IG Release Date Set for June 14th – First IG Hearing June 18th…

Inspector General Michael Horowitz has informed the Senate Judiciary Committee (full pdf below) the anticipated final publication date for the IG report on how the Obama DOJ and FBI handled the Clinton investigation will be Thursday June 14th, 2018.

The fact-based draft report to the principals was submitted on May 16th.  Following the two week period for input from the principals outlined in the draft report, the IG “referencer” within the DOJ-Office of Inspector General then determines which responses will be added for the final report. The report is anticipated to be 400 to 500 pages.

As customary for Michael Horowitz, his office adds the approved responses and then outlines additional IG replies to those responses in the final report.  Apparently, due to the scale of the report, the response and reply phase has been extensive.

Mr. Horowitz informs congress today the final report will be publicly available on Thursday June 14, and he will accommodate oversight with an appearance before congress on Monday June 18, 2018 to discuss the findings.

Here’s the letter from Inspector General Horowitz:



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499 Responses to IG Release Date Set for June 14th – First IG Hearing June 18th…

  1. tempo150101 says:

    Trump’s birthday.
    Trump’s birthday present?

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  2. Concerned says:

    How about something funny until the OIG Report is released?

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  3. MS Idaho says:

    If I may write a short story. IMO it is pertinent for all the folks who want to see perp-walks, convictions & hangings TODAY!. I became pregnant in the 1960’s. You younger folks don’t remember, but if ultra sound was around it was not widely used. I wouldn’t know about that. What I remember is that I had to wait 9 months to find out – would I be the mother of a boy or a girl? Should I get a pink or a blue layette? There are ‘rumors’. the first child is usually a girl; my family always have boys (or girls). You may remember how the guesses go. Meanwhile, the belly gets bigger. New clothes are necessary. The bladder keeps getting more pressure. It gets to be a hot August – WHEN WILL THIS END? Well, having been thru that, I laugh at the impatient postings here at CTH. Some things just must happen before other things can happen. If you trust VSGPOTUS (and I do) you realize that he has a plan. I suspect the plan is greater than most of us visualize. He is operating on a great many fronts all at the same time. His cabinet picks are all busy-busy in their various departments doing things that do not attract as much attention as the G7 summit or NoKo meeting. Personally, I don’t think any one of his balls set in motion are any more important than any other. They are all in play towards a unified plan. That said, I have loved for years the pix of 2 vultures sitting on a fence. Patience, hell, I’m gonna go kill me something! As a confirmed lover of popcorn, I for one, am sitting back enjoying each new revelation. swamp exposures, unemployment, g7, decreasing debt, tax breaks – oh, so many wins to choose from. Hey – have a great weekend


  4. Lu Calico says:

    First it was the 5th then the 11th and now the 14th. So in the 12th will it become the 17th and on the 15th become the 20th? These people need to be stopped. And Muleface does everything he can to damage Trump every day of his inquisition. Raiding his allies like Gestapo and filing frivolous charges against the to drain their resources. AND TO DISCOURAGE ANYBODY ELSE WHO STANDS WITH OUR POTUS. THIS IS PURE EVIL!

    Wake up people. The DOJ is rotten and Sessions has sold us out.


    • Chieftain says:

      DOJ rotten, probably, but do not forget that the doper Senator from Colorado blocked DOJ appointments under Sessions until about a month ago.


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