Peter Strzok Testifies To Joint Session of Congress – 10:00am Livestream….

The FBI counterintelligence official at the center of the Clinton and Trump investigations is scheduled to testify today.  FBI Agent Peter Strzok will testify publicly before a joint House Oversight/Judiciary Committee.  Testimony begins at 10:00am EST

House Committee Hearing LinkPBS Livestream LinkFox News Livestream

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2,573 Responses to Peter Strzok Testifies To Joint Session of Congress – 10:00am Livestream….

  1. William says:

    I would like to slap Strzok so hard that his dolphin teeth fall out. He is the most contemptuous seditionist I have ever laid eyes on. He is a POS.

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  2. Nigella says:

    We have some trolls today don’t we

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  3. unfolder says:

    The demorats object to impugning the witness’ character, but see no problem with bolstering his character with Purple Heart awards? LMAO.

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    • Sherri Young says:

      Louie Gohmert is my congressman and I like him a lot. I wish he had stayed on message about Strzok allowing the assertion about the funneling of Hillary’s emails to an unauthorized server. If I heard correctly, this particular server was offshore. This would not have been either the server at the Clinton home or the Platt River bathroom server. Maybe it was the Datto server or the cloud backup.

      Louie stepped on his own foot while trying to make the point about Strzok’s bad character. It would be better if what people remember and talk about ended up being about where those emails went.

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      • Sherri Young says:

        Another Republican congressman (Steve King?) was on a bit of a roll asking about the people present for Hillary’s interview the first week of July 2016. In earlier questioning, Strzok seemed to get a bit hot under the collar and asserted that he almost never engaged in questioning individuals. However, we have heard that he was the main interviewer of Gen. Flynn and may have been the main interviewer that day at Hillary’s house. I wish all the congressman’s time had gone to nailing down Peter Strzok’s involvement in Hillary’s issues.


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  6. Scarlet says:

    I want Lisa Page up next.

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  7. Inthedark says:

    Maybe I’m wrong but after watching this I really don’t believe Stozrk and Page are cooperating witnesses except for Mueller’s investigation. He specifically mentioned that in the beginning of the testimony when he was refusing to answer on the premise of current investigations, Special Counsel, etc. Another thing is finding out the IG didn’t have all the emails and imessages between the two, and he got to select what the IG could see? He has too much disdain and contempt for Congress, and doesn’t appear to be worried about any impending repercussions.

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    • Leane Kamari says:

      he is just full of himself and his importance, psycho that he is.


    • says:

      I came here to say exactly the same thing. It’s obvious from his arrogance that he isn’t and hasn’t cooperated with one dang thing, and he is absolutely confident that he’s going to get away with everything.

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    • mariainohio says:

      I saw the exact same smugness and attitude in Comey as well.


    • Sid Farkiss says:

      There’s noone to cooperate with even if they had a sudden attack of conscience.
      Comey stood there for 15 minutes citing all manner of violations of the espionage act, any number of felonies, before he did his 180 to let her go. But this guy, Stirzok said he himself moved heaven and earth, but, could find nothing. Damn it, at least get your lying ass stories straight.

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  8. MaineCoon says:

    Gohmert broke PS. Can see it in his face.

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  9. lotbusyexec says:

    I have no problem with anyone criticizing the President BUT NOT if the man/women is the lead investigator on an FAKE investigation that is hell bent on getting him impeached! The Democrats don’t give a whip about America or the truth. This hearing is eye opening because NOTHING will ever be done when we have 50% of one party who chooses to ignore, IGNORE facts.

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  10. maggiemoowho says:

    So why are the Democrat Azzholes allowed to insult our President. I thought that was against the rules. Democrats are domestic terrorists.

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  11. Coast says:

    Sad…very sad that our Congress, as a whole, regardless of party can’t acknowledge acts of Sedition and Consparisy against our country. Bastards.

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  12. Pat Frederick says:

    where the heck did this Democrat get these Republicans’ emails???

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  13. CopperTop says:

    The only thing Ghomert missed was saying..

    “An your office affair subjected YOU to black mail by so called foreign powers!”

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  14. bullnuke says:

    Ted Poe is good. Should mention all those no longer working for FBI or Justice.

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  15. Paco Loco says:

    This hearing is a disgrace. The decorum is unhinged. There is no mutual respect for each other. This is The Great Divide being televised live across the fruited plain.

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  16. bosscook says:

    Well, I can thank Strzok for one thing…he’s making it clear we really aren’t just in a political war. It’s a culture war between good and evil.

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  17. Horsesoldier says:

    Amazing how all the dems have prepared scripts to read from. Resist we much….

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  18. bullnuke says:

    Washington DC is a swamp, for sure. Bias everywhere.


  19. Uh oh. PS getting hot again at Poe now . Louie got to him.

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  20. Qbinky says:

    Mr. Strzok actually believes his words/action are not evidence of bias. To him it’s not bias, just common sense patriotism. Everyone in his bubble believes exactly the same way he does.

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  21. MaineCoon says:

    PS is one angry man. His face is really bad. A good person doesn’t have an evil looking face.

    Hey, some congressman just ended his time by saying after PS was BSing…And, I don’t believe you. Someone identify him, please?

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  22. Whit says:

    Dems are horrified that a Republican dared called PS out on the rug just as they have done to every witness against us throughout time. They are SHOCKED SHOCKED to find gambling going on here. The Dems are like these millennial youngsters — punished with “Time Outs” instead of ass-whuppins’…….sorry kids it is WOODSHED time.

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  23. Lumina says:

    Have they asked Strzok directly if he had an affair with Page?

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  24. Kristin says:

    Wow! Wow! The Strzok facial at last answer to Poe. Wow!! And of course his anger.
    Above target. 💥

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  25. Lovearepublican says:

    The commies are out of the closet. Where is McCarthy when you need him?

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  26. Leane Kamari says:

    Srezok:in my humble oppinion is just a pompus little ass, full of himself and selfimportance and the people praising him for his “patrionism” are just the same.

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  27. bullnuke says:

    Ted Deuce (lib-fl) – pure pontificating.

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  29. Strozk must really believe his own BS or think that we are all as stupid as he portrays us in his disgusting texts. “I and the other FBI agents set aside our personal beliefs in pursuit of the truth.”
    I don’t believe him either. Not for one second.

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    • Whit says:

      Simple – we are smelly deplorables and he never for one second thought Hillary would lose. If Strzok really told us what he thought it would be more like “I am here to protect the world from the dumb masses.” Because that’s what he REALLY believes.

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    • Zippy says:

      “I and the other FBI agents set aside our personal beliefs in pursuit of the truth.”

      HOWEVER, the bias can be shown by how HARD you look for the truth. For Clinton hardly at all, for Trump insanely hard.


  30. SouthernTrumpette says:

    We need to defund the FBI.

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  31. ogoggilby says:

    Every time I hear a bell ring, that means an angel has just won his wings. And every time a Democrat begins palavering, that means I get to turn down the volume.

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  32. TheWanderingStar says:

    PS is standing himself up as the pure maiden of the FBI. Seeing this arrogant POS espouse law enforcement virtues of law abiding agents disgusts me and my hope is that those in the FBI who saw the abuses and criminal actions will be likewise disgusted and come forward to bring this asshole down as well as all of the other traitors.

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  33. 1000 Clowns says:

    What are some questions that should be asked of Strzok?


  34. MaineCoon says:

    PS: “We do a lot of invsestigations where someone isn’t charged.”

    Treepers: Is that true? I don’t believe that statement but don’t have factual knowledge.


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  36. Howzie says:

    This is plus ultra congress, DOJ, The Federal Courts and FBI. It really will take the Marine Corps. or it will just fade away and the Swamp will Ongo. The ongoing Crooked Swamp. They control inside the beltway… We run flyover country. Get em in the jury trials. No convictions allowed for any reason. He is a FANATICAL Commie.


  37. agentcommonsense says:

    Wish someone would ask Strzok’s why no FBI agents rescued Ruby. Mauve. Emmett who were used as entertainment for Podesta and others at a swim party. FORGOTTEN CHILDREN


  38. BINGO!

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  39. notasmidgeon says:

    I think Strzok’s hair is getting grayer as he sits here!


  40. Coast says:

    When is the Purple Heart ceremony?

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  41. JoeUser says:

    1,605 comments and counting. This is one long-winded thread (and, if you don’t keep up you’ll get left far behind real quick!).

    I can imagine Tweeter is getting close to melting down. Unfortunately, I don’t have the luxury of following either the testimony live, nor anywhere else online with immediacy. Except for here for a few minutes at a time 🙂


  42. TheWanderingStar says:

    Oh man, I like Rep Marino.


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  44. Patriot1783 says:

    Marino/R PA getting good points re bias against Strzok and pointing out with his negative attitude, lawmakers love witnesses like him.


  45. Trumpismine says:

    More #walkaway you insufferable excuse for an American.
    Poss is your new name traitor.
    God forgive me


  46. unfolder says:

    The more he talks, the worse it gets for him.

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  47. Coast says:

    I wonder how many innocent people this guy screwed.

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  48. Kaco says:

    Not watching part 2 but read your comments. It’s becoming more than obvious the Dems and DNC are totally in cahoots with the corrupt FBI insurance policy operation, the way they divert, defend, and applaud the FBI. They are desperate to shut this investigation down because it will expose all of them as well.

    Someone needs to connect all the dots that Sundance did! It doesn’t stop at the FBI.

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  49. Coast says:

    As a x-fed….I was never encouraged to express my political opinion….never.

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