NEC Director Larry Kudlow: Take Home Pay is Rising, The Economy is Booming….

National Economic Council Director Larry Kudlow appears on Fox News to discuss the incredible strength of the economy and how the media is refusing to cover the story.

Chairman Kudlow goes through a series of economic Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to stress how this specific set of MAGAnomic Main Street policies is delivering real, tangible, financial benefits to the middle-class and average Americans.

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34 Responses to NEC Director Larry Kudlow: Take Home Pay is Rising, The Economy is Booming….

  1. 4sure says:

    This booming economy is killing the dims/globalists who have been pushing the tariff is the sky falling mantra. Walmart reporting record profits and sales has got them pulling their hair out. Walmart showed that the tariffs had no effect on stifling their business. When one has more to spend, a small increase in price is not a hindrance to consumers. I shop at Walmart and the pkg. lot is always full of cars on any given day from 9am until 9pm. I don’t dare go near it on Friday PM or any time on Sat. They have increased the number of self check outs and have added a new pick up order space. I think their on line sales and orders have increased. Hope the give Amazon a run for the business. I do use the order on line/pick up in store option on many items.

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    • MelH says:

      A great way to get your heavy items delivered for free if you spend over $35.00. Order pet food, laundry items, drinking water, and tons of other things.

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      • DCP says:

        Yes. You can get free 2-day shipping on most items from I also use their free grocery pick-up. You buy your items online, and reserve a pick-up time. They bring them out and put them in your car. I spend $100(+/-) every 10 days/2 weeks. If I am there for more than 5 minutes, it’s because I went through the Pharmacy Drive-thru window that is about 30ft away. Seriously, I am old and beat-up and have been rode hard and put away wet too many times. It don’t get any better than this.

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  2. Anonymous says:

    Off-topic, but… What happens when a corporation gets sold leftist ideas by a “Business thought leader” a profitable somehow: “Todd Starnes: Pastor Faces Eviction for Hosting Home Bible Study,” by Todd Starnes, Fox News, 16 Aug 2018

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  3. Bruce Gee says:

    Kudlow is sounding more and more upbeat the longer he serves this administration. I think part of his enthusiasm is he sees that there are some enormous changes juuuust about to happen, and he’s a part of it. You ain’t seen nuthin’ yet, he might say.

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    • wolfmoon1776 says:

      Yes – and he sounds very energetic and sharp, too. Yet relaxed and confident!

      MUH KOALA! 😀

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    • prenanny says:

      “I think part of his enthusiasm is he sees that there are some enormous changes juuuust about to happen”

      Kudlow is pumped about the economic changes that ARE happening NOW.
      That EVERY American worker ( more everyday ) is taking home more money.
      That business owners have been released from crippling regulations.
      Many more economic examples.


  4. Lemmy says:

    “Darn that magic wand.”

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  5. fleporeblog says:

    I love the fact the MSM doesn’t discuss the Economy. It shows everyday Americans that are benefiting from it that they are truly the opposition party. There is no clearer example than that.

    Walmart had revenue come in far exceeding 2nd Quarter projections. Their stock was up almost 10 percent today. I guess those dumb Trump voters are at it again.

    I truly believe our President when he says we haven’t seen anything yet. Larry also shared today that we are very close to finalize a trade deal with Mexico. China has asked to meet with our folks to discuss trade later this month.

    Get Mexico out of the way and you will see the EU running to finalize a deal. In the meantime present Canada a take it or leave it to sign onto the agreement. They will walk and we will impose 25 percent tariffs on their cars, trucks and parts imported into our country. Assuring the factories pack their bags and move back to the USA.

    The Atlanta Federal Reserve left their 3rd Quarter forecast at 4.3 percent.

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    • Dennis Leonard says:

      Is that why the stock market went up almost 400 points today.

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    • FL_GUY says:

      The Federal Reserve is actively working to short circuit President Trump’s economy. From down playing (low balling) the real GDP (attempt to demoralize and reduce consumer confidence) to raising interest rates (totally unnecessary – never raised them during Obama) which hurts consumers and businesses, they are trying to kill the goose before any more golden eggs are laid. I am confident that President Trump and his team have a plan to neutralize these bozos who bent over backwards to make the Obama Depression not look like the greatest Depression in the history of the USA while like buzzards, they picked over the remains of the middle class and profited. JMHO

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      • Neuter the Fed. Is it necessary anyhow?


        • FL_GUY says:

          Not in my opinion. The Fed Reserve was started in response to two major recessions in the 1890s. The bankers said, We Know Best. Let us control the money and there will never be any recessions. Well? History shows they have failed badly. Not only the Great Depression of the 1930s that only ended with the spending for WW2, but numerous recessions since that time, major inflation of cost of goods and of course, the Obama Depression that is only ending now because of President Trump.

          Under Obama, despite a major depression with millions out of work, the price of goods, e.g. inflation, kept going up and up. Totally due to the manipulations of the globullists. Any one can see that goes to the grocery store. Look at the price of hamburger today and compare with 2008.

          When an organization fails at its primary mission, it’s time to shut it down. Just look at history. Look at the Robber Barons (historical term, not mine) and realize, those are the people who control the Fed since it was formed; they are not necessarily the brightest e.g. Pocohontus Warren types. Like most centralized planning, it’s prone to failure because not necessarily the smartest get in positions of power. That’s why communism/socialism always fails.

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          • One of the chief advantages that China has over America is the absence of a privately-run Central Bank. The renminbi is a debt-free currency.

            As you pointed out, given the track record of the Federal Reserve, it’s hard to see how an alternative institution that issues debt-free currency could not be made to run better.

            The Fed is a largely-unaccountable, utterly opaque institution that is run by and for the benefits of the large banks. Bankers only make money if they lend money. As a consequence, they have little enthusiasm for financial self-sufficiency by anyone.

            If it were up to me, I would create a new body with one member elected at the state level by the state legislature and the other chosen by lot from a pool of people who buy a ‘National Bank’ lottery ticket for free. (Lottery machines are way more secure than most voting machines, by the way. Go figure.)

            Everyone who sits on the National Bank can never be employed at a financial institution for the rest of their lives. They receive a lifetime compensation package and a bonus based upon the performance of the economy after they leave.

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            • Rhoda R says:

              I especially like your last sentence. The same idea could be applied to corporate compensation WRT golden parachutes and the like.


      • fleporeblog says:

        He has 4 more seats of the seven to fill! Your right.


  6. Margaret Berger says:

    I love the smell of Trump supporters in Walmart boosting the economy.

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  7. mamajen says:

    Patiently waiting for some MAGA to hit our household…but husband’s work is connected to the Fake News and we’re in NY state. Ugh. Rising health insurance really hurt us more than anything else. If that could go back down it would help.

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    • wolfmoon1776 says:

      We HAVE to deepen the MAGA for that to happen. This election is the ALL OR NOTHING break. If we win, we fix healthcare. Otherwise, the socialists will push us into failure during the next two years. Then BAD healthcare will be “free”, and we the MAKERS will be taxed like mad to support the revolutionary TAKERS.


      • There are no ‘all or nothing’ elections. Our enemies do not think like that. They are in this war for the long haul and we need to be as well.

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        • wolfmoon1776 says:

          I don’t think our thoughts are so different as our uses of the term.

          I think it’s almost impossible for Trump to fix Obamacare in his first term if we lose the House. Sure, we can fight back, but it will delay us at least 2 years. To me, that is a very specific case of “all or nothing”. It is critical that we SEE the importance of keeping the House or deepening our hold if we want to solve healthcare in Trump’s first term. If the Single-Payer-tards retake the House, BAD NEWS for healthcare. I’m not being pessimistic. I’m being STRATEGIC.

          Now that means we should probably make healthcare a campaign issue – especially for certain house seats. And painting it in “all or nothing” terms could be very useful there, too. STRATEGIC.


  8. One of the things that happened in the Soviet Union with regard to Soviet media is happening here.

    As the difference between the public’s lived experience of events and the media’s presentation of events (or lack thereof) becomes increasingly divergent, the media is simply ignored.

    This is happening and continues to happen.

    And just like in the Soviet Union, the media resorts to outright censorship in order to avoid anyone getting other information in the hope to hanging onto their ‘authority’.

    It failed in the Soviet Union, and it will fail here. Americans are gradually waking up to the fact that they are among the most propagandized people in the ‘free world’.

    Much of the media (including social media) are not functioning like normal businesses. Normally, when you lose as many viewers as CNN has over the last year, you would change your product to be more appealing. But that’s not the case. It tells you that these media corporations are not normal businesses. They are something else: Propaganda outlets.

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  9. treehugger says:

    i am so angry and pissed – i love hearing about the economy and love what these guys are doing – i do so much at my job and no pay raise – in years !!! is what larry’s saying is the truth i’d like to hear it from others in my field or around town – are their pays going up ? one of the reasons i hate obama ( believe me there is many ) but the down turn in the economy – the burden to businesses for health care cost me in my paycheck bigly – i have not received an increase of substance

    sorry tree dwellers i just needed to vent tonight


  10. Successful Loser says:

    My admiration and respect for our President continues to grow. For those of us who had prayed for a leader, our prayers have been answered. Grateful to this site, for invoking the Lord’s Prayer as the lead to handling the experience of information and insight it awoke in my nature.
    I can actually see where Sessions did the right thing because Trump had to go his ordeal the fire, to accomplish the cleanup that is needed, he would not have been able to get rid of the garbage if he had not passed through it. In its own way, the left has made Trump stronger, but they must not be allowed to get back into power until the mess is cleaned up and traditional rules of political behavior, not based on how people talk, but on what they actually do, are established. Real transparency based on the government workings, people not lying and hustle to us in their jobs aided by a phony media and piss-poor manipulative educational system. Elected officials must be held responsible to the country they serve.
    May political correctness die a miserable death, bought about by common sense and decency.


  11. Pyrthroes says:

    Given 25 more quarters through 2024, the historic significance of Trump Prosperity’s extraordinary resurgence from eight long years of Benedict Barack’s average 1.83% PA GDP will prove an all-but insurmountable barrier to wretched-mess poseurs from Bernie Sanders to MzBill and Mde. Coco-loco down (‘way down).

    “Doing right” is easy enough: Legislate halfway disinterested, intelligible and practical, political-economic guidelines, and give the horse its head. Anything more, especially anything that smacks of demagogic favoritism, “collectivist” manipulation, is invariably counter-reproductive (see Gini, Coase, Pareto & etc.)– “doing wrong”.

    Neat that Kudlow not only celebrates Trump’s New Economy, but projects long-term superior results to Chairman Xi’s (sic: “Ch’i”) claptrap mercantilism. Dragons, pandas… how’s about Rocky Raccoon?


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