A Discussion With National Economic Council Chairman Larry Kudlow: “I’m having so much fun with Trump”….

The Chairman of the National Economic Council, Larry Kudlow, gives an extensive interview to C-SPAN discussing his life, his career and his role in the White House.

Those who have followed the granular details of the how President Trump put together his team -to carry out decades-long discussed policy- will find this interview interesting. Kudlow has evolved in the past year from a MAGAnomic supporter to a MAGAnomic advocate.

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52 Responses to A Discussion With National Economic Council Chairman Larry Kudlow: “I’m having so much fun with Trump”….

  1. Bugsdaddy says:

    I think Kudlow has always been MAGA. I think what we saw before was employer induced suppression of what his exuberance really was. He may be more confidant in stating his (and the Presidents) position, but then, who wouldn’t be more confidant, rubbing elbows with a great man like PDJT!!

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  2. FL_GUY says:

    President Trump’s economic policies work. People have jobs again. The D-Rats want to stop President Trump’s policies, the D-Rats are enemies of the USA and We the People.

    I’ve always liked Kudlow and he is proving to be a great addition to the President Trump economic team.

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  3. Bandit says:

    Great to hear! Rush was talking today about China beating on Apple. I have concerns about the pressure China puts on us and the crybaby politicians. Will there be so much pressure that Trump has to fold or Congress beats him to death. Still optimistic!

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    • FL_GUY says:

      If you’ve ever listened to a President Trump Rally speech, he always states he will NEVER give up and NEVER surrender. President Trump says what he means and MEANS what he says. There will be only two WINNERS in the MAGA battle between the Deep $hit and that is President Trump and We the People. That should answer your question.

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    • GB Bari says:

      Bandit, get away from the TV Media and the old, Establishment online media. They are bad for your mental, emotional, and spiritual health. They conduct a 24 / 7 anti-Trump propaganda campaign disguised as “news”. .

      It’s all designed to make you second-guess yourself and what you believe, question President Trump and his mental rationality, and make you believe that a majority of the country hates him and adamantly disagrees with his policies.

      Trust your instincts and what you’ve heard the President say and pledge to all of us.
      All of that negative crap from the Fake News media is worthless, baseless BS.

      Larry Kudlow is genuine when he extolls the positives of the Presidents trade and economic policies. I don’t think Larry could lie about it – if he disagreed, he’d let us know about it.

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  4. gustafus21 says:

    How could anybody not see The Donald’s goodness?? In our family, we speak of this often – he had me crying again the other night at the Ohio rally. Each time I think, “been there, done that”… he amazes …

    We love him so…Donald is our Greatest President. History will be kind, as he flips middle America, one skeptic at a time….

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    • rvsueandcrew says:

      You know something, gustafus? I’m at the point where I find it hard to respect and keep friends who can’t see the goodness in our VSGPOTUS. Frankly, I don’t want to associate with people that dense!

      Thanks for the uplifting comment. “We love him so…”

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      • Frank says:

        Same here, Sue. It’s been long enough now that even the most hard-headed fool should be able to see that the people are doing better under the Trump administration, and the big corporate interests are the ones trying to stop that improvement. If they haven’t figured it out at this point, then they’re a waste of time to me.

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      • The Heretic says:

        I agree completely. MAGA!!


  5. Budman says:

    He reminds me of Paul Lynde without the camp.

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  6. dufrst says:

    Kudlow has always been a patriot. He sees where Trump wants to go with the agenda and he’s onboard. If Trump can fix the trading system in the world, he’s a top 5 president of all time. MAGA!

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  7. bullnuke says:

    There are a bunch of people working for President Trump that are having fun. It’s great to hear Kudlow Bear come out and say it.

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  8. Michaela says:

    I wasn’t going to watch all 35 minutes or so because sometimes I get lost in the whole economic talk. But I watched it all and I am so glad I did. So interesting and so honest. It really made my day today. And what a cool guy he is too. I loved it.

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    • lokiscout says:

      Same here I seldom open interviews or links but glad I did here.

      The thing that strikes me about this administration from top down is the absolute openness, clarity and straight forward no spin from all involved. I would love going out to dinner with any of them and engaging in honest open discussion on anything from family trivia to world issues and know I wasn’t being conned and my views would be respected and discussed as well as theirs. The whole group from President Trump to his entire team is such a breath of fresh air.

      Well maybe Lighthizer and Manuchion can get a bit stuffy but he did warn there would be some “killers” involved that “you might not want to have over for dinner!”

      Such wonderful, challenging times to live through. Glad I lived long enough to see this day.

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  9. MaineCoon says:

    What a fantastic interview. You don’t see many, if any, like this. Mr. Kudlow is any extremely nice and decent person and a man of faith. Who knew? I thank God that he loves our President and is by his side.

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  10. Mercenary says:

    Trump’s greatest ability by far is his gift of persuasion, the skill to make others believe.

    Of course, it helps when the cause you believe in is righteous to boot.

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  11. mj_inOC says:

    Wow, sundance, thank you for this candid and ever so personal, intelligent, historical interview!

    So appropriate to send to friends still not on our Trump Train [yet!], which I have done!

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  12. NJF says:

    Love him. I will never forget when that hack From MSNBC tried to embarrass candidate Trump about his tax plan during one of the debates . Said it was a joke, like a comic book or something.

    He Pointed to Larry, and said “oh really, why don’t you ask your colleague Larry Kudlow? And Larry backed him up.

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  13. Sunshine says:

    That is a GREAT interview. I just loved it. We get a good understanding of the man and his trials and tribulations. A truly very delightful individual in his simplicity.

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  14. Plain Jane says:

    Jumped up and down for joy when PT brought Kudlow on board.


  15. L. Gee says:

    Wow! So if the president calls and just starts chatting you up, he *might* be offering you a job–and if you keep talking to him, he might just assume you took that job. I found that part hilarious!

    Also, what does one do if he or she is supposed to be conducting a live radio program, but the president of the United States is talking your ear off? Excuse me, sir, I need to go to work right now. Can we chit-chat later?

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    • Tiana says:

      I thought that part funny too… the whole interview was great… Larry is just such an entertaining story teller…

      I can just imagine sitting around a campfire… Larry being part of the group… telling his stories and spinning a tad bit of yarn to make the stories just a a tiny bit more colorful… 😉


  16. Elizabeth Carter says:

    I respect the people working with President Trump to turn our economy around and get us back on track to be the only country in the world that is One Nation Under God – Of the People, By the People and For the People.

    Today this article came out:

    Everyone who works to put America First has to put up with this.

    It is interesting how these same journalists for the MSM have no problem with the Globalists selling our country out and committing treason every day but they try to destroy anyone who works for America.

    I am so glad the people in the Trump Administration are making these sacrifices to work for us. The things they are doing are beyond what We the People can do or even understand sometimes. We support them wholeheartedly and consider ourselves blessed that they are doing this for us.

    I am sure they will smear Larry Kudlow also as soon as the MSM can find a way to do so.

    At some point the MSM attacks become a badge of honor.

    The Trump Administration should all get Medals of Honor for doing this for us.

    We are very grateful that they have been willing and able to do this and keep us out of a Civil War and/or WW3.

    I am fascinated with how effective they all are. They know our enemies well and know where and how to attack for maximum effect. We support them and will do whatever we can to help them.

    May God Bless them all for their contribution to MAGA


    • GB Bari says:

      “Same ol’ same ol’ garbage” from the Deep State and the Democrat / Yellow Stream Media smear machine.


    • Tiana says:

      Not going to open this… no click bait from me… the headline says it all… it’s garbage… don’t need to read stuff that probably is untrue and just depresses me…

      MAGA, MASA, MAPA…. (great, strong/secure, proud)… and give America back to it’s middle class… or… give America it’s middle class back… I love our VSGPDJT and his team…


  17. cattastrophe says:

    Love to hear Kudlow talk. He’s such an upbeat guy and anything he talks about he’s so honest and straightforward. I think he didn’t exaggerate when he said it’s been lots of fun and I loved his description of President Trump personally and their working relationship. Old white guys are where it’s at!!! When you look at the experience of all these guys (especially our President) you can see why they’re having so much success.


  18. MfM says:

    I really enjoyed the interview. I got a real sense of who Kudlow is, where he stands and his background. Interesting to see how his relationship with Trump is. While others would be horrified about Trump joking about their heart attack, Kudlow realized immediately that Trump was joking around. The joking around could have been for numerous reasons… but not to make Kudlow uncomfortable.

    I hadn’t known about Kudlow’s drug problem, it was interesting to hear him talk so openly about it without either bragging or shame. I’m sure Trump knew and took that into consideration in his hiring. I also hadn’t realized he’d become a Catholic.

    I’d seen Kudlow as pretty quiet and wishy/washy up until after the 2018 G7 in Canada.

    In the interview with Jake Tapper, Kudlow went off on Trudeau saying something like he’d (Trudeau) stabbed us in the back. You could tell he wasn’t just angry about that, he was furious … but it almost seemed like Larry was personally insulted.


  19. Summer says:

    Terrific, honest interview, with good questions and no interruptions. I expected to watch only for a minute or two and ended up watching the whole thing and wishing it would not end so quickly.

    Thanks for posting this.

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  20. Richard Stern says:

    Really great interview. Got a whole new sense of the man.

    Especially like the segment about his 12 Step Recovery, and how it changed his way of thinking, and outlook on things. Being a long-time 12-stepper myself, I appreciated his candor and passion.

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    • Jayne gilmore says:

      He’s spilling over with gratitude! My Mom was a 12 stepper too. What a transformation it was and they live it everyday. Truly uplifting.


  21. Daniel says:


    I’m against murder, but I’m going to use lethal force to defend my family, friends and neighbors.

    Draw obvious parallels with tariffs and you’ll have a clear and easy perspective on Trump’s use of tariffs. Ultimately, it’s self-defense and when they agree to stop attacking, we will stop counter-attacking. And that agreement happens when they finally realize they cannot win against the USA.

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  22. the5thranchhand says:

    Wow, Daniel, what a great analogy………….tariffs and murder……………absolutely love it and asking for your permission to use it soon and often? Thank you for sharing.
    And, the interview was worth the time. Thank you, Sundance.

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  23. TNGal says:

    I watched “Kudlow” on CNBC during the dreadful Obama years. I am sure that Larry think that the ability to serve this President is a dream come true. Larry is finally able to have a chance to see his own policies applied in his lifetime by this President. Larry labored in the fields for many years when there was no chance that Obama would change course economically.

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  24. ck says:

    Kudlow has been blogging for years and I’ve always kept up with him. He’s always been a strong dollar guy. I was delighted when the President picked him.


  25. Amy2 says:

    This is off topic, but has anyone else here that’s been to a Trump rally got their check yet? Rosie O’Donnell said Trump was paying us….

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  26. Firefly says:

    What a great interview. We are so fortunate to have PTrump pick people like Kudlow. Like PTrump, Kudlow knows his stuff and is comfortable in his own skin- it frees people up to focus on the challenge at hand. It’s clear Kudlow and PTrump are focused on MAGA – just differ on what the best way to make it happen.


  27. jeans2nd says:

    Listened to this yesterday when shared on Pres’l Open Thread. Was so good, listened again today.
    Luvable Larry is having so much fun with Pres Trump. So are we Lar, so are we.

    Thank you for making this into a post. What a joy to hear an interview uninterrupted by another vainglorious host more interested in having his own talking points heard again, and again, and again, and… (Hannity, Ingraham, Dobbs, Varney,…)


  28. POTUS picking his Killers!
    This was a great interview with Mr. Kudlow. I loved hearing his story.
    I was born just a bit after JFK was assassinated. I was in high school during the Reagan years.
    This guy’s seen it all and is serving POTUS Trump and all of us loyally. I love this old guy!


  29. Joe says:

    If only Louis Rukeyser could see him now! Saw Larry K with Louis about twenty times over the years. Two dapper fellows.


  30. The Admiral says:

    PHENOMENAL interview… what an interesting fellow. Watched him now and then years ago. What a genuine guy.


  31. Pyrthroes says:

    Nothing beats realism in political-economics, or anywhere else. Intellectual acumen married to a profound patriotic sensibility is among 72-year old Trump’s truly intimidating assets. Like Jackson before him, nothing stands in his way… Reagan certainly possessed this force of character, but only someone with Trump’s street-fighting background flags macro-economic pressure-points.

    Once these (ahem) “trade imbalances”, extending over thirty years from 1988, have been succinctly pointed out, the blood-and-guts remedy is plain. Given K-Street puppeteers, politicians in general and Rats in particular are worse than useless. (“Representatives”– don’t make us laugh.) But where have all these fancy academics, scholarly economists and cutthroat hedge fund traders, been all this time– Is insiders’ ineffably corrupt, delusive, “globalist” ideology really all-determining?

    More and more, Trump seems an “indispensable man”. Given that he’s only 3/16ths (18.75%) through his 96-month term –the first ever fourth consecutive 2-term incumbent– the coming twenty-six quarters will prove an historic inflection-point.


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