First Lady Melania Trump Visits Tucson and Phoenix Illegal Alien Detention Centers…

First Lady Melania Trump made a visit to Arizona today to visit two Customs and Border Patrol facilities. The first stop was Tucson and the second stop was Phoenix.

The first lady held a roundtable discussion with Border Patrol, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the U.S. Marshals Service and a local rancher. ‘I want to thank you for all your hard work. I know how difficult and dangerous your daily jobs are,’ Melania Trump told agents. ‘I am here to support you and help any way I can.’

At the roundtable, Kevin McAleenan, Commissioner of U.S. Customs and Border Protection, told the first lady 1,600 people – including 539 in families – tried to enter the United States illegally on Wednesday. Rodolfo Karisch, Chief Patrol Agent of the Tucson Sector Border Patrol said immigration enforcement has been characterized as ‘cruel and heartless, but that is not the case.’  (more)

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74 Responses to First Lady Melania Trump Visits Tucson and Phoenix Illegal Alien Detention Centers…

  1. sundance says:

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  2. bosscook says:

    It’s well over 100 degrees in Phx today and look at how amazing she looks! So grateful for a graceful, classy, beautiful, intelligent, and according to sources, very funny First Lady. And best of all, she’s not telling us what to feed our kids!

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  3. Nigella says:

    And those covering still talked about her rain coat from last visit

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  4. lizzyp says:

    I wish I’d known- I’d have gone to see her land. As opposed to when I actually worked at the airport and got the heck out of there so I wouldn’t get all caught in the traffic when Michelle Obama came. The upside was that I got to play with the bomb dogs after their sweep.

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  5. Happy go lucky says:

    She is going to get this straightened out, no doubt in my mind.

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  6. Robert W says:

    obama’s are already forgotten… Michael(Michelle) who?

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  7. She is stunning!

    Her beauty and class are off the charts.

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  8. linda4298 says:

    reminiscent of Jackie O in those pictures.

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    • Elizabeth Carter says:

      Jackie was better than most. She had a European appeal.
      I was in my 20’s when she was First Lady. Melania has a warmth and love that exudes from her that I never saw at all in Jackie. Melania brings a whole new level to the position of FLOTUS that I have never seen before. Jackie was classy and distant and Melania is classy as well as totally warm, kind and loving.
      I am so happy that Melania is FLOTUS.

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    • LULU says:

      Melania runs rings around Jackie O. A truly beautiful woman. Jackie O was a goodlooking woman who dressed well. One big difference (there are many, including wonderful hair on Melania: Melania’s long legs are straight, not bowed.


  9. hatterasgal says:

    While some scream and shout about the children and the situation on the border, our First Lady shows her concern by showing up and asking how she can help. She also wants to support the agents and personnel on the ground. Her grace and concern are genuine, we are blessed to have her!!

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  10. fleporeblog says:

    I absolutely love and adore our beautiful FLOTUS! She has such a tremendous heart. I am grateful that she takes the time to listen to the fine men and women that are doing their job each and everyday at the Southern Border to protect us. My only concern is all this talk about the children knowing that each and everyone of them doesn’t get sent back. They get to stay in our country and can’t be retained for more than 20 days.

    I am grateful to AG Sessions and PDJT that the parent(s) are SCREWED and don’t get to stay and are charged and sent back to wherever they came from. I am hoping that as people in those countries hear that, they are less likely to make the journey.

    At this point in time, lets allow our men and women to do their job so that the Left, MSM, Democrats, CoC, Koch Brothers, RINOs, Globalist etc. don’t have a talking point. Our FLOTUS has done her duty at the border. Lets have her go back one more time with our President to break ground on our fully funded WALL.

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    • CountryclassVulgarian says:

      I love how our VSHG has consigned the very fake news hysterical drive by media and the rest of the cabal to nothingness. He has stepped back and is allowing our FLOTUS to be the admin’s face on this. She is smart, competent, classy, quite and effective. Can’t beat THAT. Of course they will attack her but she is completely impervious to their snipping.

      With even their latest polls showing 84% of USA Americans are on the President’s side on immigration their June October surprise has gone, poof!!!

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  11. Dale Stickell says:

    I hate to sound crass about our beautiful FLOTUS but, damn! She is just smokin’ hot lookin’, no matter what she’s wearing.

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  12. Cooper45 says:

    I don’t know how much the MSM covered this event with the incredible 1st lady Melania after all of the unfounded and nefarious accusations about her. Her appearance will no doubt be appreciated by all of the men and women trying to protect their country with one hand tied behind their backs and the constant lies and accusations hurled at them.

    But now the tragic and brutal shooting in Maryland has taken over all news.

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  13. IMO says:

    Much needed support for our Customs and Border Patrol Officers. Thank you FLOTUS so much.

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  14. woohoowee says:

    Such an informative roundtable. Who knew the largest produce port in the nation is Nogales, Az.? I appreciate hearing from those who deal directly with the terrible consequences of a disastrous immigration policy. Congress *must* act to fix the disaster they created. And how dare Democrat politutes use the humanitarian disaster they created for politics!

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  15. AmericaFirst says:

    Completely aside from the fact that our FLOTUS is a stunning beauty, this, her second trip in a row to the border, the round table and listening session, have brought attention to the fact that these good people put their lives on the line and are being trashed for doing their jobs!

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  16. PaulM says:

    If she would have brought along MAGA hats to hand out to all the kids, I’ll bet the Dems would have sent them back across the border before sundown.

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  17. Beyond Brilliant. Our Very Brave FLOTUS makes others listen who normally would not.
    Major girl crush !

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  18. Mr. T. says:

    So glad and honored to have the First Lady here in Phoenix today.

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  19. Mncpo(ret) says:

    So she has visited these Centers 100% more times than any FLOTUS in our history. “They” all scream about her being uncaring, when did Michelle, Laura, or Hilary every show their faces in one of these places?

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  20. emet says:

    Inspectors at the ports were not even armed (officially) till 1978. Mexican border was relatively safe. As pressue by Customs and DEA increased in S Florida, drug cartels more and more shifted to transshipping thru Mexico. Spanish speaking and already corrupt, the perfect choice. Efforts to combat it were brushed aside because of NAFTa. Cartels increased wealth and power. That brings us to now

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  21. Mary Ann says:

    Social media reports how First Lady Melania Trump was recovering from more plastic surgery..
    Will they cover the efforts the happy couple have made to show concern for the oppressed? ..
    Will they cover how young immigrant girls have gone missing from these U.S. holding centers?
    I wont hold my breath..


  22. spren says:

    Not recommending you go there, but just for information I went and read the article from the UK Daily Mail. What a ridiculously biased article and the comment section was bizarre. The Leftists who were the prominent posters are completely unhinged in their irrational hatred. They don’t know anything that is actually true, but for some reason they seem to feel their moral sanctimoniousness grants them permission to be amazingly vile and vindictive. They try to pretend this situation just arose under Trump’s administration, and completely ignore it has been going on for more than 20 years. And why do they all regard themselves as so intellectually superior to the rest of us? They certainly never indicate that this is the case.


    • LULU says:

      The Daily Mail is a gossipy, snappish Brit tabloid. Their articles are most often a patchwork of unattributed text from US papers, with a sensational clickbait headline tacked on and a passel of photos from Getty, AP, Reuters and AFP. A disgusting rag.


  23. Oldskool says:

    I propose a toast to her parents…nice work.

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  24. MaineCoon says:

    Thank you FLOTUS Melania for supporting the border agents. It means so much to them and to our country. I appreciate your service!

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  25. wodiej says:

    1600 in one day? Thats insane.

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  26. darcy says:

    I want to cry: I live south of Tucson, 40 miles from the border. This issue ranks among the top of those which affect me most personally —
    I am beyond-words-thankful for our First Lady — without equal in her category — to come to our region to shed some much-needed light on Border LAWS ENFORCEMENT!!!!!!

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  27. Bendix says:

    1,600 disgusts me.

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  28. this is really good…(‘m glad Melania went down there and heard the real story about the children. Hopefully she will learn from this experience. (I was hoping she would troll the press again and wear that jacket…lol).

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  29. GB Bari says:

    It is good to give a face and a voice to those brave people who put themselves out in front of danger every day on the border. One never knows if an illegal is packing a weapon intending to kill.

    The professionalism of the agents and officials in this meeting is evident.

    But they truly need assistance and more support – not just vocal support but tens of thousands more of real boots on the ground.

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  30. recoverydotgod says:

    Melania Trump is a wise and kind woman. She is also a tactical thinker, IMO.

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  31. Kay123 says:

    No the criminals are the parents who “USE” their
    kids as pawns to lie, cheat, steal, their way into
    this country illegally. They break our laws….then
    demand that we respect and give them privileges
    our own citizens are denied!!

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  32. paulwoll says:

    THE TRUTH behind her jacket from designer. “They will always criticize you, they will talk badly about you and it will be difficult for you to meet someone you can like as you are!
    So live, do what your heart tells you, life is like a theater opera, which has no initial evidence: sing, dance, laugh and live intensely every day of your life before the opera ends without applause … ”
    ( Charlie Chaplin).

    Hello My Urban Girl & Urban Boy …

    Today, in my Romagna and more precisely in Riccione on the famous Viale Ceccarini, place where you never get bored especially in summer between sea, sun, fun I wore my new entry … the military green jacket signed Berska … a parka that I have immediately loved, especially for the writing on the back … I REALLY DO NOT CARE DO U?

    Now the writing on the clothes have become really a must, unique and indispensable … I love them and I find that with a head you can express what you are and think …

    This parka must remind us that we are often too influenced by the opinions of others … that we often influence our choices by not aiming at the goal we set ourselves …

    But the great of the past then with their aphorisms make us understand that it does not have to be this way … there will always be people who want to talk, to criticize us … both for pure stupidity and above all for envy.

    I think that going one’s own way is always the best solution to live happily and happily … and prejudices leave them to empty people, who do not know what to do with their existence.

    You should think more about yourself, what you are, what you do rather than judging uselessly without even even knowing …

    “We must not judge men how to judge a picture or a statue, at a first and only look; there is an interiority and a soul that needs to be deepened. “(Jean de La Bruyère)

    We have to live for what we are stealing from the opinions of others …

    And what do you think? Do you like the parka?

    Kiss Kiss


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    • ledygrey says:

      Thanks for finding and posting this.

      I have had mixed feelings about her wearing that jacket. On the one hand, I thought it great she unashamedly and brazenly wore it. And on the other hand that she gave fuel to those who hate her. Just today the protesters that were arrested in the Hart Building were chanting “We care”.

      In the end, I am glad she truly is her own person and does not care what others think.

      Kiss Kiss, I like the parka!

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      • ledygrey says:

        And, I have to add, she is a truly beautiful person, inside and out.

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        • lollabells says:

          I agree! I loved the parka, but that is what I love about Both First Lady Melania & President Trump they have just changed everything, making it OK to be US again. Making America Real & True again!
          Kiss Kiss!


    • LULU says:

      She is not the designer. Just a fashionista blogger. Note credit for parka is Zara, a Spanish company that sells interationally including in the United States. The parka originally sold for $39. It obviously struck a chord with this young blogger.

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      • LULU says:

        More on the parka.. A Bershka design. That is part of Spanish retailer conglomerate Inditex, whose best-known company is Zara. Bershka is sold at Zara stores….it is aimed at a younger market than Zara.

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