U.S.T.R. Robert Lighthizer Explains U.S./Mexico Trade Agreement and China Trade Reset…

The corporate-owned, Wall Street-controlled, U.S. media are twisting, contorting, and in many cases hiding the consequential details of the U.S-Mexico trade agreement.

The reason for MSM disinformation campaign is quite simple: the deal helps the U.S. middle-class; helps both U.S. and Mexican workers; begins deconstructing the tentacles of Wall Street economic policy; and highlights a major success story for President Trump and the country in general.  The UniParty, Wall Street and the agenda of their purchased political class are being dismantled…. All of those interests are furious.

While it is still available, watch the 10 minutes of this report (and interview with U.S.T.R. Lighthizer) from 07:00 to 17:00 to get a generally good idea of how significant a day this is.  (prompted, just hit play)

White House trade adviser Peter Navarro also appears on Fox Business with Lou Dobbs to discuss the deal.


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  1. WSB says:

    Just beyond words. Running rings and rings and rings around the dopes in DC.

    Have a nice night!

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    • fleporeblog says:

      Your absolutely right WSB!

      Treepers don’t concern yourself with all the chaff and countermeasures the Democrats and MSM are trying to feed you with. As SD has said, PDJT and his Killers are APEX PREDATORS.

      There is nothing Congress can do to stop our President from killing NAFTA. The original agreement had a clause that stated any of the leaders of the 3 countries could terminate NAFTA.

      Sometime next week our President will sign the termination document. That starts the 6 month wind down period. Lets say the date is September 5th. On March 5th, NAFTA will be officially dead.

      If the Democrats and RINOs play hardball and don’t approve the deal reached with Mexico, our President would actually celebrate with his Killers. The reason for the celebration would be that on March 6th, everything reverts back to life prior to NAFTA (turn the clock back to 1994).

      When we say our President has set up a win win scenario, this is it!

      As for Canada, our President and AMLO hope that Justin calls our President’s bluff. The reason being is in the tweet below.

      Enjoy the hell out of all this winning!

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      • fleporeblog says:

        I don’t want you to take my word for it!


        From the article linked above:

        Would he even have the power to scrap it on his own? Turns out presidents do have that power and don’t need Congress. NAFTA’s Article 2205, which Trump cited in his speech last week in Pittsburgh, is only 34 words and simply says that a party may withdraw from the agreement six months after it provides written notice.


        From the article linked above:

        Because no U.S. president has used the provision in U.S. trade pacts that provides for withdrawal after a six-month notice, President Donald Trump’s threat to do so has led various commentators to opine about his authority to act without congressional authorization. The claim made by some NAFTA proponents that a president does not have such authority is premised on three major errors, all of which relate to the peculiarities of trade pacts and their implementation under U.S. law. NAFTA proponents with greater familiarity with the arcana of U.S. trade law, such as Gary Hufbauer of the Peterson Institute for International Economics, concede that the president does have such authority and doubt that withdrawal could be successfully contested in court.3

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        • Newhere says:

          There are two pieces on the legal front: withdrawing from the NAFTA itself (which I think even critics bregudgingly admit he can do (or that it would be near-impossible to contest)), and repealing the so-called “implementing legislation” that Congress passed to put the NAFTA into effect. Trade agreements aren’t immediately or inherently the “law of the land” — they aren’t self-imposing — they require “implementing legislation,” which is part of the package that gets an up-or-down vote under “fast track.” So for example the negotiated calculation for rules of origin is set out in the agreement — but then Congress needs to pass a law to put that calculation into effect.

          So, US statutes and regs are likely littered with NAFTA implementing rules, that only Congress and the relevant regulating agencies can change. Trump needs them to repeal the old and pass the new for the specifics he negotiated to take effect.

          Which is why it is tantalizing that he cut this deal before the midterms. I dare any vulnerable politician, left or right, to run against implementing Trump’s deal. After an election where the ONLY economic issue that united plugged-in voters across parties was fixing NAFTA and ditching TPP. I don’t think we have to guess that Trump is relishing that fight. DC can continue chattering among itself about Russia and impeachment while Trump consolidates his popular support, locks in his second term and defines the realignment.

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          • ATheoK says:

            “So, US statutes and regs are likely littered with NAFTA implementing rules,”

            Speculation and fantasy.

            If there are regulations implementing trade and treaties it is for pork barrel reasons.

            Once a treaty is in place, businesses and individuals are free to start meeting that treaty.
            Federal regulatory archives are filled with archaic code and requirements that fulfill zero need, to-which, no-one pays attention.

            When NAFTA is gone, any requirements for implementing or utilizing become wasted paper.

            “that only Congress and the relevant regulating agencies can change”

            Congress can change laws, with the President’s approval.

            Agencies, departments, bureaus adding regulatory burdens to the people for trade purposes are anathema. Especially to Trump.


            • Newhere says:

              NAFTA’s not a treaty.

              All trade agreements have implementing legislation. Otherwise everything from rules of origin to customs partnership agreements wouldn’t be operable or in effect, as a simple matter of practical application.

              It’s just a fact.

              Trade agreements *are* regulatory “burdens” in the strictest sense; they require agencies, departments and bureaus to make determinations on what meets standards and requirements for certain treatment and categorization. So the distinctions this comment attempts to make just don’t match reality or make sense.

              Read the laws. Learn how it actually works.

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              • JoAnn Leichliter says:

                However, if the agreement has been abrogated and, in effect, no longer exists, there is no longer anything to implement.

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                • Newhere says:

                  Sort of and it depends. We’re talking very specific and practical things, like what’s on the form an importer of record fills out for an imported shipment, or how any fee might be calculated; whether an import/export is held at customs for some length of time or immediately shipped. These rules are set according to agency guidance which is based on laws. I don’t think it’s clear that when the executive repeals NAFTA, all the legal scaffolding — essentially the legal and bureaucratic house built on that foundation — immediately disappears. A customs worker doesn’t follow the NAFTA, he follows his internal rules. The president can direct his agency to change them, but they have to be consistent with the laws, ie, what Congress has passed.

                  I’m not trying to be difficult — just trying to flesh out the issues. For the record, I 100% believe Trump can’t/won’t be stopped on this. BUT I also believe he could face some of the same obstructive slow-walking he’s gotten on other things.

                  The congresses and presidents who put these trade agreements and Implementing Acts together did so somewhat hastily — always having to hoodwink the public at least to some extent and believing what went up would never come down, i.e., a president may want to add on or tweak, but would never want to tear down. So all the procedures and contingencies address adding or changing, not undoing. It’s a castle built on sand . . . everyone can see that Trump can wipe out the sand beneath; how that plays out though is a bit uncertain and unplanned.


        • Jedi9 says:

          The incarnation of Jackson is striking it while its hot! Made old hickory proud again, even though he was a murderous thug, he certainly had the country’s best interest at heart!

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        • jmclever says:

          Contested in court becomes.less a viable option the more scotus picks Trump gets to make

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      • Deplorable_Infidel says:

        ” The original agreement had a clause that stated any of the leaders of the 3 countries could terminate NAFTA.”

        That is because only “establishment approved” candidates were ever expected to be selected to run for the leadership offices.

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        • fleporeblog says:

          Your absolutely right! They never expected DJT to be President.

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          • Turranos says:

            Who loves that? We Do!!!

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          • lokiscout says:

            In my best Paul Harvey, “And now you have the rest of the story!” The reason President Trump is under fire from so many sectors from Media to Dems in block mass.

            Or as our SD would say, “Trillions at stake, Folks, Trillions and Trillions at stake!”

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          • GB Bari says:

            That’s true, however I think it goes even beyond DJT. I believe that, at the time NAFTA wording was finalized, the leaders at the time were truly convinced of:

            – the merits of NAFTA combined with a lack of concern or even an ignorant disbelief that China’s later entry into the WTO (in 2001) would use NAFTA to dominate North American trade via the “back door” into the U.S.

            – the ultimate necessity for American workers to give up and forget the huge swath of manufacturing-related skills and learn new technology-based (computer) skills.

            – the righteous inevitability of Globalism and the NWO

            In the 1990’s there was significant opposition to NAFTA by American labor unions, environmental wackos groups, Democraps, and some Republicans**. They should be falling over themselves to support PDJT’s new trade deals.

            But they aren’t.

            ALL of the opposition to PDJT’s trade deals that the Democraps exhibit today is pure HYPOCRISY.

            **H.R. 3450 (103rd): North American Free Trade Agreement Implementation Act
            Vote results Nov. 17, 1993
            Combined (House & Senate)
            Dem Repub Indep Total
            For 102 132 0 234
            Against 156 43 1 200


        • JoAnn Leichliter says:

          I think, also, it was to make it clear and simple for the parties involved and any courts to which the matter might be referred.


      • TexasDude says:

        If one can do thing, one is not bluffing. We have a straight flush, not a pair of dueces.

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      • Minnie says:

        Thank you, Jesus 🙏

        God bless President Trump!

        God Bless America ❤️

        Historical times!

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        • NC MOM says:

          My dear friend from South Africa (but now a proud LEGAL US citizen) says when prayers are answered or blessings given: “Thank you to the Jesus!”. Doesn’t it sound great!!!???

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          • Minnie says:

            That made me smile 😃

            Jesus, the One and Only ❤️

            Trust in Jesus
            My great Deliverer
            My strong Defender
            The Son of God
            I trust in Jesus
            Blessed Redeemer
            My Lord forever
            The Holy One, the Holy One

            (Artist – Third Day)

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          • Hoosier says:

            I resemble your friend. Isn’t it funny how the Boers gravitate to conservative sites? Our moto is n Boer maak n plan (We make a plan to get it done) Not only that, we love pickups, guns, beer, braai (grilling), our women are hot and we outwork anyone you have ever met and we go to church on Sunday. We need to start a petition to let the SA farmers in and give them some of that scrub land out west. That is the kind of land they farm now. A Boer if he has to will drill a well 2000 foot deep with a hand drill to get water and irrigate wisely. Give us bubble gum and baling wire and we can service and turn around the X35B over a weekend. Give us a couple of weeks and we would be growing orchids in Death Valley. We are a rare breed.

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            • thinkthinkthink says:

              Many of the pioneers of yonder year were cut from this same stock. It is in my family history as a great and honorable character but many are now “citified” and would be hard pressed to “Get ‘er Done” as they did some generations back. I for one would be thrilled to see SA farmers come and turn the desert into a garden. I know it can be done and they would be the ones to do it.

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      • WSB says:

        Felice, Luis Videgaray Caso, Mexico’s Secretary of Foreign Affairs, is on with Laura Ingraham just now. Truly an amazing interview.

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      • Kenji says:

        Nice glass half empty Democrap Congresswoman they highlighted. … “The Devil is in the details”, she says?! No ma’am … I believe just the opposite. “God is in the details”. That is what famous modernist Architect Mies Van Der Rohe said about his minimalist building design. “God is in the details”. Every perfect line, reveal, corner … is exquisitely detailed. Like life itself … detailed to perfection by the creator. Every structure in nature is exquisitely and minimalistically detailed.

        From what I hear, and read, this rework of NAFTA is exquisitely detailed. To give LIFE to the American Middle Class … and to the Mexican Middle Class. Wouldn’t it be great (as MY President said) to make Mexico Great Again? (like America) … so there were good JOBS and money in Mexico, generated by Mexico … so they didn’t feel the need to hop our border?

        I cannot help but feel God’s presence in using this ‘flawed’ man, Donald J Trump, to build a Godly-detailed America. An America that benefits ALL, not just the few Oligarchs who exploit workers across the globe. … God is in the Details. Trump’s cup is way more than half-full … it’s overflowing. Great work, gentlemen … you’re making me proud!

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      • Steve says:

        And I still hear people today at work telling me how dumb and stupid DJT is.


    • missilemom says:

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  2. AceODale says:

    I can’t remember when I was this giddy over a trade deal!

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  3. Curry Worsham says:

    “This will be the new paradigm.”
    – Robert Lighthizer

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  4. Sporty says:

    How many decades since we put our magnificent country first? Thank you President Trump.

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  5. Margaret Berger says:

    I never dreamed it could be this good.
    I voted for President Trump for the Supreme Court and got so much more than I asked for. I see a future with opportunities for the young people here and abroad.

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    • lastinillinois says:

      Agreed Margaret.

      I voted for Mr Trump basically for 3 reasons:

      1) law and order – and that includes Conservative judges

      2) i wanted a businessman to have a crack at being in charge of our country – at least once in my lifetime

      3) because he EARNED the opportunity by listening to – and giving a platform to – family members of victims of illegal aliens, when NOONE ELSE would

      Anything else would be icing on the cake.

      We are getting lots of icing.

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    • p'odwats says:

      How are the Democrats going to counter this? More talk of economic “crumbs”. More of the rich vs poor rhetoric. As a former Democrat it finally dawned on me the party stands for nothing that makes America great at all. Government control of industry, healthcare, and education (indoctrination). Race baiting. Class and gender warfare. Environmental doom and gloom talk. In other words, the Democrats can’t offer a damn thing positive to the American people. Oh, the Democrats have a MAGA slogan too. Theirs is Make America Garbage Always!

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  6. rustybritches says:

    My Prayers go out to him tonight because now the Dems have decided that if they take back the house they wont just impeach him they will start hundreds of Investigations into everything Trump and he will be brought down under the pressure of losing everything including his family. so lets hope that the American people know how much is at state we now have riding on this election.

    please hold my hand as I say this prayer for him and his family…

    Thank You Love this president and his family..

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  7. Jeff hansen says:

    Promises made, promises kept! Bravo. Now can we set the dogs loose on Trudeau and Freedland? I want to see every piece of flesh torn from these two. While we may spare the Canadian economy from death, they need a decade or two of economic pain. Let’s take back those auto and auto parts plants, close loopholes for China and restore parity. They can keep their newcomers and pay for a wall as well. The times they are a changin’.

    Soyboy and Thunderthighs are squirming now!

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  8. jeans2nd says:

    Vid already gone. Bummer.

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  9. Cow wow says:

    Listening to this just now-how refreshing, reassuring, all American-our CAN DO mojo is back! I have so much admiration for all concerned in these America first trade negotiations, beginning with our President, after literally giving up following the cumulative of decades of kindergarten childlessness from prior administrations.

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  10. DanO64 says:

    John who?

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  11. Ditch Mitch says:

    Lighthizer starts the fire, Navarro adds more fuel. While Charles Payne takes down the globalists:

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    • Cow wow says:

      Charles just cuts through rhetoric without being rude. Just love listening to him.

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    • simplewins says:

      Those 2 globalist shills were no match for CP.

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    • EV22 says:

      All those cute young things drinking their fair trade coffee and preening. Such hypocrites.

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      • Deplorable_Infidel says:

        Prvbs 20:29 The glory of young men is their strength: and the beauty of old men is the gray head.

        Pr16:16 How much better is it to get wisdom than gold! and to get understanding rather to be chosen than silver!

        Pr 31:10 Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubies.

        Pr 31:30 Favour is deceitful, and beauty is vain: but a woman that feareth the LORD, she shall be praised.

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    • progpoker says:

      Charles is right. I’d rather pay a little more to a Company that keeps my neighbor working versus paying the Government to sustain said neighbor. #EasyMath

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    • Newhere says:

      Here’s the other thing — when these yahoos trot out their “prices go up” argument, they’re talking theory and not the actual current picture. Common examples are smart phones and TVs — everyone loves their smartphone they quip! Well, what about having to pay more and more for upgrades and services supporting those phones (planned obscelesence and monopolistic service plans and bundling). And what about the rest of the picture: so OK some consumer goods are cheaper; at the same time, everything in the “service” economy — ALSO subject to trade agreements but no one talks about how, why, and to what effect — is getting worse and more expensive. Look at affordability of what’s most important: housing, healthcare, education, telecommunications, public transportation, public services in general. All worse and more expensive. What trade agreements do in these areas either makes things worse or doesn’t help, IMO.


    • GB Bari says:

      Charles Payne is a national treasure. What other financial show anchor / pundit is so plain-spoken, unambiguous, and clear about the righteousness and visible benefits of PDJT’s MAGA tax policies, trade policies, and economic positions in general?

      Well, maybe Maria Bartiromo and Lou Dobbs are right there with him. 🙂


  12. Johnny says:

    Divine Intervention. You are seeing the Lord’s hand in these deals. Thank You Our Heavenly Father for not turning your back on us. May our praise for your intervention shake the heavens.

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  13. Curry Worsham says:

    “I don’t think [China has] ever seen anyone who has stood up to them like this and said, ‘We cannot have this situation continue. It has to change.'”
    – R. L.

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    • wolfmoon1776 says:

      China has always been able to cheat, lie, deceive, and KILL IF NEEDED to get what they want.

      Not this time. Trump has made their EVIL naked before the world.

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    • Shadrach says:

      Yes. We make deals to “raise up” other people….noble….smh.

      I think it’s kinda racist/disgusting, honestly. Chinese are smart people (on average smarter than us). They can make it just fine without us extra-special people “helping” them.

      Same kind of thought process goes with voter ID (some people are too dumb to get an ID….really? Anyone ever ask them if they think they’re too dumb and need our help?) and the refugee crisis. Anyone ever stop to ask these folks whether they’d actually prefer living here, or in their own countries? I’m pretty sure they like where they’re from a whole lot better….maybe give them some help to rebuild, and then leave them alone.

      If our country got destroyed by a hurricane…would anyone here prefer moving to China over building our country back up?

      SMDH. When Putin had that article in the NYT accusing us of being “exceptionalists” he hit the nail on the damn head.

      President Trump sees through all this disgusting behavior. Want to help Mexico? Then help them help themselves. They get pride in themselves, which they will have earned. And that’s the best kind of pride.

      Sorry for ranting in response to your post, but I am just so glad PDJT sees value in other people, other countries, and for once gives them some damn respect. But when he does it, it holds up a large mirror to how we’ve been behaving up until then. And it’s shameful.

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  14. Curry Worsham says:

    POTUS is in the business of accomplishing things that “many people thought would be impossible.”

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  15. Augie says:

    A few hours after the agreement was announced, I looked at CNN and CNN money — something I almost never do. The CNN headlines about this event were rather negative and snotty. CNN money?? Not a word one way or the other. I guess they just didn’t think it was important financially. 8>)

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    • Kate says:

      Augie, it seems anyone watching CNN and others are missing out on the real news, they only see the negative and hate, how sad.


      • mr.piddles says:

        CNN as a news outlet is entirely useless at this point.

        CNN Headline #1: “Trump says he’s ditching NAFTA but that’s not what’s happening” — Jeremy “D.B.” Diamond; no interest in reading this kinda “news”

        CNN Headline #2: “Tentative deal sends markets to record highs” — a short, 6 paragraph blurb; closests you’ll get to “positive coverage”

        CNN Money top headline: “Instagram and Tinder are rolling out features just for college kids”

        I don’t know how to type a “fart sound”, but if I could, I would type one right here.

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  16. Donna in Oregon says:

    Thanks for the posting of the interview otherwise I would never have been able to see U.S.T.R. Lighthizer.

    Avoided Baier since the August 2015 Fox Presidential Debate. Bret Baier is a Wolf Blizer wanna-be trapped in perpetual adolescence. I loathe and despise him along with Chris Wallace & Meeagain Kelly.

    U.S.T.R. Lighthizer was and is worth every moment of suck that melon headed Baier brings to the screen…..thanks again 🙂

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  17. The anti-Trumper nitpicking is going to be epic. They think making something 3-4% cheaper is better than having a job and strong economy.

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    • Johnny says:

      No the real kicker is the globalist just got kicked to the curb. Our President Trump has just cut the globalist right out of the deal. They had no say at all. LOL I love my President of the United States, Donald Trump.
      Remember, Trillions at stake for the globalist. I can hear the demonic screeching from them now. President Trump is like Holy Water on the demonic globalist.


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    • tdaly14 says:

      You’re right Medowlandsview, they think making something 4 or 10 percent is better than other countries stealing from us in many areas. Jobs, property etc. bull crap! Ty President Trump! We ❤️ Love you!


    • Carrie2 says:

      meadowlandsview, but it will help republicans in Nov. as to date the democrats have absolutely nothing but false criticisms and offering exactly what we wanted done and has been done by our President – democrats want to raise taxes again, don’t want the wall(s), nor closing the border, and want to continue to take over America. They have nothing of value to us and our country to offer and why so many are walking away or not voting at all for the democrats. It seems daily their seeking something, anything against Trump but there is nothing for impeachment and so they continue to flounder. They also not have even one valid worthwhile person to run in November and even less so in 2020.

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    • Grassleygirl/Breitbartista says:

      It’s really not cheaper cause your taxes are picking up the EBT card tab eventually.💵

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  18. citizen817 says:

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  19. Bill says:

    Does this announcement outshine the death of a certain, Arizona Senator??
    Trump has the last laugh!

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  20. Bogeyfree says:

    I posted this on the other thread but it is so simple I really wish PT would tweet this out and start using it at his rallies as it brands/labels the MSM and Dems as haters and anti American.

    Why is it that the MSM and Dems hate it so much if the American people can win.

    For example all of these below are wins for Americans:

    Lower taxes, Less Government regulation, More Jobs for all, More US Manufacturing, Stronger Economy, Stronger Military, Border security, Immigration Control, Fair Trade deals, Enforcing our Constitution and America First.

    Why do they hate all of these which benefit and protect all Americans?

    While they hate, I’m focused on MAGA!

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  21. parteagirl says:

    Love, love, love how Lighthizer threw some nice recognition Jared Kushner’s way

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    • Donna in Oregon says:

      Excellent point Parteagirl! Jared Kushner is a prince and we all know how hard he and Ivanka work. They work for nothing. Unbelievable! That is true love for Americans. The Trump family are great Patriots. No one better in Washington DC. No one!

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  22. Rawkstar says:

    Am I the only one who thought how terrifying it must be to be on the other side of the table listening to Boss Lighthizer’s gravelley voice as he points out how he could eviscerate my shithole country if I don’t pay a few workers $16 /hr?

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    • wolfmoon1776 says:

      YUP. And just think about this.

      There was NO WAY for Mexico, Canada, China, or ANY of these nations to use our FAKE NEWS MEDIA against us, to change the outcome.

      People have no idea how important that is. Trump SPURNED the fake news media precisely so that these TRAITORS could not interfere with his winning.

      THAT was true genius.

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  23. Larry says:

    Well played Mr. President. Canadians love/respect a well placed elbow. Great moments in Canadian history revolve around the artistic application of the elbow.
    Well Played.

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  24. mashall says:

    There better be a funding plan in these negotiations for the Southern Border Security Wall.

    Mexico is a corrupt Naro State that is enabling an Invasion. It is conducting a proxy economic war against U.S. Citizens.

    If you had them at the table and didn’t demand it as concessions, what kind of good deal with that be, or would it be LESS of a screwing for the U.S. Citizens.

    I wonder if Mollie Tibbit’s Parents 401k stock rose and if they are pleased with this US/Mexican Trade Deal?.


  25. woohoowee says:

    This is just the first shoe to drop 🙂

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  26. cripto says:

    The old saw, ‘it takes one to know one’ may apply to Obrador (socialist) vis-a-vis Peter Pan and Tinker Bell, socialists from the North.

    I am ruminating, but from the way the Neverland duo have been lobbying all over the world for their NAFTA position they probably were shouting in both of Obrador’s ears and he finally got fed-up. Clearly, the never grow up twins did not care a wit about Mexico’s interest in the trilateral NAFTA deal. #Obradorwalksaway.

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  27. Newhere says:

    (Just spent a long time on this comment on an earlier thread, so pasting here on the freshest thread — also seems more relevant here! Thanks)

    Need to see the final language on labor — the holier-than-thou Wall Street left has long tried to sell trade deals to its own side by bragging about labor and environment provisions that are “enforceable” but look at the details and the claims was laughable.

    With that caveat — this is absolutely HUGE. As a longtime close watcher of trade, it’s hard to overstate the EARTHQUAKE that just hit on so many fronts, seemingly out-of-nowhere (classic Trump!).

    I hate to put politics over substance — because so often “accomplishments” are ALL politics and no substance, which makes this one so much more extraordinary and consequential — but let me hover on politics for now.

    Obama ran on “renegotiating NAFTA” and proceeded essentially to ignore trade for his first term (meaning the Bush-initiated TPP basically ambled along without policy scrutiny), only to “pivot” and push the horrendous TPP in the second term. It’s rarely mentioned that he was so uninterested in substance (and arrogant toward congressional members in his own party) that he ignored the few ostensibly worker-friendly “concessions” baked into US trade policy over the years and didn’t even include these low-hanging-fruit sweeteners in what he initially touted as the “most progressive trade deal in history.” No wonder he got along so well with Justin from Canada. The two patted themselves and each other on the back for dithering over high falutin, nonsensical babble about gender equity. And it wasn’t even going to be binding! Head hits desk.

    But back to the story and getting to my point: fast-forward, Bernie ran against TPP and the NAFTA trade model, while anti-establishment rage had simmered to white hot (with many thanks to Obama’s TPP worship — a massive political miscalculation). Though it continues to be lost on establishment dems, likely the *primary* reason that an historically independent, socialist septuagenarian from a small, non-flashy state managed to force Hillary to cheat to cinch the nomination is that he highlighted what a fraud she (and Obama) are on trade. He didn’t even need to call her out; he simply needed to hold an honest opinion. By the time she finally issued some milquetoast, overly-parsed opposition statement on TPP, barely 3 fools and their dog believed her. Fast-forward again, when the general rolls around, she figures she’ll just skip the rust belt and workers in general, having already pissed them off — who needs ’em? — gaslight on identity politics and claim her birth right and the rest is history.

    The entire establishment, left and right, the whole DC class, airbrushed trade from Trump’s platform from start to finish. It was always a key part of the existential threat Trump posed (and poses) to the status quo.

    And now, this. Collective bargaining. $16/hr. Enforceable.


    Obama and an entire generation of best and brightest whined that it couldn’t be done, that we who say “how about don’t sell out Americans to banks, multinationals and big tech” are all hopelessly naive, living in the past, afraid of the future, unwilling (or too stupid) to compete in a “global” world.

    Fight for workers and not just asset portfolios? Impossible. Hillary even fussed over her party’s $15/hr minimum wage platform — no, no no, she said. Well, if we must, maybe $12. But oh my goodness — how will we possibly compete in a global market place?? Finger wagging. Lecturing.

    Well, how about using the considerable leverage of the U.S. market to hold our “partners” to the same standards, thus bolstering the leverage for workers worldwide? How about quit penning deals that tilt all the leverage to financiers, multinational shareholders and executives, while undercutting and suppressing the leverage commanded by workers’ contribution to the bottom line? Trump just did it. No muss, no fuss.

    $16 — while the idiot dems (the self-titled party of workers) are still quibbling amongst themselves over whether to argue for wages at all, anywhere. And this even apart from the NAFTA loophole.

    Trump just solidified a center of gravity for a political movement of the 99%. A real, policy-based center of gravity. Right/left were already scrambled — we now can see where the marbles are rolling. He may hold the mantle of the republican party, but the Trump base is going to emerge as the most powerful force growing over the last several election cycles — the anti-establishment, Main street, anti-corruption/pro-justice REAL America. None of the leadership on the left is willing to take up what Bernie (almost by accident) stirred up or tapped into (not even Bernie, it seems!). They are all irrelevant now. In fact, any one of the “champions for workers” that won’t be honest that Trump just did what generations of feckless dems have promised to do is immediately discredited.

    DC and the MSM will be the last to realize what’s happening. They will never understand or narrate the realignment. They still think we’re stupid. But it IS happening.

    Liked by 18 people

    • NC MOM says:

      New….Brilliant observation. Enjoyed your post with a 2 thumbs up!

      Liked by 1 person

    • GB Bari says:

      For a long time I opposed high minimum wages in manufacturing; I’m still cautious about cheerleading this without some caveats.

      As true minimum wage escalates to $10* to $15 in many states, it seems appropriate that
      (* Maryland went to $10.10 as of 7/1/2018; with Montgomery County requiring $12 or $12.25)
      manufacturing businesses should keep above that level in order to attract a better quality of worker.

      However by building that mandates into the trade deal, the American worker is not put at a disadvantage over the trade partner country’s workers.

      The second positive result from this, if their government doesn’t screw it up, will be the ripple effect into the Mexican economy as the well-paid Mexican company workers spend their money – buying homes, cars, appliances, electronics, clothing, consumables, etc..

      Given the wage levels that the Mexican economy has been used to working with up to now, it ought to be nothing short of a spectacular boom. And that, by any logic, ought to de-incentivize their people from risking their lives to jump the U.S. border.


  28. akearn says:

    What an achievement. I hope the mighty Amb. Lighthizer is celebrating mightily tonight.


  29. getfitnow says:

    FTA – Wall Street traders sent the Nasdaq and S&P 500 indexes to record highs following a new trade agreement between the US and Mexico. The deal helped the Nasdaq Composite rise 0.6 per cent after the opening bell, sending it above 8,000 for the first time, and car firms also saw shares rise. The S&P 500 gained up to 0.7 per cent to reach a record 2,897, and the Dow Jones Industrial Average rose by more than 250 points.

    Liked by 1 person

  30. hillbilly4 says:

    This makes the other President before Trump look like nincompoops. They may have to give 2 Nobels to Trump: Economics and Peace.

    Liked by 4 people

    • Nobels are worth nothing since they gave them for nothing in the recent past, that is what they are worth.NOTHING.
      Our VSGPDJT would either refuse it, or take it and donate it and the $$ included to our vets….

      Wanna bet ?

      Liked by 3 people

      • nimrodman says:

        re Nobel Prizes

        I’ve heard it said that – apart from hard-science advancements like cures for polio and new, innovative means of propulsion (as examples) –

        … that Nobel Prizes in the “humanities” amount to nothing more than
        Liberals awarding Liberal prizes to other Liberals for doing Liberal things

        Liked by 1 person

  31. Kent says:

    Free trade is not the enemy…not REAL free trade…

    this is…


    this truly is the face of the enemy

    Liked by 1 person

    • Brant says:

      There is no middle ground. There will be a winner and loser. Will it be Gemany or Japan. November 6 will set the course for decades if not a century.

      Liked by 1 person

    • squattybody says:

      The elite have spoken. All us savages have to do is bow down to superior intellect. I love how he opines and then refuses to lower himself to give evidence to support his view. Apparently if you don’t just believe what he’s saying because he states it so eloquently, you belong to those deplorable people who haven’t the intellect and moral capacity to fully comprehend.

      Please get out and vote. We have to keep people like this out of any position of power or influence. In the meantime,

      MAGA on!

      Liked by 1 person

    • Sugarhillhardrock says:

      Kent, thanks for that posting. What a complete jack wagon Wittes is.
      What an “educated” idiot. The condescension drips off of his prose.


  32. Brant says:

    Do I have this right? POTUS makes the actual call to Mexico with the presstitutes right there and they will complain they have no full press conference? They just don’t like the American people getting raw news before they can put it thru their spin blender.

    Liked by 6 people

    • Molly Pitcher says:

      hahaha yes! Spin blender sounds like a great item for the ‘As seen on tv’ row….you can speak through it and it will make your own words sound like something else…lol


    • mashall says:

      On Point!

      Liked by 1 person

    • The press are angry because they didn’t get to be the focus & use the opportunity to ask thinly disguised allegations as faux questions. How can they prevent the American public by seeing this as a Trumpian triumph if they can’t throw payments to starlets and not lowering the flag enough for their pretend hero into the mix?


  33. cripto says:

    China has published an account of the US-Mexico fair-trade deal aka NAFTA. It is fairly straight forward and factual, though they keep emphasizing Canada must be included by citing US politicians. No hyperbole as yet.


    • Jedi9 says:

      Why does Canada have to be included if NAFTA is ripped up?

      If congress objects, with mid-terms just around the corner, Trump will have many over a barrel! Canada loses either way!

      Liked by 1 person

      • cripto says:

        That is how China and some US politicians(quoted and named in the article) see it. Also it is a subtle reveal that China wants it to fail, thus pinning hopes on the Canadian team to continue to drag it out. That is why the President and AMLO are agreed. Whether Canada gets with the programme or not, the new bilateral US Mexico fair trade deal will go forward.

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  34. Free Speech says:

    Didn’t CTH have an article way back where Wilbur Ross exposed that 60%? of Mexican jobs are Mexican minimum wage?


  35. If you happen to catch the “news” and you don’t hear how hrc is a crook, she is going to be charged, our country is in peril due to other crooks like comey, and trials are imminent …. You are not hearing “news” you are hearing lib dem propaganda ……
    Simple as that.


  36. Margaret Berger says:

    China is hoping that their bought and paid for rinos and demorats will save their economic butts. Canada the same thing. One of their pundits actually said that trudeau’s Hard work lobbying our congress will pay off and this won’t happen. They are pining their hope on the November election that there will be no change if we lose the house.


  37. White Apple says:

    For the Mexican auto worker it is important to understand the purchasing power at $16 per hour. A pack of tortillas in the United States cost $21.00. In Mexico the same pack of tortillas cost $1.50. Using tortillas as an example; the purchasing power for the Mexican worker is equivalent to $75+ per hour in the United States. If Trump ran for President of Mexico, Trump would be elected tomorrow. Lol

    Liked by 1 person

    • All Too Much says:

      Where do you buy your tortillas?
      I agree with your point about the value of sixteen dollars in Mexico, but I had to ask where you buy your tortillas.

      Liked by 3 people

  38. F. H. Leghorn says:

    Does anyone have an opinion if this deal swings Chicano votes towards PDJT? Some pollsters admit there are blocks of independent thinking Mex-Americans who support economic opportunity. Surely many will see this as an uplift to Mexican citizens who would like to build a better life in their own country. If anyone who has traveled the interstates in Alabama, Tennesee and South Carolina near the large auto assembly plants will testify, there are numerous satellite companies that feed these assembly plants much product. One large assembly plant spawns many more factories and that means many more jobs which will pay at least $16/hour. Not to mention the improved roadways which will need to be built so as to bring all this required material to these assembly plants!

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  39. My take away of this interview and President Trump’s conference call is – while being a regular reader of CTH, it was given that NAFTA will be dead, what is interesting from these two video clips is the huge name recognition and endorsements going to Jared Kushner.

    If we backup a little – I believe Jared Kushner is also a key figure with the new direction towards our (I mean United States’s ) relationship with middle east and the embassy in Israel moving to Jerusalem.

    Now it is unlikely that President Trump will change his VP in 2020 to Jared Kushner, but the elevated profile and portfolio handed to Jared Kushner and he in turn using it to successfully leave a mark in these historical moves does indicate of things to come.

    I am not floating any conspiracy theories but just my observation and the fact that President Trump does not make a single move in this global chess game being played out right in front of the whole world without having MAGA motive. I know that there is a general consensus that Ivanka Kushner and Jared Kushner are too liberal for our liking but I think President Trump do see some major role that will be played by Jared Kushner in future. On second thoughts … citizen Trump himself was considered to be too liberal before he became Republican nominee but his records suggests that he is beating quite a few Republican Presidents handily in terms of MAGA policies.

    Liked by 3 people

  40. Fools Gold says:

    Tuned in earlier to liberal press “fake news” are talking points for about 5 minutes. Obviously they’re talking muh Russia and Trump collusion and gun control. Sooner or later they’ll get talking points on trade but not until they can get over calling Trump an SOB in the back rooms. I heard it all the way from china today…


  41. truthbomb says:

    Ssshhhhhhh… Can you hear it? Millions of liberal heads exploding when they find out Trump just got Mexican workers a big pay raise AND made the US wealthier AT THE SAME TIME.

    Liked by 1 person

  42. rmramerica says:

    Here’s the challenge, these preening peacocks in the Senate will deliberately try and find excuses to change this agreement. Their corporate handlers are furious over this and will be using every ounce of influence to derail the agreement. This has to be ratified by the Senate. You think Sasse is going to let Trump have a triumph with this? Mr. “free market”, I know more than you and can talk a lot better too – U.S. Senator Ben Sasse? There’s going to be a lot of needless push back from USCoC supported hacks in the Senate. Be prepared.


  43. Pete says:

    What happened to the video of the Lighthouser interview? Did it get banned?


  44. Pyrthroes says:

    Regarding the so-called UniParty– too bland, too neutral. We’ve taken to calling Donks “the Rats” and pachydermatic (elephantine) Repos “pachs”. Combining these pejoratives obtains “Rat-Pach”, a colloquially apropos term-of-art, by no means merely tongue-in-cheek.


  45. Pat Frederick says:

    i worked in a factory (sewing) when NAFTA hit and I lost my job. My love of sewing never left though and now I make craft items along with my daughter and her friend which we sell locally. The other day my daughter went to a few new stores in the surrounding area and they told her if we could match the price that they pay for similar items (from a Chinese company) they would be happy to buy locally and stick it to the Chinese…I smiled bigly when i heard that!

    Liked by 2 people

  46. Wayne Robinson says:

    NAFTA is dead ask China next week they will tell you


  47. thedoc00 says:

    It would be interesting to see the following question or comment made, when the critics of the President’s handling of the US economy go on one of their “he is anti-free trade” rants. It is a slight twist on the MAGA explanation often made but would put the onus back on the “economist expert” to give an answer.

    Why is it OK for our “trading partners” to enforce tariffs, laws and regulations that are clearly meant to benefit their workers, elites and national economic interests but not for the US government to do the same?? Please explain the difference.


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