IG Report: Peter Strzok Statements About Weiner/Abedin Laptop Conflict With FBI Claims About Weiner/Abedin Laptop…

General David Petraeus was arrested for leaving his classified schedule on mistress Paula Broadwell’s nightstand.  Kristian Saucier was arrested for taking a classified photograph on a submarine.  Anthony Weiner and Huma Abedin had dozens of classified Clinton emails on a laptop and…

There is a great deal of inconsistent application of law surrounding classified information. There is also a great deal of fatigue surrounding discussion of those inconsistent applications.  Contradictions, inconsistency and obtuse justifications are as rampant in our midst as the political narratives shaping them.  Perhaps that’s by design.

We begin reading Chapter 11 of the IG Report with a growing acceptance that not only is there a need for a special counsel, but there is a brutally obvious need for multiple special counsels; each given a specific carve-out investigation that comes directly from the content of the Inspector General report.   This issue of the handling of the Weiner/Abedin laptop screams for a special counsel investigation on that facet alone.  Why?

Well, consider this from page #388 (emphasis mine):

Midyear agents obtained a copy of the Weiner laptop from NYO immediately after the search warrant was signed on October 30.

The laptop was taken directly to Quantico where the FBI’s Operational Technology Division (OTD) began processing the laptop. The Lead Analyst told us that given the volume of emails on the laptop and the difficulty with de-duplicating the emails that “at least for the first few days, the scale of what we’re doing seem[ed] really, really big.”

Strzok told us that OTD was able “to do some amazing things” to “rapidly de-duplicate” the emails on the laptop, which significantly lowered the number of emails that the Midyear team would have to individually review. Strzok stated that only after that technological breakthrough did he begin to think it was “possible we might wrap up before the election.”  (pg 388)

The key takeaway here is two-fold.  First, the laptop is in the custody of the FBI; that’s important moving forward (I’ll explain later).  Also, specifically important, FBI Agent Peter Strzok, the lead investigative authority in the Hillary Clinton MYE (Mid-Year-Exam), is explaining to the IG how they were able to process an exhaustive volume of emails (350,000) and Blackberry communications (344,000) in a few days; [Oct 30 to Nov 5]

Note: “OTD was able “to do some amazing things to rapidly de-duplicate” the emails on the laptop.

OK, you got that?

Now lets look at the very next page, #389 (again, emphasis mine):

[…] The FBI determined that Abedin forwarded two of the confirmed classified emails to Weiner. The FBI reviewed 6,827 emails that were either to or from Clinton and assessed 3,077 of those emails to be “potentially work-related.”

The FBI analysis of the review noted that “[b]ecause metadata was largely absent, the emails could not be completely, automatically de-duplicated or evaluated against prior emails recovered during the investigation” and therefore the FBI could not determine how many of the potentially work-related emails were duplicative of emails previously obtained in the Midyear investigation. (pg 389)

See the problem?  See the contradiction?

Strzok is saying due to some amazing wizardry the FBI forensics team was able to de-duplicate the emails.  However, FBI forensics is saying they were NOT able to de-duplicate the emails.

Both of these statements cannot be true.  And therein lies the underlying evidence to support a belief the laptop content was never actually reviewed.  But it gets worse, much worse….

To show how it’s FBI Agent Peter Strzok that is lying; go back to chapter #9 and re-read what the New York case agent was saying about the content of the laptop.

The New York FBI analysis supports the FBI forensic statement in that no de-duplication was possible because the metadata was not consistent.   The New York FBI Weiner case agent ran into this metadata issue when using extraction software on the laptop.

CHAPTER 9:    The case agent assigned to the Weiner investigation was certified as a Digital Extraction Technician and, as such, had the training and skills to extract digital evidence from electronic devices.

The case agent told the OIG that he began processing Weiner’s devices upon receipt on September 26. The case agent stated that he noticed “within hours” that there were “over 300,000 emails on the laptop.”

The case agent told us that on either the evening of September 26 or the morning of September 27, he noticed the software program on his workstation was having trouble processing the data on the laptop.  (pg 274)

The New York Case Agent then describes how inconsistent metadata within the computer files for the emails and Blackberry communications, made it impossible for successful extraction.  The FBI NY case agent and the Quantico FBI forensics agent agree on the metadata issue and the inability to use their software programs for extraction and layered comparison for the purposes of de-duplication.

Both NY and Quantico contradict the statement to the IG by FBI Agent Peter Strzok.  However, that contradiction, while presented in a factual assertion by the IG, is entirely overlooked and never reconciled within the inspector general report.  That irreconcilable statement also sheds more sunlight on the motives of Strzok.

Next up, there were only three FBI people undertaking the October Clinton email review.  To learn who they are we jump back to Chapter #11, page #389.

The Midyear team flagged all potentially work-related emails encountered during the review process and compared those to emails that they had previously reviewed in other datasets. Any work-related emails that were unique, meaning that they did not appear in any other dataset, were individually reviewed by the Lead Analyst, [Peter] Strzok, and FBI Attorney 1 [Tashina Gauhar] for evidentiary value.  (pg 389)

Pete Strzok, Tash Gauhar and the unknown lead analyst.  That’s it.  Three people.

This is the crew that created the “wizardry” that FBI Director James Comey says allowed him to tell congress with confidence that 1,355,980 electronic files (pg 389), containing 350,000 emails and 344,000 Blackberry communications were reviewed between October 30th and the morning of November 6th, 2016.

Three people.

Pete, Tash and one lead analyst.  Uh huh.


The Inspector General just presents the facts; that’s obviously what he did.  Then it’s up to FBI and DOJ leadership to accept the facts, interpret them, and apply their meaning.

No bias?

But FBI is committed to bias training?


There is an actual hero in all of this though.  It’s that unnamed FBI Case Agent in New York who wouldn’t drop the laptop issue and forced the FBI in DC to take action on the laptop.  Even the IG points this out (chapter #9, page 331):

We found that what changed between September 29 and October 27 that finally prompted the FBI to take action was not new information about what was on the Weiner laptop but rather the inquiries from the SDNY prosecutors and then from the Department. The only thing of significance that had changed was the calendar and the fact that people outside of the FBI were inquiring about the status of the Weiner laptop. (pg 331)

Those SDNY prosecutors only called Main Justice in DC because the New York case agent went in to see them and said he wasn’t going to be the scape goat for a buried investigation (chapter #9, pg 303) “The case agent told us that he scheduled a meeting on October 19 with the two SDNY AUSAs assigned to the Weiner investigation because he felt like he had nowhere else to turn.” … “The AUSAs both told us that the case agent appeared to be very stressed and worried that somehow he would be blamed in the end if no action was taken.”

On October 20, 2016, the AUSAs met with their supervisors at SDNY and informed them of their conversation with the Weiner case agent. The AUSAs stated that they told their supervisors the substantive information reported by the case agent, the case agent’s concerns that no one at the FBI had expressed interest in this information, and their concern that the case agent was stressed out and might act out in some way. (pg 304)

Why would the New York Case Agent be worried?

Consider Page 274, footnote #165:

fn 165:  No electronic record exists of the case agent’s initial review of the Weiner laptop. The case agent told us that at some point in mid-October 2016 the NYO ASAC instructed the case agent to wipe his work station. The case agent explained that the ASAC was concerned about the presence of potentially classified information on the case agent’s work station, which was not authorized to process classified information.

The case agent told us that he followed the ASAC’s instructions, but that this request concerned him because the audit trail of his initial processing of the laptop would no longer be available. The case agent clarified that none of the evidence on the Weiner laptop was impacted by this, explaining that the FBI retained the Weiner laptop and only the image that had been copied onto his work station was deleted. The ASAC recalled that the case agent “worked through the security department to address the concern” of classified information on an unclassified system. He told us that he did not recall how the issue was resolved.

Now watch embed tweet video:



  • There were only three people in the Mid-Year-Event team granted authority to physically do the Clinton email review.
  • They were: FBI Agent Peter Strzok, FBI Attorney-1 Tashina “Tash” Gauhar, and an unnamed lead analyst.
  • FBI Agent Peter Strzok says they were able to cull the number of emails through the use of “some amazing things to rapidly de-duplicate” the emails.
  • The New York FBI case agent assigned to the Weiner investigation, a certified Digital Extraction Technician, as well as the FBI forensics team in Quantico say it was impossible to use the conflicted metadata to “de-duplicate” the emails.
  • Someone is lying.
  • FBI Director James Comey said his investigative unit used some form of “wizardry” to review the content of the Huma Abedin and Anthony Weiner laptop.
  • The Inspector General makes no determination as to who is telling the truth; and never asked the question of whether an actual review of the laptop emails took place.
  • The FBI still has possession of the Abedin/Weiner laptop.



⇑ These Cannot Both Be True ⇓





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1,053 Responses to IG Report: Peter Strzok Statements About Weiner/Abedin Laptop Conflict With FBI Claims About Weiner/Abedin Laptop…

  1. Betty says:

    This morning in a comment I asked: “What was the deep state grooming Strzok for – Director of the FBI or CIA?” Steve Bannon was on one of the morning talk shows and confirmed my thinking that Strzok was not just an analyst, Steve Bannon called him the equivalent of a 3-Star general. And no one can tell me that every one above Strzok in the FBI, DOJ, CIA did not colluded with Strzok on that “some amazing wizardry” BS. And another thing on that same talk show they called Lisa Page a FBI attorney – I don’t believe that was a slip of the tongue, someone is trying to keep the DOJ “one hop” out.

    Some one wrote this, I copied it but didn’t notice that I missed the name of the person who wrote it, I apologize, if anyone knows who wrote it please tell me because I think it is such absolute truth that I am going to add it to ever comment I make from now on:

    “The FBI has shown itself to be a clear and present danger to our republic. When an organization with that much power is corrupted, it must be disbanded. Maybe a new organization can come from its ashes, but we cannot trust this one ever again. They hold a knife at the throat of every American citizen…”

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    • MGBSE says:

      Regarding Strzok…I read an amazing summary of the amazing connections between the Strzok Family “Tree” and Obama…I thought I read it in Responses to another Sundance report, but i can not find it!!!!! Maybe someone on this thread knows where to find it and will post again here…there is way more to Strzok than Page’s text buddy…and i do not expect him to give up anything to Congress.


      • singular says:

        The article about the Strazok family was on American Digital News, sorry I do not know how to post links but I had bookmarked it.


      • chipin8511 says:

        What everyone misses is why Storkz wanted Hillary elected his family and friends are in the Uranium and weapons business in Africa and Iran. He is a Cyborg he is programmed chipped not human


  2. Countrywatch says:

    See the thread on the 13 angry Democrats on Rex twitter: (tweets 1 to 22)

    I make no apologies for mentioning this Q drop about the individuals who apparently used a private server with Obama and Hillary as it is incredibly important. This is the Q post for Jan 19 2018 which refers to Eric Schmidt going to N Korea and gives the initials of the 13 Democrats who used the private server (Q has referred to them since this January information drop as the 13 angry Democrats, as indeed P Trump has). Eric Schmidt was apparently key to the private email system. For those who are not convinced that Q has access to intelligence information and is dropping it in his posts, this is a good example to counter that.

    Q !UW.yye1fxo No.40
    Jan 19 2018 02:45:44 (EST)
    Who used private email addresses?
    What was the purpose?
    We don’t say his name.
    Did Hussein use a private email address?
    Who just resigned from GOOG?
    Why was ES in NK?
    Why was ES in NK?
    What private network did ES set up in NK?
    What private network did ES set up in NK?
    Who else was in NK during this time?
    What private email address did Hussein use while in office?
    Why would the Chairman of GOOG travel to NK?
    Nothing is ever truly erased/deleted.
    These people are STUPID.

    Suggestions for those initials based on Johnny Holland’s tweet (link below). His graphic in the tweet is well worth viewing also – it may not copy over into this comment:
    Hussein Obama
    LL Loretta Lynch
    HRC Hillary Clinton
    JC James Comey
    JC James Clapper
    CS Chris Schumer
    AM Andrew MCabe
    (No name is Q’s name for John McCain)
    RR Rod Rosenstein
    SR Susan Rice
    JB James Brennan
    Huma Abedin
    Valerie Jarrett

    This tweet is also useful: apparently these 13 plus ES with support from N Korea deep state ops were planning to overthrow the government?
    Johnny Holland‏ @Johnny_3Fingas 1h1 hour ago
    13 Angry Democrats

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    • Larry Bucar says:

      I’m not a Q fan but am a Thomas W + Imp Rex affecianado

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      • singular says:

        I almost stopped reading q, but honestly, the more I find out–looking back, q not a prophet, never claimed to be, but it all seems to be happening. It’s like a flow chart.


    • gda says:

      John McCain is an Angry Democrat?

      Might as well be.I guess….

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    • There is a post on Reddit this morning which addresses this.

      Did Eric Schmidt set up a special server in NK?

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      • Countrywatch says:

        Thank you for this link. Rush Limbaugh sums up the Clinton server/email situation rather simply: she wasn’t prosecuted because it would show Obama apparently lied:

        I would go further, and suggest that this email system, apparently set up Eric Schmidt, allowed key individuals to run a “shadow government” for apparently nefarious purposes. I also believe that President Trump has all the information he needs, but it has to come out to the public in an ordered way with cases against individuals methodically built up. This week again will be critical as the House is going to take all steps necessary to obtain withheld information (Nunes/Bartiromo) and those congressmen will have to choose whether to be seen as part of the clean up or cover up.

        How has P Trump got all the information? The EO of 21 December gave him extraordinary powers. There is no point in individuals lying as he/his intelligence service knows it all. However, the exposure and bringing down of the individuals effecting the coup on Trump/President Trump has to be managed legally, of course, and methodically. Too slow maybe for some, but vital. President Trump also has the intelligence on the whole range of wrondoing including human and child sex trafficking, drug running, war mongering, nuclear/Ur1 issues. For those who do not know, it was apparently the “generals” who asked Trump to run for President. They had had enough of the corruption.
        The “keystone” is sometimes referred to in all of this as the basis of the whole operation:
        Key = military intelligence; Stone = the military hardware needed in combination with the intelligence to defeat the deep state.

        President Trump has all of this supporting him. Many of the Q posts taunt the wrongdoers (the deep state operatives read the Q posts), saying “We are watching you/listening to you” or stating the numbers of people present in the current supposedly clandestine meeting, and where they are holding said meeting. There is CCTV and other footage e.g. apparently of Page and Strozk in London on their way to meet UK intelligence. It is all recorded/documented.

        P Trump or someone close to him had to find a way of getting all of this intelligence out to the public over the months before legal action and the final denouements take place, and the information drops, often based on military and other intelligence, were made in the form of cryptic and not so cryptic clues, in order to legally convey vital information.

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        • Larry Bucar says:

          Could be wrong but I think PDJT is methodically accumulating the evidence as you say, will drop the fussion-helium bomb on the deep state Wed Nov 7 2018 when he sees a super majority in both houses, hang tight all, hang tight and VOTE MAGA Nov 6!

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        • principled says:

          I recall ES meeting PDJT at the White House in the last 100 days?

          And I recall the talking heads wondering what it was about… back when silicon valley was in the news for something?

          Well found a link from January so 150 days ago!



        • Yes agree with you about Obama being implicated but he is on her server so he is caught now because he lied about not knowing about it. I also read that the military was going to run a coup against Obama in 2010 or 2012 but decided to get Trump to run instead. It’s a slow process but it needs to be done that way. There is too much corruption to rush through it all. Trump is much smarter than any of them give him credit to their detriment. No wonder they are having a fit knowing that Trump and Kim have met and probably discussed the server info. That was never on anyone’s radar ever.

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          • TPW says:

            Well ……..maybe I’m dumb but I don’t make the connection between Trump and the military. I can see that the military would have it out for Obama……but Trump being their ideal pick…..Don’t see it. I mean who….before he ran…..would have thought of all the people Trump would be the perfect candidate to beat Hitllery.


            • Maquis says:

              Maybe people smart enough to recognize his intelligence and skills? Not saying I’m yet on board with the entire “recruited” theory, but people have been asking Trump about running for President for ages. He has been a potential, even obvious, candidate for some time.

              No surprise that Patriots seeking a Lion to save America would notice, vet, and recruit Trump. Especially if they had the intelligence resources to know he would, and could, play for the right team.

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      • Countrywatch says:

        Interesting tweet by Lisa Mei Crowley:
        . I’m more & more convinced Eric Schmidt is cooperating & has turned over proof of Gmail draft comms btwn the 13 mbrs of Hussein’s Admin incl Hussein. They know @POTUS has everything. The unredacted report will reveal all. POTUS has EO to compel release ready to go if needed.

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      • Lady in Red says:

        And…Kim fired several Generals…NK Deep State. Kim wants protection.

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  3. Angry Dumbo says:

    Pound the facts, great news here!

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  4. Angry Dumbo says:

    Crack team ready to review Weiners laptop with gloves on.

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  5. Donzo says:

    Thank God Strzok is getting anti-bias training over there in Human Resources. When you set out to defy every principle of law enforcement and use your power to engage in sedition against the USA by attempting to subvert an election, anti-bias training is the clear choice for remediation. Thank you, Director Wray, for your wise counsel and concerted efforts in acknowledging the problems in your agency and taking proactive measures against them. What a relief. I’m ready now to drop this whole thing and go fishin’.

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    • Lady in Red says:

      Strzok is probably charged with leading the training. Wouldn’t surprise me one bit. We are in Bizarro World.

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    • DJ says:

      “Thank God Strzok is getting anti-bias training over there in Human Resources.”

      No, no, no… You completely missed the point here.

      Strzok isn’t RECEIVING anti-bias training, he is DESIGNING the course material!

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    • Concerned says:

      LOL, Good-thing the American citizens were not paying for them to commit Treason, and of course Comey, Strzok, Page, Clapper, Hillary Clinton never used government equipment in order to perform Sedition.

      And, my personal favorite. I am so glad that they performed all of their investigative actions without intent.

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    • ladypenquin says:

      People “say” he is still employed at the FBI, but that isn’t anything the FBI would be able to confirm or deny. Fairly sure he has no security clearances, the only “job” he could have would be counting paper clips. Letting him have access to personnel information in HR, would be unacceptable as well. That’s personal information on people, again something he shouldn’t have access to.

      I picture him being escorted even to the bathroom, they do that if you don’t have clearances and you’re in the building. Maybe his “circle” of friends are shunning him, after all, he is radioactive. Wonder how his wife and kids are fairing – though they’re likely friends with lefties so they’re getting sympathy.


      • Ris Eruwaedhiel says:

        The part about being escorted to the lavatory happened to me when I went for a job interview at a private corporation in Newark, NJ.

        I wonder how Father’s Day at the Strzok and Page households is faring. No doubt, family and friends see him as a hero in his attempt to “stop” Donald Trump, but the adultery would not go down well. Even SJWs have a problem with adultery when they are the victim.


      • TPW says:

        Strzok may be stilled employed because he may know too much….in other words he could bring down some heavy hitters.


        • Maquis says:

          He’s a cooperating “witness.” He’s been flipped. He’s hoping to avoid a noose. Or, maybe, he wants that noose rather than Gitmo. I would. But shame is not as popular, nor prevalent, as it once was. See OJ and his enabling circle of morally corrupt haters…


    • Farmkid says:

      Why isn’t the NYPD being interviewed?
      Doesn’t the NDAA allow arrest and open ended detention of citizens “suspected” to be terrorists, no due process or legal representation? It’s time to pick up a few of these suspects and begin interrogation. Guantanamo is open for business! Gina, Gina are you there?


      • Maquis says:

        Who ever said they aren’t being interviewed? Does not the IG report demonstrate that they have been?

        Curious all the “Why nots?” floating around? Seeing as how PDJT is saving the US, her Constitution, and the World, as well as himself and his family, perhaps we should be asking “Why?” instead. Sans all the “Trump has to do X, Y, and Z.” 🙄


  6. LM says:

    This corruption that sickens us and seems so entrenched exists because we have enabled it for years.

    The entitled and flagrant abuse of power engaged in by the Left has existed for years because we have never made them pay a price.

    There should be hundreds of conservative attorneys working to bankrupt and take out liberal strongholds the way liberals have gone after our side.

    Why do we only have Judicial Watch?

    How do we make this happen?

    If there is ever going to be any accountability for bias, politically motivated discrimination against us, snd unlawful actions targeting conservatives we might have to do some of the heavy lifting ourselves.

    The out of control behavior we see at the top of government agencies is duplicated in every area liberals gain a foothold. There are discriminatory policies and actions operating in our schools, in all local and federal government agencies, in the press, and even in our health care systems…especially mental health.

    Our efforts to be good citizens and do our jobs and keep our mouths shut so we can get an education and work has put us in the position of being 2nd class citizens with less freedom and opportunity than illegal tresspassers who receive first class benefits and opportunities at our expense.

    I think it does not hurt to call and leave messages with the AG office, Congress, and even the Whitehouse.

    And I think there are still areas that we can influence in our churches, homes, and in social interactions.

    Perhaps we should also discriminate ourselves, by hiring and buying from Deplorables in order to further strengthen our cause.

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    • Sugarhillhardrock says:

      Right on, LM.
      I am waiting to see if justice is administered to the conspirators and their supporters. Avoiding commerce with them is a good idea.
      If justice is not meted out, justice will have to be served by other means. The lefties won’t like that one bit.

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    • Stickboy says:

      Everything needs to be declassified and thrown on the table so everyone can take a good look at it, no matter who is destroyed by doing so.

      Nice guys finish last.
      It’s probably not wise to finish last in this game.

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    • SalixVeridi says:

      YES! We must not be silent.

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    • piper567 says:

      LM, great post.
      I think our great President knows exactly what you are saying is the truth.
      I believe his emphasis on “the forgotten man” is based on his understanding that good citizens have been screwed over the decades, and penalized in effect, for minding our own business, raising families, and paying taxes.
      We have not been ideologically driven as have our enemies.
      We also, in good faith, have thought our representatives actually had our best interests in mind…that we made choices in the occasional election.
      Before someone says this is not true, recall how many here, even on this board, have confessed to being hoodwinked by, say, W, when he was elected. I sure was.
      It has taken a man of the stature of Trump, and people writing the truth such as sundance, to open our eyes, to even the Uniparty concept, much less the breadth and depth of corruption in our Government.
      I do not think America is going to turn back into its sleepiness.
      I believe Trump’s Greatest favor to our Great Country will be the fact he woke us up, helping us to recall our history and heritage of precious Freedom.
      By the time he is ready to pass the baton, I truly believe this Country will be much different.
      And he understands the importance of his successor; I have no anxiety ab KAG.


    • THE WRAITH says:



  7. anthohmy says:

    Oh wait, we know for sure they didn’t have the data – never mind the metadata to deduplicate the emails because the Clinton Cabal turned all the email over in paper, not electronic form. That always strozk me as an attempt to hide something, as the metadata would show things like the ip where the email was sent from etc.

    Given that Combetta was asked to change the metadata on the emails (to evade a metadata search via a warrant?) it seems that the metadata would be particularly important and one hopes that the FBI has turned all the complete digital records over to the State Department who can update the FOIA released emails with the actual digital files with the metadata intact so we can compare all those emails to the ones Team Hillary went to massive effort to print (hours, days ) rather than putting them on a thumb drive.

    How come the FBIers let Team Hillary and her attorneys decide what was personal but they want to decide for Cohen, btw?

    Speaking of miscarriages.

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  8. mimbler says:

    This makes it difficult for me to believe that Horowitz and team were doing a true investigation. A team of people investigating for over a year, but they never ascertained that a review of the emails on Weiner’s notebook was actually accomplished.

    That is a very basic step, and one that would be squarely in the scope of this “investigation”.

    What it looks like to me is that Horowitz assembled the factual portion of the report to cover the items the public already knew about, and then minimized the impact of those in his summary and conclusions.

    Seems like anytime we are told over and over how much integrity someone has (Comey, Mueller, etc.) we eventually discover the opposite.

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    • Former lurker says:

      I think Horowitz as IG has a limited amount of amperage to apply to “the matter”. Rules and regulations that mean nothing to scheming curroptocrats must absolutely and meticulously be observed by the IG.

      Huber has the juice to go after those who are no longer required to interact with the IG, and he can make deals with the threat of jail time to back him up.

      Horowitz is recon. Uniparty in Congress will Gowdy up some meaningless subpoena/contempt noise once they are spotted, but the schwerpunkt is Huber, not Horowitz.

      Looks like FBI tried to make sure no other copies existed. Did a “stressed” FBI IT whiz in NY who was worried about being the fall guy and potential Arkancide make an insurance policy for himself? Did NYPD make a “just in case” copy? Maybe NK hackers gave Kim something to bargain with?

      Tom Clancy, eat your heart out.

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    • smartyjones1 says:

      The senior levels of the FBI and DOJ spent weeks arguing over whether there should even be a peek inside the laptop.

      These people bent over backward like they were Hillary Clinton lawyers, not the main law enforcement arm of the American people.

      This is superb analysis on a key aspect of evidence that can’t be wished away with “intent” or “bias” or any other subjective guessing game of feelings outside the actual law.

      Simply a superb catch and deconstruction by SD. This is a major catch and will be picked up by Congressional staff leading into the hearings with IG Michael Horowitz this week.

      Big hat tip to SD for a superb breakdown on a major revelation.

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      • mimbler says:

        Yes, he’s done a great job highlighting it and publicizing it in a way that can’t be ignored.


      • KBR says:

        One BIG problem is that US Law says that evidence about child abuse (includes sex abuse and worse) MUST be turned over to a Child Abuse Specialist Department in the DOJ that MUST be/have been set up by the AG.

        Not one of the agents mentioned who debated whether to look or not look at that Weiner laptop are in such a specialist group.

        Therefore all of them broke that law. Apparently the AG is breaking that law also by merely slapping their hands for bending regulations, when they actually each BROKE That Federal LAW.

        Seems a small thing in light of all that is going on. But it is not.

        Children are being harmed. The law, designed to protect them, is being broken.

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    • jbowen82 says:

      I think it’s possible the classified annex addresses whether the review was actually
      done. No idea whether that’s true, of course.


    • The Phantom Stranger says:

      I think any self-respecting conservative expecting anything good coming from future IG reports is dead wrong. That is why it’s laughable when elected Republicans come on Fox News to now tell us wait for the next IG report. I guess they have to pacify us, somehow.

      The IG will bend over backwards to minimize political fall-out for the Democrats and the current Establishment, aided by their allies running the Justice Department. Everything we saw from the first IG report indicates it was timed for release to aid the Democrats, giving them the ability to neutralize any findings with media spin throughout the liberal echo chamber.

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      • Sure, but none of that matters in the long run.

        Because “nuclear” destruction is coming to the establishment one world evil-doers.

        Sometimes the global picture is actually the one to look at, in order to not be blinded by the noise of “our” national deep state cucks. Those who think we “deserve” moar information/action and demand it NOW are simply far too anxious. Art of War.

        You either trust Trump at this point or you don’t.

        I do, because it has to happen and he knows it.


      • Perot Conservative says:

        How did Horowitz allow someone else to write a 180-degree different intro and summary?


        • piper567 says:

          Perot, this arrangement was something sundance explained.
          Apparently it is the method followed in these cases.
          But we were forewarned.


      • TPW says:

        Could this be why Sessions when pressed about Russia/spygate he turned it over to IG…..


      • piper567 says:

        TPS, I believe the deceit, lies, and obfuscation will eventually reach a critical mass which the President will respond to.
        I think Trump is on top of the fact that all level of agents remain whose primary interest are continuing in their criminal ways.
        And he surely knows that all current attempts to cover up are nothing but CYAs.
        I, too, wish he did not have to intervene, but I am confidant that he will…when he decides things have gone too far.
        Both in tweets and in interviews, he has said he may have to intervene.
        I am also confidant that he knows what is going on in the bowels of these horribly compromised agencies.
        I do not believe he will stand for “all of this” being swept under the rug.


  9. Let's roll says:

    So the same team above who exonerated Hillary before the Her Fake Criminal Investigation began is the same team who moved to Mueller’s Group and declared Trump guilty of SetUpFake crimes before the SC was in place?!? weakling, slippery Wray will have ‘FBI political Bias Training Day.’ No Way!

    Listen up wicked, corrupt 13 listed above – and more. The Great American Public is Woke.

    You Will Reap What You Sowed.


  10. JX says:

    More than 500 pages documenting motive, opportunity, and actions – and AG Sessions downplays it, calls for additional training and “recommitting to our values”.

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  11. hatterasgal says:

    and I will be reporting for federal jury duty in the morning…………wish me luck!!!

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  12. TomA says:

    A coup against an elected president has been in progress for 2 years now and the perpetrators run the DOJ/FBI so there is no conventional means of stopping it. As things stand now, not only will the coup continue, and the conspirators get a pass, but they are now demanding the privilege of being allowed to break every law and Constitutional right in order to guarantee success. Congress could step up and impeach these seditionists, but more than half of them are part of the conspiracy. The last line of defense is the people of this country.

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    • Paco Loco says:

      “None dare call it treason.” The Coup is still operational with a willful destruction of documents, computer files etc. continuing even after subpoenas by Congress. This is obstruction of justice. Mueller, the Special Council who has no restrictions, is using KGB like tactics to terrorize the opposition to the investigation and is ruthless in his endless dirt digging and bending of laws and statutes. It is indeed a witch hunt par excellence.

      The OIG report makes it abundantly clear that the FBI and DoJ were used by the Obama Whitehouse in 2016/17 to smear candidate Trump as a Russian collaborator using SpyCraft, FISA courts and FBI malfeasance to disrupt the presidential election in favor of Clinton.

      Unable to accept their defeat, a month after they lost the election, Obama stirred up anti Russian sentiment by accusing Russian diplomats of interference in US politics, expelling them from the country. Obama, through his Whitehouse minions, and with extreme malice, ordered the FBI go to work framing Trumps people like Flynn and others for collusion with Russia purposely creating political mayhem in the Trump transition team moved to take power.

      Obama ordered his staff and the CIA and FBI to disrupt the transition of power and ordered Schumer and Pelosi to fight every Trump nominee to positions in the new government. Plus, There’s clearly been unprecedented obstruction by the Democrats in Congress like Schiff to investigating the Obama dirty tricks brigade.

      Trumps big newby mistake was to appoint Sessions AG who immediately (as if he was preprogrammed to) recused himself from ending the dirty tricks and delegated his AG authority to a dirty AAG Rosenstein who Trump also mistakenly reappointed. RR who actually authorized FISA warrants after Trump was elected in 2017, illegally appointed Mueller as a Special Council to continue the Coup D’etat which goes on to this day.

      For over a year, Mueller and his politically biased team of prosecutors, have conducted an unprecedented scorched earth investigation of the Trump campaign and have destroyed the lives of Trump partisans Flynn, Manafort, Gates, Cohen, Page, Poppadopolis and their families for supposedly committing crimes unrelated to the election. One has to be blind not to see and feel outrage at Muellers tactics and animas toward a legitimate President Trump.

      Now the IG report on the Clinton email scandal is released and while it reveals clear political bias and under handed behavior by FBI/DoJ, no indictments are recommended. A big nothingburger despite the detailing of malfeasance by the FBI. No heads have rolled.

      Today, there are rumors by Guilliani that Muellers investigation will issue a report soon. However, since this is an ongoing coup to destroy Trump, It’s unlikely that these investigations will end before the Nov. elections.

      What we have here folks is Civil War 2.0 with one side unafraid to use any weapon or tactic. The Dems are becoming desperate and will use anything out of “the tyrants playbook” to take down the Trump government including stealing the Nov. elections.

      We the Deplorables must raise up and demand through our representatives in Congress that this political witch hunt be ended and the coup leadership be fired and patriots be appointed to replace the saboteurs that are actively working to destroy the Republic.


      • TPW says:

        Yes, and don’t forget the Dems big take away/lie they are selling …. Hillary’s investigation was public during her campaign but Trump’s was not……therefore hurting her chances. But the real reason Trumps investigation was not announced because they were spying on his campaign. They issued illegal FISA warrants and had to find a reason to justify those. The Cat was going to be out of the bag once Trump got into office. This whole thing is surreal to believe that none of us would question the evidence nor rightfully demand equal justice. It is like the ACA obama care vote….we were just flat out ignored and I’m afraid we will be again.


      • zucccchini says:

        Judicial Branch, ie, Rosenstein, will NOT release any more info since they do not have to if it contains information THEY claim is to be used to prosecute the POTUS. They do not have to release that until he has been charged. I see this going no place for another 2 or 3 months. They are going to string this out past November elections, to be sure.


        • singular says:

          Paco, you are so right. Regarding “None Dare Call It Treason” you know, Pres. Reagan used to buy caseloads of that book and give them away all over the place.


    • You are correct in that “we” are the last line of defense. We are needed already though, being active locally to help destroy the infection of “the false song of globalism” which is consistent with the fake “progressivism” being foisted upon all of us including our most innocent beginning in “kindergarten”, now even “pre-school”.

      PDJT already told us, and more than once, he will step in at the right time. Apparently, many of us don’t believe that… easily understood after decades of being lied to and totally thought of as sheople.

      But, did he run a winning campaign and landslide the electoral process? On time and under budget? For what? Moar of the same?

      Nervous Nellies Need Not apply. We are living in Trump’s world now, we need to get used to not knowing what’s next until it has already happened with positive results.


  13. blondegator says:

    I’ve read about half of Chapter 10 of the report, which is the early days of the FBI’s NYO getting their hands on the Weiner laptop, technical procedures, discovery of HRC/HA emails, and notifying people on up the chain of command, including DC….and the very convenient forgetfulness in HQ by the “bigs”. Seems the peons in the field office follow rules to the letter….but the higher up you go in the chain of command, the more fuzzy reality gets in retrospect. (yes, sarcasm in force).

    The other interesting thing I noticed (sorry, late to the party, haven’t read the 800+ preceding comments) about Strzok’s statement of “amazing de-duplicating speedy process” is that the original TWO techs in NYO, who “found” the Clinton e-mails, stated (early on in Chapter 10), that it was VERY SLOW GOING, just copying the files and reading the metadata (headers). Like two days of boring, slow work.

    Furthermore, these two NYO techs apparently recorded very accurately exactly what steps they took. One of them seemed to have perfect recall, no doubt from notes, documenting that what he (or she) was doing was clearly within the scope of the NYO’s search warrant. One can tell by their statements that they were crossing every “t” and dotting every “i” with the prosecution of Weiner in mind, and following all investigatory procedures to the letter.

    Compare and contrast what they were doing in NYO with the “Midyear” team, and the contrast could not be starker Steps were skipped, people were purposefully kept in the dark, and it seems as though McCabe decided to let this slide by all of the aforementioned “no action” in order to wait out the clock and keeping the pertinent e-mails on the Weiner laptop out of the public eye.

    Shameful all the way around. Has anyone heard a timeline for indictments, etc. on the misprision of office discovered in this portion of the IG report? OTOH, I hope the two techs in the NYO, and their managers, get some official kudos for doing their job well, and not letting this *matter* fall off the face of the earth. Without them, we’d probably still be in the dark.

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  14. rudy1876 says:

    Obama speaking at Bilderburg. Happy head explode day.



  15. No one is going to do anything anyway


  16. Kan says:

    Note – the FBI took a copy of the laptop to Quantico. Not the original Laptop

    “Midyear agents obtained a copy of the Weiner laptop from NYO immediately
    after the search warrant was signed on October 30. The laptop was taken directly
    to Quantico where the FBI’s Operational Technology Division (OTD) began
    processing the laptop.”


  17. youme says:

    “Super Spy” Stefan Halper once sued for bank fraud and RICO violations through his formation of a bank, a scheme that saw him pocket over $500K

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    • farrier105 says:

      That is the typical behavior of a contract agent. They wheel and deal all the time. Sometimes it is white collar crime. Sometimes they are drug smugglers. They are more attuned to potential opportunities than most in society.



    We now have incontrovertible PROOF of politicized animus, biased investigations and compromized management THROUGHOUT MULTIPLE TOP-DOWN LEVELS of LEADERSHIP – in both the FBI and the DOJ.
    • This proof was revealed through the PERSONAL TEXTS and EMAILS, and possibly through MULTIPLE EDITED versions of 302s and IG REPORTS.
    • We also have proof of repeated UNLAWFUL NON-RESPONSES, ILLEGAL OMISSIONS of documents and FRAUDULENT REDACTIONS to documents produced under subpoena over YEARS of Congressional Investigations and FOIA DEMANDS.
    • These levels of management have RIDDLED their agencies with COMPROMISED employees that they have hired, groomed and corrupted over DECADES of CONTROL.


    There is no other way to identify and remove EVERY COMPROMISED members both agencies and restore their integrity.

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    • If there is evidence that any “group” has demonstrated consistent political radicalization, any members of that “group” considered for future federal employment MUST be EXTREME VETTED for such political radicalization.

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      • Start with where and how individuals and “groups” ARE RADICALIZED, GET RADICALIZED or RADICALIZE OTHERS at HIGHER RATES of INCIDENCE:
        • Specific Educational Institutions
        • Specific Employers
        • Specific Work Roles
        • Specific Non-Work Roles and Memberships (NGOs, Foundations, Political PACs)
        • Specific Donation and Volunteer Affiliations
        • Specific Circles of Friends and Operatives (Soros, USCOC, Antifa, Muslim Brotherhood)


    • betseyross says:

      Sounds like a great plan.

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    • Concerned says:

      Lets see, how long has the investigations been going on without one prosecution. I am not expecting it until after all the people involved die of old age.

      Look at the Kennedy assassination records blocked by the CIA for decades.

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  19. youme says:

    Interesting footnote. Peter Kadzik and his lawyer were caught lying to the IG about his “heads up” email to John Podesta.

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  20. Navy says:

    FOXNEWS, CNN, and the rest of the Deep State have changed the narrative from:


    Bias is similar to collusion.
    Even if you prove it …. it’s still just a word.
    The bias debate is meant to be a circular endless debate.


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    • Larry Bucar says:

      Nah, he doesn’t need to do anything except what his instincts tell him, you just need to TURN OFF THE effing MSM, including the losers at fox (there are a few exceptions)

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    • mimbler says:

      Yes, and every human being has bias, it’s just a matter of degree.

      Focus on the spying; that’s a criminal act.


  21. brenrod says:

    sessions, wray and rosenstein support the continuing cover up of the massive doj, fbi, cia, corruption…. they are as corrupt as those whose crimes they are covering up


    • Lady in Red says:

      Still trust President Trump. He doesn’t want to make one false move. It’s too big.

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    • JX says:

      Rosenstein and Comey staged the firing of Comey. Then the accusation was Trump fired Comey to obstruct the “Russia collusion” investigation. Then Comey leaked his illegally possessed government documents to the press for the stated purpose of having a special counsel appointed. Then Rosenstein appointed a special counsel. Rosenstein issued a defective authorization memo to Mueller. Rosenstein then retro-actively authorized Mueller’s actions. Rosenstein fed Mueller a dead investigation from years ago as a pretense to support the “russia collusion” narrative.

      The AG does nothing.


  22. Stab, the unstoppable hero says:

    There are a lot of posts the last 2 days so forgive me if this idea has already been floated. It’s about those angry conservative lawyers mentioned earlier by LM. Instead of asking us for money like Judicial Watch, they should be preparing to make a ton of it on their own.
    Start broadcasting commercials on cable programming advertising lawsuits specifically tailored to anyone who has been investigated and/or charged by the FBI during the tenure of James Comey. As more of his transgressions are exposed (even the minor ones) the percentages for a successful monetary settlement will appear more likely. In fact, the identity of MANY more FBI employees could be used in the commercials as quickly as they are identified. If Lisa Page from DOJ was involved at some point in your clients case. Bingo. If Strzok or McCabe (certified LIARS) were involved in a clients trial you can easily establish grounds for a lawsuit.
    This “Legal Jeopardy” conversation has been brought up before but only in the context of this investigative timeline and the PROFIT factor has not been discussed at all that I’m aware of. If you are a lawyer, ACT NOW. Start putting out commercials comparable to those you have seen so often concerning asbestos exposure, phony heart medicine, cell phone cancer, etc etc.. These advertisements are aired constantly so I’m assuming they must be PROFITABLE $$$. Also, as the list of exposed conspirators in the FBI and DOJ grows larger, so will your customer base. You get to pick and choose your cases depending on their severity & you can factor in the race and ethnicity of the accused. Imagine if Comey was director when a gay, crippled, undocumented immigrant, drug addict with a facial tattoo was jailed. One or two false imprisonment case wins alone could put millions of $$$ in your pocket! Even more importantly tho would be your aid in the destruction of the pig establishment.
    Capitalist lawyers of America. Make money & help President Trump save our freedoms.
    Win – Win.


  23. Two points here. Apologies in advance for length. SD says:

    “There is a great deal of inconsistent application of law surrounding classified information. There is also a great deal of fatigue surrounding discussion of those inconsistent applications. Contradictions, inconsistency and obtuse justifications are as rampant in our midst as the political narratives shaping them.”

    Politics dispatches justice. Call it the political relativization of justice –not to mention the preparatory platform constructed and awaiting the Man of Lawlessness.

    One book Dershowitz has been citing (in fact he wrote the intro to it) is Three Felonies a Day: How the Feds Target the Innocent by Harvey Silverglate. Laws have become so vague that the average American commits on average of three a day. All that is missing is for the Gestapo to take an interest in any of us such as they have with Manafort, whose complex, international business dealings spanning decades probably houses hundreds of years of jail time for the intrepid investigator to uncover. And Mueller’s gang is nothing if not intrepid.

    It’s actually pretty frightening. We are all situational felons ripe for the plucking. The only way for the Obama/Clinton gang to go to jail is under a Republican DOJ and vice versa. Let’s sidestep the Sessions/Rosenstein debate here. But you get the point. Obama should be scared because the justice pendulum has swung into the enemy camp.

    To another SD point:

    “not only is there a need for a special counsel, but there is a brutally obvious need for multiple special counsels”

    Early in my career I was drafted onto a ‘Tiger Team’. The company rationale was that we had just won a large high-visibility project and that a rapid response team needed to be lifted out of the line function groups so that the project could be performed on successfully. It occurred to me that the division head was tacitly admitting to the sloth and dysfunction of his larger group. It begged the question. Why have a 200-staff division if everything important that came along had to be taken away from it? Maybe we didn’t need a tiger team. Maybe we needed a better Division Head.

    I’m sympathetic to Sessions’ argument that DOJ should be normalized back into performing on the crucial justice issues facing the nation. There should be limited need (in a functioning organization) for super-duper sidebar groups to perform on the ostensible responsibilities of the larger group. Even Gowdy pointed out that Mueller’s SC managed to multiple conflicts-of-interest, not reduce them.

    Alternatively, let’s collapse DOJ as a standing organization and create ad hoc counsels as we need them. Maybe that’s not as crazy as it sounds. Standing organizations breed corruption. Let’s move to Maoist permanent revolutionshttp://stateofthenation2012.com/?p=100067


  24. LULU says:

    Sorry, but cannot plow through 900+ Replies. Hope this has not already been posted:



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    • LULU says:

      It is unclear why it was so important to McCabe that information about the Clinton probe not be “filtered through multiple layers of management,” the IG report said, but officials may have believed that it would be inappropriate or abnormal to share certain information with him.

      The IG report said numerous people in the FBI were telling McCabe to recuse himself from the Clinton probe due to the appearance of conflict. McCabe resisted recusal and got into an “argument” and tense conversations with FBI officials.

      A lot of info in this article, including the fact that Page did not want to work for McCabe. Details about her being concerned about why she, a lawyer, would be his assistant. Held out for “special counsel to” title before she’d accept job.

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  25. Paul Murphy says:


    The tech related comments are nonsense. If we assume the laptop ran windows (most do, all other major os/email combos are easier to deal with) then we can assume that the email files could be sent to a printer. In almost all cases that print file can be intercepted to put the printer ready form in a file – (basically the difficulty of doing a print-to-file depends on the software but there isn’t anything out there which will print but cannot be tricked into producing a text file. In most cases, it’s trivial.)

    Once you have a text file including all msgs it is a tedious but simple task to build a script (on Unix/Linux, of course – it’s a major pain under windows) to process it. I could do it with Perl in under an hour – even an awk/sed combo would work.

    That script would produce a delimited text file with specific fields for From, To, Date, Content, etc and that file could then be sorted, searched, etc with unique records easily listed and text contents subject to unique and combinatorial word search using nothing more than ordinary sh tools like sort, uniq, comm, and various greps.

    Basically any competent tech given the laptop at 9:00 AM, should be able to answer all significant questions by noon – and provide both page through and text search access to the records at the same time.


    • squattybody says:

      Absolutely true. And per my post below, they were only looking for non-dups.


    • Dr.Jay says:

      The problem IS NOT the Weiner laptop emails, regardless of how many duplicates due to multiple backups.
      The problem is that the original Clinton email set (which she submitted to State & FBI), the set that they must compare the Weiner collection to, IS NOT in original email format. They are PRINTOUTS to PDF.

      Look what it says on top: “View original PDF”
      A PDF is not the original, it is merely a print to PDF file of the original email. You lose most or all of the email adresses, you are only left with names. Dates are as displayed in timezone of person who prints, not original date/time.

      ——— example starts, first lines ——

      From: Cheryl Mills
      To: Hillary Clinton

      Date: 2010-06-30 17:44
      Subject: CNN ON SYRIA

      UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department of State Case No. F-2014-20439 Doc No. C05769255 Date: 08/31/2015


      From: Mills, Cheryl D

      Sent: Friday, July 2, 2010 12:44 AM

      Subject: Fw: CNN on Syria

      Original Message —

      From: Alec Ross
      To: Mills, Cheryl D; Reines, Philippe I; Sullivan, Jacob J; ChoIlet, Derek H; Crowley, Philip J; (U) Benton, Cheryl A

      Cc: Toiv, Nora F
      Sent: Thu Jul 01 19:44:47 2010

      Subject: CNN on Syria

      Washington (CNN) — Sometimes foreign policy isn’t best digested 140 characters at a time.

      ——— example ends ——

      Notice the issues?
      1. No actual email addresses, with only a few exceptions. That is the norm when printing. It will print only the name that you have assigned to the email address.
      From: Cheryl Mills
      To: Hillary Clinton

      versus the rare occurrences like this:
      From: Mills, Cheryl D

      2. Date/times a mess See the differences in how date time is displayed, that is all you get as this is a print out.
      Date: 2010-06-30 17:44 which is ISO format
      versus Sent: Friday, July 2, 2010 12:44 AM
      or Sent: Thu Jul 01 19:44:47 2010

      3. A printout to PDF can be changed after printing
      You can change date/time, To/From, remove or add stuff. These are not DKIM signed actual email files, these are mere printouts to editable PDF.
      See the odd To field being empty in a mail send to ” “…. That can’t work.
      Sent: Friday, July 2, 2010 12:44 AM
      I know of no other way to remove the To: other than after printing. You can’t send an email to thin air.

      4. Emails not exactly same, as these are forwards to & reply’s from Huma
      As I said earlier, the ones in Huma’s/Weiner set will be forwards etc, so the date/time, To/Form and first lines will be different.

      Say original is (pure fake example of course, in the original you would have date time & actual email-addresses. Plus of course there would not be a (C) in subject line 🙂 :
      From: Cheryl Mills
      To: Hillary Clinton
      Subject: (C) Report on renewed position on Syria
      Hi, see attachment.


      Yet after being forwarded to Huma it is:
      From: Hillary Clinton
      To: Huma Abbedin
      Subject: FW: (C) Report on renewed position on Syria
      Print this. need for meet tm

      From: Cheryl Mills
      To: Hillary Clinton
      Subject: (C) Report on renewed position on Syria
      Hi, see attachment.


      So the issue is NOT the emails on the Weiner laptop. It is comparing that set (after de-dupping) with the set of 30k emails in PDF format that Clinton submitted, after culling the full set.
      Clinton never handed over any emails, she only handed over printouts of the originals.

      Scripting for that may be possible, but it’s quite a challenge.
      To write a custom program, that matches parts of text from the PDFs with parts of texts in email files, in order to see to what extent these match, will likely take quite a few days, given the challenges explained above (and no doubt other issues).

      So good luck in matching the Weiner set after de-dup (say 60000, or whatever) with the known Clinton set of about 30000.
      With 3 people, in less than one week. Quite a challenge.


      • jeans2nd says:

        De-dup is run on metadata, is it not?
        There was no metadata, which would render any attempt at de-dup inaccurate, would it not?
        Serious question, not trying to be flip.


  26. squattybody says:

    I’ve written thousands of lines of de-dup code in my career. It is NOT “wizardry” except to non-programmers. It is the programming equivalent of pick-and-shovel work with a lot of guess-and-check thrown in. So looking at this from that perspective, and with more trust in the Lead Analyst that any one else in this report, I can see a scenario where what happened is less troubling than what SD posits in this article. Words I hesitate to say because of my respect and extreme gratitude for what Sun Dance and his/her team do.

    The ability to de-dup is based on running a set of variables (metadata) from the email on the laptop against the same set of variables against the emails the MYE team had already reviewed. The variables would have been things like (at least) the “From:”, the “To:”, the “Subject”, etc. I’m sure the OTD group at Quantico have even more subtle variables to match against but that’s the idea.

    The reason to run a de-dup is initially not to get the duplicates. Those usually only matter when you’re satisfied your code set has kicked out the fewest number of items that are NOT duplicates that you can figure out how to program. In this case the FBI OTD team were only interested in the emails that were not duplicates since the duplicates had (supposedly) already been reviewed previously by the MYE team. As I read the OIG report, that was at most 3,077 emails that could not be “automatically de-duplicated”, meaning they had to be reviewed manually.

    For 3 or 4 people taking approximately 1,000 emails apiece, reviewing those over a long weekend is absolutely possible. Subsequent text in the report leads me to believe that’s what happened. But since the IG didn’t specifically say that in the report, it can only be inferred. However, when I concentrate on what the Lead Analyst said I believe that’s probably what happened. Now, whether or not they really did a good job of review, whether or not they found anything important in those 3,077 emails and hid it, whether or not they actually did anything over the “long weekend” of Nov 4-6 but sit around and text each other and drink coffee would be some good follow-up questions under oath.

    MAGA and thank you Sun Dance and team!

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    • Maquis says:

      What would it matter how many were dupes if it is known that at least 33,000 emails had been wiped, post supeona receipt, from The Beast’s Spy’s Smorgasboard Server?

      They reviewed a fraction of the Beast Approved messages, but had proof at least ten times that had been burned after they were lawfully required to be produced. So there was reason to suspect that any number of them could have been responsive to the defied supeona, n’est-ce pas?

      The wizardy could merely hasten the task of zeroing in on likely items of concern, but could not possibly have been an exact nor exhaustive examination of the evidence.

      Also, while they confined themselves to reviewing the 3,000-something emails from the Beast Approved batch, that is no indication that the new task, 1.3M files, 300,000 emails, and 300,000 Blackberry messages, would produce the same measely few thousand files needing eyes-on examination.

      In fact, there is no reference or indication whatsoever that the Blackberry messages were examined at all. There were none reviewed in the MYE. The investigation was about Clinton’s “mishandling” of classified information. Such should never have been exclusive to emails alone. If anything, those non-email messages would have appealed to the likes of Clinton as likely less-observable and less-permanent than emails. Remember the smashed Blackberries? Well, now they are in the hands of the FBI.

      I hate Special Counsels. I am not comfortable with the thought of endorsing such. But I am getting closer to acceptance of multiple independent investigations because the FBI and DOJ have utterly failed to serve our Republic, and continue to fail.

      IF we are to have SC’s, I will only be halfway okay with it if they are chosen by President Trump. Rosenstein and other Obama/Clinton stooges as the sole selectors thereof would only increase my unrest.


      • squattybody says:

        You are absolutely correct about what was destroyed and not available. And I forgot to put in the part about the Blackberry backups. It bothered me that there’s no indication in the report, inferred or otherwise that they were ever looked at.

        I’m good with whatever Trump decides to do with these weasels. He just needs to exercise his presidential authority over both the DOJ, FBI, CIA and NSA as soon as he sees fit. Everyone needs to understand that they answer to the president and are under review authority of Congress. Liberals just don’t like having to follow the same rules/laws you and I do so they’ll squeal like stuck pigs not matter when he does it.

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    • jeans2nd says:

      “The ability to de-dup is based on running a set of variables (metadata)”

      Small prob, squattybody. There was no metadata.
      Pg 389 – “The FBI analysis of the review noted that —>>>“[b]ecause metadata was largely absent…”
      Possible your explication on this was missed by me, so pls bear with me.

      The FBI tech was also given a limited range on what he was allowed to operate, also detailed on pg. 389.

      Now what?


      • squattybody says:

        Yeah, the items without metadata would kick out as non-duplicates. My point was that from reading the IG report, that would have been the 3,077 or some sub-set of those that could not be automatically de-duped. And those would have to be reviewed manually over Nov 4-6. And even if I’m correct, as stated earlier, that still leaves the issue the Blackberry backups.

        Again, even if I’m right, I believe the core of this group range from incredibly incompetent to seriously guilty. But there are a few that seem to take their job seriously. One is the NYO agent SD called out who forced the issue up to the MYE team. I think the other may be the “Lead Analyst”. I believe this is also the same person who disagreed with Comey issuing the “all clear” Nov 6 letter to Congress. And he/she stuck to their guns about it.


  27. Darren says:

    The solution is so simple. Trump needs to transfer most of DOJ/FBI HQ to the Alaska field office. No need to fire them. Bring in white hats to then investigate what happened. You need to clean out the muck before sweeping the floor….


  28. Maquis says:

    Sacred Siamese, Batman!!

    It seems the DOJ IG, while not having nailed any players to a nearby tree, did leave a number of Explosive Easter Eggs throughout for Heroes like Sundance to find.

    Shall we lob them into Jeff Sessions lap?

    CC POTUS, biensûr.



    • JX says:

      Sessions is evil.


      • JX is stupid.

        It’s just that easy to type something, isn’t it?

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        • JX says:

          Posters aren’t the topic.

          Yes, Sessions is evil. He is standing by and allowing the destruction of the rule of law.


          • Sessions wasn’t the topic either and some posters make themselves the topic.

            You are simply talking out your backside with no knowledge at all of Jeff Sessions.

            None. So expect some to call you out on your ridiculous statement(s).


          • American Male says:

            Good ie. “competent”, prosecutors, Sessions and Huber, are NOT going to show their hand or divulge “evidence” that will be used at trial until indictments are announced and the defense requests “discovery”, anything shared with Congressional committees at this point is subject to leaking by Bugeye Schiff and Eric Swallowswell, we don’t want defendants or their co-conspirators/accomplices knowing what’s about to befall them.

            Remember it took EIGHTEEN (18) months to nail Al Capone, busting John Gotti Sr. took even longer, we want these prosecutions of the Deep State and Clinton Crime Family to be airtight, we also want convictions that can’t be overturned on appeal and the way to get that is to FIRST clean house at the FBI & DOJ, we don;t want anyone “throwing” the case..


            • singular says:

              American male, we need a lot more like you. thank you for the reminder. Very wise of you and thank you for the good information.


              • American Male says:

                Thank you for the compliment and recognizing something here many fail to take into consideration.

                I too await these creatures of a corrupt bureaucracy, political appointees, civil servants, and current & former elected officials, being held accountable for their crimes so does my wife but she’s impatient, she hates what’s being done to OUR president on a daily basis, she wants it over with already yet I have repeatedly cautioned her that those who committed the illegal acts have destroyed or hidden evidence, they lie to investigators and still have members of their cabal buried deep within government agencies so it takes time and a herculean effort to root them out.

                What I do know is that like with any “infestation” the eradication must be complete as we may get only once chance at this, it does no good stepping on individual roaches that wander into the open when what is required is a thorough top-to-bottom cleaning and complete destruction of the eggs/nests. No half-measures will suffice this time around.

                Liked by 1 person

                • singular says:

                  Well, I understand how your wife feels, and I keep having to scold myself back to reality. None of us has ever been in a situation like this one. It is not politics, and like you, I think it unlikely in the extreme that we will get another opportunity. Would also caution you know the opposition monitors this site.


  29. BobR says:

    At every press conference with FBI,DOJ or Senator or congressmen someone should ask why Hilary has not been arrested.


  30. Ziiggii says:

    We begin reading Chapter 11 of the IG Report with a growing acceptance that not only is there a need for a special counsel, but there is a brutally obvious need for multiple special counsels;…

    I thought we all agreed that AAG Huber IS all those Special Counsel’s…🤔

    Liked by 1 person

  31. IAWulf says:

    I would be interested in “Chain of Custody” on that laptop and all the associated protocols associated with examining it. There is not an instance of that in the IG report. Plant of hits for chain as in email chains and chain of command.

    My curiosity arises from experience with urine and blood samples collected at racetracks delivered for drugs of abuse testing. Very meticulous protocols in place from sample collection to sample result reporting. For instance, the samples arrive in locked coolers with a second small plastic lock that has to be intact. Each sample is also sealed with evidence tape and contains a barcode. There is also the associated paperwork. The samples are logged in by scanning the barcode and then have to be tracked again by scanning the barcode to move them to an adjacent room for extraction of any drugs of abuse. Then more sample tracking occurs when the samples are transferred into a locked refrigerator. All in a secured lab with very limited access. This is only one small part of the whole process.

    I would imagine the FBI has even more stringent protocols and procedures in place for evidence (the laptop). If they do were the procedures followed. Wouldn’t they have people in place that are specialists in looking at such evidence on a laptop hard drive, like the guy in NY. How was Peter Strok involved in all this? Did they circumvent established protocols to get to their desired result. Sure doesn’t seem like there is anything in the IG report about all this.


  32. jeans2nd says:

    Swimming through the deep weeds of the de-dup tech that was available circa Oct 2016, there was no way to accurately do this with available technology and techniques without metadata at that time. To this day, there is no tech, no blog posts, no chatter about how to de-dup accurately without metadata, and without changing the data.

    FBI took Apple to court to obtain the encryption keys of the San Bernadino shooter’s phones, then withdrew the court case, also claiming “FBI wizardry” which was not true as we knew how and by whom the encryption had been broken (was not FBI).

    Every other tech breakthrough such as is claimed by Strzock/Comey/Small Group team on the Weiner laptop emails would have been shared by now. It hasn’t.

    We know NSA DB were not used, as Adm Rogers had shut down “about” queries by this time, and obtaining a FISA order would leave an unexplainable paper trail and would take too long.

    Which leaves key word searches.

    And indeed, this appears to be exactly what happened.
    OIG Report pg. 389 – “The FBI only reviewed emails to or from Clinton during the period in which she was Secretary of State…Analyst 1 stated, “I had very strict instructions that all I was allowed to do within the case was look for Hillary Clinton emails, because that was the scope of our work.” Utilizing various searches targeting Clinton’s emails, the FBI reviewed in full “approximately 48,982” items on the Weiner laptop.”

    Key word searches were performed on a smaller set of data which included only those emails with specific domain names, e.g. clintonwhatsits.whatever.

    There is a quicker way to settle all this. Show Me.
    Just show the Intel & Judiciary Cmte cleared personnel how it was done.
    Shirley there is a log of the Quantico techs detailing their work. Use that log to replicate the Quantico tech’s actions.
    You know, how the scientific method used to be.

    Liked by 1 person

    • squattybody says:

      You’re absolutely correct about not being able to automatically de-dup when the variables are missing. That’s my whole point about the 3,077 emails. They fell out and could not be de-duped so they had to be read one at a time for content. And it sounds like what they did over the long November weekend. And I’ll be the first to admit that I’m giving “Lead Analyst” a lot of credit for having some integrity.

      Of course you were also correct that this complete set of emails could very easily (probably) not be everything and the smoking gun emails were destroyed on Hillary’s command.

      Fire the whole group, maybe up to and including Sessions, unredact everything and release everything not being used for indictments. It’s up to the President as to how long this mess is going to go on.


  33. TwoLaine says:

    “Nunes says “good FBI agents” told him about Weiner laptop in late September 2016.”

    That’s why Comey HAD to write the letter to Congress that the investigation was being reopened. I bet he knew they knew.

    Were they being spied on too? Besides via the Awan Criminals.


  34. Fools Gold says:

    Just a question, what does the constitution say about a coup to overthrow the constitution, the legally elected POTUS, and the will of the people? Isn’t this where the people are suppose to bear arms and go full out assault or just take the watch and see approach?


  35. TwoLaine says:

    Footnote 191 on page 389: Sorry, you know you are doing a BB backup when you do a BB backup. It doesn’t just magically happen. Huma’s not knowing is yet another a lie.


  36. David K. Peers says:

    Really, what does it matter anymore after these reports, the Dept’s responses and the complete dismissalof the entire issue by the MSM.

    Best we can hope for is Trump doesn’t get assassinare and I 30 years we realize he was the greatest president. Ever.

    However, it might be BRAVE NEW WORLD. by the.


  37. Timolin says:

    There is a significant volume of evidence that demonstrates nefarious activity on the part of the FBI. It is beyond disturbing that the DOJ seeks to prevent access to further evidence, and the mere fact that Rosenstein takes his current stance suggests there is not only more to come, but that the evidence denied will confirm the massive suspicion that exists. SUNDANCE has brilliantly kept focus on granular detail and set it into perspective as the dark picture has developed.

    As SUNDANCE has unpeeled the onion he has repeatedly warned of the scale and power of the opposition, and of the simple fact that a life and death struggle is in progress. The enemy will not give up on this. Those who hope for a swift and dramatic victory accompanied by popcorn and champagne should rather concentrate on the requisite stamina for gaining victory.

    It’s definitely worth the fight, and in terms of that struggle for survival we watch various actors play their part in the performance over the next few days. Don’t underestimate the personal realities that must be faced by Mr Strzok in the next few hours. The blustering of his lawyer on his behalf won’t diminish the tightening of Strzok’s gut as he faces questioning from people who represent the United States. How, we wonder, will the questioners measure up as they apply the scrutiny?Will they restore our faith in the Republic? Or will they increase our concern that it has ceased to be?

    More and more pivotal is the question of AG Sessions. We are soon going to find out about him. Whatever his motive has been, he has stood aside throughout the battle so far. His position is such that he possesses the advantage of choosing his side when the course of the battle has been decided. Sessions can harry the fugitives, pillage the baggage train, and claim the rewards of victory when the blood has dried. The fact that he has not made his move indicates that the outcome is not certain.

    There is no doubt where Right resides. It is with the President. At the start of the fight many of us thought more were on his side. Worse, errors were made with appointments in government. Such were the demands of winning the election that the filling of key positions had not been fully considered. Mistakes were made, and these were costly. But the position has stabilised and overall it seems much stronger. Bad Weeks For Trump aren’t happening. The enemy buckles and the enemy is under pressure this week. God Bless The President. May he have another good week. Be Strong, Deplorables!


  38. zucccchini says:

    Only way this is going to progress faster is if the public rise up and demand they fast track this. Calling and writing Congress and AG may help but Judicial Branch will not release information they claim may be used against the POTUS to which they are building a case against…which they are. It will go across the street to the Courthouse where a judge will look at the evidence (another month or two). If it is a Liberal judge, you pretty well know where that will be going. Look for this not to move forward until the Deep State is convinced they cannot impeach by having a majority in Congress….after the elections.


  39. MCG says:

    So I see SD agrees with me view…..I appreciate the thanks for pointing this out..(snarky smirk). You pretty much copied my reply to your article. There is more, that I posted, to back up my opinion.

    TheLastRefuge‏ @TheLastRefuge2

    Replying to @SidneyPowell1 @HouseIntelComm and 8 others

    OIG report. Footnote 178, page 325. The BlackBerry messages were not in the October 30th warrant application. The messages are from the first 3 months of Clintons’ time at the state dept. There may just be a key to lock box


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