Representative Jim Jordan Confronts Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein During House Judiciary Committee Hearing…

Representative Jim Jordan and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein get into a heated exchange surrounding the ongoing efforts of the DOJ and FBI to conceal the content of documents and evidence from congressional oversight.

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229 Responses to Representative Jim Jordan Confronts Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein During House Judiciary Committee Hearing…

  1. Mike diamond says:

    Why out of all ties to wear would roisenstein choose to wear that bright pink red tie!even that is a distraction! It’s just weird !

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  2. Jordan should not have backed off the redaction of the “Well stop him” email. “I don’t do the redacting” is a cop out. Rosenstein knows what is being redacted and he knows why and agrees to the redactions. So much for the “poor me” defense.

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  3. Nightstand says:

    One thing you must admit about Rosenstein and that is he’s got brass. He was fearless in the face of congress. In effect he just told them to go pound sand. That’s pretty brassy if you ask me. I hope republicans are all watching and learning how it’s done.

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    • Yeah, brass that reminds me of this…

      “What difference, at this point, DOES IT MAKE?”

      See, people died, but since they were already dead, it made no difference to killery just what culpability she had in their deaths.

      Rosentstein? No different. He is a filthy swamp rat with ties to the aforementioned murderess by conspiracy. Fearless? Or just more hubris believing he has “protection”?

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  4. dallasdan says:

    It is possible, and hopeful for me, that RR was so confrontational, obnoxious, and self-assured today that he sufficiently upset the panel members and enough of their Republican colleagues in the House to fuel a move to censure and later impeach him.

    RR repeatedly flashed his middle fingers, figuratively, at the panel and his facial expressions clearly indicated he both found delight in doing it and felt he was in-charge. He should be severely punished for his lack of cooperation, arrogance, and refusal to provide meaningful information when asked very direct questions.

    I’m not as confidant as I was yesterday that Ryan and McCarthy can succeed in scuttling the contempt and impeachment actions.

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    • jahealy says:

      I would like to sign up for the Severe Punishment committee, if it isn’t too late. Of all the punch-able, bat-able, shovel-worthy faces in the world, Rosey’s takes the cake. I would love to make his ugly, crooked smile even more ugly and crooked.

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      • MelH says:

        It’s always stunning how self-righteous Liberals like Rosenstein are, no matter the topic and no matter how culpable we know they are. They are fearless in their actions and their lying.

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    • JX says:

      The entirety of his natural live needs to be spent in jail.


    • noswamp says:

      I erroneously believed that Ryan was supporting Jordan and his efforts to get information from Rosenstein. I now feel I was watching Fox News at the wrong time of day.

      Ryan has always been a snake. Jordan was the best interview today. The best. Folks this man should be Speaker!

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  5. Wayne says:

    he not only looks like Herr Himmler………….


  6. trapper says:

    You mean like wipe it with a rag?

    The condescension of these folks is maddening.


  7. jeans2nd says:

    At approx 2:10 “I’ve appointed Mr. Lausch…”

    Beg pardon? Rosenstein appointed Lausch? AG Jeff said he, AG Jeff, appointed Mr. Lausch.
    Where is Mr. Lausch, btw? Is Mr. Lausch not supposed to be the document liaison to Congress, and the spokesman to Congress and the American people re: document production?

    “They” say Mr. Rosenstein is one of those thousands and thousands of magical Republicans in D.C. that somehow never manage to vote in elections.
    And yet, here is the Magical Republican Mr. Rosenstein blaming someone who is apparently now in the witness protection program, Mr. Lausch. That is Democrat behavior, not Republican.

    Lost, Dazed, and Confuzed.

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  8. Maquis says:

    I so want to wipe the face off Rosenstink’s smirk.

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  9. LibertyONE says:

    Herr RATenstein aka “Little Himmler” is a LYING,corrupt , arrogant piece of Swamp excrement. He can’t even spell the word TRUTH!

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  10. noswamp says:

    When he started talking about the truth. I almost threw up. This guy is the biggest liar in DC. He and Sessions are stonewalling, and protecting the swamp. What a great day for the Republic! We saw something historic today, and Jordan should be our President or Speaker. He inspires so much more than Pence.

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  11. Mrs. E says:

    This is what you call a Hostile Witness, and the Congress needs to treat him as such! GO GIT ‘EM, BOY! America is waiting!


  12. Mr. T. says:

    Does Rosenstein know anything? Does Rosenstein EVER take responsibility for those he is supposed to be supervising? All that SOB does is Deny, Deny, Deny. Sessions isn’t any better. He picked a fine time to go around speaking about the illegal alien problem, trying to take away the thunder and sunlight over the House’s investigation. Who the hell does Session think he’s kidding? Like Gowdy pointed out, this country is in turmoil because of this Russian nonsense that has gone outside the scope of investigating Russian election interference because of what Mueller is doing. Like Gowdy also stated, “Finish it the hell up”. Sessions could have and should have stepped in and told Rosenstein to limit Mueller’s authority to investigating Russian interference only. Sessions would not have had a conflict of interest issue with that order, and in fact, he would be doing what he’s supposed to do in situations like that but isn’t. Rosenstein himself has way too much authority. When’s the last time we’ve seen an AAG do what Rosenstein has been doing?

    Can’t wait for January to get here. Hopefully we’ll have some new GOP members of the House and Senate who support POTUS. POTUS can then fire Sessions, Rosenstein, Wray, and a couple of other bad government employees, and then hopefully he’ll appoint new ones who will actually properly run the FBI and DOJ, including changing the horrible swamp culture still going on at those agencies.


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