President Trump and President Putin Hold Bilateral Meeting and Discussion…

President Donald Trump and President Vladimir Putin hold a bilateral meeting in Helsinki, Finland.  As customary the international media were permitted for the initial statements of both leaders.

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52 Responses to President Trump and President Putin Hold Bilateral Meeting and Discussion…

  1. Game over. Trump and Putin just ate Mueller’s lunch.

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  2. John says:

    It looks to me like Putin wants to get out of there.

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    • fleporeblog says:

      Actually the opposite! The Russian press was to ask 3 questions. Our President put an end to the charade early and rightfully so!

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    • John says:

      As soon as POTUS begins to list the topics for discussion, Putin’s left hand slips from the comfortable top, to the front of the left armrest (as one would to pull themselves forward, or out of the chair), and remains there, for a few more POTUS statements with translations, including during the handshake. That’s the basis for my statement.

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  3. kevin king says:

    How refreshing to have someone sane and down to earth like Trump. God you would think it’s rocket science but it’s not. Simple respect for others gets you a long way.

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  4. yy4u says:

    Putin was stone faced during most of POTUS’s speech but a couple of times his expression looked like he understands English.I got the same impression when he was on Sixty Minutes a couple of years back. He waited for the interpreter but I thought he understood the question long before the interpreter gave the Russian translation. I can’t imagine a KGB superspy NOT knowing English during the Cold War, certainly not one that rose as high in the KGB as Putin. Smart man. I don’t understand all the Putin hatred from the Left. As dictators go, he’s small potatoes compared to Lenin, Stalin, Kruschev, et al. But then, of course, they were all Socialists/Communists too.

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  5. fleporeblog says:

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  6. Fools Gold says:

    Anybody got a transcript of the audio?

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  7. Cheesehead54016 says:

    Do the statements about the $400 Million mean the Clinton Foundation folks are gonna be having to answer some very, very difficult and perhaps impossible to answer questions???? Chelsea, Hill, William….. others….

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  8. LallyL says:

    The other side is outraged that Trump seemed to give equal weight to both DNI Coates’ and Putin’s versions of the story equally. Is that what Brennan considers “treasonous”?

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    • svenwg says:

      Good question. DNI Coates was a political entity running a department that requires a neutral entity that only does what is the interests of the Nation and not a political agenda.

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  9. Cheri Lawrence says:

    So proud of our President! Finally a leader who realizes that hostility, nuclear arsenals and proliferation is a very very negative thing for the world! We have much more in common with the Russians and all of humanity than we have differences. It has always been the leaders that have wreaked havoc, death and mayhem upon the people sowing hate and discord. A total false narrative counter to all that is good and decent and divine within us. Trump is the antithesis of the globalists and neocons. Total transparancy, no more back room deals and secrets. Truth and integrity breeds accountability where corruption can not thrive. Total breath of fresh air. Thank God!

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  10. Gloria Atchley says:

    As a former IT person for a DOD contractor. Our VSGPDJT knows the indictment is based on garbage description of “hacking” as does Putin. Putin called Mueller’s bluff by offering HIS IT folks to help investigate the “hacking”. No one has fully traced the “meddling” of the voter registrations but Putin, also, knows all about that. No harm done. Not very nice but committee idea is not bad idea. China is hacking, Pakistan (Awan’s) is hacking, our own “Nerds” do it for fun!! We need a Cyber Security Division to harden our systems and our Grid. We have done very little to PROTECT our own “house”. Maybe the “committee” Putin suggested would be a good start with Regulations on USA, Russia, China, et al. Maybe that’s pie in the sky but we work together on the Space Station! The thread by @RisingSerpent is outstanding on the IT “experts” that investigated the DNC “hacking”. If Symantec and Kaspersky disagreed on the “hacking”, I’ll side with them. Especially considering @RisingSerpent’s great background info!!


  11. jimbo says:

    And as your host here recently pointed out. The “evidence” described as “mountains of evidence” now by the corp state media, STILL has not been presented and the so called “hacked servers” to this day not inspected by actual government intel depts. The same intel depts who are being quoted constantly now, even though they have NEVER made public statements before this POTUS took office.

    “We have mountains of evidence, oh, you’ll just have to TAKE OUR WORD for it!”

    … and based on that evidence you should want to impeach the POTUS you supported.

    It’s getting close these treasonous state dept hacks have no where to hide now.

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