DC: Nellie Ohr and James Baker Refusing to Testify to Congress…

According to sources responding to The Daily Caller, Nellie Ohr and James Baker are refusing to willingly testify to the joint House Oversight and Judiciary committee chaired by Bob Goodlatte.   Nellie’s husband Bruce Ohr, a current DOJ official, previously testified to the committee; however Nellie Ohr is not in government and may have to be subpoenaed if Chairman Goodlatte wants her testimony. She was originally schedule to appear tomorrow.

UPDATE – “The Committee continues to seek the testimony of Nellie Ohr and Jim Baker and will compel their testimony if necessary.”

Nellie Ohr was a FusionGPS employee and a bridge of contact between FusionGPS and Christopher Steele.  There are strong indications Nellie Ohr may have actually authored a considerable portion of the Steele Dossier for use by the FBI.  In prior testimony FusionGPS founder, Glenn Simpson, was less than forthcoming about Nellie Ohr’s engagements; and generally misled -direct and by omission- both the Senate and House intelligence committees about Mrs. Ohr.

Additionally, The Daily Caller is reporting that former FBI Chief Legal Counsel James Baker is also refusing to cooperate.  Mr. Baker was removed from his position in December 2017, and left the FBI May 4th, 2018, after spending five months in employment limbo.

FBI legal counsel James Baker accompanied FBI Asst. Director “Andy” McCabe to a Tuesday December 19th, 2017, congressional hearing with the House Intelligence Community.  Curiously, in addition to other lines of inquiry, during the questioning McCabe was asked about whether James Baker was authorized to speak to the media about the Steele Dossier and the underlying ‘counterintelligence’ operation.  Asst. Director McCabe responded that Baker would not be authorized to take such action.

Following the December 19, HPSCI hearing, republican committee leadership announced their plan to subpoena James Baker for further questioning.  [Keep in mind Baker was there.]  Two days later, at the Thursday Judiciary and Oversight Committee hearings, James Baker did not accompany Andrew McCabe.   Hours later, James Baker is removed from his responsibilities as legal counsel within the FBI.  Cause: ‘unknown‘.  Five months later Mr. Baker resigned from the FBI.  Mr. Baker went to work with Benjamin Witts at Lawfare.



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557 Responses to DC: Nellie Ohr and James Baker Refusing to Testify to Congress…

  1. rbrtsmth says:

    Nelly, you minx!

    Stop playing hard to get. 😉

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  2. Mic Lawler says:

    If we are goung to have justice and the rule of law these arrogant subversives must be strongly prosecuted and recieve still prison sentences

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  3. JoD says:

    Boys, it’s called a S U B P O E N A.

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  4. Concerned says:

    President Trump said today “were moving along, were working along we are also dealing with foreign countries that do have a problem, I must tell you I got calls from two foreign allies” – can we talk. This was in reference to the release of the declassification order documents.

    Sound like yet another indirect reference to GCHQ Again, to me?

    I am still convinced, that Obama’s administration created a Spying Bridge on President Trump’s campaign with the help of GCHQ, The Bridge, must have begun, in the time frame between late 2015 to very early 2016, using GCHQ and lasted until late October of that same year. While Obama’s administration waited, for the Carter Page FISA warrant to be approved.

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  5. mtk says:

    Here is a plan, “We can all believe in.”

    Simply, unredact the redactions and declassify!!!

    Then Nellie and James will want to come before Oversight to clear their good names and set the record straight.

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  6. Concerned says:

    Instead, we learned that much of the application to spy on a Trump campaign associate, Carter Page, was based on an unverified “dossier” that was funded by Hillary Clinton’s campaign and ***composed by a British spy, Christopher Steele, who was fired by the FBI for lying.

    Multiple former intelligence officers believe there is indisputable evidence that British Intelligence organizations—GCHQ and MI6 in particular—collaborated with the U.S. intelligence community to portray Donald Trump and his associates as pawns of the Russians.

    According to several current FBI Counterintelligence Agents in a position to know, Steele was a known agent of MI6 at the same time that he was working to compile and promulgate the DNC and Hillary Clinton funded dossier.

    According the FBI counterintelligence officials that I spoke to on the condition of anonymity, Christopher Steele visited MI6’s Washington DC station at least two times during the period that followed his completion of the Trump-Russia dossier.

    Their is an old saying, once CIA, always CIA, right Nellie Ohr.

    MI6 to CIA to FBI

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  7. LibertyONE says:

    ENOUGH of the dog & pony show “hearings”. Convene a Grand Jury and issue subpoenas to testify!!!! Bottom line is that ALL of these POS WOULD be charged minimally with Perjury & Obstructing Justice…..for starters!

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    • abel says:

      I agree 1000%. This is stupid. There is 46 days until the primaries and this is a shit show. There will be no prosecutions no functioning government and we’re supposed to toss it up in the wind and hope for decent midterm results. The shows fun and Trump likes the drama, but it’s too much. If DOJ won’t prosecute criminals in govt., then fire them on the spot. I do not believe for one second that the federal govt. employees are protected as much as they think they are. I get it to a small degree there’s more red tape, but if the employees paid by me think they can be insubordinate than shut their business down. Let them sue the federal govt. when their fired. That should go well.
      Sessions you don’t have the docs by Monday? you’re fired. Wray you’re disobeying a direct order? you’re fired. You think you’re going to adhere to your own personal causes? you’re fired THAT SAME DAMN DAY!
      I am glad the Commander in Chief is taking to the campaign trail to paint these scumbags as scumbags and rally the troops. We’re going to need another 35 stops in 40 something days to rally everyone.

      And apparently it’s time to introduce the Govt. Employees accountability act just like they did for the VA employees.


  8. nrgmizer says:

    In a lawful and Constitutional Republic you don’t get to “not testify” about serious crimes that you are accused of, not without serious consequences, that is. Of course there are rumors circulating in that alternate reality of the liberal left that they just need to ignore Trump-inspired justice and it will all go away.


  9. LouisianaTeaRose says:

    So I guess the Sessionistas should concede their position about the little elf as evidenced by the information that we currently have, not exluding the following:

    1) Ezra Cohen-Watnick and Derek Harvey were caught together in a vacant office down the hall from AGJS getting PEDICURES of all things, their only excuse being “HRMc sent us here! And we followed his explicit instructions to ferret out the ABSOLUTE WORST MANICURISTS IN DOJ!”

    2). AGJS has slyly submitted a directive that under no circumstances shall any subordinate officer call a dead possum on the highway “Road Kill” until each individual discovery has been completely vetted by the FBI.

    3). The DOJ has colluded with not only local authorities but with FBI investigators to construct a narrative that implicates Donald Trump for groping Nellie Ohr while she was in kindergarten….”he grabbed me by the pussy!”


  10. freedom says:

    Jeff Sessions has disgraced himself and his family beyond all reason and imagination. I don’t know how he looks in the mirror in the morning. I believe that he was the “insurance policy” second spy and hope he pays dearly for his disloyalty to Trump. For a long time I thought he might be playing 3 D chess like Trump, but so far it looks like he is dysfunctional and/or mentally incompetent or worse, an agent of the Deep State.

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  11. Mist'ears Mom says:

    Hey does anyone know? Who pays for the boatloads of attorneys these gov employees show up with at these hearings? Is it the good ole taxpayer?
    In Nells & Bakers case I hope it comes right out of their grubby pockets!


  12. JAMES WOLFE says:

    Is this contempt of congress? Doers this not merit an orange jump suit?


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