Secretary of State Mike Pompeo Blasts John Kerry’s Intervention in Iran: “literally unprecedented”….

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo held a press conference today reacting to how Obama administration officials were intentionally undermining current U.S. policy.  Those actions include former Secretary of State John Kerry traveling to various hostile nations, specifically Iran, and telling our adversaries to “wait out the Trump administration”.

There’s a bigger, biggger picture here, that few are paying attention to.  We shall outline that in greater detail.  However, for now here’s Secretary of State Mike Pompeo responding to John Kerry’s intervention(s).  WATCH:


This is in keeping with a pattern.  Obama instructed Trudeau (Canada) to oppose Trump on trade and wait-out the mid-terms.  Obama officials have instructed China to oppose Trump on trade and wait-out the mid-terms.  Now John Kerry is not only instructing Iran to wait-out mid-terms, he is instructing Europe to rebuke U.S. sanctions on Iran and wait out the mid-terms.  Hopefully, everyone can see what is happening here.

My advice to POTUS would be to review the legal processes to revoke former official’s passports; and use all tools available to monitor the communications of former officials who are engaged in conversations with foreign entities hostile to current U.S. policy.

More will follow on this…. This is beyond serious.

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409 Responses to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo Blasts John Kerry’s Intervention in Iran: “literally unprecedented”….

  1. perpetuaofcarthage says:

    And certainly withdraw security clearances.

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  2. HHC - 2nd 16th says:

    Pull the passports – pull the security clearances and initiate proceedings under the Logan Act. If they want to play with fire – IGNITE the bastards.

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    • Niagara Frontier says:

      22 CFR 51.60 – Denial and restriction of passports.
      c(4) The Secretary determines that the applicant’s activities abroad are causing or are likely to cause serious damage to the national security or the foreign policy of the United States.

      This fits Kerry’s conduct like a glove. Bye-bye passport.

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      • wolfmoon1776 says:

        YES, YES, YES, YES, YES!!!

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        • ForGodandCountry says:

          “I solemnly swear I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, BOTH foreign AND domestic, and will bear true faith and allegiance to the same.”

          Each one of these former gov’t officials took this oath, which does not expire or negated by leaving office. <—-THAT, btw, is intentional and specific.

          Each one of these people is a traitor to the oath they took and to this nation. They are placing their personal politics ahead of the People's will, expressed through the election of President Donald J Trump.

          There ARE formal, federal felony crimes to charge these people with, and the evidence against them is overwhelming.

          There WILL be retribution and examples made. This cannot stand. America cannot stand without justice being served on those guilty of such crimes.

          The public's confidence in our system of laws and society are at risk and this IS a Constitutional crisis.

          It MUST be addressed. It cannot go without being addressed.

          The good news is….given who we know PDJT and his closest advisors to be (like SecDef Mattis), it WILL be addressed. All in due time, at the right time and moment, and the retribution will be CRUSHING.

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      • Pa Hermit says:

        Actions have consequences!

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      • jmclever says:

        Revoke while he’s in Iran. Who’s paying for all his trips? Follow the money! But Kerry been doing this a while so I’m sure POTUS, Pompeo and Bolton and maybe even Mnuchin are already on top of things

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        • MaineCoon says:

          Who’s paying? Mrs. Heinz. Just like Mrs. No Name. Their meal tickets.They didn’t need outside donors, although they still might have them.


    • JohninMK says:

      As SoS he would have had a Diplomatic Passport. Would that be removed on losing the post or would it, like the security clearance, remain in place?


    • pacnwbel says:

      I have read through this thread and come back to your response HHC, you encapsulated the situation with your terse solutions. We would all be better off if they were to be implemented, the sooner the better.

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  3. Me says:

    Wait out the mid terms. Does that mean the d’s are going to rig (hack) the voting machines because that’s what it’s sounding like.

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    • wolfmoon1776 says:

      At the right time. At the perfect time. Wait for the ball to come perfectly across the plate.

      And then KABOOM.

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      • L4grasshopper says:

        I can’t count the number of times I see a batter wait for his pitch and get called out on strikes on a pitch he wasn’t expecting.

        Waiting for the perfect time is high risk.

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        • wolfmoon1776 says:

          Agreed, but the left is playing a desperate game of trying to draw us off-sides, or to get us to swing at something just outside the strike zone. I am seeing this not only in Washington, but in their personal operations.

          They tried to pull one on me where they created a 4D strike zone – changing its boundaries – that absolutely nobody would believe in court. It was a brilliantly simple trick, but it gave me far more than it did them. Their game is becoming apparent everywhere, because the PATTERN is everywhere.

          THAT is incredibly cunning. These people are operating on the very edge of legality, just like they did with FISAgate. They need us to SWING at bad stuff. My advice is DO NOT give it to them. Generally speaking, they are trying to create SCRIPTS – SCENARIOS – that if you make one false move, they have multiple bad options lined up.

          Trust the plan. But watch out – they are hoping for a thousand ways out of this that all begin with us swinging at garbage THEY laid out for us.

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          • ForGodandCountry says:

            Have you noticed? No one is swinging at it anymore. They’re game is being turned upon them, and they have no other game to play.

            Their time is almost up.

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            • wolfmoon1776 says:

              I have the feeling that every trap they are laying out, is doing ten times as much damage to them, as they thought it would do to us.

              They were SO used to a world where nobody asked questions – where questions were buried under Alinsky ridicule. They OWNED plausibility. They could call the President of the United States a “conspiracy theorist” and get away with it. A MINORITY could own the world through craft and guile.

              No more. Trump has put an end to it,

              You’re right. It’s almost up.


      • Wolf, what do you think of Wictor who says Hillary will never see jail?

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        • Dobegirl says:

          HRC will probably suicide by alcohol.
          Not fitting perhaps, but at least she will be gone.
          Bill will probably do it by drugs.

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        • wolfmoon1776 says:

          I saw that.

          I follow Wictor. I agree with him all the time. Sometimes I don’t agree with him. I agree with him far more often than not.

          Do I agree with him here? Depends.

          By saying that, he creates an OPTION related to what he was saying – that the good of the country is more important than prosecuting Hillary. THAT part is true, and I agree.

          This is an interesting proposition, if only because it is FUNDAMENTAL to the Constitution – that we have to let some guilty go, to protect our freedoms. Same with protecting the speech of our opponents. It protects our own speech. The Constitution DOES let some criminals off. That is INTENTIONAL. However, the Constitution must also be ENFORCED. That is where Hillary and Obama got away with murder.

          My view is that if there is solid legal evidence that Hillary has committed crimes, then she must face justice, even if it’s a rocky road for the country. Tough luck. Buckle up.

          By the same token, if we don’t have evidence of crimes sufficient to make a FUNCTIONING DOJ get a conviction, or maybe even an indictment, then she has to walk. Too bad.

          All I know is that we must drain the swamp. There are many ways to do that. Whatever it takes. That may not be how Wictor sees it, but that’s how I see it. The Constitution must be enforced. And NOT selectively.

          This is my motto on justice.

          I trust the plan. It is only things OUTSIDE the plan that I can see, that I don’t trust. I do what I can to inform the plan in that case.

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          • Grandma Covfefe says:

            I agree totally.

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          • ForGodandCountry says:

            Perfectly said.

            MAGA is far too important and more valuable than to exchange it for a Hillary conviction, much as I’d like to see Hillary behind bars. Hopefully, our VSG will find a way to achieve both!

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          • Seems we are engaged in drawing red lines in the sand and then stepping backwards and drawing another one. If we agree this is an existential war for the survival of the republic then heads must roll. The bigger ones, included.

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            • wolfmoon1776 says:

              I agree. We can’t let the THREAT of communist violence deter justice. That is absolutely unacceptable. That merely brings us back to where we were under Obama. Unacceptable.

              On the other hand, let’s say they could have arrested Cankles in 2016. They didn’t. I think THAT is what we’re talking about here, more than anything. TIMING. They are being patient. And WE have to be patient.

              YES – Justice delayed IS justice denied. HOWEVER, that is because we are STILL OPPRESSED. The chains are invisible, but they are still there. We much VOTE, VOTE, VOTE to remove our chains!


  5. StanH says:

    Logan Act anyone, we must remember laws are for the other people. Like a cancer the Cabal is fighting back as expected, President Trump can handle it. We must however do our part, support the president in every way, and VOTE!!!

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  6. Beyond serious is right, and it is outright treason in the case of Iran for sure.

    Derp state actors, thousands of them, need to all be rounded up, tried and Constitutionally punished upon conviction. It’s pretty clear they are guilty…

    Hence, Military Tribunals… perhaps there would be fairness there.

    Time for the Big Ugly to evolve into the Absolute Reckoning.

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  7. TheWanderingStar says:

    It seemed that Secretary Pompeo is exhibiting the best of “Cold Anger”.

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    • Yes, he was being very measured with his response. You can just feel the pressure underneath about to explode at any given moment in that exchange. SERIOUS situation

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      • jmclever says:

        Seemed almost like he was holding his breath at first.


        • GB Bari says:

          That was the “measuring.”
          Then came the response.

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        • IMO, Mike Pompeo was SEETHING with repressed anger. HE is the one who has to personally deal with the carnage left after Kerry’s blatant iinterference. If it isn’t stopped, Mike Pompeo might just as well try to implement Trump’s foreign policy via email and “Sternly Worded Letters”

          THIS cannot be allowed to continue.

          President Trump CANNOT wait for the “Perfect Pitch”

          The WHOLE WORLD is watching. If no decisive punitive action is taken against John Kerry, there won’t be a single ally with confidence in America’s resolve, or a single enemy who sees any consequence to defying every policy we advocate.

          I fully expect that Mike Pompeo will implore Donald Trump to replace Jeff Sessions if our AWOL AG doesn’t stop arranging the deck chairs while the USS America is nosediving to the sea floor.

          Failing any action (Logan Act?) by Sessions, I believe Pompeo will resign sooner, rather than later. And by that I mean actually resign, not simply “offer his resignation”


    • Grandma Covfefe says:

      It’s why Pompeo will make a great President in 2024.
      WeThePeople-styled Cold Anger.

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  8. 4EDouglas says:

    How about this? This is far beyond any ‘”collusion” by Pres.Trump.

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  9. Dutchman says:

    Could be mistaken, but I believe it IS “SOP ” to monitor ALL communications between U.S. Citisens and foriegn governments.
    This could get serious. Kerry ‘outed’himself, why?
    Because he KNOWS he was monitored,..but what’s his strategy?
    Is he trying to provoke a confrontation, before the midterms?
    Are they so f’ing blind, they think such insubordinate behavior will be tolerated?
    Or do they want headlines “Trump incarcerated former Secretary of State, key Obama officials in banana republic tactic!”, just befire the midterms?

    And exactly what is he gonna tell Iran, China and Norks, after the midterms, when there is a red tsunami?

    “Ooops, I was wrong, your on your own!”

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    • The real life game of “Risk” before our eyes. Desperation and making Hail Marry attempts to save their life’s is my take. If it’s a trap, Our VSG will sniff it out. He will wait til 2020 if that’s what it takes to punish these treasonous criminals.

      Hard to imagine that this is what the Uniparty had in store for us all this time. We, the people, were only a road block to them.

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    • Doreen Scott says:

      Well they put Paul Manafort in jail for the same thing so President Trump would just be following the law according to Mueller.

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    • Emeraldstar says:

      “but what’s his strategy?”

      To win, at all costs. It’s a no-risk play for him, then …

      Their necks are ALREADY for the noose.

      Kavanaugh / Mid-terms (power kept / increased); then New Year’s 2019 (tribunals).

      Five decades (or more) of rebellion / treason / sedition.

      Kerry’s like “Logan who???”.

      They can’t “walk away” …

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    • jmclever says:

      And it would be a shame if Kerry were in Iran at that moment and forced to explain how he got it all wrong.


  10. LafnH20 says:

    Hang Them.

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  11. This is literally active subversion of our Constitution and form of Government. Activate the Teams.

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  12. We need to take them seriously when they say they are the “Resistance”. They are actively, in every way, undermining the duly elected government of the USA.
    This message needs to be trumpeted to all. Many elected Pres. Trump to reverse the failed foreign policies of former administrations. Kerry, Obama and others are AGAIN putting themselves counter to the express wishes of the voters.

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  13. rf121 says:

    Odds are we requested a FISA on Kerry and the judges rejected it.

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  14. L. Gee says:

    So when does “illegal” start meaning that these people go to jail for their actions?

    Revoking passports and monitoring them is all well and good, but if you or I did this, we’d be met at the airport and escorted straight to prison!!!


  15. Snow White says:

    Hang them all for treason. This is beyond unbelievable. Bastards.

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    • New Nonna to Be, Again!!! 🤗 says:

      Snow, on another thread, I think, I said ‘Candidate Trump knew everything and President Trump knows everything’.

      He’s not the only one….

      Liarly knew too: ‘If he gets elected, we’ll ALL be hung’ (to paraphrase the lying criminal’s only honest statement uttered, IMO.)


  16. fleporeblog says:

    Secretary Pompeo was was not just pissed off but if that POS was in the room, the situation would have been resolved with Kerry drinking out of a straw for the rest of his miserable life.

    Something is going to come from this! I can feel it in my gut. Mike Pompeo isn’t going to let this go. If I was that POS, I would find a damn good attorney!

    The Mullahs and the Iranian Regime will see hell dropped on their heads once November 4th comes and goes and the crushing sanctions are imposed especially on fuel. I feel sorry for the country or business that decides to cross our President and his sanctions.

    The Atomic Sledgehammer of Truth will come down on them!

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  17. Bullseye says:

    Perp walk herman muenster kerry now


  18. HOLLY MOLLEY!! Sec of State is P!##ed OFF, and rightly so. This will not go unpunished or reprimanded of some type. Severe punishment would be my preferred option. At what point does the Logan Act come into play?

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    • dissonant1 says:

      The Logan Act has been a joke up until now. A 219 year old law and there have only been two indictments under it, the last in 1852. If the crooked pols were honest they would just rewrite it to say “this doesn’t apply to anyone currently or formerly in government” – which would of course render it effectively null and void, anyway. That’s what THEY would like to do. If there is anyone in Washington who would ever apply it, it is VSGPDJT – and it is my fervent hope that he will. There is no way around Kerry’s violation of it. About time the “rule of law” actually started being applied to our “elites.”


  19. Big Jake says:

    I understand the importance of keeping one’s powder dry, but this is getting ridiculous. When is POTUS Trump gonna mg to start going on the offense?

    Perp walk these bums already.

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    • sunnydaze says:

      Yeah, but… the longer this goes on, the more peeps that get outed. And it primes the population for the inevitable.

      I’m fine with being patient.

      Just Keep Voting in massive numbers to make sure these f*cks don’t regain the House and Senate.

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      • Doreen Scott says:

        I think they have enough on them already. They have been keeping tabs on them for a long time now.


      • The mid term outcome will tell us a lot.


      • Common sense, how refreshing. I like the last line a lot, and it should be a permanent thought… keeping these f*cks out of any office, be it national, state or local.

        I suspect there are those of us here who could be running for office in their own local communities and up. If Trump’s work is to be lasting, we, they… should do so.

        Evil never sleeps and with the money behind them that there is they don’t appear to take breaks either…

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  20. BetsBets says:

    This is John Kerry jockeying for position for the 2020 election. He has to prove his bona fides to the Prog voters. I live in MA and I know Kerry’s schtick from Day One, clawing his way up and not caring about the collateral damage. JOHN KERRY CARES ABOUT ONE THING—-HIMSELF.

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  21. LafnH20 says:

    With all respect…

    I am growing weary of the TALK!!

    That’s all I have to say!!

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  22. TwoLaine says:

    I agree. This is beyond the pale, and definitely not legal. I figured this was what they were up to all along. This has been openly going on since at least May, and they are so out front with it, they don’t even care anymore.

    Just look at that preamble to the How To Neuter a Tyrant thing that the blob from Canada went to the other day when it was supposed to be renegotiating a good deal for its people.

    I believe Teresa May did everything she could to stop a TRUMP admin as well. We couldn’t have 2 countries uprising now could we. How would she back out of Brexit if the Americans were watching. She and so many other countries immediately jumped on the Russia, Russia Russia train, as if they were fed the lines directly from DNC Central Casting.

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    • yucki says:

      Treason May. Muh Skripal. Muh Russia.

      Of formerly-Great Britain. Now known for dhimmi enforcement of hate-speech laws that protect Pakistani Muslim gangs who rape white Christian children.
      Treason May, Sadiq Khan, and those out to destroy Tommy Robinson.

      That’s a Special Relationship from which we should just #WalkAway.
      (Time to put out 4 of those 5-Eyes, while we’re at it.)

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  23. calbear84 says:

    Remember when they kept baiting Trump with the “will you accept the results of the election” BS? And golly gee look who’s not accepting it now! Crush the bastards!!

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  24. Anne says:

    Kerry probably believes President Trump will be impeached if the Dems win the House in November. .


  25. Dutchman says:

    “Somebodies going to EMERGENCY, so bodies going to JAIL!”

    Have they gone too far, this time?
    I think so. A miscalculation, or a deliberate provocation?

    Time for the counterpunch, methinks.

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  26. But, but John Kerry has the ‘opposition party immunity’! You can’t charge him with any crimes because that would be ‘partisan’!


  27. Bought time to get the Swift Boat crews back in action.

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  28. sunnydaze says:

    So Obama thinks he is still President, and (some) other world leaders are also pretending he is……

    The Globalists must be about to fall.

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  29. ABOUT time…..sorry!


  30. jack says:

    I am very tired of all this talk and nobody gets charged for stuff, and I see it getting worse, since no body get’s charged and arrested. Jeff and Wray are useless … so maybe a NEW DEPT needs to be set up to over-see Corruption in these agencies.


  31. railer says:

    Kerry better watch his ass. Most of the Resistance has legal and political cover because the RINOs and neocons will generally side with the Left against Trump. But when it comes to Iran, the RINOs and neocons are foursquare with Trump, and it’s Kerry who’s the outsider. Sessions can find friendly judges, and Kerry could find himself in a jail cell if he’s not careful.

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  32. citizen817 says:

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  33. 1066 says:

    Kerry has always hated the United States starting with Swift Boat in Nam, and his collusion with another traitor named, Fonda.

    His security clearance must at this point be revoked along with Bathhouse Barry and the rest of his cabal.

    Passports too, then watch them closely to see who comes a-knockin’…

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    • Sherri Young says:

      Pompeo can start by taking away the black passport and let that sink in. That would give PDJT a little more space to decide when to pull the security clearance. Right now would be good with me but a case could be made for waiting until after Florence and Isaac are in the rear view mirror.

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  34. AngelOne says:

    One of the main motivations many of my left leaning friends and family had in voting for Trump was the outright lawlessness they witnessed under Obama.

    POTUS needs to restore law and order, the economy doesn’t matter if the foundations of our Republic are destroyed, outing the lawlessness the corruption it’s not enough and this waiting for the midterms garbage is the same song and dance routine we’ve seen for the last two decades.

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  35. fleporeblog says:

    You know it is bad when Little Marco is cracking jokes!

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  36. BarclayMtnMan says:

    When and where do we muster? Time to roll before its too late!!!


  37. Harry Lime says:

    Stuck on stupid since at least 1971…

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  38. bessie2003 says:

    Bringing my question over from a previous thread on this topic in the Presidential Daily thread:

    Is this being done on purpose, in order to provoke the President to take action against members of the previous Administration, in order that the Democrats can create their own October surprise in time for the mid-terms, to create a new media frenzy along the narrative that President Trump and his Administration is ‘out of control’? To give their voters a reason to go to the polls since the Dems aren’t running on anything but hatred so give them something new to hate?

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  39. Daniel says:

    I appreciate SD’s advice to the president. I would not be surprised to know that this is already in place.

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  40. DanO64 says:

    This is a triple dog dare by the Deep State. Let’s see what happens.

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  41. tav says:

    John Kerry’s FaceBook entry:

    Hi there to all my admiring fellow bloggers. My name is United States Secretary of State, formally Senator, John Forbes Kerry from the great state of Massachusetts. You can call me JFK if you want. I was born on December 11, 1943, although people tell me that I look at least 20 years younger. It’s probably my great hair and rugged good looks.

    I graduated from Yale in June 1966 in the top 1% of my class. To earn extra money during the summers, I loaded trucks in a grocery warehouse and sold encyclopedias door to door. That is probably one of the reasons that I am so humble. Over my four years at Yale, I maintained a 96 grade average and received a 101 average in my senior year.

    Before becoming the greatest Secretary of State America has ever been blessed to have, I was one of the most senior members of that grand and much loved and respected institution known as the U.S. Senate. Probably the only Senator who was even a little tiny bit greater than me and a little tiny bit more humble was my dear friend Ted Moore Kennedy. I also have a very high IQ. Very high. At least 250 on a bad day. Much higher than that creep who stole the election back in 2004 from me. I know that he stole it because exit polls are never ever wrong.

    I am also a great war hero. I set all kinds of records for heroism when I was in Vietnam. I was grievously wounded at least three times yet continued to insist on staying in the fight when lesser men would have given up. I won the bronze star with extra V’s for extra valor and the Silver Star for defeating a whole battalion of NVA with my bare hands. Sometimes I feel like a had to carry all the water for those other ungrateful swiftboaters.

    I sometimes like to chill out after a long day of serving the American people by having a double martini with my good friend Ted, although I can’t do that now as he has stopped drinking. We used to have a servant bring 21 double martinis. I got one and Ted got one for each of his fingers and each of his toes. Contrary to what some of my very few enemies say I never marry women for just their money. They must also have a pulse. BTW, did I mention that I was in Vietnam? I was also in Cambodia, so don’t forget that!

    I would like to think that I am open minded, honest, polite, heroic, trustworthy and humble. And I appreciate the same qualities in others although I am realistic enough to know that no one else could come close to me.

    Turn offs: other politicians who spend more on haircuts than I do. That is just not right.

    Who I’d like to meet:
    …other progressive bloggers. Other great war heroes who hate that damn S-T-U-P-I-D Texan who stole the election from me by using Karl Rove’s mind control machine and those lying sons of ###### swiftboat ######## whose pants are on fire! Cool people who live close to Washington D.C. so that we can get together, talk about you for about 30 seconds and then spend about 9 hours talking about me. BTW, did I mention that I was in Vietnam and Cambodia? Just one more BTW, if anyone has found my magic hat please return to me and I will reward you with a 32 ounce bottle of Heinz Ketchup autographed by me.

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  42. Milo says:

    Very Serious. Direct violations of the Sedition Act. However, with the dual level of justice (?) in our country, nothing will come of it. Rip Van Sessions, please set your alarm clock. Meanwhile, Papandopolous goes to jail and that youtube video maker that was blamed for Bengazhi may still be in the slammer.

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    • Doreen Scott says:

      They might be given a military trail. Maybe that is why Lindsey Graham brought it up at the hearing the other day. Maybe since he is friendly with President Trump now he was told this would be coming to a head.

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  43. It’s beyond serious because nothing has been done about it. This was visibly going on early during Trump’s first year and…………nothing.


  44. citizen817 says:

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  45. Scott says:

    The very definition of sedition…no?

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  46. RAC says:

    So if revoking his passport will stop him leaving the country, what happens if it’s revoked while he’s already abroad.


  47. Rose says:

    It’s almost as if Obama is running a shadow government and getting away with it, what does his regime know that we don’t because they seem awfully sure they can steal the house back sans the electorate votes?

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    • RAC says:

      That thought crossed my mind too, almost as if they have some intense cheating planned.


    • mimbler says:

      Historical norms would predict them getting the house as a midterm with opposing party winning house seats.

      Plus they have the deep state, and 99 percent of the media.

      So, they aren’t wrong to be confident.

      We need to really push the republicans to turn out in defiance of historical norms. Trump will definitely buck the averages, we just need to help him buck them by enough to win the house,

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      • Doreen Scott says:

        Everything President Trump has done is different than anything ever before so don’t believe losing congress will happen. If the democrats are so sure why are they polling 12 percent more democrats in their fake polls and trying to blame President Trump for a hurricane. Sounds pretty desperate to me.

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        • mimbler says:

          That’s what I’m hoping. We just need to push our side, because their get out the vote is far more organized.
          I’m reaching out to all the people I know and pushing them. We know the GOPe won’t be that helpful in the midterms.


      • Rose says:

        I can’t help but wonder if they are working with Google and Face Book and Twitter and the media in a campaign to demoralize Republican voters? Never in my life have I witnessed such corruption from the very institutions that are suppose to safe guard democracy. I also wonder if the electorate have any standing via suing Kerry for violating the Logan act and the failure of the DOJ to charge him for said public violation.

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        • mimbler says:

          I’m sure they are, but there is truth in the historical trends of midterms going to the opposition party. We need to work on our friends and neighbors to buck that trend for PDJT.

          As to the Logan act – it’s on the books, but it isn’t used, so I wouldn’t waste any energy thinking about pushing on that rope.


        • pgroup says:

          Nope, the people have no standing in that context.

          Liked by 1 person

        • Rhoda R says:

          They’ve knocked Qanon off all the social media platforms. Alex Jones was just the test run.


      • Steve says:

        DJT doesn’t do “historical norms”!


    • SmilinJackAbbott says:

      Yep, widen the lens and follow the money. Who’s funding Kerry’s trips and organizing the meetings. This is an organized operation.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Steve says:

      If true, I find that deeply encouraging. Obama is so hopeless that everything he touches turns to dust.


  48. missycaulk says:

    Yea they are acting like they are still in power. Is there any law that can stop this ?


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