Jeff Sessions and Christopher Wray Suffering From Severe Battered Institutional Syndrome…

For about eight months columnist Andrew McCarthy appeared on television and wrote dozens of articles about the slow-drip of information stemming from the Trump-Russia probe and the IG Horowitz investigation.  Almost all of the articles were sympathetic to the institutions being challenged. However, in mid-May a funny thing happened.

The weekend before May 15th McCarthy actually broke down and read the six-month-old Lisa Page and Peter Strzok text messages he had been delivering opinion on; and guess what happened?  Yup, his perspective changed within a period of 36-hours, and with it – a radical shift in tone and delivery.  In essence, he red-pilled himself.

What does that have to do with FBI Director Christopher Wray and Attorney General Jeff Sessions?  Please bear with me.

When Christopher Wray appeared before the media three hours after the IG report, one thing was stunningly obvious: he never read the report.  Wray might have been briefed on a summary of the report, but there was no way Director Wray actually read the documented substance, the details and the facts, within the center of the report.

As a direct consequence Chris Wray looked and sounded like Baghdad Bob standing in front of the cameras.  “There are no Americans bombing Baghdad”, as the explosions are seen over his shoulders, was akin to “there’s no structural or institutional bias” as nom de plume FBI agents madly wave “F**k Trump” banners in the background.

It was an absurd display of a disconnect from the institution he is leading.

If you only read the executive summary of the IG report, you might not see how ridiculously absurd Director Wray’s presentation was.  In the old school corporate world we used to have a saying: “never allow your leadership to be compromised“; obviously those who briefed Wray had no issue watching him make a professional ass out of himself. Then again, perhaps that was the intention.

That stark reality should be alarming to everyone given the intended responsibilities of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.  Alas, the reality now highlights why the FBI is a collapsing institution.  With a reputation in tatters, it is soon to become a caricature of its former self…. unless something happens quickly.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions didn’t read the IG report either.  If he did he would have quickly called Wray and asked him ‘what the f**k‘ he was doing. Instead the AG doubled-down on the Baghdad Bob approach.

When CTH says that neither AG Jeff Sessions nor FBI Director Wray actually read the report, that statement is not from some snarky click-bait arbitrary opinion. In the same way the lack of informational absorption was visible with Andy McCarthy from Oct. 2017 through May 2018, some things are transparently obvious.  We just have to accept them.

It takes a good 30 hours to fully read the IG report; approximately the same amount of time it takes to read all of the Page/Strzok text messages.  There’s lots of back and forth cross referencing needed.  My current review of media analysis lends me to believe that only a few, perhaps three so far, have actually read the 568-page report.

And that brings me to another reason why, at least to me, both Jeff Sessions and Christopher Wray are suffering from Battered/Disconnected Institutional Syndrome.

Within the IG report almost all of the key participants’ names are hidden.  Instead the report’s authors chose to use descriptions like: “FBI Agent #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, etc.” Or “Analyst 1, 2, 3”; or “FBI Lawyer-1, FBI Lawyer-2”; or the ridiculously byzantine insider acronyms for all of the positions of the officials.  A conveniently useful bureaucratic mess of acronyms to hide behind.  Flippin’ ridiculous is what it is.  I digress…

The point is – by using descriptions the IG hides the obvious.  Those acronym-hidden officials still work inside the current FBI and DOJ; and that’s another big issue creating the Battered Institutional System that infects both of the Trump appointees.

Case in point: FBI Lawyer #1.  We know who she is because we’ve done a great deal of research on the issues, and many of these titles/acronyms are listed by name in the Page/Strzok messages.  FBI Lawyer #1 is Tashina “Tash” Gauhar, literally from the school and law firm of former Obama “wingman” Attorney General Eric Holder.

2009- Tashina Gauhar is the Deputy Assistant Attorney General for Intelligence. Ms. Gauhar has extensive experience working with the U.S. Intelligence Community and has held a variety of national security positions within the Department since 2001, including serving as an Assistant Counsel in the Office of Intelligence Policy and Review and later as the Deputy Chief of Operations in the Office of Intelligence, and recently the Chief of Operations. Prior to joining the Justice Department, Ms. Gauhar was an associate at the law firm of DLA Piper (then Piper Marbury Rudnick and Wolfe, LLP).  (link)

Tashina was the MYE team member who was on a September 29, 2016, conference call with the FBI New York field office about the Weiner/Abedin laptop.  FBI Lawyer #1 Tashina Gauhar was directly at the center, no, the epicenter, of the most controversial time frame for the Mid-Year-Event team.

Tashina was one of only three MYE people who actually had the responsibility to review the Clinton emails from the Weiner/Abedin laptop. [The other two were Peter Strzok and the unknown “lead analyst]

Tashina is probably only eclipsed by Lisa Page and Peter Strzok in the level of influence within the entire Mid-Year-Team apparatus.  “Tash”, as she was known to the team, is a hub amid a very tight circle.  Tashina Gauhar held a great deal of influence…  Suffice to say, the spawn of Eric Holder is a big deal in the story.

You know what other decision Tashina Gauhar was influential in?

Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ recusal:

(link to pdf)

Note this meeting was on March 2nd, 2017.  Which prompted this announcement:

WASHINGTON POST, March 2 2017 – Attorney General Jeff Sessions said Thursday that he will recuse himself from investigations related to the 2016 presidential campaign, which would include any Russian interference in the electoral process.

Speaking at a hastily called news conference at the Justice Department, Sessions said he was following the recommendation of department ethics officials after an evaluation of the rules and cases in which he might have a conflict.

“They said that since I had involvement with the campaign, I should not be involved in any campaign investigation,” Sessions said. He added that he concurred with their assessment and would thus recuse himself from any existing or future investigation involving President Trump’s 2016 campaign. (link)

Yes, the DOJ/FBI lawyer at the heart of the Clinton-email investigation; the DOJ/FBI lawyer hired by Eric Holder at his firm and later at the DOJ; the DOJ/FBI lawyer who was transferred to the Clinton probe;  the DOJ/FBI lawyer at the epicenter of the Weiner laptop issues, the only one from MYE who spoke to New York; the DOJ/FBI lawyer who constructs the FISA applications on behalf of Main Justice;…. just happens to be the same DOJ/FBI lawyer recommending to AG Jeff Sessions that he recuse himself….

Battered Institutional Syndrome!


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1,081 Responses to Jeff Sessions and Christopher Wray Suffering From Severe Battered Institutional Syndrome…

  1. dufrst says:

    Sessions by far has been the worse pick by the Trump to run anything. Second is Rosenstein and third is Wray. After this election and hopefully Mueller wraps it up before election (i doubt it), I sincerely hope Trump cleans house otherwise his 2nd term prospects are in danger.

    How can anyone at this point still believe in Sessions is beyond my comprehension.

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      • Sugarhillhardrock says:

        Thanks, Lemmy.


      • Bluto says:

        Both sides in a court case file motions and make pleas to the judge. We don’t know if they got pummeled until the judge give his decision on the motion. Until the judge rules, it is only a motion (that the Gateway Pundit agrees with). But The Gateway Pundit ain’t the judge. Let’s wait and see what the guy with the authority has to say before we determine who got “Pummeled.”

        Gateway Pundit is fun to read but is basically an outrage site where every story attempts to incite outrage so it can hit you over the head with the fact that they are a conservative site. Somebody on this site is always getting “pummeled,” or “destroyed,” or “drops a bombshell,” or some other such inflammatory word to try and get your dander up over some minor real or perceived insult.

        You can get some news but you have to sift through the didacticism to find it. Like I say, it is fun to read but I generally consider it to be the National Enquirer of conservative websites.

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    • Daniel says:

      Sessions has long had a reputation for working silently. Sealed indictments started back in NOV2017 after Huber, then unnamed and unknown, began to do his work at the invitation of Sessions. This are actually happening. Follow QAnon. Through that lens, everything is making far more sense.

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      • dufrst says:

        Who is that? I sure hope so because time is passing. The IG report that supposed to the be the “big ugly” was a dud. My goodness Strzok is willing to testify publicly! That’s not a good thing. That tells me he doesn’t fear Sessions.


        • Lemmy says:

          SD has said Strzok is a probably a cooperating witness. Q says the same.

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        • vml9000 says:

          Q is entertainment, Hit and miss predictions and opinions…He’s fun and keeps you positive when things are really bad but that’s about it. For the record, I am a former devotee of Q. And yes…the “big ugly” was a dud…and yes, it worries me also that Strzok is beating his chest demanding to testify to the world…Throw in there that Comey has not stopped moralizing and hinting at a run in 2020….And Yes…why the heck would anyone fear the traitor or impotent (pick one)Sessions. My hope is that we have a great President and I continue to keep heart and hope in him. But I hear you, Dufrst.

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          • Benson II says:

            While we are anxious for some kind of relief in the way of justice for all the horrors we know exist, President Trump doesn’t have the luxury of throwing them all out as a solution. One we would love to see. President Trump is not only a genius he has the patience of a saint and knows how to prioritize what needs to be done and when. How he manages this is a mystery to me (and most other it seems) but I’m thankful he’s able to do it.

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          • cozette says:

            Anyone who refers to Q as entertainment and themselves as a former devotee are using the language of a surface skater who was never a part of the community. Those are the comments of a tourist who visits a country for a few days then thinks they know it. Please don’t spread disinformation even if you mean no harm by it. BTW for normies who want a superficial overview of Q I suggest Praying Medics You Tubes.


        • 6x47 says:

          The INVESTIGATION of the Clinton email “matter” is the least of the many Obama DOJ/FBI scandals. There was not much in the way of criminality here, unless they are shown to be part of a larger criminal conspiracy. The people entrusted to investigate and prosecute decided not to … so be it. So it goes. Those are the breaks.

          FISA abuse, “Spygate” – big wrong bad, definitely criminal.

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          • dufrst says:

            I disagree with you on the emails. Those emails were never read as Sundance had outlined in previous posts. Those unread emails on Weiner laptop could very well include the bleached bit emails that likely will show the real scale of Clinton corruption. That relates to the Clinton Foundation.

            So it is a conspiracy to cover up the corruption of the Clinton Foundation by Jim Comey. Comey will go down as the most corrupt person in history of the FBI and DoJ!


        • Laura Nonamaker says:

          The Rosey modified and redacted IG report was not a ball of fire. The original could be quite different.


      • covfefe999 says:

        Q doesn’t know anything we don’t already know. Daniel, you are going on faith here. You have no evidence that anything good is going to happen, that any of the traitors will be charged. Faith is fine, but you cannot tell other people to be faithful. If you want to convince others, you must have evidence.

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        • NC Mom says:

          999: Well said. Absolutely true.

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        • Daniel says:

          QAnon has delivered numerous instances of proof that he or they are close to the president. If you missed that, then please discover that proof. Many images presented by QAnon could have only come from Air Force One and this includes many shots from locations which were exclusive to the president’s entourage. Q Anon absolutely knows more than we know.

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          • G. Combs says:

            Some very big points…

            #1. How many sealed indictments are normal? 1,077 a year per 2009 report. Since the end of October last year, there were 29,000 sealed criminal cases in federal courts as of April 30th. Last I read it is now over 35 thousand.

            #2. AG Sessions appointed Huber to team with IG Horrowitz.

            #3. Sessions has been getting U.S. attorneys in place to prosecute those cases.
            Washington Compost: “Attorney General Jeff Sessions is naming 17 interim U.S. attorneys to run federal prosecutor shops across the country, including the premier office in Manhattan. Geoffrey S. Berman, a law partner of Rudolph W. Giuliani at the firm Greenberg Traurig and a former federal prosecutor, was named…” Berman was appointed Jan. 3 2018.

            June 4 2018: >a href=””>Justice Department to hire more than 300 assistant U.S. Attorneys

            AG Sessions says “[…]This has been a prolonged and painful process for the Department and the FBI. But this is not the end of the process. US Attorney John Huber continues his work in cooperation with the Inspector General… He has reviewed this report and based on its findings and his own investigation, will provide recommendations as to whether ANY MATTER NOT CURRENTLY UNDER INVESTIGATION should be opened, whether any matters currently under investigation require further resources or whether matters merit the appointment of Special Counsel.[…]”

            GEE, I think I see a plan here… 😁

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      • Very interesting article posted by Q with the comment “very important to remember:”

        “Ezra Cohen-Watnick, a controversial former national security aide to President Donald Trump who was pushed out of the White House by H.R. McMaster, is rejoining the Trump administration. In his new role he will serve as Attorney General Jeff Sessions’s national security adviser.

        A 31-year-old former intelligence officer, Cohen-Watnick was brought on to Trump’s national Security Council by Michael Flynn, the president’s first national security adviser. When Flynn’s 24-day tenure ended in February of 2017, his replacement, H.R. McMaster, began cleaning house. But he wasn’t able to remove Cohen-Watnick, who reportedly used his alliances with Jared Kushner and Steve Bannon to stay in the White House.

        McMaster eventually got his way, pushing out Cohen-Watnick last summer after he became involved with Representative Devin Nunes and his attempts to prove Trump’s claim that President Obama wiretapped Trump Tower. He then went to work for Silicon Valley tech giant Oracle, according to Talking Points Memo, which said his return to the Trump administration has been in the works for months.

        With McMaster out of the way, Trump moved to bring back Cohen-Watnick, Bloomberg reported Wednesday. Trump “personally ordered the Department of Justice to hire,” Bloomberg says, despite a general policy not to rehire people who were fired.”

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    • redtreesquirrel says:

      When people like you say “Trump better do “x” otherwise his 2nd term prospects are in danger… I draw a blank that leads to frustration. Trump is the only person working for America. Do you really believe people are so shallow that they will vote against their own interests to punish something so detached from direct blame as appointing Jeff Sessions – a man we all knew to be extremely credible from is past experience as a US Senator? Saddling Trump with the guilt over appointing Jeff Sessions? Really? Then give us the alternative to that. What would have happened had Trump already fired Sessions? Do you believe that would raise PT’s credibility as President? Do you believe Sessions has hurt PT’s credibility? Because I believe otherwise. I’d like to hear your side of the story.

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      • dufrst says:

        Omg, get a clue man! Sessions is the only problem that has plagued Trump. Think about it. If Trump selected any other Attorney General, there would be no special council and the swamp would already be drained. Hillary probably would already be in handcuffs. Tell me Sessions defenders, what will Sessions do with this IG report? Will he reopen the Clinton investigation? Will go after Comey?

        Sessions is a major liability and the more time that passes, the less likely we will see any Justice for what happen in the 2016 election to subvert Trump by the DoJ. These people are so sure Sessions is weak that Strzok is willing to testify now under oath with taking the 5th! It’s disgusting and I’m sick of people at this stage giving Sessions and Wray a pass for their pitiful leadership!

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        • G. Combs says:

          dufrst says:
          “Omg, get a clue man! Sessions is the only problem that has plagued Trump. Think about it…..”

          Are you that BLINDED BY HATE of AG Sessions that you can not see the REAL PROBLEM IS CONGRESS specifically THE SENATE?

          Why hasn’t Trump FIRED ROSEY and MUELLER???
          Because he would be impeached!

          Why did we have ‘Muh Russia??’
          Because of the conspiracy which INCLUDES REPUBLICAN SENATORS like Burr and McCaine.

          With a 51 to 49 Senate majority. Subtract Burr and McCaine and the numbers flip.

          BURR AND McCAINE CONTROL confirmation of ANY of President Trump’s appointment and they are diehard Globalists.

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          • dufrst says:

            Really? You just want to argue. You made your straw man, are you happy now? I grant your argument that I didn’t make.

            I’m talking about the selection of Sessions to begin with. That has turned into the absolute worst pick by Trump and has said repeatedly that if he knew that Sessions would recuse, he would not have chose him, yet there people here who insist that Sessions is wonderful! Give me a freaking break! You call this wonderful? Hey, did you not just read this post by Sundance? There’s a direct connection between the Deep State and Session’s recusal. Get a clue!

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      • dbobway says:

        No, Sessions deserved a shot at his dream job. He was a turning point in the Trump candidacy. Sessions isn’t going to stop PDJT’s supporters from voting for him.
        But Sessions unbiased behavior may sway some middle of the road voters to go Trump.

        These particular voters need convinced that prosecuting the treasonous acts of the unelected bureaucrats in the Federal government is un biased.

        President Trump won despite the DNC with the help of media, cheating at every turn. So voting #’s are crucial to November and 2020.

        Until we can get a Congress with Constitutional teeth.
        These traitors to our Republic are going to walk.

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        • bjantigua says:

          Until we can get a Congress with Constitutional teeth.
          These traitors to our Republic are going to walk.
          Nope. Congress does not prosecute. They can have investigations as nauseum but Horowitz is feeding Huber in a massive Rico etc. prosecution. 35,000 sealed indictments. The teeth, the fangs, are there. And as long as Trump is Master of the vessel, they will keep up the frenetic pace till they are done hanging traitors.

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    • Eick says:

      Rosenstein was already in place as I recall. However, regarding Sessions and Wray, I can’t help but think that they were both “deep state” plants, appointed by Trump only because they were recommended by high ranking republicans who were/are just as involved in trying to remove Trump from office. There’s no question that he was duped on hiring these traitors, and now you get the sense that they have him cornered. The fact that so many republicans are turning against him on illegal immigration is a further sign that the establishment wants him removed from office. Only God can help him now. However, there’s no question that God put him into office, so there’s still hope.

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    • Laura Nonamaker says:

      35K plus sealed indictments when 1K is the norm for a year. He and Wray believe in the FBI. But it has failed miserably in Waco, Orlando, Las Vegas, Broward County Schools, San Bernardino.


      • dufrst says:

        Look….Sessions has been an unmitigated disaster for Trump. As great as Trump has been, he would hundreds of times better right now had he never nominated Sessions as Attorney General. Wray is a joke.


    • Nightstand says:

      Trump should never hire a person to lead any department, if thier intentions are to love and protect the beloved department they are leading , like Sessions and Wray have done to thier agencies. When you take over a troubled agency or company, the first thing you do is get control of the leadership and clean house. You must have your managers on board and singing from same page. No automatic pilots. Sessions and Wray never did that. They held onto the old baggage, didn’t clean house and loved and protected their agencies so much and didn’t give a rats ass that bad players were acting out crimes. They didn’t want to show their agencies in a bad light , so they hid it from view making it worse than before. They , Sessions and Wray, are not good managers or leaders but make themselves to be just as corrupt as the ones they are supposed to be leading. All the while pretending to be loyal righteous leaders when they are not.

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  2. TheWanderingStar says:

    Sundance, with your article and all that we know now is starting to bring reality into focus, a couple of observations/comments and a question:

    1) Since Sessions gave his speech to the Federalist Society earlier in his term I have worried that he was more loyal to the institution of the DOJ than he was to PDJT’s presidency. That doesn’t make him a black hat or white hat or even swamp, but would explain his blind spots and his apparent dichotomy of behavior in the execution of his duties (i.e. immigration, drugs, human trafficking, leaks, etc.) and the total hands off corrective management of his cherished department.

    2) Wray is also a DOJ loyalist and will carry out his duties consistent with his own loyalties and those of his boss. He possesses the same blind spots as Sessions because of his loyalties and seems to employ a doctor’s Hippocratic oath of “First, do no harm…” approach to dealing with issues within the FBI.

    3) PDJT may be employing Sun Tzu’s strategies and psychological warfare to highlight and motivate, but there is no xxD chess being played behind the scenes. As the events continue to unfold, what we are to able to clearly see is what is really transpiring.

    My question is, given the President of the United States is able to name his own Special Counsel/Prosecutor to investigate any of these criminals and crimes, why has he not done so?

    PDJT doesn’t have to fire Sessions, Wray, Rosenstein (immediately) and deal with all of the blow back from Congress in the form of impeachment threats, additional investigations and stonewalling. He could scope HIS SC to go after the known FBI/DOJ conspirators and associated co-conspirators. In the course of that investigation and prosecution, Sessions, Wray or Rosenstein may be found complicit or incompetent or they may refuse to carry out their assigned duties. In that event, the President could then fire them without a lot of accusations of obstruction of justice. Clearly in Article II territory with the motivation to only bring to justice those in DOJ/FBI who have corrupted the departments and the electoral process.

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    • singingsoul says:

      TheWanderingStar very good post.

      Both Wray and Session are protective of the institutions but not of the Constitution that gives the President oversight of the DOJ and FBI. Both behave as if they are separate agencies and not part of the executive brand. Having the Mueller cabal executing their dirty deed makes it difficult for the President to dig into the dirt and lawlessness of the DOJ and FBI. I have come to the conclusion that Rosnstein and Mueller ae the true obstruction
      to prevent the Pesident to execute his constitutional right as Executive of the DOJ and FBI. They are hiding their dirty deeds and use Mueller and his cabal to prevent FBO and DOJ dirt to come to the surface.
      Sad thing is Session Mr rightness has allowed himself to be part of the dirt. “If you sleep with dogs you are bound to get flies.”
      Way is a Bush stooge.

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      • cozette says:

        Singingsoul I have respected your comments in the past so I pray you don’t take offence when I say that what you wrote is based on your imagination. Your ability to accurately imagine what is really going on would increase if you read Art of War, Trumps life long guide book and/or read q at and followed Praying Medics You Tube. When watchng a chess match it helps if you understand chess. We are watching a war being waged by Trump and his team so it helps if you have a rudimentary understanding of the rule book they’re following. Those of us who have read the book and follow up on Qs research tips are having a blast. Those who haven’t at least read the book seem to be unneccessarily/misguidedly worried or angry. I wish people would focus on the fun and the elections. God bless us all so we can continue to MAGA.

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        • bjantigua says:

          i know just what you mean!! I love this whole elaborate thriller!! spies and lies and even a sex part! it blows me away that this was all planned so long ago. like using an EO to “fix” the order of succession. working around the Senate confirmations. i totally believe Q and POTUS. cause they proved their mettle.

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        • bjantigua says:

          i know just what you mean!! I love this whole elaborate thriller!! spies and lies and even a sex part! it blows me away that this was all planned so long ago. like using an EO to “fix” the order of succession. working around the Senate confirmations. i totally believe Q and POTUS. cause they proved their mettle.


        • bjantigua says:

          i know just what you mean!! I love this whole elaborate thriller!! spies and lies and even a sex part! it blows me away that this was all planned so long ago. like using an EO to “fix” the order of succession. working around the Senate confirmations. i totally believe Q and POTUS. cause they proved their mettle.


        • bjantigua says:

          i know just what you mean!! I love this whole elaborate thriller!! spies and lies and even a sex part! it blows me away that this was all planned so long ago. like using an EO to “fix” the order of succession. working around the Senate confirmations. i totally believe Q and POTUS. cause they proved their mettle.


        • bjantigua says:

          i know just what you mean!! I love this whole elaborate thriller!! spies and lies and even a sex part! it blows me away that this was all planned so long ago. like using an EO to “fix” the order of succession. working around the Senate confirmations. i totally believe Q and POTUS. cause they proved their mettle.


    • intercesser says:

      I like the poker analogy . Mueller and all of his cronies are bluffing , and Pres. Trump knows it . Meanwhile , Pres. Trump wants them to think that he is bluffing . Trump wants them to go all in before he proves himself . They keep on trying , but all they have is a busted straight , while Pres. Trump has a flush . He has the hole card that they need . Win bigly . MAGA .

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      • The other day Joe DiGenova tossed out that he doesn’t think Mueller is actually running the probe that bears his name: He suggested Mueller is “hands off” and the staff is actually doing all the work. Someone else (Rudy? Don’t recall) said Bob Mueller is being used as a respectable front for the bad actors.

        I’m not sure it’s true, but think Trump surrogates are offering Mueller a face saving way to step in and end the probe.

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  3. RH says:

    “The president called Dana Boente and Rod Rosenstein tonight to inform them that he has declined to accept their resignation, and they will remain in their current positions,” spokesman Peter Carr said in a statement.

    Why no one will go to jail? Because Trump dont want anyone to go to jail.

    Sessions, Rosenstein, Wary are all Trump people and there is no one to blame but Trump.


    • Daniel says:

      I think you misread this entirely. Rosenstein recommended Comey’s firing and when the president did, Rosenstein appointed Mueller to go after him. It was a set-up. ANY action against the swamp by the leadership within the Trump Whitehouse will be used against Trump. What is happening now are leaders within the legislative branch being called on to take action which Trump cannot do without dirtying his hands. It’s critical Trump’s hands are clean in all of this.

      Forcing the legislative branch to take this action by publicly presenting the IG report as they have will ensure that bad legislators are kept in the sunlight and that SOME sort of action against these bad people in the executive branch. This is how it should be and how it has to be.

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    • redtreesquirrel says:

      This article of over a year old.


    • Daniel says:

      …and just to be clear, if Trump were to fire more people, the narrative would continue “Trump keeps firing people in law enforcement! What is he hiding!?” By getting the legislators to do it, Trump is keeping his hands clean. Meanwhile all of this information is getting out and circulating and will continue getting out and circulating. The effect it will have on the public will continue to grow. The plan is working.

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      • Nightstand says:

        Yes, but IF Trump had hired real managers to clean their houses to begin with , we would not be going through this now. It should have been understood that they were taking over a troubled agency that needed a good house cleaning. Management and leadership starts at the top. Then you will have loyalty.


    • David A says:

      So we now know that all of the following is words only, no action, no sealed indictments, no Grand Juries…? -…

      Remember, the 500 plus page report is itself, just a summary of a portion of the 1.5 million page IG investigation, and the real meat is being parsed and acted on here…

      Please read and consider. Anti Sessions crowd, your comments about what you KNOW are appreciated, or admit WE do not know.

      AG Sessions says “[…]This has been a prolonged and painful process for the Department and the FBI. But this is not the end of the process. US Attorney John Huber continues his work in cooperation with the Inspector General… He has reviewed this report and based on its findings and his own investigation, will provide recommendations as to whether ANY MATTER NOT CURRENTLY UNDER INVESTIGATION should be opened, whether any matters currently under investigation require further resources or whether matters merit the appointment of Special Counsel.[…]”


      Larry Schweikart Posts–

      “But in case you lost track there are FIVE investigations of Ds going on plus the sex fund scandal:

      1 – The first, in no particular order: Sessions announced that he was reopening the Cankles e-mail investigation, and that it in fact has been going on “for months.”

      2 – 1/12/2018 the DOJ unsealed the indictment of the U1 guy, but his partner had been CONVICTED some time ago, meaning this investigation has been going on “for months”

      3- Sessions announced he was opening an investigation of Hezbollah/Iran.

      4 – Mulehead–The fact is, except for two minor “process” indictments, he hasn’t done anything even remotely pointing toward Trump. But . . .
      note that the two “process” indictments Manafort and Flynn’s plea deal, are both so incredibly tainted by “sloppy” processes themselves that both should easily walk or have plea & charges thrown out. Gee, maybe that was on purpose?

      5 – the Awans are closely tied to the emails, FUSION GPS, and likely even the U1 deal, then it stands to reason Sessions is on it.[…]”

      President Trump is not part of Morodor on the Potomac. He did make these FBI – DOJ hires, and has not forced light on the DOJ.
      Why??? Why/ how is he calm about all this, and focused like a laser on real Presidential actions, economy -trade-foreign policy-immigration?

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      • ladypenquin says:

        I’m with you, and especially like how you pointed out the President’s calm demeanor. He does not appear worried, and he has no problem indicating he knows what we’re saying.

        I thought of a good analogy for POTUS regarding these issues – he is throwing chum in the water. 🙂

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    • Well, bless your heart! SMH – seriously? You can’t troll better than that??!!??


    • cozette says:

      Rh You seem unaware of the strategies and tactics required to win a war. I’m sorry you’re missing out.


  4. Johnny says:

    Sometimes it is very hard to say your faith in someone has been in error. I have reached that now. The failure of our appointed officials to read a report that has national security and Constitutional ramifications is dereliction of duty.

    The very top people in our government, especially the Justice Department lead a revolt against the people of the United States and tried everything in their power to appoint a candidate of their choice as President of the United States, the most powerful country this world has ever seen

    A Coup was attempted at election and a Coup is underway right now after the election.

    The time for making excuses is over. We had better come together as a blunt force offense and Hammer our way through this web of treasonous snakes.

    I have lost faith in our officials and they must be replaced. We do not need a scalpel at the FBI and DOJ, we need a sledgehammer wielding Patriot.

    Quit making excuses for these officials, they have failed the people and the President.

    Liked by 2 people

  5. 6x47 says:

    When Wray started bragging about the the high caliber of personnel at the FBI and asked the rhetorical question if anyone knew how selective it is in choosing its personnel, my immediate retort was “not selective enough!”

    Liked by 2 people

  6. G. Combs says:

    dufrst says: “Who is that?”

    PROSECUTING Attorney Huber

    ====> A REMINDER of who he is <====
    From Sundance:
    3/29/2018 BREAKING: AG Jeff Sessions Reveals Name of “Outside DC” DOJ Prosecutor Assigned to Horowitz – John Huber from Utah…

    3/29/2018 AG Sessions Letter to House and Senate Highlights a Lengthy Review by Prosecutor John W. Huber…

    3/29/2018 Jonathan Turley Discusses Stunning Power of IG Horowitz and Federal Prosecutor Huber Tag-Team…

    5/17/2018 Report: IG Horowitz Found “Reasonable Grounds” For Criminal Prosecution and Referred to U.S. Attorney John Huber…

    So AG Sessions soft pedaled the report and supported Wray, however he did drop this little bomb…

    “[…]This has been a prolonged and painful process for the Department and the FBI. But this is not the end of the process. US Attorney John Huber continues his work in cooperation with the Inspector General… He has reviewed this report and based on its findings and his own investigation, will provide recommendations as to whether ANY MATTER NOT CURRENTLY UNDER INVESTIGATION should be opened, whether any matters currently under investigation require further resources or whether matters merit the appointment of Special Counsel.[…]”

    I think I will wait a bit to see what the Silent Executioner has up his sleeve and mean while go pound on my Congress critters about BANNING FEDERAL EMPLOYEE UNIONS and hands off ‘firing and discipline’ legislation.

    President Trump, Ag Sessions and Director Wray ALL have their hands tied. They CAN NOT easily FIRE those who so richly deserve it. Therefore they have to be careful not to P.O. these POS so bad they retaliate any worse then they have already.

    At this point it would be very very counter productive for President Trump, Ag Sessions or Director Wray NOT to support ‘the rank and file’ even if they privately think they all need to be put in stocks and allow the public to toss rotten tomatoes at them. These are STILL the employees they are forced to work with until CONGRESS changes the laws governing the firing of Federal Employees.

    Liked by 1 person

    • 4sure says:

      So, the POTUS and we are held captive by a damn union while Rome burns? I don’t think so. They may not be easily fired, but there’s more than one way to skin a corrupt cat. I could make their jobs so bad, they would gladly quit. I could transfer them to a place they could never want to live. I could start a third shift and assign them there. That’s just for starters. If I am in charge, which the POTUS is, he can do lots of things.


      • Riiight… you should be President now/?? ROFLMAO

        Liked by 1 person

      • Steve in Lewes says:

        ‘If I am in charge, which the POTUS is, he can do lots of things.’
        First off, let’s thank God you are not in charge.
        Second, if POTUS can do lots of things, why has he not done them ?
        He knows way more than you, me, Sundance, or anybody else.
        Bottom line – PDJT has the ace in the hole, he can expose the entire thing by declassifying any or all and time it to his and the country’s benefit.

        Liked by 1 person

      • G. Combs says:

        Remember that President Trump (and his people) can not give ANY SUGGESTION of bias. So Yes, they are constrained UNTIL WE THE PEOPLE raise such a stink about the Aristocratic Bureaucrats, they CHANGE the laws!

        Ever think this is part of what is wanted by President Trump?

        The Daily Caller How Hard Is It To Fire A Federal Worker? — Here’s Why It’s All But Impossible to Fire a Fed (I really like the Daily Caller)


        • Nightstand says:

          Impossible to fire a federal employee.

          That is not true at all. I retired from the Department of Justice. Managers can fire employees and I have seen it happen many times. Lazy and poor management will not fire bad employees but good managers can and will , and here is how. It is called Agency Code of Conduct. If you document the violations of the employees code of conduct the person is fired. End of story. Don’t let anyone tell you different, if they do they are lying to you. You must use the Code of Conduct.


  7. Stab, the unstoppable hero says:

    I would love to believe that Sessions is some stealth legal assassin type but I don’t see how any of his supporters can justify “acting” anymore. What’s the point? There is simply no logical reason for not putting your cards on the table NOW. Huber is the last card in Sessions hand, IMO. Everything I have seen so far points to an outright amnesty for outright traitors! The media is working hand-in-hand with the bureaucracy and large elements of both political parties. We already have seen how compromised the judiciary branch has become. I am extremely nervous with this upcoming Strzok appearance. This is going to be a total booby-trap because NWIH the Deep State would allow any semblance of truth here. Looking for a full court press by the media & Democrat/Republican coalition after Strzoks testimony. They have no problem presenting an alternate reality and their supporters have no problem accepting one. ZERO.
    Really hoping I am wrong here, but unless Huber surfaces soon with something tangible…

    Liked by 1 person

    • JX says:

      Why hasn’t Strzok been fired?


    • 6x47 says:

      A proper Attorney General, and a proper US Attorney, does his work in silence and secrecy until arrests are made and indictments are issued.

      After 8 years of the execrable Eric Holder and his even more contemptible successor Loretta Lynch, it is easy to forget how an Attorney General who is not a political hack/hatchet man is SUPPOSED to conduct the office.

      For that reason, don’t let a constant stream of salacious leaks about sealed indictments and ongoing investigations lead to conclude nothing is happening.

      Liked by 2 people

  8. Summer says:

    Sundance generously suggested that Sessions and Wray did not read the report. Really?

    What if they actually DID read it (they had months and months to familiarize themselves with the content (“we are looking into this” per Sessions), especially if Huber was actually doing his job and his appointment was not just for show?

    Let us face the obvious: there is a major cover-up under way. This is WILLFUL BLINDNESS.

    NO ONE in the DoJor the FBI (either current or former employees) is going to jail, period.

    The coup is still going on.

    The Swamp survived the worst “revelations” and now is ready to launch a huge counterattack, with fake indignation, whitewashing and the deployment of an army of shysters, paid politicians and the fake news media. At the same time, Mueller is still there pursuing his “destroy Donald Trump” agenda, backed by the Attorney General who happily recused himself from about everything that matters.

    Liked by 1 person

    • JX says:

      If Sessions did not read the report, why not? If he did, then why is he dismissive?

      There’s no upside.

      As I type this Roger Stone just said that the FBI has questioned Stone’s former assistant Andrew Miller about Stone’s relationship with Alex Jones and Mueller is trying to bring Miller before a grand jury!

      The DOJ/FBI is completely out of control.

      Sessions is not controlling his department and he shows no signs of understanding that his department is in absolute lawless chaos.

      Liked by 1 person

    • cozette says:

      Summer Your comments are based on your ability to read the future accurately. Do you use a crystal ball?


  9. gamecock123 says:

    If Wray didnt read the report, then he just flat out lied. A reporter asked him how he felt after reading it and he said, disappointed. I wished Wray would have said, Trump was right, the election was rigged by a small group of rogue agents who now under investigation themselves.


  10. jack says:

    My advice to Sundance is to reach out to people in the PRO-Trump media as his them to talk to Trump about you, and your site.

    Tell them to talk to Trump Team and ask for a private sit down with Trump, and ask questions about Jeff Sessions and Rosenstein, and Wray … things you want to know, and also maybe make a “FACT SHEET” for them to pass to president Trump , for him to look at, with what you have found out … and ask if you should continue with “supporting Sessions” or “blast him to smithereens”.

    For over 1 year this site first took the stance that Jeff and Trump were setting up a plan to drain the swamp, and Jeff had to distance himself to appear like he was being objective.

    Sundance seemed to think at the beginning that Jeff’s recusal was part of the plan to trap “never-Trumpers” in the administration. I don’t recall reading Sundance saying he was very upset with Jeff’s reclusal, if I’m wrong somebody can straighten me on that. But, for a long time people that were anti-sessions were called every name in the book on this site.

    A little over a month ago, Sundance made thread saying everybody has to make up their own mind about Sessions, so anti-Sessions posts were more numerous, but still pro-Sessions people were still calling us every name in the book.

    After the IG report came out, and Sessions and Wray both saying there is “NO bias on Clinton from FBI/DOJ”, Sundance NOW is saying “well, those 2 people never read the whole report …. (the HEAD of JUSTICE and HEAD of FBI did NOT READ the most IMPORTANT document in the world concerning the corruption in the DOJ and FBI!)

    I don’t buy that for a minute!

    The reporter he mentioned yeah, he read the report and changed his tune to see the corruption, but, the 2 heads of these 2 important departments didn’t.

    The thing is both Sessions and Wray are Deep State and need to be investigated because Trump’s hands are tied, since the Head of Justice and Head of FBI are in the tank for the Deep State!

    Name me one Clinton/Obama person arrested and charged, … if Sessions/Wray went after Clinton with 1/4 of the POWER that Mueller is going after Trump, then heads would be rolling and TOP PEOPLE would be arrested Using the same Tactic’s Mueller is using on Trump.

    Wake up already! We need to show Trump we back him, and we to this by reseaching Sessions/Wray/Rosenstein and look for connections to Deep State.

    Liked by 1 person

    • 🍺Gunny66 says:

      Agree….as stated previously….and now….

      We need to dig the past on Sessions, relationships everything…..but the Left, the Globalists, whoever, have put Sessions…or Sessions himself has put himself in the optimal position:

      Sessions cannot prosecute any of these people. Do you realize what the left would do to continue to claim anything Sessions does is still part of his recusal….even if false…. they would create a “firestorm” saying Sessions cannot bring charges because of his recusal.

      They would connect his recusal to every charge, every situation and fight it in the courts.

      Sessions cannot Un-recuse. They would say our President put undo pressure on him to resign.

      Same with the President firing him at this time…fire storm….

      Do you think this cancelling of the recess is all about approvals of the Presidents nominees?…How about no recess appointments..How about no new AG recess appointment?

      So what to do?. Nothing till the IG report comes out…

      Well, the IG report has come out….For both Sessions and Wray….Sundance has said if they have not read the report….if they finally read it….

      That’s very kind of Sundance……but with the leading law enforcement individuals in the nation…..if they read the report….if, they did this ….and if’s are no longer relevant
      So think Seriously about it. We should now no longer even speak of Sessions seriously. Because he is now……


      Yes, Jack, we can dig everything up on him…and odds are we find out how dirty he is. And we should dig it up……

      Because up to this point, so many have given him the benefit of the doubt….

      The train has passed him by….so The Possum is the perfect name for him….he just needs to go back home and sit on his back porch for the rest of his days….

      And just a side note that was mentioned.

      I have not supported Sessions and have stated this. As many other have not….

      And they were ravaged mercilessly on this site..Does not bother me in the least….just a bunch of words from insecure people.

      But many were driven away to not post again or not post as before. That should have never happened on this site.

      To me, as before….Sessions is finished….over his head…Black Hat…White Hat….if he wanted to resign and the President said no……tell me…He could have still walked away…just said “i quit”

      And this is where we are…

      Liked by 1 person

      • Rex says:

        He (Sessions) had the opportunity to be forever remembered as a hero. That window of opportunity is closing rapidly.

        Liked by 1 person

      • cozette says:

        You guys think that YOU are going to help Trump by researching Trumps cabinet for him? Seriously? Trump is a genius with the best intel in the world and you think you will find something he hasn’t known for 2+ years? What arrogance! You can help Trump by praying for him and his team, trusting him and working your hearts out to make sure ONLY Republicans are elected on November 6th even if it means voting for a RINO. Even a RINO win keeps Nunes in charge of House Intel rather than Schiff.


    • Johnny says:

      A million times this.

      There is something majorly wrong with the way Sessions and Wray acted. They consider the attempted coup of an elected President to be a minor road bump, and bias training will straighten the criminals out. I call Bullshit on this big time.

      These people at the FBI and DOJ are all lawyers and professional criminals that are in it for personal enrichment. They are not Patriots. Traitors are what these people are.

      No more damn excuses. Put these traitors in jail now. Damn these officials need have the backbone of Mueller and half of DC would be in leg irons.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Conundrum says:

        Sessions and Wray both must consider the validity of all other FBI and DOJ cases. They cannot put out a blanket condemnation of their organizations. They can still come down hard on the corruption and the corrupt individuals.


    • Nightstand says:

      The President of the United States has better things to do than to sit down and chit chat with Sundance. Your or my chance are about as good.


  11. Sauce says:

    My take….I’m just letting this paly out.

    Either PDJT is playing everyone for a bigger end game in a few months or he was played early on when choosing his AG and doesn’t have the balls to remove Sessions.

    If the latter is the case, this discussion is part of the plan, this thread serves the purpose of showing how upset WE are with Sessions freeing him up to bring the hammer before midterms.

    if the former is the case, hopefully the circumstances that would be paralyzing our president with fear of firing him will diminish and allow him to make that call.

    In any event, until one or the other goes down, as Forrest Gump would retort…..

    “That’s all I got to say about that…..”


    • piper567 says:

      Sauce, I have a bit of a problem with any suggestion that Trump lacks cujones, or he was “played “, or that he could be paralyzed by fear.
      But that’s just me, maybe I don’t read enough.
      Or maybe you do not read enough.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Sauce says:

        Me too Piper, me too……

        …..Guess there could be a 64 dimensional chess reason for him waiting this long to do it too, Time will tell, debating it just raises everyone’s blood pressure for no reason.


      • Or maybe you guys are not going deep enough.

        The problem is that there were very few MAGA people with experience in the DC area. It used to be just POTUS and us Deplorables out here in fly-over country. And did you know how many employees it takes to staff the Executive Branch?

        It takes over 4 million–There is simply no way that one guy can handle all these appointments and hires.

        PTrump tried hard to unite the Republican party in the early days. He chose head RINO Preibus as his COS, and tried to put together a rag-tag government using what he had–RINOs, Obama holdovers and even some Never-Trumpers–He knew he needed their support to get anything done and he hoped to win them over.

        But I think (and really no fault of POTUS) this backfired and and brought us where we are today considering Wray, Rosenstein, etc.

        It’s likely that his staff put these people into place, talked them up to POTUS and here we are.

        PTrump is neither incompetent nor does he lack cojones…… There simply were very few MAGA people available to him–And the garbage trucks still gotta run.

        Liked by 1 person

    • TexasDude says:

      Trumo has been checked by the Republican Congress on firing Sessions. There will be no new nomination accepted, period.

      George Washington warned about political parties as being factions. Factions work for their own goals which may align with national interests or may not.

      Factions are against sound democratic republican government.

      Political parties are the same.

      Liked by 1 person

      • George says:

        Indeed. No good options. Trump could fire him and put an acting AJ in place. Not sure how that would work out politically. If Sessions is gone and the Senate refuses to confirm a new AJ then it would be up to Trump’s army (us) to bombard the congress with phone and email and letters expressing our displeasure.


    • Laura Nonamaker says:

      If he fires Sessions, he has no AG. Anyone new has to be approved by Congress, which is NOT going to happen any time soon.


  12. bluejean says:

    When I read an article and a person’s name pops up that I don’t recognize, I try to look up a picture of them.

    But for the life of me, I can’t find a picture of Tashina Gauhar. There are plenty of references of her on the internet….just no pictures. I find this odd, especially considering how many references there are to her career.

    It’s like all pictures of her have been scrubbed from the internet.

    Liked by 1 person

  13. TexasDude says:

    Sessions can unrecuse himself.


  14. Bangzoom! says:

    It is appearing Jeff Sessions isn’t the 3D chess player we thought he may be.


  15. jeans2nd says:

    Other than AG Jeff and Dir Wray’s reactions, we’ve no other measure by which to view their reactions, and thus diagnose their condition. But are we correct?

    What if AG Jeff and Dir Wray have read the IG Report?
    That certainly puts AG Jeff and Dir Wray’s actions in a different light, does it not?
    What then?


  16. Concerned says:

    Is their a connection between Ms. Anne Weismann and Andrew Weissmann?

    Ms. Anne Weismann
    Chief FOIA Counsel
    455 Massachusetts Avenue, NW
    Washington, DC 20001

    Click to access Dkt.-52-2.pdf

    Andrew Weissmann


  17. ilovevictoriasbows says:

    Christopher Wray would make a good coffee chain CEO.

    Liked by 1 person

  18. DanO64 says:

    Lindsey is knocking it out of the park. Good job.

    Liked by 2 people

  19. Concerned says:

    Does Christopher Wray represent a good director of the FBI?


  20. Strook says:

    “Despite the fact that it clearly looks, walks and quacks like a duck, after thoroughly searching the entire pond we could find no documentary evidence that it is, in fact, a duck.”


  21. American Male says:

    So you took an Obama?

    When walking my dog I always encourage her to take an Obama..

    Liked by 1 person

  22. Nikita's_UN_Shoe says:

    Any Congressional member on duty between the period of time encompassing the presidential campaign leading up to the Obama regime through the present, cannot be trusted. This includes Sessions. These Members of Congress (MC), as-well-as the main stream media are all complicit in the coverup of the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the citizens of the U.S. – Obama.

    Congressional Research Service (CRS) Memos surfaced to the public which were full of misinformation to the members of Congress. So, by commission and omission, most members of Congress were quite willing to use the misinformation to hide behind and duck the issue of confronting Obama’s lack of Article II constitutional eligibility. These CRS memos were designed to make sure that all MC were all on the same page in responding to constituents communications about the tone and outrage about Obama’s lack of constitutional eligibility. The FIX was in on this subject by both political parties.

    The timing of the release of the OIG report by Horowitz and the reporting of the masses of data missing from the National Archive and Records Administration (NARA) is suspect. Could Horowitz’s delay in releasing the OIG report have further enabled the destruction of both Obama’s and Hillary’s documents at the NARA? The criminal actions of the Obama regime, Hillary Clinton, the DOJ, and the FBI leading up to the presidency of Donald Trump has its roots in the continuing coverup of the usurper HUSSEIN Obama.


  23. Nightstand says:

    You just gave birth to a new member of fake news!


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