stock sales.


    • Conservativeinny says:

      In one his campaign speeches in 2017, PResident Trump said he thought they would try to crash the economy. I will see if I can find a link

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    • pete says:

      DJT out foxed them…the money flowing into the US economy from the lower corporate tax rates is YUGE. there is enough float to weather the siht the Fed is pulling…when China gives in , they too are waiting to see which way the mid terms go…our economy gets stronger. With more conservatives in the house and senate unabated government spending is a thing of the past.

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  19. sickconservative says:

    Really do you think other than really the loonie left will vote against a real future, some of these polls are worse than 16.


  20. Blind no longer says:

    Sundance, I just love that baby’s picture…sums up what Trump supporters feel like! Thank You!

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  21. TNGAL says:

    CNBC anchors should look happier, but they don’t!


  22. Dee Paul Deje says:

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  23. I like PDJT and his MAGA policies, however, I have one question. If wages are going up on the average of 3.8%, how come my social security check isn’t going up the same amount?


    • Gazzer says:

      It’s going up in January


    • booger71 says:

      The SS raises are based on inflation from the year before.


    • Red Tsunami! says:

      2% last year. Any announcement will come in Nov.


    • Singer says:

      Social Security is tied to CPI and Inflation.


    • Moflan says:

      Because SSI increases are based on inflation, the CPI (Consumer Price Index), which is why for a few years under the prior admin there were no COLA (Cost of Living Increase) in your social security check.


    • Kalbo says:

      Probably a rhetorical question of sorts. But, I’ll take the bait, for fun. Ignoring the goofy SS formula… Another way to look at it overall, with a personal cut…albeit convoluted.

      Everyday absolutely thrilled with President Trump. Happy we have a Republican Senate and House. Pissed at Congress overall performance. Judges and taxes a few real positives for them. While I believe the election will yield additional R Senators and Hold the House. If we lose the latter, all hell will break loose.

      Perfectly happy with the 2.8%. More is always welcome, but… Highest increase in six years as I understand. Retired. Worked 45+ years. Over the years lived a bit on the frugal side. Saved. Investments lost bigly many years in the 2008 era so to speak. Homes that should not have lost value, did. But still, I am upright and healthy so no snivels on my part.

      Also grateful for the flying economy. Highest employment…with corresponding contributors to Social Security:-) Hopefully in President Trump’s second term he’ll work on a fix for fixing the upside down entitlement funding. SS included. gotta get fixed. At that time a bantered about raise of 3.6%, 2.8%, etc. will be the least of our worries. Then their is the Nation’s debt. Also gotta get corrected.

      All of that aside, so long as President Trump is leading, we are in good hands.

      Rant off, and, all IMHO.

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  24. Karen says:

    If we could get health insurance in order, we’d have it made! I would love to be spending more money in the economy, but a lot of it goes to high medical deductibles. I’m hopeful there will be a fix soon!


  25. pete says:

    leading vs trailing indicators… will take a while to catch up


  26. Gazzer says:

    It’s going to go up by 2.8% beginning Jan 2019. You’re welcome.


  27. bullnuke says:

    Went to the mall this weekend. I could have sworn it was Christmas shopping time. I’ve never seen it this crowded this time of year. Every store we went in had help wanted signs.
    It’s true. Happy days are here again. The holiday shopping season will,be yuge!

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  28. Ghost says:

    Observations from a smaller branch.

    Thought I would share some financial numbers that I follow. Taking a look at how China’s manufacturing is doing these days in comparison with U.S. The report came out 21:00 GMT. / 9:00 P.M. U.S. East coast.

    Once again I’m using manufacturing PMI which is an index of manufacturing purchasing managers surveyed in both countries. It is considered important due to the fact that many think these are the managers with the best insight for the companies economic views and forecasts.

    A rating of 50.0 and above means manufacturing is currently expanding and expected to continue, Below 50.0 manufacturing is contracting, a 50.1 is good a 49.9 isn’t. The higher above 50 of course the better.

    October’s numbers 50.2
    Sept. 50.8 Aug. 51.3 Jul. 51.3
    they have only hit their projection once in 6 months.

    October’s numbers 55.9
    Sept. 55.6 Aug. 54.5 Jul. 55.5

    If you look at they are still growing but are on a downward trajectory, while in comparison we are experiencing a boom that should continue and probably accelerate.

    Having watched the Soviet union collapse right out of existence. I remember one of their many problems was that they were making economic decisions based on false assumptions because those in charge weren’t getting accurate information.

    Remember glasnost? Their attempt along with perestroika to save themselves. It didn’t work. If you live in and report to leaders whom if disappointed could shuffle you off to a gulag wouldn’t you doctor your reports up the chain? I’m thinking things are much worse than reported.

    We know their stock market had fallen around 20% and so has there currency. When VSGPDJT says they aren’t ready yet for a trade deal I’m thinking he’s right . I’m thinking he’s after total victory and he’s going to get it.

    Thought I would re-post the numbers coming out of the major EU countries for you in case you would like to see how they are doing. Most are also in a downward trend, though still expanding. As we continue to rebuild our manufacturing base they should be in a position of having to make a new deal or suffer the consequences. We are once again becoming the global economic engine.

    October’s numbers 53.8
    Sept. 52.8 Aug. 54.0 Jul. 54.4

    October’s numbers 51.2
    Sept. 52.5 Aug. 53.7 Jul. 53.1

    October’s numbers 52.3
    Sept. 53.7 Aug. 56.1 Jul. 57.3

    Our continued manufacturing expansion, MAGAnomics is a beautiful thing to see.

    Please smile, I am.

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    • Dutchman says:

      Ghost, from ear to ear, twice!
      Once due to the overall thrust of your post, but secondly because you said;
      “I’m thinking he’s aftrr total victory, and he’s going to get it”,..EXACTLY.

      He’s NOT actuall looking to simply negotiate a ‘better trade deal with China’, like he is,with other countries.

      He’s looking to end them, like Reagan ended the Soviet Union, by bankrupting them. The Chicoms can NOT concede his points on Trade, without loosing control of their populace, because a controlled communist economic model can NOT compete, on a level playing field. They can ONLY compete by cheating.
      So, regardless of their phony #’s, their real #’s are going to continue to go South, and how long can they sustain, then?

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      • Ghost says:

        I don’t remember who but back in the late 60’s early 70”s an economist said that socialist countries expend the wealth of their countries and that they will all eventually go bankrupt. He stated at the time that the Soviet’s were on a rate that would last only 70 years from their taking power. Of course he was laughed at and I’ can’t remember his name because they conveniently disappeared him from all media. But he hit the nail on the head.

        China’s theft and plans would seem to be coming to an end so the possibility of a China melt down while VSGPDJT is still in office is real. They are approaching the 70 year model but I don’t know how the hell he came up with the forecast model. I also remember learning as a child that China has only actually been united as a country by force of arms. I have know idea whether that is true or not.

        It is going to be a few interesting years glad I survived long enough to witness it.

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    • Terrific post, Ghost – grateful for your work!

      President Trump is Locked N Loaded.
      There is ZERO alternative to total victory:
      “I’m thinking he’s after total victory and he’s going to get it.”

      Great observation on Chinese PMI:
      Failure to post positive responses would be an existential threat.

      • Purchasing Manager Ordering is simply a reflection of Planner Decisions (Govt/Plant)
      • Planner Decisions use forecasting models that overweight “recent activity”
      • Forecasting models are incapable of adapting to disruptive changes (witness the Fed)

      Disruptive changes are YUGE and INCREASINGLY UNPREDICTABLE:
      • President Trump’s TARIFFS … in WAVES of $16 B, $34 B, $250 Billion
      • His commitment to REBUILD and EXPAND America’s Defense capabilities
      • His commitment to REINDUSTRIALIZE America
      • USMCA Trade Deal
      • Forward Buying from China to delay impact of TARIFFS on $257 Billion MORE
      • SOURCING shifts dropping China delayed until after the Mid-Terms (hoping for Dems)
      • High Tech Production RENAISSANCE in America
      • Trump TAX & REGULATORY REDUCTIONS driving SURGING American Economy
      • Surging value of the U.S. Stock Market as HIGHEST ROI with SUSTAINED GROWTH
      • Surging value of the Dollar as Currency SAFE HAVEN
      • Plummeting value of the Yuan requiring prop-up sales of U.S. Treasuries & Real Estate
      • Low-Yuan Chinese TRADE SURPLUS SURGE that will trigger higher Tariff LEVELS (%)

      China’s Central Planners & Purchasing Managers likely to OVERPRODUCE BIGLY.
      • Export-Customer Inventories will be YUGE
      • Production cutbacks will be DELAYED until Orders CRATER
      • YUGE Order Volumes WON’T REAPPEAR (Sourcing changes & American production)

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  29. CopperTop says:

    It’s not really for any blog but in light of the wizardry of PDJT I just laughed out loud at Joe Biden report from Fox. Fox said
    “Speaking to a crowd of more than 1,000 at the University of Wisconsin in Madison,”

    oooooo 1000? Really? I’ll see your 1000 and take 45s 70000 any day.

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  30. Anonymous says:

    Just like old times: Are you better off than you were four years ago?

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    • Dutchman says:

      Been posting that for months. Originally thought it would be campaign theme for 2020, but he seriously CAN say “Are you better off than you were TWO years ago?”

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  31. jeans2nd says:

    Larry Kudlow “Inflation is on the way back down”
    “Blue collar wages are rising faster than white collar wages”
    “Blue collar doing the best in decades”
    “Supply side Trumponomics is winning”
    “Most of this expansion is coming from the business side” 11:42

    Trumponomic good news, no end in sight
    This one is worth the twelve minutes

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  32. California Joe says:

    The Federal Reserve Bank is chock full of Progressives and are doing their best to sabotage President Trump by raising the interest rate to destroy the stock market. Make no mistake about it! The morning after the election Janet Yellen was on TV in a rage pounding the table to increase interest rates after not raising rates for eight years of Obama!!!

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    • Judith says:

      Hopefully, after we pull back from a disastrous global -paper- economy and formulate a Main Street economic model, and after we begin to export more oil, natural gas and steel, etc.. we can convince other sovereign nations, through solid trade deals, to restructure their own economies. Then the Federal Reserve globalists can kiss our grits.


      • Judith says:

        You know, the more I think about it, one of my favorite Christmas movies, “It’s a Wonderful Life,” holds relevance to what is happening in America today.

        The townspeople were squeezed by greedy oligarch Potter into desperation and poverty. But the people, through George Bailey’s Savings and Loan, came through in the end, and Bedford Falls was saved from descending into a Pottersville “ghetto.”

        I’m really going to enjoy watching that movie again this Christmas.


  33. Kenji says:

    Wasn’t it the almighty Alan Greenspan who said American manufacturing jobs are gone forever, and all you deplorable little drones need to go to college (i.e. go into lifetime debt) to get a better job. And … who cares … we don’t need a middle class. Just an upper class of elites … and … their lower class servants. Illegal servants are the best, because they don’t give you backtalk for fear of Immigra’tion or ICE being sicced on them.

    I hope Alan retired to China … since he was instrumental in their burgeoning middle class.

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  34. Monadnock says:

    (Apologies for the length…)

    When our gov leadership futzed around and tanked the economy around 2008, we were fortunate, in that twenty years of continuous employment combined with a relatively frugal lifestyle during those years made it possible for us to weather the storm without significant difficulty.

    Of course, our house lost value (about half), but not enough to put us under water. My pension (private sector) and 401(k) lost over half their values. We quite literally found ourselves with checking account balances under $10 by payday multiple times. Vacations transformed into Staycations. Drove a couple of beaters. We made almost zero major purchases for years. What passed for a tv in the den was an old plasma monitor that my employer intended to throw away. We used it with an old blu-ray player because we couldn’t afford cable (other than average speed internet). Yet somehow in the midst of all this, we still managed to scrape up tuition for our kids – we refused to hand them over to govt schools to be turned into snowflakes… but that was about it.

    Fast forward to the 2016 campaign. God blesses us with PDJT.

    Now here we are, two years later, and the changes have been dramatic. My home value has hit the stratosphere. Pension and 401(k) have recovered sufficiently that I am today sitting on a FAT retirement. Yeah, it’s only half of what was projected before Obama and the Dems nearly strangled the middle class to death – but it’s still a FAT number. We actually manage to maintain a small savings account. We’ve taken a couple of vacations. And this Christmas, I am planning to surprise the family with a 4K UHD flat screen… a BIG one. What about the tax cuts, you ask? Made a huge difference for us, as my take-home pay experienced a four-figure increase when extended over the next 12 month period. Never happened before, not even under “W.”

    The Left’s vision for America, especially the middle class portion, is to grind the middle class to a 10th of the size it was under “W.” They have to, or their vision for this country and for us is DOA. Socialism/Communism/Whatever-ism will never be accepted by a large and relatively affluent rugged individualistic middle class like ours.

    Oh, they tried for 8 years – they nearly succeeded. But thank God that He heard our prayers and sent us a champion like PDJT.

    IF the Deep State / Globalists, etc, fail to thwart President Trump; and barring some kind of deliberate economic catastrophe between now and 2025, I will be sitting on a retirement egg so huge that I will be able to endow the kids with sufficient funds to kick-start them into businesses of their own. A step up the ladder, if you will, to a place of independence and affluence that I could only dream of. Is it any wonder that people like me are voting straight “R,” and will continue doing so in 2020?

    I bet I’m not the only voter with a story like this… and I bet there are more than a few on the Dem side of things that are experiencing something similar…. and it’s causing them to reconsider their political leanings… some of them, not an insignificant percentage I’d wager, will quietly vote Republican next week AND for PDJT in 2020.

    There’s a red wave coming; it’s so close now I can hear the thing.

    It’s unmistakable.

    Hope you’re ready for the ride!

    Liked by 5 people

  35. See something here doesn’t make sense. How can consumer confidence, consumer spending, wages, production, and employment ALL be approaching record highs not seen in at least 50 years, and yet GDP went down .7. They are NOT mutually exclusive. With new tariffs and trade deals, more goods being bought and sold, consumer wages AND spending up, less unemployment, HOW?

    Me thinks we are being misled and that the GPD will be revised BIGLY AFTER the election of course. See they don’t factor in the trade deficit until the FOURTH quarter GDP numbers, it is why despite Christmas spending the 4th is almost always LOWER. We are being fudged here in favor of politics again. If I am wrong, someone please explain it to me HOW? I’d love to understand it…NO gobbiltygook either…just FACTS. I’ll wait.


  36. Sundance,
    My theory for the high -1.78% import/export number is because of massive construction & building.
    Companies and homeowners are buying durable goods in record numbers. Power lines, sewer systems, refrigerators, w/d, dishwashers, carpet, lighting fixtures and more are needed as America is experiencing a new building boom.

    I think inventories are also being expanded due to the China tariff renegotiations. Better stock up because who mows what’s coming.


  37. Jay_J Jacobsen says:

    Hey peeps…this won’t last. The word on the street is the Fed Reserve System will be replaced. People who’ve been follow Qanon know that the Fed Reserve System is all about robbing from the American public. The system is a corporation owned by Cabalers. It came into being 1913. Prior to that, Andrew Jackson 7th president, took the Second National Bank down and there was relief between that take down and 1913. (This is why President Trump hangs AJ’s protrait in the Oval Office ) When the country started back in the late 1700’s, they also started the 1st Nat’l Bank, but that failed and the 2nd Nat’l bank came into beling.
    So Trump will end the Fed Reserve System. And when that happens the whole economy will be turned upside down. Get out of the stock market NOW…Prediction is the take down will be next June ’19


  38. MILupper says:

    More great news-
    Employers cost of employment, COE, is rising at the fastest rate since 2008.
    The main driver of COE is rising wages. For the 8 years of the previous president the COE rose mostly from benefit costs as in health insurance, taxes and govermnent regulations. Wages were stagnant or falling for those 8 years.

    Liked by 1 person

  39. Zombietimeshare says:

    Good news for now but if the Democrats are put in control on November 6 I wonder if that’s going to throw cold water on the Christmas season, not to mention the next two years.


    • Judith says:

      Oh wouldn’t they just LOVE to stamp out Christmas? Remember “Happy Holidays?” Blech. ..MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL


  40. Mike says:

    Christmas shopping is finished, just set up my mother’s new Baby Lock Tiara III quilting machine that I surprised her with. Thank you President Trump!

    Liked by 1 person

  41. Anonymous says:

    Vote GOP!

    Liked by 1 person

  42. Curt says:

    There is absolutely no doubt the economy is on a huge up swing. It’s anecdotal, all one has to do is look at the Help Wanted signs everywhere. Saw a sign in an In-N-Out Burger restaurant that hires high school aged kids. It stated that the starting wage is $13 per hour with some benefits. Lots of kids working there…..
    Even with this great economy, there are still a significant number of people who won’t give Trump credit for his actions. In fact, many would much rather see this economy fail than Trump succeed. Honestly, its a sickness that runs deep and is very hard to understand. The “Rising Tide Raises All Boats” seems to be non existent for the Trump hating left. This is something that we would never have see 25 years ago. Remember….. “Its the economy, stupid!” Now for many it’s the economy only if they can somehow take credit for it. I see posts, wherein people, claim that Obama, and his policies, are really responsible for the economic success we are experiencing!! HOW SICK IS THAT? Unfortunately, and incredibly there are many out there who believe that nonsense………..


  43. Guy-Blanc Déploré says:

    I wonder what the actual GDP number will rise to from 3.5% after 3 upward revisions.
    I don’t think there’s been a single initial estimate that hasn’t been sandbagged in opposition to the Trump administration by the bureaucracy since it began.


  44. namberak says:

    The headline on this piece is why I’m having a very hard time believing there’s a blue wave looming. Having consumer confidence at the highest level in the better part of 20 years doesn’t seem like a bunch of malcontents looking to effect political change.


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