President Trump Discusses U.S. -v- China Confrontation: “We Must Be Strong”…

PHASE II – President Trump tweeted earlier today about the ongoing geopolitical contest that is priority #1 in defending U.S. interests and retaining our economic strength.

Do not be surprised if North Korea launches another provocative missile test soon. Watch China, not N.Korea. It’s Chairman Xi’s people in the DPRK who are taking action. Kim Jong-Un is an expendable proxy regime. The war is the U.S. -vs- China trade and economic confrontation. North Korea is the Potemkin backdrop for the Beijing puppeteer.


As POTUS Trump and the U.S. trade team target ever increasing tariff pressure upon Beijing to change their behavior, keep a close eye on North Korea. Given the zero-sum approach of the Chinese; and their history of weaponizing the DPRK; we could expect to see Beijing roll out nuclear antagonism again in an overt effort to gain concessions.


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  1. bleep21k says:

    So the debate point is that “the DPRK is the proxy-regime, of the Chinese govt with Chairman Xi forcing Jung Un’s actions concerning nuclear disarmament, all part of its “chess moves” in the tariff wars…which has already negatively impacted Chinese markets by 27% losses…”

    Sound about right?

    This is FUN lol – lets go talking heads I’m ready!

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    • The Boss says:

      Yeah – can’t wait for that loser Bill Kristol to weigh in with more of his stupid rants. Hopefully Trump will start mocking little Billy tonight.

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    • No Korea had better be careful. If they dishonor the Lion they will regret it! As for China, I understand their need to save face, however, they have forced this situtation after decades of intellectual property theft, product and technology theft, currency manipulation and very very aggressive arms build up ——- with our tax dollars this is what happens when a leader enters the world! As for all of China, Trump has helped them with their phone company (zte) despite the hooting of congress ( especially the bought and paid for little Marco) and many other congressman and senators ! President Xi needs to get involved with President Trump and they will make aGreat deal!

      As for China they saw an opportunity and too it! Bush, Clinton an Obama were all global sellouts! They personally profited from their shenanigans and weakened America in the process! Allowing excessive,industry strangling regulation, foreign tariffs and excessive money printing- and much more had almost destroyed our middle class! If congressional and senatorial candidates aren’t running on this, and the fabulous jobs and employment reports they are crazy. If we elect democrates history shows us what destruction awaits!

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  2. ck says:

    Kim wants to be free of China as much as we want him to.

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    • lieutenantm says:

      IF Kim launches another missile or two, it will be VERY bad for Trump and us.

      You can’t just sit and sign a paper then do nothing further, assuming Kim will do all the heavy lifting.
      Trump needs to go back to NK and SK and push the two countries to END THEIR SEPARATION… AND SIGN A DAMNED PEACE TREATY!!!!!!!! That would be a WIN for everybody

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      • mdaush says:

        I voted for Trump and trust his to do the right thing. Your tactic is reactive and has no strategic purpose.

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      • Sharon says:

        What makes you think the Trump administration is not doing anything and just letting Kim sign a paper then do nothing further like you stated! Do you have inside info or just do you think you are smarter?

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      • Oh good Lord. The object is NOT to sign a damned peace treaty agreement. The NORKS will never honor that and everyone knows this.

        And here is some news……The NORKS will launch another missile or two. Who cares? PDJT is totally prepared for this and knows it is coming. This just means the sanctions are going to become unbearable for the NORKS……. I say bring it.

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        • wondering999 says:

          This confrontation was coming sooner or later. Might as well happen while Trump is leading, instead of some incompetent doofus we could have had (although I would much rather this whole problem went away so people everywhere could live and prosper)

          And — I had a relative on her honeymoon in Hawaii when the last missile alert came in. She and her new husband kept their cool, but I’m glad I didn’t find out until it was over.

          Lord, please bring sanity, prosperity and goodwill to people everywhere. Your will be done

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          • Jedi9 says:

            Does that mean we can start expelling Chinese diplomats and shuttling their embassies? How about imposing tighter restrictions on Chinese tourist and student visas? How about getting more aggressive in apprehending their spies or specifically start vetting suspects already in places of Government who have been influenced by The Chinese Communist Party? How about Chinese nationals running businesses as a front in order to steal our IP?

            You see in my mind, we are going to win this, and by how much, we’ll… it starts somewhere, and reforming our protocols for tighter security of our IP is a good place to start in really ramping up our defense at the same time punching them in the mouth! So let them retaliate it just means it forces us to make the necessary changes in the name of national security and that is good for us in the long term! Like SD has stated over and over again “ US companies should plan their affairs accordingly “ this is about to get more intense, and if that means if we are to washed clean of the cancer that the Chinese communist party has infected us with, where we get to start from zero when they finally cry Uncle, then that is the best objective to achieve and it’s my greatest wish!

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            • Kate says:

              Perhaps Feinstien should have vetted her chinese spy driver 20 years ago, hope this isn’t swept under the rug just because she is a Democrat, woman and senator.

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  3. Big Jake says:

    Hopefully tariffs contributing to the treasury will be short term as more production returns to the USA.

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    • fleporeblog says:

      That is the ULTIMATE plan!

      This tweet tells you that he has the backing of a majority of Americans!

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  4. sundance says:

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  5. fleporeblog says:

    At this point, it doesn’t matter what China 🇨🇳 gets North Korea 🇰🇵 to do. Our President isn’t going to backdown. Just yesterday he sanctioned a Russian Bank that was doing business with North Korea 🇰🇵. That was a jester to them that the games are over.

    Our President went from 10% tariffs on the first $50 billion to increasing it to 25% on the next $200 billion dollars. You can bet your bottom dollar that the next round on the remaining $250 billion dollars will be much higher than 25%. I could easily see him setting the tariffs at 50%. China decided to retaliate by placing tariffs on $60 billion dollars of our imports.

    Good for them! However, they have put tariffs on $110 billion so far. They only have $40 billion more compared to our $250 billion dollars.

    Mattis and Pompeo are visiting India 🇮🇳 in January. An invitation has been extended to our President. Most Favorite Nation (MFN) status maybe flipping from China 🇨🇳 to India 🇮🇳.

    Again, our President isn’t concerned with North Korea 🇰🇵 because he will absolutely destroy China 🇨🇳 if they decide to play that game!

    The EAGLE 🦅 LOVES our President because he allows it to stare at the ARROWS when it comes to the Dragon 🐉!

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    • sickconservative says:

      Love our President also but why can’t we see this anywhere else in the media?
      Are they so blinded in hate that they have totally forgotten about the country they are supposed to be a part of.

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    • Bud Klatsch says:

      Word press modified your gesture to jester. As you have said often flep, Trump is not joking!

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    • Tectonic SHIFTS in Global Trade are underway.

      As Globalists mount political resistance and delay adapting to the transformative realities of Reciprocal Trade, American Industry is racing to build DOMESTIC CAPACITY to displace Chinese Exports that are soon to become UNAFFORDABLE.

      When President Trump puts Tariffs 2.0 of 25% on $200 Billion of Chinese Exports:
      • American Industry will REDOUBLE CAPACITY EXPANSION.
      • American Buyers will force China to PAY the TARIFFS, as our Consumers and industries aren’t so stupid as to pay for tariffs themselves.
      • Industrial Buyers will IMMEDIATELY SHIFT SOURCES from China to other countries.
      • Consumers will SHIFT SPENDING to NON-Chinese PRODUCTS and OTHER NEEDS.

      China will madly SHIFT EXPORTS to EUROPE and other Developed Countries:
      • Europeans may BUY MORE from CHINA.
      • This will SHUTTER PRODUCTION in Europe DISPLACING WORKERS in Europe.

      Then European Tariffs 1.0 will hit China like a brick to the head, DESTROYING FACE.

      China’s Dragon-Face Xi will desperately trigger a DPNK “EVENT”.

      Bad Move:
      • President Trump will authorize Treasury Secretary Mnuchin to SANCTION Chinese Banks, CRATERING their Currency and CRIPPLING their Trade.
      • President Trump concurrently slams China with Flep’s Tariffs 3.0 of 50% on the remaining $250 Billion of Chinese Exports (if they aren’t already dropping like a rock).
      • “Why would Americans buy from China when we have RECIPROCAL TRADE with our PARTNERS in Europe and Mexico who have ZERO Tariffs, Barriers and Subsidies?”
      • “China doesn’t seem to value trade with America any more, and Americans like to be appreciated. I have a GREAT relationship with President Xi, but he’s having a VERY hard time bring China around. Time will tell.”

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      • fleporeblog says:

        As always BKR, great 👍 post!

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      • White Apple says:

        I wouldn’t worry about Kim Jong Un and his nukes. As long as Kim Jong Un gets his McDonalds franchise Trump promised, all is good.

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        • Ozzytrumpster says:

          He’s in a very scary place. Would you like a dragon and an eagle fighting over you?

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          • GB Bari says:

            Yes. He’s in a scary place that he really was born into, didn’t have much control. DPRK has been under the Red Dragon’s heavy foot since before he was born. He’s been a bad actor up until signing that letter of “understanding” but I could develop a tiny bit of empathy for him. Hope he earns it.

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          • Dutchman says:

            More like the dragon has held you and your family captive, for many years, eating your young, and forcing you to watch.
            The eagle is offering to free you and your people, and shield you from the depredations of the dragon.

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  6. Publius2016 says:

    of course, its the SENATE where the betrayal will come…either through vote on more Russia Sanctions or vote on requiring approval on tariffs…will the Turtle allow this “real treason” to continue???

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  7. TPW says:

    Get ready to do without all that stuff you didn’t need in the first place.

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  8. Zippy says:

    YES! “Stay the course!” THIS is what we must accomplish:

    Trump’s Trade War May Spark a Chinese Debt Crisis
    A tighter dollar will make the bursting of the credit bubble an inevitability.
    July 17, 2018

    They also have huge vulnerability within their shadow banking system.

    ALSO, if the Chicoms devalue the Yuan to compensate for tariffs there will be massive capital flight from China and the negative trade effects of such a devaluation will be felt by ALL of their trading partners making it more likely the EU will ally with us against China.

    Like all authoritarians, the Chicoms really fear hanging from lamp posts.

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    • tunis says:

      “Trump’s Trade War May Spark a Chinese Debt Crisis”

      As I noted in an earlier thread on China, China’s gargantuan debt in their banking and shadow banking system of tens of trillions of dollars is their Achilles Heel. If a crisis of confidence occurs in their credit edifice it can create serious social instability.

      Note that the Chinese model over the last decade has been massive industrial and infrastructure investment organized by local government who had two primary motivations. Meet growth targets set by Beijing and grow tax revenues. That’s how a local communist party leader went up the ranks. These investments were financed by the banking system not so much government debt. Since these investments in industry are mostly loss making despite massive subsidies like free land, reduced price utilities, the banks have to keep lending more and more to keep these investments afloat. Since much of this credit creation has been by the banking and shadow banking system, ordinary Chinese peoples savings are at risk. That is why this such a significant vulnerability as it could lead to social unrest.

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  9. Indimex says:

    I am in awe of this man! And thanking God, daily, that he had the courage and fortitude to answer “The Call” on his life. What an anointing!
    Just a very short time ago, I believed that China had the upper hand and we would have to, eventually, succumb to them. So pleased to be 100% wrong!
    Thanks a million Sundance for your ability to make the complicated and the mundane, understandable and downright exciting! Trump makes a bold move and I know I like it, but not sure why(?) Then, you interpret it for me and I get the “Why.”
    If I had to name the movie starring Trump and Sundance, would have to go with, “Brilliant and Brillianter”

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    • tomf says:

      Hand clap.

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    • wondering999 says:

      I also had been watching our industries drained out to other countries and the exaltation of China, wondering where the heads of our leaders were at?

      At the same time, Chinese culture and language holds a fascination for me. It is my hope that we will all prosper and the setting up of people to hurt and murder others, will cease

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  10. tunis says:

    I would be careful about using stock market gains or losses as a yardstick of success.

    While correlation does not equate to causation, there is a strong correlation between Fed balance sheet and financial asset prices. Second, economic performance is not strongly correlated with financial market performance. Stock markets have risen when the economy is not doing so well and financial markets have declined when the economy is running red hot.

    An important fact that should not be missed is that the Fed is draining liquidity right now to the tune of $50 billion each month. This monthly amount will increase every quarter until the Fed normalizes its balance sheet. So, if the correlation between Fed balance sheet and stock prices remains then we can expect a nasty correction in the future. Keep in mind that sum of household, business and government debt in 2007 prior to the credit crisis was $27 trillion. It is $50 trillion now. The Fed’s easy money policies including QE have created many leveraged financial structures. Receding liquidity historically always blows up some of these leveraged structures.

    Trump’s tax, regulatory and trade policies on the other hand could create a much more red-hot economy in the future. I would argue that the focus ought to be tangible economic metrics like real median household income. The improvement in the standard of living of the Deplorables not the wealth of Wall St.

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    • Dennis Leonard says:

      Nice to see you were listening in class on economics ,Sundace has been teaching.


    • $300 Billion in Foreign Profits are flooding back into America every 3 months.

      That Nets $50 Billion in Monthly GAINS in liquidity after subtracting your $50 Billion the Fed drains monthly.

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    • powderdayrules says:

      Thank you tunis for your analysis of our current situation. I love to read other treepers opinions on this subject, as I am approaching retirement, and am becoming wary of paper assets. I am shifting from stocks and bonds to wholly owned income producing real estate, not leveraged, for the long (hopefully) haul. With my “play money” (small position) I’m having fun owning the triple bear China etf YANG as the China market crumbles!

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  11. MSO says:

    Little Marco, of course, is trying to cause trouble over Trump’s ZTE deal with China. This on top of the US Senate cutting 1600+ tariffs on Chinese goods.

    So much for using trade to denuclearize North Korea.


  12. Donna in Oregon says:

    We know exactly what will happen if the Chicoms devalue the Yuan….it’s in POTUS promises right here:

    Donald Trump’s Contract
    with the American Voter

    Seven actions to protect American workers:

    ★ FIRST, I will announce my intention to renegotiate
    NAFTA or withdraw from the deal under Article 2205.
    ★ SECOND, I will announce our withdrawal from the
    Trans-Pacifi c Partnership.
    ★ THIRD, I will direct the Secretary of the Treasury to label
    China a currency manipulator.

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    • Kudos, Donna: Perfect timing, perfect post!

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    • Zippy says:

      The first and third have already been done and have nothing to do with any future devaluation of the yuan. The third won’t really be necessary because the Chinese will be cutting their own throats if they significantly devalue the yuan: it would cause massive capital flight from China at the worst time and the effects of that devaluation will harm their trade with EVERYONE, not just us, thereby turning ALL of their trading partners against them, allying with us.

      That’s why what Trump is doing is so clever. They’re damned if they do and damned if they don’t! Their only hope is:

      1. Our side blinking first thanks to globalist control of the media and mythical “free trade” spouting idiots.
      2. Doing what PDJT wants and eliminating tariffs, stopping IP theft, and stop requiring US companies wanting to do business in China to hand over their IP for the privilege of doing so.

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      • Reloader says:

        So, suddenly using their military in all-out war is not a third option for them?


        • powderdayrules says:

          Our submarines alone could FUBAR China. They wouldn’t be able to ship anything anywhere, nor import necessary food and fuel. A billion people would be ready to kill their leaders after missing 10 meals.


          • CirclinTheDrain says:

            Exactly. We are China’s #1 export destination. What do you think will happen to their economy if they even think of making war noises at us? Never happen, it’s an empty threat. If their economy tanks, the people will feel the pain, and the current leadership of the CCP ie Xi will be thrown out of power at the least, or “disappeared” at worst

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  13. Ghost says:

    Capital flight from the Chinese Stock Markets was inevitable. Smart money left early and it will continue to accelerate as international investors who were foolish enough not to see this coming catch on. They are having problem with their largest customer, as with most business endeavors If you lose customers the value of your business goes down. Then toss in the recurring problem of not being able to forecast underlying value of the currency in which its market trades due to the fact its controlled without any real market correlation.

    Manipulation backfire.
    Can we say caught between a rock and hard place ?

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  14. ristvan says:

    Not a foreign policy expert, but IMO NoKo will not welch on the denuclearization deal even if China back door provides some sanctions relief. May be slower and bumpier than without the China trade thing, but will happen. Three reasons.
    1. Kim exposed the deal to his own people thru his state controlled media, when could have kept it under wraps. Loss of face now.
    2. Don’t think China has as much clout in NoKo as 6 months ago, with US trade sanctions starting to visibly bite. Trump tweets this, Kim ‘sees’ this. Weak dragons are less feared.
    3. China has not and cannot help NoKo develop the way SoKo and Japan can after denuclearization and sanctions lift. Too many Chinese state enterprise problems, too much invested in public ‘Silk Road’ west investment strategy. No ‘Silk Road’ east for NoKo as too little strategic return for China. Kim probably sees that already since a few years. Was a Singapore factor, hit home by Trump with the gifted development video. A masterful chess gambit.

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  15. railer says:

    It’s too early for conclusions, and I expect the Chinese to wait ’til after the November election to announce anything much, but I’m wondering if they might decide to go it alone and forego exports to the US? That would likely happen in stages and probably not be fully rolled out until after the 2020 presidential election and Trump’s second term, but it is possible for them to shift gears on their economy and forego that trade with us. It would probably signal a Cold War with China, but would they do it, and is that an acceptable outcome for us? There’s a lot of tails to this alternative, which I’m sure Trump has at least partially gamed out already. I say it has to be an acceptable alternative for us though, if we’re serious. If we’re playing the trade war game, we have to see it all the way through, or not even bother playing in the first place (see all our foolish hot wars, which we prosecute in an uncommitted neocon fashion, with the concomitant waste and vaporous strategic value). If you fight, you fight to win, or you shouldn’t be fighting.

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    • nigelf says:

      Just off the cuff, I can’t think of anything we absolutely need China for. We can make anything here but it will cost a little more. It’s much better for the country overall though.

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      • Piggy says:

        We don’t need anything from China. This is what we get from China, Chinese profit, Big Biz profits, Politicians profit, we get cheap goods and I mean cheap, and loss of employment opportunities.

        Not seeing the “win” in doing business with the Chinese unless one is part of the first 3 I listed.

        America first. Always.

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    • ristvan says:

      Don’t think China can forego US exports. The hit to their economy would be too great. US is by far their largest customer. Some numbers.
      IIRC net trade deficit last year ~$375 billion. Our exports to China ~150billion. So (375+150) their US exports total ~$525 billion. China GDP 2017 ~11 trillion v. US ~18 trillion. Loss of all US exports is a (.5/11) ~5% instant economic drop.

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    • CHINA won’t decide to go it alone without Exports to America.
      WE will.

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    • Mary Wilson says:

      As Sundance keeps pointing out, we don’t need Chinese imports, but they need our market. We buy 40% of their output. They would find it tough to replace that.


    • Zippy says:

      “I’m wondering if they might decide to go it alone and forego exports to the US”

      NO WAY could they even conceive of doing that. It would DESTROY them. Much of their massive debt was accrued during their wild infrastructure projects done to prevent massive unemployment and revolt during just the SLOWDOWN caused by the financial crisis in the US. That’s the beauty of what PDJT is doing – they’re damned no matter what they do EXCEPT if they due what PDJT wants! This could have been done DECADES AGO if we hadn’t had an endless string of globalist owned presidents.

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  16. Piggy says:

    I can see South Korea and Japan getting nukes soon.


  17. scott467 says:

    “Do not be surprised if North Korea launches another provocative missile test soon. Watch China, not N.Korea. It’s Chairman Xi’s people in the DPRK who are taking action. Kim Jong-Un is an expendable proxy regime. The war is the U.S. -vs- China trade and economic confrontation. North Korea is the Potemkin backdrop for the Beijing puppeteer.”


    This could be a beautiful thing, with historical precedent, which Trump loves.

    If it is the Chinese literally in NK who are responsible for the missile launches / tests / international terrorism, then our military intelligence / NSA can certainly prove it.

    And proving it on live TV, similar to showing the world the reconnaissance photos taken over Cuba during the Cuban Missile crisis, would be ideal.

    it would be like pulling Xi’s pants down and giving him a public spanking in front of the whole world. And THEN, after slapping Xi around like a rag doll, Trump would have ALL the leverage, portraying Xi as a bad actor, an international terrorist on the world stage, making China a pariah state until Xi is removed from his ‘lifetime’ office.

    If China is responsible, then China is guilty of CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY stretching back to 1953 and continuing TO THIS DAY.

    If China is running the NK military, then China is the direct and proximate CAUSE of the Stalinist oppression to the entire population of North Korea. It would put Chairman Xi on the same level as Hitler, only worse, because Xi is still doing it, right now.

    Can you even IMAGINE the reparations due to the North Korean People, for 65 years of SLAVERY and the deaths of countless millions in the Gulags?

    It is genocide.

    Exposing China’s true face here would put China on the lowest rung of history’s ladder of despicable acts of nations.

    Below the Rape of Nanking and the Bataan Death March.

    Below the Nazi concentration camps.

    Nations may go on, but they never live it down, it is never forgotten, there is no way to recover from such deeds, it is a stain on their past AND on their posterity, forever.

    And THAT is the abyss that Chairman Xi is staring into, right now.

    The future and past of his entire nation’s history, about to be desecrated, in perpetuity.

    All for filthy lucre.

    For the love of money.

    If Sundance is right, then Chairman Xi, and China itself, have never been in a more precarious position, than they are right now.

    Your move, Chairman.

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    • Mary Wilson says:

      You know they are. NK’s people are malnourished from before birth. The result is mild to severe mental retardation. You aren’t going to get the caliber of scientists and engineers out of that type of population. NK would only get that quality by getting them from another country—China.

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    • L. E. Joiner says:

      President Trump is too smart to put Xi in a position where he has no alternative but to start a war to preserve his regime. At least I hope so. In case you hadn’t noticed, Taiwan is extremely vulnerable, and basically indefensible by the United States. /LEJ


      • scott467 says:

        “President Trump is too smart to put Xi in a position where he has no alternative but to start a war to preserve his regime.”


        That’s like saying a cop is too smart to put a serial killer in a position where he has no alternative but to kill somebody in order to save himself.

        He’s killing people, lots of people, either way.

        It is what it is.

        The only question is whether you’re going to stop it, or let it continue.

        If what Sundance has posited is true, that’s ALL on China, it has nothing to do with the Trump administration or anyone other than the genocidal maniacs ruling China.

        DJT didn’t do that to them, they did it to themselves.

        And starting a war to avoid the truth coming out won’t save his regime, it would only accelerate their demise.

        Who would they go to war with, and over what?

        Is China going to nuke Tiawan, or America, because the truth of their own indescribably horrible deeds is about to revealed?

        It would only make China Pariah nation times infinity.

        And they would lose.

        They can’t fight the whole planet, or even a significant percentage thereof.

        The harder they fight the truth, the more it’s going to hurt when the truth is revealed.

        There’s no way around that.


  18. youme says:

    Building as far a the eye can see. Balconies falling down, concrete turning to dust, barbed wire everywhere…unreal.


    • Zippy says:

      China’s eerie ghost cities a ‘symptom’ of the country’s economic troubles and housing bubble – 26 Jun 2018

      Now is the near perfect time to do exactly what PDJT is doing. I just hope that a LONG overdue market correction AND recession don’t derail his plans because those things WILL be blamed ENTIRELY on him and his tariffs and so many will be more than stupid enough to believe that. PRAY that doesn’t happen.


      • Orygun says:

        I think most people realize this is going to happen at some point. Creating massive debt and then printing more money is going to create a problem but I think our President is working hard to make the landing as soft as possible.

        The money handlers have the most to lose from “We the People” and will do what they can to crash the economy before he can provide the cushion. It is a race and my money is on my President Trump winning out.


  19. Imagine going up against a man (President Trump) who’s entire persona and being is defined by the idea of strength and firmness. You have to know up front that there is *no* *way* POTUS is going to back down, give in, or give up. He will *only* make a deal with you if you give him a very great deal and give him *everything* he is asking for. Lol

    Basically anyone who tries to go up against him loses before they even begin… It must feel a bit demoralizing.

    Fortunately he is a fair and kind man and makes it a point to also make it a good and fair deal for the other side as well (as long as you don’t piss him off… sorry Canada, you screwed up!)

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  20. DiogeneseVindicated says:

    How bad will it need to get for China before they will change their behavior. What avenues are there for them to save face?


  21. DiogeneseVindicated says:

    How and when will they know when changing is in their best interest. Will they go to war over it?


    • Reloader says:

      No one seems concerned about this option for China, and there is not yet any discussion of it … outside of China. We know they deserve Trump’s boot on the throat of their communist party, and the plan is to collapse the Chinese economy. Their own populace is apparently expensive to control. And the opportunity to use their recently expanded military won’t last forever.


  22. dufrst says:

    I believe it could be the opposite. I think NK is looking to remain in the middle of this conflict between China and US. I think NK is looking to see who will come out on top. However, I don’t believe that Trump’s objective is to humiliate China. I think Trump will push China enough to extract a great deal but will let up gracefully and not take as much as he could, so to allow Xi to save face. In this way, I think Xi and Trump together will denuclearize NK. I think denuclearization and normalization will happen in NK once the trade issues are resolved between the US and China.

    What’s likely to happen is China is going to have to come to the table and negotiate a real agreement that will safeguard intellectual property and buy more US resources such as natural gas, oil and farming products across the board. The trade deficit will be substantially reduced but Trump may allow Xi to continue his one belt, one road (OBOR) initiative. I think Trump is setting up a coalition to change the global trading system. I think he will move the EU, NAFTA, Japan, and South Korea to side with the US in reforming the WTO. I think India will support the US as well in that effort since it will affect China’s ability to rapidly develop OBOR.

    Trump is on track. He spent the better part of his first year establishing his credibility, whether it was withdrawing from Paris Climate Accords, TPP, and the Iran Deal or recognizing Jerusalem and building the embassy there. Trump also attacked Assad twice (attacks that I did not support but nonetheless established his credibility) and he slapped the aluminum and steel tariffs globally. Trump has credibility. He will slap 20-25% tariffs on cars. He will slap sanctions on companies dealing with Iran if those deadlines are met without concessions by EU and China. The EU to their credit came to the negotiating table because of the looming tariffs on autos and sanctions on their companies dealing with Iran. China has not come to the table and it seems they are waiting to see if the most drastic actions will actually go into effect with respect to the aforementioned sanctions and tariffs. Trump is threatening 20% tariffs on $200 billion worth of Chinese goods and has already suggested that he could further assess tariffs on $500 billion worth of goods.

    Trump does not make empty threats. He will follow through and bear the brunt of criticism, so-called media pressure, and the political costs (though intelligently as he did with the farmers). Trump knows his leverage and knows how to use that leverage to achieve the desired result. The US is still the lone superpower in the world owing to our reserve currency status, our military, and our economic supremacy, especially in technology. Trump is the right leader, at the right time to push the US forward and keep us the strongest nation of this century (Space Force!). MAGA!!

    Liked by 3 people

  23. Dutchman says:

    D.V., THAT’S the trillion $ auestion, right there.
    Thing is, HOW do they benefit from such a war?

    They don’t. Once the realize DJT is NOT going to be impeached, not going to blink or back down, they will be forced to accept his terms. No i.p. theft, no requiring companies, blah blah, and open their markets.

    It’s their only way out, otherwise their own people will hang them, tuit suite.

    And their system is so precarious, they don’t even have much ‘room’ to bluff.

    Liked by 2 people

  24. Pyrthroes says:

    More ChiCom/NorKo nuclear chopsticks to stir Trump’s bowl of noodles– Oy, gewalt! At what point will Rocket Man realize his parachute has sprung a hole? Can’t wait to see the headlines:

    “Zombie Apocalypse! Pyongyang’s Dear Leader defects to undisclosed gated community in South Carolina, Trump challenges Peking to duel with two-by-fours in a dark cellar.

    “IMF counsels, ‘Brace for China meltdown!’. Wilbur Ross chuckles in his beard, Steve Mnuchin comments, ‘We’re short as hell the CPR.” Lighthizer and Kudlow weigh in: “Global econometric models range three abstruse statistical levels below parametric norms.”

    Grunt-stuff Americans of a CTH bent say, “Thumbs down, Xi-man! Drag ‘im off.”


  25. powderdayrules says:

    Check out the 3X China bear etf YANG!


  26. 6x47 says:

    The blooming idiot free trade absolutist ideologues (distinct from the corruptocrats and their cronies who make money off our unbalanced trade deals) cannot separate the ideal of free trade from the reality of what really is.

    I use this analogy:

    FREE TRADE ABSOLUTIST: “Ice cream is good; everyone likes ice cream. See that steaming pile the dog just left on the lawn? That’s ice cream. Put it in a sugar cone and eat it up. Yumm!”

    REALIST: “That isn’t ice cream, that dog s**t. Don’t eat that, it’ll make you sick.”

    FREE TRADE ABSOLUTIST: “Oh, so you hate ICE CREAM! You’re a monster. Don’t you know how good ice cream is …?”

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