Daily Caller Reveals Name of Decades-long Chinese Spy Working for Senator Dianne Feinstein…

Luke Rosiak, investigative reporter for The Daily Caller, revealed earlier tonight the name of the Chinese Spy employed by Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) for several decades. Russell Lowe began working with Dianne Feinstein in the 1970’s.   According to prior reporting by CBS Lowe passed along information gained from Feinstein to the Chinese government.


(Via Daily Caller) […] Hankoryeh, a South Korean news publication, described Lowe in October 2017 as “a Chinese-American who spent 20 years as the aide to Dianne Feinstein.” Lowe visited the publication’s Seoul office at that time with former Democratic California Rep. Mike Honda, who left office in January 2017 after losing to progressive challenger Ro Khanna in 2016.

Feinstein has said that the spy had “no access to sensitive information,” and the former staffer was never prosecuted. (read more)

Additionally, internet research done by @almostjingo via Twitter reveals that Feinstein’s relationship to Russell Lowe goes back much further than her time in the U.S. Senate.

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  1. Molly Pitcher says:

    Detective without curiosity is like glass eye at keyhole – no use. (Charlie Chan in the Secret Service)
    MSM, DOJ, Congress..all of them with the glass eye..lol

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  2. CountryDoc says:

    Unrelated questions/comments:

    Regarding steganography. Videos are best. There is a lot of activity with child pornography connected to Democrats, especially Clintons and supporters. Could information be being passed there, embedded in the child porn videos?. The visible content (disgusting porn) would be another layer of diversion and also justify secrecy for the passing of digital information.

    What about the fact that Nixon seems to be the first instigator of relations with China? Can this thread of illicit communications with China be traced back that far? When did the uniparty/Federal Reserve takeover really start? There is also a lot of connection with these presidents to Yale and a small handful of Ivy League schools, who, even though in opposite parties, seemed to support the uniparty, NWO movement.

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    • Mike says:

      Geo HW Bush was the first man off the plane into Red China, on TV, long before Nixon even arrived,

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    • JoAnn Leichliter says:

      CountryDoc, Richard Nixon received his undergraduate degree from Whittier College and his Law degree from Duke University. He was not in the Club.

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      • Nixon regained a lot of my respect after his shame, by mentoring and clearly wishing to help the country. After the fiasco he did not re-enter to serve himself, but was a retired statesman. He indeed was NOT in the club.

        He was a career politician so I do not want to beatify him, but how he behaved is so different from how the Clintons, the Obamas and, now also W, the oh so ‘too noble to interfere with the sacred office of president by ragging on President O’ but not one bit reluctant to come outt swinging at Trump.

        I”m actually curious to see how much Reagan talked with Nixon. Kissinger and his wife are full uniparty now I think, but I wonder if he had turned by then. I thought he had respected Nixon and Kissinger’s mind is quite impressive so that impresses me.

        My gosh.

        WE are curious about history and have so much to learn.

        How dangerous that the last two generations have been deprived of history and their curiosity shut off by plugging them into all the distractions of they day: self-indulgence, self-reference (i.e., referring to your own ‘gut’ to determine what reality is and how the universe runs), mind numbing ‘noise’ and perpetual adolescent focuses of sex, wanting to be liked, seeking to escape responsibility, being indifferent to others, being open to cheating and vice when no role models are there to guide.

        If HE knew about this deep state I begin to see Watergate as something that was an early attempt to play by THEIR crappy rules.

        Oh to have the time machine and be able to take these snowflakes and send them to a boot camp with our founders giving them a dose of reality

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        • Mr. T. says:

          President Nixon warned President Carter, stating that Carter needed to honor our country’s military aid agreements with the Shah of Iran. Nixon warned that failure to do so, could cause the Shah’s government to collapse and taken over by radical islamics, and should that happen, that future generations of America’s citizens would pay for that mistake. Well, Carter blinked and our country is still paying a heavy toll for his failure to give the Shah the requested military aid.

          I am so sick and tired of the damage being done to this country by liberals. I never thought I would see another president in my lifetime, who was as bad as Carter. Along comes Obama, who takes first place and who pushes Carter back into second place as the worst president in the history of the USA.

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    • Mary Wilson says:

      Nixon got the tip of the wedge between Russia and China. The goal was to separate the two major communist powers.


    • Lady Sid says:

      “Yale in China” was a big program. Also, Yalies such as Time mag co-founder Henry Luce spent some of his youth, pre-Yale, in China. I believe his parents were Presbyterian missionaries. Harvard currently is being sued by a group of angry Asian parents who say the school’s admissions policies discriminate against them, with higher standards for admission than some of the Affirmative Action admits. I say Harvard can admit whoever it wishes, using whatever standards it chooses for whichever group it focuses on. Screw a bunch of Asians telling a private American corporation (our OLDEST, in fact) how to operate. Also, a big no-no to talk about with these Ivy League schools is the behavior of the resulting alumni vis a vis donating to their alma mater. Some of these groups just plain ignore the Annual Fund solicitation, for years and years. I have been a volunteer for years and years at one of the schools, my husband at another, and we know how these people operate. Once they get their kid in, and then the diploma, it’s fuggedaboutit time.
      Our son attended and graduated magna cum laude from a great big state U. after 4 yrs in the USMC. He said there is a lot of grade grubbing and downright cheating by Asians at these schools, too. Not sure I want them involved in govt contracts that these schools get.


  3. Deplorable_Infidel says:

    “a few of these names keep popping up as well.”

    Dan Bongino reminds us to “remember the names” (because they will pop up again and again).

    “Some new names, always look at the spouse”

    “Q” admonishes us to “follow the wives”.

    Corruption surrounds itself with corruption.

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    • Kenji says:

      How about this name … Richard Blum

      Dianne’s husband with DEEP business ties to the Communist Chinese. Dianne went to the Congress to do good … and her husband did very well indeed. $$$$$

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      • TruthIsLight says:

        The Executive Order from Dec/21/17 dealing with Trafficking and CORRUPTION will hopefully correct some of this that has been going on for decades. Provides for Treasury to seize assets of those involved. Tick Tock Tick Tock #WWG1WGA #MAGA

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      • Oh yes, I was just mentioning this to my mother the other week. Blums was a HUGE name. These boutique sweet shops that were a staple in the BAy ARea. I remember decades ago hearing how Feinstein, like Pelosi, had managed to help out her husband financially and avoid penalties that evidently deserved prison time.

        Using our taxes and our freedoms to enrich themselves.

        They were the epitome of Communist hypocrisy, entitling themselves while imposing restrictions on the peasants.

        OH to live 25, 50, 100 years from now and see these miscreants unmasked, their legacies not the type to erect shrines but to throw catcalls when their names are mentioned and throw rotten eggs at their tombs.

        I may pray for all of them, but I certainly do not want history to hail them as any sort of role models.

        Che Guevera has had willing disciples in this nation for decades. BAby Doc, Castro, Mugawbe, Mussolini, Der Fuhrer, FRanco, Ceaucescu, Stalin, Lenin, Mao, Marx…all the names the left has tattooed on their souls.

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        • Just another liberal mayor from SF gone into D.C. to magnify her rot.


          • Kenji says:

            And to think … she ONLY gained popularity due to her emotional public announcement of Mayor Moscone and Harvey Milk’s murder. I heard it … in real time … as it happened. Like Mayor Giuliani after 911 … Dianne exuded strength and leadership. And at that time she was actually a reasonably moderate (dare I say it, fiscal conservative) politician. However, every year since that moment … she has become more and more stridently partisan and leftist … to wherein now, she has no credibility whatsoever. She is a political HACK … and a dangerously embedded Queen Bee into the hive of Federal Swampism. The Queen Bee must be removed from the hive. She is diseased and is infecting the hive with Communist pustules

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    • Mike says:

      I think once China decided to engage the US in the 70s, they opened the floodgates on soft, long term, deep embed spying. Everywhere.

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    • Exactly. The Housewives of BEverly Hills had an interesting reaction from the Marin County wives. They bragged that they were the prototype of these misbegotten creatures.

      I know that Marin County has one of the lowest divorce rates, while simultaneously flagrant infidelity.

      They have business contract marriages, two parasites feeding off each other.

      I remember when the Tea Partiers were getting elected and some swamp RINO was sneering that the Tea Partiers actually wanted to leave D.C. and be with their families on weekends. ONe of the reasons they were sneering is that D.C. was admittedly a Disney for adults with sexual infidelity and salacious and vice ridden activities which could have taught Nero a thing or two about immorality.

      Ryan’s wife has a banking connection, yes?

      Bruce Ohr’s wife.

      McConnell and Madam McConnell.

      These marriages are the scourge of the earth and repugnant for what they produce.

      It is no wonder why Hollywood feels so at home there…and why MElania had to have the place fumegated before she’d move her and Barron there.

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  4. Red says:

    I detest these traitors in DC……I’d guess 98.5% of everyone in DC is on the take, if not more….that includes , Judges, Congress, congressional aids, and ALL of the alphabet departments……my cold anger temp is hitting absolute zero. I’m just about ready to reverse course and go full blown vaporization!

    We must DEMAND an investigation, this is absolutely insane!!!!

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    • moe ham head says:

      yes they will have an investigative dog and pony show and drag it out for 10 years until everyone forgets just like all the other scandals in DC and then no one will be hel accountable
      wash rinse repeat

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      • sturmudgeon says:

        you may wish to get a small boost in positive thinking by visiting usawatchdog.com and listen to Greg Hunter’s interview with Dr. Dave Janda

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      • mnlakes says:

        True but that’s History we can still change the Future.
        It’s not a given that History will repeat it’s self.
        Like President Trump, we need to just keep walking Forward regardless of what is exploding behind us. They would love if we just gave up and left them alone.
        Since I’m not privy to “The Plan” I must focus on “what can I do” and leave the rest up to God’s will and his guidance of President Trump.
        Against all odds, President Trump won. I think that’s a clue as to the direction God wants to take us.

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    • De Oppresso Libre says:

      It looks more likely every day that unless President Trump chooses to go nuclear and declassify, we will only see “justice” after marching on the Capitol with torches and pitchforks…..or the modern equivalent.

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      • Greg says:

        …..or the modern equivalent…………”Like”.


        • Cuppa Covfefe says:

          Paging Sylvia 🙂

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        • The thing is that TRump is becoming aware of layers and LAYERS of the swamp that we do not even know about yet. What are OUR priorities may very well be the actual priorities when all the rest is taken into account.

          I keep thinking that deep state is so far back that our present day most visible bad guys, the Obamas, the Muellers, the special counsel goons….are not the most significant.

          I cannot tell you how astonished and gratified I am that Soros, a name that several of US have known about for years, is suddenly a name that more and more people know about.

          ANd his admission that ‘if everything that could go wrong’ is pretty much what is happening to him is classic victim mode. When they are not winning they are petulant and whine, even when they are billionaires. It is the same syndrome no matter what variation of tyrannical, authoritarian species they most revere.

          We have a tendency to not take seriously the broadcasts warning of something HUGE upcoming and to think that what we are now learning is it, but I am reminded from my conversation with one of the ultra rich elite globalists that they have had the makings of the new world order in play now for years and the last administration gave them such confidence that they only barely kept their intentions below the surface because their contempt for the peasants was so enormous.

          They mistook Americans, bathed in socialist regulations and PC oppression, for the whipped, resigned citizens of truly socialist/communist/take your pick of any other authoritarian ‘ist’ nations.

          We DID look resigned and our RINOs THOUGHT that they could speak for us, surrendering and pretty much acting like any other fat cat bureaucrats found in most of the world’s nations and the thoroughly corrupt UN.

          The swamp is not a puddle to be drained and the efforts to undo Trump still do not begin to touch what has happened.

          Just think of how even under W the rate of sex trafficking, drug trafficking, child endangerment and repressive invasion of our privacy had escalated.

          I believe that Q and those on that level know full well that all of our present day focus does not begin to address a fraction of what is being discovered.

          Wolfmoon has also been hinting at this and I do not think that his quiet hint of things to come being huge begin to point to the abundance of things still to be disclosed.

          Going back to Vietnam alone, with the sexual revolution giving the green flag to unchecked immorality (and I note that though my point is well taken I too instinctively cringe a bit for fear of how that sounds, we are so programmed to think that talk of Judeo Christian values are controversial and negative. THis has to be fought and overcome), the identities and the regulations and litigation that have been fed and encouraged is atrocious.

          Sundance, thank you so much.

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          • “What are OUR priorities may very well be the actual priorities when all the rest is taken into account.”

            may very well be NOT the actual priorities. 😦

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            • Cuppa Covfefe says:

              Great post(s). I have been boring people by complaining about Satan Soros and his ilk for years. Discoverthenetworks has a number of items about him, and there are many articles out there, both “defending” (read: paid for by media matters) and exposing him (those that haven’t been deep-sixed by Gargle, et. al.). He fancies himself as a saviour, but he would prefer the way of Satan over GOD. And that’s something he should be REALLY depressed and sorry about.

              I think the swamp/deep state/etc. goes clear back to Woodrow Wilson, if not before. Could be parallel (parallel construction, anyone?) with the DEMONcRAT party… who have given us the KKK, the (un)Civil War, failed mores and morals, the destruction of the family unit (and potentially our future), as well as rampant bloodshed via war, violence, and seditious/treasonous groups like Antifa, BLM, CAIR, LaRaza, and many similar Anti-American/Anti-Christian groups…


              • Thank you for YOUR post. Some great points in there.


              • Conservativeinny says:

                As much as Beck has derailed, his chalk talks on Soros and all the connections were very eye opening.

                While It would not surprise me that NYrs would attack him and his family, I have always thought someone from those talks had sent some of their people. Ok, Ron foil hat is off


              • G. Combs says:

                Actually it goes right back to the American Revolution. The UK and Europe is NO FRIEND of the USA. We slipped the slave collar and they want to put it back on!

                An old comment on American History, Karl Marx and his connections to the aristocracy and Rothschilds HERE Marxism was a construct of the elite designed to destroy the middle class and return civilization to a two class system. — with a thin layer of well paid suck-ups to do the dirty work.

                SxyxS comment — Marx secretary Pieper was at the same time employed the Rothschild. When the Rothschild left Frankfurt they went to Paris (the first place Marx lived in Exile) and London (the second exile home of Marx). The rest of his comment is also well worth the read but a bit salty for this venue.


                • Cuppa Covfefe says:

                  Yep. Look up the Thule society… and the Fuggers of Augsburg (unfortunate name, but in German it’s a long “u”)(but the name still fits 🙂 )…


                • The Rothschilds. Now THERE is some history that truly needs dissemination. I believe Bushes, Rockefellers…many many in the swamp.

                  This is what I meant by saying that the swamp that Trump is trying to drain goes back so much further than the players that have been enraging us these last 20 years. We want THEM gone…but they are not the source of the rot.

                  The amount of information from you, G and Cuppa have shared is so worth knowing…our snowflakes don’t even know that their lack of curiosity and their navel gazing is programmed into them and they are exactly the opposite of the rebels that they think themselves….and if they KNEW that the deep state learned from the success of their OWN rebellion how to ensure that they would not fall to later rebels…I just would love people to know that their trusted swamp dwellers view them as easy prey..but if they dared to try and usurp the authority these geriatrics wouldn’t bat an eye at exterminating them.


          • Linda says:

            Thank you for your post.


            • mutantbeast says:

              I beleive Wilson was the actual starting point. They tried with William Jennings Bryant, who was way too far out there. Wilson brought us the Federal Reserve(something more than one President had stopped, notably Andrew Jackson) and the 16th and 17th amendments, the 17th may be even more damaging than the 16th in the long run, because today the Senate is even less accountable than the House is.


    • Finbar O'Shaunnessey says:

      When it’s time to paint with the DC corruption brush, choose the broadest one on the rack and you can’t go wrong.

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    • TomJ says:

      They have nothing to worry about. Sessions is out to lunch. And, he is buddies with Feinstein! Worked with her for 30 years. Just one big happy family.

      You can demand all you want, very little will be done as long as Mueller and Rosenstein have control of the the DOJ.

      You have to hand it to the Democrats. They lost all three branches of government but still retain control of the DOJ. That is quite an accomplishment. And they get a Special Counsel in place so Trump can do very little to stop it without jeopardizing his presidency.

      The only people that can save the U.S. at this point is the voters. If they are not smart enough to put Trump’s people in Congress the U.S. will turn out like Western Europe.

      Keep your fingers crossed.

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    • Until we know WHO will run an honest investigation and we have routed the embedded there is no point to it.

      Doing the same thing expecting different results is the true insanity.

      using corrupt intelligence and courts to investigate is nuts.

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  5. wheatietoo says:

    This video footage of Admiral Rogers answering a question from DiFi takes on new meaning now.

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  6. InAz says:

    I sincerely hope President Trump tweets about Commie Comrade Feinstein’s spy and corruption….and calls for an investigation.

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  7. Critical Mass says:

    “The Spy Who Hitched Up With The Scold” – where “Mao’s Last Dancer” meets “Driving Miss Daisy”. Also known as “Lady Chatter Leaker’s Undercover” or “The Manchurian Chauffeur”.

    Starring George Takei as the spy, and Meryl Streep as Diane Feinstein.

    Critics have questioned the choice of George Takei as the spy, given that Takei is Japanese-American. However, Jackie Chan was unavailable for a contract at the time. The producers were also concerned to avoid charges of racial discrimination.

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  8. Kerry_On says:

    When viewing all this, remember this: Diane was not just a Senator but the Head of the Senate Committee on INTELLIGENCE. The (notoriously corrupt) committee overseeing all our (equally corrupt) Intlligence Agencies. But NO sensitive information was EVAH divulged. We know that cuz Diane says so and we know that she would NEVER lie.

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  9. wodiej says:

    A chinese spy working on the US payroll 20 years for a democrat while her husband collects millions from the chinese. No wonder they are trying so hard to nail Trump for something. He’s going to open Pandora’s box of Democrat secrets-some Republican ones too I’m sure.

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  10. StanH says:

    Remember what Medline Albright told us, “it’s not fair that we are the only superpower.” You can be certain the left acted to change that dynamic. No telling what she whispered in his ear.

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  11. Me says:

    Russell Lowe and Virginia Jew? So these are the spy names they picked for themselves?

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  12. JohninMK says:

    As an outsider reading this thread what has struck me most is the apparent width and depth of Chinese influence in Congress. If that is correct and DF was/is a key direct/indirect informant, then her moves up the slippery pole there could well have been orchestrated from Beijing using their other ‘co-opted’ friends there.

    If so, why haven’t they, as part of a cover their tracks operation, implemented a gradual move down as opposed to a fire pole? Or did they, by allowing their agent to be painlessly outed but DF, addicted to the power, refused to play her part so that now others are having to pull her plug?

    Given the deep forces at play here I somehow doubt that she will be held to account. Just pensioned off into the sunset like many of the other offenders we see out there. In a desperate attempt to retain the credibility of these organisations, the alternative being, in TPTB’s minds, too horrific to contemplate.

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    • mnlakes says:

      Knowing this was about to come out or maybe fearful that it might, the Democrats chose not to back her re-election.
      She’s been outed and of no use to them, they cut her loose. She tried to convince them that she was still valuable. Remember all the dirty tricks she pulled for them?

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  13. Issy says:

    If he was a spy, why was he allowed to retire and not arrested?

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  14. trumpsbamagirl says:

    July 18, President Trump said, “”I accept our intelligence community’s conclusion that Russia’s meddling in the 2016 election took place — could be other people also.”

    …could be other people also takes on a whole new meaning.

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  15. Saml Adams says:

    And this is the guy who was….uuummm…..her “driver”. Right. Maybe they’ll put Superagent Strzok on this one…

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  16. Popoy says:

    So…. the Federal Banging Investigation, did not investigate this Chinese spy? Is this guy still roaming around as if nothing sensitive info was leaked to the Chicoms?

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  17. woohoowee says:

    Who in the IC was helping/covering for DiFi and Lowe? No way this was going on w/o someone in the IC catching on along the way. Who else knew? Or are we expected to believe we have the dumbest, most clueless spies and law enforcement investigators on the planet?!

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  18. Bulldog84 says:

    “Feinstein has said that the spy had ‘no access to sensitive information'”

    Let’s correct that: Feinstein has said that AS FAR AS SHE KNOWS the spy had no access to sensitive information.

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    • mnlakes says:

      Just like Schiff THINKS there’s plenty of evidence of Trump/Russia out there already.
      Really? I guess we all missed it.

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    • Bendix says:

      He only had access to her whole office AND he drove for her.
      I hate to tell her, but drivers are the ones who hear EVERYTHING.
      Especially the quiet ones, who appear not to be listening.
      I know this from an NYPD officer, who would sometimes get pressed into service driving foreign dignitaries and VIPs around the city.


      • mutantbeast says:

        you got it. The FBI got more on mafia figures from there drivers than anyone. Ever wonder why the FBI never got Carlo Gambino? One of the reasons is he drove himself.


  19. Scarlet says:

    They keep getting away with this crap!

    There’s no accountability!

    Yet, the witch hunts on conservatives are endless.


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  20. Jeff P. says:

    She is a Spy. Arrest her today, she is old and she will scare easily and will sing like a Canary. If EVER we had a weak link to Exploit, this is it!!! If we want answers, I guarantee she can provide Quite a Few!! Arrest the Chinese Spies!!! She & her “driver”.

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  21. Horsesoldier says:

    Ho lee fok. Sum ting berry wong here…..

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  22. imo this is all coming to light now because somebody somewhere wants feinstein OUT of the senate– and there are a myriad of reasons for anyone to want her gone– so that kevin de leon or possibly someone more to the left can replace her. she recently turned 85 and if she wins re-election this november, feinstein would potentially hold office until she’s 91-92 years old or until she dies, whichever comes first. for the upcoming crop of democrats/socialists, this woman has outlived her usefulness not to mention she’s worth nearly 100 million dollars. she’s becoming toxic, ie old, white and rich, they know it, so she has to go so that someone younger (and hopefully non-white) can push the newer socialist agenda along for decades in much the same way she has.

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    • Cuppa Covfefe says:

      Yep. And I think it’s broader than that. The libtards, RINOs, DEMONcRATs, and Globalists want to jerk things to the left, far left, and quickly. Just look at that hyphenated idiot from New York. No substance, just full leftard Marxism…

      This reeks of Satan Soros and his gang. And they’re all in with China. Remember in the late 1990s all the talk about BRICS? (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa). Seems like the USA, and the west in general are off their list… Not sure about Brazil, and India is supposedly a democracy (despite their horrid caste system), but Russia, China, and South Africa are Marxist/communist/socialist or some variant thereof…

      Another thing about San Francisco; it has (or had) the largest Chinese population outside of China. And that community is VERY, VERY powerful in SF, so much so that you cannot be elected mayor if you don’t do their bidding. The old Irish and Italian communities and power brokers are all but gone. So Di-Fi’s escapades have likely been going on since the 1960s. As well as her association with shady power structures.

      (Oddly enough, San Jose has the largest Mexican population north of Mexico city. No wonder CA has problems. Next thing will be Fremont/Newark has the highest Indian population outside of India – wouldn’t surprise me one bit. And Fremont also has one of the largest Afghan populations in the US, maybe the largest).

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      • Are you local to here? This is a fantastic post with a great understanding of OUR swamp


        • Cuppa Covfefe says:

          Thanks, yep, I was… I grew up in the SF Bay Area, went to Uni in LA, worked in Silly Valley, then moved to Germany (before the wall came down) thinking it couldn’t possibly go as far off the rails as CA seemed to be heading…

          I was wrong… 🙂 or 😦

          When I first moved here, it was great, prices in DM were about the same as dollars, so the dollars I brought over were instantly “worth more” (ha). Every country was unique (and France, of course, was more unique than anywhere else 🙂 ). Worked and travelled all over Europe. Then the wall came down. Then the “Teuro” (teuer = expensive in German, hence more expensive currency, basically a 50% “haircut”). Now, with the refauxgees, it’s not a very good place to live anymore. BUT, the folks here are “woke”, and our Deplorables, the AfD (Alternativ für Deutschland) are doing much better than the YSM would have one believe).

          So, 30 years in Kalifornistan, 35+ over here… have family all over the place… Still, I’d love to take a vacation back in the early 1960s 🙂 Cheap gas, Yosemite not crowded at all (didn’t have to book a year in advance), could drive across the country without going broke (we did it almost every year in the 60s and early 70s), and it was SAFE (for the most part). I still miss the Bay Area, the Redwoods, and of course, my family and friends there…

          We used to go to Chinatown a lot when I was a kid. Even then I noticed that the shops and streets took on a different character when it got dark. We would look around the various shops, and would hear noises from hidden rooms, and odd smells that were nothing like anything we’d experienced elsewhere. Little did we know that there were opium dens and various *cough* things being smoked that were most decidedly not tobacco… and various gambling going on, as well. A world within a world, and the PO-LEECE usually did not interfere. And, as opposed to the “no-go zones” we see over here, they kept their activities discreet, and only showed when someone really got in their collective faces…

          Still remember the “cheap Chinese Crap” toys they had: sparkler spinners, a cylinder you could turn over and back which would emit “MOO” or other barn animals depending on what you bought, and candied ginger, watermelon, and who knows what all. There were other “preserved” foods there that I wouldn’t DARE touch or buy 🙂 [e.g. tonight’s dinner swimming in a tank as you enter a restaurant…gack…]

          Of course, back then, the Moslem world was more subdued and different then, too. Iraq and Persia were very, very different, and together with Turkey were much more cosmopolitan, and accepting of the west…


  23. MaineCoon says:

    A WSJ 1997 article on hubby Blum’s fundraising by wife for Bubba.


    Feinstein’s Husband, DNC Disagree About Chinese Donor

    By Craig S. SmithStaff Reporter of The Wall Street Journal
    Updated April 8, 1997 12:01 a.m. ET

    HONG KONG — Among the enduring puzzles of the Democrats’ fund-raising activities last year was the presence of a Chinese businessman at an exclusive dinner for President Clinton given by California Sen. Dianne Feinstein and her husband, Richard Blum, at their San Francisco home last June.

    The man, Dai Xiaoming, is one of Hong Kong’s least-known businessmen with ties to powerful patrons in Beijing. He isn’t a U.S. citizen and doesn’t appear legally qualified to have made the $50,000-a-plate donation required to dine with the president and a few dozen other Democratic Party contributors under a tent in Sen. Feinstein’s backyard.

    But Mr. Blum, who organized the fund-raising affair, says the Democratic National Committee told him that Mr. Dai was a contributor when the committee asked him to add a seat for him as a favor to Democratic fund-raiser John Huang.

    “The DNC says John Huang had a guy who had written them a check for $50,000 that they wanted to bring to an exclusive event, and could they bring him,” says Mr. Blum from his home in San Francisco. He couldn’t recall who at the DNC made the request, other than that it was “somebody who mattered.” Otherwise, Mr. Blum says, he wouldn’t have acquiesced, as he knew everyone else invited to the dinner. “I don’t know anything more about the guy, end of story,” Mr. Blum says.


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  24. Frank says:

    Priority 1: vote, vote, vote. These midterms are every bit as important as the 2016 Presidential election.
    Priority 2: Be prepared come November, and again in 2019. We should see a “blue flush” as pro-Trump candidates win loads of congressional seats. Once they take office in 2019, the swamp hits the fan. It’s going to be like sitting in the front row at a Gallagher show (if he was hitting something worse than watermelons).

    Liked by 1 person

  25. Cankles Clinton says:

    Hey Demosocialists! The 1930’s called and they want their organized crime back.

    Liked by 5 people

  26. Summer says:

    So, what does the law say about American citizens spying for a foreign country? Is it okay? Asking for a friend.

    Liked by 3 people

  27. Pokey says:

    So when does this traitor get arrested by our always vigilant FBI? When does our AGJS decide spying for a communist country against the USA is a crime? Nobody hold your breath. He probably got info from a lot of people besides Feinstein, including most of our illustrious Senate. What a chamber of pigs! Oh yeah, Feinstein is a Democrat. …….. my bad.

    Liked by 2 people

  28. Lactantius says:

    Money grubbing “socialists” organize communities in order to gain and keep political power so that their immediate kith and kin can grift and skim from the greatest money flow in the history of mankind. These money grubbing “socialists” promise a land of milk and honey financed on the backs of worker ants and other deplorables.

    When money is the focus of your “collective” ideal, you trust that the flow will always be there for the skimming. Therefore, skimming is not a Ponzi scheme. However, the number of skimmers and scammers must be controlled at the top of the skimming pyramid. The cost of being at the top is paid by paying the bottom skimmers (welfare folks) a tad more in order to keep them voting for you. And the very best scam is to sell the debt of the nation for a commission. They everybody in the gang goes to the Hamptons and laugh at the rest of us.

    Did you ever wonder who buys those $400.00 bottles of wine?

    Liked by 4 people

  29. Caius Lowell says:

    Nothing to see here — no “known” motive — move along, move along…

    Liked by 1 person

  30. uptothere says:

    I believe she and her husband have hugely benefited financially with their strong ties to China over the years. Her Senatorship has certainly been enriched.

    Liked by 1 person

    • mutantbeast says:

      Over $4oom wealthier ever since she became a senator. Her old man is also the largest private gun collector in the country, while she wants to ban guns from we little people.


  31. TheBigOldDog says:

    Make no mistake, this is coming from the Deep State and the Corrupt Media who are trying to take her out. Why? They must view her as a threat. A weak link who will crack under the expected pressure to come. There are no coincidences. No 10, 20,30 year old facts that suddenly get discovered. This is a political hit by the Cabal. She wouldn’t go away quietly so they will force her out,

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  32. somaspecialist says:

    And of course nothing will happen….

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  33. Skippy says:

    HEARINGS before the


    Page 11 PREV PAGE TOP OF DOC Segment 2 Of 3
    Johnny Chung contributed $366,000 to the Democratic National Committee. All of that money has been returned because of suspicions about its legality.
    While all the answers are not in yet, these suspicions appear to be well-founded. In addition to his donations to the DNC, this committee has obtained clear-cut evidence that employees of Johnny Chung arranged conduit contributions to the Clinton/Gore campaign. Committee staff has interviewed three individuals in California, who contributed $1,000 each to the Clinton/Gore campaign and were reimbursed in cash by an employee of Johnny Chung.
    This hearing is not, however, just about Johnny Chung. This hearing is about a White House that attracted him like a magnet. This is a story about a President who was starved for cash and did not mind going all out to get it.
    Johnny Chung wanted to use the White House, and this is a White House that was willing to be used.
    In a Los Angeles Times article this summer, Johnny Chung said, quote, ”I see the White House is like a subway, you have to put in coins to open the gates.”
    Where did he get this impression? It is not hard to figure out. This is the same White House where hundreds and hundreds of major donors, complete strangers, were invited to sleep over in the Lincoln bedroom at the President’s directive. This was the same White House where over 100 fund-raising coffees were held by the President. This was the same White House where convicted stock swindlers and drug traffickers found their way into intimate gatherings with the President. This was the same White House where John Huang and Charlie Trie were roaming the hallways with controversial figures like James Riady of Indonesia and Ng Lap Seng of Macau.
    Time after time, we are seeing that the President and his people were more than happy to be used, as long as the money kept flowing in.
    Johnny Chung was described by one National Security Council aide as a, quote, ”hustler.” More and more this description appears to fit. To Johnny Chung, the White House and the President were promotional tools for his business ventures.

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  34. WSB says:

    News blackout this morning on the Chi-Fi Spy. Every other filler piece possible on Fox, Maria was not interested…nada.

    Liked by 2 people

  35. Anonymous says:

    Chinese picked their target well:

    Liked by 4 people

  36. G3 says:

    Oh, Sneaky, Sneaky, Dianne LOL!!!

    Liked by 3 people

  37. nightmare on k st says:

    Hello? Mr Mueller, we found collusion

    Liked by 2 people

    • mutantbeast says:

      Mule turd couldnt find Whitey Bulger for 17 years, even tho Bulger was literally on his payroll. What makes anyone think Mue turd can find Phantom Russians?


  38. In the last 4-5 years there has been an incredible amount of immigrant Chinese moving to the Seattle area. You cannot walk down the streets of suburban Seattle area without most, if not all, people you meet being newcomer Chinese. Most of the the new apartments that the local yokel politicians claim are being built for the “homeless” are getting rented by the new Chinese immigrants (illegal?).

    It appears to me that Russel Lowe has been making hay while the Feinstein shines.

    Trust me I like the Chinese. However the Chinese own million dollar homes and control much of the agriculture in these parts─ in particular think cherry orchards. And boy-o-boy are they elite snobs.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Your Tour Guide says:

      Was Feinstein ( or Lowe) the gateway for Bill Clinton and some
      others regarding dealing witht the Chinese?

      Remember how Clinton had all that area with low sulphur coal
      declared a National Monument, which benefitted the Chinese?
      And Clinton’s dealing with missile technology and the Chinese?
      Any dealings with North Korea until the current time was
      essentiallly dealing with the Chinese.Who approached Clinton
      regarding the National Monument dealings? It was an out of
      the blue typoe of malfeasance. Why do I think that Lowe might
      have acted as an intermediary in some of these types of deals.

      Also, these people have been at it a long time, and they are
      in Feinstein’s orbit, so consequently they might have had Lowe
      come by for “a visit”/

      Jerry Brown
      Willie Brown
      Nancy Pelosi
      Bill Clinton
      Hillary Clinton
      Kamela Harris
      Nancy Pelosi

      Finally, what did Jerry Brown do in between when he
      was Governor back when and later became Mayor of
      Oakland? What kind of law firms, think tanks and the like
      was he involved with? If all of the above might have had
      some “help” from Feinstein and Lowe ( and our dragon
      friend), I have one more gut feeling. For some weird
      reason I think that Oakland is a sort of pivot point.


      • IMO says:

        Add Pig Nose Waxman to the list. Lots of criminal subversives retired thinking they wouldn’t be exposed think Harry Reid.


    • Bendix says:

      That’s something I’ve been yelling about here on the East coast.
      We have people such as the mentally ill living on the streets and in shelters, while immigrants who got here yesterday reside in style in public housing.
      And those new towers HUD wants to build, because they are more ‘efficient’ (and how is efficiency HUD’s business?)?
      They aren’t building them for low-income Americans.


  39. ppanther says:

    Bill, or should I say , “ill” Clinton sold us out to the Chinese in the 90’s when he was in office, so what is new about this? He sent his spies into White Sands to get secrets to use against us then, and all to line his own pockets, he is a sicko, spy, Communist and Russian Spy as well. CLINTON tha is. He and B illary went to Comm. Russia when they were in College and became Commies then!


  40. txfella says:

    Feinstein, you f8cking idiot!


  41. mutantbeast says:

    actually Fine slwine probably hired the puke knowing he was a commie spy. Shes always been more interested in helpinjg her fellow commies than in helping freedom loving Americans.


    • Cuppa Covfefe says:

      Could probably fall her Feind Schwein (enemy pig, pronounced “find schwine”)…
      she’d probably understand the reference…

      As I noted elsewhere, she had to kowtow to the Chinese community in SF in order to get the mayor’s job. Goes back to the early 1960s… pre-Blum, as it were…


  42. IMO says:

    It’s going to turn out that whole demtard cabal were spies.
    Trump: ‘Democrat IT Scandal Is A Key To Much Of The Corruption We See Today’ | The Daily Caller


  43. Concerned says:


    Decades-long Chinese Spy Working for Senator Dianne Feinstein…


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