President Trump Delivers Remarks on The Economy….

Earlier today President Trump, Vice-President Pence and NEC Chairman Larry Kudlow delivered remarks on the economy from the South Lawn of the White House:


[Transcript] South Lawn – 9:43 A.M. EDT – THE PRESIDENT: Good morning. Moments ago, the numbers for America’s economic growth — or GDP — were just released. And I am thrilled to announce that, in the second quarter of this year, the United States economy grew at the amazing rate of 4.1 percent. We’re on track to hit the highest annual average growth rate in over 13 years. And I will say this right now, and I’ll say it strongly: As the trade deals come in one by one, we’re going to go a lot higher than these numbers. And these are great numbers.

During each of the two previous administrations, we averaged just over 1.8 percent GDP growth. By contrast, we are now on track to hit an average GDP annual growth of over 3 percent, and it could be substantially over 3 percent. Each point, by the way, means approximately $3 trillion and 10 million jobs. Think of that. Each point — you go up one point — that doesn’t sound like much; it’s a lot. It’s $3 trillion and it’s 10 million jobs.

If economic growth continues at this pace, the United States economy will double in size more than 10 years faster than it would have under either President Bush or President Obama.

Perhaps one of the biggest wins in the report, and it is indeed a big one, is that the trade deficit — very dear to my heart, because we’ve been ripped off by the world — has dropped by more than $50 billion. $52 billion, to be exact. It’s dropped by more than fifty. Think of that. The trade deficit has dropped by more than $50 billion. And that’s added — and adding — one point to GDP. That’s a tremendous drop. We haven’t had a drop like that in long time. You’ll have to go back a long time before you find it.

By increasing growth to 3 percent over the next 10 years, that would mean 12 million new American jobs and $10 trillion of new American wealth, at least. And that’s not including the fact that, since I was elected, we’ve created approximately $7 trillion of new wealth.

The year before I came into office, private business investment grew at only 1.8 percent. Last year, it jumped to 6.3 percent. That was my first full year; we had to do a lot of things to get it to grow. And this year, it’s growing at 9.4 percent. So that’s a very tremendous increase. There hasn’t been an increase like that in many, many years — decades.

And I think the most important thing — and Larry Kudlow just confirmed to me, along with Kevin Hassett — that these numbers are very, very sustainable. This isn’t a one-time shot. I happen to think we’re going to do extraordinarily well in our next report, next quarter. I think it’s going to be outstanding. I won’t go too strong, because then if it’s not quite as good, you’ll not let me forget it. But I think the numbers are going to be outstanding.

We’ve accomplished an economic turnaround of historic proportions. When I came into office, 1.5 million fewer prime-age Americans were working than eight years before. We had lost almost 200,000 manufacturing jobs under the previous administration. And you all know, they say, “Well, you have to lose manufacturing jobs. It will get worse and worse. Manufacturing jobs are obsolete.” No, they’re not obsolete; they’re the greatest jobs we have.

More than 10 million additional Americans had been added to food stamps, past years. But we’ve turned it all around. Once again, we are the economic envy of the entire world. When I meet the leaders of countries, the first thing they say invariably is, “Mr. President, so nice to meet you. Congratulations on your economy. You’re leading the entire world.” They say it almost each and every time.

America is being respected again, and America is winning again, because we are finally putting America first.

Everywhere we look, we are seeing the effects of the American economic miracle. We have added 3.7 million new jobs since the election — a number that is unthinkable, if you go back to the campaign. Nobody would have said it, nobody would have even, in an optimistic way, projected it.

We are in the midst of the longest positive job-growth streak in history. New unemployment claims have recently achieved their lowest level in almost half a century. The African American unemployment rate has achieved the lowest level in recorded history. African American unemployment is the best it’s ever been in the history of our country. The Hispanic unemployment rate has reached the lowest level, likewise, in history. The Asian unemployment rate has recently reached the lowest level, again likewise, in history. Women unemployment rate recently reached the lowest level in 65 years. And soon that will be in history. Give it another two or three weeks.

Veterans’ unemployment is at its lowest level in 18 years. And that number is rapidly going up, on top of which we just received and won from Congress, Choice, where veterans can go out and see a doctor if they can’t get service, the service that they deserve.

Unemployment for disabled Americans has hit a record low. Lowest in history. More than 3.5 million Americans have been lifted off food stamps — something that you haven’t seen in decades. 3.5 million Americans have been lifted off food stamps. That’s because they’re able to go out and get a job. And they’re going to love their jobs.

Ninety-five percent of American manufacturers are optimistic about their company’s outlook. And that’s the highest level, also, in history. And that’s an old survey. Been around a long time.

Manufacturing wages are expected to rise at the fastest rate in over 17 years. Business and consumer confidence has reached historic highs.

So far this year, American exports are up nearly 20 percent. I’ve only been here a little more than a year and a half. Over the same period, in the year before I took office, we’ve become a net exporter of natural gas for the first time since 1957. We’ve gotten rid of tremendous amounts of regulations, which allows us to do things. And we still have tremendous regulations on clean air, clean water, the environment. It’s very important to me, very important to everybody. But we had unnecessary regulations that were hurting our economy and hurting our country.

We have eliminated a record number of job-killing regulations. And with the help of Republicans in Congress, we passed — without one Democrat vote — the biggest tax cuts and reform in our history. And, as you know, the Democrats want to end that and raise everybody’s taxes. That will be a disaster for our economy.

As a result, more than 6 million Americans are now enjoying new bonuses, better jobs, and far bigger paychecks. Yet every single Democrat voted against the tax cuts — every single one; we didn’t get one vote. They voted against working families, they voted against small businesses. Not good.

In the first three months after tax cuts, over $300 billion poured back into the United States from overseas. We think it’s going to be, in the end, when completed, over $4 trillion will be back into our country. Apple alone is bringing in $230 billion. And they’re building new plants. They’re building a magnificent campus. They’re going to be spending their money very wisely, but they’re spending it in our country, not in some other country. That was made possible by the new tax cut and reform plan.

At the same time, we are finally cracking down on decades of abusive foreign trade practice. We were abused by companies. We were abused by the companies within countries. But in particular, we were abused by countries themselves, including allies. Abused like no nation has ever been abused on trade before. Because we had nobody watching. They stole our jobs and they plundered our wealth. But that ended.

Yesterday, I was at Granite City Steel in Illinois. It was an incredible sight. We had an audience of steel workers, some of the roughest, toughest people you’ve ever seen. And half of them had tears coming down their face. I don’t know if these people ever cried before in their life, to be honest. Half of them had tears coming down because we opened a tremendous United States Steel plant. They’re opening up seven other plants. And the steel industry is back. They’re open for business. And we need the steel industry. And the tariffs did it.

And nobody mentions the fact that these plants are creating tremendous numbers of jobs — tremendous. And billions of dollars are pouring into the United States coffers. Billions of dollars. But we’re getting jobs. We’re getting money coming in. We’re respected. And, eventually, the steel prices will really start to go down, because all of these new plants are going to be competing against each other. But we won’t have foreign countries dumping — that’s the word they use, “dumping” — steel all over the place and destroying our factories, destroying our plants, destroying our companies, and destroying our jobs.

Since I was elected, we’ve added 400,000 new manufacturing jobs. Remember, that was the obsolete deal. Obsolete. I used to say, “Why is it obsolete? We have to make things.” Manufacturing jobs are among our best jobs — and we’re just getting started.

We’ve also liberated millions of Americans from the crushing burdens of Obamacare. The cruel individual mandate penalty is gone. That’s where you pay a lot of money for the privilege of not having to buy bad healthcare and pay for it. It’s gone. Nobody thought we could get rid of it. That was the most unpopular provision, by far, probably on anything, but certainly in Obamacare. And Obamacare is now on its last legs, fortunately.

And through Associated Health Plans, we’re giving Americans the ability — just opened — millions of people going to be signing up. Millions and millions. We’re giving Americans the ability to join together to purchase much better and more affordable healthcare and health insurance, including bidding across state lines. So all of the insurance companies are going wild. They want to get it. You’re going to have great healthcare at a much lower price. It will cost the United States nothing. Nothing. Think of that. Will cost us nothing. And that’s Secretary Acosta — Secretary Azar is coming out with another healthcare plan somewhat different. Result the same. Much less expensive healthcare at a much lower price. It will cost our country nothing. We’re finally taking care of our people.

Finally, there’s another matter that’s of profound importance to me. And I wish to discuss it right now, before we leave, because there’s nothing like what we’ve been working on. So important for the lives of not only Americans, but lives all over the world.

At this moment, a plane is carrying the remains of some great fallen heroes from America, back from the Korean War. They’re coming back to the United States. Mike Pence, our wonderful Vice President, will be there to greet the families and the remains. And I want to thank Chairman Kim for keeping his word. We have many others coming. But I want to thank Chairman Kim in front of the media for fulfilling a promise that he made to me. And I’m sure that he will continue to fulfill that promise as they search and search and search.

These incredible American heroes will soon lay at rest on sacred American soil. Even during the campaign, people would come up to me — it’s a long time ago — many decades ago. Oftentimes they were older. In some cases, they were younger. Great-grandfathers. My great-grandfather, my grandfather, my father — they asked if I could do something about it. I’d look at them, I’d say, “We don’t get along too well with that country.” They said, “Whatever you can do.” And it’s something that was very important to me. Many people have asked that.

I’ve asked the Vice President and others to just pay a special tribute — and they will do that. So we honor the sacred memory of every incredible American patriot who fought and died in that war.

In everything we do, in every action we take, we are fighting for loyal, hardworking, patriotic citizens of our blessed nation. We’re making our country great again. We’re respected again all over the world. Our military will soon be stronger than it’s ever been, by far. That in itself will produce thousands and thousands of jobs. Nobody makes equipment like we do — nobody — whether it’s planes or missiles, or any form of military equipment. We make the best in the world, by far.

We’re making it possible for our allies to buy that equipment quickly, where they don’t have to wait for two-year approvals, and more. We’re doing great. And I’m very honored to see that 4.1 number. Perhaps I’m even more honored to see that deficit shrink — the trade deficit shrink so much.

With that, I’d like to ask Kevin Hassett, Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers, and my very good friend, Larry Kudlow, if they could both step forward and say a few words.

Thank you all very much. It’s a great day. (Applause.)

HASSETT: Thank you very much, Mr. President. And thank you for your leadership and for the faith that you put in me when you offered me this job. And thank you for standing up for our veterans. My father and my uncle both fought in the Korean War, and you just can’t imagine how much it means to those veterans that you didn’t forget their comrades.

You know, as an economist, it’s my duty, sir, to remind that we should not make too much of one number, right? How often do we hear economists say that? But when I think back to the first time I met with you in the Oval, and we talked about your vision about how to make America great again, you might recall that, in the end, I agreed, yeah, that stuff really ought to work.

And the fact is that if we look at the data today, that we can see the proof of the pudding that the President’s policies are working. And it’s not just in the top line, but it’s in the details.

So the President said that if we deregulate the economy and have a tax reform, that there will be a capital spending boom because the factories will come back to America. If you look at the data, then the factories are booming again.

The President said that if we emphasize energy production here in the U.S., that we could become a dominant energy economy, even an energy exporter. Well, if you look at the data today, one of the reasons why the data is so strong is that drilling and mining activities skyrocketed in an almost unprecedented way.

And finally — and this is the thing that at times, sir, you’ve kind of looked at me and smiled about whether I really agree with you. You said that you would bring the trade deficit down — and you have. The $50 billion reduction in the trade deficit proves that if you stand up for America’s workers and let our allies know that deals that aren’t reciprocal are unacceptable, that you can make a lot of progress.

And so thank you very much for your leadership, sir, and for your faith in me. Thank you.

THE PRESIDENT: Thank you, Kevin. Great job. Thank you. (Applause.)

KUDLOW: Thank you, sir. Thank you, sir. It’s a little warm out here, so I’ll be as quick as I can. I want to reiterate what the President said and my pal, Kevin Hassett.

Look, we’ve had a pro-growth agenda. It has been in place for a short while. It is already beginning to work. Low tax rates. Rollback of regulations. Unleashing energy. And trade reform to fix a broken world trading system.

I just want to note in the numbers — and this is becoming a trend — business investment is booming. Nine to ten percent growth in the first half of this year. I believe that’s going to continue. Why do I talk about business investment? Well, that’s the key to productivity, which is the key to growth, which is the key to rising real wages and very strong jobs.

A point that Kevin and I made during the campaign a million times and we continue to make it: These tax cuts, particularly on the business and investment side, are going to be boosting wages, livelihoods, and jobs, for middle-American, ordinary, working folks. And it’s starting to take effect.

And that’s why I agree with the President, this is a boom that will be sustainable. Frankly, as far as the eye can see, this is no one-shot effort.

So that’s me. Thank you, sir. Appreciate it very much.

THE PRESIDENT: Thank you, Larry. (Applause.) Thank you very much, everybody. Thank you.

END – 10:03 A.M. EDT

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162 Responses to President Trump Delivers Remarks on The Economy….

  1. fedback says:

    Vice President Pence couldn’t be more proud
    I’m also proud of VP Pence, perfect wingman for The President

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  2. Kenji says:

    Socialists HATE work, jobs, innovation, technology and productivity … so the Democraps are poo-poo’ing these MAGA stats. Just give them a “job” at the “no-fire” DMV where they are allowed to sleep through their shifts. And if you threaten their “jobs” … then you’re a RACIST!!!!

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  3. Uncle Max says:

    Dollars to donuts they’ll revise this upward in a few months. It’s a double edge sword anyway, with the FED just rubbing their hands together to raise rates. 8 years of zero rates and massive infusions into the stock market. Trump elected, and they raise rates even before he takes office… and then 6 times since. Incredible. The FED is a joke.

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    • Marygrace Powers says:

      Trump Poised To Take Control Of The Federal Reserve/

      Richard X. Bove
      Published 11:58 AM ET Fri, 20 July 2018
      Updated 6:26 PM ET Fri, 20 July 2018

      “President Trump sharply criticized the Federal Reserve this week, saying interest rate increases are hurting the economy.

      Trump will have the opportunity to fashion the central bank in the image he would like as he has four vacancies to fill on the board of governors.

      President Donald Trump has multiple reasons as to why he should take control of the Federal Reserve. He will do so both because he can and because his broader policies argue that he should do so. The president is anti-overregulating American industry. The Fed is a leader in pushing stringent regulation on the nation. By raising interest rates and stopping the growth in the money supply it stands in the way of further growth in the American economy.”

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      • G. Combs says:

        “…The Fed is a leader in pushing stringent regulation on the nation…..”

        The Feral Reserve is a blood sucking Trojan Horse dumped on the American people by the European Banksters for the express purpose of re-imposing serfdom on their escaped slaves.

        Marxism is nothing more than old stale feudalism regurgitated in a new form to fool the escaped slaves into agreeing to wear their slave chains again.

        bourgeoisie = middle class

        The bourgeoisie, wherever it has got the upper hand, has put an end to all feudal, patriarchal, idyllic relations. It has pitilessly torn asunder the motley feudal ties that bound man to his ‘natural superiors,’ and has left remaining no other nexus between man and man than naked self-interest, callous ‘cash payment.’ It has drowned the most heavenly ecstasies of religious fervor, of chivalrous enthusiasm, of philistine sentimentalism, in the icy water of egotistical calculation. It has resolved personal worth into exchange value, and in place of the numberless indefeasible chartered freedoms, has set up that single, unconscionable freedom—Free Trade. In one word, for exploitation, veiled by religious and political illusions, it has substituted naked, shameless, direct, brutal exploitation.

        The bourgeoisie has stripped of its halo every occupation hitherto honored and looked up to with reverent awe. It has converted the physician, the lawyer, the priest, the poet, the man of science, into its paid wage laborers.
        ― Karl Marx, The Communist Manifesto

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    • The FED has morphed into a singular role:

      Enable Wall Street to LOOT MAIN STREET AMERICA’s GROWTH.

      Everything else is chaff & countermeasures.

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    • yy4u says:

      No, the Fed is no joke. The Fed is part of the Establishment, hell bent on making America a Eurosocialist nation. For two reasons: Increases the bottom line of those in control and 2) if jobs are shipped to Third World countries, the Third Worlders aren’t as intent on coming here bringing their dysfunction with them (including rape, murder, anarachy) which means the Establishment is not safe. It’s all about money, power and security for THEM. If we have to be reduced to Second World/European existence, then so bit. No big problem for them. they’re not affected. At least that’s how I see it. They’re trying to crash the economy so Trump will be blamed and the establishment can get back in power and on course.

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      • Uncle Max says:

        I agree with what you say, with a caviat, .. I don’t know if they want to crash it so Trump get blamed as much as following their record of loosening during Democrat terms and tightening for Republicans. They have to try and normalize what they did after 2000, and esp 2008… they went off in crazy-land theory and part of it was political and part of it was get rich and part was CYA.

        I’ll say this: they want to raise rates. And they don’t care one bit if it does crash the economy… even a recession.. while Trump is in office. How’s that? But they want to raise rates at all costs so they can have room to lower them again later…. you know… when a socialist gets elected. ha! ( never gonna happen btw )


  4. Fromseatoshinningsea says:

    President Trump’s business background should be a requirement for this office. He is Commander and Chief AND America’s CEO. This is what we need in the Oval Office, at the opposite end of the spectrum of his predecessors who were not qualified to run a business or understand a P&L. He is taking a handcuffs off, the question begs to be asked, why were the cuffs placed on American Business in the first place? An American president intentionally limiting our gross domestic product? PDJT built a real estate empire. Recent POTUS were either business ignoramus or were handed assets. The US is one massive economic enterprise, finally we have a legitimate CEO, and in the nick of time. Thank God

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  5. fleporeblog says:

    SD stated the following:

    Additionally, ….{{{ just between us treepers }}} I can tell you with absolute certainty this BEA report was sandbagged at 4.1%. G.U.A.R.A.N.T.E.E.D.

    Unfortunately I cannot share how I know; but when the next revised update comes out on August 25th, don’t be surprised to see that number jump significantly. [Possibly nearing 5%]

    Here is my explanation:

    The mere fact that they had to revise the 1st Quarter after the 3rd and final estimate tells you that they are being insincere with their estimates. It is unheard of to have a revision for the 4th time.

    The 2nd Quarter will be revised for the 2nd time on Wednesday, August 29th. The 3rd and final revision will take place on Wednesday, September 27th.

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    • fleporeblog says:

      What SD also referenced below leads me to believe that the folks at the BEA haven’t been exposed to this scenario in decades. They are in uncharted territory. They better break open the books from 30+ years ago:

      Growth in U.S. exported goods was massive at 13.3% [Table 1, line 17] That is HUGE.
      Growth in U.S. imported goods was very small at 1.0% [Table 1, Line 20] That is great.

      The combination of massive increases in exports, and minimal growth in imports, led to a net increase in overall GDP from exports of 1.06%. [Table 2, line 45] Let that sink in.

      WE DID NOT DEDUCT from GDP growth due to the net result of imports/exports. We actually exported more goods than we imported.

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      • Yep. They did the same crap in a positive way for Obama. In Trumps case they will understate the current number at 4.1% for this news cycle. And then do the revisions in the coming quarters and back date them onto Q2. So they will always understate the number on initial announcement and tack the revisions on when nobody is paying attention. A version of “income smoothing”. Its dumb as it Trump will Tweet everything and expose the bias.

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      • MIKE says:

        If they used ‘Oba-math’ formula, we’d be @ 7 3/4 %.

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      • MelH says:

        Because of you, Flep, I felt insider-proud of POTUS. front-row-seat insider-proud, like I might as well have been VP Pence standing there grinning. I’ve never felt that way before, because I never had an Insider grooming my expectations! If not for you and Sundance, I wouldn’t have known where the numbers came from or what they meant or why the heck I should care or how I could counter the Liberals when they attack. MANY thanks!

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        • fleporeblog says:

          TY Mel! I absolutely felt the same way as our VP. I was so happy 😃 for our President. He had every right to bask in the glory of what he is doing for our country. This meant the world to him. That is why breaking 4% today was so important!

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      • Great explanations and insights, Flep!

        We’ll likely get 2 YEARS of year-over-year quarterly growth at escalating levels
        • from the reductions in imports and growth of exports, while we invest in
        • a Renaissance in our Industrial-and-Defense Manufacturing Sectors, and
        • a SURGE in Agriculture and Energy for Consumption and Exports.

        As that period wraps up, we’ll have rapidly expanding capacity and automation-driven productivity that
        • enables us to deliver it with existing workers at full employment,
        • supporting YEARS of continued high-level growth rates in GDP
        • with resulting Wage Growth and multiplying Wealth Creation for Investors.

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      • technoaesthete says:

        “They better break open the books from 30+ years ago” LOL!

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    • yy4u says:

      fleporeblog — love your posts. Most of the time you are spot on. I don’t have any inside information, but common sense (and an observant eye) tells me this will be revised upward when the publicity has died down. Just as Obama’s GDPs were always revised downward as soon as they squeezed as much positive out of them as possible. Trump has dealt with real scumbags most of his career, including the mob. But on a scale of scumbaggery, the “estblishment” Deep State Swamp dwellers cannot be beat.

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  6. CNN is reporting that the GDP colluded with the KGB. Ana Navarro’s head just explodey! Goodness, it is hysterical reading the twitter feeds of so called economists. LOL! Kruggman left town but claims “no big deal”. Never seen the MSM so depressed about good economic news. I am bracing for a solid week of 24/7 mike cohen news to replace 24/7 michael avenetti news. Does CNN realize they only have a total day audience of about 1 million viewers??? I wonder why…..

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  7. Bull Durham says:

    MAGA Economy results are in:


    Winning Bigly!


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  8. BobInFL says:

    Best friggen vote I made in my entire life. God bless America and God bless our leader!

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  9. jmclever says:

    Economic turn around of historic proportions in 554 days. Let that sink in! W😮W

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  10. Summer says:

    That brought tears to my eyes, folks. Real, not Obama-phony achievements, and after so short period of time, and while having the evil Swamp throwing stinky bombs 24/7 and the so-called allies backstab him every step of the way.

    God bless President Trump. The only President in my lifetime I voted for not because he was a “lesser evil” but because I loved him with all my heart and trusted him implicitly.

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  11. Can we stop all this damn winning??? Economy, jobs, trade, deregulation, energy independence, SCOTUS picks, NK peace, approval rating at 46% with 90% negative coverage. Next up Iran! My goodness, this man never sleeps! Its like a tornado of good stuff getting done! Not to mention the utter joy I feel every time a liberal pundit loses their own damn mind is like ice cream on top. And that would be 2 scoops of ice cream not one.

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  12. JoD says:

    My Hero.

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  13. I’ve always said when the politician meets a business man, the politician seldom wins. This is why VSGPDJT scares these people. He is brilliant at both,
    and many of them suck at both…


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  14. Athena the Warrior says:

    Thank you President Trump for putting the American economy on your and getting the job done.

    I’m sorry but last week when the press was beating PDJT up over his meeting with Putin, I don’t recall Pence being around to defend his strategy. Great economic news though? Pence makes sure to put himself next to him as close as he can to associate himself with the hard work of PDJT. I don’t recall Cheney attaching himself to GW whenever he made speeches.

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    • Summer says:

      Yes, I noticed that. Pence is usually nowhere to be found during the media-manufactured crises. The best you can say about him is he does not publicly criticize the President or call him “f-ing moron” like T-Rex reportedly did. Also, I can’t imagine him smuggling a leftist “writer” into the WH and feeding him malicious gossip like Bannon did.

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    • Mercenary says:

      Pence is a sly one. But he knows that if Trump gets re-elected, his nomination as successor is basically SET IN STONE.

      I’m not exactly crazy about that. But if Pence just continues Trump’s policies on autopilot for another 4-8 years, I can think of much worse scenarios. Don’t wanna get ahead of myself either now lol!!

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      • For Eyes says:

        Pence is no Trump

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        • Mercenary says:

          It doesn’t change the fact that if Trump wins a second term, Pence is a virtual LOCK for his successor.

          I don’t necessarily like it. But I don’t see any way Trump betrays him after 8 years.


          • MelH says:

            Hey, “this isn’t personal, it’s BUSINESS. ” “Virtual lock” for VP is common. Trump doesn’t do Common. He does what’s best for Amertica, and for sure that isn’t Pence. #PompeoForPresident2024.

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            • Mercenary says:

              It would look bad for Trump. You don’t get it. He’s basically forced to do it.


              • MelH says:

                Hey, tell me what he has done that hasn’t “looked bad”? YOU don’t get it……looking bad doesn’t matter to him one bit, thank GOD! What’s best for America isn’t just a CNN slogan he spews! He’s into it 1000%. We’ve had a lifetime of pretty-boy-“presidential”-articulate wonders that got us where we were before 11/6/16. Pence would be another of those , only a bit more “Presidential” than many. VERY PC!


            • bkrg2 says:

              I was thinking the same thing.
              Don’t be surprised if Pence gracefully steps aside before 2024 (possibly 2020)


        • Kate says:

          For Eyes, there can’t be another Trump, God was with us and our Nation, through so many prayers and we must make the most of our time with this president.
          God is good.


      • SteveC says:

        Like George H.W. Bush after President Reagan. If it is Pence, I hope that works out better.
        Personally, I’d really prefer Pompeo and Mulvaney.

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  15. mtnforge says:

    Amazing speech.
    Amazing people.
    Amazing economic doctrine.
    Amazing how it is acted upon do quickly.
    Amazing President.
    Amazing how simple and easy it looks.
    Amazing results.
    Amazing roll on future positive consequences.
    Amazing pent up energy and vitality they have unleashed.
    Amazing how awful and sinister our “representatives” have been.
    Amazing MAGA is become reality!
    Amazing that this is only the beginning.
    Amazing, the Winning is unlimited.

    Whoo Hoo!
    MAGA…America Bitchez!

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  16. The Heretic says:

    MAGA!! I am not sick of winning.

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  17. Mercenary says:

    Perhaps somebody more knowledgeable than me can expound, but does anyone think there was some funny business going on with Obama’s quarterly GDP numbers? Just looking at a graph, there were absolutely horrendous quarters (0.0 – 1%) growth, with occasional massive quarters mixed in (5%, 4.5%, 4.4%). It looks totally unnatural. Even looking at Trump’s admittedly small sample size, you see MUCH MORE consistency.

    Obama’s economic sample size looks bipolar or manic. I have a suspicion they were goosing those big quarters, I just have no idea. It’s the same way I suspect they were outright manipulating the deportation numbers. You look at them, they go steadily down in a nice, clean decline. It looks completely fake.

    If anybody knows how Obama could have possible faked those big economic quarters, do share.

    Liked by 1 person

  18. Bull Durham says:

    Please, Mr. President, keep on winning!

    Liked by 5 people

  19. 6x47 says:

    So glad President Trump is not bashful about taking credit.

    Liked by 4 people

  20. Wow! President Trump is still waving his magic wand! It’s amazing how many things he has accomplished in such a short period of time. And some people said it could not be done. I guess just because they couldn’t do it they thought no one else could. Well, I’m proud of my President and will vote for him again to continue this unprecedented growth in the American economy. No wonder the left is doing everything they can to try to bring him down. They don’t have anything to offer to the American people and President Trump is showing that the American experiment is still the best in the world! Socialism brings misery, the free enterprise system brings prosperity.

    Liked by 3 people

  21. sundance says:

    Liked by 10 people

  22. redline says:

    “As the trade deals come in one by one…”

    Oh, PLEASE, winner.

    Given the aggressiveness of the plan, the level of talent, skill and experience on the team, and the manifest power of the organizational structure, these deals won’t be coming “one-by-one”.

    They’ll be flooding in, in their tens, and hundreds, and THOUSANDS!

    There’ll be a long line for deals, and the best may go first.

    Liked by 2 people

    • BobInFL says:

      Couldn’t agree more….and with these GDP numbers all world leaders will be taking notice and trying to cut in line to get a piece of the action. That is except for the SJWs just to our north…..I, for one, am not the least bit tired of all this winning!!!

      Liked by 1 person

    • How could Manufacturers resist returning to Expand in America, to take advantage of:
      • Lower Tax Rates with Tax Cuts 2 & 3 to come
      • Disappearing Regulatory Burden with Reductions in Litigation Burden on the horizon
      • Immediate Capital Investment Expensing
      • Low-Cost, Always-Available Energy without the Price Manipulation & Supply Disruption
      • Avoided Transport Costs and Export-Import Expenses with local-market Production
      • Avoided Inventory Investment to cover Export-Transit-Import Cycles
      • State & Local Incentives for New and Expanded Factories
      • Worker Apprenticeships & Upskilling Programs through Public-Private Partnering


  23. ElTocaor says:

    “I will be the greatest ‘jobs’ President God ever created!”

    Donald John Trump, 45th President of the United States of America

    Liked by 7 people

  24. cdnintx says:

    Our VSGPDJT is the very definition of a True Visionary! May God bless and protect him each and every day. So thankful. What a time to be alive and see history being made before our eyes.

    Liked by 5 people

  25. President Trump’s GDP GROWTH SCOREBOARD:
    [reposted from earlier thread]

    • CUT TAXES to INVEST in Jobs, Workers and Factories
    • DEREGULATE the Economy to ACCELERATE Expansion
    • REFORM TRADE with RECIPROCITY for ZERO Tariffs, Barriers & Subsidies

    • 1.8% Annual Average for Obama and GW Bush
    • 3% Annual-Average track for Trump: Highest in 13 years
    • 4.1% Q2 Rate (Release 1 of 3)

    1% Gain in GDP GROWTH RATE Impact
    • $3 Trillion in New Wealth
    • 10 Million New Jobs

    3% GDP GROWTH RATE Impact
    • $20 Trillion Economy will DOUBLE 10 years FASTER
    • 12 Million New Jobs
    • $10 Trillion in New Wealth
    … beyond the $7 Trillion Gained so far under President Trump

    • $52 Billion Reduction on track for 2018
    • 1% GDP Growth per $50 Billion Reduction

    • 1.8% Growth in Obama’s Year 8
    • 6.3% Growth in Trump’s Year 1
    • 9.4% Growth tracking in Trump’s Year 2

    WORKFORCE GAINS under Trump’s 1.5 Years
    • 3.7 Million MORE Jobs since Trump Election
    • 400,000 MORE Manufacturing Jobs
    • 3.5 Million LIFTED from Food Stamps

    WORKFORCE LOSSES under Obama’s 8 Years
    • 1.5 Million FEWER Prime-Age Worker Jobs
    • 200,000 FEWER Manufacturing Jobs
    • 10 Million DUMPED onto Food Stamps

    TAX CUT Gains under Trump
    • 6 Million got Bonus Gains, New Jobs and Bigger Paychecks
    • $300 Billion Profit Repatriation during 2018 Q1
    • $4 Trillion Profit Repatriation on track in total

    UNEMPLOYMENT Winning under Trump
    • African-American LOWEST in History
    • Hispanic LOWEST in History
    • Asian LOWEST in History
    • Women LOWEST in 65 Years
    • Disabled-American LOWEST in History
    • Veterans LOWEST in 18 Years

    ECONOMIC Winning under Trump
    • Wages Rising FASTEST in 17 Years
    • 95% Manufacturer Optimism HIGHEST in History 
    • Business & Consumer Confidence HIGHEST in History

    TRADE Winning under Trump
    • 20% EXPORT Gains in 2018
    • NATURAL GAS Net Exporter for first time since 1957

    TARIFF Winning under Trump
    • 25% Steel Tariffs ended the DUMPING
    • U.S. Steel adding/expanding 8 Steel Plants
    • EU Trade Deal signed to put Aluminum & Steel Tariffs for EU on HOLD

    Liked by 4 people

    never ever doubt!

    Liked by 5 people

  27. Trump Train says:

    Forever we have heard we need a business man to run this country and it finally happens. Look a the results now and that is with 100% of the dem party and 50% of the republican party and the deep state working against him. Just image where we would be now and would be headed if these hateful America hating political scumbags got on the Trump Train and worked with him. The guy is a problem solver.
    He cannot be bought, he is beholden to noone except the voters and he didn’t have to come to DC to get rich…………..

    Liked by 2 people

    • Successful Loser says:

      It took/takes a lot more than just being a businessman, we have thousands of those, but there is only one Trump, we should count our blessings.

      Liked by 1 person

  28. tgmccoy says:

    I read that headline as:”President Trump Delivers on The Economy… “


  29. Mercenary says:

    Wait a second. So is Sundance saying that we DID NOT have a trade deficit for the Second Quarter?

    That can’t be possible.


  30. Successful Loser says:

    He loved these numbers, the Boss is woke. Now to get rid of the buzzards and fly. The universe is ours.


  31. emet says:

    Meanwhile on CNN, their economic analyst prepares to dispute the great news: “Stormy, what do you make of all this GDP chatter?”


  32. alliwantissometruth says:

    F**king A

    That’s about all I can say. It should be the Presidents reelection slogan…

    “Wait, he really accomplished all that?
    He sure did
    F**KING A!”

    Liked by 1 person

  33. Ditch Mitch says:

    NYT reports GDP number is too big.

    The writer must have went to the same economics school as Cortez. You know, working overtime or working two jobs is bad for the economy.

    The economy can only get works when 2Q gets revised up. /sarc


  34. alliwantissometruth says:

    And now, the Democrat Response…..

    Today the President touted his economic numbers & made a big deal about the GDP, the job numbers & the future economic forecast

    Some may see this as good news, but not the democrat party. Good news is all inclusive & doesn’t leave anybody out

    Nowhere in Trumps speech did he include & represent the undocumented Americans, the millions here now & the many more millions yet to come

    How will they be able to compete for jobs with raising wages & our laws being enforced?

    The Presidents reckless economic initiatives will mean the wealthy, the elites, Hollywood stars & politicians will have to pay more for their servants, an injustice that can’t be tolerated

    The idea that a President looks out for Americans only is not only racist, but shows his indifference to the millions & millions of future undocumented Americans living now in Mexico & South America

    Undocumented Americans are what makes America great, not so called actual Americans, & our upcoming socialistic platform cannot survive if those so called Americans are doing well & thriving

    Our party foresees a bright future of South American style socialism, a utopian paradise that needs the right people to make it work

    So we reject President Trumps vision & actions as racist. Americans aren’t the only people in the world & they’re not going to be the majority in America either if we regain power

    Come election time, it’s your choice. Choose Democrats

    Liked by 1 person

    • bkrg2 says:

      Took me all the way to the last couple paragraphs to realize this wasn’t an “official” Demonrat press release. Or is it real??? 😀


  35. 335blues says:

    I close my eyes, and I see President Trump riding a horse called ECONOMY.
    He’s waving his 10 gallon hat, and digging in his spurs. He’s kicking up the dust.
    And following behind him is the UNITED STATES that he has lassoed
    with his lariat, and he is pulling us along, and shouting



    • jmclever says:

      I like your image.idea better than this one. Its from right after election. If it were to be redrawn, there would be a.much bigger haul!


  36. Cooper45 says:

    Congrats to the USA for electing a leader who knows what he’s doing and puts America first.

    Canada’s “brilliant” PM Trudeau doesn’t seem at all interested in repairing or improving trade relations with Trump or America’s booming economy.

    “Canada’s new Minister of International Trade Jim Carr has invited a dozen trade ministers to meet in October to discuss how to fix the World Trade Organization. But two countries have been left off the (invitation) list: the U.S. and China. The invitees are Australia, Brazil, Chile, the European Union, Japan, Kenya, Mexico, New Zealand, Norway, Singapore, South Korea and Switzerland.”

    ““It’s a working group of like-minded nations to act as a catalyst for action, for concrete proposals. The intent is to broaden that group once there are concrete proposals to discuss,” Joseph Pickerill said.

    If there is one thing over confident and inept liberal leaders are good at it is talking at “working groups” while Trump is an achiever who gets things done in the fastest and most direct way.

    Liked by 1 person

  37. ristvan says:

    Lurking Lawyer here. Posting this informational comment here, although could have done so on a couple of previous related threads. Topic is whether the Fed can derail Maganomics, and what Trump can do about it. There is some concerning Treeper comment misunderstanding/misinformation the following comment corrects.
    Fed Reserve was established by Act of Congress in 1913, 12USC221-522 as now several times amended. Main purpose was to create a national currency, the ‘Federal Reserve Note’, aka ‘dollar’. A good thing. Set up as a quasi independent fourth branch of government for the sake of currency stability. Another good thing.
    The current fed governance has two layers. A 7 member Fed Reserve Board of Governors (BoG) serving staggered (by 2 year) unrenewable 14 year terms, nominated by President and approved by Senate. And a 12 member FOMC, appointed by BoG from the 12 regional fed banks and which may include BoG, that sets monetary policy via the fed funds rate (FFR), essentially the risk free interbank reserve requirement lending rate upon which all other (higher) interest rates depend. More on FFR follows.
    Trump’s potential “control” of Fed Res is similar to his impact on SCOTUS. Presently there are 3 sitting and 4 as yet unnominated vacant BoG. Those choices (he can get 4 if he hurries and wins 2020, else at most 3 if he wins 2020) will influence who else is picked for FOMC, so indirectly (via a two step selection process) monetary policy. Now if Trump likes the direction of the 3 sitting, nominating the 4 vacancies is not a high priority.
    Switching to my MBA plus near PhD summa econonmics hat, a rough rule of thumb is that the FFR should approximate the year forward GDP growth estimate, which given the Q2 4.1% implying ~3% annualized, means the FOMC could raise FFR (currently 2%) by another 1% over the next 6 months/1 year with no damage to underlying Maganomics. The considerations are very complex, and involve stuff like constancy of money velocity, price stability, and currency stability.

    By the Fed Res Act Amendment of 1977 (12USC225a) the BoG and by extension FOMC have 3 coequal official congressional charters:
    1. Maximize employment
    2. Stable prices (no inflation)
    3. Moderate long term interest rates
    There is tension between these, so no easy ‘answer’. Considering everything, roughly best met when FFR ~ GDP growth.
    So in my opinion Fed now has room for about a 1% FFR increase, especially considering Trump is reducing economic headwinds: deregulation, tax cuts, bilateral trade reciprocity. And given already record low unemployment and record capital investment. Treepers, please do not wish for a Fed enabled Trump economic ‘bubble’ that pops before Nov 2020. Trump’s got this, and ‘controlling’ the fed to keep ‘abnormally low’ interest rates under present circumstances is NOT a priority.


    • bkrg2 says:

      While we all personally love the super low interest rates, they have just been way too low for too long.
      Just locked my mortgage at 4.00% I don’t think it will be this low again in 20 plus years.
      My theory is rising Fed rates will pull everyone off the fence. This includes businesses waiting for capital purchases and families buying homes, cars, other big ticket stuff


    • Guess what:

      • You’ve ignored the $200 Billion subtracted from Investment and/or added to our Debt for every 1% hike in Rates: It cancels the Tax Cuts.

      • They’ve excluded WAGES in their Employment-Prices criteria.

      • Stable Prices (No Inflation) SHOULD be NET of Wage Changes.

      • If Wages are growing faster than Prices (maximum employment), there should be ZERO need for increases in the Federal Funds Rate.

      • Raising rates to drive “Moderate Long Term Interest Rates” is a B.S. gimmick for converting a “Capitalist Economy” to a “Managed Economy” to enrich the Wall Street Economy by bleeding the Growth from the Main Street Economy.


      • ristvan says:

        1. The extra interest does NOT cancel tax cuts. It becomes income to bond holders and other savers.
        2. Wrong. Price stability involves goods, not wages.
        3. It is.
        4. This,point makes no sense. For example, there are more main street banks (and large bank branchs haldling deposits and loans like mortgages) than wall street banks like Goldman Sachs. And ultimately ‘wall street’ capital comes from either individuals (think bonds in IRAs) or corporations owned ultimately by individuals (think stocks in IRAs).


  38. Hillyard says:

    With more even trade, stopping financial abuse by China and others, low unemployment, and industries again growing, a GOP sweep in November could set the stage for even faster deficient reduction. Ya, MAGA is winning and the Dims can’t stand it. Fun to watch libby heads exploding


  39. History Teaches says:

    Would I love to see transcripts of Obama’s college records. Assuming they still exist. Doubtful he ever took an economics or finance course in his life. And we know he had no private sector work experience.

    Everytime he tried to talk economics he sounded like a robotic imbecile, reciting talking points fed to him by his handlers. In fact most of his comments about everything sounded facile, sophmoric and shallow. Just leftist mantras updated with new slogans and buzz words.

    He was literally a community agitator, who caught Democratic attention with his platitude filled speech at their convention.

    The zeitgeist of the time was ripe to create a narrative that filled the blank canvas he really was. It was spread like wildfire by the media, who projected their own world view on to that blank canvas.

    It would be wonderful if real life experience and accomplishments outside of academia and politics factored more into all candidate qualifications.


  40. LouisianaTeaRose says:

    LUV IT!!! For the LibMSM, this is Armageddon in more ways than one…we are starting to smell the carcasses lying in the ditch on the Trump SuperHighway. Hold your nose, Dems, but even worse, your prospects of success for this fall on Election Day are diminishing by the minute. Betcha you didn’t know what WINNING was going to look like, so THIS IS IT!!! 4.1% ain’t a complicated concept to appreciate, no matter where you are on the political spectrum. Good luck spinnin this one, HA! All the tantrums, throw-downs, and public castigation of Trump supporters have not only been souring those who have been watching from the sidelines, but have been revealing the true nature of the Left who will pay the heavy price by losing vast numbers among the Electorate. Too late, the bus left and you’re not on it! WAAAAAAAAAAH😦😣😥😢😫😭


  41. TreeClimber says:

    Oh look, the potted plant speaks!

    Sorry. Maybe to disrespectful, but I will never forget Sundance calling him that…


  42. trumpismine says:

    You young people entering the workforce are blessed. POTUS Trump is going to make you $!
    And to your children’s benefit. MAGA!


  43. Darklich1234 says:

    this announcement sounds like his next acceptance speech to me.


  44. magatrump says:

    God bless President Trump. God bless America. Thank God for President Trump. America is back. MAGA KAG


  45. Todd says:

    Why would anyone vote Democrat?

    Liked by 1 person

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