USA Today Promotes Investigative Theory: Judge Kavanaugh Child Sex Predator…

There are no rules.  Nothing is out of bounds.  The USA Today allows a posited theory column structured around the premise that Judge Brett Kavanaugh be subjected to the same investigative and safety principles considered with a suspected child sex offender.  Ergo, no more coaching his daughters’ basketball team….  These people are sick.

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Knowing how the repulsive leftists operate, this is possibly a signal flare for the direction their false-narrative engineers will attempt with the FBI investigation next week.

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645 Responses to USA Today Promotes Investigative Theory: Judge Kavanaugh Child Sex Predator…

  1. yy4u says:

    It would make more sense to me if the FBI investigated Ford’s story.

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    • SalixVeridi says:

      Can you imagine the horror? They would accuse the Republicans of debasing her story. And let’s not forget… it is nothing but a story.


      • snellvillebob says:

        She has been using the title of Doctor without a PHD. Most likely she did this to get a job a decade or two ago and after all that time believed she was a doctor.

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        • Dimbulbz says:

          Wait, She is not a PHD? I never heard that.

          I did want them to ask about her glasses. How long she had them. In the other picture I saw, she had non-prescription glasses. I wonder if she wore them specifically to appear more innocent and vulnerable, they were so unsuited for her face and she seemed to be constantly adjusting them, like she wasnt used to them. Also, she commented something in her testimony they didnt follow up on… She stated that she couldn’t see something (cant recall what) because “one of them was on top of me” – I would think the natural follow up to that question would be,”which person was on top of you?” She was not specific, and understanding why she was not specific would be apropos. The natural thing to say would be “Brett was on top of me” – I thought the questions were way too softball.

          The republicans once again brought a squirt gun on to a battlefield. Can we please have someone in charge who doesnt constantly use the wrong words and constantly have to correct himself? Grassley is a bit too long in the tooth to be an effective leader. He is a naive walking gaff machine. Who on the democratic respects that? Dianne Feinstein need to be at least censured by the senate, or you will have this happening forever. If people do not understand that she outed a supposed victim for purely political reasons, she should be sued for everything she’s got. She wasnt on the Senate floor, where she has immunity. This was a crime.


        • MaryfromMarin says:

          If she used the title “Psychologist” without a doctorate and–QED–without a license, that is a felony.


    • Kmart says:

      Maybe they could find who removed all traces of her from the internet and got her school to remove their year book for when she was in high school.
      She sure acts like she has a lot to hide.


    • slbyrd says:

      And why would they not??? This should be a part of the investigation as allegations of coordinating have been brought out during the hearing.

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  2. yy4u says:

    If Brett Kavanaugh is defeated based on Ford’s accusations, I hope he sues all involved including the media for every cent they’re worth if it takes the rest of his life.

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  3. JenniferVerner says:

    We are seeing the true face of evil. The Satan-Soros Party is pulling out all the stops.

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  4. Anonymous says:

    Of course, it’ll be this next:

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    • Cuppa Covfefe says:

      I think it’s time that libel laws are revisited and revised, so that presstitute effusion outlets such as CNN are completely and utterly liable for lies such as they are spewing now.

      This is NOT free speech. This is slander and libel of the lowest order. And it has indeed damaged and scarred Judge Kavanaugh and his family.

      Oh, the Satanic irony: Dr. Fraud complaining about the “scars” left by an event that never occurred, purportedly instigated by a totally innocent, honorable family man, who NOW is himself (with his loving family and friends) SCARRED and INJURED by Dr. Fraud’s scurrilous, slimy, scandalous, unfounded accusations (no doubt suggested and funded by Satan Soros, who stands to gain the most from a delayed confirmation).

      N.B. A major case for Satan Soros is among the first on the docket for this SCOTUS session…

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  5. chickenhawk says:

    Dr. Ford needs to be seriously cross examined for all of the obvious holes in her story. FBI needs to put the fear into anyone caught hiding and obfuscating and spinning this story. The Dems, the media, and Ford’s legal team need to be investigated now.

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  6. NewfTea says:

    This is pure EVIL. How do y’all think this is going to play with everyone but the elites and the pussy-hats?


    • Dimbulbz says:

      I sure hope that “normal” people (if there are any left) will recognize how convenient all of this is, and that it is NOT about 35 year old suppressed memories, but about power. If you dont vote against Democrats, you deserve judges, who only have the approval of the left, so every judgement they make is based on politics, not law. Oh and Jeff Flake is John McCain. Thankfully this is probably his last hurrah as well. I truly hope these two individuals are totally unique to our planet. (not intended as a compliment).


  7. Mike diamond says:

    USA today is evil ! Diane fienstien,will soon be investigated by the fbi,and the state of california,for real estate deals,and many other things! People that knew dian e fienstien,in high school and college,please come forward about the wild drunken gatherings she attended ! Did diane get drunk!??we’re her and her girl friends wild!???

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    • peace says:

      Exactly. And I bet the Jeff the Flake tried to reach out and touch somebody once upon a time. Let’s hope some femailes will step up and accuse him. Hope the USA today is sued until it goes bankrupt! Hotels across the country shoud stop distributing their papers as a freebie and ban them from their lobbies.

      We need a leader who can start a gofundme for Kav and also a large protest group.

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      • mugzey302 says:

        That’s probably why Jeff the Flake is playing this game ~ the lefties certainly aren’t above blackmail (obviously).


      • “Peace” I so agree w/you. Jeff Flake has a lot to hide. Joined at the hip of John McCain forever. He’s NEVER represented Arizona like a Republican let alone a Conservative. AZ has had nothing but RINOs and I believe Michele Reagan who also ‘claims’ to be a Republican has allowed or orchestrated voter fraud w/a known Liberal [Maricopa County Recorder Adrian Fontes] under her who has been sabotaging our voting polls [see newspaper articles]. ‘Another’ scandal in August, and Reagan made sure 40K illegals will be voting here in November.


    • Dimbulbz says:

      I want you to know that I threw up in my mouth just a little at the thought of that…


  8. Jan says:

    dissapointing that Mitchell didn’t ask Ford while under oath–
    1. Did she read Mark Judge’s book or has she been briefed by someone who has read it?
    2. What kind of lock was on that door when she rushed out?
    3 Exactly when & how did Chris Garrett introduce her to Kavanaugh?
    4. She remembered being outside the house afterwards, what was the weather, etc.
    5. Would she agree to a complete forensic examination which is something her therapist or lawyers should have strongly recommended prior to putting her on national display

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    • VegasGuy says:

      My questions would be ….”Why did you think Kavanaugh might accidentally kill you..?”

      Why did you add accidentally to the mix? How did you envision you might be accidentally killed?

      Just how violent was the alleged attack?

      Do you remember any bruises? Did he have any defensive scratches or bruises?

      Where were your arms & hands during the encounter? Were they pinned? Were you or did you believe yourself to be defenseless?

      Was his hand on your mouth the entire time? Describe how, with his one remaining hand, he attempted to remove your clothes.

      When you freed yourself, what compelled you to run & lock yourself into an even more confined place rather that run downstairs where others were present?

      And about 100 others tha prove the entire story was complete BS….

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    • MR52 says:

      My question would be “Have you ever met Kavanaugh before this moment?” Did you know who he was? Where you interested in him before this party? How much did you weigh back then? Did you drink beer regularly or was this your first time? Have you ever drank beer and blacked out?


  9. Me says:

    Yes, this is why Ford was made to sound like a vulnerable little girl and Kavanaugh was made out to be some sort of mean bullying alcoholic. I couldn’t listen to her testimony, her voice was awful. I find it hard to believe she lectured with that voice.


  10. Christopher says:

    Do you know any conservatives who are unlikely to vote? Do you know any democrats who are becoming frustrated with the state of their party?
    Pick up the phone. Try to get them to vote republican- right down the ticket- this election.
    A Red Wave is absolutely necessary. Simply winning won’t be enough. The architects of this current state of affairs must be taught a lesson about America’s commitment to rational political discourse.


  11. Dave says:

    The msm is loving this. They really are the enemy of the people. But my question is: Why isn’t anyone going after the ENEMY BEHIND THE ENEMY, namely, George Soros, who has dozens of ways he’s been using to take down our President, our country, our culture, every facet of our life? There are others too, but let’s start with Sore-ass to set an example!


  12. Florida_Frank says:

    Interesting — Montgomery County Police say they would investigate if anyone filed a charge. But they also say it would have to be in accordance with the law at the time and that “in 1982, assault and attempted rape were both misdemeanors and subject to a one-year statute of limitations.”

    That means they are willing to investigate a crime that is 35 years past the statute of limitations.

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  13. American Male says:

    Card-carrying Bolshevik, I mean Democrat propagandist and “Journo-List” member, Erik Brady, is begging to be doxxed, though our side does not have the large number of the mentally unstable as our opponents I wouldn’t shed a tear if I heard the vile POS and dirt yellow scribbler got “Scalised” outside his residence. A great resource to identify and locate our enemy is whitepages.DOT com, Goggle Satellite map and Street View their homes then drop on by and say “Hello” while you’re there plaster all the light poles with fliers ID-ing Erik Brady as a suspected pedophile and longtime NAMBLA member.


  14. Marion says:

    I understand Christine doesn’t remember getting home that night because of the trauma. How did she get to the house before the trauma? Did she go with Leland or by herself? Was she the first girl to arrive? If so, why would she stay if there were no other girls there?

    I’d like to hear Dr. Ford explain how she could leave her friend Leland alone with four teenaged boys, one a would-be rapist.

    Was Leland raped after Christine left the house? Did Leland fight off a rape attempt?

    Did Leland complain or give Christine the silent treatment after that night to punish Christine for abandoning her?


  15. Kris Langley says:

    Democrats: Man-Boy Love Association = OK. Honest-to-God Pedos = Alternative loving relationship. Letting elementary school children decide what gender they are = OK. The list goes on.
    A decent man decides to step up and mentor young women in team-building? PERVERT – in their minds.


  16. Anonymous says:

    Democrats gonna Democrat…


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