Chairman Goodlatte: “FBI Lawyers instructed Peter Strzok not to answer many, many questions”…

Suffice to say it’s not a good look when lawyers representing the FBI are telling the central witness within a political conspiracy involving the FBI not to answer questions from congressional oversight.

House Judiciary Chairman Bob Goodlatte tells Martha MacCallum that FBI lawyers are instructing FBI Agent Peter Strzok not to answer questions from congress about the nature of his involvement within a DOJ/FBI conspiracy to stop a political candidate; and later to overthrow a presidency.

Additionally Chairman Goodlatte states the answers agent Strzok did give about his text messages was “not believable”.


*Note* at 9:00pm EDT the deposition is ongoing.  They shifted into a classified setting at approximately 7:00pm.  The non-classified deposition transcript is something I am very much looking forward to reading.  Hopefully it will be released soon.

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506 Responses to Chairman Goodlatte: “FBI Lawyers instructed Peter Strzok not to answer many, many questions”…

  1. pnj01 says:

    President Trump has been hands’ off too long on the Congressional Investigations. The FBI is flat out stonewalling. There is no longer just “smoke.” There is a burning conflagration of FBI contumacy and double talking BULLSH-T (if I may use a technical legal term) that shows no one in the DOJ is paying attention to the proper role of Congress under the US Constitution. Instead, the FBI/DOJ are acting in a high-handed manner that can only be stopped by preemptive action by the empowered member of the Executive Branch who is not part of the Cabal. IOW, only the President is going to be able to force compliance and anyone in the Congress who thinks he will be impeached for enforcing the Constitution is almost as big a whack job as that fool Maxine Waters.

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    • Caius Lowell says:

      I hear the FBI’s Las Vegas shooting “investigation” is “ongoing”…


      • Phillie_fan62 says:

        Listening to Wray and Rosentein this morning they’re not answering certain questions.They both keep saying that they cannot comment on an ongoing investigation! Well now we know for sure why this investigation is still “ongoing” It’s their cover! Without it they’d be compelled to answer. Trump HAS to declassify everything. That will blow their cover off and they will pay the price for their wrong doings.

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    • dayallaxeded says:

      “burning conflagration of FBI contumacy and double talking BULLSH-T (if I may use a technical legal term)”–beautifully said!


    • Phil Bacon says:

      I’m betting that PDJT is VERY well acquainted with Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War”.

      The left hand keeps distracting from what the right hand is doing. Patience is a virtue.

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  2. Marko says:

    Where the hell is Huber???


  3. great. didn’t answer many questions. so he stated his name for the record then plead the 5th for 10 hours straight.

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    • His “performance” qualiifies as criminal in itself. A good, honest DA needs to grab him and wring him out.

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    • dayallaxeded says:

      He said he wouldn’t plead the 5th and all indications are that he didn’t–the FIB lawyers prevented him from answering, presumably on grounds of “muh classyfried” info or info privileged as part of a “wrong-going” uninvestigation. F these f—ing lying mfs–should’ve had the Sgt. at Arms eject the “objectionable” mfs, then continue with Strozker by hisownself. Those FIB attorneys weren’t his attorneys. His attorneys were the ones who smugly said he wouldn’t take the 5th, knowing exactly what FIB was going to do.


  4. rmramerica says:

    CONTROL: Now you understand why Strzok is still employed at the FBI. Instead of pleading the 5th, the FBI’s legal counsel, who was beside Strzok the entire interview, refused to allow Strzok to answer questions that might interfere with ongoing investigations or FBI activities. How convenient. Imagine if that FBI legal counsel wasn’t there to shield Strzok? He wouldn’t have answered anything and pleaded the 5th the entire time. DC 2 step.

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  5. thedoc00 says:

    The media has started their new spin on the PS texts by limiting the context and details of their “text analysis” and PS testimony to selected phrases and words, as they always do.
    i.e. PS was referring his opinion as a citizen and he was performing a higher duty.

    This is all circling back to the currently unanswerable question (due to lack of public information), “What is the direct evidence that bias resulted in actions”. Never forget that FBI “management” types are not street cops, they are law school graduates, lawyers and know how to twist words if the only evidence available is interpretation of words.


  6. G. Combs says:

    Carolina Kat “If you get rid of Sessions, an AG that has no recusal would then rein in the rogue DAG.”

    At this time this is wishful thinking. The Globalists have President Trump boxed in. That is why they were so sure he would be impeached. They were COUNTING on OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE just like they used on Nixon. Why else do you think Strzok and Page were brushing up on Watergate?

    BTW, as Blade said“Sessions protected the government and President by taking himself and the administration out of the investigations into the 2016 campaigns….

    Watergate was a thing. Look it up in case you somehow slipped it down the memory hole. Nixon was so overwhelmingly re-elected in 1972 he received 61% of the popular and 521 electoral votes and was removed in just 19 months flat. He had political capital and allies in Washington that Trump dreams about. Removed by a coup in 19 months. That is how dangerous the enemy is and is the severe threat that Sessions protected him from by taking the administration right out of the Russia Hoax investigation….”

    Here are the FACTS on the ground.
    1. The SENATE confirms any nomination by President Trump. The make up of the 100 senators is 51 Republicans and that includes the Traitor McCain and the died in the wool Globalist Richard Burr (my Senator… barf gag… and that doesn’t include runners up Flake, Miss Lindsey, McTurtle.) The Senate has slow walked ALL of President Trumps nominations especially judges. There are 149 Vacancies 88l Nominees waiting confirmation and 42 Confirmated. President Trump has claimed, it has taken longer for himto have his “full cabinet” confirmed than any president in US history.

    2. AG Sessions or ANYONE that Trump appointed, like Rudy Giuliani or Chris Christi would also have been forced to recuse.

    Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals
    RULE 4: “Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules.”… You can kill them with this because no one can possibly obey all of their own rules. (This is a serious rule. The besieged entity’s very credibility and reputation is at stake, because if activists catch it lying or not living up to its commitments, they can continue to chip away at the damage.)

    “[…]C. DOJ-Specific Conflict of Interest Regulation: No DOJ employee may participate in a criminal investigation or prosecution if he has a personal or political relationship with any person or organization substantially involved in the conduct that is the subject of the investigation or prosecution, or who would be directly affected by the outcome. 28 CFR 45.2

    Political relationship means a close identification with an elected official, candidate, political party or campaign organization arising from service as a principal advisor or official; personal relationship means a close and substantial connection of the type normally viewed as likely to induce partiality.[…]”

    You can twist and turn and bash AG Sessions but the FACTS DO NOT BACK YOU UP!

    RECUSAL from campaign issues (Muh! Russia) was an ABSOLUTE requirement for confirmation of ANY Trump AG pick PERIOD.

    The Senate had the POWER to put this part of the ‘Insurance Policy’ in place.

    3. If it was not someone personally known to President Trump it would be someone recommended and you would have gotten a backstabber like Rosenstink. Remember AG Sessions FIRED Rosey. It was President Trump who refused his resignation. link
    Who recommended President Trump keep that POS?
    Roger Stone says it was Reince Priebus:

    The Globalists plan for getting a Special Counsel was set in concrete because of the make-up of the Senate. If Sessions had not promised to recuse in the hearing he would not have been nominated. And that goes for Rudy or Christie or any other person known to Trump personally.

    WHY? Because the SWAMP had to have a Special Counsel appointed that was NOT appointed by a Trump sympathizer so they could get dig up a reason to have President Trump impeached. THAT WAS THE INSURANCE PLAN, And the reference to Watergate is the key that tells you that.

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    • Marica says:

      G. Combs! Good morning! Great read and research–I do hope SD picks this up and elaborates!! Thank you!

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    • dayallaxeded says:

      This is the basic truth–and it stinks–but it has to be accepted and dealt with. The solution to the problem has to come from outside the conventional political box and especially from outside Deep Stank/Dizrik of Corruption. I continue to say, as I did during VSGPDJT’s transition, that DO[in]J/FIB/CYA all needed to be purged, especially at the top. State and CYA are units VSGPDJT has been able to handle properly–brought in people actually or effectively from outside the DS/DC bubble, then just cut off the gangrenous heads and let the new implants take over (to be fair, maybe the same things have been done at Ed, Energy, DHS, and others–just not as familiar).

      Same thing+ needs to happen with DO[in]J and FIB. Bring in top performers in terms of actual prosecutions/convictions of real criminals from field offices. Put them in Assistant to the Assistant to the Assistant AG and similar for Director. Let them get settled. Fire everyone above the new AAAAG/D–instant MAGA Acting Attorney General/Director. Offer a 10% bonus from the salary of every crooked agent/attorney they prosecute and can. Additional 10% of total salary for every Sen/Rep and 0bunghole official prosecuted and canned. F glowbullshit CONgress.


    • JX says:

      It’s not a criminal investigation.


      • G. Combs says:

        Not Criminal???

        “[…]In one year, Mueller has brought charges against 19 people and three companies, including a former White House adviser, three former Trump campaign aides — including the campaign chairman at the time — a prominent Russian oligarch and a dozen Kremlin-backed trolls. In all, these defendants are facing a combined 75 criminal charges, ranging from alleged conspiracy against the United States, bank fraud and tax violations to lying to FBI investigators and identity fraud. […]” link Seems Mueller doesn’t think so.

        You and I might now ‘collusion with Russia’ is not illegal much less criminal but it doesn’t stop the leftists. Also the whole set up was to get President Trump on Obstruction of Justice charges not collusion with Russia since everyone and his dog was aware it was a completely fabricated charge.

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  7. Concerned says:

    In the opening hearing this morning (i.e., 6/28/2018) the United States Assistant Attorney General is laughing and the Director of the FBI appears to be bored as the minority leader, reads his objection to everything.

    It is interesting however to note that the minority leader was speaking in support of the FBI & DOJ. The sense of watching a stage show intended for public consumption is everywhere.

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  8. Chilidog says:

    Are we still pretending that Strzok is cooperating with anything other than a coverup? How much more evidence is needed? I’ll make a prediction. The reason we don’t know what Huber is doing is because he’s investigating leaks. There hasn’t been any leaking of the leak investigations. That’s it. He’s not investigating deep state coup plots. Rosenstein and Wray must be impeached.


  9. Mac says:

    It is depressing as Hell to see the FBI/DOJ pull this stuff under Trump. If a man like Trump, who was personally attacked by their criminal behavior, can’t get the corruption there cleaned up, it’s not possible to do it. In a just world, Strzok, Comey, Page, Rosenstein and a whole host of Obama officials should already be facing harsh criminal prosecution and the prosecutors should be pushing for someone to flip and give up Clinton and Obama too. They all deserve to spend a long time in jail.

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    • dagnyshrug says:

      Even if Clinton and Obama were “given up”, what court is going to indict them, much less prosecute and convict? Even if that happened it would be a dog and pony show staged for public consumption with no justice in the end. If there was any real chance of consequences, I can’t imagine either of them would hang around for it. They are untouchable, especially Obama, and everyone should see that by now. In fact, most of the FBI/DOJ leadership, past and present, is likely untouchable as well. Sure, they counted on Clinton being elected, but they have been corrupt and acted with impunity throughout the Obama administration, and probably adopted that practice across the board during the Clinton presidency, or before. They got JFK, after all.

      If people had woken up in the early 1900’s, the Republic might have been saved. They were naive. It is 100 years too late now. I think our options are now quite limited and the thought of any material reform is a fantasy.


  10. MelH says:

    Yesterday I had an unexpected “day off’ and spent it listening to You Tube, mostly Gowdy and Jordan quizzing Wray, Brennan, and Horowitz. LOTS of it! Bottomline, anything we or anyone else wants is “classified”, “not remembered”, and/or “coming in a future delivery of documents,” but you could tell that was never going to happen. The questions asked were ones we all ask, but the stunning take-away for me was how weak and bumbling and idiotic Wray and Brennan both seemed. I wouldn’t have hired either of them for even a filing job. VERY disappointing, depressing waste of my time. I believe Wray, Rosenstein and Brennan do not have, and can’t get, the documents they claim are “classified”, because they were destroyed a long time ago. We will NEVER see”proof”, which is what those documents ALL were.

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    • Farmkid says:

      Yep. Delay, shred delete, that’s the modus operendi.

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    • Rob says:

      Well, even if the docs were destroyed, we can still prosecute for their destruction. And it would be proof that the investigations started with no evidence of a crime.


      • MelH says:

        Hmmmmmm. Well, we’ll see!


      • Perot Conservative says:

        I assisted a small civil claim… the plaintiff put some stupid crap on Facebook, not directly related, but still bad… his attorney hit the roof. Then instructed:

        1. Make 2 copies of the pics, on CD ROM.
        2. Remove the pics on Facebook.
        3. Make FB private

        Then if opposing counsel wants to say he destroyed evidence, he could produce it. No destruction of evidence during a lawsuit!

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  11. Mike diamond says:

    It’s amazing the fbi,lawyers tell Strzoks not to answer many questions! Say what!! Then President Trump should not need to answer to any of Mullers questions !!!!! So the swamp dudes tried to come up with fake russia story,to distract the American people away from Hillary’s e mails,hum a abiden,the bad Iran deal!and Loretta lynch meeting with Bill Clinton on her plane! And the pay for play Clinton charity! And Debbie waserma n shultz,riged the Democrat ticket in favor of hillary! Wow yet a special council is looking into russia!???no wonder Putin is laughing!!!


  12. Concerned says:

    I need to stop being optimistic, and start being a realist.

    Anyone left, who believes Strzok will be prosecuted, much less fired after today’s hearing?

    I will believe in a legitimate investigation and Justice under the law for all, when I see it.


  13. Instructor says:

    I watched the hearingsame and so far what I heard Rosenstein tell the Congress members is basically, you guys can just kiss my -ss. You got to give it to Rosenstein he has a set of big ones. I totally admire the gall of the man. He is a real man, he looks them in the eyes and tells them go to hell boys, I’m the man and there is nothing you can do about it. I love it.


  14. jameswlee2014 says:

    The rats can run, the rats can hide, but sooner or later the rats will squeal.


  15. Aztecpiper says:

    Now we know why Loverboy was not fired! The FBI and DOJ revealed themselves as America’s Swamp Creatures.


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