Jim Jordan Discusses The FBI “Media Leak Strategy” Under Director Comey and Deputy Director McCabe…

Representative Jim Jordan, member of the House Judiciary and Oversight Committees, appears on Fox News to discuss revelations about how the FBI used the media to support their investigative purposes.  In essence this “Media Leak Strategy” issue lies at the heart of the controversy behind the redacted “Sources and Methods” the FBI continues to hide.

The “sources and methods” within the FBI investigative material (now classified) reflects intentional leaks by the FBI to media, and journalists writing articles to bolster the investigation which were then cited as supportive material to continue the investigation.


Frustratingly, what no-one seems to mention -during these debates- is how the Inspector General has already outlined the FBI ‘media leak strategy’ when he published his report on FBI conduct. There are two chapters of the IG report dedicated to outlining how grossly negligent FBI officials were collaborating with the media.

[Page xii – citation]

You can read chapters #10 and #11 and the Full Report here:


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279 Responses to Jim Jordan Discusses The FBI “Media Leak Strategy” Under Director Comey and Deputy Director McCabe…

  1. Rose says:

    Sources and methods, corrupt cop speak for “Planting evidence against innocents” they don’t want their sources and methods investigated because both are nothing more than words that mean covering up our corruption and our methods via dirty cops.

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    • nimrodman says:

      Yeah, concerns about revealing “sources and methods” are a smokescreen.

      It’s not like we’d be disclosing deep-cover foreign operatives and getting them killed.

      It’s not like we’d be revealing deep intelligence capabilities in signals interception or code-breaking.

      The “sources” are the FBI
      In Washington

      The “methods” are the FBI leaking to the press and then citing the resultant articles as grounds to obtain investigations and warrants.

      Just a matter of PresTrump speaking to the nation in a public address and explaining that, with proper documentation and visual aids.

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    • Gary Thomson says:

      The Dems had no problem when the Obama administration gave away sources and methods for the Osama Bin Laden capture. Now a Pakistani doctor rots in prison because he was a source, but we must protect the corrupt officials of the FBI and DOJ. Sick stuff this ooze from the swamp.

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  2. Howie says:

    Possum Jeff claimed he had The Big Leak crackdown going on. Was it really The Big Schmooze? he is such a good schmoozer.

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  3. Howie says:

    The Possum is the ….

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  4. T man says:

    Like many of these new “revelations’, they just re-tell publicly what is already known by lots of people, including Congressional investigators and Attorney General Sessions.

    Yet, there is no indictment, and very little criminal investigation into these matters. To make it worse, Congressional Democrats have seen it and still declare there is nothing to see, and Jeff Sessions refuses Republican calls for prosecution.

    So that lack of concern or investigation leads us to believe there is nothing criminal or concerning about these actions. Yet we know better. How do we reconcile these conflicting stances?


  5. MAGAbear says:

    Jim Jordan vs. Peter “The Weasel” Strozk in the steel cage!!!

    I’d pay to see that match. 🙂

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  6. Granted, this “strategy” is well beyond ‘unethical’, what concerns me as much as the Active Coup elements in play here is what some eager Defense Lawyer will do with this “information”.

    When the 302’s are shown to be altered; Grand Jury testimony shown to be fabricated; and “personal bias” accepted as standard behavior, if I were a Federal Court Defense Attorney, I would be appealing any conviction I could make $5 on. The “business volume” would make me a billionaire in no time I would think.

    In the “extraordinary means to protect the national interest” by ensuring President Trump could not operate, these “loyal, honorable, and morally upstanding” individuals have not only put the Federal Justice System at risk, but also any State and/or Local court decisions they were involved in.

    Sounds like creating chaos and anarchy to ensure our Constitutional Government is replaced with something completely different and contrary to everything this Nation was founded on.

    Almost step by step recreation of the “October Revolution” for those not too busy to dismiss any suggestion that those currently in positions of power within the Uniparty might just be related to Bolsheviks.


    • I won't back down says:

      You and the rest of us I think are just about now at the point Trump was when he first learned about the coup.

      You may recall that he tweeted something about how DOJ had lost all credibility and was in a shambles

      We didn’t see it at the time. He was spot on with his assesment. You articulated well the gravity of the “brady” issues on every case these FBI jokers touched. This mess will take the DOJ decades to clean up. Truly evil convicted criminals may yes go free it will be expensive. DOJ and FBI will have to devote billions (over the life of the clean up) to undue this.

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  7. Concerned says:

    A message from Reveal Strzok and Page.


  8. rayvandune says:

    Rosey’s cover letter / management summary was a complete whitewash of Horowitz’s actual report (which I read) which was pretty loaded with zingers. I keep wondering why Horowitz does not conduct himself with more independence like an IG should be able to do.

    By the way, what is magic about September 18?


    • Tall Texan says:

      I have not indeendently verified this, but other Treepers have indicated that is the day after which the President can appoint a replacement for Redacting Rod Rosenstein without requiring Senate confirmation. If i have this correctly, the only catch is the replacement will have had to be confirmed to another position already.

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  9. Howie says:

    The only probems I see are these…
    No cops catchin’ the crooks
    No prosecutor
    No court to prosecute in
    Other than that it is a nice game of 3D chess


    • LouisianaTeaRose says:

      Howie, do you see what you just did? Apparently not, but that’s OK, cuz I’m gonna help you out here my friend…you just showcased the strategy! You just went “Bobby Fischer” on the chess board!!! CONGRATS!!!!!


  10. Doug says:

    Muh Sources and Methods.

    Spies and Media Leaks

    There ya have it.

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  11. notunderwhelmed says:

    I agree with nimrod man. Put it out there. Release the info.


  12. Hopper Creek says:

    The way I understand it;
    McConnel and all the Senate Repubs went along with “no recess” so, no recess appointments..over 400 Trump appointments are held up ! Trump just needs 1 as in ONE Senator 2 reverse this treachery, I wonder who it will be……
    BTW,,,Lord Bless and protect DJT and all the Patriots that expose themselves to the Radicals,
    U 2 SunDance,,,,,

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    • wheatietoo says:

      Yes, McConnell has basically kept the Senate ‘in session’ since Pres Trump was sworn in.

      So we can only assume that his reason for doing that, is to keep Pres Trump from making any recess appointments.

      However…we don’t know that Pres Trump would actually do recess appointments, if he had that option.
      He is trying to do everything by-the-book.

      If he were to appoint a new AG as a recess appointment…given the magnitude of what is going on…then the defense attorneys would argue the ‘validity’ any indictments made by an “interim AG”.

      Because that’s what recess appointments are.
      They are officially considered ‘temporary’…and only serving until a permanent, confirmed, appointment is put in that position.

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  13. wheatietoo says:

    Jim Jordan and Mark Meadows were just on Hannity, spelling all this out.

    It is a must-see segment…so hopefully a video of it will be available soon.

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  14. Concerned says:

    Think about how this has changed. Steele, an active MI6 agent, constructs a Dossier and provides it to Bruce Ora at the FBI through Fusion GPS. WOW!



    • mr.piddles says:

      The headline is unfortunate. The article itself dislcloses:

      “According to several current FBI Counterintelligence Agents in a position to know, Steele was a known agent of MI6 at the same time that he was working to compile and promulgate the DNC and Hillary Clinton funded dossier. ”

      I’d say if he’s checking in with HQ every couple days while “out on assignment”, you could certainly say he was “in contact with” his employer. Contact, indeed.

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      • Concerned says:

        According the FBI counterintelligence officials that I spoke to on the condition of anonymity, Christopher Steele visited MI6’s Washington DC station at least two times during the period that followed his completion of the Trump-Russia dossier.

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        • mr.piddles says:

          Even if he wasn’t “employed”, it should be obvious to any old person with a brain what went on. The whole “but he was retired” thing was obfuscation from Day One.


        • Concerned says:

          X-Agents don’t visit Stations after they retire. This guy never retired.

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          • lizzyp says:

            I’ve had that feeling for a while now- there just seem to be SO many ‘ex-spies’ and ‘former assets’ and ‘assets in previous cases’ that I’ve suspected that the majority of them are not former, retired or ex anything. Particularly Steele. Considering how little he got paid by Fusion and the legal costs he must have incurred since, he had SOME kind of alternate revenue source.

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      • Concerned says:

        According to several current FBI Counterintelligence Agents in a position to know, Steele was a known agent of MI6 at the same time that he was working to compile and promulgate the DNC and Hillary Clinton funded dossier.


  15. mr.piddles says:

    Was reminded on local news last night. IIRC the total number I heard yesterday was 35,000. I assume that is dismissed cases + overturned convictions from two taint scandals. That’s two wayward state chemists. Two.


    Chemist #2:
    “A justice on Massachusetts’ top court on Thursday [Apr 2018] ordered the dismissal of 7,690 drug cases”
    “The dismissal came after various district attorneys’ offices in November [2017] notified the top court in Massachusetts that an estimated 6,000 drug cases were subject to dismissal because of their connection to Farak.”

    Chemist #1:
    “The dismissals came after prosecutors in April [2018] agreed to dismiss around 21,000 criminal drug cases because of a scandal involving a different state chemist, Annie Dookhan, who admitted faking tests.”

    So what’s that… yeah 35K total, that adds up.

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  16. Concerned says:

    We have all heard this story but not when it occurred. I wonder, if this actually happen now. Was GCHQ the bridge that Obama needed?

    According to Judge Napolitano, now a Fox News Channel legal analyst, at least three intelligence sources said that President Obama went outside his chain of command by not utilizing his own NSA, CIA, FBI, or the Department of Justice.

    Judge Napolitano, a Brooklyn (New York) Law School professor, said his sources told of Obama’s British contacts using the U.K. GCHQ (Government Communications Headquarters) for the anti-Trump operation.
    He claims GCHQ officials have 24/7 access to the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) database. As a result of this relationship between America’s NSA and Britain’s GCHQ, by simply having two people go to British spymasters and telling them that America’s President Obama needs transcripts of conversations involving candidate Trump, and later President-Elect Trump, Obama would be able to receive it all without “American fingerprints” attached.

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  17. Concerned says:

    MI6 would be part of GCHQ, right?


    • Covadonga says:

      No, actually MI6 is the British analog of the CIA and, iirc, is officially called the Foreign Intelligence Service. Think James Bond, but much less glamorous, and now, apparently, infested with Communist moles like Steele, who have ties to Russia.

      GCHQ is the Government Communication Headquarters, and is like our NSA.

      To round out the British trinity, MI5 is officially called the Security Service, and is the analog to our Counterintelligence Division of the FBI.


  18. HHC - 2nd 16th says:

    Rosenstein is the key (or impediment) to EVERYTHING. As long as he is there, the Deep State is protected and PDJT is in danger.


  19. Concerned says:

    Lets see (CIA, MI6, FBI) working together, could it be? Bruce Ora – FBI, Steele – MI6 and Nelli Ora – CIA.


    • V says:

      Could there be an Afghanistan poppy fields MI6-CIA connection?


      New spotlight on GREG VOGLE, ex head of the CIA’s National Clandestine Service/Directorate of Operations, heir to Sidney Gottlieb’s legacy

      Joseph Mifsud
      Alexander Downer
      Christoper Steele
      Stefan Halper
      Richard Dearlove
      John Brennan, who was his immediate superior
      James Clapper


      “Chief Of Clandestine Spies Implicated In Trump Targeting Plot
      Greg Vogle implicated as ‘missing man’ who may have coordinated anti-Trump intelligence world-wide.”

      Steele and Vogle’s time in Afghanistan overlap:

      “Greg Vogle, an agency operative who took Mr. Karzai into Afghanistan [WHEN?], went on to run the paramilitary division and became the top spy at the C.I.A.”


      “We might be captured the moment we enter Afghanistan and be killed. We have 60 percent chance of death and 40 percent chance to live and survive. Winning was no consideration. We could not even think of that. We got on two motorbikes. We drove into Afghanistan.[14]

      —Hamid Karzai, October 2001”

      “On 5 December 2001, Hamid Karzai and his group of fighters survived a friendly fire missile attack by U.S. Air Force pilots in southern Afghanistan. The group suffered injuries and was treated in the United States; Karzai received injuries to his facial nerves, as can sometimes be noticed during his speeches.[15] On 4 November 2001, American special operation forces flew Karzai out of Afghanistan for protection” [DATES DON’T MAKE SENSE. November out for his safety, but December in and he gets attacked by the US?]


      “…in 2015 became chief of its National Clandestine Services,”

      “But outside the agency, Vogle will always be remembered as the man who saved the life of Hamid Karzai, the Afghan exile whom Washington plucked from obscurity to be president of his country as U.S.-backed rebels routed the Taliban and Al-Qaeda after the September 11 attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon.

      “In the chaos of battle in December 2001, a U.S. military officer accidentally ordered a bomb drop on a meeting between Mr. Karzai and other tribal leaders,” The Wall Street Journal reported in 2010. Without identifying Vogle by name, it said he “leapt on Mr. Karzai to shield him.” In 2004, Vogle began his first stint as station chief in Kabul, the Journal said.”

      “During a second tour in Kabul [WHEN???], the George W. Bush administration took the unusual step of appointing the CIA man as its chief contact with the famously neurotic Karzai.

      “Karzai needs constant reassurance,” a former Vogle colleague told Wall Street Journal correspondent Siobhan Gorman, “and the chief is his security blanket.”

      After a tour back at CIA headquarters, Vogle returned to Afghanistan in December 2009, only 10 days before an Al-Qaeda double agent entered a CIA base in Khost and set off a suicide-vest bomb, killing seven CIA officers and contractors.”


      “In 2003, Steele was sent to Bagram Airfield [60 kilometers north of the capital Kabul] in Afghanistan as part of an MI6 team, briefing Special Forces on “kill or capture” missions for Taliban targets, and also spent time teaching new MI6 recruits.[10] Steele returned to London and between 2006 and 2009 he headed the Russia Desk at MI6″ [So did he stay in Afghanistan until 2006?]

      So Steele and Vogle both have Afghanistan time – looks like 2003, 2004, etc. overlap.
      Is there a US-UK poppy connection? Karzai was against ending poppy crops in 2004:

      Karzai WIki: “In 2004, he rejected an international proposal to end poppy production in Afghanistan through aerial spraying of chemical herbicides, fearing that it would harm the economic situation of his countrymen.”


  20. I won't back down says:

    I am in need of some good old cth therapy. I ventured onto the hill message boards with a comment that Tony Podesta is an immunized witness in the upcoming FARA trial. They think I am nuts and boy do they hate tucker carlson. Am I wrong that he’s been granted immunity? Tucker never retracted that “exclusive” (2 independent sources he said) even after he came under intense criticism.

    They tried to point me to a “debunk” via a guardian article saying podesta didn’t make the witness list BUT that looks like ot was just in the tax fraud case back at the end of July. But a court filing as recently as Monday 9/10 has manaforts attorneys still doggedly pursuing the right to ask gvt witnesses about the lack of any prosecutions under FARA going all the way back to 1966. I look at the list of the over 1500 the exhibits for the gvt. They have lots and lots of “podesta group” records with daily calendars of Tony podesta coming in for key dates in the April 2012 time frame.

    I think Mueller and Weissman have a very big problem if the trial goes forward cuz I had heard that re the sudden pivot on enforcing FARA that podesta got a heads up from ?? (Someone on muellers team maybe Weissman??) to hurry up and fix their FARA filings to bring them into compliance and that manafort did not get the same “special treatment.” Scary stuff and I think they’ll win an appeal (easily) if the judge shuts them down. Again, I think Mueller has too much to lose here if manafort attorneys can get that kind of testimony from podesta whether or not they get to utter the words “selective prosecution” it just smells so rotten that podesta got the vip friend of hildabeast treatment prior to gaining immunity too.

    I hope I didn’t slaughter too many facts here. Forgive me for going a bit off topic but Therapy!!


  21. V says:


    (This below, in addition to Strzok’s atty’s ridiculous statements that they were trying to plug leaks, ha ha ha, like the Watergate Plumbers’ cover story for their nefarious deeds.)


    Very funny – re Adam Entous, recipient of deepstate leaks:

    “A week before the inauguration, a January 12, 2017 article by Washington Post columnist David Ignatius revealed that incoming National Security Adviser Michael Flynn — whom President Obama had fired and warned Trump against hiring — had a phone conversation with the Russian ambassador. That information came from a highly classified NSA intercept.

    A Feb. 9 news story in the Post drew on more illegally leaked material to provide a fuller account of Flynn’s conversations with the Russian ambassador. They discussed sanctions that had been imposed by the Obama administration before leaving office.

    Other news outlets — especially CNN, BuzzFeed and the New York Times — published such material. But the Feb. 9 Post story is especially telling because one of its reporters was Adam Entous — who was also a co-author of the recent New Yorker article dismissing the idea of a leak campaign coordinated between Obama-era officials and the press as a “conspiracy theory.”

    Before leaving the Post, Entous co-wrote a series of 2017 pieces regarding Trump associates based on leaks of classified intelligence. A March 1 article about Jeff Sessions’ meetings with the Russian ambassador was sourced to intercepts of the diplomat’s communications. An April 11 article that has now caught the attention of House oversight committees revealed the active FBI investigation on Page.

    Entous’ recent New Yorker article dismissing concerns about leaks, co-written with Ronan Farrow, does not mention these stories. When reached by RealClearInvestigations, Entous said he had no immediate comment.”

    (Links to the various articles are within The Daily Caller article)

    The disarray in the guilty IC-MSM is quite hilarious. Ha ha ha. Give the sheeple the lightweight stuff.


    This is quite an informative book:
    Acid Dreams: The CIA, LSD, and the Sixties Rebellion

    And it wasn’t just LSD. Much more in the book about MKUltra and the congressional coverups of CIA wrongdoing, continuing on where Nazi experimentation stopped in Germany, importing them and their records to the US, atrocities against humans including Americans.


    • V says:

      The excuse for these atrocities then as now was muh-Russia and muh-nuclear war.

      Which country was it again who dropped bombs on Nagasaki and Hiroshima, killing who knows how many innocent civilians, not the kamakazi bombers or the Japanese royal and military structure, who reportedly had already signalled submission.


  22. Fools Gold says:

    Equally frustrating to me is leaks from seanate intelligence committee (Wolfe) and the 84 text messages to his whore at buzzfeed. Not a single word from any media. My understanding Wolfe was charged for lying by FBI but not a word since. Is he being investigated or not and what was he lying about? Sundance exposed the two committe leaders of their bad deeds, but nothing in the media.


  23. Concerned says:

    Think about how many of the the gate way pundit stories need to change?

    So when did Fusion GPS get into the business of employing an active MI6 agent? Especially, since Steele is known to be working with Bruce Ora an active FBI agent.

    According to Christopher Steele’s testimony in front of the High Court of Justice in England, Steele was hired by
    Fusion sometime between June and November of 2016 just before the election.

    According to Christopher Steele’s testimony in front of the High Court of Justice in England, Steele an active MI6 agent was hired by Fusion sometime between June and November of 2016 just before the election.

    Anyone still believe that Fusion GPS was not part of the IC?


  24. Concerned says:

    Think about how this paragraph would/could change based on new information:

    Next and at the same time, the FBI, DOJ and the Hillary campaign all
    worked with Steele as he produced the fake Russia dossier, a document
    that Steele himself said cannot be corroborated. D. Manny at Politics Central
    notes that because of Steele’s relationship with Deripaska, it might be
    more accurate to call the “Steele Dossier” the “Deripaska Dossier”. Manny
    also asks – did the FBI terminate Steele’s relationship not because of
    him leaking to the press, which the FBI and all the Deep State do
    consistently, but rather because they realized the liability Steele was
    because of his relationship with Deripaska?

    ****Next and at the same time, the FBI, DOJ and the Hillary campaign all
    worked with an active MI6 agent Steele, as he produced the fake Russia dossier, a document
    that Steele himself said cannot be corroborated.**** D. Manny at Politics Central
    notes that because of the MI6 agent Steele’s relationship with Deripaska, it might be
    more accurate to call the “Steele Dossier” the “Deripaska Dossier”. Manny
    also asks – did the FBI terminate Steele’s relationship not because of
    him leaking to the MSM, which the FBI and all the Deep State do
    consistently, ****but rather because they realized the liability Steele was
    because of his relationship with Deripaska?****

    but rather because they realized the liability of the MI6 agent Steele was
    because of his direct relationship with the Russian Deripaska?


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