George Papadopoulos Sentenced To 14 Days in Prison, 1 Year Supervision, $9,500 Fine…

The former part-time volunteer Trump campaign advisor George Papadopoulos has been sentenced today to 14 days in prison for lying to FBI investigators about the timing of his contact with the sketchy Maltese professor Joseph Misfud.  Special Counsel Robert Mueller had recommended 30 days in prison.

(Reuters) WASHINGTON  – A U.S. judge on Friday sentenced President Donald Trump’s former campaign aide George Papadopoulos to 14 days in prison for lying to the FBI during its investigation into Russia’s interference in the 2016 presidential election.

Papadopoulos pleaded guilty in October 2017 to lying to FBI agents about the timing and significance of his contacts with Russians, including a professor who told him the Russians had “dirt” on Trump’s Democratic presidential rival Hillary Clinton.

Background on the Special Counsel sentencing recommendation.

Background on the likely sting operation against Papadopoulos.

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440 Responses to George Papadopoulos Sentenced To 14 Days in Prison, 1 Year Supervision, $9,500 Fine…

  1. California Joe says:

    With a beautiful blonde Russian wife like that 14 nights in the pokey could be pretty painful!

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  2. Johnny says:

    This young man’s country set him up for a crime so they could get secret warrants. His country framed him. Then they spent 28 million dollars to prosecute him for a crime that his country framed him on. He is collateral damage. He is just a peasant in his country. Just a peasant so he does not matter. His government does not care what harm they have caused this peasant. He is just means to an end. This young man is now just a peasant in a police state.

    This sounds like a foreign communist state, with secret police, secret courts, and secret warrants. This young man just might disappear when his worth is used up. Can not have someone talking. 14 days in a prison in a police state. The young man might have an accident.

    This is what the United States under Barack Obama administration has become. I did not serve all those years in special ops to come home and witness this. The Coup has already happened. It came to fruition under Barack Obama.

    We have a real President now and his name is President Trump. He is just 1 man fighting a war by himself against the most powerful government on the face of the earth. President Trump has to have a QRF on standby waiting for the call. I am here to serve our President. How many of you people are prepared to answer the call if our President calls for the QRF and an exfil?

    How many of you can handle a 28 million dollar prosecution? Are you peasants or Citizens?

    I apologize, but I have to vent. My blood is at a rapid boil.

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    • Deplorable_Vespucciland says:

      “The Coup has already happened. It came to fruition under Barack Obama.”

      That was just the groundwork. The ClintonCrimeSyndicate back in control would have been the end of the United States as we know it. Now, the illegal overthrow of a duly elected president, the Coup against Trump, is failing badly because Americans are not stupid and they will not go away quietly into the night, we are legion. This is not 1974 and democrats in the Press, Academia, Hollywood and Big Tech will not be able to hound this president out of office.

      M A G A

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    • lotbusyexec says:

      With you 100 percent!

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    • cav16 says:

      Amen Brother, am prepared and committed if the call comes!


    • cali says:

      @Johnny: Thank you Patriot – thank you for everything ! 🙂

      Admiral Rogers and LTG Flynn – both now retired – visited and met with candidate Trump long before the official reported report by Mike Rogers and the candidate’s move to NJ ensued to avoid the spying in the towers.

      The dam is finally breaking and the counter-coup against the deep state and their agents wherever they may be found here and abroad is in full wing. Don’t look for these news in the propaganda media network and their affiliated.

      Over 120+ patriots have stepped into the limelight who are with their knowledge they gained over the past few years and Hussein administration. They are intelligence officers and other patriots who have first hand knowledge what @Johnny stated in his comment and then some.

      They are releasing info backed up by providing documents of proof on a just established website at:

      Start there and read what all these patriots have to say, what they describe in detail what happened while reading the documents they provide. These patriots will be adding daily to their reports.

      Start with the interview two of these intelligence white hats at that website.

      President Trump no longer fights alone and just received open support by over 120 intelligence and intelligence related patriots who witnessed what took place.

      Johnny – thanks again patriot and I hope you find these patriots to be helpful.

      I know and understand what you encountered during duty but most of all the betrayals of many patriots that lost their lives. It is not forgotten and it will make into the light!

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    • steph_gray says:

      Johnny, thank you for both your comment and your service.


    • vincentcuomo says:

      I am with you; he gets jail time for lying to the FBI, but the liars who ran the FBI and phony Russian investigation ate still out there; we Republicans need to vote in large numbers and give the Republicans commanding majorities in the house so Sessions, Rosenstein and all of their Hench people can be gone after the mid terms.

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    • rioosodog says:

      And people say that we “should let it go”! The government has taken a US Citizen and violated his 1st, 4th, and 14th Amendments rights guaranteed to him under the Constitution of the United States so they could manipulate some of the most powerful agencies on the planet to crucify him, us that voted for him, and President Trump! I am more than outraged!


    • YvonneMarie says:

      Hi Jonhnny.
      I am with you.
      There are more of us ready.


    • Jan says:

      In one way, I do feel sorry for PapaD, but he’s a plant–a naive Midwest adult who had virtually no experience in foreign policy or any experience in politics…his name got thrown in a pot of names that candidate Trump used as his first list of foreign policy advisors…so was Carter Page. PapaD–the NY Times article that claimed what PapaD told Ambassador Downer in April or May 2016 was enough for the FBI to launch an investigation into candidate Trump’s campaign on July 31, 2016–got in over his head, and I kind of agree he was set up, but I think the set-up came after Mueller took over in May 2017. Otherwise, his “campaign” job seemed to be to meet as many people as he could outside of the US and try to set candidate Trump up with anything or anyone that had ties to Russia, oligarchs and/or Putin….none of which he was able to cause to happen. He did meet some spies/IC handlers. He worked for Hillary’s State Department on an UN project so he was known to Hillary or her staff. He was so important to the Trump-Russia collusion investigation that was “started” by Comey-Strzok et al., on July 31, 2016, that he was interviewed by the FBI in January & February 2017. His “cooperation” before or after he was arrested in July 2017 didn’t bear any fruit or Mueller might not have been so vindictive to insist he get jail time and a fine. PapaD got in over his head. Hopefully, the shady Simone can steer him to the straight & narrow when he gets out. At least he hasn’t committed suicide with two shots to the head yet.


  3. Cankles Clinton says:

    Just got on the blog and I’m listening to the radio. Fox news comes on at the top of the hour blaring “He (i.e. PapaD) sparked the Russia investigation”. More cold, cold anger.

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    • Johnny says:

      Our government sparked the Coup disguised as an investigation.

      My blood is boiling.

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    • cali says:

      @Cankles Clinton: Meanwhile – a democratic attorney who filed the lawsuit against WikiLeaks and president Trump stated this: “Mifsud is thought to be dead”!!!!!

      Why would they assassinate Mifsud? Think about that very carefully!

      You can read it at Bloomberg News.


      • Dr.Jay says:

        He isnt and they know that. The DNC just says that, as well as alledging him to be a Russian spy, because they need that for their narrative.
        Mifsud has gone low on the advice of one of his many NATO intelligence buddies, in this case the head of the Italian Inteligence Service. He can still be contacted and has given several interviews for Italian newspapers.


  4. Finbar O'Shaunnessey says:

    I’d like to gift one of my favorite movie lines (Dr. Zhivago) to Mueller on the occasion of the Papadopoulos sentencing: “I’ve executed better men than me with a small pistol”.

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  5. Johnny says:

    If the Judge knew this case is a sham, why did he convict the young man of a felony?
    He could have thrown the case out with prejudice.

    I guess you have to be a Muslim terrorist training kids to shoot up schools to have your case against you thrown out.

    Dear Lord this is so surreal.

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    • Now in America the crooks go free and the good guys and their friends end up in jail.

      The American voter can now tell who might be the best candidate to take a chance on by how many of his or her family, friends and associates are currently either in jail or indicted.

      If the feds are after you then chances are you are honest and hard working.

      If they are not knocking on your door then for sure you have something to hide.


    • WSB says:

      This writes my question, Johnny…thank you, and many thanks for your service. I have some guts but wish I had more of yours!

      As to the judge, what the Hell is going on here? Mueller’s collusion with this judge to silence Papadopoulos?

      You are correct. Papadopoulos may not have a long future.

      This just leaves a lump in my throat.

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    • WSB says:

      According to SD’s link:

      “Prosecutors had asked Judge Randolph Moss in U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia to impose a prison sentence of up to six months, saying that Papadopoulos’ lies impeded their investigation and that he did not cooperate.

      “He didn’t come close to the standard of ‘substantial assistance,’” prosecutor Andrew Goldstein told the judge at the sentencing hearing. “It was at best, begrudging efforts to cooperate.”

      In addition to the prison time, Papadopoulos was sentenced to one year of supervised release and 200 hours of community service. He was also ordered to pay a fine of $9,500.”

      Judge Randolph Moss.

      Obama, Harry Reid sent him through. Clinton association. This was judge shopped to intimidate George into complying, IMHO. It seems as though prosecutors and the judge were working hand in had to make sure Geroge did some time to maybe keep him from talking for a bit? And it may not end well.


  6. Joe says:

    Papa goes home to his wife in 14 days.

    Have you seen who Mueller goes home to?

    Scoreboard: Papa.

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  7. A $28 million-dollar overdue library book fine.

    Seems a tad high.

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  8. fractionalexponent says:

    FBI/DOJ/Mueller use serial “on-going investigations” to redact, classify, conceal, launder their own criminal extortion methods…

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  9. These deep state dirtbags keep throwing guys in jail whom they either paid, or set up, to try to get at PDJT. It shows how ruthless and cynical these bastards are, but also how fragile their grip on power is becoming.

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    • rayvandune says:

      Sadly, they and the media are also training the American people to lap up this offal they shovel out, and clap like trained seals for it! Every Democrat elected or re-elected this November is a mark of shame upon this country!

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  10. J.Ballz says:

    So he’ll do 7, which means he will never be in general population because it takes about four days to get there, so he will begin processing in, and when he’s almost done he will process right back out. It’s a joke.

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  11. appraisher says:

    Page is still walking free and tens of milion$ later, Papadopoulos gets 2 weeks in a country club.
    Show of hands……..who has finally figured out that Page and Papa were FBI/DOJ plants, inserted directly into the Trump campaign to dig up dirt, but came out with nothing?


    • Will Hunt says:

      Agree there. The entrance of these knuckleheads into the Trump campaign needs to be meticulously traced back and documented. Shouldn’t be too hard to identify the traitors who put these jokers in place. Someone posted an excellent series of links on this which I can no longer find. Hopefully, they will re-post.

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    • steph_gray says:

      Bongino has been pounding away at this setup pattern for weeks now.

      And Stefan (spelling?) Halper meanders in and out of it, through the decades, like Zelig in the Woody Allen movie.

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    • covfefe999 says:

      Page I don’t know. But Papadopoulos now has a federal felony conviction on his record and that’s a serious thing. There are plenty of employers who will not or cannot employ someone with a felony conviction. And he cannot travel to certain countries now because those countries refuse entry to felons unless you’re Martha Stewart and can get special dispensation (which came about because she had a legitimate business need to be in the UK).

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  12. George says:

    From the Politico article on the subject, “Specifically, prosecutors said Papadopoulos had cost them an opportunity to question a crucial witness in the case: Josef Mifsud, a London-based professor with Russian ties who allegedly told Papadopoulos in April 2016 that Moscow had “thousands of emails” damaging to Clinton.”

    Wow, really… the FBI interviewed Mifsud months before Papadopoulos was charged. The stink of the FBI/Mueller investigation/coverup is out of control…

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  13. TwoLaine says:

    I feel safer already.

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  14. Yankee Lawyer says:

    G-Papa was a smaller nobody than Carter Page. Trump wouldn’t have recognized either of these guys if they wore name tags and managed to get in the same room with him. The real questions are how these guys got (barely) on board the official campaign, whether they are IC agents or stooges, and whether there are others used or targeted. Never had anything to do with Russia. (I don’t take any of the cocktail stories and face value).

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    • CET says:

      They were brought on the campaign because a certain do nothing from the senate foreign relations committee had failed to staff up the foreign policy team. It was causing Donald grief, so a certain do nothing brought on these two and a few others rather than recognizable professionals.


      • JX says:

        Please clarify. Who?


      • covfefe999 says:

        Oh my God … SESSIONS AGAIN!

        The Republican presidential front-runner listed for the first time five of the individuals who are part of a team, chaired by Sen. Jeff Sessions, Ala., counseling him on foreign affairs and helping to shape his policies. Trump began the hour-long meeting by pulling out a list of some of his foreign policy advisers. ‘‘Walid Phares, who you probably know. Ph.D., adviser to the House of Representatives. He’s a counter-terrorism expert,’’ Trump said. ‘‘Carter Page, Ph.D. George Papadopoulos. He’s an oil and energy consultant. Excellent guy. The honorable Joe Schmitz, [was] inspector general at the Department of Defense. General Keith Kellogg. And I have quite a few more. But that’s a group of some of the people that we are dealing with. We have many other people in different aspects of what we do. But that’s pretty representative group.’’

        Trying to be fair here, this article doesn’t say Sessions chose these people. Anyone know who did?


  15. Deplorable_Infidel says:

    “Special Counsel Robert Mueller had recommended 30 days in prison.”

    The citizens of this Republic recommend that SC Robert Mueller serve 30 years in prison, without parole, as well as surrender his license to practice law.

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  16. Julia Adams says:

    So, lying to Team Mueller gets George P 2 weeks in the slammer, community service and a fine.
    Mr. Mueller: Tell me, just to be fair, how much time will HRC, Comey, Strzok, McCabe and Wolfe to name a few get for lying to investigators? Waiting….

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    • To Team Mueller:
      Hillary was the best candidate.
      You are on the right track.
      Trump is bad.
      Santa is real.
      The economy is better because of Obama-nomics.

      There! That ought to get me 20 years in the slammer!


  17. Sandra-VA says:

    Just watched snake Jake interviewing George Papadoplous. Perhaps someone could find the video and post it. Knowing what we know from SD’s in depth reporting….. it was VERY interesting to hear George’s side of things.

    And sorry, but his wife is RUSSIAN! She claims her accent is tainted by her international work *snicker* … sure, I really believe that one! Apparently, the SC was also interested in her “accent”. The FBI paid her a visit too….

    George was definitely a patsy. I feel kinda bad for him…. well, a little bit anyway.

    I encourage everyone to watch the interview!

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    • Firefly says:

      Interview was interesting. Don’t know what to think regarding Sessions. If PapaD is truthful, then Sessions would have been a spy on PTrump. But there’s no other person at the table who agrees with PapaD version.

      Judge didn’t agree that OTrump tweets and statement adversely affected. Judge didn’t agree via the very light sentence that PapaD was an Israel agent or any collusion with the Russians.

      Mueller got a scalp and a fig leaf.


    • covfefe999 says:

      I posted a video above where Simona speaks Italian. I have a feeling she’s half Italian and half Russian and she grew up speaking both languages. But who knows. Maybe she was a kid when she entered Italy instead of being born there. I’ve never heard an Italian speaking English the way she does. She really does sound just like a Russian. Are there any Russians here in this forum? What do you think?


  18. Jimmy Jack says:

    14 days for years of illegal gun running for the deep state.

    This is just depressing

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  19. Mike diamond says:

    How many days in prison for hillary????who lied and lied and lied some more!who bleach bit her computers,??????i o i forget she is part of the deep,deep state and above the law!!!!!

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  20. Zippy says:

    “Take the plea deal or we will ruin your life and destroy you financially! Why are we doing this? Because we don’t want to go down the path of a defense discovery process where what was really going on could be revealed.”

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  21. CopperTop says:

    Papa and Five Eyes suspicions brought me to this sight almost 10 months ago. This sentencing was of great interest. Busy and missed the window to jump in and comment but there are somethings remaining that stood out about Papa sentence

    1) Papa left 10 grand on the table overseas….smartest move ever
    2) When you’re at the ball wearing rags and everyone thinks your Cinderella…take some personal inventory and practice self awareness. Then see #1
    3) When from Chicago area and involved in anything Clinton you will be used
    4) When YOUR lawyer mentions in your sentencing motion that you applied to a HRC opponent’s campaign earlier than most people realize take his cue to play the victim
    5) When your lawyer refers to the candidate you worked for as your ‘master’ …then see #3 and practice #4 because that’s all that’s left. Take a good look at Monica Lewinsky’s life path post Clinton. That path is now yours and your a felon too boot. With that one line of referring to PDJT as master…kiss your pardon goodbye.

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  22. Y2K says:

    The score to date has been pretty dismal for Super G-Man Robert Mueller.

    He got Manafort and Cohen for process crimes unrelated to POTUS.

    He threw the mud on the wall against Russian companies all of whom yawned except for one who called his bluff and from whom he is still running.

    He indicted some Russian intelligence operatives for doing their jobs and who will never see a US courtroom.

    But today, IT happened.

    A “senior Trump official” is going down hard. Yep, 14 days jail time for falling for a FBI setup while at happy hour. Please tell us that he at least got the girl included with the room?

    Hats off to Bobby. Hillary has to be “very concerned” after this news. It’s like, OMG Bobby is serious about this stuff?

    So, after this major scalp, Mueller’s job is now complete and well worth what it cost.

    Kudos, Robert and please pass that along to your team of Hillary donors.

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  23. Mr. T. says:

    Millions of dollars spent to investigate, arrest, prosecute and sentence the man to a WHOPPING 14 days in jail and a fine of a little over $9,000. Yep, that’s government efficiency for you. What a major slap in the face to Lady Justice and We, The People.


  24. Heads up, Treepers! It is now being reported by Tom Lifson over at the American Thinker, that the “mysterious” up to no good Professor Mifsud is most likely “deceased.” Can anyone say “Arkancide?”

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  25. moe ham head says:

    good job bob i guess with results like that you can keep wasting our money for another 2 years


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