President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump Welcome Their Majesties King Abdullah II bin Al-Hussein and Queen Rania Al Abdullah To The White House…

Earlier today President Trump and First Lady Melania welcomed King Abdullah II bin Al-Hussein and Queen Rania Al Abdullah of Jordan back to the White House.  This is the second official visit of King Abdullah and Queen Raina.

In the background it is likely much of the executive conversation surrounds the current issues with Iran, the state of Syria, Israel and the Palestinian Authority as it pertains to regional stability overall and Jordan specifically.   In the quiet distance, and entirely overlooked by Western -mostly U.S. media, President Trump has been positioning the EU via economic leverage against Iranian influence.


[Transcript] PRESIDENT TRUMP: Thank you very much. It’s a great honor to have the King and Queen of Jordan with us. They’re friends. We’ve known each other now for quite a while. Long before this.

But you have done an incredible job on the refugees and the camps and taking care of people. And I just want to say while our nations have a very good relationship, we now have a great relationship. But the job you do on a humanitarian basis is fantastic. And I would like to thank you very much.

KING ABDULLAH II: Thank you. And if, sir, I could thank you and the United States and the people of America for all the support you’ve given our country. If the rest of the world just took a little bit of your humility and your grace to help us, we’d be in a lot better position.

But if it wasn’t for the United States — just on behalf of myself and my people, thank you so much for all that you’ve done.

PRESIDENT TRUMP: Remember, he used the word “humility” with respect to me, so I am very happy with that word. That’s probably the nicest compliment I’ve been given in a long time.

No, the job you do is fantastic. And yes, we do — we spend a lot of money, but we spend a lot of money in a lot of places. And people don’t do the job that you do, so I want to thank you very much.

KING ABDULLAH II: Thank you, sir. Thank you.

PRESIDENT TRUMP: Okay. Thank you very much, everybody.

Q Mr. President, do you regret signing the executive order?

PRESIDENT TRUMP: No, no. The executive order was great. It was something that I felt we had to do. We want children staying together. The law has been this law for a long period of time. You would understand this better than most because of the great job you do in your country.

No, it was — there was a false story, fake news in the New York Times. Just the opposite: I wanted to sign that. In fact, I was saying yesterday, before I read this phony story in the New York Times, that I was very, very happy that I signed that.

And it also — it shows. You know, we’re all talking about humanity, whether it’s what you’re doing in Jordan or whether it’s what we’re doing here. The laws are obsolete. The laws are horrible having to do with the border, both in terms of security and in terms of taking care of people.

President Obama had a big problem. In fact, a lot of the pictures used they thought would be — I guess, I don’t know what you folks did. You used pictures from 2014. They were all taken during the Obama administration. But the Bush administration had the same. It’s the same laws. They’re a disaster. The laws have to be changed. And whether it’s North Korea or whether it’s so many different things like trade, we’re taking care of a lot of problems that should have been taken care of over the years.

Well, one of the highest on the list is immigration. And we have to change our laws. We have to make them sensible. They came in to see me last week; they said, “We’d like to hire 5,000 more judges.” Five thousand. You ever hear of thing like that? Judges. Well, we’re appointing 145 judges here, and everyone goes through this extreme vetting process. You’re talking about 5,000. Where do you find 5,000 people to be judges? And you know what it leads? It leads to graft. It leads to a lot of other things.

We want a system where, when people come in illegally, they have to go out. And a nice simple system that works. You know, Mexico holds people for four hours, for five hours, for two hours, and they’re gone. We have people for four, five, six years and they never leave. So we want to have a great immigration.

What we have is very simple. We want strong borders and we want no crime. Strong borders. We want no crime. The Democrats want open borders and they don’t care about crime, and they don’t care about our military. I care about our military. That’s what we want and that’s what we’re going to get. And we’re going to get it sooner than people think.

Thank you very much. Thank you everybody. Thank you. Thank you.

Thank you all very much.

Q What about the Middle East? Chances of peace better in the Middle East?

THE PRESIDENT: We’re doing very well in the Middle East. We’re doing very well in the Middle East, yes.

Thank you. Thank you very much.

Q When do you want to release the Middle East peace plan?

THE PRESIDENT: I can only say this — and His Majesty knows we’re doing very well in the Middle East. A lot of progress has been made in the Middle East. A lot. And it really started with the end of the horrible Iran deal. That deal was a disaster, and things are a lot different since we ended that. A lot different.

Thank you all very much.

END 2:14 P.M. EDT

Those who know how to notice the Trump Doctrine at work will clearly see a very familiar pattern amid the latest geopolitical strategy currently underway by President Trump.

The president is using economic leverage against the majority EU influence agents, vis-a-vis EU trade positioning within the auto-sector which directly targets Germany¹. The Trump Doctrine as currently deployed is structuring a two-fold win/win. Leveraging EU auto-sector trade tariffs will likely end up with Germany removing all trade restrictions.

The removal of a looming 20% trade tariff benefits the German auto-sector; secondarily it reaches the economic goal of the administration to remove all trade barriers, ie reciprocity. Win #1 (majority benefit EU, minority benefit U.S).

However, in exchange for that benefit President Trump will likely request full EU (France and Germany specifically) support toward renewed and increased sanctions against Iran. Win #2 (majority benefit U.S. foreign policy).

¹ What is particularly interesting about this approach, in this instance, is how President Trump actually created leverage from nothing.  The “threat of” the 20% reciprocal auto tariff is leverage.  The threat would not have as much predictive authority if the Steel and Aluminum tariff did not precede it.  The EU is now forced to accept that even when President Trump proposes something (previously under any other administration they would have ignored), under President Trump it *could* likely happen.  So they must arrange their affairs accordingly.

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97 Responses to President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump Welcome Their Majesties King Abdullah II bin Al-Hussein and Queen Rania Al Abdullah To The White House…

  1. sundance says:

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    • Nigella says:

      Good sign!

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    • sundance says:

      Liked by 30 people

      • lastinillinois says:


        Wish I could he there to chant with them

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      • Sundance: Your post is a work of art in its elegantly straightforward logic and simplicity.

        Then you one-upped yourself with the tweets for context and momentum!

        Grateful for all you do!

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      • Fools Gold says:

        Thanks for that post!

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      • zimbalistjunior says:

        sadly we have been there before…when the inevitable crackdown comes, and protesters are carted off to evian prison, the Pres may need to step in and say/do something–


      • farmhand1927 says:

        The human heart yearns to be free.

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          • farmhand1927 says:

            Maybe you see modern day snowflakes and that is the basis for your opinion. You are right, we are raising a bunch of dependent, weak people that have been given everything so they don’t even understand the need to be free and able to make their own choices.

            My perspective comes from remembering people from the beginning of time standing up to dictators and oppressors. In our own history, it was farmers and shopkeepers that stood up to King George III. The posterity of those same patriots defeated oppression in the World Wars because people wanted to be free to live, raise their families in peace, to worship, to prosper. Another generation of patriots went to war in Iraq and Afghanistan because oppression and evil had to be beaten back, lest it came to America and took permanent root.

            Throughout history, there have been revolutions in every corner of the globe among every race and creed. There are many complicated reasons average people pick up a stick, a rock or something more sophisticated and fight. At the core, it comes down to the innate desire to be free. In my humble opinion.

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            • tewestblog says:

              Something tells me these people haven’t had the luxury of becoming first world snowflakes! So, yes, I’m hoping they are yearning to be free.That is, if they want it bad enough.


            • Carrie2 says:

              Farmhand1927, you statement was excellent and, yes, thru all of history people trying to be free, live a better life, etc. Some fought as did our Founders and lost money and lives so at least others would be free as God made us to be. Nevertheless, Satan loves to keep busy and convince some who think fighting for freedom, rights and justice is old hat and irrelevant because they have never lived under anything but a Republic. Unfortunately, they then became Satan’s minions. Some will wake up but most will not and will see their lives/future non-existent because they are fighting for the wrong thing.


      • Grandma Covfefe says:

        A miracle for them to say “Death to Palestine”.
        I pray they will succeed this time and be able to over throw or change their gov’t.

        May the Lord protect these people this time.

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      • Stab, the unstoppable hero says:

        Have Eric Holder send some boom sticks over there. Ammo too, while he’s at it.

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    • sundance says:

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      • litlbit2 says:

        Thanks Sundance, our eyes to real news backed by truth. Thank You Sir🙏👍

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      • fleporeblog says:

        I wrote the following about the situation in Iran on June 19th:

        I ABSOLUTELY stand by it! Iran will see the Mullahs either killed or run out of the country before the final nuclear weapon is destroyed in North Korea. It could happen as early as this summer!

        We may have reached the tipping point in Iran.

        Our President wants to meet with Vladimir Putin because Russia is and will continue to play a major role with Iran. In Syria, the Russians have sided with the Israelis and us when it comes to the Iranians having to leave Syria or else be bombed off the face of the Earth.

        OPEC decided on Friday to up their production by 1 million barrels a day. Russia as well as Saudi Arabia will benefit greatly by that decision because they are expected to make up for the loss of oil from Venezuela and Iran (thanks to our sanctions).

        Our President had two motives behind that request that he tweeted on June 22nd.

        One was to lower the price of fuel at home but just as important was to reward the Russians for their actions pertaining to Iran recently.

        Please follow @HeshmatAlavi on Twitter! He has a tremendous understanding of what is happening and posts daily images from Iran.

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        • Sunshine says:

          Russia no longer supports the Syrian government.

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          • fleporeblog says:

            They support the Syrian Gov’t! What they don’t support is Iran’s presence in Syria. By default, the Syrian Gov’t also doesn’t support Iran’s existence in their country.

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            • Sunshine says:

              Yes, you’re correct. BTW, I also support the Syrian government.
              All these countries need dictators to live in peace.
              A democracy in Islam is unrealistic. Bush tried it and see how that ended up.
              They always turn against each other, sect against sect. The only good ones are the Khurds.
              Each Islamic country has its own predominant sect.
              And that’s why Islam is incompatible with democratic Western cultures.

              Liked by 10 people

          • Russia wants their Syrian port on the Mediterranean.
            Russia wants a pipeline from Iran to Europe.

            What Russia doesn’t want is Iran displacing them for both the port and the pipeline.
            Wondering which POTUS clued them in on that scenario?

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            • czarowniczy says:

              Russia has its pipelines going thru Turkey and Greece and is securing its pipelines to their petro ports and NG liquification plants undr construction. The pipelins in place and under construction are extensive and a backup to their ones thru the old Bloc countries in case those countries act up again. Turkey is also a backup in the planning.
              Russia’s more than happy to let Israel save Russia money by bombing select targets – neither Russia nor Israerl want to get into a head-to-head with each other. There’s also the potential that Russia could work a deal with Israel to develop or ship that petroleum discovered in contested waters – if Russia brokers between Israel, Palestine and Lebanon the benefits could be to all concerned.
              As for Russia and the events in Iran – the press is ignoring that Iran and Qatar jointly own the South Pars/North Dome gas condensate field. It’s the wolrds largest gas field and a bigpart of Russia’s plans for moving NG to Central and South America. I don’t see anyone giving up their hold on that field or interests generating from it so the whole ‘Iranian’s looking for freedom and democracy’ thing has competition. Hate to say it but oil and natural gas surge to the fore again.

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          • A2 says:

            OK, than explain the massive offensive now taking place in Daraa with non-stop Russian airstrikes supporting Assad? And, I may add, against repeated warnings from the US not to assault the deconfliction zone in southwest Syria agreed to by US, Jordan and Russia.

            One of the reasons I surmise the King is at the WH, because civilians are fleeing to the Jordanian border and Jordan has said they are full to capacity.

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            • Jenny R. says:

              Russia likes to play all sides to try and find an advantage for themselves.
              Looks like maybe some more “mercenaries, totally not affiliated with Russia even though our commander got his pictures taken with the big boss” are going to wind up buying it.


        • Jeff hansen says:

          It’s amazing that one reasonably intelligent guy named Trump can win the Presidency and force resolutions on issues that have been plaguing the country for decades. If he succeeds on half of these bold positions our lives and economy will improve markedly, if he succeeds in almost all . . . ? Well, that would be something special. I wish him luck everyday and am thankful I can see the incredible changes. For too many, they’ll wake up and wonder what happened.

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        • farmhand1927 says:

          Our President is brillant and so are you, fle!

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      • Sunshine says:

        It was ongoing all night long. There’s now a huge currency exchange and inflation problem. A hungry people is an angry people.


      • Ditch Mitch says:

        And PDJT predicted this when he rescinded Bozo’s Iran deal and again when he signed the agreement with Kim.

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      • bosscook says:

        Very few “reporters left, Ari….most are cheerleading for open borders.

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    • Newman says:

      These pictures are going to cause great angst with Obama and John Kerry who worked so hard to Make Iran Great Again.

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    • missilemom says:

      Ignored by MSM. Over the target.

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  2. 335blues says:

    Melania, as always, looks gorgeous.
    And the Queen of Jordan is also a beautiful woman.

    Liked by 16 people

  3. Pam says:

    This is what grace and class looks like.

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  4. lorenetn says:

    It is hard to take listening to the media rudely shout questions at the President. Absolutely no respect or discipline. A bunch of rude, yappy leftists.

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  5. bliss3609 says:

    Unfortunately, these policies also make it very difficult for companies to make long term plans not knowing where these tariffs will ultimately end up. Thus Harley goes to Europe to build.


    • Sunshine says:

      NO. Rather in the USA. Americans love Harleys. Europe is in crisis mode.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Harley-Davidson started making ‘long term plans’ in the USA in 1903. They love America and Americans love Harleys. Nothing new in a small way as they done manufacturing/assembly recently in India also. Not Earth shattering. Harley-Davidson is an American treasure.


        • Watcher says:

          HD has plants in India, Thailand, and South America to satisfy overseas markets.
          Carrier, Ford, Chrysler, GM, Nabisco, ect, plants in Mexico are not just for overseas markets they are to backdoor products back to our markets.
          I don’t think HD will sell many products manufactured overseas in America.
          The Midwest and Europe are future expanding markets. This is not a snap decision by HD, in business you have 5, 10, 20 year plans.
          The King of Jordan being a HD man longtime would appreciate a HD plant.


    • We ride BMW’s for our own reason but Harley is definitely an American symbol. Their bike sales aren’t all that great in the EU but we will see what happens.


  6. Perot Conservative says:

    I don’t think lifting tariffs on cars will get us much. Europeans generally buy tiny cars, and our cars don’t meet their different requirements. They also put large tariffs on trucks.

    Do we keep the steel and aluminum tariffs on? I hope so!


    • If the tariffs can cause major EU industries to accept reduction of tariffs and *non-tariff* barriers to trade, then that will likely cascade to more and more tariff and non-tariff barriers coming down. The ‘different requirements’ you describe are part of the non-tariff barriers to trade that any negotiated settlement will address.

      Liked by 1 person

  7. frank field says:

    If one loves “the world” in general but loves America first, I cannot fathom not loving Trump.

    Again. Thank you Sundance


  8. woohoowee says:

    KING ABDULLAH II: Thank you. And if, sir, I could thank you and the United States and the people of America for all the support you’ve given our country. If the rest of the world just took a little bit of your humility and your grace to help us, we’d be in a lot better position.
    But if it wasn’t for the United States — just on behalf of myself and my people, thank you so much for all that you’ve done.

    PRESIDENT TRUMP: Remember, he used the word “humility” with respect to me, so I am very happy with that word. That’s probably the nicest compliment I’ve been given in a long time.

    🙂 Their wives are kind-spirited, too.

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  9. Pam says:

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  10. VSG President Trump Reset 1.0 – Mideast-and-Russia
    [reposted from less relevant thread]
    • Announce the Iran Sanctions with 90 and 180 day transition periods
    • Show Russia the Winning Play: Russian oil displaces Iranian oil
    • Get OPEC to boost production to displace Iran and Venezuela
    • [Russia transfers EVIDENCE of Hillary-Obama Uranium One CORRUPTION]
    • [Russia reveals Iranian positions in Syria for the GCC to demolish them]
    • [Russia redeploys to defend Syria’s northwest border against Turkish Incursion]
    • [Russia cedes defense of Syria’s northeast border to the Kurds]
    • [Kurds consolidate control of eastern Syria]
    • [GCC facilitates a “Kurdish Solution” to evolve into their own nation state]

    Liked by 3 people

  11. VSG President Trump Reset 2.0 – Mideast-to-Asia
    • Iranian Sanctions bring the Mullah Economy to a standstill
    • Iranian People follow Egypt’s lead to dump-incarcerate-exterminate the Mullahs
    • Iranians follow Egypt’s lead to restore SECULAR GOVERNMENT
    • India inks Bilateral Trade Deal with America to displace imports from China
    • Iran resumes its Oil Exports … to support India’s growth and displacement of China
    • China circles the wagons to sustain its economy now on life support
    • China removes installations from the South China Sea islands
    • China dumps the 2025 Plan to Subvert-and-Displace Developed-World Econom


  12. covfefe999 says:

    I was CHEERING by the end of that video!! That is such a strongly worded adult statement from Trump in the face of all of the crybaby lib toddlers! I love my President so much. Best vote I ever cast!

    Liked by 4 people

  13. zimbalistjunior says:

    i still think the king was the best nerd in revenge of the nerds and was awesome in risky business and moonlighting.


  14. Jenny R. says:

    played a bit role in a Star Trek too


  15. ChrisSy says:

    Sundance… reading your well written articles and attributions, along with comments, is always refreshing. I’m so glad I found you!


  16. Charlotte says:

    Liked by 3 people

  17. A2 says:

    Some tweets from Iran re protests:

    “Beyond Tehran, the protests are spreading to Qom, Mashhad, Shiraz, Kermanshah, Urmia, Hormozgan and many other cities.

    Shops in Grand Bazaar of Masshad (Iran’s 2nd largest city) are closed in solidarity with the protests in Tehran.

    Truck drivers in Tehran are bringing stones and bricks for the protesters to use for self defense against security forces. (the truck drivers went on strike weeks ago)

    Violence in 2nd day of demonstrations, Police use tear gas as protesters encircling #Iranian Parliament… Protests are attacking Police vehicles.
    Reports of shooting near Iranian parliament. Probably security forces firing at the protesters.

    Protesters set fire to a police station in Baharestan square, in the center of Tehran, near the building of parliament, minutes ago.
    Reports that the shopkeepers in Tabriz, North Iran, are closing their shops in solidarity with the protests in Tehran.
    Balouchi university students on strike, South Iran.”

    And there is more.

    Even the middle class has joined the protests. The mullahs and the army, the Iranian Guard that is, will be defeated, even if they continue to turn on their own people with violence.


  18. Mike diamond says:

    We love the job you are doing President Trump! Shame on the press that are so disrecpt full ! They are rude to scream at our President!


  19. jello333 says:

    Nothing against this guy that I know of, but is it okay to say I liked (the other) King Hussein? 🙂


  20. NannyG says:

    News like this visit and not much media coverage.

    Liked by 1 person

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