A Pragmatic Canadian Perspective on U.S-Mexico Trade Agreement…

A few months ago we highlighted a discussion between Ezra Levant and Manny Montenegrino when they first began to notice the direction of Trump strategy and the duplicitous political agenda of Justin from Canada.  After the announcement of the U.S./Mexico trade agreement yesterday, Levant and Montenegrino revisit the discussion.

While both Canadians seem to overlook the importance of President-elect Lopez-Obrador, Jesus Seade, and the mutually beneficial alignment with U.S.T.R. Lighthizer, their perspective on the motives of Justin from Canada and President Trump circle close to the target.


Meanwhile Chrystia from Canada has now arrived in Washington DC:

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228 Responses to A Pragmatic Canadian Perspective on U.S-Mexico Trade Agreement…

  1. Gary Morton says:

    Don’t forget about Trudeau’s partnering Canada with Soros on a program to flood the world with refugees.
    Trudeau is a globalist, he called Canada the world’s first post national state. He is also a Bilderberger.
    Sacrificing Canada to get a big fight going with Trump is something he is definitely considering. He’ll decide whether it is too dangerous.
    If he goes ahead on that idea, he will refuse to sign a deal, then use globalist directed legal moves and appeal to the US Congress so they won’t approve Trump’s deal with Mexico, but will send him back to the table with Canada.
    He’ll want to get a lot of chaos going, and with the Democrats on side he will work to badly damage Trump.
    As far as the trade deal goes in reality, a sane prime minister would sign it and open up dairy. There is no reason for the protectionism on dairy in Canada. It is not needed.

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    • RJ says:

      Isn’t the question “why does Canada have protectionist policies for it’s dairy industry?” No one seems to want to present this question/answer to anyone who is paying attention to such complaints. Why do they do it? What are their reasons?: Do they make sense?

      I’ll guess it has something to do with the climate/weather in Canada. What are the real facts?

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      • Dave Sanderson says:

        Here’s your answer, RJ:
        1) ‘Dairy’ has been heavily protected since Trudeau’s father first became PM in the late 1960s. He was an evil commie, but also a political genius …it was Justin’s mother (Margaret) who was a brain-addled pot smoking / drug taking hippy that Justin most takes after. FYI, Margaret is a regular spokesperson in Canada on the topic of “mental illness” …she spent a lot of time in rehab, and when you see / hear her now she sounds like she’s as addled and as near-going-over-the-edge as ever. Anyway, moving right along…
        2) Canada’s dairy farmers are mostly concentrated in Quebec = FRENCH Canada = “pander to us or we will secede” and an historically Liberal Party (aka, The Libranos) stranglehold, sort of like NYC or Chicago is for Democrats in the U.S. … and
        3) Since the raw milk is all there, that’s where some of the world’s biggest dairy processors have based their operations (Saputo; Parmalat; Kraft; etc.) for milk, cheese, yogurt, ice cream, whey protein, etc. and ….
        4) Those dairy processors have been funding Liberal Party elections since the 1960’s, via massive lobbying / political donations / outright bribes / campaign ‘workers’ on the ground / etc. etc. (Example > An ad agency I ran in the 1980s had a large national dairy brand for it’s ice cream, yogurt and cheese … during elections (understood to be part & parcel of keeping that client) I had to ‘loan’ some talented ad people to work on Liberal campaign materials … we all had mouths to feed, so we (mostly grudgingly) did it.

        “Dairy” in Canada has become a very powerful group, sort of like the U.S. Chamber of Commerce is in America when it comes to “open borders / let cheap labor in for our members”.

        I hope that helps explain the “dairy power” in Canada. As with ALL things political in EVERY country, follow the money, because the money buys the votes.

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      • Orville R. Bacher says:

        Dairy is one of many “quota” systems in Canada to protect the few (politically connected) from competition- including Canadian competition.
        The Canadian Consumer pays a heavy price, but politicians would rather get a $100,000 “donation” from one phone call, than have to make 10,000 phone calls for $100 per call.
        It is “legalized” corruption, and any questions about the “quota” system are stiff-armed by Canadian Media, by turning it into Anti-Americanism.

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        • RJ says:

          So, you are saying that diary is a protected industry because it sends people and money to help liberal governments whenever asked or demanded. This is ok with the rest of Canadians, that those in the dairy sector have sold their souls to a liberal political party?

          Therefore, a conservative American position of “opening up the dairy market” will be seen by the liberal Canadian party as a direct attack on their power? The remaining voters in Canada are ok with such a reality? As long as the “liberal party” is in power, right?

          Seems to me the “liberal party” is going to bet the store to stay in power…suggesting they will not make a deal on NAFTA, if your position is accurate.

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          • Exurban says:

            “Dairy” includes milk, cheese, eggs and poultry and some other commodities covered by the “supply management” system. Supposedly protecting the family farm, this sector is now dominated by large and medium sized bisinesses who are significant political donors.

            BTW I agree with the thinking in the video that Trump is going to rough up Trudeau either way, but it’s actually possible that Trudeau would sacrifice the financially more valuable car industry (southern Ontario actually does make a lot of cars) in favor of the more politically valuable (to the Liberal Party) dairy lobby. This scenario is a lose-lose for working Canadians — fewer jobs, expensive food. Win-win would be keeping the auto plants and getting cheaper food; the chances of that are IMO not good.

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      • VeritasVincit says:

        For me the question is, “Why do we allow them to continue referring to these negotiations as NAFTA negotiations?” PDJT has stated numerous times that NAFTA is dead. These are individual negotiations between the US and Mexico that have been approved and then whether to allow Canada to join the agreement if they are willing to abide by the agreement.


    • Mrs. E says:

      Trudeau is also a child; he and Chrystia – children, trying to play world politics with the Big Leagues, What a tremendous mistake is was to elect a child to lead the nation of Canada!

      They are taking the hit, and it will become worse, as predicted by Montenegrino in this interview with Levant. Question is, will there be a Trump to come rescue Canada from the damaged remains of a Trudeau?…!

      Meanwhile, just send Chrystia and her email buddy to the playground! What an embarrassment!

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    • Louis Genevie says:

      Trump will not stand by in silence as the Globalist Canadians try to disrupt his deal with Mexico. The Dairy industry in Canada control the Leftists through donations and bribes. If Canada chooses to get into our politics, theirs is open to attack.

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  2. James Street says:

    It’s also personal for Trump. He doesn’t quickly forgive being screwed, and Justin has gone out of his way to insult Trump with childish things like the handshake and attacking Trump after the G7 Summit.

    In one of his books Trump tells the story of a woman who worked in government that impressed him so he helped her establish herself in the business world and she did very well. When Trump was going through his financial difficulties he asked her to talk to someone she was close to to help Trump. She said she wouldn’t feel comfortable doing that so Trump cut her off and her career languished.

    Trump would forgive Justin but never trust him again if Justin sincerely apologized. It’s sad for Canada because liberals like Justin don’t have that kind of honest introspection.

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  3. Targysan says:

    Justine from Ottawa is so far over his head you’d think he was at the bottom of the Marianas trench.

    Meanwhile, Christine the human sausage traveled at Light speed to get from Germany to Washington Dc.

    Don’t worry sweetie, PDJT will be more than happy to tell you how things are going to go from now on.

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    • covfefe999 says:

      She’s so sophomoric. OK Chrystia, you run to Germany in your pathetic attempt to threaten Trump. lol I almost feel sorry for her, she’s so proud of herself and I think she actually believes that she can compete with Trump and his brilliant deal-making Team. It’s some form of narcissm, a psychiatric disorder. I’d chalk it up to immaturity but the chick is 50 years old!

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      • covfefe999 says:

        (compete against, not with)

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      • Stan says:

        Canadian Liberals have been feeding themselves anti-American bigotry for so long they now live and breathe it.
        Karma is going to be a bitch.

        Trudeau has no choice but to make the election a referendum on Trump, as dumb as that sounds.
        He can’t run on his record.
        He will wrap himself in the Canadian flag and try to tap into that anti-American bigotry.
        The Canadian media will be howling in support.


    • Mercenary says:

      Freeland was running the Digital operation at Reuters. How she went from that to negotiating the intricacies of an entire country’s trade agreements is absolutely beyond me. Bob Lighthizer must look at her as if she’s a complete moron when they’re in meetings together. He’s negotiated the minutia of trade for literal decades and here she waltzes in from running the Reuters website, talking about indigenous rights and climate change.

      I’m sorry Canadians, but you’re screwed. We’re taking the factories back.

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      • Jeff C-C says:

        I am in the energy efficiency business. Our product has a 20 year life. The electric rates in Ontario are structured really favorably for us, so the product will pay for itself in about three years.

        The question everyone asks is, “what if we move the factory in five years?” They all know it’s coming. Rather, they are coming. And in most cases, coming HOME.

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  4. covfefe999 says:

    10:18 If people make more money in Mexico they will not be leaving Mexico

    Amen to that

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  5. Stan says:

    Trudeau The Dumber will fight the next Canadian election by portraying himself as standing up to Trump. He has to, he can’t run on his record.
    There is a lot of liberal fed anti-American bigotry in Canada.
    Trudeau and the Canadian media will be doing everything they can to increase that bigotry.

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    • Orville R. Bacher says:

      Trudeau has already lost the B.C. vote by nationalizing the pipeline to run through Vancouver (oil to China so the pollution can be created out-of-sight), and if he loses the auto jobs in Ontario, even the dope vote won’t be enough.
      Classic liberal, smug, a follower, and missing a few cognitive bricks.

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    • Louis Genevie says:

      He can only run as a never Trumper if the Canadian auto industry does not go down the drain with 10’s of thousands of jobs. Canadians like work and money too.

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  6. Swedishmeatball says:

    Great video and very informative. If Trudeau sticks to the plan, ie: meeting with him and O’Kenya, and doesn’t negotiate, there must be other plays that his handlers have in mind. What is currently happening before our eyes is astonishing!

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  7. BobC says:

    There’s an intriguing comment made by PDJT during the conference call with President Nieto of Mexico. It’s this:

    “And, you know, one of the things that I’m excited about is you’re going to be helping us at the border.”

    I haven’t seen this picked up anywhere and wonder what it means, and what agreement was reached on border security (if that’s what it relates to).

    I’d be grateful if Sundance is able to parse that sentence. It could be very interesting!

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  8. Sunshine says:

    See how nervous Chrystia is – She now knows she in deep doo-doo.

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    • Paco Loco says:

      Hot air and an inch deep. Trump has the “kids” just where he wants them. Negotiating from a position of weakness.

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    • Canadian Aussie says:

      HAVE you been working on this for a long time Christia? Have you? My understanding is that you’ve been refusing to negotiate or even come to the table over the past months whilst bad mouthing all things Trump. You are a disgrace and a failure. God help our country.


  9. Terry Gilmour says:

    The video between the two gentlemen indicates that they realize Trump has negotiated right through to a bilateral agreement with Mexico that improves Mexico and US. And both men realize that Trump will win the battle with Canada.

    I love my president. 🙂

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